St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church Death Notices

Translated from the handwritten German Church book at the Pendleton County Public Library by Eric C. Nagle.  How wonderful of Eric!  This church is no longer in existence.

Transcribed by Bonnie Snow with permission from the Pendleton County Historical & Genealogical Society, thanks Society!

Pendleton County Historical & Genealogical Newsletter
Volume III   Issue II    December 1996








Johann Georg Stumpf, born in Kongen, P. R. Esslingen, Wurtemberg on 12 Jan. 1849 to Johann Stumph and Maria Stumpf, born Eberhand, died on 01 May 1889 in Falmouth, KY.  Left behind his widow, Maria Stumpf, burn Stutz, and one son.

Friedrich Wm. Wunscher, born in Liebstadt Gross Schsen-Weimar on 05 Nov. 1820.  Journeyed on 15 July 1849 to America.  Was married first to Wilhelminia Lang by whom were born two children surviving--Charles Wumscher and Mrs. Emilie Weber.  Was married second to Delaly Hampton by whom four children survive.  Died 13 Oct. 1889.



Gustav Schubert, born in Cincinnati, Ohio on 03 Sept. 1859 to Adolph Schubert and wife Maria Schubert, born Schutz; married Louisa Weckoille (died 16 July 1889).  He died on 09 Feb, 1890 and was buried 11 Feb. 1890.



Friedrich Heusel, born in Rimhorn, b. Grumbach, Hessen-Darmstadt on 16 March 1808.  Married on 15 March 1832 with Margaretah Elisabet Steiger.  Died in Campbell County on 28 Feb. 1891 aged 83y 10m 12d.  Left behind two sons, one daughter, 21 grandchildren and 16 great-grandchildren.

Margareta Elizabeth Heusel, born Steiger, married 15 March 1832 with Friedrich Heusel.  Died four days before her husband on 24 Feb. 1891 aged 78y 11m 22d.  Was born in Grimhorn, Hessen-Darmstadt.

Albert Marquardt, born 17 Apr. 1866 in Pendleton County, KY.  Married 10 March 1877 with Margaretha, born Steinfort.  Died 31 May 1891 aged 25y 1m 14d.  Left behind his parents, widow and two children.

Friedrich Georg Held, born 10 Dec. 1827 in the State of Darmstadt in Prussia; married with Henrietta Margar. Baum, of Darmstadt.  Died 05 June 1891.  Left behind one son, three daughters. one daughter-in-law, two sons-in-law, 11 grandchildren, and his wife.

Christian Koch, born in Prussia on 19 Oct. 1829.  Married with Anna Margareta Kunzelmann of Hessen-Darmstadt in Louisville, KY on 13 March 1859.  Thirteen children were born.  Died 24 Jan. 1891.  Left behind his wife, eight children and five grandchildren.

Edward F. Hub, son of Michael Hub and his wife Magdalena, born Schrott, died 29 July 1891 aged 4y 4m 19d.


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