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The First Century of the History of Springfield.
The Official Records from 1636 to 1736.
With an Historical Review and Biographical Mention of the Founders.
By Henry M. Burt. Volume I, Springfield, Massachusetts.
Printed and Published by Henry M. Burt, 1898
Copyright 1898, by Henry M. Burt.

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Introductory Note, Corrections 5 - 8
Historical Review 9 - 36
    Pynchon's English Home 13
    The First Settlements on the Connecticut 15
    Land Purchased of the Indians 17
    The Early Ministers of Springfield 22
    The Selectmen - First and Succeeding Boards 17
    Selectmen of Springfield 1644 to 1737 26-32
    Grants of Land to the Settlers 32
    Springfield's Deputies in the General Court 34
    Deputies to the General Court from Springfield 37
    Early Inhabitants - When They Came 39
    Clerk of the Writs 45
    Town Recorders 46
    Good Sense of the Common People Prevailed 47
    Location of the First Meeting House 49
    Burying Ground and Training Field 50
    An Early Adoption of Referendum 52
    A Toll Road Established 52
    Excluding Unworthy Persons 53
    Before the Selectmen and the County Court 54
    Indiscretions of Our Puritan Youth 57
    John Pynchon's Experience in Pork Raising 59
    Round Hill Given to Pinchon for Bringing Sheep to Town 61
    Village Blacksmith Captured by Cromwell and Forced to Migrate - John Stewart 62
    Hampshire County Created 66
    Minor Events, But Not Without Interest 67
    The 2nd Corne Mill 71
    Witchcraft in Springfield, Hugh and Mary Parsons 73
    Pynchon's Heresy - His Book Burned in the Marketplace at Boston 79
    Religious Services Conducted by Laymen 125
    Seating the People in the Meeting House 126
    Burning of Springfield By the Indians 129
    Longmeadow - the First Location 134
    Springfield's First School House 137
    Formation of Counties and Towns 139
    Earliest Important County Highway 139
    Chronological Summary 143
    Counties and Towns [Dates of Formation] 150
    Governors Chosen Under First Charter 151
    Governors Appointed By the King Under Second Charter 151
    English Sovereigns During the Colonial Period 152
    Records of the Town of Springfield 153
    Records of the Town of Springfield (Continued) 157-173
    Records of the Town of Springfield (Continued) 174-193
    Records of the Town of Springfield (Continued) 194-225
    Records of the Town of Springfield (Continued) 226-229
    Records of the Town of Springfield (Continued) 261-300
    Records of the Town of Springfield (Continued) 301-328
    Records of the Town of Springfield (Continued) 329-361
    Records of the Town of Springfield (Continued) 362-387
    Records of the Town of Springfield (Continued) 388-410
    Records of the Town of Springfield (Continued) 411-427
    Records of the Town of Springfield (Continued) 428-442

Volume 2

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