SOURCE: The First Century of the History of Springfield, by Henry M. Burt, Vol. II, 1899; Pages 519-553

The sketches and genealogy which follow include the families of the early settlers of Springfield and of the children of their sons and daughters when they remained here. They include in most instances three generations. The names of the fathers are given in alphabetical order. The sketches and genealogy of their children begin with the oldest son, and are followed by the next in age of the same family. The editory of this work is indebted to Thomas B. Warren for the genealogy and some incidental facts concerning various individuals which he has brought to light in his researches, and are used here with his permission. Mr. Warren's work when published will be an invaluable addition to the genealogical history of Springfield families. A few families are included in this who came here at a later period than did the early settlers, but whose children were prominently connected with the affairs of the town.


The first mention of Robert Ashley in the Town Records relates to a rate agreed upon to build the minister's house and for Mr. Moxon's maintenance, which was voted in January, 1639. It is probable that he came here the previous year. From whence he came it is not known. He had land granted him soon after his arrival, and his homelot as first mentioned was between that grated to John Searle and that to John Dibble, but the lot on which he later resided was that next north of the present State Street. He was elected to several minor offices and in 1653 was chosen one of the Selectmen. The other members of the Board were George Colton, Thomas Cooper, Benjamin Cooley, and Thomas Stebbins. His service as Selectman was in the years of 1653, '54, '55, '56, '61, '63, and '66.

His store accounts with John Pynchon show that his purchases related mainly to household concerns. The extracts given here are from accounts in several years, from 1652 to 1655. The entries were all made by Pynchon:--"5 yds canvas at 2s 6d, 2yds Holland at 5s 2d, 8 yds red cotton shag at 2s 10d, 6 yds greene cotton at 2s 11d, 12 yds of Gallome at 3s, 1 yd broadcloth 18s 6d, 1 yd and half qr. of Dimity at 20d, 1000 Pins 1s 4d, fine thrid & Tape 3s, 1 iron ladle 1s 8d, 6 Panes of Glass at 2s 5d pr pane, a cotton hat 9s 6d, 1 pr childrens stockens 1s 3d, 1 inkhorn 6d, 6 sheets of Paper 1 1-2d, 1 yd wire 2d, 100 Nayls 11d, a cart washer 1s, 21 bushels of Mault, 5s 6d pr bushel, 5 15s 6d, carting it up from your wharf to your house 1s 6d, 1 Bible 7s 6d, 2 qts brandy 6s, 1 Bible, gilt, 8s, 1 knife 12d, you are to pay for looking up your horses 14s, for 4 sheep to be inmoney or in wheat delivered at Hartford landing place at 4s pr bushel in the Spring 12, Received in money towards the sheep 1 2s. So rests due to me this 4th of Jan. 1655, ye sum of 24 14s"

The above are only a small part of the dealings in the years mentioned. Ashley paid his store accounts partly in labor, or use of his oxen, or in wheat. The largest payments were in wampum. In 1655 the latter amounted to 12 1s 9d. The credits given Ashley included: "40 bushels of wheat when I was in England 7, by 3 pints of liquor I gave at ye mill, 6s, beere 2d."

October 10, 1656 the balance due Pynchon was 13 11s 3d, to which Mary Ashley, Robert's wife, set her hand. She wrote fairly well for that time. Her husband always made his mark when signing any paper or accounts. After Pynchon had struck a balance in his accounts with Ashley to which Mary had set her hand he wrote below her signature: "Goodwife Ashley sent up her son to tell me that 2 days reaping of little Jonathan was not accounted, wch. is 2s."

Robert Ashley died November 29, 1682, and his widow September 18, 1683. Their children were:--

   David, b. June 8, 1642, m. Hannah GLOVER, of New Haven, daughter of Henry and Helena Glover.
   Mary, b. April 6, 1644, m. John ROOT.
   Jonathan, b. February 25, 1644, m. Sarah WADSWORTH.
   Sarah, b. August 23, 1648, m. John ROOT 2d, of Farmington, Conn.
   Joseph, b. July 6, 1652, m. Mary PARSONS, daughter of Cornet Joseph and Mary Parsons of Northampton.


David Ashley married Hannah Glover, daughter of Henry Glover, of New Haven, November 24, 1663. He died December 7, 1718, at Westfield. His widow was living in 1719. The parents of Hannah Glover were Henry and Helena Glover, and she was born in New Haven, May 23, 1646, and baptized May 26, by Rev. John Davenport. Their children born here were:--

   Samuel, b. October 26, 1664, m. Sarah KELLOGG.
   David, b. March 10, 1666, m. Mary DEWEY.

Children born at Westfield.

   John, b. June 27, 1669, m. first, Sarah DEWEY; second, Widow Mary SHELDON; third, Hannah GLOVER; d. April 16, 1759 in his 90th year.
   Joseph, b. July 31, 1671, m. Abigail DEWEY.
   Sarah, b. September 19, 1673, m. Thomas INGERSOLL.
   Mary, b. December 14, 1675, d. July 1676.
   Hannah, b. December 14, 1675, m. Nathaniel EGGLESTON.
   Jonathan, b. June 21, 1678, m. Abigail STEBBINS.
   Abigail, b. April 27, 1681, m. Nathaniel LEWIS, son of William Lewis of Hadley.
   Mary, b. March 3, 1683, m. Benjamin STEBBINS.
   Rebecca, b. May 30, 1685, m. Samuel DEWEY.


Jonathan Ashley, son of Robert and Mary, married Sarah WADSWORTH, daughter of William of Hartford, November 10, 1669. He lived at Hartford and died there in 1705. The only one of his children on record here is:--

   Jonathan, b. at Hartford, August 23, 1674.


Joseph Ashley, son of Robert and Mary, married Mary PARSONS, daughter of Joseph Parsons of Northampton, October 16, 1685. He died May 18, 1698, and his widow married Joseph WILLISTON. The first two were not born here. Their children were:--

   Joseph, b. July 1686, m. Martha LEONARD.
   Ebenezer, b. ___, m. Sarah MILLER.
   Mary, b. February 4, 1692, m. William PARSONS.
   Abigail, b. July 13, 1695, m. Ebenezer MORGAN.
   Benjamin, b. February, 1699, m. Jane SHAW.


John Allen, son of Matthew Allen of Hartford, does not appear to have resided here any length of time. He married Henry SMITH's daughter, Hannah, November 19, 1651, a grand-daughter of William Pynchon. He had six children, all daughters, none of whom where born here. After the death of his wife he married Hannah, daughter of George LAMBERTON, the widow of Samuel WELLS of Wethersfield. He had no children by her and he died November 6, 1669. He opened an account with John Pynchon who called him "Cousin John Allyn." He was by marriage a nephew. In the credits in the accounts which Pynchon gave him in 1654 was this: "Received by sending up word of my vessells being at Hartford 3 tymes 9s," and on another, "by sending word of vessells 3 tymes 12s." He was chosen Secretary of Connecticut in 1663, and on each subsequent year for 33 years, was a member of the Council, and also principal Judge of the Court of Common Pleas in Hartford County, Clerk of the Courts, Town Clerk, Clerk of the First Church Society in Hartford, and possessed great influence in the public affairs of the colony. Another daughter of Henry Smith married Richard Lord of Hartford. If there are any of Henry Smith's descendants living in this country at the present time they are the descendants of his daughter Hannah, who married John Allen, as the daughter who married Lord had only one child, a son, who according to Savage, died early. The following are the names and dates of birth of John Allen's children:--

   Ann, b. August 18, 1654, m. Joseph WHITING of Hartford.
   Mary, b. April 3, 1657, m. Colonel William WHITING.
   Margaret, b. July 29, 1660, m. William SOUTHMAYD of Middletown.
   Rebecca, b. March 2, 1665, d. young.
   Martha, b. July 27, 1667, m. Aaron COOK 3d.
   Elizabeth, b. December 1, 1669, m. Alexander ALLEN of Windsor and second, John GARDNER.


