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SOURCE: The First Century of the History of Springfield, by Henry M. Burt, Vol. II, 1899; Pages 587-621


John Harmon came here in 1644, and brought his wife, Elizabeth, and two children, John and Samuel. He had six children born here. He died March 7, 1661, and his widow married Anthony Dorchester. Their children were:--

   John m. Mary DORCHESTER, d. at Suffield, September 7, 1627. He had no children and left his property to his brother Joseph.
   Samuel, d. at Suffield, September 7, 1677.
   Sarah, b. September 22, 1644, m. Charles FERRY.
   Joseph, b. September 14, 1646, m. Hannah PHILLY.
   Mary, b. November 12, 1651, m. John DORCHESTER.
   Elizabeth, b. June 7, 1652, d. young.
   Nathaniel, b. March 13, 1654, m. Mary SKINNER of Suffield.
   Ebenezer, b. August 12, 1657, drowned April 7, 1660 in Town Brook.


John Harmon, Jr., married Mary DORCHESTER, daughter of Anthony, January 7, 1669. She died February 7, 1712. He died February 13, 1712. Their children were:--

   Sarah, b. October 14, 1669, d. November 13, 1673.
   Mary, b. October 23, 1671, m. Zachariah BOOTH.
   Sarah, b. February 13, 1675, d. about March, 1746.
   John, b. March 2, 1678, m. Hannah SEXTON.
   Elizabeth, b. December 3, 1680, m. Caleb MONSON.


Joseph Harmon, son of John Harmon, married Hannah PHILLEY, of Windsor, January 22, 1673. His wife died at Suffield, August 28, 1729. He died October 28, 1729, aged 83. His first two children were born here. He went to Suffield and the others were born there. He was a pioneer in Suffield and for many years a Selectman. Their children were:--

   Hannah, b. February 23, 1674, m. James PEASE.
   John, b. January 5, 1676.
   Samuel, b. April 21, 1679, d. 1679.
   Elizabeth, b. August 18, 1680.
   Joseph, b. September 6, 1682.
   Sarah, b. April 4, 1684.
   Samuel, b. April 7, 1686.
   Ebenezer, b. September 6, 1688.
   Mary, b. 1692, d. 1695.
   Nathaniel, b. July 30, 1695.


Nathaniel Harmon, son of John, married Mary SKINNER at Suffield, November 19, 1685. He died May 2, 1712, and his widow married John HANCHETT. She died September 17, 1730. Their children were born in Suffield as below:--

   Nathaniel, b. January 16, 1686.
   Ebenezer, b. Marchh 21, 1688, d. 1689.
   Mary, b. July 14, 1692.
   Elizabeth, b. December 29, 1694.
   Ann, b. March 23, 1697.
   Samuel, b. August 15, 1699.
   Sarah, b. January 2, 1702.
   Ruth, b. November 24, 1704.
   John, b. August 29, 1780.
   Benjamin, b. May 17, 1711.


Edmund Haynes died here in 1646, and his widow married George LANCTON. He had Ruth, born April 27, 1646. She married Eleazur HAWKES or HAWES of Dorchester.


John Henryson married before coming here Martha, daughter of George STEEL. They had one daughter, born here, Elizabeth, born January 27, 1662. She went to Hadam, Conn.


Luke Hitchcock and his wife, Elizabeth, were residents of New Haven, Conn., in 1644. They moved to Wethersfield on their way to Springfield. He died there in 1659. His widow and children came to Springfield and she married William WARRINGER, October 2, 1661, the same day that her daughter married Chileab SMITH of Hadley. William Warringer died June 2, 1676, and she married Joseph BALDWIN of Hadley. He died November 2, 1684, and his widow Elizabeth died at Springfield, April 25, 1696. The children of Luke Hitchcock and Elizabeth were:-- [See The Home of President Hitchcock (Amherst Historic Homes)]

   Hannah, b. ___, m. Chileab SMITH of Hadley, October 2, 1661.
   John, b. ___, m. Hannah CHAPIN, daughter of Deacon Samuel.
   Luke, b. June 5, 1655, m. Widow Sarah DORCHESTER.


Luke Hitchcock, Jr., married Widow Sarah DORCHESTER, widow of Benjamin, February 14, 1676. He represented Springfield as Deputy to the General Court eight years and was four years on the Board of Selectmen. He died January 27, 1727, and she died November 8, 1746. Their children were:--

   Sarah, b. April 1, 1678, m. James MERRICK.
   Elizabeth, b. March 19, 1680, m. Pelatiah BLISS.
   Mercy, b. February 1, 1681, m. Ebenezer DAY.
   Hannah, b. March 18, 1684, m. Samuel STEBBINS, Jr.
   Thankful, b. October 18, 1686, m. John PHELPS of Westfield.
   Mary, b. October 21, 1688, m. George COLTON.
   Luke, b. July 13, 1691, m. Martha COLTON.
   Jonathan, b. September 4, 1693, d. September 26, 1693.
   Ebenezer, b. August 20, 1694, m. Mary SHELDON.
   Jonathan, b. June 24, 1696, d. April 8, 1698.
   Pelatiah, b. July 16, 1698, m. Sarah PARSONS.


John Hitchcock, son of Luke and Elizabeth married Hannah CHAPIN, daughter of Dea. Samuel, September 27, 1666. He served the town as Selectman twelve years and as Deputy to the General Court five years. He died February 9, 1712. Their children were:--

   Daughter, b. and d. September 4, 1667.
   Hannah, b. September 10, 1668, m. Samuel PARSONS.
   John, Jr., b. April 13, 1670, m. Mary BALL, daughter of Samuel.
   Samuel, b. August 21, 1672, m. Sarah WELLER.
   Luke, Jr., b. March 23, 1675, m. Elizabeth WALKER.
   Nathaniel, b. August 28, 1677, m. Abigail LOMBARD.
   David, b. February 9, 1680, m. Elizabeth BALL, or BATTS.
   Jonathan, b. November 16, 1682, d. February 26, 1683.
   Sarah, b. January 11, 1686, d. April 19, 1690.


Elizur Holyoke married Mary PYNCHON, daughter of William Pynchon, November 20, 1640. She died October 26, 1657. He married Editha, widow of Robert DAY and John MAYNARD. He died February 6, 1676.

Elizur Holyoke, who for many years was Town Recorder, was a son of Edward Holyoke, who served for some time as Assistant in the General Court. Elizur was born in Tamworth, Warwickshire, England, and came to New England with his father. The first record we have of him in Springfield was his marriage to Mary Pynchon, daughter of William Pynchon. He was given a homelot 20 rods in breadth, next south of his father-in-law's extending south to that given to another son-in-law, Henry Smith. The present Bridge Street is near the line between the lots of Holyoke and Smith. He was much in public life, was chosen Deputy to the General Court six times, and ten times Selectman. He served as Town Clerk in 1656, in the absence of John Pynchon, and constantly held that office from 1661 up to his death in 1676. He was appointed a magistrate by the General Court with John Pynchon and Samuel Chapin, but evidently he was occupied mostly with his work as Clerk of the Courts and other clerical duties. He wrote a fine hand, and many pages still in the offices of the present City Clerk and Register of Deeds, testify to the elegance of his penmanship. He was more precise in his records of facts than given to picturesqueness of statement,--much more so in this respect than is shown in the records of John Pynchon, or in those of the first Clerk, Henry Smith. His educational advantages must have been superior to those born in New England, or those who had come here at a very early age. He served the town in many ways and performed his share of public service. At the town meeting held on the 3d of February, 1676, he was chosen Selectman and Town Recorder. His death occurred five days afterwards, before he had completed his record of the day's transactions.

