History of Springfield, MA
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him by each person of his severall parcells of land, the number of acres, wth the breadth & length of the sd alottments, and who are adjoyning on each side of them, shall by virtue of his office farely record each parcell of land wth ye limits, bounds, and situation of them, in a booke for that purpose: for which his paynes, the owner of the sd lands, shall pay unto the Recorder two pence for every parcell of his land soe recorded. And if any inhabitant shall neglect to have his lands thus recorded accordinge to the tyme above limited of six months, he shall be lyable to a fine of 20 shillings for every such parcell of land as he is possessed of which remaynes unregistered.

Henry Smith is chosen Register for ye Towne of Springfield.

[I - 58]

March the ffirst 1647.

It is ordered yt all P'sons that have any interest in generall fences shall carefully attend to repayrs & sufficiently close up theyr severall fences in ye comon fields by ye 25th day of March yearlly & to see yt they be kept in sufficient repayre till the last day of September in wch interim it shall not be lawfull for any P'son to put in any cattell to pasture or any way lay open ye sayd comon field to his neighbors pridjce: wthout ye joynt consent of the wholl yt have interest in ye sd field. But after that tyme it may be lawfull for any P'son to put in his cattell yt hath interest in ye sd generall field & if any shall be found to lay open his fence or turne in any cattell into any comon field before ye day above limited he shall pay all ye damages & a fine of five shillings for contempt of order.

It is ordered yt ye P'sons who are yearly chosen overseers of ye generall fences shall at least 2 severall tymes in the yeare, viz: March 29th & July 20th, & as often as they see cause diligently view over ye fences under theyr trust that they be fuly closed up and repayred as they shall in theyr wisdome judge to be sufficient: and if upon theyr view of


them they shal find any insuffficient fences, they shall give the owners of ye sd fence warninge to amend it within 2 days: if ye pty so warned shall neglect to amend his sd fence accordinge to ye tyme appoynted by vewers he shal be lyable to a fine of 12 pence for every defect and for every day that it remaynes unamended after to encrease 12 pence upon every such defect, besides all damages yt may fall on him by insufficiency of his fence, ye one halfe to ye use of the Towne and if any just complaints shall be frought against the sd officers for neglect to theyr charge they shall stand accountable to ye towne at ye generall meetinge or when they shall be thereunto called.

Chosen for long meddow:

George Colton
Thomas Mirack

For ye home lotts:

James Bridgeman
Hugh Parsons

For ye Plaine:

William Warener
Thomas Reive.

[I - 59]

At a generall towne meetinge the 6th of November 1684.

The same power that the last year was conferred upon the Townsmen for oderinge of ye prudentiall affayres of ye Towne is at this tyme committed into ye hands for this next yeare ensuinge & till others are chosen in theyr places, the partys chosen are:

Henry Smith
Samuell Chapin
Henry Burt
Thomas Cooper
Benjamin Cooly.

It is ordered that there shall from henceforth four Courts be kept in this Township yearly viz: The first Tuesday in Novembr, the first Tuesday in ffebruary, The first Tuesday in May the first Tuesday in September, except some speciall occasions to alter ye day, and then seasonable notice shall be given of it. The first Tuesday in Novembr is appoynted to be a generall Towne meetinge for all the Inhabitants when Towne officers are to be chosen & orders published.

It is alsoe ordered yt on ye first Tuesday of Novembr there shall be yearly chosen by ye Inhabitants two men in ye stead of Grand Jury men who shall by virtue of an oath imposed upon them by ye magistrate for that purpose, faithfully P'sent on such Court days all such breaches of Towne orders or


Court orders, or any other misdemeners as shal come to theyr knowledge either by theyr own observation of by credible information of others, and shall take out p'cess for ye appearance of such as are delinquents, or witnesses to appeare the sd day, when all such P'sentments by ye sd partys shall be judicially heard and examined by ye magistrate and warrants for distresses granted for ye levying of such fines or penaltys as are anexed to ye orders violated, or wch shall seeme meeteor reasonable to ye magistrate to impose or in-flict accordinge to ye nature of the offence. These two men to stand in ye office for a yeare or till others be chosen in theyr roome.

November 7th 1648.

It is agreed that those who will joyne to make a cartway over ye meddow against Robert Ashlees shall have liberty to barr up ye cartway and to take 4 pence per load of any others yt shall cart over sd way, who have not joyned in making of it. Those who have given in yr names to make ye cartway are as followeth:

Thomas Mirack
Thomas Stebbin
James Bridgman
Jno Clarke
William Warrener
Rowland Stebbin
Samuel Wright
Samuel Marshfield
Widow Ball.

James Bridgeman and William Warrener are chosen Surveyors for the high ways for the yeare followinge. Overseers for ye fences in Long meddow:

George Colton
Alexander Edwards

For ye home lotts & ye Plaine:

Nathan Bliss
Thomas Stebbin.

By the joynt consent of the Inhabitants there is granted to Mr. Pynchon a parcell of meddow ground about 4 or five acres more or less lyinge at the lower end of ye longe meddow ad-joyninge to his mill lott.

It is alsoe voted that all those that have allotments over ye greate river agaynst the longe meddow as theyr third divident, who have desired to resigne up those lotts into ye townes hands: p'vided they might have in lue thereof a parcell of land in the longe meddow behinde the meddow lotts there: it is wth ye joynt consent of the Towne granted that


those who are posessors of such lands shal have appropriated to them lands in the longe meddow suitable thereto in quantity if it will reach. If it fall out that they have a less portion there then they had on ye other side: then the Inhabitants of ye upper end of ye towne yt have no alotmts there, are to be abated soe many acres of land in thyr rates, to make it pportionable to ym of ye lower end.

[I - 61]

By The Select Townsmen Aprill 7th 1649.

Whereas there is notice taken of a disagreement amongst severall of the neighbors who have lands lyinge in the longe meddowe, wch they have ingaged themselves to fenc by the 15th of this month, and by reason of this difference the fenceinge is neglected to the aparent damage of many in the sd field. Therfor for the better setlinge of this difference, it is ordered and appoynted that this fence be caryed on by the sd proprietors accordinge to theyr former agreement amonge themselves. And for avoydinge of all contentions yt may arise about the setting or pportioninge of the sd fence: it is ordered that the wholl number of acres yt every man hath in ye sd fields be taken, whither plantinge land or meddow, as alsoe the number of rods or quantity of fencinge to be done, and that each P'son doe make his share of fence pportionatable to his number of acres such as shall be judged sufficient for the security of the sd fields, from George Coltons side fence to the brooke.