Benoni Atchinson, son of John and Deliverance, married Sarah BAGG, daughter of John and Hannah, October 18, 1701. He died February 28, 1704, and his widow married Samuel BARNARD, March 30, 1711. Their children were:--

   Sarah, b. Mary 2, 1702, m. Josiah FARNUM.
   John, b. September 17, 1703, d. November 13, 1703.


John Atchinson, son of John and Deliverance, married Dorcas BURT, daughter of Nathaniel and Rebecca, February 25, 1703. He died at Wilbraham or Brimfield and his widow died October 21, 1770, aged 90. Their children were:--

   John, b. October 12, 1704.
   Benoni, b. November 16, 1706, m. Jemima BARTLETT.
   Nathaniel, b. October 15, 1709, m. Sarah VAN HORN.
   Dorcas, b. August 22, 1711, m. Joseph POMEROY of Suffield.    Mercy, b. September 28, 1713, m. Aaron PARSONS.
   Joshua, b. February 24, 1716, d. September 9, 1745.
   Experience, b. May 16, 1720.
   Deliverance, b. February 6, 1723, m. Mercy WARRINER.


John Bagg came to Springfield about twenty years after the settlement was begun. The first mention of his name in the Town Records was in 1657. In what part of England he resided before coming to this country his descendants have not as yet been able to determine. He was unmarried, but December 24, 1657, he married Hannah BURT, daughter of Henry and Eulalia Burt. His grants of land were all on the west side of the Connecticut River, mostly in the meadow below or near Riley's Brook. His wife died August 1, 1680, and he died September 5, 1683. Their children were:--

   Hannah, b. September 8, 1658, m. Nathaniel SIKES.
   Mercy, b. November 23, 1660, m. Ebenezer JONES.
   Daniel, b. November 10, 1663, d. December 7, 1663.
   John, b. March 26, 1665, m. Mercy THOMAS, daughter of Rowland Thomas.
   Daniel, b. May 12, 1668, m. Hannah PHELPS.
   Jonathan, b. November 2, 1670, m. Mary WELLER.
   Abigail, b. April 22, 1673, m. Benjamin COOLEY.
   James, b. 1675, d. September 13, 1689.
   Sarah, b. April 2, 1678, m. Benoni ATCHINSON, and second, Samuel BARNARD.
   Abilene, b. July 25, 1680, unmarried, and d. November 12, 1750.


Francis Ball came here not far from 1643, that year being the mention of him in the records. He married Abigail BURT, daughter of Henry Burt, October 3, 1644. His home-lot was than on which the Chicopee Bank building now stands. This lot was first granted to John Woodcock, and when he left town the improvements were purchased by Ball, as testified to by his widow, who at that time, February 12, 1690, was the widow of Thomas STEBBINS. The title being in dispute between the children of her second marriage and her own the court record states: "Widow Abigail Stebbins, aged about 67 years, testified that her first husband, Francis Ball, bought of John Woodcocke alotments in Springfield and paid 5 pounds for his labor and what he had done." Francis Ball was drowned in the Connecticut River October 3, 1648, and his widow married Benjamin MUNN, April 12, 1649. Ball's children were:--

   Jonathan, b. October, midnight, 6-7, 1645, m. Sarah MILLER, daughter of Thomas Miller.
   Samuel, b. March 16, 1648, m. Mary GRAVES, daughter of John Graves of Hadley.


Jonathan Ball, the oldest son of Francis Ball, was born here in 1645. Served one year as Selectman and in other minor offices. He married Sarah, daughter of Thomas and Sarah MILLER, March 13, 1673. She died August 29, 1683, and he married Widow Susannah WORTHINGTON. His second wife died March 9, 1727, and he died May 21, 1741. His children by his first wife were:--

   Sarah, b. December 31, 1673, d. 1676.
   Margarite, b. October 7, 1675, d. October 16, 1675.
   Thomas, b. February 25, 1677, d. March 28, 1677.
   Sarah, b. December 11, 1678, d. December 22, 1678.
   Samuel, b. July 31, 1680, m. Margaret JONES, first, and Ruth SOLEY second.
   Jonathan, b. May 6, 1682, d. October 28, 1683.
   Jonathan, b. August 24, 1683, d. January 17, 1684.

Children by the Second Wife
   Sarah, b. August 6, 1686, m. Thomas BARBER first, and John WHITE second.
   Francis, b. March 9, 1687, m. Sarah LEONARD, daughter of John Leonard.
   Benjamin, b. April 19, 1689, m. Sarah FERRY.
   Jonathan, b. December 25, 1692, m. Elizabeth OLD.
   Joseph, b. September 27, 1695, m. Mercy MacCRANNY.


Samuel Ball, second son of Francis Ball, married January 15, 1671, Mary GRAVES of Hadley, daughter of John Graves. He was chosen Constable and served four years as Selectman. He died September 13, 1689, and his widow married March 11, 1690, Benjamin STEBBINS. His children were:--

   Mary, b. June 12, 1673, m. John HITCHCOCK.
   Francis, b. April 4, 1675, m. Martha BLACKMAN.
   Elizabeth, b. January 14, 1677, m. Nathaniel SIKES.
   Mercy, b. December 15, 1679, d. September 14, 1683.
   Abigail, b. July 18, 1682, m. Moses PARSONS.


Thomas Bancroft married Margaret WRIGHT, daughter of Deacon Samuel Wright, December 8, 1653. His wife died ____ and he married at Westfield, Hannah ____ [See Barber]. His children by his first wife were:--

   Lidia, b. April 6, 1655.
   Margaret, b. October 16, 1656.
   Anna, b. September 1, 1658, d. August 30, 1659.
   Thomas, b. January 21, 1659.
   Anna, b. May 5, 1663, m. Thomas GILBERT, and second James SEXTON.
   Julia, b. ____, d. July 30, 1666.
   Samuel, b. January 25, 1667, d. January 30, 1667.
   Samuel, b. ____.

Children by the Second Wife.
   Ruth, b. August 29, 1670, m. ____ STILES.
   Rebecca, b. February 23, 1680, m. Samuel GILLETT.
Bancroft in his will, made in 1684, mentions Nathaniel who is not included in the above, who married Ruth HALE.


John Barber, of Windsor, was in Springfield in 1663. He was a son of Thomas Barber and was baptized at Windsor, July 24, 1642. He served three years as one of the Selectmen of Springfield and in other offices of less importance. He married Bathsheba COGGIN, December 2, 1663, and they had two children before coming here. The others were born here. His wife died in 1688 and he married May 1, 1689, Hannah BANCROFT, widow of Thomas. She died December 12, 1711. He died January 27, 1712, aged 70 years. His children were:--

   Joanna, b. April 8, 1667, m. Thomas SMITH, March 18, 1685.
   John, b. July 14, 1669, d. October 21, 1690.
   Return, a son, b. May 29, 1672, d. December 17, 1673.
   Thomas, b. February 4, 1674, m. Sarah BALL, daughter of Jonathan Ball, February 17, 1704. He d. January 16, 1714, and his widow m. John WHITE.
   Mary, b. February 14, 1677, m. Isaac FROST.


Simon Beamon, sometimes written in the records Beaman, married Alice YOUNG, December 15, 1654. He died in 1675 and his widow October 8, 1708. Their children were:--

   Simon, b. ____, went to Deerfield, 1695.
   John, b. April 12, 1657, m. Abigail EGGLESTON.
   Daniel, b. March 16, 1659, d. 1741.
   Thomas, b. December 29, 1660.
   Josiah, b. February 4, 1662, m. Lydia WARNER.
   Benjamin, b. August 20, 1671, m. Hannah HUGGINS.
   Samuel, b. ____, went to Windsor.
   Daughter, b. June 11, 1673.
   Mehitable, b. ____, d. August 16, 1670.
   Abigail, b. ____, m. Obadiah BALDWIN.
   Alice, b. ____, m.. Nathaniel BALDWIN, of Milford, Conn.
   Ruth, b. ____, m. Samuel MILLER.
   Mary, b. ____, m. Ensign John MILLER.


