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Opposite: Turk's Head Inn, Rockport, c1906, Detroit Publishing Co. no. 019681.

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Residents affirm that the Town of Rockport is a visitors' mecca located at the tip of Cape Ann. The town is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean on three sides with the City of Gloucester on the fourth side and is about 40 miles from Boston.  The major industry is tourism and  Rockport supports an active Chamber of Commerce.  The population is 7000 year round, but during the summer months that can escalate to as high as 20,000.                  
The Rockport Art Association is very active and there are a number of fine artists' studios and galleries about town. Bearskin Neck draws thousands of visitors to the many and varied shops.  There are many hotels, motels, inns and restaurants, and visitors soon learn that Rockport is a dry town.  Other attractions include the sandy and rocky beaches, the Paper House, the Old Castle, the Historical Society Museum and the Babson Museum.  Recreation is promoted by Halibut Point State Park, Millbrook Meadow and   
various playing fields used by school as well as community leagues.  A  nationally known point of interest is Motif #1, a picturesque building on  Bradley Wharf at the entrance to Rockport's main harbor which for decades  has been painted, sketched and photographed by generations of artists.  Rockport has two other harbors where pleasure boats and fishing vessels moor.  (Narrative supplied by community.)                                                  

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