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I want to express my deep appreciation to the Society for their support of this site and their most generous contributions!  Thank you so much!  If you are finding items they have given me permission to publish on this site helpful in your research, I urge you to become a member and support the Society's very important endeavors.



President: Patty Neuspickel
First Vice President: Nancy Bray
Second Vice President: Henry Aulick
Treasurer: Ron Moreland
Recording Secretary: Mildred Belew



Committee Chairpersons

Cemetery Committee: Ron Moreland

History Day Committee: Connie Pfanstiel

Newsletter Committee: Millie Belew, Editor

Library Committee: Millie Belew

Publications Committee: Larry Ford

Publicity Committee: Patty Neuspickel




 Please join the Society and help with their history preserving works.  Annual dues are only $15.00 and your membership includes quarterly issues of the Society's Newsletter.  The Newsletters contain Pendleton County biographies, church records, historic events, military information, pictures, research tips, and much more!  As a member, you are also entitled to submit queries and list the ancestors you are researching.  Many very dedicated researchers are not on the Internet, the Newsletter is a great tool to aid you in your own research.  Members names, addresses, e-mail addresses (if they have one), phone numbers (in most cases), and the names of their ancestors, are listed in each issue.  

To join the Pendleton County Historical & Genealogical Society please send your annual dues of $15.00, along with your name, address, e-mail address, phone number, if you wish it to be listed, and up to three family names you are researching, you may also include a brief query, to:

Pendleton County Historical & Genealogical Society
P.O. Box 130
Falmouth, KY 41040

You may also send much needed voluntary donations to the above address.



Publications Available


The Pendleton County Pioneer Book is now on CD!!!

Nancy Bray, First Vice President of The Pendleton County Historical & Genealogical Society  has created a CD of  the Pioneer Book, wow, what an undertaking, Nancy is such a vital asset to Pendleton County researchers!  The price is $30, which includes postage.  You can contact Nancy Bray at  The Society is in the process of  trying to find a printer to have more  books printed.


Revolutionary War Pensioners

This CD contains copies of the actual pension papers.  It includes pensioners from Pendleton and surrounding counties.  This is not a complete list of pensioners from the surrounding counties.  I have enhanced them as much as possible but unfortunately a few of the pages are still a tad difficult to read.  The cost of the CD is $20.00 which includes postage.  Please contact the Pendleton County Historical Society First Vice President, Nancy Bray to purchase the CD.  I would like to note that many other names are mentioned on these records as many people gave statements that they knew the person applying served in the War and some even served with him, even though they did not apply for a pension.  Some files have Bible pages as proof of birth, some have marriage records.  These files range from a few pages to over twenty pages.  I receive no monetary compensation for my contribution to the Society, this endeavor has been a labor of love and respect for the Society and our Ancestors.
 Bonnie Snow

Following is a list of the Pensioners on the CD:  

Aaron Adams, Ransom Allphin, James Arbuckle, William Arnold, Samuel Bailey, Stephen Barker, John Barnes, James Bean, Moore Beggs, Solomon Belew, Joel Berry, Rudolph Black, Samuel Byland, Joseph Casey, Archibald Casey, William Cash, Samuel Caswell, Samuel Chadd, Claiborne Chandler, Henry Childers, John Cleveland, William Cleveland, Ralph Collins, Stephen Collins, Henry Colvin, Isaac Conner, Michael Cookendorpher, Daniel Cowgill, Jeremiah Crook, Michael Dean, William Decoursey, Peter Demoss, Andrew Dillman, John Ducker, Leonard Edleman, John Foxworthy, Joseph Franklin, James Furnish, Thomas Furnish, Alexander Gibson, John Glinn, Julius Goodwin, Gerard Green, John Hamilton, James Hammerly, Preston Hampton, John Hand, John Hand 2, Thomas Harris, John Hays, Benjamin Henderson, Josiah Herbert, Nehemiah Hundley, William Jaco, John Jenkins, William Jenkins, William Johnson, Joshua Jones, John Jump, John Keen, Aaron Kendall, Philip Kilander, Nicholas Kimmer, John King, William Laney, Jacob Lanter, William Latimer, John Lawless, William Layton, Michael Leonard, Nicholas Long, Charles Love, George Mains, Benjamin Mann, Francis Mann, Robert Marshall, James Marston, Peter Mason, Edmund Massey, John Massey or Mercy, Thomas McCalla, Thomas McCauley, John McGlasson, John McKinney, Jacob Mefford, Luke Milner, Nicholas Milner, Samuel Miranda, James Moore, Thomas Moore, Nathaniel Morris, Jacob Morris, Thomas Morrow, Alvin Mountjoy, John Mountjoy, Moses Mulliner, Gabriel Mullins, Jacob New, Joseph Oder, William Orcutt, William Owens, Abraham Parker, James Perkins, Braxton Pollard, Edmund Pollard, James Pribble, John Ralston, Thomas Ravenscraft, John Reardon, Philip Rice, James Robertson, Samuel Rouse, William Sergeant, Daniel Seward, Joseph Spencer, Ralph Stewart, Benjamin Sutton, Swindle, Adam Taylor, Robert Taylor, John Taylor, William Thomas, John Tinney, Samuel Todd, John Trimble, John Tucker, George Turner, William Venard, John Waller, John Watkins, William Whaley, William Wharton, John Whitaker, James White, Bennett Williams, Lewis Wolf, William Woods, Henry Wyatt, John Zinn.


2005 Calendar

The Pendleton County Historical and Genealogical Society's 2005 calendar is now available.  It  features beautiful pictures of the historical schools of Pendleton County & the children who attended!  The cost is only $6.50 which includes shipping and handling, this is a rare bargain for such a useful keepsake!   Please contact Nancy Bray if you would like to purchase this lovely calendar.  Thanks!


Marriage & Atlas CD

The Society also has a new Marriage Index CD for the years 1799-1964 & The 1884 Atlas Maps!  The cost is only $20.00!  This is wonderful!  The Atlas is fantastic!  Two great resources for the price of one!  Please contact Nancy Bray if you would like to purchase this wonderful CD.


Latest News - Published in the Falmouth OutLook -
Howard Hoess named "Outstanding Person of the Year"  By Nancy Bray







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