Reice Bedortha was here in 1646, that year being the first mention of him in the records. His given name has been written by the early clerks in many different ways, often as Rice, Rece, and Reice. The latter is probably nearest correct. John Pynchon wrote his name in his accounts with him either Reice or Rece. He like the other settlers had a store account with John Pynchon and the items include the usual household necessities mostly articles that went into wearing apparel for his family. In 1653 he was owing Pynchon 7 6s 9d, and under date of February 24, 1653, appears the following in Pynchon's book: "An agreement betwixt John Pynchon & Reice Bedortha; upon condition ye sd Reice doth bring in to John Pynchon 20 bushels of good wheate towards ye debt above sd within a month, & p'vided he ye sd Reice doth deliver to John Pynchon a certain Calfe (it is now a fortnight old) on thirsday or friday next, well & in good liking: upon condition also that ye said Reice doth deliver to ye aforesd John Pynchon 2 Bullocks (one being by Reice bought of Mr. Holyoke & ye other of John Allyn) well & Sound, & in good liking ye 20th day of May next, then under ye condition aforesaid ye sd John Pynchon doth p'mise to pay for Reice Bedortha to John Allyn ye sum of 7 13s, & also to satisfie Mr. Holyoke 7 for ye Bullock wch Reice bought of him; also it is p'vided & agreed that ye aforesaid John Pynchon having paid ye said sums to Mr. Allyn & Mr. Holyoke that ye sd Reice is hereby bound to deliver ye two Bullocks aforesaid sound & in good liking to John Pynchon ye 20th of May next." To this agreement Bedortha signed his mark. Subsequent entries do not show whether the bullocks were delivered according to agreement or not, but on the margin of this account Pynchon wrote, "Received ye Calfe."

In subsequent accounts Reice is credith: "By your Cannoe, 8 voyadges downe ye falls at 3s pr voyadge," and similar amounts for that work at a later date; for "fetching hay from Agawam" in his canoe, he received 5s and for "ye use of your oxen bringing up goods 1s." "Bringing up goods," meant for carting them from the warehouse at the Falls in Enfield to Springfield. His canoe appears to have been extensively employed in the service of Pynchon.

Reice married Blanch LEWIS in 1646 and their children were:--

   Son, b. May 14, 1646.
   John, b. May 13, 1647, d. May 30, 1648
   Joseph b. March 15, 1649, m. first, Mary DUMBLETON, second, Lydia DUMBLETON, third, Hannah MARSHFIELD.
   Samuel, b. December 1, 1651, m. first Mercy DUMBLETON, second, Widow Mary LEONARD.
   John, b. June 12, 1654.
Reice Bedortha and his son, John, Lydia, the wife of his son Joseph, and Mercy, the daughter of his son, Samuel, were drowned while crossing the Connecticut, March 18, 1683. The daughter of Samuel was only a week old and it is probable that they were going from their homes in Agawam to have the child christened, or were returning, for it would seem that a child so young would not have been taken out for any other purpose.


Samuel Bedortha, son of Reice, married Mercy DUMBLETON, daughter of John Dumbleton, April 28, 1681. She died June 6, 1689, and he married Widow Mary LEONARD, July 30, 1691, who was Mary REMINGTON before her marriage. He died September 14, 1728, and Mary, his widow, died December 27, 1747. The children by the first wife were:--

   Samuel, b. February 27, 1681, d. June 26, 1757.
   Mercy, b. March 11, 1683, drowned March 18, 1683.
   Lydia, b. January 29, 1683, d. February 4, 1684.
   A daughter, b. May 6, 1685, d. same day.
   John, b. August 8, 1687, d. October 30, 1704.
   Mercy, b. June 7, 1689, d. September 1, 1689.

Children by the Second Wife.
   Joseph, b. April 25, 1692, m. Widow Mary COOPER.
   Mary, b. June 3, 1694, m. Oliver BARKER.
   Thomas, b. January 22, 1696, d. at Fort Dummer, September 11, 1725.
   Benjamin, b. February 17, 1698, m. Bathsheba FROST.
   Abigail, b. December 30, 1700, m. Jonathan RISING of Suffield.
   Jonathan, b. April 24, 1703, m. Joanna FROST, d. July 30, 1764.
   Mercy, b. May 11, 1706, m. Israel PHELPS of Suffield.
   Hannah, b. September 7, 1708, d. 1711.


Joseph Bedortha, son of Reice, married Mary DUMBLETON, January 30, 1671. She died February 3, 1676, and he married second Lydia DUMBLETON, widow of John Dumbleton, and daughter of John LEONARD, October 2, 1678. She was drowned March 18, 1683, and he married third, Hannah MARSHFIELD, daughter of Samuel Marshfield. She died November 10, 1711. Child by first wife:--

   John b. December 3, 1675, d. November 24, 1684.

Children by the Second Wife.
   Mary, b. September 4, 1679, d. May 27, 1684.
   Sarah, b. October 18, 1681, m. Samuel ELY.

Children by the Third Wife.
   Hannah, b. November 4, 1685, m. Jonathan SMITH.
   Joseph, b. December 12, 1686, d. May 19, 1708.
   Mary, b. September 19, 1691, m. Benjamin SMITH, Jr.
   Esther, b. December 23, 1693, d. February 13, 1693.
   Desire, b. June 20, 1696, m. Samuel SMITH.
   John, b. December 15, 1698, m. Ruthh LEE.
   Jacob, b. March 16, 1702, d. March 23, 1702.
   Martha, b. July 15, 1703, m. Job SMITH.


The husband of Widow Margaret Bliss, Thomas Bliss, was a son of Thomas Bliss of Belstone Parish, in Devonshire, England. He was married in England and several of his children were born before he and his wife emigrated to this country. The date of marriage is not know, nor the family name of his wife, although the compile of the Bliss Genealogy states that there is some reason to believe that her maiden name was Margaret LAWRENCE. It is also stated that they embarked at Plymouth, England, and sailed for New England in the autumn of 1635. After arriving in Boston they went to Braintree, and subsequently to Hartford, Conn., where Thomas died in 1640. Their children were:--

   Ann, b. in England, m. April 29, 1642, Robert CHAPMAN and never came here.
   Mary, b. in England, m. November 26, 1646, Joseph PARSONS of Springfield.
   Thomas, b. in England, went to Norwich, d. April 15, 1688.
   Nathaniel, b. in England, m. Catherine CHAPIN, November 20, 1646.
   Lawrence, b. in England, m. Lydia WRIGHT, October 25, 1654, d. in 1676.
   Samuel, b. in England, 1624, m. Mary LEONARD, November 10, 1665, d. March 23, 1720.
   Sarah, b. at Boston Mount, 1635-6, m. at Springfield, July 20, 1659, John SCOTT.
Elizabeth, b. at Boston Mount, about 1637, m. February 15, 1670, Miles MORGAN (second wife) and had one child.
   Hannah, b. at Hartford, 1639, d. single, January 25, 1660.
   John, b. at Hartford, 1640, d. September 10, 1702.
   Hester, b. ____, m. Edward FOSTER. See Longmeadow Centennial, page 187.

