Table of Contents

Chapter Chapters Page Number
  Introductory 3
1 The Building Enterprise 5
2 Description of Memorial Hall 11
3 Antiquarian Donations 14
4 Biographical Sketches 28
5-1 The Dedication  36
5-2 The Oration, by Hon. T. W. Bicknell  43
5-3 The Oration, by Hon. T. W. Bicknell  (continued) 52
5-4 The Oration, by Hon. T. W. Bicknell  (continued) 63
5-5 Addresses by Rev. E. G. Robinson, D. D, Rev. Jeremiah Taylor, D. D., of Providence, and Hon. Charles A. Reed, Secretary of the Old Colony Historical Society 74
6 Dedication Hymn, Intermission, and Biography of the Rev. George Henry Tilton, A.M. 92
7-1 Afternoon Exercises: Presentation of Rev. Mr. Tilton's Portrait, Mr. David A. Waldron's Tribute, Response of Gen. Olney Arnold, Address by Edgar Perry,  95
7-2 Afternoon Exercises: Rev. E. G. Porter of Lexington, Hon. John S. Brayton of Fall River, Ex-Governor Littlefield of Rhode Island 105
7-3  Afternoon Exercises:  Rev. S. L. Woodworth of East Providence, Hon. Henry B. Metcalf of Pawtucket, Sen. George N. Bliss of East Providence, Deacon Joseph Brown of Seekonk, Rev. Leander Thompson of North Woburn, A Word from Mr. Goff 114
8 In Conclusion 129