The fence to run at ye reare of the plantinge lotts there layed out, and from thence to cross over east to ye high way (wch is marked out) and soe south to the brooke. All the swamps at ye reare of those plantinge lotts to lye in comon: alsoe for ye fence by ye brooke it is ordered that every person that hath land in the side fields, shall make and amintaine a pportionable share of fence accordinge to the number of his acres, such as shall be sufficient for turninge off cattel in the judgment of those that are chosen for that purpose. And further to avoyde confusion in ye carryinge on of this fence, we order that those plantinge lotts that lye uppermost, shall set up theyr share


of fence at theyr owne reares, if it soe fall out, & after them Jno. Leonard to begin & soe successively as men live in order: and the like order is to be followed in the fence by ye brooke, Jno Leonard to begin at the upper end and soe every one to fall in successively wth his share of fence as they dwell in order

[I - 62]

December 27th 1649.

There is (wth ye joynt consent of the Inhabitants) power given to the Select Townsmen and Deacons for the tyme beinge and such as shall hereafter succeed them: to order the seatinge of the P'sons in ye meetinge howse as they in theyr discretion shall judge most meete.

It is alsoe ordered yt ye Select Townsmen wth y Deacons shall in the behalfe of the Towne draw up & send downe to ye Elders a letter desiring ym to explaine ye cleere meaninge of our votes concerninge Mr. Moxons maintenance.

ffebr 21th 1649.

There is granted to Samuell Wright Senior 1 acre & halfe of plantinge land in lue of soe much due to him in his lot in ye neck wch is to be layd out as conveniently as may be at his 5 acre lott in ye 2d division.

It is ordered yt George Colton and Thomas Cooper who is ye towne measurer should wth yr best discretion lay out the severall parcells of meddow granted ye last yeare, to Henry Burt, 4 acres, Thomas Mirack, 4 acres, Alexander Edwards, 4 acres, Jno Harman, 4 acres in ye longe meddow over ye brooke. Henry Burt & Thomas Mirack is to have an acre & halfe more each of ym of upland in yt place in lue of an acre & halfe is to be made up 6 acres.

There is granted to Jno. Stebbin 2 acres of land at ye end of


his ffather Stebbins 5 acre lot, in ye 2d division wch is due to him in lue of soe much wanting in ye neck.

There is granted to Thomas Stebbin 5 acres of meddow ground over Agawam river in ye 2d meddow on ye west side under the hill: p'vided he resigne into the Towns hands a meddow lott of 1 acre & halfe wch was formerly granted him. Ordered that every person that hath land in the side fields, ground over agawam river lyinge at ye reare of a meddow lott of Rowland Stebbins over a little brooke there, wth an acre & halfe of meddow ground that his brother Thomas Stebbins hath resigned into ye Towns hands, P'vided he resign his former 5 acres into the Towns hands. [Not accepted.]

In the handwriting of Thomas Cooper.

There beinge granted to Henry Burt divers years agoe 5 acars and halfe of land as pr contra on the other side onge meddow brooke and finding ti lye inconveniante in respect of fensinge by reason of the greatnes of the charge: and there binge a parscell of land lyinge in common adjoyninge to itt which if granted to him would much save his charge in fensinge, therefore in 1659 the Townsmen takinge into consideration his request saw good to grant the same (vide) all that land to the vallew of 3 acars, more or less, lyinge betwixt his land formerly granted and long meddowe brooke and allsoe a small parsell at the frontt of Thomas Merricke his lott lyinge next unto him which here hath compassed in by a ditch to the vallew of 3 quarters of an acar: provided that he doe not pregidiss the high way but that hee doe leave at the bridge two rod betwixt the brooke whear the bridge now is and his fence for the conveniante of the passadge. By the Townsmen:

Thomas Cooper.
Jonathan Burt
William Warriner
The mark of Robbert Ashley.

[I - 64]


ffebruary 6th 1649.

It is agreed by the Towne that if Mr. John Pynchon will make a chamber over the meeting howse and board it: he shall have the use of it intirely to himselfe for ten yeares, and then if the towne neede it and require it they may have it, P'vided they alow the sd Mr. John Pynchon the charge yt he hath been at about it, or else he is to have ye use of it longer, till they doe alow him the charge yt he layed out about it.

At a Towne meetinge assembled ffebruary 5th, 1651.

There fallinge out some disputes betwixt Mr. John Pynchon and the Towne in reference to the above mentioned bargaine about the meetinge house chamber. In conclusion it was put to ye vote: whither the Inhabitants be willinge to take the chamber into theyr hands agaayne presently, promisinge to pay Mr. John Pynchon his wholl charge that he hath bin at about it for ye tyme past; and he to have the use of the chamber till October next, p'vided he lay not above 400 bushells of corne in it, if he exceed that quanitity he is to underprop ye floore at his owne charge as Richard Sykes and Thomas Cooper shall judge meete. It was voted affirmatively to all ye particulars, whereupon George Coulton and Robert Ashley were nominated by Mr. Pynchon and appoynted by ye vote of ye Inhabitants to gather in ye rate yt shall be made by the Selectmen for the charge layed out about this floore, and to see it payd in to Mr. Pynchon by ye 20th of ffebruary next, 1652, in marchantable wheate at 3 shillings 10 pence P bushell.

The Select Townsmen are to take care for ye securing of these men. Per Mr Henry Smith.

[I - 65]

ffebruary the 5th 1649.

A copy of such orders as are made and confirmed by the Inhabitants of Springfield the day and yeare above written.

1. ffor the prevention of disorders in puttinge cattell to pasture on the other side of the greate river to the prejudice of mens corne: and yet that men have the benefite of


the Plasture there for theyr cattell in seasonable tyme: It is therefore ordered that no person shall put over any cattell on the other side of the great river to p'sture there untill the fields there are to be cleered of cattell of all sortes: and if 25th day of March they may continue there, by which day the fields there are to be cleered of cattell of all sortes: and if any cattell shall be found there goinge at Liberty and not under the hand of a keeper, or in an inclosed piece of ground, before or after the days above sayd the owners of the sd cattell shall be lyable to a fine of 12 pence a head for all that shall be found within 100 rods of any corne or meddow halfe of ye fine to ye informer & ye other halfe to ye Towne, and alsoe shall make good what ever damadge shall appeare to be done by thery sd cattell in that tyme.

Nov. 2d. 1658. It is ordered yt noe man shall keep or allow his cattle to feed on other mens grounds wthout Consent, noe man beinge to keepe his cattel over ye River but on his owne ground or on any common from October till 25th March yearely: this order above written is repealed at ye general meetinge on the 3d day of ffeb. 1661.

2. Whereas the planting of Indian corne in the meddows and swamps on the other side of Agawam river hath occastioned a long sty after mowinge tyme before men can put theyr cattell thither to pasture: therefore it is ordered, (wth the consent of all those yt have planting ground there) that no more Indian corne shall be planted there, either in the meddows or swamps, that soe the cattell of thos yt have allottments there may be put over by the 15th day of Septembr yearly, p'videde they take a sure course to p'vent theyr cattell from goinge [I - 66 Blank - I - 67] over the river, either by fencing, or by a keeper in the day tyme, and by securinge them in some inclosure in the night: but there is liberty for calves to be put over thither by the 14th day of August: and in case any p'son shall put cattell there before the days expressed, he shall forfeite 2 shillings 6 pence or ye head for every such default, and alsoe be lyable to pay all damadge that his cattell shall doe on either side of the river.