Thomas, son of Thomas and Margaret, went to Saybrook, Conn., after his father's death. Nathaniel, Lawrence, Samuel, and John came to Springfield and were among the early settlers. Their mother, Margaret, died here, August 28, 1684. The compiler of the Bliss Genealogy states that Widow Margaret removed from Hartford to Springfield in 1643, and that two of her sons, Nathaniel and Samuel, preceded her and had prepared a dwelling for her. The first mention of any member of the family in the Town Records is under date of 1646, and it is somewhat doubtful about their having come here long before that year. It is evident that she was a woman of more than ordinary force of character. Her homelot was on what is now generally termed South Main Street, between the present Fremont and Margaret Streets. She died in 1684, outliving two of her sons, Nathaniel and Lawrence. Samuel and John survived her.


Nathaniel Bliss married Catherine CHAPIN, daughter of Deacon Samuel Chapin, November 20, 1646. His homelot was tenrods wide and was the second below the present William Street. He died November 18, 1654, and his widow married Thomas GILBERT, July 31, 1655. Nathaniel's children were:--

   Samuel, Jr., b. November 7, 1647, m. Sarah STEBBINS, and d. June 19, 1749, aged 102 years.
   Margaret, b. November 12, 1649, m. Nathaniel FOOT.
   Mary, b. September 23, 1651, m. Nathaniel HOLCOMB.
   Nathaniel, b. March 27, 1653, m. Deborah COLTON, daughter of George COLTON.


Lawrence Bliss married Lidia, daughter of Deacon Samuel WRIGHT, October 25, 1654. He was chosen Constable in 1660 and Selectman in 1665 and 1669. He died in 1676. His widow married John NORTON October 31, 1678, John LAMB, January 27, 1688, Quartermaster George COLTON in 1692. She died February 13, 1699. Lawrence Bliss's children were:--

   Lidia, b. October 29, 1655, d. February 27, 1656.
   Sarah, b. April 11, 1657, d. April 18, 1657.
   Sarah, b. April 4, 1658, d. August 25, 1659.
   Samuel, b. May 7, 1660, d. May 22, 1660.
   Samuel, b. August 16, 1662, m. Hannah STILES.
   Hannah, b. May 26, 1665, m. Capt. Thomas COLTON.
   Sarah, b. November 17, 1667, m. Samuel SMITH of Hadley.
   William, b. April 28, 1670, m. Margaret LOMBARD.
   Pelatiah, b. August 19, 1674, m. Elizabeth HITCHCOCK.


Samuel Bliss married Mary LEONARD, daughter of John and Sarah Leonard, November 10, 1665. He received several grants of land from the town,--at Freshwater Brook and on the north side of Agawam River, at Ackanunset, at the latter place 35 acres. He was Selectman in 1685, '92, and '99. He died January 1, 1724. Their children were:--

   Hannah, b. December 20, 1666, m. first John HALEY, and second, Simon SMITH.
   Thomas, b. February 8, 1668, m. Hannah CADWELL.
   Mary, b. August 14, 1670, m. Philip SMITH.
   Jonathan, b. February 5, 1672, m. Sarah EGGLESTON.
   Martha, b. June 1, 1674, Samuel ELY.
   Sarah, b. September 10, 1677, m. George WEBSTER.
   Experience, b. April 1, 1679, d. April 7, 1679.
   Mercy, b. July 18, 1680, m. John ELY.
   Ebenezer, b. July 29, 1683, m. Mary GAYLORD.
   Margaret, b. September 11, 1684, m. Samuel COLTON.
   Esther, b. April 2, 1688, m. Henry CHAPIN.


John Bliss, the youngest of Widow Margaret's children, married Patience BURT, daughter of Henry and Eulalia Burt, October 7, 1667. The town granted him several pieces of land before he was married, as did also Northampton where his sister, Mary PARSONS, resided. His homelot in that town was next north of his brother-in-law's, Joseph Parsons, and extended from the present Market Street on the west, to Bridge Street on the east, or in front of the cemetery. He resided in that town several years after marriage, but returned to Springfield and resided in that part of the town now within the limits of Longmeadow. He died November 4, 1702, and his widow October 2, 1732. Their children were:--

   A child, b. September 8, 1668, d. September 20, 1668.
   John, b. September 7, 1669, m. Ann TERRY, daughter of Samuel Terry and went to Enfield and thence to Lebanon, Conn.
   Nathaniel, b. January 20, 1671, m. Mary WRIGHT and went to Enfield and thence to Lebanon.
   Thomas, b. October 29, 1673, m. Mary MacCRANY.
   Joseph, b. 1676, d. unmarried in 1754.
   Hannah, b. November 16, 1678, m. Henry WRIGHT.
   Henry, b. August 15, 1681, d. November 30, 1684.
   Ebenezer, b. 1683, m. Joanna LAMB.


James Bridgman was in Hartford in 1640 and in 1643 in Springfield. He remained here till 1654 or 5 when he went to Northampton and was among the early settlers there. His home was the first one below the present Bliss Street, previously granted to Thomas Horton. He had eight children, his eldest was born before coming to Springfield, and the three youngest in Northampton. Their names are as follows:-- [See the Bridgman Tavern (Amherst Historic Homes)]

   Sarah, b. 1643, m. Timothy TILESTONE 2d of Dorchester, in 1659, d. June 26, 1712.
   John, b. July 7, 1645, m. Mary SHELDON, daughter of Isaac Sheldon of Windsor, December 11, 1670, d. April 7, 1712.
   Thomas, b. September 14, 1648, d. February 27, 1648.
   Martha, b. November 20, 1649, m. SAmuel DICKINSON of Hatfield.
   Mary, b. July 5, 1652, m. Samuel BARTLETT, son of Robert Bartlett, 1672, d. 1674.
   James, b. May 30, 1655, d. June 14, 1655.
   Patience, b. January 5, 1657, d. February, 1657.
   Hezekiah, b. June, 1658, d. March 30, 1659.


William Branch married Joanna FARNAM at Windsor, September 7, 1643. She died October 12, 1675. He married February 12, 1677, Katherine, widow of Arthur WILLIAMS and Joshua CARTER. She died August 8, 1683, and he died September 16, 1683. He had no children by either wife.


Rev. Daniel Brewer, the third permanent minister of Springfield, was born February 7, 1669, and married August 26, 1699 Katherine, daughter of Rev. Nathaniel and Abigail (STRONG) CHAUNCEY, who was born April 12, 1676. He died November 5, 1733 in his 66th year. His widow died May 15, 1754, aged 70. Their children were:--

    Catherine, b. October 25, 1700, m. William PYNCHON.
   Daniel, b. October 13, 1702, d. May 5, 1704.
   Abigail, b. April 20, 1705, m. Thomas MERRICK, and later John MUNN.
   Eunice, b. May 28, 1707, m. Rev. Robert BRECK.
   Daniel, b. May 13, 1707[?], d. October 7, 1733.
   Nathaniel, b. July 25, 1711, m. Eunice STRONG.
   Isaac, b. November 25, 1713, m. Mary BLISS.
   Charles, b. ____, 1717, m. Anne BLISS.