His name was first perpetuated in Mount Holyoke, named for him at a very early day, and in later times by Mount Holyoke College, and in the city of Holyoke, fitting testimonials to his character and ability. He has no known descendants living in this region at the present time who bear his name, and had not his name been given to one of the most picturesque summits in Western New England it would have perished from the earth, except as it might have been occasionally brought to light by some searcher after antiquarian lore, or by the student of ancient chirography. His sons, John and Captain Samuel, were never married and died in early manhood. Elizur, Jr., went to the eastern part of the State and nothing is known here of his posterity. Samuel became Captain Samuel, and died shortly after the Falls Fight in which he served. John succeeded his father as Town Clerk, Register of Deeds and as Clerk of the Courts. The family record is given below:--

   John, b. August 27, 1641, d. October 8, 1641.
   John, b. September 5, 1642, d. February 6, 1712.
   Hannah, b. June 9, 1644, m. Samuel TALCOTT.
   Child, b. and d. May 21, 1646.
   Samuel, b. June 9, 1647, d. October 31, 1676.
   Edward, b. August 8, 1649, d. June 16, 1708.
   Elizur, b. October 13, 1651, m. Mary ____.
   Mary, b. November 14, 1656.


Jeremy Horton, son of Thomas and Mary, married Ruth ELY, daughter of Nathaniel, October 3, 1661. She died October 12, 1662 and he married Mary ____. He died August 28, 1682. He had by his first wife:--

   Nathaniel, b. June 29, 1662, m. Sarah BURT.

Children By the Second Wife.
   Jeremy, b. November 22, 1665, m. Mary TERRY.
   Samuel, b. November 20, 1667.
   Thomas, b. November 30, 1668, m. Sarah WARNER, and second, Widow Mercy KILBURN.
   Timothy, b. November 25, 1670, d. 1740.
   John, b. September 12, 1672, d. May 13, 1689.
   Mary, b. July 20, 1674.
   Benjamin, b. October 20, 1682, m. Mary GLOVER.


William Hunter came here in 1662 with his wife, Priscilla, and brought two children, Catherine and Thomas. They had seven children born here. He was killed by Indians July 4, 1676. Their children were:--

   Catherine, m. Walter HOLIDAY.
   Sarah, b. December 16, 1662, m. Benjamin DOWNING.
   Priscilla, b. March 2, 1665, m. Samuel KENT.
   Mary, b. August 15, 1667.
   James, b. November 30, 1669.
   John, b. March 23, 1672.
   Hannah, b. December 6, 1674.
   Abilene, b. January 1, 1676, posth., m. Samuel YOUNGLOVE at Suffield.


John Ingersoll of Hartford, married in 1651, Dorothy LORD, daughter of Thomas Lord. He went to Northampton and later to Westfield. After the the death of his first wife he married Abigail BASCOM. After his removal to Westfield his second wife died there, April, 1658. He then married Mary HUNT, sister of Jonathan Hunt of Northampton, who was the ancestor of those bearing the family name in this part of New England. He died September 3, 1684, and his widow, Mary, died August 18, 1690. His two oldest children, Hannah and Dorothy, were born in Hartford, and the third, Margery, at Northampton. His children by his first wife were:--

   Hannah, b. 1652, m. November 15, 1672, Stephen KELSEY.
   Dorothy, b. 1654, m. May 2, 1672, Jacob PHELPS, and second, ____ ROOT.
   Margery, b. January, 1656, m. December 5, 1679, Jacob GOFF, and second, Jonathan BUCK.

Children by the Second Wife.
   Abigail, b. January 11, 1659, m. Thomas RIX, and second, Joshua WILLS.
   Sarah, b. October 30, 1666, m. ____ BARNES.
   Abiah, b. August 24, 1663, m. Jedediah STRONG.
   Esther, b. September 9, 1665, m. William GURLEY, and second, Benoni JONES.
   Thomas, b. March 28, 1668, m. Sarah ASHLEY, Abigail DICKINSON and Ruth CHILDS.

Children by the Third Wife
   John, b. October 20, 1669, m. Isabelle BROWN.
   Abel, b. November 11, 1671.
   Ebenezer, b. October 10, 1673, d. March 4, 1681.
   Joseph, b. October 16, 1675, killed at Deerfield, February 29, 1704.
   Mary, b. November 17, 1677, d. September 1, 1690.
   Benjamin, b. November 15, 1679, d. at 7 yrs.
   Jonathan, b. May 10, 1681, went to Milford.


William Jess and Abraham Munden were drowned at Enfield Falls in the Connecticut River, October 29, 1645. Jess had one daughter as below:--

   Abigail, b. March 1, 1645, m. James WRIGHT, son of Deac. Samuel.


Griffith Jones cames from Wales and was married before coming here. His wife's name was Sarah. She died May 6, 1665, and he died February 19, 1676. The two younger children were bound out until they were 21 years of age,--Pelatiah to Dea. William Holton of Northampton, and Benoni to Lieut. William Clarke of the same town. The children were:--

   Child, b. d., September 25, 1645.
   Mercy, b. July 4, 1647, m. James BARKER.
   Hepzibah, b. September 26, 1648, m. Isaac CAKEBREAD.
   Samuel, b. January 19, 1650.
   Ebenezer, b. July 14, 1653, m. Mercy BAGG.
   Thomas, b. June 8, 1655, m. Elizabeth GRAVES.
   Griffith, b. June 4, 1658, d. soon.
   Griffith, b. March 28, 1660.
   Experience, b. Aug. 12, 1662, m. John HIGGINS.
   Pelatiah, b. July 22, 1664, m. Sarah MEEKINS.
   Benoni, b. ____, m. Widow Esther GURLEY, daughter of John INGERSOLL.


John Keep married Sarah LEONARD, daughter of John and Sarah Leonard, December 31, 1663. He, his wife, and his son Jabez, were killed by Indians May 20, 1676. Their children were:--

   Sarah, b. August, 1666, m. Benj. PARSONS.
   Elizabeth, b. November 15, 1668, d. September 2, 1675.
   Samuel, b. August 22, 1670, m. Sarah COLTON.
   Hannah, b. June 28, 1673, m. Ebenezer MILLER.
   Jabez, b. November 11, 1675, killed by Indians.


Samuel Keep, son of John, married Sarah COLTON, daughter of Thomas and Sarah, February 27, 1695. His wife died June 20, 1754, and he died August 23, 1755. Their children were:--

   Daughter, b. February 17, d. Feb. 26, 1696.
   John, b. June 22, 1698, m. Abigail MUNN of Colchester, settled in Monson, and buried in Brimfield. Died July 28, 1757.
   Samuel, b. November 12, 1700, m. Mary Colton and 2nd, Sarah BEMENT.
   Sarah, b. August 23, 1703, m. Daniel CHANDLER.
   Jabez, b. March 10, 1706, m. Sarah LEONARD.
   Elizabeth, b. May 22, 1709, d. July 29, 1720.
   Jemima, b. July 17, 1711, m. Isaac GRISWOLD.
   Josiah, b. November 30, 1713, was at Brimfield in 1744.
   Abiah, b. December 11, 1716, m. Jonathan WRIGHT of Windsor.
   Stephen, b. October 26, 1717, m. Hannah COLTON.
   Eunice, b. March 11, 1720, d. December 23, 1739.
   Matthew, b. October 3, 1722, m. Abigail WOLCOTT.


Benjamin Knowlton married Hannah MERRICK, daughter of Thomas and Sarah, November 30, 1676. He died April 19, 1690. Their children were:--

   Mary, b. September 17, 1677, m. Increase SIKES, Jr.
   Benjamin, b. December 9, 1679, m. Elizabeth PHELPS.
   Sarah, b. August 31, 1682, m. Jonathan TAYLOR.
   Mercy, b. May 19, 1685, d. March 16, 1686.
   Joseph, b. January 3, 1686, d. at Wilbraham, February 11, 1737.
   Mercy, b. November 1, 1690, posthu., m. William STEBBINS.


