History of Springfield, MA
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of them that are likely to improve it in tillage and pasture, thereby to ease the towne of the greate stocks that soe there may be the better conveniency for them that have lesser stocks as we shall see meete, and it is agreed that Matthew Mitchell shall have 50 acres layd out together at the farther end of this ground as above said in ye former order, and this was altered with consent before ye hands were set to it.

[I-9] 8ly. That all rates that shal arise upon the towne shall be layed upon lands accord-inge to every ones pportion aker for aker of house lotts and aker for aker of meddowe both alike on this side and both alike on the other side and for farms that shall lye further off a less pportion as we shall after agree, except we shall see meete to remitt one halfe of the rate from land to other estate.

9ly. That wheras Mr. William Pynchon, Jehu Burr and Henry Smith have constantly continued to p'secute the same at greate charges and at greate personall adventures; therefore it is mutually agreed that fourty acres of meddowe lyinge on the South of Endbrooke under a hill side shall belonge to the sd partyes free from all charges forever; that is to say twenty acres to Mr. william Pynchon and his heyrs & assigns for ever, and ten acres to Jehu Burr, and ten acres to Henry Smith and theyr heyrs and assigns for ever: which sd 40 acres is not disposed to them as any alotments of towne land, but they are to have theyr accommodations in all other places not wth standinge.

10ly. That whereas a house was built to a common charge which cost 6: and alsoe the Indians Demannd a great some to buy theyr right in the sd lands and also 2 greate shallops which was requisite for the first planting: the valew of which engagements is to be borne by each inhabitant at theyr first entrance as they sahll be rated by us, till the sd dis-bursements shall be satisfyed: or else in case the sd house and boats be not soe satisfyed for, then soe much meddowe


to be sett out about the sd house as may counter vaylr the sayd extraordinary charge.

11ly. It is agreed that no man except Mr. William Pynchon shall have above 10 acres for his house lot.

12ly. It is alsoe agreed that if any man fell any tymber out of his lot in any common ground, if he let it ly above three months before he worke it out, it shall be lawfull for any other man to take it that hath p'sent use for it.

13ly. It is agreed that Mr. William Pynchon shall have thirty. Whereas there are two Cowe Pasturs the one lying towards Dorchester (Windsor) and the other Northward from End brooke. It is agreed that both these pasturs shall not be fed at once, but that the towne shall be ordered by us in the disposinge of it for tyme and seasons till it be lotted out and fenced in severalls.

May 16, 1636.

14. It is agreed that after this day we shall observe this rule about dividinge of plantinge ground and meddowe in all plantinge ground to regard chiefly persons who are most apt to use such ground: and in all meddowe and pasture to regard chiefly Cattel and estate, because estate is like to be imp'ved in cattel and such ground is aptest for theyr use: and yet we agree that noe p'son that is master of a lott though he have noe cattyle shall have less than three acres of mowinge ground: and none that have cowes, steeres or yeare olds shall have under two akers apiece and all horses not less than fower akers and this order in dividing meddowe by cattyle to take place the last of May next: soe that all cattyle that then appeare and all estate that shall the truly appeare at 20 shillings a cowe shall have this pportion in the medows on Agawam side, and in the long meddowe Masacksic, and in the other long meddowe called Nayas, and in the pasture at the North end of the towne called Endbrooke.

15. It is ordered that for the disposinge of the Hassaky marish and in the grantinge of home lotts these five men under named or theyr deputys are appointed to have full power,



Mr. Pynchon
Mr. Mitchell
Jehu Burr
William Blake
Henry Smith.

[I - 12] It is ordered that William Blake shall have sixteene polle in breadth so abuttinge at the end of it to the next high land and three acrs more in some other place.

Next the lott of William Blake northward lys the lott of Thomas Woodford being twelve polles broade and all the marish before it to ye uplande.

Next the lott of Thomas Woodford lys the lott of Thomas Ufford beinge fourteene rod broade and all the marish before it to ye upland.