William Brooks, whowas born in 1610, sailed from London to Virginia in 1635. He was in Springfield in 1649, that being the first mention of him. He received grants of land in 1655, 1661, 1664, 1669, and in various subsequent years. He married Mary BURT, daughter of Henry and Eulalia Burt, October 18, 1654. He sold his lands here to John Pynchon and in 1686 moved to Deerfield, where he died December 30, 1688, and his widow August 30, 1689. Their children were:

   Remembrance, b. ____, m. James BROWN in 1674 of Deerfield. Resided in Colchester, Conn. In 1713 Remembrance Brown, widow of James Brown, of Colchester, and er son, James, deed land in Deerfield.
   William, b. August 18, 1655, killed by Indians at Westfield, October 27, 1675.
   John, b. February 10, 1657, killed by Indians at Westfield, October 27, 1675.
   Sarah, b. May 4, 1658, m. Jonathan TAYLOR, and second, John HANCHET.
   Mary, b. December 21, 1659, d. ____.
   Patience, b. June 5, 1661, m. Thomas TAYLOR.
   Ebenezer, b. December 21, 1662, m. Elizabeth BELDING, daughter of Daniel, October 8, 1673.
   Nathaniel, b. May 9, 1664, m. first, Mary, daughter of Zebediah WILLIAMS, and second, Mary, daughter of Samuel ALLIS.
   Abigail, b. January 25, 1665, m. Samuel STEBBINS.
   Joseph, b. October 17, 1667, m. Lydia, daughter of Isaac WARNER.
   Mercy, b. August 25, 1669, m. Samuel CARTER.
   Benjamin, b. July 25, 1671, m. Mary ____.
   Deliverance, b. February 28, 1672, m. Widow Mary BURT.
   Thankful, b. February 28, 1672, d. April 3, 1673.
   Jonathan, b. October 13, 1674, was in Suffield 1702 and in Staten Island in 1725.
   Mary, b. July 11, 1677, m. Barrett STEEL.
   Thankful, b. September 13, 1679, m. Josiah CHURCH.


Jehu Burr came from England with Winthrop's company in 1630. He settled in Roxbury with William Pynchon and in 1636 when Pynchon came to Springfield he was one of the eight who began the settlement. He was associated with Pynchon and Smith in purchasing of the Indians the lands embraced in the original town of Springfield. He remained here until 1642, when he removed to Fairfield, Conn., where he died in 1672. In 1638, when it was supposed that Springfield was within the jurisdiction of Connecticut, he and George Moxon, the first minister, were chosen Representatives to the General Court at Hartford. He was the ancestor of Aaron Burr who was Vice-President of the United States from 1801 to 1805, and in the fifth generation of Jehu. The line of descent was--1st, Jehu, 2d, Jehu; 3d, Daniel; 4th, Rev. Aaron; 5th, Aaron, the Vice-President, whose mother was Esther, daughter of Rev. Jonathan EDWARDS. Jehu's children were Jehu, John, Nathaniel, and Daniel. None of them were born in Springfield.


Henry Burt, the ancestor of those who bear this family name, who have resided in Springfield and neighboring towns, as well as many who have gone to other states, came from England prior to 1638. His name appears that year in the records of the GeneralCourt, in reference to paying 8 to Roxbury on account of the burning of his house. In 1640 he appears here. Just what time he left Roxbury it is not known, probably on that or the previous year. He brought with him a large family of children, seven in number, three sons and four daughters, and he had four daughters born here. When Springfield had grown beyond the management of a single individual and a town government was suggester [sic], he was chosen on the first Board of Selectmen (1644), and served in that office ten years. The other members of the first Board were Henry Smith, Thomas Cooper, Samuel Chapin, and Richard Sikes. Other duties came to him, such as serving on committees to lay out the bounds of the plantation, to grant lands to the settlers, to purchase Mr. Moxon's lands when he returned to England, to conduct religious services on Sunday in the absence of the minister, was clerk of the training band, and from 1649 to 1662, the time of his decease, was Clerk of the Writs, an officer whose duty it was to issue summonses in civil suits, grant writs of attachment, and to keep the record of births, deaths and marriages. His hand writing appears on upwards of twenty pages of the Town Records. The Clerk of the Writs was chosen by the towns and afterwards confirmed by the County Court. Henry Burt was the first chosen to that office in Springfield. His death occurred April 30, 1662. His widow, Eulalia, survived him nearly thirty years, dying August 19, 1690. From various statements in the records it is known that Jonathan was the oldest son, that David was next in age, and that Nathaniel was the youngest. Jonathan remained here and succeeded his father in town and church affairs. The second son, David, went to Northampton, and Nathaniel to that part of Springfield which is now Longmeadow. All of his eleven children lived to rear large families, and from him, through his daughters, have descended a number of persons who have been prominent in State and National, as well as in local affairs. From his daughter Abigail descended Ex-President Grover Cleveland; from Elizabeth, who married Samuel WRIGHT, Silas Wright, Governor of New York and United States Senator; from Mercy, who married Judah WRIGHT, Ethan Allen, the hero of Ticonderoga; from Doracas who married John STILES, President Stiles of Yale, and Oliver Wendell Holmes.

The names of the children of Henry and Eulalia Burt and their family records are given as follows:--

   Sarah, b. ____, m. Judah GREGORY June 20, 1643, son of Henry Gregory, and m. later Henry WAKELEY, who subsequently settled at Stratford, and was there in 1653.
   Abigail, b. about 1623 in England, m. Francis BALL in 1644; in 1649 Benjamin MUNN, in 1676 Lt. Thomas STEBBINS.
   Elizabeth, b. ____, m. Samuel WRIGHT, son of Deacon Samuel Wright, November 24, 1653, who was killed by the Indians at Northfield, September 2, 1675; she married a second time, September 26, 1684, Daniel DICKINSON of Hatfield.
   Mary, b. ____, William BROOKS, 1654.
   Jonathan, b. ____, m. October 20, 1651, Elizabeth LOBDELL of Boston, b. 1632. She d. November 11, 1684, and he married December 14, 1686, Deliverance HANCHET, widow of Deacon Thomas Hanchet and daughter of George LANCKTON. He died October 19, 1715.
   David, b. ____, m. November 18, 1654 or '55, Mary, eldest daughter of Deacon William HOLTON of Northampton, d. September 9, 1690. His widow married Joseph ROOT and died in 1718.
   Nathaniel, b. 1636, m. Rebecca SIKES, daughter of Richard Sikes, December 26, 1662. She died January 28, 1712. He died September 29, 1720.
   Hannah, b. April 28, 1641, m. John BAGG, December 24, 1657.
   Dorcas, b. 1643, m. John STILES of Windsor, October 28, 1658.
   Patience, b. August 18, 1645, m. John BLISS, October 7, 1667, d. May 18, 1768.
   Mercy, b. September 27, 1647, m. Judah WRIGHT, son of Deacon Samuel Wright, January 17, 1667, d. 1705.


Jonathan Burt, eldest son of Henry Burt, married Elizabeth LOBDELL of Boston October 20, 1651, and in 1686 Deliverence HANCHET, widow of Thomas Hanchet and daughter of George LANCKTON. It is supposed he was born in England as there is no record of his birth at Roxbury, where his father lived before coming to Springfield. After the death of the older settlers he became prominent in town affairs. Was for many years Selectman and Town Clerk. He was also a Deacon in the church and appears to have been active in both church and town affairs. His son Henry was also one of the Selectmen, Town Treasurer and also a Deacon in the church. He made the only account of the burning of Springfield found in the Town Records, which was written on a fly leaf of volume three, and is still preserved in that volume. He died October 19, 1715 and his widow died June 10, 1718. His children, all by his first wife, were as follows:--

   Elizabeth, b. December 29, 1652, m. January 9, 1673, Victory SIKES, son of Richard Sikes.
   Jonathan, b. September 12, 1654, m. December 4, 1686, Lydia DUMBLETON, daughter of John Dumbleton. He died June 19, 1707 and his widow married Daniel COOLEY.
   Sarah, b. September 4, 1656, m. Benjamin DORCHESTER and later Luke HITCHCOCK.
   John, b. August 23, 1658, m. February 21, 1683, Sarah DAY, daughter of Thomas Day.
   Mercy, b. August 7, 1661, d. September 2, 1683.
   Henry, b. December 11, 1663, m. June 16, 1689, Elizabeth WARRINER, daughter of James Warriner. She died November 19, 1711, and he married Deborah ALVORD, of Northampton, widow of Benjamin and daughter of John STEBBINS.


