Pine Grove Methodist Church


Generously Contributed by Mille Belew
Taken from The First Two Hundred Years of Pendleton County
Compiled by Mildred Bowen Belew
Picture courtesy of Mille Belew
Transcribed with permission by Bonnie Snow, thanks Millie!


Pine Grove Methodist Church, located at Caddo, Pendleton County, KY, on highway 10, was first organized in the early 1870's.  Two groups of people, one who had worshipped in a building known as Minnie's Hall, which stood near the old Fisher School, the other at what was called Mt. Vernon Sunday School held in a log cabin near the Poe family home, joined in organizing and planning a church to be built at this place.

On May 4, 1876, the present site was purchased from Barbara Cox for the sum of $50.00 and was deeded to the Methodist Episcopal Church, South.  Trustees of the property were James I. Bonar, W. B. Poe, Samuel Baldwin, G. F. Bonar and William Garvey.

In the same year, 1876, a frame building was erected.  Shortly after this, William Garvey and C. F. Bonar offered to furnish pine trees with which to beautify the grounds for the privilege of naming the church "Pine Grove".  They secured a number of trees and the planting of them was made a community affair in 1881.  Most of these trees are still standing today.

In the early years of this church two congregations, Methodist and Disciples of Christ, used it for worship services.

In 1924 the first building was torn down and a new and modern sanctuary was erected on the same site.  Serving on the building committee were I. D. Conover, Ben Bonar, Charles Cummins, L. E. Moore and O. L. Burriss.  Howard B. Bonar served as both architect and builder and this house of worship was completed in 1925.

On May 17, 1925, the new church was dedicated by Bishop N. V. W. Darlington.

In 1935, under the leadership of Rev. H. K. Carl, a parsonage was built on the lot adjoining the church lawn.

Pine Grove Church has had two outstanding women's organizations.  A Ladies Aid Society functioned through the years before the new church was built and earned the money with which to buy pews for the new church.  In 1939, a Women's Society of Christian Service was organized by Mrs. F. B. Baldwin.  This society is still a strong arm of the church.

Members of the Pine Grove Church who have been called into the ministry are Rev. John Wheary, and Rev. Wallace Calvert.  Rev. R. S. Moore, Rev. Hubert Webb and Rev. Donald Mays are now Baptist Ministers.

For over a century the message of Pine Grove Church has been "Behold the Lamb of God that taketh away the sins of the world."

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