History of Springfield, MA
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And ye said Thomas Cooper is to p'vide a good boate & cannoes & to cary over persons at the Rates following:

Ferry Rates.

A single pson at 3 pence a tyme.

All above one, 2 pence apiece.

Horse & man at 8 pence - yt is to say, 6 pence a horse.

Only the Inhabitants of this town are to be caryed over when they pass with a horse, for 6 pence horse & man.

When ye inhabatants of this towne put over cattle a yoke of oxen are to be caryed for 6 pence & any of this Towne yt shall pass as Troopers are to go free when upon trooping occasions.

There is granted to John Leonard 40 acres of land on ye highland adjoyning to Thomas Miricks meddow over Agawam: also two acres next to it is granted to Thomas Mirick p'vided it prove noe inconvenience to Jno. Leonard grant.

Thee is granted to Mr. John Pynchon over Agawam River upon ye upland agt ye howse meddow & middle meddow 40 acres of land, adjoyning to ye howse meddow & middle meddow upon ye highland on ye South side thereoff to run towards ye great river.

There is granted to Benjamin Cooly yt his land at ye hither end of ye long meddow shall run to ye brow of ye hill on the east.

Thomas Noble & James Warriner have liberty to possess & injoy ye two acrs of wet meddow on this side of ye round hill formerly granted David Chapin & forfeited to ye Towne. This 2 acres by agreement betweene James Wariner & Thomas Noble is wholy to belong to Thomas Noble & is absolutely his ye sd Thomas Nobles to dispose off.

The Smiths shop was given to John Stewart as his own forever.

[I - 172]

At a Town Meeting ffebruary 7th 1658.

The new minister, Mr. Hooker.

There was a ful & unanimous acceptance of Mr. Hooker to dispense ye word of God to us & whereas he at p'sent will not certainely ingage to us longer than 3 months the Towne doe agree & ingage to give & allow him 20 for ye sd three months & wth all manifest theire desire & hopes of his further continuance among us, being willing to continue ye like further allowance upon his further continuance with us.

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And Mr. Pynchon, Mr. Holyoke & Deacon Chapin were appointed to signifie ye Townes mind & desires to Mr. Hooker, who accordingly did it, & Mr. Hooker manifested his willingness to help us three months as aforesd, & for p'sent could resolve noe further but his coming to a resolution should take rise from this tyme. It was further agreed yt thee shall be a rate of 20 made and gathered for Mr. Hooker in satisfaction for his paines till May next. And in case for allowance for ye next quarter there shall be occasion to allow him (or any other) another complete 20. That it shal then be raised & gathered according to this first rating wthout new prizing of estate & making of new rate. And this to stand good by virtue of this Towne act. It was further agreed yt Town rates shal be made in ye same manner as formerly wthout any alteration: further it was agreed by ye Towne, that for them who have caryed on ye worke of ye Sabbath hithertoo, they shall be allowed after 40 a yeare.

There being some consideration about ten acres of land in Chikkuppy plaine over ye great river wch was granted to Samuel Terry about three yeares agoe: it appearing by an order made in March 1653-54 that yt land was otherwise disposed of & yt it ought not to have bin given away: & besides ye land being otherwise forfeited: the Towne conclude yt grant void & doe reasume ye land to its former use & appoint for the Townes use according to ye afore' recited order: and that Samuel Terry may hve noe wrong by any rates he hath pd, that hath been raised on ye sd land, the Townesmen shal take notice thereoff & pay ye same back againe to Smuel Terry.

In the handwriting of Thomas Cooper.

1658-1659. Samuell Marshfield desired of the Townsmen liberty to purchase a peese of the Indians on the other side of the great river to the vallew of 4 or 5 acars adjoining to Mr. Pynchon his ditch at the south end of his orchard and runeth west alonge by his meddow lott and east bounded by ende of the lotts that runeth from the greate river: which sayd desire


of his was granted by the sayd Townsmen: ye purchase of his alowed off.