David Burt, the second son of Henry Burt, received a grant of land in Springfield, but he relinquished it to the town and went to Northampton in 1654 where he was not only one of the first settlers but was the first to marry. His wife was Mary HOLTON, daughter of Deacon William Holton, an early settler of both Hartford and Northampton. They were married November 18, 1655. He died September 9, 1690. His homelot was on what is now King Street. Besides attending to his own affairs, he acted as Town Measurer of land for many years, and when the division line between Northampton and Springfield was established, he served as one of the commissioners on the part of Northampton. Northampton, Hadley and Deerfield suffered from Indian depredations and David Burt had two sons captured at Deerfield by Indians, when the town was burned, and taken to Canada. Both were finally liberated, but the youngest of the two brothers was subsequently killed near Burlington by Indians when on a scouting expedition. A third was captured when the Indians burned Schnectady and was never heard from. His children were:

   David, b. July 14, 1656, killed August 30, 1660, by being run over by a cart.
   Jonathan, b. May 1, 1658, d. April 15, 1662.
   Henry, b. August 20, 1660, m. December 12, 1684, Elizabeth, daughter of Alexander ALVORD; she died May 6, 1687 and he married December 9, 1687, Hannah, daughter of Henry DENSLOW; she died May 3, 1689, and he married in 1690, Mary ____. He died September 26, 1735.
   Mary, b. March 18, 1663, d. November 3, 1666.
   Sarah, b. May 2, 1665, m. May 21, 1688, Robert PORTER, d. May 14, 1689.
   Hannah, b. September 2, 1667, d. May 3, 1689.
   David, b. August 25, 1669, captured by the French and Indians February 8, 1690, on the burning of Schnectady and never heard from.
   Jonathan, b. September 5, 1671, m. June 2, 1696, Mindwell TAYLOR, daughter of Capt. John Taylor. He died October 15, 1745 and his widow November 6, 1761.
   Joseph, b. September 26, 1673, m. April 16, 1702, Sarah COWLES, daughter of John Cowles of Hatfield. Was one of the early settlers of Northfield; d. January 13, 1759, and his widow May 21, 1772.
   Mary, baptized May 3, 1676, m. February 14, 1706 Dr. Thomas HASTINGS of Hatfield. He died July 23, 1712, and his widow m. May 7, 1713 Samuel BELDING of Hatfield.
   Ruth, b. April 1677, m. December 16, 1710, Nehemiah ALLEN of Northampton. She died March __, 1746.
   Benjamin, b. November 17, 1680, m. October 19, 1702, Sarah BELDEN. Both taken captives by the French and Indians on the burning of Deerfield, February 29, 1704 and taken to Canada. Returned a year later and he settled in Ridgefield, Conn.
   John, b. April 29, 1682. Captured at the same time at Deerfield with his brother Benjamin and taken to Canada. In May, 1709, he accompanied his cousin, Capt. Benjamin WRIGHT, on a scouting expedition in search of Indians and was killed on Onion River, near Burlington.


Nathaniel Burt, the third and youngest son of Henry Burt, settled in that part of Springfield which became the town of Longmeadow. He served as Selectman and in other offices. He headed the petition to change the location of the home lots from the meadow near the present railroad station to the higher ground where the village now stands. The change was made on account of the high water which overflowed the homelots in the meadow and which caused much damage and inconvenience to the inhabitants. Liberty was given to make the change in 1703. He gave lands to the town for the support of the schools and the church and many years after his death the town erected a memorial tablet to his memory, which still stands in the Longmeadow burying ground east of the church. He married January 15, 1662, Rebecca SIKES, daughter of Richard Sikes. Their children were:--

   Nathaniel, b. January 18, 1663, m. January 21, 1691, Elizabeth DUMBLETON, daughter of John Dumbleton. She died November 3, 1692, and he married Mary, daughter of Charles FERRY, January 18, 1700. She died June 2, 1739, and he married Widow Mary CROWFOOT, March 8, 1740. He died July 19, 1749, and his wife, May 23, 1753.
   Rebecca, b. December 10, 1665, m. January 29, 1690, Charles FERRY. She died February 12, 1692.
   David, b. May 20, 1668, m. June 27, 1706, Martha, daughter of Deacon Thomas HALE, who d. in 1714. He m. July 15, 1715, Widow Joanna ALLEN. He d. July 5, 1735.
   John, b. August 23, 1670, m. December 23, 1697, Mary, daughter of David LOMBARD. He was killed February 25, 1704. His widow d. October 1, 1759.
   Sarah, b. July 17, 1673, d. July 31, 1673.
   Sarah, b. April 7, 1675, m. February 8, 1693, Nathaniel HORTON of Enfield.
   Experience, b. January 23, 1667, m. February 15, 1705, Thomas HALE of Enfield, d. September 12, 1719.
   Dorcas, b. February 10, 1680, m. February 25, 1703, John ATCHINSON, d. October 2, 1770.


Jonathan Bush married Sarah LAMB, daughter of John and Joanna Lamb, July 22, 1679. He was a resident of Springfield in 1678 and of Enfield in 1685. He died in Enfield in 1739 aged 89. Their children born here were:--

   Jonathan, b. April 10, 1681.
   John, b. November 22, 1685, m. Hannah FOWLER.


John Cable, one of the first eight subscribers to establish a settlement in Springfield, did not remain here but a few years. In April, 1641, he sold his lot to the town and it was afterwards sold to Thomas Cooper. He had one child born here, and on leaving here went to Fairfield, Conn. His son born here was:--

   John, b. January 12, 1640.


Isaac Cakebread married Hepzibah JONES, daughter of Griffith Jones, December 20, 1677. His first daughter was born here. The other children were born in Suffield. His wife died in Suffield March 8, 1685. He is supposed to haved about 1698. His children were:--

   Margaret, b. in Suffield, February 21, 1678, d. here November 17, 1691.
   Isaac, b. in Suffield, January 30, 1680.


Dea. Samuel Chapin and his wife Cicely, were at Roxbury in 1638, and his name appears in the Town Records in Springfield in 1642. From whence he came to this country it has not been ascertained, but there is no doubt that he lived in England before migrating to New England. He took a prominent part in all the affairs of the town, both religious and civil. He was a member of the first Board of Selectmen and served nine consecutive years. William Pynchon was the first Magistrate, or Commissioner, and when his heretical book appeared his son-in-law, Henry Smith, was appointed to that office, but it does not appear that he served, as the next year, 1652, John Pynchon, Elizur Holyoke and Samuel Chapin were appointed Commissioners, "to hear and determine all cases and offences, both civil and criminal that reach not to life, limbe and banishment." The Deacon at various times, in the absence of a minister, from the departure of Mr. Moxon to the coming of his successor, Pelatiah Glover, conducted religious services, alternating with Henry Burt and John Pynchon. He served on important committees and the General Court in 1653 appointed him and John Pynchon to lay out Northampton and its bounds, and they made the purchase of the lands from the Indians. In 1659 they were appointed to lay out Hadley on both sides of the Connecticut River, that on the west side subsequently becoming the town of Hatfield.

In 1664 he petitioned the General Court "for some land for services done," and the Court in 1669 granted him 200 acres, "as laid out four miles from Mendon, bounded as in the said platt wch is on file, provided it exceed not two hundred acres, as also that it take not in any of the meadows now granted to Mendon." His son Josiah settled in Braintree, the town adjoining Mendon, and in 1684 he with others and the Selectmen of Mendon petitioned the General Court concerning taxing unimproved lands. In answer to this petition the General Court "granted the said petioners free from country rates for the year ensuing," meaning the Province tax.

He must have been conspicuous in all the affairs that concerned the moral, religious and secular interests of the town. He was probably a greater number of descendants living within the limits of the old County of Hampshire at the present time than any other one of the first settlers, who have reason to be proud of their distinguished ancestor.