John Lamb was here as early as 1651, when his name first appears in the Town Records. He was married twice. His wife, who came with him, was Joanna ____. She died September 8, 1683, and he married Lidia [BLISS], widow of John NORTON, January 27, 1687. He died September 28, 1690, and his widow married Quartermaster George COLTON. His children born here were:--

   John, b. February 20, 1653, d. July 13, 1654.
   John, b. May 15, 1655, d. June 5, 1676.
   Thomas, b. May 15, 1655, may have gone to Stonington.
   Joanna, b. September 20, 1657, m. Samuel STEBBINS.
   Sarah, b. June 15, 1660, m. Jonathan BUSH.
   Samuel, b. September 28, 1663, m. Rebecca BIRD.
   Daniel, b. November 24, 1666, m. Elizabeth ATCHINSON.
   Mary, b. July 19, 1669, d. September 6, 1669.
   Abigail, b. September 20, 1670, m. James LAWTON.
   Joshua, b. October 3, 1674.


Samuel Lamb, son of John and Joanna, married Rebecca BIRD, December 1, 1687. He died December 5, 1729. His widow married Williaam WARRINGER, May 26, 1731. Their children were:--

   Mary, b. September 10, 1688, m. James WELDEN.
   Son, b. and d. December 30, 1691.
   Samuel, b. February 23, 1693, m. Martha STEBBINS, or Ann RIZLEY.
   Joanna, b. June ___, 1695, m. Ebenezer BLISS, Jr.
   Rebecca, b. November 12, 1697, m. James BECKWITH.
   Deborah, b. December 25, 1699, m. John STEBBINS.
   Thomas, b. January 31, 1702, m. Sarah BECKWITH.
   Decline, b. April 23, 1704, d. December 20, 1704.
   Abigail, b. March 18, 1707, d. July 2, 1708.
   Sarah, b. March 26, 1712, m. Abner Ely.
   Huldah, b. _____. She sells land that was her father's, Samuel, deceased, in 1740.


Daniel Lamb, son of John and Joanna, married Elizabeth ATCHINSON, daughter of John and Deliverance, June 12, 1690. He died March 8, 1692, and his widow, Elizabeth, married Robert OLD. They had one child, as below:--

   John, b. March 28, 1691, m. Sarah JONES.


John Leonard married Sarah HEITH, or HEALD, November 12, 1640. He was killed by the Indians in 1676, and his widow married February 21, 1677, Benjamin PARSONS, and third, November 3, 1690, Peter TILTON of Hadley, and died November 23, 1711. Their children were:--

   John, b. August 25, 1641, d. June 22, 1648.
   Joseph, b. March 17, 1643, d. May 20, 1643.
   Joseph, b. May 20, 1644, had six wives.
   Sarah, b. December 13, 1645, m. John KEEP.
   Mary, b. September 14, 1647, m. Samuel BLISS, Sr.
   Martha, b. April 15, 1649, m. Benjamin WAITE.
   Lydia, b. October 20, 1650, m. John DUMBLETON, and second, Joseph BEDORTHA.
   John, b. September 10, 1652, d. March 13, 1663.
   Benjamin, b. September 5, 1654, m. Sarah SCOTT.
   Abel, b. July 22, 1656, m. Mary REMINGTON.
   Josiah, b. March 28, 1658, m. Sarah DUMBLETON.
   Hannah, b. February 19, 1659, m. Daniel DENTON.
   Rebecca, b. May 26, 1661, m. Thomas MILLER, and 2nd, Samuel BILLINGS.
   Deborah, b. October 1, 1663. In the distribution of the estate in 1718, she is called Deborah LOOF.
   Rachael, b. November 6, 1665, m. Thomas HANCOCK.


Joseph Leonard, son of John and Sarah, married Mary FELLOWS, March 24, 1671, daughter of Richard of Hartford. She was baptised February 9, 1650. The Leonard genealogy gives her name as Mary LIVERMORE. Their children were born here were:--

   Mary, b. 1674, d. 1676.
   Samuel, b. May 16, 1677, m. Penelope PHILLIPS.
   John, b. September 12, 1679, d. October 14, 1679.
   Joseph, b. January 1, 1680, m. Sarah, Leonard Genealogy says, BECKWITH. She died January 29, 1680, and he married 2nd Elizabeth LYMAN, March 29, 1683.

Children by Second Wife.
   Mercy, b. November 6, 1683, d. November 13, 1683.
   Elizur, b. March 15, 1685, d. May 30, 1688.
   Mehitable, b. September 1, 1686, d. July 8, 1689.
   Elizabeth, b. June 14, 1689, m. James PHILLIPS.

Elizabeth, second wife of Joseph, died July 6, 1689, and he married third, Ann NEWBERRY (Widow Ann FORD, widow of Thomas), January 16, 1690. She d. January 6, 1691. He married 4th, Rebecca DUMBLETON, daughter of John, March 2, 1693. They had:--

   Ebenezer, b. January 10, 1693, m. Joanna STEVENSON.

The wife Rebecca died February 16, 1693, and he married 5th, Margaret _____, and she died December 1, 1711, and he married 6th, Sarah _____.


Benjamin LEONARD, son of John, married Sarah SCOTT, daughter of John, February 9, 1679. He died December 21, 1724, and his widow December 2, 1751. Their children were:--

   John, b. July 12, 1681, m. Sarah DICKENSON, Jr.
   Benjamin, b. October 23, 1683, d. young.
   Nathaniel, b. November 6, 1685, m. Sarah ELY.
   Ebenezer, b. January 20, 1687, m. Martha MILLER.
   Margaret, b. 1689, m. Joseph ELY, Jr.
   Sarah, b. March 28, 1691, m. Francis BALL.
   Martha, b. October 23, 1695, m. Joseph ASHLEY 2nd, and second, Charles FERRY.
   Keziah, b. November 25, 1697, m. Lamberton COOPER.
   Abel, b. July 27, 1700, m. Esther AUSTIN.
   Benjamin, b. August 17, 1702, m. Thankful MERRICK.
   Rachael, b. January 19, 1706.


Abel LEONARD, son of John and Sarah, married Mary REMINGTON, March 4, 1687. He died March 10, 1690, and his widow married Samuel BEDORTHA, July 1, 1691. Their children were:--

   Mary, b. December 16, 1687, d. March 19, 1690.
   Sarah, b. October 8, 1689, d. December ___, 1689.


Josiah LEONARD, son of John and Sarah, married Sarah DUMBLETON, daughter of John, December 19, 1678. He died February 15, 1688, and his widow married Thomas ROOT of Westfield, January 25, 1692, and was his third wife. His son, John, married her daughter, Mary. Josiah Leonard's children were:--

   Josiah, b. October 21, 1680, m. Ruth ALLEN.
   Sarah, b. September 16, 1682.
   Mary, b. March 12, 1687, m. John ROOT of Westfield.


Simon LOBDELL, according to Savage, was a resident of Milford and of Hartford before coming here. It is possible that Elizabeth LOBDELL, who married Jonathan BURT, and Ann, who married Samuel TERRY, may have been his sisters. A deed in book S. pages 432 and 433, 1743, mentions as follows: "Samuel Lobdell, Caleb and John Lobdell, Jabez Northrup and wife, Sarah, Seaborn Burt, and wife, Susannah, all of Ridgefield, Conn., Samuel Plum and wife, Mary, of Derby, and Joshua Lobdell of Courtland Manor, N. Y., to Ebenezer Lobdell of Ridgefield, all interest in estate of our father, Joshua, and land that formerly belonged to Simon Lobdell, formerly of Springfield." The children of Simon born here were:--

   Elizabeth, b. October 7, 1669.
   Joshua, b. December 23, 1671.
   Anna, b. December 1, 1674.
   Rebecca, b. _______. Her father moved to Milford and she was born there.