[I - 173]

May 10th 1659. Agreement made between Thomas Stebbins and the Townsmen about the setting up of the Towne pound the sayd Thomas Stebbins doth condition with the said Townsmen that the pound shal bee sett the one halfe of the breadth of itt upon his land that is to say wheare they shal see most convenientt and so to stand during the Townes pleasure previded that duringe the time of its standinge theare the saide Thomas Stebbins is to have the spare land that shal bee lost betwixt the corner of the pound next to his howse and h is owne land at his own disposall for his proper use: provided allsoe that the Townsmen from yeare to yeare shal secure the sayd Thomas Stebbins from any damadge that may acrew unto his land by reson of the insufiency of the sayd pound previded alsoe that the pound doe nott exceed 2 rod and halfe in length toward Thomas Stebbins.

December 24 1659. Grants off land by Thomas Cooper, Robert Ashley, Benjamin Cooly, William Warriner, Jonathan Burt - Selectmen for that years.

Granted to John Clarke a parsell of meddow on the other syde of the mill river opositte off medow formerly granted him by the Towne provided that that parsell amount nott above the quantitye of one acar.

Granted to Abell Wright 3 acars of meddow lyinge south of Pacowsucke towards or upon a branch of longe meddow brooke previded he settle in town 5 years.

[I - 174]

Granted to Laurence Bliss 3 acars off meddow lyinge South of Pacowsucke toward one of the branches off longe meddow brooke begininge where Abell Wrights doth end and in case there is nott 3 acars to be had then to bee made up where it can conveniently be found: In refer-ence to this there was granted to Laurence Bliss 3 acars of swampe over Agawam River to-gether with wch there was 4 acres more added,


being 7 acres all in one piece: for this grant see further March 12th 1661-1662.

December 23, 1659. John Wood being called before the Selectmen and questioned for the breach of a Towne order in givinge intertainmentt to Isacke Hall the space of two months hath liberty granted him: for which accordinge to order we find him to transgress the order to the vallew of 40 shillings.

At a Towne meetinge January 19, 1659, itt was unanimoesly agreed uppon by the Towne that the Towne meetinge which had heretofore been usually keptt on the 1st Tuesday in November for the chusinge of Townsmen and other officers for Towne devision should hense forward bee kept on the 1st Tuesday in ffebruary yeerly.

Alsoe at the same meetinge in January 19, 1659, it was agreed upon that the Townsmen then in presentt beinge should make a rate of two and thirty pounds for the defrayinge such debtts as was dew from the Towne to particular persons and that: that prizinge of the Towne stock shold stand for the madinge of the rates the yeere ensuinge.

[I - 175]

January 27, 1659. There is granted by the Selectmen a parsell of land lyinge on the other side Agawam river to the quantitye 5 or 6 acars more or less previded itt be noe detriment to the landinge for the ferrye or to a sufficientt high way that shal be thought convenient to be layd outt there: wee say this is granted to Mr. Pynchon on the South syde Agawam River at the mouth of the river and by the greate river syde.

January 27, 1659. There is also granted to Mr. Pynchon that the wood lott which he bought of William Branch lyinge next to Mr. Pynchons owne woodlott on the other syde of the Muxxy meddow should have soe much added at the farther end in length the same breadth of 14 rod wide as should parrelell the equall length of his owne wood lott: viz: at ye


reare to run even with Mr. Pynchons owne woodlot, wch 14 rod broad being added to Mr. Pynchons 54 rod broad make ye whole bredth 68 rod: in all his woodlot is now 68 rod broad.

January the 27th, 1659. There is granted Thomas Cooper a parsel of swamp land lying by Agawam river side at the South end of the meadow lots at the hither wigwams side all that swamp with what land thear is as yet undisposed of as also lyberty to purchas any land of the Indians adjoining unto it bounded by Agawam ryver on the south and the meadow lots on the north.

[I - 176]

In the handwriting of John Pynchon.

