History of Springfield, MA
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In the handwriting of Henry Burt.

Dated the 10the of February, 1652.

By the Selectmen:

There is granted to Rowland Thomas liberty to carry away those stones hee hath dugd in Powscowsack River by the end of June next ensuing the date hereof - no man to molest him in the mayne tyme but in case hee leve any after that tyme it shal be free for any man to take them.

There is granted unto John Dumbleton by reason his other lot proved barren that he cannot subsist on 14 ackers next to John Lambe at Chickepey provided in case hee remove the towne within five yeers hee shall resigne it up agayne in to the towns hand the sayd 14 ackers p'vided the towne give him for the charge hee hath bin in breaking of it up as two indifferent men shall judge.

Dated the 10th of february, 1652.

There is granted unto John Stebbin on quarter of the meeting howse chamber at the north side next to the Brook till the first day in november next ensuing the date here of and for this roome hee is to pay 7 shillings 6 pence either in merchandable wheat or merchandable wampum this pay to be brought in the first of october next.

There is also granted to William Warriner halfe of the meeting howse chamber next to the great river til the first day in november next ensuing the datehereof and for this roome he is to pay 15 shillings to be payed either in merchandable wheat or merchandable wampum on the first of october next.

[I - 118]

The 10th of the first month: 1652.

By the Selectmen:

There is granted unto David Burt two ackers of meddow lying next adjoyning to his father Henry Burts meddow p'vided hee abide in the towne five yeers but if hee remove before five yeers be expired he shall yield it up in to the Towns hands p'vided the Towne pay him for what cost hee


shall be about the sayd lot as two indifferent men shall judge.

This grant fell into the Towns hands againe. This 2 acars of meddow was given to Henry Burt at a towne meetinge 8th february, 1654.

[I - 119]

In the handwriting of John Pynchon.

November 1st, 1653.

At a towne meeting it was concluded to make choise of five Townsmen viz:

George Colton
Robert Ashly
Thomas Cooper
Benjamin Cooly
Thomas Stebbins

who are to order ye prudentiall affaires of ye Towne for ye yeare ensuing: & same power is conferred upon ym as formerly only ye Towne reserve to yms ye liberty of disposing of their lands:

Joseph Parsons
Miles Morgan
are chosen surveyours for ye highways ye yeare ensuing:

Rowland Thomas & John Lamb are chosen viewers of fences for ye upper end of ye Towne from ye meeting howse upward.

William Branch & Anthony Dorchester are chosen viewers of ye fences from ye meeting howse downeward for ye yeare ensuing.

December 28, 1653 - By ye Selectmen.

iit is granted to Benjamin Cooly to have the use of the west end of the meeting howse chamber from the inermost side of the pillers to the end of the house and ot injoy itt the first tuesday in november next and in consideration where off he is to pay 7 shillings in good wheat or wampum by the 1st of november next ensuinge.

[I - 120]

In the handwriting of Thomas Cooper.

December 28, 1653.

itt is granted William Warriner the use of the west side of the meetinge house chamber from the first tuesday in november nextt and in consideration whereoff hee is to pay 7 shillings in merchantable wheatt or wampom by the first of november next insuinge.

it is granted unto John Stebbins the east end of the meetinge


house chamber from the pillars to the end of the house and to injoy itt till the first tuesday in november next and in consideration whereoff hee is to pay 6 shillings in merchantable wheat or wampom by the first of november next ensuing.

By the Townsmen March 7th 1653-54.

itt is granted Nathaniell Prichett the meddow upon the 2 springs that lyeth eastward upon the northern branch of Pacawsack which is to make up his 4 acars which was granted him in the division of meddow upon Pacawsack.

By the Selectmen.

whereas there is complaintt made of a greatt defecktt for wantt of a fence at the both ends of the long meddow betwixt the topp of the banks downe into the River for the securinge of the saide ffeeld it is thereffor ordered by the Selectmen thatt George Coulton and Benjamin Cooly shall have full power to indentt with any person or persons for the makinge and main-taininge of the saide fence or to do it themselves and that they whole propriotors of the saide ffeeld shal be lyable to contributte to the said charge and if any man shal refuse the same there shal be a warrant granted to the Constable [        ] forthwith to distraine for any such just charge.

By the Townsmen March 7th, 1653.

[I - 121]

it is ordered that the overseers of the highways chosen for this yeare namely:

Myles Morgan
Joseph Parsons

shall make or cause to be made a convenientt foott bridge over the mill River in some con-veniantt place betwixt the place wheer the mill now standeth and the mouth of the River as they in there wisdome shall see meet and that itt be doone by the 25 of this presentt month.

The Rates that are to be raised this yeare:

1st. 50 for the ministry.

2dly. 35 for the purchase of Mester Moxons house and land.


3dly. 06 for killinge of woolves.

4th. 03. 18s. for the Secretary in the Bay.

agreed with Richard Sikes for the ringinge the bell and sweepinge the meeting howse hee doth it as formerly for 52 shillings the yeare previded he may be att his liberty upon a months warninge if his occasion soe require.

By the Townsmen, March 7th, 1653.

It is ordered that noe inhabitants dwellinge in the longe meddow shall att any time suffer any of their swine to go att libertty in the medow with outt beinge sooffitiently ronge upon the penalty of 5 shillings for every severall swine soo found which fine shale be levied by the constable who shale have warrant from the selecktt men to make distraintt upon the owners refusal to pay.

[I - 122 Blank - I - 123]

whereas there is complaintt made gainst the dwellers in the longemeddow that much spoyle is done both in medow and corne land by there swine going at liberty; March 7th 1654 by the Selectmen it is therefore ordered that noe householder in the longe meddow shall att any time from the middle of february untill the ffeeld be broken open suffer any of theare swine to goe att libertty in the saide ffield uppon penalty of 5 shillings a swine which is soo found and for the execution of this order the constable upon true information given shall hand a warrant from the Selectmen to distraine the same 3 shillings to the Towne and 2 shillings to the informer.

March 9th it was voted by the towne that the order above expressed concerninge long meddow inhabitants such reach likewise to the Towne swine as well as theare.

[I - 122]

March 14th 1653-54.

Thomas Cooper & Thomas Mirack are ordered by ye Towne to rectifie ye defects in ye lots right over the great river wch want measure, & to see yt Mr. Pynchons lot be 30 rod broad


according to ye Townes grant so there could not be land found to make it.

It is ordered yt ye pprietors of ye field in ye long meddow shall make a sufficient cart gate at ye bridge over ye long medow brook at thaire own pp charge for ye prsent, & by ym to be maintained unless ye Generall Court shall determine yt ye Towne ought to join in ye charge of it.

It is ordered that hence forward there shall be given to him yt shal be found able & willing to undertake ye making of ye rates for this Towne, The Sum of Twenty shillings Per annum for making all ye rates belonging to yt yeare.

Richard Sikes hath a little spang of meddow granted him by his meddow on ye Mill River of about halfe an acre wth liberty if he shall fence to take in some of ye upland for straightning & fencing.

There is granted to Mr. Holyoke to have what land is betweene his 11 acre lot over ye river & ye highway without ye front of ye 3d devision.

There is granted to Thomas Bancraft foure acres of wet meddow about 6 miles off beyond Mill river next ye Mill River & Pacowsick.

Also to Benjamin Cooly two acres next to Thomas Bancraft but two acres there.

Also to John Mathews three acres of it if it will hold out.

There is granted to Mr. John Pynchon what land there is between his meddow lot over ye grt River & ye brow of ye hill on ye upland wch is at ye east end the rest.