John LOMBARD married Joan PRITCHARD, September 1, 1647. He died May 15, 1672. His widow died May 19, 1690. Their children were:--

   John, b. July 20, 1698, d. at the age of 24.
   David, b. October 16, 1650, m. Margaret FILLEY.
   Nathaniel, b. September 6, 1654, d. September 20, 1654.


Richard LORD, of Hartford, son of Richard, born 1636, married Mary SMITH, daughter of Henry Smith, the son-in-law of William PYNCHON, April 25, 1665. He was lost at sea November 5, 1685, and his widow married in 1686 Thomas HOOKER, and died May 17, 1702. Richard Lord and wife, Mary, had one son, Richard, born February 1, 1670.


This name has been variously written by the different town clerks, and sometimes as CRANNY and others as MACK CRANNEY and MACKCRANNEY. When Mack Cranney married Margaret RILEY, daughter of John and Margaret, July 8, 1685. After the death of his wife he married Widow Mary MILLER, the widow of Lazarus. He died October 25, 1725, and the widow married James SEXTON, February 14, 1735. The children by the first wife were:--

   John, b. April 24, 1686, drowned June 7, 1687.
   Thomas, b. October 7, 1687, m. Dorothy BARNES.
   Margaret, b. September 9, 1689, m. Joseph COOLEY.
   Mary, b. November 2, 1690, m. Thomas BLISS.
   Sarah, b. April 9, 1692, m. John SACKET.
   John, b. May 13, 1694, date of death not known, but according to deed was dead in 1732.
   William, b. December 14, 1695, m. Hannah ______. He is mentioned in the deed as of Springfield, Northfield and Fort Dummer.
   Mercy, b. July 22, 1697, m. Joseph BALL.
   Thankful, b. July 22, 1697, m. Joseph BURT.
   Abigail, b. December 1, 1699, m. Nathaniel WILLIAMS of Westfield.

Children by the Second Wife.
   Ruth, b. June 2, 1703, m. Ebenezer TAYLOR.
   Rachael, b. October 27, 1704, m. Nathaniel CHURCH of Hadley.
   Benjamin, b. July 30, 1707, d. January 20, 1713.
   Timothy, b. June 10, 1709, m. Patience STOCKWELL.


Samuel MARSHFIELD, son of Thomas, of Windsor, was born in England. He married Hester WRIGHT, daughter of Dea. Samuel, February 13, 1651. His wife died April 3, 1664, and he married Widow Catherine GILBERT, December 28, 1664, who was the daughter of Dea. Samuel CHAPIN. She married first, Nathaniel BLISS, and after his death, Thomas GILBERT. Samuel MARSHFIELD died May 8, 1692, and his widow Catherine, died February 4, 1712. In 1704 the court ordered that Samuel BLISS, Nathaniel BLISS, Henry GILBERT, Josiah MARSHFIELD, her sons, and her sons-in-law, Ephriam COLTON and Ebenezer PARSONS, each to pay her 25 shillings annually for her support.

Samuel Marshfield came here about 1648, that being the first mention of him. It is inferred by some of his accounts with John Pynchon that he was a tailor, for he is charged with "100 Needles 2s 6d, 2 lbs of thred 7s," and he is credited with "Taylery worke of old 4 4s 4d," and later with "more Taylery worke & severall days worke, in all 2 6s 4d." He performed other labors as well and is credited with "a voyadge down to ye falls in October '58, your part 15s, by worke of old 17s 8d, by bringing up sheepe from Windsor 4s, by carying 5 Barrells of beife to Hartford, your part is 5s, by worke shearing, rearing, & reaping 11s, by severall days getting Thatche 1 5s 6d, getting Stoones out of ye River 1s 6d, by 1 day sheep shearing this '59 2s, by 5 days, his cannoe 5s." These credits illustrate the kind of employment that Pynchon had for nearly all the settlers. Marshfield evidently was an active business man and he served the town in many ways. From 1663 to 1668 inclusive, he held the office of Selectman thirteen years, and in 1680, '83, and '84, he represented Springfield as Deputy in the General Court. Pynchon's store accounts at last appear to have brought him financial troubles, for in 1667 there is this entry: "April 2d. Samuel Marshfield Cr. by his house & land, viz: all his housing & all his land on this side of ye grt. River to cleare ye debt of 53 14s." His children were:--

   Mercy, b. May 10, 1653, d. May 3, 1653 [as written].
   Thomas, b. August 6, 1654, d. June 21, 1673.
   Sarah, b. February 2, 1656, m. William HOLTON, Jr.
   Samuel, b. March 25, 1659, d. March 1, 1674.
   Hannah, b. July 20, 1661, m. Joseph BEDORTHA.
   Abilene, b. April 2, 1664, m. Thomas GILBERT.

Children by Second Wife.
   Josiah, b. September 29, 1665, m. Rachael GILBERT.
   Esther, b. September 6, 1667, m. Ephraim COLTON.
   Child, s. b., November 17, 1669.
   Margaret, b. December 3, 1670, m. Ebenezer PARSONS.

Sarah MARSHFIELD, who married Thomas MILLER, in 1649, was a sister of Samuel. The will of Thomas Miller, Jr., who died in 1685, refers to Samuel as "My Uncle Marshfield."


John MATHEWS, who came from Rehoboth, married Pentecost BOND, February 24, 1643. His wife was killed by the Indians at the burning of Springfield, October 5, 1675, and he married Mary CROWFOOT, widow of Joseph, May 11, 1680. She died May 13, 1681. In 1668 John Mathews was ordered to be whipped "15 stripes on the naked back and to twenty shillings for contemptuous behavior toward Mr. Glover in a vile manner after ye Quakers." He was fined again in 1678 and placed under the guardianship in 1681 when his child was supported by the town. Their children were:--

   Abigail, b. April 10, 1645, d. July 25, 1646.
   Sarah, b. March 18, 1647, d. January 7, 1649.

Child by the Second Wife.
   John, b. April 18, 1681, d. August 8, 1684.


Thomas MERRICK, b. in 1620, is said to have come from Wales. He married Sarah STEBBINS, daughter of Rowland and Sarah, September 14, 1639. After the death of his wife, date not stated, he married Elizabeth TILLEY, October 21, 1653. He died September 7, 1704. His children by his first wife were:--

   Thomas, b. April 12, 1641, d. young.
   Sarah, b. May 9, 1643, m. Eliakim HITCHCOCK.
   Mary, b. September 28, 1645, l. July 28, 1646.
   Mary, b. August 1647, m. Samuel FOOT.
   Hannah, b. February 10, 1649, m. Benjamin KNOWLTON.

Children by Second Marriage.
   Elizabeth, b. October 26, 1654, d. January 11, 1659.
   Merriam, b. May 1, 1656, d. October 4, 1684.
   John, b. November 9, 1658, m. Mary DAY.
   Elizabeth, b. July 4, 1661, m. Thomas DAY.
   Thomas, b. January 2, 1663, m. Hannah DUMBLETON.
   Tilly, b. October 20, 1667, m. Sarah COOLEY.
   James, b. March 2, 1670, m. Sarah HITCHCOCK.
   Abigail, b. September 7, 1673, m. Gershom FERRY.