January 27th (1659). There was granted by the Selectmen unto Richard Fellows 20 acres of land viz: an adition of 20 rod in breadth to John Lenards lott which land lyeth at the hyer end of the plaine comonly called Chickopee plaine on the other side of the greate river beinge 30 rod in breadth as it was granted to John Lenard now to Richard Fellows there is 20 rod more added which maks 50 rod in breadth and alsoe an inlardgmentt to the lott which Richard ffellows bought of Hugh Dudley to make it alsoe 50 rod broad anserable to the lott which was granted to John Lenard and to increase the length of these two lotts up the river 32 rod and 50 rod broad anserable to the other land above specified soe that the whole land of Richard Fellows there what by purchase from John Lenard and Hugh Dudley with this addition of the grantt of the Selectmen make the parsell of land 50 rod breadth and 115 rod in length up the road.

[I - 177]

The Towne according to theire order met togither on Tuesday ye 1st of November, 1659, being ye Day fformerly appointed for the yearly choise of all Towne officers: But pceeded to no choise, judging it bestin Sundry respects, that at p'sent all officers should continue in their places till ye 1st Tuesday in ffebruary next the Towne resolving & mutually agreeing then to p'ceed to a new choise & soe yearly hereafter


to meete on ye first Tuesday in ffebruary to make choise of Towne officers & order ye General affaires of ye Towne, hereby repealing ye former order wch appointed ye day to be on ye 1st Tuesday in Novembr and determining that ye first Tuesday in ffebruary yearly shal be Generall Towne meeting day: This was concluded at ye meeting in Novembr and also at a Towne meeting in January 19th 1659 it was unanimously agreed that yearly ye Generall Towne meeting day for choise of Towne Officers should be on ye first Tuesday in ffebruary.

At the Generall Towne meeting, on ye first Tuesday in ffebruary being the 7th day of ffebruary 1659 and ye day appointed for election of Towne officers, & ordering Towne affaires:

There was a choise made of five Select Townsmen for ordering all ye Prudentiall affaires of ye Towne for this yeare ensuinge: (viz)

Thomas Gilbert
Benjamin Parsons
John Dumbleton
Miles Morgan
John Pynchon

Selectmen are to take care what they may for ye welfare of ye Towne: & according to theire wisdome to order the hearding of cattle, making of rates, to dispose of single p'sons & inmates as they shall se cause in ye Towne, To admit inhabitants & to settle ye comon high-ways of ye Towne, & determine any difference about ym. To dispose of any of ye appropriated land, unless that is to let it out wch they may doe for twenty one yeares or less tyme, as they shall see cause, & judge most advantagious to ye Towne: and alsoe any of the estate of ye Towne wch lyes dead. (if yt any doe so) they may let it out for a yeare or yeares if they shall judge it best for ye good of ye towne. And whatever they judge concerning to ye welfare of ye towne they are to act therein & order ye same according to theire best wisdome: and in their making of orders they are to heed ye generall good of ye Towne, & such orders made by ym as they apprhend for ye generall good, they may anex penaltys there-unto according to Law wch penalty they are carefully to exact & recover for the


Townes use from: such inhabitants as shall neglect or refuse to observe them.

It is ordered that hence forward yearly at ye Generall Towne meeting in ffebruary there shall be a moderator chosen, who shal stand as moderator not only that day, but for all towne meetings ye yeare ensueing: and ye Moderator shall always be chosen by papers (paper ballot) & first at ye beginning of ye meeting before any other towne officers, whose work shall be to order tymes of speech & silence, to put things to vote, & to regulate all pro-ceedings in towne meetings that disorders as much as may be p'vented. And in case of his absence at any tyme form any towne meeting, the Selectmen to agree who among themselves shall supply his place at such meeting as he shall be absent from: and at p'sent Mr. John Pynchon is chosen moderator for ye yeare ensueing.

It is ordered that hence forward the Select Townsmen shal yearly be chosen by papers.