It is granted to Henry Burt that his wet meddow on ye back side of ye medow shall abut on ye brooke running nere ye west end.

There is granted Jonathan Burt that little p'sell of meddow adjoyning to his meddow wch llyes on ye litle brooke runing into ye east branch.

Whereas Mr. Jno. Pynchon hath about 50 acres of land on fresh water River, or between fresh water river & Grape brooke & also a portion of meddow on fresh water branch suitable there unto.


It is ordered that Thomas Cooper, George Colton & Rowland Thomas shall [ ] ye sd land & Judge where it is convient where ye Grant should ly.

March 14th, 1653-54.

There is granted to Rowland Stebbins one acre and halfe of meddow on ye Northerly branch of ye Mill River between Benjamin Munn & Deacon Chapins meddow.

There is granted to Thomas Mirack 4 acres of swamp over Agawam River between ye howse meddow & Agawam River.

Likewise to Lawrence Bliss 4 acres in ye same swamp.

There is granted to Deacon Chapin on ye other side of ye Northerly branch of ye Mill River a little p'sell of meddow of about one acre more or less, about a quarter of a mile his meddow.

There is grant Thomas Cooper to have yt little p'sell adjoyning his medow on ye North branch of ye [ ] on ye other side of those three acres.

[I - 124]

Mr. Holyoke hath ye wet meddow by his 3 corner meddow side granted to him, p'vided he set his fence halfe a rod from: ye foote of ye hill into ye wet meddow. Also there is granted him ye wetmeddow before Mr. Smiths 3 Corner meddow from: Mr. Smiths 3 corner meddow to wth halfe a rod of ye foote of ye hill, p'vided he allow a sufficient cart way ther on it into Mr. Smiths 3 Corner meddow & all to Mr. Pynchon so much as yt he may have part of it at yt side next to ye still & next to Mr. Pynchons.

The 15 acres of land (P Contra) granted to John Pynchon was laid out to him, pt of it uppon ye round hill: it goeing over ye round hill & leaving a pt of it: John Pynchon desired the rest of ye land on yt hill & so downe to ye brooke (called Endbrooke or 3 corner meddow brooke) whereupon this 26th of March, 1656 there is granted to John Pynchon wt land is remaining upon ye round hill, being about 6 acres more or less: all yt hill, from ye hither end of it, he is to run on ye North side of ye hill all along uppon ye brow


northward & so downe at ye further end to ye 3 corner meddow brooke: so that in all Mr. Pynchon hath about 21 acres.

[I - 125]

In the handwriting of Thomas Cooper.

Severall Particulars which was voted unto by the Towne upon a trayninge day May 29th, 1654:

1st. itt was voted that the p'sell of land which the Towne bought of mester Moxon lyinge in the plaine beyond the three corner meddow brooke should bee laid to the comon and thatt the Towne woulde be att no further charge aboutt itt maintaining of the fence about itt.

2ly. itt was likewise voted thatt Thomas Stebbins and Benjamin Munn should have the use of the trayninge place for pasture for the terme of ten years for certaine and for the terme of thare owne personall living if they live longer upon condition that they keepe itt cleare of offensive matter as wood or brush or the like and thatt they sow itt with English grass seed.

3ly. itt was voted to Samuell Marshffeeld thatt he should have all the overplush of land in the farther medow wher Samuell Wright and Thomas Merrick have grantt of allottments and all the rest of the saide parsell of land is granted to Samuell Marshfeeld provided that itt exceed nott the quantitye of fouretteene acres & three acres of it (being all yt it holds out) he keep himselfe.

4ly. itt was granted to Mestr John Pynchon 15 acars of the plaine adjoining to his three corner meddow and soe to be layd outt by the Townsmen as they shall see convenientt: and in consideration of this saide land the saide John Pynchon dothe promise to purchase 40 sheepe within the space of sixe months and he to use his best endevoure to bringe them into Towne and there to dispose of them as hee shall see cause provided hee sell them nott to any outt of towne in case any in towne will buy them.

P Contra is an addition to this grant of about 7 acres so ye whole is about 23 acres taking in all ye round hill.


[I - 126 Blank - I - 127]

5ly. itt was granted to Thomas Merricks a parsall of land adjoyninge to his meddow lott over Agawam previded it exceed nott two acars.

6ly. itt was voted thatt Thomas Stebbins should be the Towne Measurer.

These sixe particulars were propounded by voatt to the Towne and allsoe granted.

November 21, 1654.

Liberty is granted to Benjamin Cooly for conveniency of fencing his meddow on Pacowsick river to run a fence straite under ye hills & ye land betweene yt & his meddow to be his ppriety.

The like liberty is granted to Anthony Dorchester & to Nath. Pritchard.

There is granted to Mr. Holyoke all yt land, meddow and swamp wch lyes between his meddow in ye middle meddow & ye howse meddow, togither wth yt Nooke that lys betweene ye Pond & hill at ye higher end of the howse meddow.

[I - 126]

In the handwriting of John Pynchon.

November 21th 1654.

At a Towne meeting there was granted to John Dumbleton, Thomas Miller, Jno. Lamb, Reice Debortha & Griffith Joanes to each of ym 3 acres of wet medow opposite to the homelots also each of ym a wood lot of foure acre, Thomas Miller to ly first & so in order. Only ye wood lot agt Reice Bedorthas lot bought from: George Alexander is to belong to Symon Beamon who purchased Reice his land there.

There is granted to Mr. John Pynchon for a farme: all ye land on ye other side of Chikkuppy River by ye great River side upward & at the mouth of Chikkuppy River.

Also there is granted at Skepmuck a farm to Mr. Pynchon & Mr. Holyoke betwixt ym.


Thomas Cooper
Thomas Stebbins
Rowld Thomas
Thomas Miller

are appointed by ye towne to view ye land at Skepmuck & at ye mouth of Chikkuppy River & up by ye great River over Chikkupy river & to determine what may be convenient for Mr. Pynchon & Mr. Holyokes farmes there & to make report what land may be left for ye Towne to dispose of.

The Returns of the Aforesaid Comittee

In the handwriting of Elizur Holyoke.

Wheras Thomas Stebbins, Rowland Thomas, Thomas Miller & Thomas Cooper were made choyce of by the Towne for the bounding of two Farmes given by the Towne in 1654, the one farme given to Mr. John Pynchon lying over Chickuppe River wth ye Island in ye said River below the place comonly called the wading place wth a meddow at the mouth of ye same river on the south side ye sd river, as also a swamp betwixt the meddow & the river. This farme is by us thus bounded vis, to run from Chicappe river up the great River northward to the brooke called Wullamansep & soe up yt brooke to ye foot path yt goeth to Squannunganuck & soe to follow the path downe to ye mouth of Chicuppe river. And this is the conclusion of us above mentioned. As witness our hands, March 6, 1659.

Thomas Stebbins
Rowland Thomas - his marke
Thomas Cooper
Thomas Miller - his marke

The other farme wch was given by the Towne was at Skeepnuck given to Mr. John Pynchon & Mr. Elizur Holyoke wch wee the sd Thomas Stebbins, Rowland Thomas, Thomas Miller & Thomas Cooper by the Townes Order, bound on this manner as followeth: Chicuppe river is to be the bounds by the South from: Squannunganuck to the brooke one mile above the comon passage over ye river wch is about two miles & halfe above Squanunganuck & on ye west bounded by Mr. Pynchons farme or ye foot path wch goeth from Squanunganuck to Wullamansepe & on ye north up Wullamansepe & from ye head of Wullamansepe upon a square line over to the brooke wch cometh unto Chickuppe river about a mile above Skeepmuch &


soe to follow yt brooke down to Chickuppe river: and this is to be bounds of his farme. Witness our hands, March 6, 1659.