He had seven children, four sons and three daughters, all of whom, excepting the youngest, Hannah, having been born before coming to Springfield. Their names are as follows:--

   Henry, b. in 1630, m. Bethia COOLEY.
   Josiah, lived in Braintree.
   David, m. Lydia CRUMP and went to Boston.
   Catherine, m. Nathaniel BLISS, and afterwards Thomas GILBERT and Samuel MARSHFIELD.
   Sarah, m. Rowland THOMAS
   Japhet, b. at Roxbury, October 15, 1643, m. Abelenah COOLEY.
   Hannah, b. December 2, 1644, m. John HITCHCOCK.

Deacon Samuel died November 11, 1675, and his widow Cicely, February 8, 1682.

Deacon Chapin's accounts at Pynchon's store well illustrates the general habit of the settlers and the articles used by them. These extracts are taken from the accounts of 1652 and a year or more later. He was charged 14s for half a pound of powder, 2s 6d for 3 pounds of sugar, 8d for 500 pins, 4 7s 6d for 10 yds. of Kersey, 5s 3d for smithery work, 5s 2d for 2 yds. Scots cloth, 4s 10d for 3 1-2 pounds of soap, 12 for a parcel of wampum sent to Henry Chapin, "you are to pay for your son David 10," 2s 11d for 1-2 yd. of Green Say, 2s 6d for 1 pair of stockings, 1 3d for 1-2 yd. of flannel, 17s 6d for 7 yds. of linen cloth, 6s 6d for one Bible, 6s for one pint bottle, 1s 10d for a quart and 1-4 of brandy, 2s for one pound of pepper, and 4 1-2d for 1 pint of vinegar.

In payment of his accounts he was credited with 8s for 4 days work of David, 9s for David's work at the mill, 4s 6d for work of oxen, 2s 6d for 3 lbs. of candles, 3 4s for 192 lbs. of beef, 11 1s, for 60 bushels of wheat, 7s for a skin of Beaver, 16s for wheat delivered by Thomas Stebbins, 17s 6d from Katherine Bliss, 15 18s for 87 bushels of wheat at ye mill in June '55, 2s 6d for a qr. of veal, 1 4s 4d for stringing 194 fathoms of wampum.

There was no stated time for settling accounts and they frequently stood a year and sometimes several years before there was a balance. In most instances the difference was in favor of John Pynchon. February 17, 1654, Deacon Chapin was owing him 35 10d, August 7th, 1655, 15 14s 6d, September 29, 1656, 13 16s 2d, and the latter he set his hand.

This entry is found in Pynchon's book: "April 16th, 1665, sold to Deacon Chapin 100 acres of land in Chickkupy Plaine next above Henry Chapins, all through the Plaine from ye River to ye hill, & also 4 acres of muxy meddow for wch he is to allow & pay me 16s in wheat at 3s 6d per bushel, 8s next March & ye other 8s ye year after, viz: March next come twelve month; also to let out to Goodman Chapin ye land of Sackets at Chickkupy for wch he is to pay me 3 bushels in wheat. Let out to Goodman Chapin ye plowed ground of Sackets at ye Cold Spring for wch he is to pay me 10s." The whole amount for the 100 acres and the rent of land as above was 16. The locality usually designated as Chicopee Plain was on the west side of the Connecticut, opposite Chicopee.

Specimens of his handwriting, including an excellent autograph, appear in the first part of this volume. They indicate an education in penmanship superior to the majority of the early settlers.


Henry Chapin married Bethia COOLEY, daughter of Benjamin Cooley, December 15, 1664. His wife died December 9, 1711, and he died August 15, 1718. He was a Deputy to the General Court in 1689, and for eleven years served as Selectman. His first service was in 1670, and his last year 1701. His children were:--

   Henry, b. June 1, 1666, d. April 29, 1668.
   Sarah, b. March 30, 1670, d. unmarried, November 6, 1732.
   Bethiah, b. February 19, 1672.
   Henry, b. March 19, 1679, m. Mary GARNZEY, late of Milford.
   Benjamin, b. February 27, 1781 [1681?], m. Hannah COLTON, daughter of Isaac Colton.


Josiah, son of Deacon Samuel, went to Braintree and, according to his mother's will, was a resident there in 1683. He had as below:--

   Samuel, b. November 11, 1659.


David Chapin, son of Deacon Samuel, married Lidia CRUMP, August 29, 1654. He went to Boston and the birth of five children are on record there. Their children were:--

   Lidia, b. June 19, 1655
   Caleb, b. April 2, 1657.


Japhet Chapin, son of Deacon Samuel Chapin, married Abelenah COOLEY, daughter of Samuel, of Milford, July 22, 1664. She died November 17, 1711, aged 68, and he married second, Dorothy ROOT of Enfield, May 31, 1711. He died February 20, 1712, aged 70. He was prominent in town affairs and was eight times chosen Selectman. His children, all by his first wife were:--

   Samuel, b. August 4, 1665, m. Hannah SHELDON.
   Sarah, b. March 16, 1668 (baptized at Milford), m. Nathaniel MUNN.
   Thomas, b. May 20, 1671, m. Sarah WRIGHT.
   John, b. May 14, 1674, m. Sarah BRIDGMAN.
   Ebenezer, b. June 26, 1677, m. Ruth JANES.
   Hannah, b. June 21, 1679, d. July 7, 1679.
   Hannah, b. July 18, 1680, m. John SHELDON.
   David, b. November 16, 1682, m. Sarah STEBBINS.
   Jonathan, b. February 20, 1685, d. March 1, 1686.
   Jonathan, b. September 23, 1688, m. Elizabeth BURT.


John Clark married Elizabeth STEBBINS, daughter of Rowland Stebbins, March 2, 1647. His will was probated in 1684, and his widow died October 28, 1700. Their children were:--

   John, b. September 6, 1647, d. December 24, 1717.
   Sarah, b. December 27, 1651, m. Richard BARNARD, and second, Richard WAIT.
   Elizabeth, b. February 26, 1651, d. ___.
   Mary, b. March 31, 1654, m. David MORGAN.


George Colton, known to his descendants as Quartermaster George, married Deborah GARDNER of Hartford in 1664. His wife died September 5, 1689, and he married second, Widow Lydia LAMB, March 1, 1692. Shedied February 13, 1699 and he died December 17, 1699. For seventeen years he was one of the Selectmen, having first been chosen in 1657. In 1669 he was chosen Deputy to the General Court, to which office he was twice re-elected, sitting in 1671 with Captain William Davis, a son-in-law of William Pynchon, and a non-resident. He received his military title of Quartermaster from the General Court. He was appointed Quartermaster of the Hampshire troop, of which John Pynchon was Captain, in 1668, Ensign of the foot company in 1681 and Lieutenant in 1688. From the frequency that he was called to perform public duties it is evident that he was an influential citizen. His children were:--

   Isaac, b. November 21, 1646, m. Mary COOPER.
   Ephraim, b. April 9, 1648, m. Mary DRAKE, and second, Esther MARSHFIELD.
   Mercy, b. September 22, 1649, m. Samuel BARNARD.
   Thomas, b. May 1, 1651, m. Sarah GRISWOLD.
   Sarah, b. February 24, 1653, m. Samuel GRAVES.
   Deborah, b. January 26, 1654, m. Nathaniel BLISS, Jr.
   Hepzibah, b. January 7, 1656, m. Jonathan WELLS.
   John, b. April 18, 1659, m. Abigail PARSONS, and second, Joanna WOLCOTT.
   Benjamin, b. April 26, 1661, d. young.