It is also ordered that yearly hence forth there shall be one meet man chosen at ye Generall meeting in February to ye place of Clarke (clerk) or Recorder for Recorder for ye towne whose worke shal be [I - 178] faithfully & truly to record & enter towne orders, Grants of Lands & all agreemts & acts of the towne or Select Townsmen who also shall ob-serve to keepe & enter in a booke for that purpose a true account of all dues arising to ye Towne by penaltys anexed to ye breaches of towne orders or otherwise, and also keepe a true acct of all the just expences & debts of ye towne that from him ye towne or Selectmen may know how to act in making rates & shall deliver to the Selectmen a true transcript thereof out of his booke yt so all dues & penaltys payable to ye Towne may be seasonably looked after: and he shall be chosen....

It is also ordered that there shall annually be someone meete p'son chosen to ye place of a towne treasurer who shall carefully receive & gather in all dues belonging to ye Towne, either by penaltys for breaches of towne orders or otherwise, & keepe a true account thereof. And what stock he shall have in his hand of ye townes, he shall not pay it out


to any pson, but to such, to whome he knowes ye Towne are really indebted to & in any doubtfull case to suspend payment on penaltys of satisfiing ye towne out of his owne es-tate what he shall so pay out, if ye towne or Selectmen shall not allow of such his payment all his disposing of ye Towne stock & paymts out, to be by order from ye Selectmen or Towne unless some express order doe allow & warrant his disbursing it. And for this yeare ensueing: Mr. John Pynchon is chose Towne Treasurer.

[I - 179]

John Pynchon - also for ye present yeare is chosen Clarke (clerk) or Recorder for ye Towne.

Ensign Thomas Cooper & John Lombard are chosen surveighours for ye highways to carry on ye repairing of ym the yeare ensueing.

Thomas Mirick is chosen Measurer for Land.

Robert Ashley chosen Constable & had his oath given him, wch he took, ye same day.

Laurence Bliss was chosen Constable Deputy for supply ye constables place in his absence.

It is ordered that henceforth ye choise of ye Constable shall be after this manner: That constables whose tyme is expired before he goes out of his place shall nominate two men and ye Towne commissioners or chief civill power in Towne, shall nominate one more (or two wch they please) the which three men or 4 if 4 be nominated shall all be put to vote & he yt hath most votes shall be Constable the yeare ensueing who by Country Law is lyable to five pound fine for refusall of ye office.

It is ordered that at ye generall towne meeting on ffebruary yearly at ye beginning of ye meeting next after ye choice of Moderator there shall be chosen a Committee of two able p'sons to examen ye accounts that ye Selectmen bring in about publik charges that concerne ths towne before the Selectmen are dismissed their places & so to perfect their accounts according to reigheousness that ye Towne may understand true estate one way or other: what they owe or what is oweing them.


It is agreed that henceforth from yeare to yeare, all ye severall inhabitants of this Towne, wthout expecting any further order, may & are hereby desyred to attend ye Generall Towne meeting day appointed on ye first Tuesday in ffebruary yearly for election of Towne officers carying on & establishing matters of Generall Concernment to ye Towne. And for those p'sons who by law are to vote in towne affaires & act in ye choice of towne officers if they shal not attend ye Generall Towne meeting day on ye first Tuesday in ffebruary aforesd it is ordered that every such p'son at ye tyme of calling or that shall afterward absent himselfe wthout Consent of ye Moderator or Major part of ye assembly: shall pay two shillings to ye Towne Treasurer, wch Penalty shall be exacted wthin one weeke after ye Towne meeing on all those p'sons whose excuse or reson for their absence the Selectmen shall not judge sufficient.

[I - 181]

And for ye carying on of all other towne meetings called at any tyme by the Selectmen: it is ordered:

That whensoever there shall be notice give to Inhabitants by the Selectmen on theire be-halfe of some necessary occasion wherein the Selectmen desire to advise wth ye inhabitants and ye day, tyme & place of meeting be appointed: it is expected that all ye inhabitants attend p'sonally such meetings so appointed: but in case ye inhabitants refuse to attend, if ye tyme & houer of meeting to come, it shall be lawfull if there be one and twenty of ye inhabitants assembled for them to p'ceed in agitation of whatsoever busyness is then & there ppounded to them: and what ye major pt of ye assembly then & there met shall agree upon it shall be taken as ye act of ye whole towne & binding unto all: the words one and twenty put in ffebruary 3d, 162. The original words were: "but seven."