Next the lot of Thomas Ufford lys the lott of Henry Smith beinge twenty rod in breadth and all the marish before, and to run up in the upland on the other side to make up his upland lott ten acres.

Next the lott of Henry Smith lys the lott of Jehu Burr being twenty rod in bredth and all the marish in bredth abutting at the end of it, and as much upland ground on the other side as shall make up his lott ten acres.

Next ye lott of Jehu Burr lyes the lott of Mr. William Pynchon beinge thirty rod in bredth and all the marish at the east end of it, and an adition at the further end of as much marish as makes the wholel twenty fouer acres, and as much upland adjoyninge as makes the former house lott thirty acres in all together fifty fouer acres.

Next the lott of Mr. Pynchon lyes the lot of John Cable fourteene rod in bredth and fouer acres and halfe of marish at the end of his lott.

Next the lott of John Cable lys the lott of John Reader beinge twelve rod in bredth and fouer acres and a halfe in marish at the fore end of his home lott.

[I - 13] The lotts of Mr. Matthew Mitchell, Samuel Butterfield, Edmund Wood, Jonas Wood, are ordered to lye adjoining to mill brooks, the wholl beinge to the number of twenty five acres, to begin three of them on the great river, and the fourth on the other side of the small river.

It is ordered that for all highways that shall be have liberty


and power to lay them out where they shall see meete though it be at ye ends of mens lotts giveinge them a alowance for soe much ground.

[In the handwriting of William Pynchon]

We testifie to the ordr above said being al of the first adventurers & subscribers for this plantation.

William Pynchon
Math Mitchell
Henry Smith
The mark of Jehu Burr
William Blake
Edmund Wood
The marke of Thomas
John Cabel

[I - 14]

[In the handwriting of Henry Smith]

The Disbursements of the 3d 40 P contra as followeth:

ffor a frame of a house 35 foote longe and 15 foote wide wth a porch five foote out and 7 foote wide wth a shady over head wth stayrs into cellar & chamber making doors & laying bords for fouer roomes wth duble chimnys, ye sides of ye cellar planked.

Pounds Shillings Pence
To Good: Burr for the thachinge of ye house
18. 00 00
To John Allen he to undertak the getting of ye thatch and all other things belonging to it wth lathing & nayls only ye cariadge of thatch excepted.
3. 00 00
for ye sawinge of all ye boards & slit worke 4 locks wth nayls & hooks & hinges for ye doares to John Cable at
11. 00 00
for ye daubing of ye house & chimnys under pinning ye frame making ye stack & oven 7 foot high wth laths & nayls, to Henry Smith at
8. 00 00

The 13th of January, 1638.

A voluntary rate agreed upon the day above sd for ye raysing of ffourty pounds toward ye


building of a house for Mr. Moxon:

          John Searle
          Thomas Horton
          Thomas Mirack




ye 12s paid him for ye rent John Leonard 02. 00 00
of his house for robrt Robert Ashley 01. 00 00
John Cable to pay for J. W. John Woodcock
Richard Everit
Henry Smith to pay John Alline 01. 00 00
Mr. Pynchon will pay it John Burt
Henry Smith
Jehu Burr
Wm. Pynchon
John Cable

41. 04 00

ffor Mr. Moxons maintenance till next michaellmas.

s d
Mr. William Pynchon 24. 06 08
Jehu Burr 08. 03 04
Henry Smith 05. 10 00
John Cable       02.       00       00


John Searle 01. 00 00
Richard Everit 01. 00 00
John Alline 01. 00 00
Thomas Horton 01. 00 00
John Woodcock 01. 00 00
Robert Ashly 00. 16 00
John Leonard 00. 10 00
Thomas Mirack       01.       05       00

07. 11 00

[I - 16 Blank. - I - 17.]


March 20th, 1637.

It is ordered that in consideration of certayne charges wch the P'sent inhabitants have been at for Mr. Moxons house and fencing his lott, such as shall for future time come to inhabite in ye place shall beare a share in the like charges in pportion with our selves.

