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Taunton is a city of rich diversity and is divided into five primary neighborhoods; Weir, Whittenton, Oakland, Westville and East Taunton. Each neighborhood has its own corner stores, churches, neighborhood associations, parks and playgrounds. Regardless of where one lives in this city of nearly 50,000, it seems a small town, friendly and personable. On a sunny, peaceful afternoon, it is common to see members of the community fishing, boating, hiking or sunbathing at one of Taunton's various recreational spots, including Massasoit State Park, Watson State Park, Boyden Park, Sabbatia Lake or the Taunton River. Downtown Taunton is an active shopping district
as well as being a pleasant scenic area. Another alternative is that of the Silver City Galleria, a 160 store mega-mall located in East Taunton. Residents feel the diversity offered by Taunton makes the city an interesting and exciting place to live and visit. 

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