Whereas it is found by experience that some p'sons disorderly doe thrust themselves into this towne & agt ye Selectmen here continue & abide notwthstanding all former


orders made to p'vent ye same, it is therefore ordered that henceforth what pson so ever shall intrude himself into this Towne agt ye consent of ye major pt of ye Selectmen, & shall p'sume here to continue & abide longer than one month or 30 days after notice given them by any of the Selectmen or theire order of their unwillingness that he should abide in ye Towne: such p'son or p'sons, hee or shee as shal so continue agt ye Consent of ye Selectmen or mjaor pt of them, shall for ye first offence pay 20 shillings if afterward they shall still continue in ye towne wthout allowance from ye Selectmen, they shall pay 20 shillings per month for every month they shall so continue contrary to this order wch penaltys shall be duly exacted & pd into the Towne Treasurer.

[I - 182]

The Selectmen at this general Towne meeting in ffebruary (1659) before they went out of theire places made up theire accounts & cleared it up before ye whole towne, that theire first Rate did not levell all accounts, but that there is still 2 17 shillings 4 pence for ye Towne to allow for ye clearing of all accounts & paying what is yet due to Mr. Hooker. Namely to make up ye six pounds & 4 pence wch was remaining due to Mr. Hooker wch two pounds 17 shillings aforesaid the towne doth thus allow & pay. There is of it in Tahan Grants land wch he owes ye towne for wheate.

s d
He had to make nayles & made them not 2 10 00
Laurence Bliss is to pay for ye chaine of ye steele trap he lost 0 05 00
Two shillings Mr. Pynchon gives to cleare all.       
    2     04

2 17 04

And this cleares all Towne accounts: Mr. Pynchon being appointed to look after & receive in the sum aforesd of 2 17 04

And to pay it to Mr. Hooker wch wth 16 bushels & halfe wheate in ye meeting howse wch come to 2 17 09


And 15 pence in hand in wampum 0 01 03
And John Riley, Goodman Sackuit & Bluefield is behind on yer rate with Mr. Pynchon is to looke after 0

6 00 04

all which cleares Mr. Hooker. This is all pd & to be paid into Mr. Pynchon (for Mr. Hooker) who is ingaged & pmises to allow & pay it to Mr. Hooker: & so all the Townes debts are cleared & pd to this 7th day ffebruary 1659. All Towne accounts cleared to this day.

Note: On margin against the preceding paragraph is this: "ye 8 shillings 3 pence for mats & 5 shillings 9 pence due G. Cooper viz: 14 shillings no pence & Goodman Dorchester his rate wch is unpaid cleares that & is set of yt way & so all is quit."

[I - 183]

Richard Fellows is ingaged to ye towneP for taking off of his forfeiture of his land wch he sold contrary to order by pmise - to supply ye towne wth a sufficient horse for a journey to ye Bay this next spring or summer when ye towne shall please to call for it.

There is of ye towne one iron hooke & eye in ye post & gate goeing to ye traininge place also ye towne hath one iron hook & eye at Thomas Coopers howse.

This account ye old Selectmen gave in to ye towne 7th ffebruary 1659:

Consideration being had concerning our way of raising rates whether to make any alterations & what way to goe in for future after much debate about it: it was agreed upon & resolved by ye Towne that hence forward all town rates should be raised upon land & cattle: all land & howsing bo be valued by ye Selectmen in an equal & no indifferent way according as they shal judge most equal & right from yeare to yeare if they so need of any new doeings wtso-ever: & according to theire valluation of mens land to reckon it as so much estate wth mens estate in cattle & mens estate


of howsing & land & cattle put together to raise ye rates thereby & cast up every mans just p'portion.

