and thirty voters. North Attleboro was made a town under that name, with a population of seven thousand one hundred, a valuation of $ 300 000 and one thousand six hundred and twenty three voters. The two places had very nearly the same number of school children.

The first view of North Attleboro makes a good impression upon the visitor. Washington Street, the main street, is long, level and straight, being a stage route from Boston to Providence. It has several good business blocks, a large hotel and many handsome residences, and the whole town shows evidences of prosperity. Its people are noted for their love of their pleasant homes and of good horses. Among the buildings is the Odd Fellows’ block, a noticeable structure, occupied, so far as not needed by the craft, by business offices and stores. There is now being built the Richards Memorial Library, a gift to the town from the children of the late E. I. Richards, formerly one of the prominent jewelry manufacturers. It is to be of red brick with terra cotta trimmings and a roof of red slate. There will be stained-glass windows, and the whole building will be finished in handsome carved wood and other ornamental work. The main library hall is thirty feet long.

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