St. Francis Xavier Parish
From "History of the Diocese of Kentucky"
Rev. Paul E. Ryan, 1953

These records were printed in the Pendleton County Historical Society Newsletters.
Volume III, Issue 2, June 1996 and Volume III, Issue 3, 1996

Transcribed by Bonnie Snow

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Early Catholicity in Pendleton County centered around Falmouth, Foster's Landing, Dividing Ridge, Stepstone and Butler.  As early as 1851, Falmouth was assisted by missionary priests from Frankfort and Lexington.  The report of the Diocese for 1857 states that Falmouth had a church, although not completed.  Falmouth at that time was being attended every two months from Paris.  The first church at Falmouth was begun under the direction of Reverend Herman Allen.  On November 4, 1860, St. Francis Xavier Church, a brick structure, was dedicated by Bishop Carrell, assisted by Rev. Eberhand H. Brandts.

On August 17, 1876, Rev. Ausustus Gadker began a pastorate at St. Francis Xavier Parish, which was to extend over the next nineteen years, until May 12. 1895.  The congregation of Falmouth, under the guidence of Father Gadler, undertook to build a more worthy church.  The new St. Francis Xavier Church, the brick structure which serves the parish today, was dedicated on Sunday, September 12, 1880.

The early congregation at Falmouth was predominantly Irish.  May Irish Catholics had taken up residence at Falmouth, while engaged in work on the railroad; others had settled on farms.  Thus it was that when Bishop Toebbe, in 1883, forbade the St. Patrick Benevolent Society of Falmouth to attend divine services on the Feast of St. Patrick in full regalia; the Irish of Falmouth were disturbed.  Not giving any reason for his action, they put their own interpretation on the Prelate's motive.  They felt themselves deprived of the privilege of celebrating Ireland's great Patron feast in accordance with time-honored custom.  They ventured to surmise that the Bishop's action was an anti-Irish policy, and was an attempt on the part of the saintly Bishop to Germanize Irish Catholic congregations.

In 1916, during the pastorate of Rev. Martin R. Delaney (1911-1917), extensive renovations were made on the parish church.  When Rev. Declan Carrol left St. Francis Xavier Parish on September 26. 1918, to become an Army Chaplain, during World War I, Rev. Joseph M. Lelen, at that time pastor of St. Paul Parish, Florence, was appointed as his successor.  Father Lelen has held the pastorate of Falmouth for the past thirty five years.  On September 19, 1948, he observed the Golden Jubliee of his ordination t the Priesthood.

Father Lelen is a widely known author and literary critic.  He is the personal friend of many famous authors in America and Europe.  He is the author of a number of books, including Towards The Alter, written in 1908; Towards The Sanctuary, in 1908; The Agony of Our Lord, in 1920; The Gospel of a Country Pastor, in 1922; Mysterium Amoris, in 1935; Towards the Eternal Priesthood, in 1939; and My Key to Heaven in 1950.  From 1912 to 1915, he served as Editor of the diocesan paper, The Christian Year.  He likewise contributed to a number of magazines and newspapers, including Emmanuel, The Priest, The Messenger, and the Falmouth Outlook, local weekly in Falmouth.

The parish at present has a congregation consisting of about seventy-five families.



Rev. James W. Smith, 1868-1872
Rev. Gabriel Guerster, O.S.B., May-June 1873
Rev. John A. McGill, June-July 1873
Rev. James McNerney, 1873-1876
Rev. John Stephany, May-August 1876
Rev. Augustus Gadker, 1876-1895
Rev. Jerome Feys, 1895-1903
Rev. Carl Richartz, 1903-1904
Rev. Aloysius J. Gruber, 1904-1908
Rev. Joseph Lingel, 1908-1911
Rev. Martin R. Delaney, 1911-1917
Rev. Declan F. Carroll, 1917-1918
Rev. Joseph M. Lelen, October 1, 1918




St. Francis Xavier Cemetery Entrance
Photo generously contributed by Sue Bayes, thanks Sue!


Records of Burials
St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church
Falmouth, Kentucky

Originally transcribed by Eric C. Nagle


Mr. Nagle's note:  "The records in early 1876 and 1877 are very faint and hard to read.  Some have been omitted until closer examination of the records can be made. 

Bonnie's Note:  Please use your own imagination to determine the correct spelling of many of the following names.  Mr. Nagle transcribed them as they were written but we know how creative our ancestor's spelling could be!