And it is ordered that all cattle of all sorts shal be vallued or prized for making Townes rates at ye same price & according to ye vallue wch ye Country sets upon ye cattle by theire age. And that the Selectmen may know ye age & number of new cattle wherby to take ye right vallue of ym when they are to make rates thereby they shall make choise ofone fit man yearly whom they shal appoint to goe thorow ye Towne to take an aco'nt of mens cattle, ye age thereof according to law & to bring into ym a list of ye number of mens cattle of such & such severall ages.

[I - 184]

ffebruary 1659. Voted by ye Towne & ordered that ye 60 to be allowed Mr. Glover if he stay out ye yeare: the rate shal be made by ye Selectmen according to this last order, & way of rateing agreed on: and that three quarters of ye rate be gathered & paid in as soone as it is made: the other quarter only to remaine in mens hands till about Michalstide next & to be pd then, when it is called for.

Voted to allow Richard Fellows ten shillings wch he pad to Gutteridge of Wethersfield for David Chapins horse (wch was imployed for ye Towne occasions about 2 years since) The Towne granted to allow this ten shillings to Richard ffellows upon his producing Gutteridge his receipt yt he had rec'd it of him, wch receite was pr'sented & showne in ye Towne meeting: Richard ffellows desyred a piece of land in Chikkuppy plaine in yt wch is left in ye lot wch was Miles Morgans lying at ye end of pt of ye same lot which he hath lately purchased of John Sackut & p'mises to release ye ten shillings due to him aforsd from ye towne: wch p'sell of ground being about 15 or 16 acres is by ye Selectmen this 10th of february, 1659 granted to Richard ffellows, p'vided he set off & release ye 10 shillings aforesd due to him from ye Towne wch he p'mises to doe & accepts & receipts of ye land on these terms.

The lot of Richard Maunds (being in Mr. Pynchons hand) by Richard Maunds selling to him though forfeited by his going


away, it was by ye Selectmen confirmed to Mr. Pynchon this 15th ffebruary 1659 and by ye sd Mr. Pynchon it is [ ] lying betwixt ye lots of Robert Ashly & yet wch was Symon Beamon & sold to Mr. Pynchon.

[I - 185]

March 5th 1659-60. At a meeting of ye Selectmen: Miles Morgan, Benjamin Parsons, Thomas Gilbert & John Dumbleton - it is ordered that swine wch are not shut up & that keepe about ye Towne, or wthin two miles of ye Towne: all such swine shall be well & sufficiently rungg by ye ownwers thereof: (at at theire cost & charge) to prevent (as well) the rooting downe of ditches & rooting up of ye commons or other hurts as ye spoiling of meddows, pastures & cornfields: and if any swine above three months old shall be found after ye 25th day of March yearley: wthout good & sufficient rings in their noses, to p'vent their rooting: the owner of such swine shall pay three pence apiece for every swine so found, though but in ye commons or streetes, but swine found in meddows, pastures, gardens, orchards or cornfields wthout good & sufficient rings as aforesd: the owners shall pay two shillings & sixe pence a piece for every such swine above three months old besides sattisfiing all damadges done to any p'son by any swine. And though swine be rung yet if they damadge any: the owners shall pay for such damadge or trespase as their swine doe in cornfields, meddows, orchards & gardens, p'vided it be judged by two Indifferent men: but ye owners of ye sd ringed swine shall or may (& are hereby enabled to) recover what ever damadge they so pay from them, whose insufficient fence, they shal prove ye sd swine came through: and it is further ordered that any swine found in cornfields, meddows, pastures, gardens or orchards may be driven to ye pound, not only for ye recovery of what damadges they shall doe, but also of ye forfeitures for theire being unrungg, unless ye owners of ye swine shal either pay ye forfeitures & damadge or ingage before witnesses to doe it to ye parties Sattisfaction: And for swine or any cattle that are lyable to poundadge whoever


[I - 186] shall pound them, they shall have foure pence a head, for ye poundage of them, and ye pound keepter shall have 2 pence a head for taking ym in & letting ym out of Pound. The penaltys aforesd of 3 pence for swine found in ye commons or streetes unrung, to goe to ye Informer & if any shall refuse to pay it him, so that he be put to call witness & to prosecute it they shall then pay 6 pence a piece for swine in meddows & to goe halfe to ye Informer & ye other halfe to ye Towne, the Informer being to record it all & pay in halfe to ye Towne. And all former orders about swine are hereby repealed except that for ye Long meddow & yt other for over ye River.