[Note - on margin of page 65 against article 2 in this:]
"Revoked January ye 29, 1651 & noe liberty to put over cattle but as such tyme as they may be put over ye greate River."

3. It is ordered that if any Inhabitant shal desire to make a cannoe, he may have liberty to fell any tree or trees in the Towne Comons, and make it or them into Cannoes for his Towne Comons, and make it or them into cannoes for his owne use or the use of any inhabitant: but no such Inhabitant shall have liberty to sell or in any kinde pass away any cannoe soe made out of the Towne, untill it be full five years old, or if he lend his cannoe it shall be returned within a month. And in case any shall transgress this order he shall be lyable to a penalty of 20 shillings for every default. - Repealed December 30, 1664.

4. It is ordered that whosoever shall take away or make use of any mans cannoe or boate wthout his leave shall forfeite unto the owner 2 shillings 6 pence for every such default.

5. It is ordered that there shall be no barns or any other howsinge, built or set up in the high way betwixt the street fence and the brooke: except ther be soe much roome, as they can leave 4 rod for the street or high way, and then men may make use of that side next the brooke for what building they please: and if any shall transgresse this order, it shall be lawfull for the selectmen to appoynt men to pull downe and demollish such buildings.

[Note - On margin of clause 5 is this:] "See ffebr 25 1643. Se ye 2d book of the Selectmens acts March 3, 1664."

[I - 68 Blank - I - 69]


6. For the prevention of sundry evils that may befall this township ill disposed persons, that may thrust themselves in amongst us, agaynst ye likeinge and consent of the generality of the Inhabitants by purchasinge a lott or place of habitation, etc. It is therefore ordered and declare that no inhabitant shall sell or in any kind pass away his howse lot or any part of it, or any other of his alotments to any stranger, before he have made the Select Townsmen acquainted who his chapman (buyer) is and they accordingly alow of his admission, under penalty of paying twenty shillings for every


parsell of land so sold or passed away: but if the Select Townsmen see grounds to disalowe of the admission of the sd chapman, then the towne or inhabitants shall have 30 days tyme to resolve whither they will buy the sd alottmnts, which sd alotmts they may buy as in-different partys shall apprise them. But in case the inhabitants shall delay to make a purchase of the sd lands above 30 dayes after the ppounding of it to the Select Townsmen, then the sd seller shall have his liberty to take his chapman, and such chapman or stranger shall be esteemed as entertained and alowed by the towne as an inhabitant.

7. It is ordered that if any man of this Township or any pprietor of land here or any yt shall or may dispose of land he shall under the colour of friendship or other ways, enter-taine any p'son or persons, heere to abide as inmates, or shall subdevide theyr houselotts to entertaine them as tennants or other ways for longer tyme then one month or 30 days, wthout the consent or allowance of the Select Townsmen (children or servants of the family that remaine single p'sons excepted), shall forfeit for the first default 20 shillings to the towne, and alsoe he shall forfeite 20 shillinger per month for every month that any such person [I - 70 Blank. - I - 71] or persons shal so continue in the Township without the consent of the Select Townsmen: and if in any tyme of theyr abode after the Limitation abovesaid, they shal neede releefe, not beinge able to maintain themselves, then he or they that entertained such persons shall be lyable to be rated by the Selectmen for the releife & maintenance of the sd partys so entertained as they in theyr discretion shall judge mete. And it is further ordered yt no man shal be entrtained wthout leave longer then a month or 30 days yt if he have bin a month in towne no inhatitant may entertaine him a day longer wth out leave of penalty.


8. For the regulating of wormens & labourers wages, it is ordered:
1. That all workmen shall worke the wholl day, alowinge convenient tyme for food and rest.
2. that all husbandmen and ordinary labourers, from the first day of


November to ye first of March, shal not take above 16 pence by the day wages for the other 8 months they shall not take above 20 pence by the day, except in tyme of harvest for reapinge and mowinge, or for other extraordinary works such as are sufficient workmen are allowed 2 shillings per day.

3. That all carpenters, joyners, wheelwrights, or such like artificers, from the first of November to the first of March, shal not take above 20 pence per day wages: and for the other 8 months not above 2 shillings per day. Tailers not to exceed 12 pence per day through the yeare.

4. That all teames consistinge of 4 cattel wth one man shall not take above 6 shillings per day wages: ffrom May till October: to worke 8 howers and the other part of the yeare 6 howers for theyr days worke. And it is further ordered that whosoever shall either by givinge or takinge exceede these rates he shall be lyable to be punished by the magistrate accordinge to the quality and nature of the offence.

[Page 72 was left blank by the clerk, Henry Smith, in 1649. In 1661 in the hand of John Pynchon was written the additon to the preceding clause which is here inserted.

ffebr 4th 1661. At a Generalll Towne Meeting.

It is ordered that whosoever of this township shall fall any trees in ye towne comons: his falling of them though he hath bestowed noe other worke upon them, shall give him right to them for worke six months, soe yt noe other p'son shall meddle wth any such fallen tree or trees till 6 months are expired after ye falling of ym. But for tymber that is cross cut, or firewood yt is cut out and set on heaps, or rayles or clefts or pales, these may lye 6 months more after they are so cross cut or cloven (by ye first faller) besides ye first 6 months before yt any other man shall meddle wth them. And it is declared yt any other man shall meddle wth them. And it is declared yt he wch felled ye trees may take his owne tyme for crosss cutting of ye tymber or cleaving bolts, rayles & pales or setting ye fire-wood on heaps, p'viding he doe it before ye first 6 months be expired, and ye ffaller having bestowed such worke on the trees he felled, through he did it at ye tyme of falling them. Such worke as aforesd


shall give him right to such tree for twelve months from his first tyme of falling them: & after ye tyme limited it shall be lawfull for any man to take them. And for such timber as becomes forfeited as aforesd at 6 month after falling, for want of such further worke be-stowed on it as is before expressed: who ever shall seaze upon it as forfeited, if he fetch it not p'sently away home, but bestow worke upon it in ye woods by cleaving it out into rayles (rails) pales or ye like, such worke shall give him right for one whole month after so it shall not be lawfull for another man to take it or any part of it till one month after & then it may be lawfull for any p'son to take it: and in case any p'son shall be found to take away or convert to his owne use any trees, timber or firewood etc as aforesd before ye tyme above limited he shall be lyable to make satisfaction to ye owner in kind or otherwise to his content: and shall also forfeite ten shillings to ye town treasury for every p'sell of timber rayls, bolts, firewood or trees that he shall so disorderly take away & convert to his owne use. It is ordered to take place from henceforth forward & so it reaches not to trees already fallen but such shal not be forfeited till they have lyne according as the former order alowed them.