Crowley, Ann; no date; 21 years

Rocheford, Bridget; daughter of John Rocheford; buried Jan. 15; age 21 years

Ott, Kilian of Falmouth, Lightfork; buried Mar 13; died Mar. 10; age 56 years

Hetterman, Elisabet; dauhter of Sam'l Hetterman; buried May 2; age 16 years

Brannen, Mary, formerly Sweeney; buried June 13; age 33 years

Sweeney, Klara Jane; dauhter of John Sweeney; born Oct. 30 (1876); buried April; age 7 months

Donal, Mary; Wife of Mr. Donal of Falmouth; buried June 7; age 52 years

Kandy, Mary Ann; Wife of John Kandy (Crowley); buried Sept. 8; age 25 years

Coyl, Pat; buried Oct. 3; age 70 years

Acton, Pat; buried Oct. 31; age 58 years

Tomlinson, Raf; buried Nov. 1; age 76 years

Moloy, ___; son of Mr. ___ Moloy of Falmouth; buried Nov. 20; age 6 years, 10 months

Frier, Kate; daughter of Mr. Berry; buried Nov. 23. age 37 years

Tomlinson, Edward; buried Dec. 11; age 20 years (?)

Kelley, ___; at Falmouth; buried Dec. 12; age 2 years


Tatton, Mr. William; buried Feb. 28; age 78 years

McGerety, Mr. John; son of Bernhard McGerety; buried March 14; age 22 years

Ryen, Mary; of (daughter ?) Pat Ryen of Double Beech; buried March 23; age 15 years

Ryen, Martin; of (son ?) Pat Ryen of Double Beech; buried March 23; age 10 months

Ryen, Kate; of (daughter ?) Pat Ryen of Double Beech; buried March 23; age 7 years

Ryen, John; of (son ?) Pat Ryen of Double Beech; buried March 27; age 11 years

Fabra, Albert; of Falmouth; buried July 5; age 45 years

Schuetz, Margareth; of  (daughter ?) Cris Schuetz of Falmouth; buried July __; age 1 month 10 days

McMahen, Margereth; buried July 4; age 10 years

Sulivan, Owen; buried Aug. 12; age 70 years

Sulivan, Wife of Owen; buried August 12; age 68 years

Sulivan, Michael; son of Owen Sulivan; buried Aug. 20; age 40 years

Carton, Daniel; buried Sept. 9; age 48 years

Pinan, Mike; of (son?) Mike Pinan of Double Beech; buried Oct. 21; age 1 day

Ott, Franziska; daughter of Killian Ott, deceased; buried Nov. 25; age 22 years

Berry, Ellen; Wife of John Berry; buried Dec. 9; age 28 years

Kandy, B.; daughter of John Kandy and Sara Crowley; buried Dec. 10; age 8 days

Pendergest, Sara; daughter of Mich Pendergest; buried Dec. __; age 22 years

Cocannan, Edward; buried Nov. 30; age 58 years

Meily, M.; son of Mr. Meily; buried Dec. 3; age 2 days


Schanding, Mr. John Sr.; buried Jan. 1; age 70 years

Fockeson, Mr.; buried Jan. 8; age 52 years

McCartney, Mr. John Junior; buried Jan. 19; age 26 years

Molloy, Par (Pat?); son of Pat Molloy; buried Feb. 24; age 40 years

Lally, Mrs. Pat; buried Feb. 20; age 40 years

Gosmeier, Mrs. Joseph; buried Feb. 24. age 40 years

Leibolt, Henry Lawrence; son of Lawrence Leibolt & Ann Friday; buried March 10; age 8 months

Carton, Dan; son of Dan Carton; buried March 10; age 1 year

Trainer, Martin; son of Barney Trainer; buried March 17; age 9 days

Staub, Miss Mary Dalenburg; buried March 28; age 21 years

Lally, Pat Henry; buried July 8; age 5 months

Weber, Luisa; buried June 30; age 21 years

Bach, Mrs. Charles; buried July 11; age 54 years

Ryen, Luisa Helena; buried July 23; age 40 years

Collepy, Tom; of (son?) Tom Collepy; buried ___; age 6 months

Ryen, Mary; of (daughter?) Tim Ryen; buried ___; age 9 years

McGraw, Mary; of (daughter?) Joshua McGraw; buried ___; age 12 years

McGraw, James; of (son?) Joshua McGraw; buried ___; age 4 years 1 month

McGraw, Ann; of (daughter?) Joshua McGraw; buried ___; age 1 year

Conners, child of Mich Conners & Kate Kahn; buried Aug 4; age ___

McGerity; Margereth; buried Dec. __; age 22 years

Rack, Child of Fred; buried Dec. 22; age __

Sheit, child of George; buried Dec. 23; age __

Hoggens, Mr. Pat of Dividing Ridge; buried Dec. 26; age 58 years

McNerney, Mr. James; buried Dec. 29; age 81 years


Cummins, Mrs. Bridget; buried Jan. 1; age 70 years

Hetterman, Mr. Paul; buried Jan. 7; age 58 years

Dougherty, infant of John of Falmouth; buried Jan. 12; age __

Murphy, infant of John & ___ Healy; buried Jan. 18; age 10 days

Schuetz; Magdelena; infant of Christ Schuetz & Marg Scherer; buried Jan. 26; age 2 months