Whereas divers offences arise, thorough defective ffences & different appr'hensions con-cerning ye sufficiency of fences betwixt pprietors it is therefore ordered that all outside ffences about meddows or cornfields shall be substantially fenced either wth 5 railes or posts & pales: or ditch foure foot & halfe broad wth hedge on it, or otherwise according to ye judgment & sattisfaction of ye viewers & that all p'tionall fences between lot & lot shall be ordered by ye Selectmen in case of ye disagreem't of ye pprietors & in case any damadge arise to others by ye defect of fences, the party whose fence is defective shal pay all damadges according as they shall be adjudged by ye Selectmen or any deputed by them upon complaint from any dammadged.

[I - 187]

An Ancient Towne Order.

Whereas there was an ancient order bearing date January 24th 1638, requiring all that had ditches by ye highway before theire doors to keep ym well scoured by ye ready passadge of ye water that it might not pen up to flow the meddows, and after that in December 1641 it was ordered that every inhabitant should make a ditch ye breadth of theire lots before theire doors & such as had ditches made should scour ym by ye last of May or penalty of five shillings & whereas the sc orders have not bin attended by meanes of wch neglect, much damadge hath come to ye generaltly if not to all ye inhabitants from ye middle of ye Towne upwards, through ye


water penning up & flowing of theire meddows: for prevention whereof for future & in p'secution of ye fore mentioned orders & according to an order made in December, 1656: it is further ordered that henceforward yearly, the severall inhabitants or pprietors of ye meddows from Mr. Pynchons meddow downe to Henry Burts, shall keepe a good & sufficient ditch well cleared for ye free & ready passadge of water, for wch end every p'son the bredth of his meddow, (& from 6 or 8 rod up ye meddow betwixt Mr. Pynchon & Mr. Holyoke) shal once every yeare sometime in May scour & cleare theire sd ditches or water passages of sand, dirt, wood or any rubbish, so yt ye water may have free passadge away wthout penning up to flow ye meddows: and this to be attended at such tyme in May yearely as that it may be done by the last day of May on penalty of [I - 188] every p'son neglecting to pay five shillings to ye Towne Treasurer, if not done yearly by ye tyme, & tht sufficiently cleared acording as shall be allowed of by two of ye Selectmen appointed by ye rest: every p'son to attend it when ye water shall bee turned away for yt end, by those that live uppermost or by agreemnt of ye major pt & in case it shal be found undone after ye first weeke in June every p'son whose ditch or water passadge is not then sufficiently cleared shall besides ye first five shillings be fully done to sattisfaction of ye two Selectmen appointed, all wch Penaltys shall be duly levied by ye Constable pd in to ye Towne Treasurer: the Selectmen appointed for this yeare to see this done & to judge of ye sufficient cleansing of ye water passadge are Serjant Morgan & Benjamin Parsons.

George Colton & Jonathan Burt, for ye lower end from the meeting howse downeward.

Robert Ashly is chosen Sealer for weights & measures etc.

Samuel Marshfeild is allowed to keepe an Ordinary or howse for common entertainment & to sell wine , liquor, etc.


Agreed to pr'sent these p'sons to ye next County Court, ye one to be licensed & ye other to be Sworne & to p'secute agt John Wood for staying in Towne.