It is ordered that a high way is to be reserved out of the marish ground of Thomas Uffords lott.

It is agreed yt John Searle and Richard Everitt shall measure out twenty foure acres of mowing marish ground afore ye house of Mr. William Pynchon and soe much upland ground ad-joyning as shall make his house lott wth ye sd marish fifty and fouer acres according to an order in ye first devision of house lotts.

October 17th, 1636.

It is ordered wth ye consent of ye Plantation that from this day forward noe trees shall be cut downe or taken away by any man in ye compass of ground from ye mill river upward to John Readers lott wch parsell of ground is appoynted for house lotts, and in case any man shall trespass contrary to ye order he shall be lyable to ye fine of five shillinges.

[I - 18 Blank - I - 19]

September 3th, 1638.

There is granted to John Searle by ye consent of the rest of the inhabitants an house lott of 8 rod broade & in length from the brooke to the greate river wch lyes neere ye pyne swamps wth ye meddow before his lott of the same breadth yt his house lott is: Next to he lott of John Searle upwards lyes the lott of Thomas Horton 8 rod in breadth wth the medow over agaynst of ye same breadth & ye length of it as the former. Also on ye other sie of Conecticot river over agaynst the sd lott is granted him a lot of meddowe of 8 rod broade and 80 rod in length reserving through yt & all other lotts there a cart way of two rod breadth when it may be seene convenient.


November 23th, 1638.

There is granted unto Mr. Pynchon wth the consent of ye Plantation a lott of upland ground adjoyninge to ye mill of ten acres, and alsoe seven acres more in lew of the marish ground yt is before every mans lott. It is alsoe agreed yt this lott is to lye in breadth from the mill river upwards in breadth twenty rod and in length upwards by ye mill river till the nombr of ye acres be up. And for ye layinge out of this lott there is appoynted Jehu Burr and Henry Smith to doe it wth as much conveniency as may be, only reservinge liberty to lay out high wayes where they shall be thought fittinge.

It is also ordered that a foote path and stiles be allowed through every mans lott and next ye great river.

January 8th, 1638.

According to the order above sd these six men layd out ye bounds of ye Plantation up the river on ye other side of ye river & ye bounds are at a brooke above ye greate meddowe wch is about a qrtr of a mile above ye mouth of Chiccapee river.

[I - 20]

May the ffirst, 1645.

It is agreed by ye Plantatin yt Thomas Stebbins who is the P'sent owner of the lott wch was Henry Gregorys shall accordinge to ye order P contra, allowe for ye meetinge house 6 rods square, & what is remayninge of ye 40 rod in yt order mentioned on ye other side he is to allowe a rod in breadth for a way to ye trayninge place lately purchased of him & ffrancis Ball & what ground is overpluss he hath liberty to appropriate it to his owner pper use.


The Brooks in ye longe meddow at ye lower end is ye bounds southward & ye Brooke a little below on ye other side and the bounds yt is set for gathering candlewood into ye woods.

This order P contra for putting over cattell on ye otherside is voted to be at ye 20th of October.

[I - 21]

It is ordered that the three rod of ground yt lies betwixt John Woodcocks pale and Goodman Gregorys lott shall be appropriated 2 rod of it to Goodman Gregory & one rod of it to Richard Everit, reserving 40 rod for a pale for a meeting house weth is to be alowed out of Goodman Grigorys Lott.

ffebr 14th 1638.

It is ordered yt it shall be lawfull for any inhabitant to fell any Cannoe trees and make ym for his owne use or for ye use of any inhabitant, yt grow on ye Common but not to sell or any ways pass away any Cannoe out of yt Plantation untill it be five years old, and in case any shall transgress this order after this day he shall be lyable to a fine of twenty shillings.

It is also ordered yt shall be Lawfull for any man to put over horse Cowes or young cattel on ye other side of ye river at the first of november and to take ym away thence on the 14th of Aprill, and if any shall trespass ye order, he shall be lyable to pay any damages yt shall appear to be done by his cattayle.

January 24th, 1638.