Thomas Stebbins
Rowland Thomas - his marke
Thomas Cooper
Thomas Miller - his marke

[I - 128]

In the handwriting of John Pynchon.

October 31th 1654, this day being made choise of by ye Towne instead of ye 1st Tuesday in November.

At this Towne meeting it was concluded to make Choise of 5 townsmen for ye yeare ensueing:

Thomas Cooper
George Colton
Robert Ashley
Henry Burt
Benjamin Cooly

To whom by ye joint consent of ye Towne, there is ful power given to order all ye prudentiall affaires of ye Towne & to act according to what is expressed in ye Court orders: only ye giving out of ye land belongs to ye Towne.

Benjamin Parsons & Miles Morgan are chosen Surveyors of ye highways the yeare ensuing.

John Dumbleton & Richard Exell are chosen viewers of fences from ye meeting howse upwards for ye yeare ensuing.

John Harmon & Samuel Marshfield are chosen viewers of fences from ye meeting howse downe-wards for ye yeare ensuing.

Griffith Joanes is chosen to p'sent such breaches of orders as he shall take notice of, or shal come to his knowledge by information.

[I - 130]

In the handwriting of Thomas Cooper.

ffebruary 8th (1654) thease parsells of meddow comonly called by the name of Wattchuett was granted these inhabitants as ffollowethe, vid:

John Harmon 3
Richard Sykes 4
Lawrence Bliss 4
William Brooks 4


Anthony Dorcester 3
Jonathan Burt 3
John Mathews 2
Deacon Wright 6 previded hee stay in Towne.
James Osbourne 3

and to Jonathan Burt it was granted a small parsell about 2 acars adjoyninge to the meddow lott formerly granted lyinge on the little brooke at the east branch of mill river.

alsoe to Miles Morgan in the house meddow provided it did nott hinder the Townes lott which is to be 9 acars.

To John Dumbleton at the cold spring at the rear of the 3d divission about 1 acar.

allsoe the grantt of homelotts to the p'sons folowinge:

first Francis Pepper a house lott 3
    hassaky meddow 3
    with a wood lot of 4
Nest Symon Beamon a house lott 3
    hassaky meddow 3
    a wood lott 4
John Steward a homelott of 3
    hassaky meddow 3
    a wood lott of 4
John Stewart hath sold & fully passed away to Mr. Jo. Pynchon his assigne forever: & Mr. Pynchon hath exchanged ye homelot wth Richard Maund for Richards lot next to Mr. Pynchons sheepe pasture.
Samuel Terry a homelott 3
    hassaky meddow 3
    a wood lott of 4
Hugh Dudley a homelott of 3
    hassaky meddow 3
    a wood lott of 4
alsoe there was granted to Anthony Dorchester the upper end of the lott which is Myles Morgans in Chicpee playne about 5 acars.

[Bottom - 130]


The homelot P Contra wch was John Stewarts - Mr. Pynchon bought it & exchanged it wth Richard Maund so yt it became Richard Maunds lot: & so is forfeited to ye Towne but by ye Selectmen ffebruary 15, 1659, it is granted to Mr. Pynchon: who hath sold it to Deacon Chapin so yt it is now Deacon Chapins lot & ly next that lot wch Symon Beamon sold to Mr. Pynchon.

[I - 132 Blank - I - 133]

ffebruary 8th (1655) the grant of meddow lyinge on fresh water river viz:

To Mr. John Pynchon 20 acars
George Coulton and Benjamin Cooley each of them 10

if they doe not make use of itt themselves it is to returne into the townes hands agayne they are not to sell it to any other.

[I - 134]

In the handwriting of John Pynchon.

June 1654. There was granted to Obadiah Miller a homelot of three acres lying in ye plaine next above Hugh Dudley, also three acres of wet meddow & a woodlot of 8 rod broad & 80 rod long next above Hugh Dudly as aforesd.

November 1655. There is also granted to Symon Sacket a homlot of three acres, in ye plaine next above Obadiah Miller wth three acres of wet meddow: & foure acres of wood lot, upon condition he stay 5 yeares in ye Towne & if he remove wthin 5 yeares it is to returne to ye Towne.

[I - 135]

January 2d 1655. There is granted to Abell Wright a homlot containing three acres in ye plaine next ye round hill & it is to ly next above.

The Towne lots wch Mr. Thomson if he continue in Towne 5 yeares is to have else it is ye Townes, three acres of ye wet meddow & ffoure acres woodlot. This is granted him upon condition he stay 5 yeares in ye Towne after this grant or else to forfeite it to ye Towne in case he remove wthin 5 yeares.


This was p'sently made over to Mr. John Pynchon & possessed by him.

January 2d, 1655. Also there is granted to Mr. John Pynchon & Mr. Elizur Holyoke a woodlot to theire Mill lot, conteining sixe acres and a quarter wch is to run eastwood 50 rod long from: ye end of ye Mill lot up ye mill river & to run the whole breadth of ye mill lot yt is to say 20 rod broad & 50 rod long.

There is granted to Robert Ashly ffoure acres of wet meddow & other land wch he is to take as it fals wet meddow & other land togither one wth another; which is to ly next above Abell Wright & run from: ye highway yt goes up to ye round hill eastward to ye brow of ye further hill viz: to ye litle end of the woodlots this is granted upon condition he stay 5 years in town.

These grants are not to hinder a cartway but yt is to take place where it shall be most convenient over ye meddow & ye low land.

[I - 136]

January 30th 1655.

There is granted to Thomas Stebbins one acre of land in ye wet meddow next above Symon Sackett, to run ye whole length yt others do: & this upon condition he continue 5 yeares in Towne & further yt he shal not desire any more share in ye meddow if it come to be given out.

There is granted to Hugh Dudly about 8 acres of land by ye greate riverside in chikkuppy plaine next above John Stewart upon condition he continue 5 yeares in Towne.

There is granted to William Brooks a piece of land on this side ye cold spring at ye reare of Goodman Miricks 2d devision being about seven acre p'vided he continue 5 yeares in Towne or else he is to leave it.

There is granted to John Lamb yt little strappet of land


over ye river at ye hay place, betwixt Rowland Thomas & Thomas Miller if any land be there & it doe not come in lots formerly granted, it is turned over to William Brookes.

There is granted to Symon Beamon a p'sell of wet meddow about two or three acres lying about foure miles off ye towne on ye north side ye Bay path p'vided he continue 5 yeares in Towne. This grant Symon Beamon sold & made over to Rowland Thomas forever.

There is granted to Jonathan Taylor a strappet of medow about two acres wch lyes beyond ye mill river in ye way to Goodman Harmons meddow p'vided he continue 5 y in Towne.

There is granted to Griffith Joanes a p'sel of wet meddow on ye South side of ye Bay path about halfe a mile on this side ye 5 mile pond about 2 or 3 acres p'vided he continue 5 yr in ye Towne.

Whereas there was formerly a peice of ground granted Richard Sikes for a homelot over ye brooke yt goes to ye Mill upon his request there is granted him all ye land betwixt Thomas Bancrafts lot and John Lumbard & to run from ye way to ye Mill eastward, as far as other mens lotts doe run.

[I - 137]

There is granted to Thomas Miler liberty for mowing of ye wet meddow over ye great River beyond ye cold spring under ye great hil, p'vided he doe not fence it but let it ly common for free feed of cattle to any p'son & not to molest any p'sons cattle in feeding there on these termes he is to have ppriety in it for mowing: & none to molest him in mowing of it.