Ott, Kundigunds; buried Feb. 19; age 58 years

Hetterman, Mr. Anthony; buried Feb. 19; age 24 years

McGerety, Mr. James; buried March 1; age 26 years

Tomlinson, John Rafal; buried March 18; age 38 years

Broderick, Lizzi; buried Oct. 8; age 14 years

Murphy, son of Pat of Double Beech; buried Oct. 10; age 1 day

Powers, Miss; Dividing Ridge; buried July 15; age 21 years

Broderick, Bridget; died at Covington; buried Nov. 5, age 75 years

Sulivan, Mr. Tim; buried Oct. 24; age 59 years

Scheitz; ___; of John Scheitz; buried Oct. 24; age 4 days

Ryan, Kate; Wife of T. Ryan; buried Dec. 15; age 55 years

Murphy, Mary (Galivens?); buried Dec. 29; age 80 years

McMahan, Louisa; of (daughter?) Tom McMahan; buried Dec. 30; age 4 months

Conners, Ann; of (daughter?) Dan. O. Conners; buried June 14; age 2 months


Perry, James; of (son?) Owen Perry of Ervin; buried Jan. 7; age 8 years

Tatton, Ellen; daughter of Broderick & Kate Tatton; buried Jan. 15; age 1 year 1 month

Leaven, Mary; daughter of Tom Leaven; buried April 4; age 21 years

Lowers, Mr. Michael; buried May __; age 64 years

Maloney, Mrs. Kate; buried May ___; age 54 years

Crowley, Mr. James; buried May ___; age 22 years

Deleney, ___; of Pat Deleney; buried July __; age 16 months

Deleney, Michael; buried Sept. 23; age 26 years

Durkin, John; of (son?) John Durkin; buried Oct. 10; age 6 months

Crawford, ___; of James Crawford; buried Oct. 18; age 6 month

Conners, ___; of Michael Conners; buried Nov. 3; age 18 months

McGraw, James; of ?? McGraw; buried ___; age 2 years


Ross, Kate; daughter of George Ross & Johanna Tatten; buried March 2; age 9 months