Thomas MERRICK, Jr., son of Thomas and Elizabeth, married Hannah DUMBLETON, daughter of John, December 18, 1690. His wife died October 25, 1737. He died August 16, 1743. Their children were:--

   Hannah, b. August 27, 1692, d. September 17, 1716.
   Thomas, b. February 5, 1694, m. Abigail BREWER.
   Mirriam, b. March 1, 1697, m. Joseph WRIGHT, Jr.
   David, b. February 23, 1699, m. Mary COLTON.
   Rachael, b. March 28, 1701, m. Zebelon MYGAT.
   Ebenezer, b. September 11, 1703, m. Mehitable MOORE.
   Moses, b. January 2, 1708, m. Lydia STEBBINS.


James MERRICK, son of Thomas and Elizabeth, married Sarah HITCHCOCK, daughter of Luke and Sarah, July 30, 1696. She died February 5, 1734. He married Mrs. Abigail MOSELEY of Westfield, January 21, 1735. He died September 8, 1765, in his 95th year. His children, all by his first wife, were:--

   Sarah, b. February 12, 1696, d. August 16, 1719.
   James, b. January 1, 1698, m. Martha ELY.
   Thankful, b. October 8, 1701, m. Benjamin LEONARD.
   Joseph, b. March 27, 1704, m. Mary LEONARD of Northampton.
   Mercy, b. October 21, 1706, m. Samuel LEONARD.
   Aaron, b. September 6, 1708, d. November 12, 1735.
   Noah, b. August 6, 1711, m. Abigail BRAINARD.
   Son, b. d. January 23, 1715.


John MERRICK, son of Thomas and Elizabeth, married Mary DAY, daughter of Thomas and Sarah, February 11, 1687. He was known as Captain John Merrick. His wife, Mary, died April 29, 1723, and he married Widow Rebecca STEBBINS, widow of Joseph, January 14, 1725. She died July 14, 1747, and he died April 10, 1748, in his 90th year. His children, all by his first wife, were:--

   John, b. February 29, Leap Year, 1688, d. March 26, 1689.
   Thomas, b. June 9, 1690, drowned September 19, 1699.
   John, b. September 27, 1692, m. Sarah PARSONS.
   Mary, b. July 24, 1694, m. William COLTON.
   Samuell, b. March 21, 1696, m. Isabelle INGERSOLL.
   Elizabeth, b. November 1, 1698, m. Joseph BARNARD, and second, Joseph WOODBRIDGE.
   Abigail, b. June 4, 1699, d. July 30, 1699.
   Jonathan, b. August 13, 1700, m. Jerusha MINER.
   Abigail, b. April 5, 1702, m. Timothy PHELPS.
   Thomas, b. January 13, 1704, m. Eunice STEBBINS.
   Margaret, b. August 30, 1705, m. Nathaniel WARRINER.
   Benjamin, b. November 6, 1707, m. Mercy HOAR.
   Deborah, b. February ___, 1710, d. March 8, 1710.


Obadiah MILLER married Joanna _______. He was a brother of Thomas Miller. The date of his death is not known. His wife died November, 1695. Accounts at the Pynchon store in 1666 absorbed six acres of land near Cold Spring in West Springfield, which Obadiah Miller owned and for which he was allowed 4. Two years later, March 28, 1668, nine acres more, abutting on the Great River, went the same way, for 17 10s. In April following Pynchon made this entry: "Goodwife Miller came to mee with her husband & said she was willing I should have the land. But she thought I gave too little, & in further discourseing & owning my debt to have been long due, she was willing to agree to the sale, if I would allow her 11s she owes for kersey, which I yielded to, & so both of them were willing, & the price for the land is 18 1s." He was evidently a hard worker and was often in the employ of Pynchon. The children born here were:--

   Lazarus, b. September 23, 1655, m. Mary BURBANK.
   Obadiah, b. March 26, 1658, m. Benedicta LAWTON, and 2nd Dorothy CHAPIN.
   Joanna, b. July 6, 1659, m. John BARBER, Jr.


Lazarus MILLER, son of Obadiah and Joanna, married Mary BURBANK, December 2, 1685 [December 1, 1685-per Pynchon's records]. He died August 4, 1697, and his widow married William MACK CRANNEY. Their children were:--

   Obadiah, b. March 1, 1687, d. July 14, 1697.
   John, b. October 18, 1688, m. Abigail LEE. He was in Brimfield in 1735.
   Noah, b. December 2, 1691, d. July 27, 1697.
   Nathaniel, b. December 6, 1693, m. Rebecca PRICHET. Was in Brimfield in 1735.
   Martha, b. March 11, 1695, d. ____.
   Martha, b. June 16, 1697, m. Thomas TERRY, Jr., and John MILLER.
   Mary, b. June 16, 1697, m. Benjamin WRIGHT.


Obadiah MILLER, Jr., son of Obadiah and Joanna, m. Benedicta LAWTON, June 15, 1683. She died September 2, 1719, and he married Widow Dorothy CHAPIN of Enfield, March 18, 1721. He died August 25, 1731. He was a servant of John Stuart, the blacksmith, and named a son for him, who left some property to him upon his death. His children were:--

   Sarah, b. 1684, d. November 24, 1684.
   Stuart, b. January 2, 1685, d. June 3, 1704.
   Mary, b. February 2, 1688, m. Thomas HALE.
   John, b. January 29, 1690, m. Mary MATTOON or Priscilla HALE.
   Hannah, b. October 12, 1699.
   Obadiah, b. May 21, 1706, m. Mary PERKINS.


Thomas MILLER, brother of Obadiah, married Sarah MARSHFIELD, sister of Samuel Marshfield, October 12, 1649. He was killed by the Indians October 5, 1675, and his widow married Edward FOSTER. Their children were:--

   Sarah, b. September 3, 1650, m. Jonathan BALL.
   Thomas, b. April 1, 1653, m. Rebecca LEONARD.
   Samuel, b. April 20, 1655, m. Ruth BEAMON and 2nd, Widow Catherine HALLIDAY.
   John, b. April 23, 1657, m. Mary BEAMON.
   Joseph, b. September 27, 1659, d. November 10, 1659.
   Josiah, b. September 27, 1660.
   Deborah, b. November 9, 1662, m. James GERALD.
   Martha, b. November 4, 1665, m. John FERRY.
   Ebenezer, b. August 25, 1667, m. Hannah KEEP.
   Mehitable, b. November 12, 1669, m. John CLEMMONS.
   Joseph, b. December 13, 1671, d. December 26, 1671.
   Experience, b. May 19, 1673, m. Samuel FROST.


Thomas MILLER, Jr., son of Thomas and Sarah, m. Rebecca LEONARD, daughter of John and Sarah, December 1, 1681. He died March 5, 1690, and his widow married Samuel BILLINGS, of Hatfield, December 20, 1690. Their children were:

   Sarah, b. _____, d. September 29, 1694.
   Thomas, b. December 18, 1684, d. February 5, 1685.
   Rebecca, b. December 29, 1685.
   Thomas, b. October 31, 1687, m. Abigail (DAY) WARRINER, 2nd, Mary MEEKINS.


Samuel MILLER, son of Thomas and Sarah, married Ruth BEAMON, daughter of Simon Beamon, April 9, 1685. She died May 8, 1702, and he married Catherine HALLIDAY, widow of Walter, and daughter of William HUNTER, June, 1710. He died February 11, 1727, and his widow was living at that time. The children of Samuel and Ruth Miller were:--

   Samuel, b. March 23, 1687, m. Abigail HALLIDAY.
   Sarah, b. September 21, 1687 [as written], m. Ebenezer ASHLEY.
   Josiah, b. December 27, 1691, d. November, 1769.
   Thomas, 2nd, b. May 14, 1693, m. Sarah MEEKINS.
   Benjamin, b. May 7, 1695, d. at Northfield, September 23, 1770.
   Ruth, b. December 27, 1697, m. John STEVENSON.
   Mehitable, b. ____, 1700, m. David LOMBARD, and second, Thomas BLISS.
   Son, s. b. May 8, 1702.
   Ichabod, b. March 25, 1704, m. Hannah VAN HORN.