November 2, 1652. Upon ye pleading of many for liberty to transport board & planks: it is ordered yt any p'son yt desires to transport boards & planks, shal first tender such board or planks to ye Select Townsmen wthin 21 days to take off such boards or planks at an in-different price then ye owner thereoff have liberty to transport or re-sell out of towne, notwthstanding ye order per contra. Repealed December 30, 1664.

In the handwriting of Henry Smith.

13. To the end that such candlewood as lyeth neere the towne may not be wasted, by such as burne tarr & to ye p'judice of the inhabitants. It is therefore ordered that no person shall have liberty to gather, or having so gathered to burne any candlewood for the making of tarr, pitch or coale, wthin the compass of 6 miles east from the greate


River, and soe extending from: Chicuppe river to ye longemeddow brooke: and if any shall be found to burne any candlewood soe gathered wthin the limites or bounds above expressed, he shall forfeite 20 shillings for every loade of candlewood soe gathered and burnt for tarr, pitch, coal or ye like use. Provided notwthstandinge that every inhabitant may gather candlewood for his owne family use where he pleaseth.

[On the margin of clause 13 is written:] November 3d 1658. It is ordered yt whosoe shal gather any candlewood together in heapes in the town comons if he shall let it ly above one month it shall be lawfull for any man to take it unless ye Selectmen shall allow longer tyme to such as burne tarr & coles - The order No. 13 is repealed December 30, 1664 & yt on ye margins was agreed to by a full vote & is to be transcribed into ye New Booke.

14. Wheras it is judged offensive and noisome for flax and hempe to be watered or washed in or by the Brooke before mens doores which is of ordinary use for dressinge meate: There-fore it is ordered that no person henceforth shall water or wash any flax or hemp in the brooke either on ye east or west side of ye street, or anywher neere adjoyninge to it and if any p'son shall be found transgressinge heerin, he shall be liable to a fine of 6 shillings 8 pence for every such default.

15. It is ordered that no p'son shall gather any hopps that grow in the swamps or any comon grounds untill the ffith day of September yearly, upon payne of forfeiting what they shall soe disorderly gather, and 2 shillings 6 pence for breach of order: the forfeiture to the informer, the 2 shillings 6 pence to the towne treasurer. Repealed December 30, 164.

[I - 76 Blank - 77].

16. Wheras it is Judged needfull in sundry respects that eadh inhabitant should have the severall parsells of his land recorded, therefore for prevention of future inconveniences, it is ordered, that every particular inhabitant of this township shall repayre to the Recorder that is chosen and appoynted by the towne, for that end and purpose: who upon information given him by each person, of his severall parcells


of land, the number of acres, wth ye length & breadth of the sd alotments and who are borderinge on each side of him: shall by virtue of his office fairely record each parcell of land with the limits, bounds & situation therof in a booke for that purpose: for which his paynes the owner of the sd lands shall pay unto the Recorder two pence for every parcell of his land so recorded. And if any person shall neglect ye recording of his lands longer then sixe months after ye grant of it he shall be lyable to a fine of 5 shillings for every p'cell of his land that is not then recoreded: and if after that he shall neglect to record his land he shall pay 12 shillings per month for every months neglect of any parcell. And ancient grants are all to be recorded by ye last of May next upon like penalty.

17. It is ordered that if any person whose howse lott lyes inclosed in a generall fence, shall desire to inclose a part of it for yards, gardens or orchard, his neighbor on each hand of him shall be compellable to make and sufficiently maintaine the one halfe of the sd fence the one halfe of the sd fence from tyme to tyme: p'vided his share of fence amount not to above ten rods: p'vided alsoe that the sd fence exceede not the charge of a suffi-cient five foote pale or 5 rayles: and in case any neighbour shall refuse to doe his share of the sd fence within 3 months after due notice given him of it, he shall be lyable to pay what damadge his neighbour shall sustaine through his default: and alsoe 5 shillings per month soe long as he shall neglect it, for contempt of order. Repealed December 30, 1664.

[I - 79]

18th It is ordered that all persons that have any interest in generall fences shal carefully attend to repayer and sufficiently close up theyr severall fences in the comon fields by the 25th day of March yearly, and ot see that they be kept in sufficient repayre till the last day of September: in which interim it shall not be lawfull for any person, to put in the sd common field, to his neighbours prejudice: wthout the joynt consent of the wholl that have interest in the sd field: but


after that tyme it shall be lawfull for any p'son to put in his cattell that hath interest in ye sd generall field. And if any shall be found to lay open his fence, or have in any cattell, into any part of any comon field before the day above limited he shal pay all damages that shall be done through his default, and a fine of 5 shillings for breach of order. There is liberty granted for men to baite theire workinge cattle on theire owne ground in ye tyme of their workinge of ym p'vided they secure ym from: doinge damadge to any.

19. Wheras there are persons yearly chosen by the inhabitants to view the comon fences of every theyr corne fields. It is therfore ordered that the p'sons soe chosen by the towne to that worke, do from tyme to tyme as need shall require take due notice of the reall defects and inusfficiencys of the sd fences under theyr charge, and shal forthwith acquaint the owners therof with the same: and if the sd owners doe not wthin 3 days tyme sufficiently repayre theyr sd defective fences, then the aforesd viewers shal forthwith repayer and renue them and shal have double recompence for all theyr labour, care, cost and trouble, to be payed by the owners of ye sd inusfficient feince or fences, and shall have warrant from the Selectmen directed to the Constable to levy the same either upon the corne or other estate of the delinquent: provided the defect of ye fence or fences be sufficiently proved by two or three.

[I - 78 originally left blank, on which John Pynchon entered an amendment to clause 19]

December 30th, 1664. The order here below & the other repealed and ye Selectmen (according to Countrey Law) are to make orders about ffencing, etc. This order confirmed by the Townesmen in 1653.