There is granted to John Stebbins (who desires to build beyond ye long meddow) a lott off ffive acres upon ye hill over ye bridge on ye most convenient place there, wch is to be 20 rod broad & 40 rod long: and this is granted on condition he continue 5 yr in Towne else to resigne it to ye Towne.

There is also granted to George Colton ffive acres of land there by John Stebbins on conditon he live 5 yeares in Springfield.

There is also granted to John Stebbins ffive acres of land


a little beyond ye long meddow on ye lower side of the litle miry brooke by some called Potbrooke, betwixt ye great river & ye swamp there & to come up to ye cartway, so yt ye way be not straightened by him & from: thence downeward ye ffive acres is to be made up: & this grant is upon condition he continue 5 y in Springfield.

There is granted to Richard Sikes for a wood lott ffive acres of land, on ye further side of ye mill river on ye east side of the way yt goeth up great hill on condition he stay 5 yeares in towne: this lot is to front upon ye mill river & so to run back along it by ye cart way yt goeth up ye long hill.

[I - 138]

January 30th 1655.

A grant of land in ye wet meddow & low land over ye meddow, beginning a litle on this side ye round hill: & so goeth upward in what order men ly, as was cast by lots, is as followeth:

Samuel Terry 1st next to Robert Ashlys & Thomas Coopers land the grant whereoff is 2 leaves backward who hat 1 acre.

William Brooke 2d 2 acres - William Brooks sold to Samuel Terry so that Samuel terry hath 3 acres.

Hugh Dudley 3d 3 acres and this 3 acres to Mr. Pynchon: he sold this Symons Sackett to Thomas Stebbins.

Towne lot 4th 3 acres
Griffith Joanes 5th 2 acres.
Richard Excell 6th 2
Reice Bedortha 7th 2
John Lamb 8th 2
Deacon Chapin 9th 3
David Chapin 10th 2
Miles Morgan 11th 3-1/2
W. Warriner 12th 3
Thomas Miller 13th 2 his 2 acres Thomas Miller hath sold to Mr. Holyoke.
John Dumbleton 14th 2


Mr. Pynchon 15th 6
Benjamin Mun 16ty 3
Obadiah Miller 17th 1 This is now Mr.Pynchons.
ffrancis Pepper 18th 1
John Stewart 19th 1 This John Stewart hath sold to Mr. Pynchon.
Hugh Dudley 20th Now Mr. Pynchons.
Mr. Thomson 21 4 Now Towne land.
Abell Wright 22 1
Symon Beamon 23 1
Thomas Noble 24 1-1/2.
Mr. Holyoke 25 4 This 4 acres Mr. Holyoke sold to Thomas Noble.

The whole is 56 acres. This land above sd is given upon condition these men doe continue 5 years in Springfield & if any p'son doe remove before yt tyme he is to loose his land, & it is further agreed yt a cartway over ye meddow & also thorow (through) ye low land cross the lots should be laid out in ye most convenient place before these lands.

A grant of land over ye mill river ye first lot being to ly next ye mill river & from thence goes downward, ye lots are to run from ye brow of ye hill viz: from the top of ye hill wch the cartway goes up, back to ye great river.

John Lumbard 1st 2-1/2 acres
Thomas Mirick 2d 2
Widow Bliss 3d 1-1/2
Samuel Marsfield 4th 1
Richard Sikes 5th 4
Deacon Wright 6th 2
Lawrence Bliss 7th 1
Thomas Bancraft 8th 2
Benjamin Cooly 9th 3
Thomas Gilbert 10th 2 This is sold to Richard Sikes.
Benjamin Parsons 11th 1 This is sold to Richard Sikes.
Rowland Stebbins 12th 1-1/2
Jonathan Burth 13th 2
James Osborne 14th 1 To Richard Sikes.


Nath Pritchard 15th 1 To Richard Sikes.
Anthony Dorchester 16th 3
John Harmon 17th 3
John Mathews 18th 1
John Clarke 19th 2
Jonathan Taylor 20th 2 Sold to Jh Mathews.
Mill lot (Mr Pynchon or Mr. Holyoke) 22th 3.

It was concluded before these grants were made, that ye comon way shal not be barred out, but yt it shal still goe also given them on condition they continue 5 yeares in Towne or else to forfeit it.

[I - 139]

November 6th, 1655.

There was choise made of 5 Townsmen, viz:

Thomas Cooper
Miles Morgan
Benjamin Cooly
Robert Ashly
John Dumbleton

Thomas Cooper, Robert Ashly & Benjamin Cooly refused to serve in yt place being fairly chosen by ye vote of ye Towne for wch refusall they are lyable to ye fine of Twenty shillings a piece: & George Colton, Thomas Stebbins & John Stebbins were chosen in their roome to whom by ye joynt consent of ye Towne there was ful power given to all ye prudentiall affaires of ye Towne & to act according to what is expressed in ye Court orders & for ye giving, or disposing of land these five men wth Mr. John Pynchon & Samuel Chapin have full power to act therein.

In the handwriting of Elizur Holyoke.

Jonathan Burt and John Lamb were chosen overseers of the high wayes for ye yeare ensuinge.

Griffith Jones & Rice Bedortha are chosen for viewers of the fences for the higher end of the town, from the Meeting house upwards: and Thomas Bancroft and John Lombard were chosen for viewers of fences for the Lower end of the Towne from: the meetinge house downwards for the yeare ensuinge.


Likewise at the same Town Meeting John Leonard was chosen p'senter for yeare ensuing: and he took his oath accordingly.

Likewise Thomas Mirack was chosen to be measurer for such lands as are to laid out: for the yeare ensuinge.

[I - 140]

In the handwriting of John Pynchon.

At a towne meeting November 15th, 1655. It was voted & concluded, yt Mr. Thomson during his continuance a preaching minister in Springfield should possess & injoy ye Towne house lot, & housing (lying between ye lot of Thomas Cooper & Ceacon Chapin) wth all the land there too belonging (wch formerly ye Towne bought of Mr. Moxon), ye said howsing & all ye severall p'sells of land thereto belonging wth all ye p'fits theroff, are hereby given to Mr. Thomson for ye tyme he shal continue amongst us in dispensing ye word of God & caring on ye place of preaching Elder, & when he shall cease to be our preaching minister then ye sd howsing & land to returne into ye Townes hands: It is also further voted yt ye Towne will require ye sad howsing & ffencing & set it in a comfortable condition & so Mr. Thomson is to keep it & leave it in like good repaire.

As also they intend by ye help of God to Continue Mr. Thomsons maintenance 50 per annum & to give him a psell of land (by reason of the inability of ye Towne to increase his maintenance) viz Thirty five acres (as is over ye leafe).

[I - 142]

It was further voted ye 15th of November 1655: to give Mr. Thomson for his own ppriety p'vided he now continue 5 yeares in Towne as followeth viz:

A homelot of ffoure acres, ye neerestland wch is undisposed of viz: the Townes foure acres on this side ye round hill as also six acres of wet meddow before it with a woodlot of six acres adjoyning to it at ye east end of it.

Mr. Thomson lost this grant by removing from this Towne soone after, & so ye land remaines to ye Towne.

Likewise twenty acres of land in Chickkuppy plaine over ye great river, lying next above Anthony Dorchester.


This grant void, ye Towne resuming ye land to its apointmt by order March 13th 1653-54.

January 7th 1655. There was granted by ye Towne to Samuel Terry ye ten acres of land in Chikkuppy plaine over ye greate river next below John Dumbleton yt betwixt John Dumbleton & Mr. Thomsons p'vided he continue in Towne 5 yeares.