It is ordered and voted wth ye Joynt consent of ye Plantation yt no man yt is posessed of a lott by ye dispose of ye Plantation, shall after sell it to another, of ye Plantation, yt hath a lott already: neythere shall any man posess two mens lotts, wth out ye consent of ye Plantation or such as shall be appoynted, till they have been inhabitants 5 years in ye Plantation: But if any desire to sell his lotts, he may to a (stranger) p'vided ye sd Plantation shall not disalowe of ye sd Stranger. But in case they shall not alowe ye admission of ye sd Stranger then ye Plantation shall bye the sd lotts as indifferent men


shall apprise ym: But if ye Plantation shall delay ye sd purchase twenty days then ye seller shall have his Liberty to take his chapman and ye Plantation shall be bound to take notice of such a purchase yt is ppounded to four of the chiefe Inhabitants together: If ye sd 4 men shall hold theyr peace and not oppose it in ten days then it shall be esteemed yt ye Plantation doth allowe of ye sd purchase.

2. It is ordered yt if any man in ye Plantation shall be at ye charge of fencing his neighbour yt hath alotments lye next him: he shall be forced to beare the one halfe of ye fence & to mainteine it: so yt one man shall not damage his neighbour.

[I - 22 Blank]

3. It is ordered yt all yt have a ditch by ye highwaye before theyre doores, shall keepe it well scowred for the ready passadge of ye water yt it may not be pent up to flowe the meddowe.

November 14, 1639.

1. It is mutually agreed on by ye Plantation yt the sealed peck wch Mr. Pynchon hath, shall be the ordinary peck to bye & sell by in ye Plantation, and who ever will may repayer to ye Constable & have his peck sealed paying him 2 pence for his labor, with this seall H.S.

2. It is alsoe agreed yt the exercise of trayning shall be practised one day in every month and if occasions doe somtyms hinder, then ye like space of tyme shall be observed another tyme though it be 2 days after one another: And yt this tyme of trayning is referred to ye discretion of Henry Smith who is chosen by mutuall consent to be ye Sergiant of ye Company who shall have power to choose a Corporall for his assistant. And who soever shall be absent himselfe wth out a lawfull excuse shall forfeit twelve pence, & yt all above 15 yeares of age shall be counted for soldiers and the tyme to begin the first Thursday in Decembr next.

3. It is also mutually agreed on yt no P'son in ye Plantation, shall trade give or lend to any Indian any quantity of powder, little or great, under ye penalty of 40 shillings for any tyme yt any P'son shall be found a transgressor in this kind.


4. It is alsoe agreed for ye ordering of Laborers wages yt carpenters shall hae for 9 months 2 shillings, 6 pence per day & for 3 months from ye 10th of November to ye 10th of ffebruary: 2 shillings per day: mowers shall have 2 shilling, 6 pence per daye. Sawers shilings, 6 pence per C they to fall & hewe & the owner to bring to ye pitt; alsoe for husbandry or any ordinary labor to have 2 shillings per day for 9 months, only from ye 24th of Aprill till the 24th of June they are left to theyr liberty as men can agree wth them and for the other 3 months, viz: from November 10th till ffebr 10th to have 18 pence per day.

Disannulled by Generall Vote.

[I - 24 Blank I - 25]

March 26th, 1640.

It is ordered by ye Plantation that John Cable and Samuell Hubbard shall have power to measure and lay out all lotts in the Plantation both on this side and on the other side of ye River, and for theyr payns they are to have 2 pence per acre for home lotts, and 1 pence an acre for greater lotts.

It is ordered that an highway shall be left and layed out in ye hassekey meddowe betwixt Richard Everits lott & yt wch was Thomas Woodford lott, the way to be 2 rod in breadth.

It is agreed yt John Leonard shall be the surveyer for the yeare followinge to see ye high wayes cleerd andkept in repayr of all stubs, sawpitts or tymbr & if any man shall not amende on sufficient warninge what is amiss all things yt are Judged offensive betwixt this & michaelstide shall forfeite 12 pence for every such default; & if it remayn after yt tyme 6 dayes, he shall forfeite 2 shillings.