John MILLER, son of Thomas and Sarah, m. Mary BEAMON, daughter of Simon. Their children were:--

   Mary, b. ______, m. Oliver BARKER.
   Joseph, b. March 12, 1700, m. Mary COMBS.
   Moses, b. February 24, 1707, m. Elizabeth FIELD, and second, Esther MILLER.
   John, not b. here, m. Widow Martha TERRY.


Ebenezer MILLER, son of Thomas and Sarah, married Hannah KEEP, daughter of John and Sarah, October 16, 1690. He died February 6, 1754. Their children were:--

   Ebenezer, b. March 11, 1692, m. Elizabeth SMITH.
   Martha, b. June 19, 1695, m. Ebenezer LEONARD.
   Hannah, b. July 27, 1696, m. Samuel JONES.
   Jonathan, b. August 16, 1698, m. Abigail NOBLE.
   Sarah, b. March 15, 1700, m. William SMITH.
   Margaret, b. April __, 1702, m. Daniel GRAVES.
   Jacob, b. October 11, 1704.
   Elizabeth, b. March 12, 1707.
   Esther, b. April 9, 1709, married Moses MILLER.
   Rachael, b. __, ____, m. Benj. PIKE.


Miles MORGAN was one of three brothers to emigrate to America, he being the youngest. James, John and Miles sailed from Bristol, England, in March, 1636, and landed in Boston. They were born in Wales, Miles in 1615. James settled in New London, John went to Virginia, and Miles came to Springfield. The first record of him here was in 1644. He married Prudence GILBERT of Beverly, at Salem in 1643. She died January 14, 1660, and he married Elizabeth BLISS, daughter of Thomas and Widow Margaret, February 18, 1669. He died May 28, 1699. He served one year as Constable and was five times chosen a Selectman, holding the latter office in 1655, 1657, 1660, 1662, and 1668.

He opened an account with John Pynchon, August 30, 1652, by purchasing 9 yards of Devonshire kersey at 9s, which amounted to 4 1s, 9 yards of Red Cotton at 3s 8d, 2 yards of Scots cloth 5s, several pairs of stockings and a variety of other family necessities, including 2 combs, 4 pairs of "sissars," 4 inkhorns, and a looking glass, the latter costing 2s. The lost charge in the year was for "7 Pills, 14d." Many of the credits were for "voyadges" down to the falls or to the "foote of the falls," referring to the falls in the Connecticut at Enfield. "By carrying goods down & bringing up with Goodman Merrick in July, 1663, your part is 1 14s 1d."

His homelot was on the south side of the present Cyprus Street, next to Main Street, on what was the land to the upper wharf. He appears to have been a thrifty inhabitant and by killing "beasts," and carrying down "corne," and doing a great variety of work for Pynchon, he escaped the perils of owing too much at his store. His "housing and lands" do not appear to have been transferred to John Pynchon's possessions, who seems to have placed confidence in his accuracy in accounts, for he frequently enters in his book, "By worke as in Miles his Booke," and they were balanced accordingly. He came from a sturdy race and many of his descendants have been noted as successful business men in various parts of the country. His children were:--

   Mary, b. February 4, 1644, m. Edmund PRYNGRYDAYS.
   Jonathan, b. November 16, 1646, m. Sarah COOLEY.
   David, b. September 23, 1648, m. Mary CLARK.
   Pelatiah, b. July 7, 1650, killed by the Indians, 1676.
   Isaac, b. May 12, 1652, m. Abigail GARDNER.
   Liddia, b. April 8, 1652, m. John PEIRCE.
   Hannah, b. April 11, 1656, m. Samuel TERRY, Jr.
   Mercy, b. July 8, 1658.

Children by the Second Wife.
   Nathaniel, b. June 14, 1671, m. Hannah BIRD.


David MORGAN, son of Miles and Prudence, married Mary CLARK, daughter of John and Mary, January 16, 1672. He died May 30, 1731, and his wife April 22, 1755. Their children were:--

   Prudence, b. _____, d. December 9, 1673.
   Pelatiah, b. March, 1676.
   Pelatiah, b. October 18, 1677, m. Lydia BIRD.
   David, b. February 18, 1679, m. Deborah COLTON.
   Abigail, b. 1681.
   John, b. October 7, 1682, m. Mercy COLTON, and second, Hannah CHAPIN.
   Jonathan, b. September 13, 1685, d. October 24, 1685.
   Mary, b. December 24, 1686, m. Nathaniel BLISS.
   Jonathan, b. _____, d. November 4, 1711.
   Morgan Genealogy gives as below:--
   Ebenezer, b. March 7, 1692, m. Mary HORTON, and second, Sarah WARNER.
   Benjamin, b. May 2, 1695, m. Mary GRAVES.


Isaac MORGAN, son of Miles and Prudence, married Abigail GARDNER, daughter of Samuel of Hadley, November 12, 1673. He went to Enfield, Conn. The date of his death not ascertained. Savage states that out of five children only one survived the father. Those on record here are as below:--

   Prudence, b. November 12, 1674.
   Elizabeth, b. August 27, 1677.
   Jonathan, b. January 15, 1679.
In 1706 Isaac MORGAN gives a deed of land in which Abigail, sister of Jonathan, is mentioned, and in 1708 the father being dead she gave a deed. In 1729 Stephen NOBLE and wife Abigail of New Milford, Conn., sell land laid out to Isaac MORGAN of Springfield, deceased.


Rev. George MOXON was from Yorkshire, England. He was educated at Sidney College, Cambridge, from which he was graduated in 1623, with the degree of A. B. On coming to New England he settled at Dorchester. September 7, 1637, he was made a freeman and not long afterward came to Springfield. In 1639 he represented Springfield in the General Court at Hartford. The witchcraft examinations mentioned in the first volume and the return of Mr. Pynchon to England, must have influenced him in his decision to go back to the country from whence he had come. He sold his house and lands to the town in 1652 and returned that year. He died in England September 15, 1687, aged 85 years. His children born here were:--

   Union, February 11, 1641.
   Samuel, b. May 10, 1645.
   Son, b. May 19, 1647.


Benjamin MUNN came here from Hartford and married Abigail, the widow of Francis BALL, April 2, 1649. She was the daughter of Henry and Eulalia BURT, who was born about 1623. In 1637 he was a member of Capt. Mason's company, engaged in the Pequot war. He received from Hartford in 1639, a grant of land on the east side of "Cow Pasture" lane, now Hartford's North Main Street. He resided here on the lot that was granted to his wife's first husband, Francis Ball. In 1653 he was fined 5 shillings for "taking tobacco in his hay-cock." "Taking tobacco" means using it. He died November ____, 1655, and she married Lieut. Thomas STEBBINS, December 14, 1676. His children were:--

   Abigail, b. June 28, 1650, m. Thomas STEBBINS, Jr.
   John, b. February 8, 1652, m. Abigail PARSONS.
   Benj., b. March 1, 1655.
   James, b. February 10, 1656, m. Widow Marty PANTHERON.
   Nathaniel, b. July 25, 1661, m. Sarah CHAPIN.


James MUNN, son of Benjamin and Abigail, m. Widow Mary PANTHERON. Intention of marriage May 20, 1698. She was the daughter of Samuel MOODY. She died June 20, 1725, aged 62. He died December 18, 1744, aged 86. Their children were as below:--

   Mary, b. here February 18, 1699.
Went to Colchester and had:--
   Abigail, b. October 17, 1700.
   James, b. February 2, 1703.
   Hannah, b. March 26, 1706.
   Sarah, b. June 28, 1708.