At a towne meeting December 23, 1655. There being a question ppounded by ye Towne by ye Selectmen (in regard of Mr. Thomsons not making use of ye Townes landfor the p'sent) whether it were ye minds of ye inhabitants yt they should notwthstanding goe on wth ye repairing of sd howse as formerly ws agreed on: and it was by vote agreed in ye affirmative vis: That ye repairing of ye house should be caryed on as was formerly agreed on notwth-standing.

At ye same Towne meeting it was voted & agred to, by ye whole, to increase Mr. Thomson his maintenace 10 P annum viz: 60 P annum so much at least for this p'sent yeare beside former advantages by ye howse and land.

[I - 143]

It was further voted & agreed upon this 3d December, 1655, that hence forward ye land of ye plantation shall be rated (not according to the number of acres as formerly) but accordinge to ye vallue & worth of ye land, as it is at p'sent or as it shall be vallued from yeare to yeare: & so all land is to be brought into all rates, as so much estate of ye plantation viz Living stock is to be rated to all rates as formerly but now ye land is joined wth it according to its vallueation. It is also further ordered yt howsing shall be vallued, & brought in wth ye land & stock of ye plantation as so much estate, wch every p'son is possessed off & so pportionably to each mans estate every p'son is to pay to all rates whatsoever.

And it was agreed yt ye Townsmen for ye p'sent & from yeare to yeare if need be shall set ye price on ye lands of ye plantation to vallue what land every man is posessed off according to ye true worth of it, wth other men in an equall p'portion: as also to prize & vallue every mans howsing in an equall p'portion.


And further it is concluded yt it is meete & requisite yt every p'son should allow some maintenace to ye ministry, though not posessed of land or estate to rate him theretoe & therefore it is agreed yt every person being at his own hand & not a son or servant who hath noe land or estate or whose land & estate doth not amount to 5 shillings a years in the rates: That every such p'son shall be liable to pay to ye ministers maintenance five shillings P annum & yeintent of this order is not to free any howseholder whose estate may not reach to pay 5 shillings P annum but much rather are to be set down to ye minister by virtue of this order.

[1 - 144]

At a Towne meeting January 7, 1655,

1. it was agreed & concluded yt ye land at Woronoco (being laid to this Towne by ye Court), should be disposed off: To which end John Pynchon, Mr. Holyoke, George Colton, Benjamin Cooly & Thomas Cooper were appointed & desire d by ye Towne to yt work, to whom power was given to dispose of ye land at Woronoco to such men as they saw fit, & what quantity they should give to any p'son whomsoever they in their best discretion saw fit: it should be esteemed as their ppriety & ye act of ye Towne.

2. Whereas uppon ye making of yt Order over ye former leafe December 3d, 1655, that all land should be vallued as so much estate & so accordingly be lyable to pay all rates: some dispute hath bin thereuppon concerning ye land in ye 3 corner meddow, on this side end Brooke wch Mr. John Pynchon, Mr. Holyoke & Jno. Dumbleton is posessed of whether though it were first granted ym free from all charges for ever as on page 2 at ye beginning of this Booke, yet whether there owne voting to ye order over ye leafe yt all land should be vallued & so pay to rates did not cut ym off from: theire first priviledge of Injoying yt land rate free, it was concluded by ye towne yt ye first grant of it free from charges for ever to ym their heires & assignes stand firm & [I - 145] good, & yt ye Towne would not take any advantage agt ym of theire not excepting agt it, in theire votin, but notwthstanding, (& doe hereby) allow yt land to be free from all charges for ever: viz:


Twenty acres to Mr. John Pynchon his heires & assignes for ever, Ten to John Dumbleton & Ten to Mr. Holyoke theire heires & assignes for ever, to be free from all Towne charges yt is to say from all charges wch may any ways arise upon or be to Springfield for land: This land aforesaid stands exempted there from for ever.

3. It is agreed yt ye price of Indian Corne for this yeare shall be abated as well as other graine & yt hence forward till y Towne see cause to alter it Indian Corne shall pass & be accepted at ye price of two shillings per bushel from man to man in Springfield.

4. There being some questions ppounded about ye bounds of land whether men shall Injoy all ye land wthin ye bounds laid out to ym though it were more number of acres than were granted ym it was voted & concluded yt where any mans first & pp bounds of his land are cleare & manifest & wthout alteration he should have & injoy all ye land wth in such bounds though more number of acres than was recorded to him were wthin such bounds, p'vided he did noe ways intrench upon or wrong his neighbor yt lay next him of his due quantity & portion of land. And wt overplus is any mans lnad it is to be brought into Rates.

[I - 146]

It is agreed yt these rates here underwritten shall be made & gathered this p'sent yeare viz: by March 25th:

Imp. ffor Mr. Thomsons maintenace 60

ffor medning ye glass of ye meetinge howse, ringing ye Bell & sweeping ye house, shingling, & other reparation of ye Towne howse & for ye maintenance of old Katherin 4 till next March & some other things in all 40

It is agreed yt for ye gatheringe in of these Rates & for future of all Towne Rates there shall give warning to every man to bring in his Rate at ye day of place appointed: & if any man


having had due warning shall refuse or neglect to bring in his rate to ye p'son appointed to received it ye day set: then such p'son so failing to bring in his rate shall pay as a fine over & above his rate 12 pence overpluss, for ye least rate & if ye rate be above 10 shillings then 1 shilling as overpluss to-gither wth ye rate, the p'son apponted to gather in ye rate shall demand of ye party at his howse & if distrained for it in case of non-payment calling ye constable to his assistance who are also to demand or distraine in fetching ye rate & forfeiture over and above.

This order was repealed and made void by ye Towne March 3, 1655-56.

[I - 147]

In the handwriting of Thomas Cooper.

Att a towne meeting February 20th 1655 itt was voted by the Towne that for the Settlement of the Toulle of the miller it should be the eleventh partt of the bushell, for all sorts of graine that shall be heere ground, and to this rate Mr. Pynchon with Mr. Hollyock who were the owners of the sayd mill doth consent.

In the handwriting of Elizur Holyoke.

March 24th 1656.

It is voted by Joynt consent of the Plantation that seeing Mr. Thomson hath deserted this Plantation & soe wee are left destitute in respect of any whom we would call to yt ministry of ye word for continuance among themselves wt course may be taken for a supply in yt work and that they shall take wt course that to them shall seem good by sending abroad for advice in this matter: & so accordingly they shall give information to the Towne wt they have done or think convenient to be done. The persons here unto chosen are:

Mr. Pynchon
Deacon Chapin
George Colton
Benjamin Cooley
Deacon Wright
Elizur Holyoke.

[I - 148]

It was further voted and agreed this 24th March, 1656, that whereas yesterday being the lords day Deacon Wright


was chosen to dispense the word of God in this place till some other should be gott for ye worke, yt Deacon Wright shal have for his labor in ye employment 50 shillings per month for such tyme as he attends on the said work:

In the handwriting of John Pynchon.

May 17, 1656. There is granted to Richard Maund for a homelot three acres of ground on this side of ye round hill, next above Abell Wrights lot the breadth 10 rod length 50.

This three acres Richard Maund hath passed away to Mr. Pynchon by exchange, Mr. Pynchon having p'cured him yt lot wch was John Stewarts. (This lot of Richard Maunds wch was John Stewarts, being forfeited to the Towne, it is granted to Mr. Pynchon ffebruary 18, 1659) and by him sold to Deacon Chapin.

In the handwriting of Thomas Cooper.