Isaac Colton, son of Quartermaster George, married Mary COOPER, daughter of Thomas Cooper, June 20, 1670. He died September 3, 1700 and his widow married Edward STEBBINS, October 18, 1701, and died August 29, 1742. Isaac's children were:--

   Mary, b. March 30, 1671, m. Ebenezer GRAVES.
   Sarah, b. June 11, 1673, d. July 9, 1689.
   George, b. June 16, 1677, m. Mary HITCHCOCK.
   Rebecca, b. June 20, 1681, m. Joseph STEBBINS, and second, Capt. John MERRICK.
   Deborah, b. July 26, 1684, m. David MORGAN.
   Child, b. August 1, 1687.
   Hannah, b. August 8, 1688, m. Benjamin CHAPIN.
   Joseph, b. April 20, 1693, m. Abilene CHAPIN.
   Benjamin, b. June 18, 1695, m. Elizabeth PYNCHON.


Thomas Colton, son of Quartermaster George, married Sarah GRISWOLD of Lyme, Conn., September 11, 1677. She was a daughter of Matthew Griswold. She died September 12, 1690, and he married Hannah BLISS, daughter of Lawrence Bliss, December 17, 1691. He died September 30, 1728, and his widow died November 6, 1737. Their children by the first wife were:--

   Sarah, b. September 25, 1678, m. Samuel KEEP.
   Anna, b. December 7, 1680, m. Samuel PORTER.
   Thomas, b. March 27, 1683, m. Joanna WARRINER.
   Benjamin, b. February 19, 1684, d. April 5, 1685.
   Elizabeth, b. April 5, 1686, m. Joseph KELLOGG of Hadley, and second, Joseph BILLINGS.
   Matthew, b. February 13, 1688, d. June 6, 1690.
   Child, b. September 11, 1690.

Children by the Second Wife.
   Hepsibah, b. October 26, 1692, m. Samuel CHANDLER.
   William, b. July 7, 1694, m. Mary MERRICK, and second, Widow Mercy COLTON.
   Ebenezer, b. July 23, 1696, m. Deborah CHANDLER.
   Joseph, b. August 27, 1698, d. September 10, 1698.
   Isaac, b. October 10, 1700, m. Esther MARSHFIELD.
   Hannah, b. July 11, 1703, m. Nathaniel MUNN, Jr.
   Dinah, b. January 31, 1706, d. May 5, 1706.
   Abner, b. June 17, 1709, d. February 24, 1710.


John Colton, son of Quartermaster George, married Abigail PARSONS, daughter of Cornet Joseph Parsons, February 19, 1684. She died June 27, 1689, and he married Joanna WOLCOTT, daughter of Simon Wolcott of Windsor, September 2, 1690. He died February 3, 1727, and his widow January 10, 1755. His children by his first wife were:--

   Abigail, b. January 4, 1685, m. Francis GRISWOLD.
   Mary, b. May 1, 1689, d. June 16, 1690.

Children by the Second Wife.
   Sarah, b. September 2, 1692, m. Benjamin SMITH, Jr.
   Martha, b. January 4, 1694, m. Luke HITCHCOCK.
   Joanna, b. ___, Jonathan COOLEY.
   John, b. May 9, 1697, m. Mercy STEBBINS.
   Mary, b. ___, Samuel KEEP.
   George, b. May 27, 1702, d. February 25, 1725.
   Eunice, b. February 22, 1705, m. John ELY, second, Roger WOLCOTT, and third, Joel WHITE.
   Simon, b. October 26, 1707, d. ___.
   Roger, b. October 26, 1707.
   Simon, b. ___, 1709, m. Abigail BURT, and second, Rebecca HALE.


Benjamin Cooley was here in 1644, his name appearing in the records of that year. Two years after his arrival he was chosen a Selectman and served in that office 18 years, the longest period of service given by any one person. He was much employed in town affairs and was on all important committees during his active life. Samuel Terry was bound to service by William Pynchon to Benjamin Cooley, "weaver," for three years and six months, and it would appear that Cooley must have been engaged in weaving in England before coming to this country. His marriage is not on record here. He died August 17, 1684, and his wife, Sarah, died August 23, 1684. Their children born here were:--

   Bethia, b. September 16, 1644, m. Henry CHAPIN.
   Obadiah, b. January 27, 1647, m. Rebecca WILLIAMS.
   Eliakim, b. January 8, 1649, m. Hannah RIBBALS.
   Daniel, b. May 2, 1651, m. Elizabeth WOLCOTT.
   Sarah, b. February 27, 1654, m. Jonathan MORGAN.
   Benjamin, b. September 1, 1656, m. Abigail BAGG.
   Mary, b. June 22, or 24 [town records state "22nd day of 4th month"; which also agrees with the Cooley Genealogy], 1649, m. Thomas TERRY.
   Joseph, b. March 6, 1662, m. Mary GRISWOLD.


Obadiah Cooley, son of Benjamin and Sarah, married Rebecca WILLIAMS at Windsor. She was a daughter of John Williams. He died September 3, 1690, and his widow married John WARNER, and died October 18, 1715. Obadiah's children were:

   Rebecca, b. August 23, 1671, m. John WELLER.
   Sarah, b. August 3, 1673, m. Tilley MERRICK.
   Mary, b. December 19, 1675, m. John FERRY.
   Obadiah, b. August 1, 1678, m. Dorcas HALE.
   Anna, b. March 5, 1681, m. Nathan COLLINS.
   Joseph, b. November 12, 1683, m. Margaret MacCRANNY.
   Jonathan, b. June 28, 1686, m. Joanna COLTON.


Benjamin Cooley, Jr., married by John Pynchon, February 7, 1695, to Abigail BAGG, daughter of John Bagg. He died November 29, 1731, and his widow died January 27, 1739. Their children were:--

   Abigail, b. October 28, 1695, m. Henry WOLCOTT.
   Daughter, b. October 25, 1697, d. October 27, 1697.
   Daughter, s. [stillborn] August 23, 1698.
   Son, b. and d. November 24, 1699.
   Daughter, b. d. April 25, 1705.
   Lydia, b. September 5, 1706, m. Amos STILES


Eliakim Cooley, son of Benjamin and Sarah, married Hannah RIBBALS, daughter of Thomas Ribbals, March 12, 1679. He died December 1, 1711, and she December 16, 1711. Their children were:--

   Hannah, b. December 24, 1679, m. Hezekiah PARSONS.
   Eliakim, b. March 19, 1681, m. Griswold BECKWITH.
   Samuel, b. November 30, 1683, m. Mary CLARK.
   Mercy, b. April 26, 1698, m. John MORGAN.
   Daughter [no name], b. July 19, 1694, d. August 9, 1694.


Daniel Cooley, son of Benjamin, married December 8, 1680 Elizabeth WOLCOTT, daughter of Simon Wolcott of Windsor. His wife died January 31, 1707, and he married Widow Lydia [DUMBLETON] BURT, June 17, 1709. He died February 9, 1727, and his widow January 31, 1739. His children, all by his first wife, were:--

   Benjamin, b. October 8, 1681, m. Margaret BLISS.
   Daniel, b. March 23, 1684, m. Jemima CLARK.
   Simon b. March 6, 1687, m. Elizabeth GUNN of Hatfield.
   John, b. February 23, 1689, m. Mercy GUNN.
   Thomas, b. June 23, 1693, m. Rebecca ELMER.
   Elizabeth, b. July 23, 1696, m. Joshua FIELD.
   William, b. August 12, 1698, m. Elizabeth CLARK.


Joseph Cooley, son of Benjamin and Sarah, married Mary GRISWOLD, January 22, 1684. He moved with his son Joseph to Somers, Conn., about 1730. His wife died July 13, 1739, and he died May 20, 1740. Their children were:--

   Mary, b. October 1, 1685, m. Joseph LOOMIS.
   Joseph, b. January 31, 1686, m. Mary DORCHESTER.
   Deborah, b. February 29, 1691, m. Joshua LOOMIS.
   Abigail, b. February 29, 1691, m. Daniel PARSONS.
   George, b. January 27, 1698, d. May 22, 1704.

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