April 16th, 1640.

It is ordered yt Henry Smith & Thomas Mirack shall have power to restrayne ye Indians from breaking up any new grounde or from planting any yt was broken up ye last yeare, alsoe for ye Swampe yt is in ye neck they are to pitch up stakes yt soe ye Indians may be limited & restrayned from enlarging ym selves in yt Swampe. Mr. Moxon is desired to Joyne with ym in this acte.


It is ordered yt no man fall any Cannoe tree yt shall be wth in ye bounds of ye Plantation wth out ye generall consent of ye Plantation, under Penalty of 20 shillings for every such default. It is ordered yt ye Plantation shall be called Springfield.

December 24th, 1640.

It is ordered & voted that wheras Henry Grigory, John Leonard, Robert Ashley have contrary to an order formerly made sold or pawned away theyer cannoes, they shall have therfor liberty granted them to redeme & bringe ym into the Plantation agayne untill the 15th of May next & in case of defect herin they shall be lyabel to the forfeture yt is expressed in the order Dated ffebr: 14, 1638.

[I - 26]

It is ordered that these persons underwritten shall have theyr lotts for ye 2d division of plantinge grounde, granted them according to ye number of acres and order of place as is underneath written, wch is to be measured out by ye first of Aprill next: P'vided that those yt have broaken up ground there shall have allowance for it as 2 indifferent men shall Judge equall. Single P'sons are to have 8 rod in bredth. Maryd P'sons 10 rod in bredth, bigger familys 12 rod, to begin upward at ye edge of ye hill.

John Woodcock 1.
8 rod in bredth.
Widow Searle 2.
Robert Ashley 3.
John Deeble 4.
Rowland Stebbines 5.
Thomas Stebbines 6.
Samuel Hubbard 7.
Thomas Mirack 8.
Samuel Wright 9.
Henry Burt 10.
Henry Smith 11.
20. 10 of wch is for Mr. Moxon.
William Warener 12.
Richard Sikes 13.
Widow Horton 14.


John Leonard 15.
Henry Grigory 16.
Eliz. Holyoke 17.

December 24th, 1640.

There is leave granted Mr. Hollyoke, William Wearrener, & Henry Burt, to seeke out for ye use of them a Cannoe tree. Samuel Hubbard is alsoe appoynted by a generall vote to keepe an Ordinary for ye entertaynment of Strangers.

December 24th, 1641.

It is mutually by vote agreed for ye orderinge of wages for Severall labourers, viz for husbandmen or ordinary laborers from ye first of November to ye first of March to worke at 18 pence p'day for ye other part of ye yeare not to take above 20 pence per day, for car-penters for ye first 4 months 20 pence per day, for ye other part of ye yeare 2 shillings per day: for mowers 2 shillings per day for taylors 10 pence per day, wch severall laborers are to worke 8 hours in ye winter part & 10 hours in ye somer part, besides eatinge & sleepinge, taylors to worke 12 hours: It is alsoe for teames that they shall worke 4 cattel & one man at 6 shillings per day from May till October to work 8 hours & ye other part 6 hours, & if they carry by he loade to worke pportionally, this order to continue for one wholl year following on till order be taken to ye contrary.

It is ordered yt every trayned man shall have his peice fixed fit for service, & each peice 1 lb of powder & 20 bullets to ly by them, besides what they use in dayly service, wch they are to get in readyness by ye 8th of January next and on defect herin to be lyable to what fine shall be imposed.

It is ordered yt every householder shall have in readyness about his house a ladder about 16 rungs or steps at least to prevent ye danger of fire. Penalty 5 shillings.

It is ordered yt no P'son shall carry fire in ye street wth out coveringe, under penalty of payinge 5 shillings for every offence in this kind.

It is ordered yt every inhabitant shall scoure & make a ditch ye bredth of his lott before his doore wch is to be done


by ye last of may next, on ye penalty of 5 shillings for every default yt way.

