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Methuen played a significant role in this country's industrial revolution, which began in the Merrimack Valley. In the mid-to late-19th century, mills along the Spicket River and Spicket Falls produced hats, shoes and textiles. Legacies of industrial wealth are seen today not only in the mill buildings, but also in the estate and civic architecture of Methuen's millionaires, the Searles, Tenney and Nevins families. The granite walls 
and turrets extending through central Methuen are prominent community features and monuments to the millionaire benefactors as well as to the immigrant laborers who built them 100 years ago. Methuen combines farm settings with suburban sub-divisions and urban neighborhoods. Methuen Mall is a regional shopping center and Methuen's industrial parks are home to companies that include Colombo, McKesson, MicroTouch and Nabisco among others.
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