There is granted to Rowland Thomas and Symon Beamon neere Skepmuch on this side of Chickkuppy river. To Rowland Thomas the first in ye Neck 18 acres, & to Symon Beamon 12 acres and wht out ye neck first to Rowland Thomas 4 acres & to Symon 4 acres. This land in ye Neck fell short & so is abated to each of ym as in ye Record.

There was granted to Benjamin Cooley 10 acars of land adjoyning unto the parsell of land formerly granted to John Leonard adjoyning to the hither end of sayd meddow previded the said Benjamin doe alow a cartt way of 4 rod broad and that he continue in town 5 yeares.

September 10th (1656) there is granted to John Lombard the remainder of the land betwixt greate hill and Benjamin Coolys lot above upperside previded he be noe detrymentt to the highway and that he continue 5 years in towne.

In the handwriting of John Pynchon.

Whereas Wee:

John Pynchon
Elizur Holyoke
George Colton
Thomas Cooper
Benjamin Cooly

were appointed by ye Towne to dispose of ye land at Woronoco wch ye Court hath laid to this township: Having made a view of ye land there we judge it may be devided into foure parts & so distributed


to foure severall p'sons: the first part of it lyeth on this side ye river next Springfield up by ye river side: & opposite agt it on ye further side of the river lyeth another pt or portion: & then further up ye river lyeth the other 2 pts or portions of land togither on this side ye River.

These several pts of land lying remote from: our Towne & there being noe appearance of any at p'sent, yt will make use there off: we thought good to ppound it to ye Towne to allow some priveldeges for incorridgement to such as would appeare to live so remote: Where upon this 2d of June, 1656, by ye joint consent of ye plantation it is agreed & ordered that for sixe yeares ensuing from ye date hereoff: the land at Woronoco wth such ratable estate as ye owners thereoff shall have there, shall be rated but half so much as other land & estate in Springfield, and for ye indoridgmt of Jonathan & John Gilbert they shall be freed from paying any rates to ye towne for one whole yeare after ye 29th day of September next.

August ye 9th 1656. Jonathan Gilbert & John Gilbert desiring a grant of land at Woronoco we who were apointed by ye Towne to act in ye disposall thereoff, consideringe their desire doe Judge meete to bestow upon them mutually one of ye foure pts of land there: viz: this 9th of August 1656. There is granted to Jonathan Gilbert & to John Gilbert jointly that first part of ye land at Woronoco by river.

[I - 150]

on this hither side of Woronoco river next to Springfield (wch is ye northeast side) uppon condition they doe build uppon it & make some imppvment of it, by Michalstide come 12th month & further upon condition they carry on some Imprent thereoff for 5 yeares togither & yt they doe not sell it or pass it away till they have injoyned it 5 yeares in case they doe it is to be forfeited to ye Towne upon these termes they pforming ym, that first portion of land lying by Woronoco river on this side of it being about is granted to Jonathan & John Gilbert jointly to them & theire heirs for ever: they are (wth wt convenience they can) to get it measured & record it in ye Book of Records also they are to


chase out ye Indians right & to treate wth the Indians for the purchase of ye rest.

December 10th 1658. Jonathan & John Gilbert having forfeited theire right ot land aforesd renew theire request & desire advantage may not be taken agt them of forfeiture wch is yielded to p'vided they build there & also make Impvmnt of ye land before midsummer next & continue it 5 yeares from this tyme: and we desire a full & sufficient cartways thorough theire land wch shall be most convenient for passadge from ye futher farmes as we shall judge most fitting & by us theire portion to be bounded & set out.

The 2d Portion of land on this side of Woronoco River granted to Thomas Cooper p'vided he build & make Impvmt of the land thee by ye end of Aprill next come 12 month & continue so to doe 5 years reserving highways throu it & this portion of land to be set out & bounded by us Jo Pynchon, Eliz Holyoke, George Colton, Benjamin Cooly. Granted December 10th, 1658.

John Clarke, William Brooks & Jno Sackat have ye land ye further side of Woronoco wch is granted ym p'vided they each of them build & make impvment of the land by Aprill come 12 mo. & continue so to doe 5 yeares. Else to forfeit it. Granted January 10th, 1658.

[I - 151]

In handwriting of Thomas Cooper.

Att a town meetinge November the 4th, 1656, it was agreed by the inhabitants that thease 4 men, viz: Deacon Wright, Deacon Chapin, Mr. Hollyocke, Henry Burt, should have twelve pounds alowed them by the towne for their labour formerly spent amongst us in the Lords worke on the Sabothe and the sayd twelve pounds to be disposed of to each particular by the Selectmen.

It was further voted that the inhabitants would alow of these 50 per yeare to such as did labour in the same worke amongst us for future till such time as we chould have a settled minister amongst us and the sayd 50 likewise to be disposed of by the Selectmen answerable to quantity of each mans particular labours.


In the handwriting of Elizur Holyoke.

[I - 152]

At the same Town Meeting November 4th, 1656. There was a choyce made of Selectmen for Ordering the Prudentiall affaires of the Towne. Viz:

Thomas Cooper
George Colton
Thomas Gilbert
Benjamin Cooley
Robert Ashley.

William Warrener is chosen and desired to continue in his office of a Contable and there-to aggreed.

And Samuel Marshfield doe continue as Deputy.

David Chapin was chosen to ye Office of a Sealer for weights and measures: who took his Oath accordingly.

Elizur Holyoke was chosen for the Recorder til Mr. Pynchons returne or for the yeare insuing.

John Harman was chosen to ye office of a Presenter to pr'sent breaches of ye Lawes of the Countrey or of Town Orders & to wch service he took his oath:

Samuell Marshfield and Nathaniel Pritchard were chosen surveyers of the Highwayes for ye yeare ensuinge: and for viewers of the fences for the yeare ensuing were chosen

Anthony Dorchester
Lawrence Bliss

for the lower end of ye Town from the Meeting house downward.

From the Meeting house upward being the higher end of ye town chosen were:

Thomas Miller
Benjamin Munn.

At this same town meeting there was granted to Rowland Thomas a peece of meddow land on the Mill River on ye further branch thereof a little above the falls wch are above the 16 acres, which peece of meddow contaynes about an acre.

[I - 153]

In the handwriting of Thomas Cooper.

Att a meetinge of the Selectmen December 5th, 1656 itt was granted to Ben: Coley the use of the west end of the meeting house chamber for the sayd yeare payinge 7 shillings.

Alsoe it was granted to Thomas Cooper the north syde and the east end of the same chamber payinge 13 shillings.

ffebruary 13th 1656.

It was granted to Abell Wright alattmentt of 20 acars


which hath formerly beene in the hand of Rowld Thomas lyinge in the great plaine over the greate river called chickpee plaine providen he continue 5 years in towne.

Likewise there was granted unto Anto Dorchester 10 acars of upland on the southwest side of chickepee plaine beginninge att the litle spring and soe to run sougth east till it make up 10 acars previded hee continue 5 years.

Likewise there was granted to Lawrence Bliss liberty to exchange the lott of meddow in his present possession for that which was formerly Deacon Wrights but now fallen into the hands of the towne and likewise 2 acars over the mill river amonge the small lotts which formerly was given to Deacon Wright: previded he continue 5 years.

Likewise there is granted to George Coulton a p'sell of land lyinge by the great river side on the east side about 3 quarters of a myle below longe medow bridge all betwixt the brow of the hill wheare the cart way now goeth and the great river downe to the brow end of the swampe neere about a dozen acars previded hee continue 5 years in towne.

[I - 154]

By the Selectmen December 5th 1656.