19th Wheras there are p'sons yearely chosen by ye inhabitants to view all ye Generall and particular fences: it is therefore ordered yt parties so chose by ye Towne for yt service, shall two severall tymes in ye yeare at least, viz: March 29th & July 28th take a survey of all ye sd fences belonging


to their care & circumspection, to ye Intent they be fully closed up & kept in repaire, as ye sd viewers shal allow to be sufficient: and in case they shall find any reall defects & insufficiencys upon their view of ye sd fence, they shall forthwth give notice theroff, unto ye owners of ye sd defective fence or fences: warning him or ym to amend ye same wthin 2 or 3 days at furthest: and in case ye pty so warned shall delay to amend his sd defective fence according to ye tyme limited, to ye satisfaction of ye viewers: he shall be llable to a fine of 12 pence for every such defect, & so to increase 12 pence for every days neglect till he doe fully amend ye same: besides all damadges yt accrew to any through ye insufficiency of his sd fence: the one halfe of ye fines to fall to ye towne & the other halfe to the overseers of ye sd fences: who on complaint made shall have warrant from: ye Selectmen directed to ye Constable to levie what fines are due accordinge to order, upon ye estate of ye delinquent. If he refuse to satisfie ye sd fines, being of him demanded, and it is further ordered yt if ye sd overseers of fences shall Rec: Information from others, or by theyre own observation at any other tyme, besides ye forementioned tymes above ex-pressed, shall understand of any defects or insufficiencys in ye fences under theire care, they shall take due notice thereoff & seasonably attend ye abovesd direction for amending of ym: an in case any just complaint so judged by ye Selectmen shall be brought agt ye sd viewers for neglect of theire charge, they shall be lyable to a fine of 5 shillings in case fur: neglect of 10 shillings according as they shall be thereunto adjudged by ye Selectmen for every neglect.

[I - 80 Blank - 81]

20. ffor the better carryinge on of Towne meetings: it is ordered that whensoever there shall any publike notice be given to the inhabitants, by the Select Townsmen or any other in theyr behalfe of some necessary occation wherein the Selectmen desire to advise wth the inhabitants, and the day, tyme, and place of meeting be appointed: it is expected that all the inhabitants attend p'sonally such meetings soe ap-


poynted. And in case the tyme and hower of meeting be come, though there be but nine of the inhabitants assembled, it shall be lawfull for them to p'ceede in agitation of what ever busyness is then ppounded to them and what the major part of the assembly then mett shall agree upon, it shall be taken as the act of the wholl towne & binding to all.

21. The ffirst Tuesday in November (November is altered to ffebruary) yearly is mutually agreed on and appoynted to be generall towne meetinge for the choyce of Towne Officers, making, confirming and publishing of orders etc., on wch day it is more especially expected yt each inhabitant gives his p'sonall attendance and if ny shall be absent at ye tyme of ye major part, he shal be lyable to a fine of 2 shillings 6 pence. This clause was added Nov. 4th, 1651.

22. It is alsoe ordered that on the first Tuesday in November there shall be yearly chosen by the inhabitants two wise discreete men: who shall by virtue of an Oath imposed on them by the magistrate for that purpose, faithfully p'sent on the Court days, all such breaches of Court, or Towne orders, or any other misdemenors as shal come to theyr knowledge, either by theyr own observation or by credible information of others, and shal take out p'cess for the appearance of such as are delinquents: or witnesses to appeare [I - 82 Blank - I 83] the sayd day: when all such presentments by the sayd partys shal be judicialy heard and examined by the Magistrate and warrants for distresses granted, for the leavyinge of such fines or pnealtys as are anexed to the orders violated, or which shal seem meete and reasonable to the magistrate to impose or inflict according to the nature of the offence. These to stand in this office for a yeare or till others be chosen in yr roome.

23. It is ordered and declared that when any men shall be fairely and cleerly chosen to any office & place of service in and to the Towne - if then he refuse to accept the place or shall afterwards neglect to serve in that office to which he shal be chosen, every such person shal pay 20 shillings fine for refusall unto the Towne Treasury: unles he had served in that


office ye yeare before: no person being to be compelled to serve two yeares togither in ye same office except Selectmen, two whereoff if chosen agayne are to stand 2 yeares together, so ther may be always some of ye old Selectmen who are acquainted wth ye Towne affaires. This charge added by ye Towne ffebruary 12th, 1660.

24. It is ordered that swuch swine only as shall doe trespass (in corne fields, meddows or gardens) shall be lyable to satisfy damadge: and for that end, if any man shall find any swine damadge feisant in his corne fields, meddow or garden he shall drive them to the pound and shall take two or more neighbours to view the damadge done by them: and the owner of the sd swine shall be lyable to pay such damages as the sd indifferent men shall appoynt. But is case swine that are sufficiently yoked and rung shal doe any trespass, then the owner of the insufficient fence where they went in shall pay the damadges to ye party damnified as Indifferent men shall judge to be equal, or such as are appoynted to be viewers of the fences.

[I - 84 Blank I - 85]

25. To the end that the common highways of the Towne may be layed out where they may be most convenient and advantagiose for the generall use of the Towne: It is therefore ordered that the Select Townsmen shal have full power and authority to lay out all common highways for ye town where and how they shall judge most convenient and usefull for the inhabitants though it be through or at the end of mens lotts, p'vided they give them reasonable satisfaction, accordinge to equity: but if the party like not therof, then it shall be re-ferred to the Judgment of Indifferent partys, mutually chosen by the partye one and the Select Townsmen one & if those 2 indifferent prtys doe not agree they shall pitch upon a 3d p'son to joine withm & determine it.

26. It is ordered that all such Common Highways for ye Towne which are or shall by the Select Townsmen be judged needful to be made or repayred by the Towne, the wholl


towne shall joyne in the makinge or repayringe of them, when they are required by the Surveyors, accordinge to orders, and the Select Townsmen are alowed liberty to set a certain toll on carts that shall pass any highway which shall appeare more than ordinary chargeable in the reparation of it.

[I - 86 Blank - I - 87]

27. ffor the equall and indifferent carryinge on and bearing the charge, of makinge and repayinge, such comon high ways and bridges as are or shall be thought needfull to be made or repayred from tyme to tyme, with in this township: it is ordered that every house-holder that hath or keepeth in his use or possession a teame consistinge of 4 cattell, shall on due warninge given him by the surveyor, send at every day and place appoynted, his sd teame wth his cart and such necessary tooles as the surveyor shall alowe of, and an able man therewith: to doe such worke as the surveyors shall appoynt him for the space of eight howers in a day, besides the tyme of rest and refreshinge, p'vided they be not required above 6 dayes in a yeare: the like is to be done by those that have but halfe teames: but in case such teams or carriages shall not be thought needfull to be made use of by the Surveyros, then every such person whose teame is exempted shall send two able men, for his Team so spared, and every halfe teame to send a man a day & a halfe in stead of his teame so spared. And it is hereby declared that 2 oxen & a mare or horse is to be esteemed a full teame - Repealed.

And it is further ordered that every that every other hows holder (who hath no teame) shall by himselfe or some other able labourer, attend the works appoynted him by the Surveyors for the space of 8 howers (besides tyme of rest and refreshinge) on every day yt he shall be called or required soe to worke, p'vided he be not called to worke above six days in a yeare.

[I - 88 Blank I - 89]

and it is also ordered that all persons inhabitinge in the


Towne who are above 100 estate in other rates and yet have no teame: every such p'son shall be compelled to send one sufficient labourer to ye high way worke on every day he shall be duly warned therunto, accordinge to his pportion of the 6 days wth other men.

