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City of Attleboro History and Resources

Attleboro is a small manufacturing city with a unique combination of the advantages of urban and suburban living. Known as the birthplace of the jewelry industry in New England, the city has its share of red brick mill buildings and a healthy legacy of jewelry and metal fabrication jobs that make it one of the major manufacturing employment centers in Massachusetts. The Bungay River and surrounding wetlands are under study for wildlife habitat preservation and sanctuary areas. Attleboro is also home to the LaSalette Shrine whose Christmas light display is one of the most spectacular in New England. Attleboro is a friendly and growing city that attracts people who want to put down deep roots. Many of its families have been here for generations and the sense of community is strong. Schools, churches, civic organizations and municipal events find people of all ages working and playing together and caring about the future of their city. (Narrative supplied by community.)

All Saints' Episcopal Church History

Federal Census, 1860, Attleborough

Attleboro.org (great images!)

Federal Census, 1850 Attleborough

Attleboro Public Library

First Congregational Church

Attleboro Vital Records

History of Attleborough by John Daggett, published 1894 (Online Book)

City of Attleboro

Historic Maps Covering Attleboro

Community Profile


Federal Census, 1790, Attleborough

Federal Census, 1800, Attleborough

Federal Census, 1850, Attleborough