John MUNN, son of Benj. and Abigail, m. Abigail PARSONS, daughter of Benj. and Sarah, married December 23, 1680. He went to Westfield and had there, John, b. March 16, 1682. Sheldon's Northfield said he had born at Westfield, Benj. and James. He died September 16, 1684, and his widow Abigail, married John RICHARDS.


Nathaniel MUNN, son of Benj. and Abigail, m. Sarah CHAPIN, daughter of Japhet and Abilene, March 24, 1689. He died December 31, 1743. His widow died November 23, 1747. He was a Deacon of the first church of Springfield, and a man who was highly respected. Their children were:

   Nathaniel, b. _____, m. Hannah COLTON, 1721.
   Sarah, b. September 10, 1692, m. Samuel TAYLOR of Deerfield.
   Abigail, b. April 9, 1796 [prob. should read 1696], m. Thomas BRIDGMAN of Northampton.
   Benjamin, b. May 20, 1698, d. June 2, 1698.
   Hannah, b. May 20, 1698, m. Edward BAKER of Northampton.
   Benjamin, b. August 12, 1700, went to Brimfield and married Rebecca, daughter of John RUSSELL.
   Jemima, b. December 10, 1702.
   Samuel, b. July 20, 1706, m. Sarah VAN HORN.
   John, b. January 24, 1709, m. Widow Abigail (BREWER) MERRICK.
   Ann, b. September 18, 1712, m. Rogers CLAPP of Northampton.


Zebulon MYGOT, son of Joseph of Hartford, married Rachael MERRICK, daughter of Thomas and Hannah, November 20, 1720. She died at Hartford, May 14, 1721, aged 20. Thomas Merrick's will, 1738, gives property to George MYGOT, only child of his daughter Raechel, deceased. According to the church's record, Geo. MYGOT died at Louisburg, 1745.


Thomas NOBLE married Hannah WARRINER, daughter of William and Joanna, March 9, 1660. He died January 20, 1704, and his widow married Medad PROMEROY. Their children were:--

   John, b. March 6, 1662, m. Abigail SACKET.
   Hannah, b. February 24, 1663, m. John GOODMAN.
   Thomas, b. January 14, 1665, m. Elizabeth DEWEY.
Went to Westfield and had:--
   Elizabeth, b. February 9, 1673, m. Richard CHURCH.
   Luke, b. July 15, 1675, m. Hannah STEBBINS.
   James, b. October 1, 1677, m. Ruth _____.
   Mary, b. June 29, 1680, m. Ephraim COLTON.
   Rebecca, b. January 4, 1683.


John NORTON married Lydia BLISS, daughter of Deacon Samuel and Margaret WRIGHT, October 31, 1678. He died August 24, 1687 and his widow married John LAMB.


James OSBORN, married Joyce SMITH, 1645. Their children were:

   Elizabeth, b. May 27, 1647.
   Mary, b. March 16, 1649, m. Thomas BRACEY.
   James, b. May 8, 1654, d. December 17, 1721.
   Sarah, b. February 3, 1657, m. Joseph WIGHT.
   Samuel, b. February 1, 1663.


Hugh PARSONS married Mary LEWIS October 27, 1645. Their trial for witchcraft has been told in the first volume. See pages 73-79, and 146. Their children were:--

   Hannah, b. August 7, 1646.
   Samuel, b. June 8, 1646, buried March 8, 1649.
   Joshua, b. October 26, 1650, killed by his mother March 4, 1651.


Benjamin PARSONS, married Sarah, daughter of Richard VORE of Windsor. He was a brother of Cornet Joseph PARSONS, who married Mary BLISS. In Pynchon's account book, page 250, in an account with Joseph is this: "The wheat your brother Benjamin delivered to me." Some of the dependents of Joseph have stated that he is not a brother of Benjamin. Benjamin was prominent in church and town affairs, was for many years a Deacon and a Selectman, and evidently was highly esteemed for character and ability. His wife died January 1, 1676, and he married, second, Sarah LEONARD, widow of John, who was killed by the Indians, February 24, 1676. He died August 24, 1689, and his widow married Peter TILTON of Hadley, November 3, 1690. The children by his first wife were:--

   Sarah, b. August 13, 1656, m. James DORCHESTER.
   Benjamin, b. September 15, 1658, m. Sarah KEEP.
   Mary, b. December 10, 1660, d. January 27, 1652.
   Abigail, b. January 6, 1662, m. John MUNN, and second, John RICHARDS.
   Samuel, b. October 10, 1660, m. Hannah HITCHCOCK.
   Ebenezer, b. November 17, 1668, m. Margaret MARSHFIELD.
   Mary, b. December 17, 1670, m. Thomas RICHARDS.
   Hezekiah, b. November 24, 1673, m. Hannah COOLEY.
   Joseph, b. December ___, 1675, m. Abigail PHELPS.


Samuel PARSONS, son of Benjamin and Sarah, m. Hannah HITCHCOCK, daughter of John and Hannah, March 18, 1683. He died at Enfield, February ___, 1736, aged 70. Their children were:--

   Samuel, b. November 3, 1690, m. Abigail RANDALL.

Born at Enfield.
   John, b. July 23, 1693, m. Thankful ROOT.
   Luke, b. January 4, 1696, m. Sarah OSBORN.
   Hezekiah, b. April 13, 1698, m. Rebecca BURT.
   Hannah, b. August 2, 1700, m. Nathaniel HORTON.
   Nathaniel, b. December 28, 1702, m. Mary PEASE.
   Sarah, b. November 10, 1704, m. Thomas JONES.
   Moses, b. January 10, 1707, m. Hannah STEBBINS.
   Merriam, b. April 9, 1710, m. Caleb JONES.
   Daniel, b. _____.


Joseph PARSONS, son of Benjamin and Sarah, m. Abigail PHELPS, daughter of William PHELPS of Northampton. Intention of marriage was entered March 26, 1698. He was prominent in town affairs, and was a Deputy in the General Court. He died October 21, 1733. His widow married Pelatiah MORGAN, February 17, 1767. Their children were:--

   Sarah, b. February 16, 1698, m. John MERRICK.
   Joseph, b. ___, 1702, m. Hannah PENNE of Windsor.


Hezekiah PARSONS, son of Benj. and Sarah, married Hannah COOLEY, daughter of Eliakim & Hannah, February 20, 1701. He settled in Enfield, was a resident of Suffield and also of East Windsor. Stile's Windsor says he died March 18, 1756, aged about 83, and that his widow Abigail died October 25, 1764. His children born here were:--

   Hannah, b. December 13, 1701.
   Hezekiah, b. July 11, 1708.


Ebenezer PARSONS, son of Benj. and Sarah, married Margaret MARSHFIELD, daughter of Samuel and Catherine, April 10, 1690. He died September 23, 1752, aged 84. He was a Deacon 52 years. His wife died June 12, 1758 in her 87th year. Their children were:--

   Ebenezer, b. January 12, 1690, m. Martha ELY.
   Margaret, b. September 19, 1693, m. Daniel ELMER.
   Jonathan, b. July 15, 1695, drowned July 1, 1703.
   Benjamin, b. December 15, 1696, m. Martha BLISS.
   Caleb, b. December 27, 1699, m. Widow Mirriam WILLISTON.
   Sarah, b. February 4, 1703, m. Pelatiah HITCHCOCK.
   Jonathan, b. November 30, 1705, became a minister, m. Phebe, daughter of John GRISWOLD of Lyme, Conn.
   Abigail, b. October 21, 1708, m. Thomas DAY.