It is ordered that noe person within this township shall suffer any of his swine above 3 months old to goe abroad out of his yard from the first of March next unto the last of November exceptt they be sufficiently runge upon penalty of 6 pence per time for any swine soe found that is above 3 months of adge exceptt such swine as are under a constant keepers charge abroad in the woods: and for the well execution of this order wee have appointed John Steward twise every weeke duringe the sayd time that is to say betwixt the first of March and the last of November to goe through the towne to take notiss what swine are un-runge accordinge to the intent of this order and to demand of the owners for every such swine and in case any shall refuse to pay upon his complaints warrant be granted by the Selectmen to the Constable to distraine who shall have for his pains upon every distress


soe made 3 pence and nott withstanding wee have apointed him to goe through the towne but twyse a weeke yett hee is nott thereby prohibited to goe as often hee seethe good but less than twyess his is not to goe.

By the Selectmen December 5th, 1656.

Itt is lykewise ordered that noe swine shall goe at libertye on the other side of the greate river above two months in the yeare viZ: from the middle of December to the middle of February upon penaltye of 12 pence for every swine so found and for every time hee is soe found which sayd 12 pence shall be demanded by the grand jury man whose care it is to see to the breach of this order and if any shall refuse to pay warrant shall be granted to the Constable to make distress who shall have 1 shilling 6 pence for his paines for every such distress and hereby is declared that good information by any shall bee of equall forse as if the grand jury man had seen it himselfe.

[I - 155]

By the Selectmen December 5th 1656.

It is ordered that during and all the inhabitants betwixt Mr. John Pynchons and to the brow syde of Benjamin Parsons who are proprietors of any partt or parsell of the wett medow before our doores shall take course to cleare and scoure the brooke soe far as their lott or lottments is in breadth in the same medow and that it be done sufficiently to the aprobation of the Selectmen and that by the last of June next under penalty of 3 shillings 4 pence per weeke for every parsell that is found undone at that time and soe to continue 3 shillings 4 pence per weeke till the worke be ffullye donne the which fines shale be dulye levied by the Constable and im...... for publique use.

[I - 156]

Att a Towne meetinge ffebruary the 18 (1656) it was voted that Mr. Hollyock and Henry Burt should carry on the work of the Sabboth in this place but in case that through any providence of God other of them should be disenabled that Deacon Chapin should supply that presentt vacancye.


Moreover this towne voted to allow them 50 a yeare that is to say from the 4th of November last the time they begane to continue till the towne have another suply or shale see cause to alther theyer acts in that particular but they would acksept but 40 unto which the Towne assented.

It was alsoe voted that they would allow to Deacon Wright, Deacon Chapin, Mr. Hollyocke, Henry Burt 12 for their labours the last soomer which they spentt in that works.

[I - 157]

At a Towne meetinge ffebruary 18th 1656 it was voted by consentt that whosoever within this township shale kill any ffox or ffoxes within the bounds of the Township shall be allowed 3 shillings ffor every foxe soe killed previded they bring either the body or head unto any of the Selectmen.

This order was afterward repealed & only 12 pence apce allowd for every fox killed in ye bounds of ye Towne.

March 9th 1656. It was voted that for the cornefields whensoever any towne meetinge is warned by the Selectmen or by towne apointmentt there shall be the major partt presentt before any ackt that passeth shall be byndinge tothe whole but when the major partt is assembled they shall have liberty to ackt in what concerns those presentt meetinge and the rest shall stand to such ackts soe pased: and it was further voted that is to say 3 days warninge and was likewise voted that of those 3 days the towne meetinge day is one of the three: and the day before is another and the day before that is understood to be the three days: and if any person which is an inhabitant shal nott be presentt when the clossing is desired provided the major part of the inhabitants be presentt before the moderator doe be-gine the meetinge then any such inhabitant shal be layable to a fine of 3 shillings 6 pence or if any shale withdraw without leave or departt before the meetinge be concluded by the moderator shale be lyable to the same fine which sayd fine shale be distrained to such as doe atend the meetinge in due time previded they are the major partt which shale attend by their Constable who shall have 6 pence for his pay for every particular fine.


[I - 158]

March 6th 1656. It was voted that for the cornefields here about the towne that if they be well fenced at each ends of the severall fields downe into the greate river it was accounted sufficient fence for such parts of the fields the intent of this order is to free men from fencinge alonge the river bank from the lower wharfe to the head of the plaine.

It was likewise voted that for every swine that is seene in any inclosed ground about the towne as the home lotts, meddows, before the doores, 3 corner meddow or the plaine above, shal pay 1 shilling for every swine soe found besides all damadge that may be done by such swine 1 shilling is to be paid by the owner of the swine to the informer provided this order take place before the 10th of Aprill next.

It was likewise voted that for every swine over the greate River should be for to goe at liberty from the time that cattle are at liberty to goe there provided they be sufficiently runge & in case they are found unrung from the 1st of March to ye 1st of December yearly to pay 2 shilling 6 pence apiece halfe to ye Informer & halfe to ye Towne they are to be rung sufficiently to pvent rooting. This clause added by ye Selectmen December 31st 1660.

[I - 159]

In the handwriting of John Pynchon.

At a Towne meeting November 3d 1657.

There was a choise of five Selectmen for ordering ye prudentiall affaires of ye Towne, viz:

Robert Ashley
John Dumbleton
Thomas Gilbert
Miles Morgan
Jonathan Burt.

Samuel Marshfield was chosen Constable for this yeare & was sworne by ye commissioners ye day abovesd according to ye order: Anthony Dorchester was chosen his deputy:

Thomas Bancraft & Thomas Miller were chosen p'senters to pr'sent breaches of laws of ye Country or Towne orders to wch service they tooke theire oaths:

John Lumbard & Reice Bedortha are chosen Surveyours for reparing of he highways for this yeare ensuing.


The viewers of fences chosen for ye yeare ensuinge are Benjamin Parsons & John Mathews for ye lower pt of ye Towne from ye meetinghouse downeward & William Wariner & Symon Sackut from ye meeting house upwards.

[I - 160]

November 9th 1657. At a Towne meeting there was granted to Mr. John Pynchon in lew of his want of land in his lot over ye great river wch upon measure now appeares to be but 26 rod broad when as it was 30 rod in lew of his want the sd 4 rod of ground in breadth: there is granted to him what vacant ground is at ye west end of yt his sd lot betwixt it & ye 3d devision flank & ye brow of ye hill, as also all the common ground at ye west end of Mr. Holyokes lot & at ye west end of Mr. Smiths lot from ye reare of their lots to ye brow of ye hill agt ye meddow, & joining agt Mr. Pynchons meddow, being foure or five acres more or less.

At ye same meeting it was agreed yt the Select Townesmen for ye yeare ensuing shal have power to give out & dispose of land, as in theire best discression is fitt:

There is liberty granted to Symon Beamon to dig a sellar to worke in for this winter in ye Towne lot p'vided he fill it up againe in ye springe.

Mr. Holyoke is made choise of to carry on ye worke of ye Sabbath once every Sabbath day wch he accepts of. Mr. Pynchon is made choise of for one pt of ye day once a fortnight wch he will indeavor to attend sometimes by reading notes & sometimes by his owne meditations till March next: Deacon Chapin & Henry Burt are made choise of to carry on ye other pt of ye day once a fortnight ffor wch theire Paines they are allowed after forty pound a yeare for ye disposing whereoff to each pty: Thomas Cooper wth ye Townesmen are to act therein.

[I - 161]

At a meeting of the Townsemen the 18th of December, Robert Ashly was chosen Sealer by the Towns men and the Constable for this year.