It is alsoe further ordered that every person shall cutt downe his stubbs and cleere the high way before his lott, of tymber wood, standinge trees (wch are heerby declared to be a mans owne) or any other offensive matter, that the surveyors shall warn him of, within three days after notice given him, or else by lyable to a fine of 12 pence for every defect.

28. Wheras ther are surveyors chosen yearly for the oversight and amendinge of Highways, Bridges and other defect of that nature, that soe the Comon highways of the Towne may be kept in continuall reparation: to that end, and for the regulatinge of Surveyors in the discharge office: it is ordered yt the Surveyors for the tyme being shall take care.

1. That all Highways, Bridges, wharfs etc., belonging to their care be made, repayred, and amended sufficiently, accordinge to theyr discretion or as they shall be directed by the Select Townsmen.

2. That all Highways be kept cleer from trees, timber, wood, earth, stone, or any other offensive matter, yt shall anoye the Highway, within a mile of any dwelling house.

3. That if any person upon notice given him by ye Surveyor shall neglect to move or cleere away, any such anoyance to the high way, or offensive matter by him caused, longer than 3 days: Then ye Surveyor shall doe it and have double recompence for all his labour cost and charge from the party soe neglectinge, besides the 12 pence wch the party is to pay in way of fine for neglect accordinge to the order fore-mentioned.

[I - 90 Blank I - 91]

4. That the Surveyour shall give three days warninge to such as they call for and require to come to the highway worke: viz: the day of warninge and a day more: soe yt men


must come the 3d daye after warninge: unless they surveyors give them longer tyme.

5. That they shall require no howse-holder to worke above 6 days in a yeare, nor more of those 6 days than shall in a due pportion fall to his share.

6. The Surveyors shall require no man to worke above 2 days in a week, nor above 8 hours in a day besides tyme for refreshing.

7. That they call for these 6 days (or as many of them as shall serve) within the compass of time betwixt ye 20th of May and the 20th of June yeerly, and not at any other tyme unless by the consent of the major pt of ye Select Townsmen it be agreed unto. Yet in as much as some times ways may suddenly become defective that they may not be too long neglected it is declared the Three of ye Selectmen meeting & any 2 of them agreeing may appoint & allow the surveighors to repare such defective ways.

8. That they duely present to the Select Townsmen at the weeks end, all defects of persons or Teames, that on lawfull warninge given, neglect to come to the work appoynted, who shall give warrant to the Constable for p'sent distress of 2 shillings fine, for a man and 5 shillings for a man and teame, to be imployed in the next worke, that is to be done about high-ways.

9. That they give in theyr accounts yearly, to the Selectmen, at the generall meetinge in ffebruary, when they yeild up theyr office, or in theyr neglect thereof to remaine in theyr office another yeare.

[I - 92 Blank I - 93]

In the handwriting of John Pynchon.

March 28th, 1650.

Wheras there appears to be a defect in the former order about Highways, wherby some p'sons take advantage to exempt themselves from such publique works wch in equity they should attend with others pportionably: it is therefore ordered that all single persons or un-married (though livinge in another mans family) who are possessed of a lott,


either by the grant of the Towne (after 3 months) or by purchase or otherwise, they shall from thence forth be lyable to attend the worke of the highways, pportionable with other howseholders accordinge as they shall be duely warned thereunto by the surveyors.

And it is alsoe ordered that if any inhabitant shall have in his use and possession, two or more distinct alottments either by way of purchase or by way of rentinge: every such person shall be lyable to send one sufficient man to the highway worke, on every day he shall be duely warned thereunto for every such alottment as shall be in his possession. And if any man shal keepe two teames for the improvement of such lands, his sd teames shall likewise be compelable to the worke, as in the former order is required of other men that have teames.

[I - 94]

March ye 13th, 1653-54.

Whereas there hat bin a p'sell of land over ye greate river at ye lower end of Chickkuppy plaine, reserved for ye townes use & yet notwthstanding some of ye land hath bin disposed off to p'ticular p'sons so yt there is not but about thirty acres thereoff left, some p'sons desiring yt ye sd thirty acres may also be disposed off & distributed to severall p'sons: the towne took it into consideration whether to yield thereunto & ye Major part of ye towne for severall reasons doe resolve not to dispose of ye sd thirty acres of land to any p'ticular p'son or p'sons as theire ppriety: but doe here by order yt ye aforesd thirty acres of land at ye lower end of Chikkuppy plaine over ye great river shall be re-served in ye townes hands as ye townes land for ye townes use, either for ye helping to maintaine a scholemaster or ruling Elder or to help beare any other towne charges accordinge as it shall hereafter be concluded on. But not to be disposed off from: ye Townes ppriety.

And further it is ordered yt ye Select Townsmen shall have liberty to let out ye sd land for yeare or yeares to bring in some yearly rent to ye towne if they can find any to take it.

It is also further ordered yt all p'sons whomsoever that


have any land granted ym from: ye towne they shall wthin sixe months at ye furthest after such grant get ye sd land measured & Recorded upon penalty of ten shillings fine or for-feitig ye sd land for neglect either in getting it measured or recorded wthin ye tyme so fixed: & if any man yt choose to pay ye 10 shillings fine, shall afterward neglect to record his land, he shall pay 12 pence per month every months neglect: if ye pty choose to apy 10 shillings rather than foreite his land, it is to understood 10 shillings for every distinct p'sell of land one halfe of wch fine shall goe to ye recorder & ye other halfe to the Towne. Repealed by the Towne.

[I - 95]

And for any land formerly granted if it remaine unrecorded above 3 months after this p'sent day, they shall pay 10 shillings for every p'sell of ye sd land, & when the 3 months are expired, 12 pence per month so long as it is unrecorded. Also if any p'son shall sell or any ways pass away any of his land to any other man he shall wthin one month record such sale or alteration of land & in case of his non-recording ye seller & purchaser shall each of ym pay 10 shillings a p'sell for neglect when taken notice off ye one halfe to ye Recorder & the other halfe to the Towne. The Recorder is allowed 4 pence per p'sell for recording all alterations of land: or exchange for every p'sell he is to be allowed 4 pence for his paines.

[I - 96 Blank - I - 97]

In the handwriting of Thomas Cooper.

March 30, (1665).

By the Selecktt men:

Itt is ordered all swine within the township from 3 months ould and upward shall be sufficiently roonge by the 20 day of Aprill nextt insuinge: and for the well persorving of the same wee have apointed John Steward to make Rings and to see to sett them on and wee appointt thatt hee shalle have 3 pence for every swine soo roonge paid him by the owners of the sayd swine with sufficient help for the worke and if any swine above the adge (age) of 3 months shall be found to goe att

p. 217

liberty abroad in the streett or comons unroonge att any time betwixt the first of March unto the last of November yearly they shall be lyable to a fine of 12 d for every such deffecktt which fine of 12 d shal be payd to the informer by the owner of the swine and in case any shall refuse to pay the sayd fine being of them demanded upon complaintt made the seleckt men shall dyrecktt a warrantt to the constable to levy the same but if any be minded to ringe there swine themselves they shall be adjudged to be sufficiently roonge by the sayd John Steward or else they shall be lyable to the fine nothwithstandinge.

