The Salem Fire
Haunted School

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Click on a tab at the left to "read" a book transcribed to this site.  Other online books about Essex County towns and Massachusetts are listed in the links below
A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England - Savage Record of Andover During the Rebellion by Samuel Raymond, 1875
Cases of conscience concerning evil SPIRITS personating men,
witchcrafts, infallible proofs of guilt in such as are accused with that crime. by Increase Mather,1693.
Soldiers In King Philip's War From 1620-1677 By George Madison Bodge, A. B., 1906

History of Ipswich, Essex, and Hamilton by Joseph B. Felt, 1834

Narratives of the Witchcraft Cases, 1648-1706 by George Lincoln Burr 1857-1938.

  Some miscellany observations on our present debates respecting witchcrafts, in a dialogue between S. & B. by P. E. and J. A. Philadelphia, Printed by William Bradford, for Hezekiah Usher. 1692.