and others have reflected credit upon the old town.

Among those born in Attleboro have been Rev. Naphtali Daggett, D. D., president of Yale College; Rev. James Maxcy, S. T. D., president of Rhode Island, Union and Columbia colleges, one of the most eminent pulpit orators the country has produced; Hon. David Daggett, LL. D., chief justice of Connecticut, and professor of law at Yale; and Samuel Robinson, the distinguished geologist.

Another century now opens for Attleboro; and the mother town is half a century older. Whatever changes the coming century may bring in of methods of living, in travel, in ways of doing business, Rehoboth, we may be sure, will be true to her traditions and to her opportunities. Her now quiet meadows may awake to greater activity; but her honorable history will still remain a crown of glory. The towns which have sprung from her must feel the impulse of the new life coming, and they will profit by it. The city of Attleboro, soon to be, with new industries infusing life into her people, with her homes multiplied, her facilities increased, her privileges greater, her beauty unspoiled, shall continue to go forward, a glowing jewel among the many jewels which form the crown of the old Bay State.


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