[I - 98, 99 and 100 Blank - I - 101]

In the handwriting of Henry Smith.

November 5th, 1650.

At a towne meetinge there was a choyce made of five townsmen:

John Pynchon
Henry Smith
Samuell Chapen
Henry Burt
Thomas Cooper

To whom by ye major vote of the inhabitants was comitted power to order all ye prudentiall affayers of the Towne agreeable to wht is expressed in the Court order, wch power is given ym for a yeare or till men be chosen in theyr roome. (place)

Mr. John Pynchon is chosen to be the Towne Treasurer for the yeare ensuinge & till another be chosen in his roome.

George Langton and Jno. Stebbine are chosen Surveighors of the high ways of the Towne for the yeare ensuinge.

William Warrener and Robert Ashley are chosen overseers of fences for ye fields p'tayninge to ye upper pt of the Towne from ye meeting howse upward.

Joseph Parsons and John Clarke are chosen overseers of the fences from ye meeting howse downeward who are to take direction from ye Townsmen for odering these fences.

[I - 102]

By the Townsmen: January 30th 1650.

It is agreed that these rates are heere under expressed shall be gathered this p'sent yeere, viz: March 25th.


Mr Moxon's maintenance 70 00

Mr. William Pynchon for the Bell for Mr. Moxon wch he pd for ye Towne upon ye close last yeare 05

Mr. John Pynchon for a barrell of powder for a town stock
p 1 lb 1/4 & 11 lb of musket bullets & ye caske
p 50 lb of match at 8 pence
p to ye cartway to ye foot of ye falls.
p for charges about repayringe the meeting howse, hanging the bell & other charges

For killinge 5 wolves




Totall 129 03 04

It is agreed and ordered that the prices of corne for payments of all these rates shall be wheate at 3 shillings, 6 pence per b. Pease at 3 shillings p. b. only Mr. Moxons rate we are to agree wth him.

The persons appoynted to take account of mens estates & price cattell are:

Mr. Hollioke
Nathaniell Bliss
Jno Stebbin.

The rate for wolves is to be raised only on cattell.

[I - 103]

May 19th, 1651.

Mr. Elitzur Holyoke was chosen to ye office of a Constable for ye towne of Springfield for ye yeare ensuinge and till another shall be chosen in his roome, & hath accordingly taken his oath, ye day & yeare above sd.

[I - 104 Blank I - 105]

In the handwriting of Elizur Holyoke]

November 4th: 1651.

At a towne meeting there was a choyce of five Townsmen, Viz:


Mr. John Pynchon
Samuell Chapin
George Colton
Henry Burt
Thomas Cooper

To whom by ye Major vote of ye inhabitants was comited power to order all ye prudentiall affayres of ye Towne, agreeable to it is expressed in ye Court Order wch power is given ym for a yeare or till new be chosen in yr roomer.

It was also voted yt Mr. Henry Smith shall have full power wth ye Townsmen to act in ye distribution of what lands are to be Laid out this yeere:

Richard Sikes was chosen to p'sent such breaches of orders as he shall take notice of or yt shal come to his knowledge by information: to wch office he is sworne for ye yeare insuinge.

Robert Ashly & Nathaniell Bliss were chosen surveyors of ye high wayes for ye yeare ensuinge.

James Bridgman & Benjamin Parsons are chosen viewers of ye fences for ye lower end of ye Towne: and Miles Morgan & Richard Exell for ye upper end of ye Towne.

[I - 106]

In the handwriting of John Pynchon.

December ye 25th, 1651.

Agreed wth Richard Sikes for ringing ye bell & sweeping ye meeting howse & for the yeare ensueing: viz from ye 1st of January, 1652: he to carry on ye work according as he hath done ye yeare Past: in recompense whereoff wee ingage to see him pd ye sum of 12 pence per weeke yt is to say fifty two shillings for ye yeare.

By ye Select Townsmen.

ffor ye yeare past by agreement he was to have but 40 shillings. By the Selectmen, January ye 9th & Jan ye 22th 1651. Mr. Henry Smith also concurring wth them (according to order) in ye distribution of Land:

There is granted to Antho. Dorchester, a p'sell of planting land, over ye great river, at ye lower end of chikkuppy plaine on this side of the 60 acres for the ministry, adjoyning to ye brooke, of about 8 acres, wch he is to get measured, & Record the quantity, be it more or less.


There is granted to Sam Wright Junior 7 acres of planting land over Agawam River if it will hold out.

There is granted to Thomas Mirack on ye other side Agawam River, all the planting land, from his meddow to the Brow of the Hill, being guessed at neere 4 acres. [Erased.]

There is granted to Thomas Cooper upon Mill River, below Richard Sikes his meddow, a p'sell of about an acre & 1/2 of meddow, in 2 or 3 lotts, wch is due to him in lew of 1 acre & 1/2 wch he falls short of on ye other side of ye River. This he accepts though it hold not out 1 acre & 1/2.

There is granted to Rowland Thomas 6 acres of meddow lying Remote upon ye Northerne branch of ye mill River, in a p'sell of meddow judged to be 16 or 17 acres, wth liberty to make a choise at wch end to begin.

There is granted to ffraunces Pepper 4 acres of meddow adjoyning Rowlands.

Also to Thomas Stebbins & Jno Stebbins, each of ym 3 acres, but if ye meddow hold out 7 acres & but 7 (besides Rowlands & ffraunces) then to devide it between ym. In case it prove more then 7 then all above 6 acres to be at ye Towns disposal.

There is granted to Thomas Miller one acre & halfe of medow ground over Agawam River wch formerly Thomas Stebbins resigned up into the Towns hand.

[I - 107]

January ye 22th, 1651.

The names of such as have medow granted ym, & how they are to ly by lot. On Pacowsick be-ginning at ye lower end.

Benjamin Cooley 1     3
Anthony Dorchester 2     4
Widdow Bliss 3     3
Roger Pritchard & John Lumbard 4     1-1/2
Nathan Pritchard 5     4
John Harmon 6     2-1/2


On ye Mill River beginning lowermost on ye South east branch, & so going up ye little brooke & then upward to ye 16 acres & so over to ye North branch at ye upper end & then come downeward & lastly to ye lake or pond:

Jno Clarke 1     4
Nath. Bliss 2     2
Miles Morgan 3     2
Jno Leanord 4     2
Richard Exsell 5     1-1/2
Jonathan Burt 6     1-1/2
Sam Marshfield 7     1
Benjamin Mun 8     1
James Bridgman 9     2
Mr. Moxon 10     2
Jno Dumbleton 11     4
Henry Chapen 12     4
Robert Ashley 13     4

But one acre of it is given in relation to his keeping ye ordinary; he is to have leave it in ye Towns hands, whenever he shall cease to keepe yr ordinary.