[I - 28 Blank I - 29]

March 17th, 1641.

It is agreed with the generall consent and vote of the Inhabitants of Springfield: That if any man of this Township shall under the Coulour of friendship or otherwise, intertayne any P'son or P'sons heere to abide or continue as inmates, or shall subdevide theyr house lotts to entertayne them as tennants or otherwise for longer tyme then one month or 31 days wthout the generall consent and alowance of the Inhabitants (children or servants of the family that remayne single P'sons excepted) shall forfeite for the first default XX shillings to be destrayned by the Constable of theyr goods, cattell or chattailes, for ye publique use of the Inhabitants: And alsoe he shall forfeite xxs per month for every month that any such P'sons shall soe continue in this township wthout the generall consent of the Inhabitants: and if in ye tyme of theyr aboade after ye limitation abovesayd they shall neede releefe, not being able to mayntayne themselves, then he or they that intertayne such P'sons shall be lyable to be rated by the Inhabitants, for ye releife & maintenance of the sd Party or Partys soe entertayned as the Inhabitants in theyr discretion shall thinke meete.

November 17, 1642.

It is ordered by ye Joynt consent of ye Inhabitants of ye Plantation for the orderinge of Sayers (sawyers) wages, that workmen of yt nature shall sawe henceforth at 3 shillings 8 pence P C for boards & 4 shillings 4 pence P C for slitworke ye tymber to be brought home to ye pit hewn and made ready, & if ye said workmen shall sawe tymber & sell ye boardes they shall not exceed ye price of 5 shillings, 6 pence P C, P'vided yt if ye Pit be made wth in ye space of distance yt is betwixt Mr. Pynchons house & Samuel Wright's it shall be accounted as in ye towne.

There is leave granted to Samuel Hubbard to sell his Cannoe.


[I - 30]

March 14th, 1642.

Henry Gregory beinge purposed to sell his lott and ppoundinge it to ye Plantation by his sonne Judah accordinge to order, Richard Everit beinge his chapman. (chapman - the person who buys the property) The Plantation gave ye voate wherin they disalowed ye chapman ppounded and resolve to buy ye lott accordinge to ye conditions expressed in a former order, dated January 24th, 1638.

January 26th, 1642.

It is agreed upon by ye generall vote and consent of the Plantation that these six men undernamed shall have full power to lay out the lands both of upland and meddowe on ye other side of ye greate river where ye Indians live, and all ye meddowe on Aggawam, so far as shall amount to an hundredth & fifty acres, allotinge to every P'sent Inhabitants his pportin of these meddowe grounds, and ye uplande for 30 familyes of plantinge grounde to be distributed to every P'son his pportionable quantity as shall be by ye chosen P'sons thught sutable to ye P'sons & estates of ye P'sent Inhabitants, soe far as ye discression of ye sd P'sons shall leade ym. Ye P'sons are as followeth:

Henry Smith
Elitzure Holyoke
Henry Burt
Samuell Chapin
Richard Sikes
Thomas Mirack.

It is alsoe voted yt 20 of ye purchas shall be layd on ye P'sent Inhabitant & ye other 10 on those Inhabitants yt are yet to come, p'vided yt if ye Indian purchase be payd, & no man to have any benefit by ye land undivided in case of sale till ye tyme 12 months, then every man to posses his land.

March 9th, 1642.

It is ordered that there shall be a bridge & high way made to ye mill, for ye passadge of carts & cattell, those yt were wantinge in ye worke of ye former bridge to make it up in ys, & then to goe through ye towne every man his day, & what is done by every man to be kept on account, & to be made even when they make ye way over ye meddowe. Henry Smith & Richard Sikes are appoynted overseers of ye worke.


ffebruary 22th, 1643.

Whereas ther was a clause in a former order dated December 24th, 1641, alowinge husbandmen or ordinary laborers for 4 months in ye winter Pt of ye yeare 18 pence per day, it is ther-fore ys day above sd ordered by ye generall voate yt all such husbandmen or laborers shall not exceede 16 pence per day for tyme to come & to worke 8 hours as in ye former order expressed.

