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The Pendleton County Historical & Genealogical Society
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Please open your browser to it's fullest extent as you view all pages on this site.  Also make sure your monitor is set to the highest quality viewing.  Thanks!
Many records on this site are actual images from Historical Records & Documents.  Your Ancestor's name will NOT show up on a search engine if they are recorded in this format.  Please view the records you think may pertain.  We wish you the best of luck with your research!

Thanks to our dedicated "Angels", Contributors & Supporters, This official site of the Pendleton County, Kentucky Historical & Genealogical Society has had 100,000 + visitors as of September 13, 2006!  We try very hard to provide you with the most data without duplication and we disclose our sources, after all, what good is a record without a source?  "Various" is not a source.  
Please consider contributing; what you may consider a small contribution may be the greatest find for another researcher; I know from experience! 
Contact me.  Bonnie Snow  Thanks so very much!

Please note:  We will be adding information that not only pertains to Pendleton County but to surrounding counties; our ancestors relocated.

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This site is dedicated to my Grandson:
 In Memory of
 Logan Michael Cheek
4/29/2005 - 4/29/2005
We held you, kissed you, rocked you.
We are blessed little one.


Hosted by Bonnie & Beau Snow Please join Beau and myself on a stroll down Memory Lane. To all the wonderful people who have inquired about Beau; his latest mishap hasn't caused any permanent damage but he isn't quite back to his old "Rambeau" self, actually, I think he is just taking advantage of all the pampering and is just being plain old lazy!  Therefore, if you are in a hurry, please use the search engine.  However, I must warn you that due to our ancestors creative ways of spelling, you may miss the very piece of the puzzle you have been seeking if you use the Search Engine!  You also need to know that many records on this site are actual images from Historical Records and will NOT show up on a search engine.  You might want to visit often and go over all the records carefully.  I wish you the best of luck with your research.
May God be with you and your family.  As we search for our ancestors please don't forget those that are with us:  parents, husband, wife, child, grandchild, etc.
Please take time to enjoy God's gifts to you, this is YOUR LIFE,  the research is history.



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Please Note:  We are so fortunate to have such a wonderful Historical and Genealogical Society!  The Society has generously provided this site all the past  issues of the Newsletters.  I will be posting various articles soon.  Please join and support this great society!  The Society has my deepest gratitude, believe me, Pendleton County researchers are fortunate, not all Historical Societies are as generous!  We are also extremely fortunate to have such a supportive Newspaper!  The Falmouth Outlook Editor, Debbie Dennie, has given us permission to use articles and pictures from the paper and Falmouth Outlook publications!  As with the Historical Society, many Newspapers are not this generous!  If you are an out of state researcher, I urge you to subscribe to the Falmouth Outlook, they have regular articles concerning early Pendleton County and our ancestors.  You will find information about joining the Historical Society and subscribing to the Falmouth Outlook on our Resource page.


The Pendleton County Pioneer Book is now on CD!!!  Click here for more information!

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The Falmouth Outlook has republished their excellent book:  "Forks of The Licking History - Bicentennial Edition 1798-1998".  Don't wait long to purchase, the book is wonderful and will sell out soon!  Click here to find information about purchasing. 





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Pendleton County Angels 

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 These wonderful ladies have gone way beyond the norm in providing you with records, documents, etc. They have truly earned their wings! Please drop them a note and tell them how much you appreciate their generosity, and please consider earning your wings by contributing. Just ask anyone who does and they will tell you what wonderful things happen when you give to others. A very special thank you to all the other wonderful contributors; we all appreciate your generosity. Thank you so much! 
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Note:  This site has grown so much I had to rearrange the front page because I realized it took so long to open.  There are thousands of items on this site, thanks so much to all our contributors!  All the information is still here, just the way of opening it has changed.


Pendleton County Historical Society
Historical Society Picnic 2006 - Pictures!

  Pendleton County Birth Records - Thousands of Records
  Pendleton County Marriage Records - thousands of records!
  Pendleton County Death Records - thousands of records!

Falmouth Outlook Newspaper       Falmouth Outlook Online 
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Falmouth Outlook Obituary Pages - 2003-2006 on line at the Outlook!

  Falmouth Outlook Newspaper Index - fantastic tool!
  News From The Pendletonian - Current happenings in Pendleton County
  The Daily Commonwealth  News Paper Articles

Pendleton County Resources,  good information here!

Naturalization Records - fantastic- Thanks Eric!  updated!

Pendleton County Memorial, Support & Prayer 

Pendleton County Historical Information, pages & pages of stories & pictures!

  Pendleton County Schools - Pictures & data!   Page 1  Page 2

Pendleton County African American Records, great data!

Pendleton County Biographies, includes those that moved to other states!

Pendleton County Church Records & maps

Pendleton County Cemetery Records, pictures & maps

Pendleton County Death Notices and Obituaries

Pendleton & Surrounding County Wills

Pendleton County Court and Land Records

  Pendleton County Delinquent Tax Records Index - Did your ancestor move, die?

Pendleton County Military Records, lots of fantastic Data! 

Pendleton County Census Records, Veteran's Schedules and  more!

Pendleton County Newspaper Indexes & Abstracts Wonderful!

Pendleton County Family Traditions, Letters &  Albums!

Pendleton County Ancestor Histories and Group Sheets, Wonderful Records!

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Contact them if you need monuments restored or replaced.
They also do a vast amount of War Memorials.  A great tip from Angie, co-owner, if your ancestors stone is broken, you can pour a concrete form on top of the grave and place the pieces of the stone in the concrete!

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Much of the information contained on this site was, and continues to be, donated by private individuals solely for use on this website. To protect their submissions, I only affiliate with organizations I believe to be responsible and, reserve the right to dissociate from those that do not live up to high standards. 

Public records cannot by copyrighted; however, We believe that each of us should be given credit for our research, time, and format. If you did not create the work and or pay for the material, posting a version, with a few minor changes, and presenting it as your own is unethical. Too many people work long and hard in creating and maintaining this site and their efforts should be acknowledged; always cite your sources. "Various" does not make it a source.  No part of this website may be archived or added to a repository. While links are welcome, you must disclose the link and not present the material as your work. 

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