John Lamb 14     5
Thomas Mirack 15     3
Henry Burt 16     3
William Wariner 17     1

Upon condition he allow a sufficient cart-way through ye medow he hath already.

Rice Bedortha 18     1
Thomas Cooper 19     1
Jonath Taylor 20     1
Sam Chapen 21     1

Which sayd acar was exchanged with the Towne for a parcell of meddow of about an acar or an acar and halfe lyinge below the lott which was Mr. Moxons below.


[I - 108]

By ye Townsmen ffebruary 13th, 1651.

It is agreed that these rates underwritten shall be gathered this p'sent yeare, viz: by March 25th.

Impr: ffor Mr. Moxons maintenance 70.
ffor killing 5 wolves 05.
ffor lapbording of ye meeting howse, cleaning it & ringing bell & some other charges     11.
In all: 86.

This rate of 11 was never gathered in. Ye worke not beinge done & ye Rate not paid in, except by 3 or 4 p'sons: it was concluded by ye Select Townsmen, ano 1652, yt those 3 or 4 yt had paid should have it allowed ym back againe, wch was accordingly done & so ye Rate is Void.

[I - 109]

At a Towne meeting, September ye 14th, 1652: There being consideration had of how necessary it ws for the Towne to purchase Mr. Moxons howse & land to remaine for ye use of ye Ministry to posterity: thereupon by ye joynt consent of ye Towne it was concluded to treate wth him about ye purchase of it & Jno Pynchon, Henry Burt, Sam Chapen & Thomas Cooper, were appointed & deputed by ye Towne to Bargaine for ye sd purchase who accordingly did agree wth ye sd Mr. George Moxon for his howsing & all his land in Springfield to re-maine for ever to ye use of ye Inhabitants of Springfield: as is more full expressed in ye Towne Booke for Recording of Land.

And ye 15th November, 1655. It was agreed & concluded by the Towne yt all ye sd allotmts of land bought of Mr. George Moxon wth ye howsing theretoe belonging should forever belong to ye ministry in Springfield & not be otherwise disposed of being hereby appriated & given by ye Towne to ye use of ye ministry aforesaid forever & not otherwise to be disposed of.


[I - 110 Blank - I - 111]

November 2d 1652.

At a Towne meeting it was concluded to make choise of Seven Townsmen for ye yeare ensuing:

John Pynchon
Sam Chapen
George Colton
Henry Burt
Benjamin Cooly
Thomas Stebbins
Joseph Parsons.

Novbr 22, 1652. Two of these Townsmen being sworne Commissioners for ye Towne of Springfield were discharged fr: Townsmen & so ye worke rests upon ye last five. To whom by ye joynt consent of ye plantation is given full power to order all ye prud-entiall affaires of ye Towne & to distribute land this yeare & to act according to what is expressed in ye Court orders: these to continue in this place for a yeare or till new be chosen.

The Surveyour of ye Highways chosen for ye prsent year ensueing are:

Robert Ashley
Jonathan Burt

William Warriner & Griffith Joanes are chosen viewers of fences for ye upper end of ye Towne from ye meeting howse upward.

Alexander Edwards & Sam Wright Junior are chosen overseers of fences from the meeting howse downe ward.

John Pynchon is chosen Recorder for ye Towne, both to Record lands & Towne orders & what is ye publik occasions of ye Towne.

[I - 112 - Blank - I - 113]

In the handwriting of Henry Burt.

Dated the 22 of December, 1652.

It is granted to Thomas Mirrick by the Selectmen sixe ackers of planting ground over Agawam next to Samuell Wright planting lot.

It is also granted at the same tyme to Samuell Marshfield.

It is granted to John Lambe 16 ackers of planting ground at Chickapee next in order to his lot formerly given him.

It is also granted to John Lamb 4 ackers of meddow uppon the mill river lying on the lower branch.

It was covenanted him and pmised by the sayd John Lambe that in case hee removed from Springfield within 5 yeers the date heerof he should resigne up these two


lots agayne in to the towns hand p'vided hee be payd for what necesary charges hee shall be at as two indifferent men shall judge.

It is also granted to Thomas Miller that vacant parsell of planting ground lying over the great River by the higher wigwam pvided hee bee not an occasion of troble and disturbance to the plantasion by any unwise clashing with the Indians if so he shall forfitt the sayd land in to the Towns hand freely agayne.

[I - 114]

Dated the 10 of February 1652.

By the Selectmen:

There is granted to Richard Sikes this yeere all the new ground broken up in the home lot that was Mr. Moxons for 8 shillings the acre to bee payd in wheat or pease the 10th of this month next ensuing the date hereof.

It is also granted to Richard Sikes to have the said land at the same termes the yeere next ensuing the former provided the Selectmen that shall be chosen for that yeere approve it.

[I - 115]

Dated the 10 of February 1652.

By the Selectmen:

Richard Sikes hath covenanted to ring the Bell and to sweep the meeting house according to former termes, namely 12 pence the week p'vided hee will have his liberty to leave the work at a months warning this pay to bee payd halfe merchandable Indian and half merchandable wheat to bee payd at on intire payment at the end of June next ensuing the date hereof but if hee leve the work after payment is made he is to abate 1 shilling the weeke.

There is granted to Richard Sikes for ringing the Bell for marrages and burials 1 shilling a time - this pay to bee payd by those that shall imploy him for any such service.

[I - 116]


In the handwriting of John Pynchon.

ffebruary 10th 1652.

By ye Selectmen - It is agreed yt these rates here under written shall be gathered this pr'sent yeare viz: by March 25th.

Impr. ffor ye Purchase of Mr. Moxons Land, ye one halfe to be pd this yeare is

Pounds Shillings Pence.

35 00 00

ffor Mr. Horsfords maintenance 50 00 00
To John Pynchon for flooring ye meeting howse chamber 10 18 00

To John Pynchon for what he pd to Thomas Stebbins for cleaning ye meeting howse chamber formerly and
0 10
ffor benches in ye alleys
0 10

ffor ringing & sweeping Ano 1652
02 12
ffor bringing up Mr. Horsfords goods.
4 08

To Miles Morgan
02 08

To G. Colton - due of old for 2 Journeys


ffor his Journey downe to Mr. Horsfords


To G: Branch for his mare
04 06

3 14 05

To G: Ashley for his mare
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ffor an houre glass to Joseph Parsons
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To G: Sikes for ringing ye bell & sweeping etc., ye yeare to come Ano 1653.       2     12     00

Ye whole is 107 12 06

The persons appointed to take care of mens estates & prize cattle are:

Thomas Cooper
Jno Dumbleton:
Alexander Edwards

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History of Springfield
Hampden County
Created July 23, 2004
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