Ordered alsoe yt Morgan Johnes shall have 4 acres of ground layd out for plantinge next above ffrancis Ball up ye river.

[I - 32]

Aprill 6th, 1643.

A list of ye Alotments of Plantinge lotts as they were cast wth ye order how men doe fall, begininge at ye ends of ye 80 rod lotts yt face ye great River. Mr. Moxon is to have ye first by consent of ye Planttion.


Mr. Moxon
18   acres

Thomas Cooper 1 5   

Thomas Stebbins 2 7   3-4
2 lott Thomas Stebbins 3 7   1-2

Goodman Bridgman 4 11   0

Samuel Chapin 5 10   1-2

Richard Sikes 6 8   0

Rowland Stebbins 7 11   0
2 lott Samuel Hubbard 8 5   0

Ell. Hollyok 9 34   0

Henry Burt 10 15   1-4

Mr. Pynchon 11 80   0

Robert Ashly 12 17   0

Jno Leonard 13 9   0

Samuel Hubbard 14 10   3-4

Will. Warener 15 8   1-2

Alexander Edwards 16 11   0

Henry Smith 17 45   1-2

Thomas Mirack 18 12   3-4


Richard Sikes 2 1   

Jno Dover 19 5   0

Samuel Wright 20 13   3-4

Jno Deeble 21 6   3-4

Roger Pritchard 22 5   0

disannulled agayne.

[I - 33]

Lots cast for meddow ground on Agawam side, where is 2 Pts of ye quantity to be divided.

Mr. Moxon 1 8   

Ell. Holyoke 2 14   

Mr. Pynchon 3 32   alowance - 8 acres.

Will. Warener 4 2   
2 lott Samuel Hubbard 5 1   

Richard Sikes 6 1   

Henry Smith 7 17   

Samuel Wright 8 02   1-2

Thomas Mirack 9 04   

Rowland Stebbins 10 02   1-2
2 lott Thomas Stebbins 11 02   1-2

Jno Dober 12 01   

Goodman Bridgman 13 03   

Alexander Edwards 14 03   

Jno Deeble 15 01   

Jno Leonard 16 02   

Henry Burt 17 02   

Samuel Chapin 18 01   

Ro. Ashly 19 04   1-2

Thomas Cooper 20 02   

S. Harmon


Thomas Stebbins 21 02   

Samuel Hubbard     22 02   



Lotts on ye other side of ye great river for meddow

Rowland Stebbins 1 1   1-2
william Warener 3 1   
Robert Ashly 4 2   1-4
Mr. Pynchon 5 16   1-2
Thomas Cooper 6 01   
Henry Burt 7 01   1-2
Alexander Edwards 8 01   1-2
Samuel Hubbard 2 lot 9
Thomas Stebbins 2 lot 10
John Leonard 11 01   1-4
Samuel Hubbard 12 01   
Henry Smith 13 09   
Goodman Bridgman 14 02   1-2
Jno Deeble 15 01   
Thomas Mirack 16 01   3-4
Jno Dober 17
Samuel Wright 18 01   1-4
Thomas Stebbins 19
Ell. Holyoke 20
Samuel Chapin 21
Mr. Moxon       22       04       

57 1-4        

[I - 34]

ffebruary 23th, 1643

It is ordered yt Samuell Chapin shall have his 2d lottment to Elitzur Holliokes & John Dober next to him downward. Thomas Cooper is to have his 2d lott next yt he hath already & Roger Prichard to have his 2d lott next above him.

It is ordered and voted yt ther shall no barnes nor any other housinge be set up or built in ye highway betwixt ye streete fence & the brooke, except they have 4 rod for ye high way. Se Ffebr 5, 1649, order 5th.

April 3th, 1644

It is ordered yt Henry Smith, Samuell Hubbard, Robert Ashly shall have power to dispose of the Swampe grounde for this

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History of Springfield
Hampden County
Created July 22, 2004
Copyright 2004