It is agreed upon by the Townsmen having taken in to


Consyderation the great damig that acrue to the towne by swine it is therfor ordered that if any swine shall be found in any corne fields or meadows or any inclosed ground the said swine not being rung the owners shall be lyable to pay two shillings for every such default besides paying all damyges that may be done by such swine. Also if any swine be found in any inclosers the swine being rung the owners of such swine shal be lyable only to pay the damige theare of that such swine may doe but all swine going in the street shal not be lyable to any fine also if any mans swine be in his own inclosed ground whear as no man is wronged but himselfe he shal not be lyable to breach of order of two shillings.

March 4th, 1657. There is a dispensation for this yeare of ye order yt cattle shall not goe at liberty after March over ye river, allowing Liberty for all cattle (except swine) to goe at liberty there, till ye first of Aprill p'vided in case any shall be damnified due satisfaction be allowed him.

[I - 162]

In the handwriting of Thomas Cooper.

November 2d: 1658: There was granted by the Towne unto Rowland Thomas a parsell of wood land at the rear of Mr. Hollyocks woodlott: not exceeding six acars the breadth wheroff was to be the breadth of Mr. Hollyocks and to run in length soe far to the rear of Mr. Pynchons.

[I - 163]

In the handwriting of John Pynchon.


1. At a town meeting held the 4th of January 1657, thes highways which followeth being agreedupon & laid out (formerly) by ye Selectmen were publikely declared & setled: Impr: Ordered & agreed that there shall be a highway on ye west side of ye great river from Agawam River mouth on ye west side of ye greate River side Northward untill it come into ye Common conteining three rod in breadth from the top of ye bank by the greate River side: also yt at ye Common Landing place usually called ye Hay Place against Miles Morgans, William Brookes, & Symon Sackcuts lots: The highway


shall be at least five rod broad there, for a place to set hay on for ye use of any p'son it is to be a common hay place.

2. Ordered & Agreed that there shall be a highway from ye Common Hay place aforesd to ye flank of ye third devision conteining two rod broad, one rod of it to be taken out of William Brookes lot & ye other rod out of Rowland Thomas lot wch now Symon Sackcut posesseth (satisfaction being already made ym by allowance of land in other places) This Highway when it comes to ye flank of ye 3d devision is then to turne & run southward at ye reare of ye 2d devision lots & by ye flank of ye 3d devision: & this Highway is to run southward downe to ye front of ye third devission & then to turne westward & run ye front of ye 3d devission between ye 3d devission & ye further side of Mr. Smiths 3d devission wch now Mr. Pynchon posesseth:

3. Ordered & agreed that there shall be a highway [I - 164] of one rod & halfe broad run from yt highway at ye front of ye 3d devission all along ye Towne lot downe southward into Agawam river, this highway to be taken out of ye Towne lot wch lyeth betwixt Mr. Holyoke & Samuel Chapin, & to ly on yt side of ye Towne lot wch is next to Samuel Chapin: & to ly on yt side of ye Towne lot wch is next to Samuel Chapin: This rod & halfe of ground aforesd is still to belong to ye Towne so as yt whosoever hath it of ye Towne shal have ye grass or whatever may grown upon it allowing liberty for a passable highway; noe other man being to claime any other priveledge here, but only for a Passable way of one rod & halfe wide.

4. Ordered and agreed that there shall be a highway allowed of a rod broad, at ye end of Rowland Stebbins, Thomas Millers, Jonathan Burts & Robert Ashlys meddow lots by Agawam river (viz) at that end of theire meddows next to Mr. Smiths pickle meddow, & so to run at ye end of Mr. Pynchons meddow that joines to Mr. Smiths & betwixt Mr. Smiths & John Clarkes straight to ye highway at ye front of ye sd devissions.

[I - 165]

At a Town Meeting November 2d, 1658. There was a choise made of ffive Select Townsmen, for ordering ye prudentiall


affaires of ye Towne for this yeare ensuing. The p'sons chosen are:

Thomas Cooper
Benjamin Cooly
Jonathan Burt
William Warriner
Robert Ashly.

John Harmon & John Lamb are chosen Surveyours for reparing of ye highways yt belong to ye Towne: for ye yeare ensueing.

Serjant Stebbins & Serjant Morgan are chosen viewers of fences for ye upper pt of ye Towne from ye meeting house upwards. Lawrence Bliss & Nath Prichard are chosen viewers for ye lower pt of ye Towne from ye meeting house downward.

In the handwriting of John Holyoke.

November 2d there was granted by the Towne unto Rowland Thomas a parscel of woodland at the rear of Mr. Holyokes woodlot, not exeeding six acres the breadth whereof was to ye rear of Mr. Pynchons (viZ) woodlot.

[I - 166]

In the handwriting of John Pynchon.

At a Town meeting January 10, 1658. It was fully agreed & ordered that the gate at the higher wharfe shall be set in repaire & well hung from yeare to yeare & after fences be made up in ye spring yearly the sd gate shall be always kept shut till all fields about it be broken up: & if any p'son shall throw open or leave open ye sd gate from ye tyme of making up fences in ye spring till liberty of laying all fields common, such p'son shall forfeit five shillings to be pd to him yt shall take notice thereoff who is to call for it & receive it, one halfe to himselfe & ye other halfe for ye use of ye Towne & to-ward keeping ye sd gate in repaire.

It is further agreed & ordered that ye great river is & shall be accounted a fence, & shall stand for a fence, bothfor us on this side & also for ye land, meddows & cornefields on ye other side of ye greate river and the people shall not be


compelled to fence in theire meddows & cornefields any where on ye west side of ye great river, by any other fence, but yt ye sd river shall serve for yt end to preserve cornfields & meddows & to prevent & ease ye great charge of fencing.

Only there is liberty granted to ym yt dwell on the west side of ye greate river: That if [I - 167] they will secure all ye cornefields & meddows on ye west side of ye great river, from receiving any dammadge by any of theire cattle: they shall have liberty to impve ye common there (for feeding of theire cattle) by fencing it out from mens allotmts there & those yt live on this side of ye Rier are not to put over theire cattle to feed on ye Common & to oprss yt common wch they shall be at charge to fence out, without theire consent unless they will joine wth ym in their charge of fencing it, or allow ym for there cattles feeding as Indifferent men shall judge and this priveledge & liberty is granted ym for 12 yeares from this yeare 1658. Repealed December 29th, 1664.

Branding Cattle.

It is ordered yt cattle of all sorts belonging to this towne shall be marked wth some distinct known marke, for wch end every owner of any cattle shall repaire to Mr. Pynchon & from tyme to tyme to ye Recorder: to take a keepe upon record each mans particular mark, & this to be done by ye 1st of March next or else ye owner of such cattle shall forfeit 5 shillings to ye Towne. And evey man is to marke all his cattle accordingly by ye March next and it is further ordered that from tyme to tyme hence forward every mans cattle shall be marked by yt tyme they are 3 months old, & if any p'sons cattle shall be found unmarked at or after three months old he shall pay 12 pence apce tohim yt shal Informe agt him.

A Ferry.

There is liberty granted to Thomas Cooper to keepe a ffery at ye lower wharfe & to land people below ye mouth of Agawam River, & none are to carry over any p'sons, horses, or cattle over ye [I - 171 Error in number.] great River to take any pay except they allow & pay it to ye sd Thomas Cooper, unless it be such as pass over ye river to theire worke & in their owne & neighbours vesseles. And the Priveledge of this ferry is granted to him for 21 years from this yeare 1658.

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