Cullen; child of John Cullen; buried March 29; age 1 day

Gullan, Bridget; buried March 27; age 75 years

Donoghue; Wulliam; buried april 3; age 24 years

Mily, Mrs. Margaret; buried May 10; age 100 years

Gallagher, Thomas; buried May 23; age 63 years

Ross, Mrs. Johanna; buried July 15; age 40 years

Coleman, Michael; buried Sept. 17; age 84 years

Walsh, Luke; buried Oct. 4; age 54 years

Liebolt, Mary, daughter of Lawrence Liebolt; buried Oct. 13; age 9 months


Morren, Mrs. Kate; buried Feb. 26; age 63 years

Mangen, Mrs. Michael; buried May 11; age 65 years

McGerety, Lilly Ellis; buried May 13; age 21 years

Moore, Kate; Wife of John Moore; buried June 14; age 24 years

Murphy, Ellen; Wife of P. Murphy; buried May 29; age 45 years

McGerety, Honorah; buried July 16; age 25 years

Kandy; child of J. Kandy; buried July 17; age 1 year

Boaff, Luke; buried July 29; age 29 years

Cahill, Thomas; buried July 29; age 54 years

Gallager, child of Michael Gallager; buried July 30; age ___

Piening, Ann; buried Sept. 7; age 21 years

Hulhagen, Kate; died at Covington; buried Oct. 5; age 77 years

Liebolt, John; son of Lawrence Liebolt; buried Aug. 24; age 4 months

Durkin, Mary; daughter of John Durkin; buried Aug. 1; age 7 months

Broderick, John; buried Oct. 20; age 23 years


McGerety, Barney; buried Jan. 15; age 60 years

Mesmer, Mrs. Lucia; buried Feb. 2; age 35 years

Rocheford, John; died at Covington; buried Jan. 29; age 66 years

Sutton, Pat; buried March 20; age 18 years

Murphy, Molly; buried March 24; age 21 years

Donoghue, William; of Dividing Ridge; buried March 24; age 20 years

Picket, Tom; buried March 27; age 70 years

Rocheford, Pierce; buried April 18; age 80 years

Hetterman, Mrs. M.; buried June 16; age 56 years

Maloy, Mrs. Pat; buried June 17; age 58 years

Berry, M. Michael; buried Aug. 4; age 80 years

Finn, Mrs. Honorah (Dennis); buried Sept. 11; age 57 years

Cockly, Sarah Mary; daughter of John Cockly; buried Oct. 6; age 4 months

McCartney, Mrs. Margaret D.; buried Oct. 21; age 65 years

Broderick; Infant of John Broderick; buried Oct. 28; age 4 hours

Ott, Mrs. Margaret; Wife of John Ott; buried Nov. 10; age 58 years

Ross, Molly; buried Nov. 14; age 19 years

Molloy, Pat; buried Dec. 28; age 60 years


Scanlin, Mrs. Mary; died Jan. 10; age 34 years

Schuhmacher, Mich; died Jan. 18; age 34 years

Acton, Miles; died Jan. 30; age 18 years

Steiller, Gustav; died Feb. 28; age 16 years

Ott; Child of Crist; died Feb. 25; age 18 months

Fewee's Child; died Feb. 27; age 2 hours

Carmondy, Maggie; died June 21; age 4 years

Murphy, Will S.; (Double Beech); died May 27; age 21 years

Murphy, John; (Double Beech); died May 15(?); age 23 years

Wahlen, Mary; (Double Beech); died July 14; age 30 years

Eibeck, Mrs.; died Aug. 2; age 45 years

Crofod; Child of Mr. James Crofod of Double Beech; died ___; age 18 months

Hudleton; Child of Mr. Hudleston of Catawaba; died ___; age 14 months

Murphy, Pat; (Double Beech); died Aug. 31; age 49 years

Fanthorpe, Mrs. Mary; died Sept. 24; age 75 years

Callagahan, Miss Mary; (buried at Cincinnati, Ohio); died Aug. 23; age 104 years

Wichs, Mrs.; died Nov. 30; age 80 years

Burke, Luke; died Dec. 7; age 28 years

Ryan, Pat Jr.; (Double Beech); died Dec. 21; age 28 years

Malloy; Child of Pat Malloy; died Dec. 22; age 2 months


Maloney, Tom; died Jan. 14; age 66 years

Donohgue, James; (Dividing Ridge); died March 24; age 58 years

Care, Mrs. Kate; (Meridian); died March 17; age 58 years

Fowe, John; died April 6; age 45 years

O'Harah, Michael; died May 13; age 50 years

O'Donal, Miss Ann; died Aug. 25; age 48 years

Gallagher, Mich. Anth; son of Mich. Gallager & Ellen Gregon; died Aug. 1; age 3 months

Vogelsang, John; son of John Vogelsang; died Aug. 27; age 7 years

Koch, John; died Oct. 19; age 66 years (GGG Grandfather of Tom Hennessy, please contact Tom to share information.)

Coleman, Lucy; daughter of John Coleman; died Nov. 29; age 8 years

Perry, Bernard; son of O'Brien Perry; died Nov. 2; age 5 years

Scheit, Martha Jane; Wife of George Scheit; died Dec. 6; age 35 years

Aylward, Keyran; died Dec. 8; age 58 years (GGrandfather of Richard Harris, please contact Richard to share information.)

Rocheford, ___; daughter of Phil Rocheford; died May 18; age 8 years

Maloy, (Aut?); daughter of Martin Maloy; died May 9; age 16 years


Wells, Edward; son of John Wells; died Feb. 14; age 4 months

Poloc, William; son of Hameta Poloc; died March 19; age 2 years

McCartney, Dan; alias McNerney; died April 18; age 63 years

Lake, Agnes; daughter or Ed Lake & Rosa Acton; died Aug. 21; age 5 months

Pendergest, Widow Margaret; died Aug. 22; age 89 years

Deneny; son of Pat; died Oct. 11; age 13 months

Hoggan, Kate Kelly; (Dividing Ridge); died Sept. 13; age 60 years

Fisher, John; died Oct. 24; age 22 years

Murray; Little child of Tom Murray; died Nov. 14; age 14 months

Lawers, Miss Lizzie; died Dec. 9; age 22 years

Murphy, Mrs. Mary; died Dec. 16; age 54 years


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