Joseph PARSONS, known to his descendants as Cornet Joseph, was among the very earliest settlers in Springfield. The first record of him dates back to July 15, 1636, when he signed the deed transferring the lands from the Indians to William Pynchon, Jehu Burr and Henry Smith. There is nothing to show that he remained here at that time. The next known of him was his marriage in Hartford to Mary, daughter of Widow Margaret BLISS, little more than ten years later,--November 26, 1646. He had three children born before coming to make a permanent settlement, three born here and seven born in Northampton, to which place he went shortly after the beginning of the settlement there, in 1654 or 1655. During the interval of ten years, between his signing the Indian deed and the record of him in 1646, nothing is known of his place of abode. He was the first one bearing his family name to come here to reside. His brother Benjamin did not arrive until several years later. There was a Thomas PARSONS at Windsor, but there is no known relationship between him and Cornet Joseph.

His military title dates from 1678, following the Indian disturbances in the Connecticut Valley. Philip Smith was appointed "Leiftenant to the troop of horse of Hampshire County, under the command of Major John Pynchon, and Joseph Parsons to be Cornet of said troop." He was granted many pieces of land in Springfield before he went to Northampton. He resided on the lot next south of that of his wife's mother, Margaret Bliss, until he removed to Northampton.

His first official position was that of highway supervisor, chosen in January, 1646. In 1650 he was made overseer of fences and in 1652 he was elected Selectman. Clocks were unknown to the first settlers and in the transactions of the Selectmen in 1653 there is this record: "Voted to give Joseph Parsons 13 shillings for an hour glass." About this time he began trading with the Indians, buying goods of John Pynchon, exchanging them with the Indians for beaver and other skins and selling them to Pynchon for goods. This was pursued for many years and at his death in 1683 he was the wealthiest person, excepting Pynchon, in the old County of Hampshire. Pynchon sold him special rights to trade with the Indians and thus favored he secured evidently a large business. The following agreement is copied from the Pynchon account books and refers to Hadley and the country north of it. It is as follows:--

"August 24, 1657. Agreed with Joseph Parsons for ye trade of Nolwotog & thence up the River, for which he is to allow for this year ensuing ye Sum of Twelve pounds to be paid in Bever. Ye winter bever at 8s pr lb, ye spring at 9s, & I am to furnish him with Trading cloth at 7s 6d pr yd, & with shag cotton at 3s 7d pr yd, & to take of his Bever at 8s pr lb for ye winter Bever, & ye Spring Bever at 9s pr lb, excepting the stag Bever, & small skins, which I am to take at such price as wee can agree at, & in case of not agreeing, that is to say, if I cannot yield to his price for ye stag & small skins, then he is at liberty to pay me so much wheate as ye stag Bever comes to in leu thereof, he being otherwise ingaged to pay until me all his Bever & likewise otter & mushquashes."

His accounts with Pynchon extend through the greater part of his active years. His indebtedness to him, frequently exceeded $3,000, and to some extent show his business operations, which were exceedingly large for that time.

At Northampton he was a leading citizen and received many grants of land from the town. In addition to his Indian trade he kept the "ordinary," a house of entertainment. In the spring of 1671 he and a small party from Northampton went on an exploring expedition to what is now Northfield and there bargained with the Indians for a large and valuable tract of land lying on both sides of the Connecticut River. He received grants of land there and bore his share of the charges of the first settlement. He did not go there to live, but held a large tract at the time of his death.

After an active life of twenty-four years at Northampton he returned at about the age of 60 to Springfield in the spring of 1679, and purchased the lot of John Pynchon which formerly belonged to Thomas Cooper, and which Pynchon had acquired by debt of the widow of Cooper's son, Timothy. It included in homelot, meadow and woodland, about 27 acres, for which Parsons paid 130, nearly equivalent to $650. The lot was first granted to Henry Smith, William Pynchon's son-in-law, and is situated between Worthington and Bridge Streets. After his return here he was again called to public service. In 1681 he and Jonathan Burt were appointed a Committee to examine the Selectmen's accounts, and his autograph is affixed to the report, to be seen on page 155 of the second volume of the Town Records. In 1682 he was elected Selectman. His death occurred the next year, a little more than 47 years from the time he witnessed the transfer of the lands from the Indians to the representatives of the town.

The inventory of his estate as presented to the probate court amounted to 2,088 9s, the largest that had been probated up to that time in Hampshire County. The births of his three first children are not on record here. The others were born here and at Northampton. He died here October 9, 1683, and his widow died January 20, 1712. Their children were:--

   Joseph, b. ___, 1647, m. Elizabeth STRONG.
   Benjamin, b. ___, d. here June 22, 1649.
   John, b. ___, 1649, d. soon.

Born Here.
   Ebenezer, b. May 1, 1665, killed by Indians, September 2, 1675.
   Jonathan, b. June 6, 1657, m. Mary CLARK.
   David, b. April 30, 1659, d. young.
   Mary, b. June 27, 1661, m. Joseph ASHLEY, and 2nd, Joseph WILLISTON.
   Hannah, b. August 1, 1663, m. Pelatiah GLOVER, Jr.
   Abigail, b. September 3, 1666, m. John COLTON.
   Esther, b. December, 24, 1672, m. Rev. Joseph SMITH.


Francis PEPPER came here in 1645. He had no wife or children and died here December 5, 1685. He left his property to his nephews and nieces at Seaside, Conn., by the name of Northrop,--Joseph, Samuel, Jeremiah, Zopharu, Daniel, William, and Marah. His will was made in 1685.


John PETTY and wife, Ann, came to Springfield in 1665. Savage says her name was Ann CANNING, and that they were married at Boston, March 30, 1662. He died March 8, 1680, and his widow married Samuel OWEN, September 5, 1681. Their children were:--

   James, b. March 25, 1662, at Windsor, m. Mary LAWTON.
   John, b. November 9, 1666, m. Mary TAYLOR.
   Hannah, b. December 11, 1667, d. January 1, 1668.
   Mary, b. March 27, 1670, m. Thomas TAYLOR.
   Joseph, b. September 27, 1672, went to Northfield, m. first, Elizabeth EDWARDS, and second, Sarah EDWARDS.
   Anna, b. May 19, 1675, d. May 12, 1691.
   Child, s. b. June 23, 1677.
   Ebenezer, b. October 28, 1678, was living in Springfield in 1731.


John PETTY, son of John and Ann, married Mary TAYLOR, April 13, 1693. Their children were:--

   Mary, b. October 26, 1695, m. Robert EMMONS of Brookfield.
   John, b. April 6, 1701.
   Joseph, b. ___, d. August 29, 1710.
   Abigail, b. April 3, 1713, m. Pedijah FIELD.
   Ebenezer, b. ___, m. Rebecca ______.


James PETTY, son of John and Ann, married Mary LAWTON, daughter of John of Suffield, whose sister married Obadiah MILLER, Jr., the same day, June 15, 1683. He was at North Brookfield about 1700. Their children were:--

   John, b. January 5, 1684.
   Mary, b. September 12, 1686.
   James, b. July 31, 1688.
   William, b. October 30, 1691, was at Richmond, R.I., in 1756.
   Anna, b. June 23, 1694.


Roger PRICHARD was in Springfield, 1643. His wife Frances died here March 9, 1651. He went to Milford, Conn., and married Elizabeth, widow of William SLOUGH, daughter of James PRUDEN. He then went to New Haven, and died there in 1681. Alice, who married Wm. BRADLEY, and Joan, who married John LOMBARD, were his daughters. He had also a son, Nathaniel.


Edmund PRYNGRYDAYS married Mary MORGAN, November 1, 1666. He had no children. He died October 11, 1675, having been wounded October 5, 1675, at the time Springfield was burned by the Indians. She married Nicholas RUST.

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