[I - 189]

March 5th 1659. Lett out to Thomas Noble, the thirty acres of Towne land in Chikkuppy plaine on ye west side of ye greate river for the terme & space of nine yeares from this p'sent 5th day of March 1659, upon ye tearmes hereafter mentioned (viz) that he shall cleare & plow up fifteen acres of ground within five yeares: or at least before his tyme be expired, but he is not to deface or breake up any of ye meddow or mowing ground, but prserve it for Hay. And for the two first yeares the sd Thomas Noble is not to allow or pay yearly ye rent or sum of foure pounds, the wch sum of foure pounds a yeare he is to pay in, unto ye Select Townsmen or Towne Treasurer in good merchantable wheate, upon or before ye first day of March yearly till ye terme be expired: and in case ye land should come to be fenced he is to doe his share of fence wth other men. And he is to pay noe rates ye land being rate free. And to this ingagemt & agreement he hath set his hand, this prsent 5th of March 1659.

(signed) Thomas Noble.

Ordered that ye surveighours shall make a foote bridge over ye mill river in ye most con-venient place betwixt ye cartway yt now is & ye old mill of two trees joined together & so fastened or secured, that ye floods may not carry ym away.

Also it is ordered that ye surveighors shall make ye highway over ye greate river that goes betwixt John Clarks & Mr. Smiths Pikle (pickle field) passable wth a loaden cart.

The lower end of ye Towne have liberty to make a cart bridge over ye mill river above ye old mill & such as joine not in making of it, if they shall make use of it, they shall allow or pay to ye makers of it 3 pence per load for three yeares.

[I - 190]


March 5th 1659.

There is granted to Rowland Thomas 20 acres of upland at Chikkuppe rivers mouth, by his meddow there provided he continue 5 yeares in Towne.

Granted to Symon Beamon a wood lot of foure acres at ye east end of Ensign Coopers woodlot p'vided he continue 5 years.

Granted to John Dumbleton a p'sell of meddow on ye other side of Pauccatuck brooke p'vided it exceed not ten acrs of meddow & that he continue in Towne 5 years.

Granted to Thomas Stebbins the Pond in ye long meddow betweene wheele meddow & his fathers lot, the breadth of his fathers lot & ye ground there betwixt his fathers lot & wheele meddow. Also granted him ten acres of land in ye plaine next above ye alotment already granted there without ye fence. Granted (likewise) to Miles Morgan ten acres of land there in ye plaine above.

There is granted to Laurence Bliss & Samuel Marshfield & to each of them foure acres of swamp over Agawam river in ye howse meddow that spang of land twixt ye howse medow & Thomas Mirick & Thomas Bancraft to be yt first & ye rest of it to adjoine to it & run from: Agawam River to ye howse meddow.

March 26th 1660.

At a meeting of Jno Pynchon, J. Dumbleton, Benjamin Parsons, Miles Morgan & Thomas Gilbert. Henry Chapin is admitted an Inhabitant & Deacon Chapin acknowledges himselfe bound to ye Towne Treasurer in a bond of 20 to secure ye towne from: any charge wch may arise to ye Towne by ye sd Henry Chapin.

There is granted to Henry Chapin sixteene acres of land by Rowld Thomas on this side of Chikkuppy river reserving full liberty to lay out highways & ye most convenient passadge.

Samuel Ely is admitted an Inhabitant & Mr. Elizur Holyoke acknowledges himselfe bound in a bond of 20 to ye Towne


Treasurer to Secure ye Towne from any charge wch may arise to ye Towne by ye sd Ely or his family.

There is granted to Jeremy Horton & James Warriner a neck of land on this side of Chikkuppy river at Skepmuck of about 20 acres that is to say each of ym 10 acrs: James Warrinar his ten acrs lys uppermost next ye comon passadge through ye river; & lys along by ye river side betwixt ye River & ye brow of ye Hill, only he is to leave out a sufficient cart way above it (over ye river) or else to allow a cartway through it as shall be most convenient. Next to James Warrinar, westward downe ye River lys Jeremy Horton his ten acrs bounded by ye river north & ye brow of the Hill south: also there is granted to each of ym five acres a piece more upon ye brow of ye hill homeward & adjoyning each of their aforesd land, allowing a common way most convenient wch is granted ym in lew of howse lots: this Grant confirmed 31st December 1660 wth liberty for each of ym to build there.

[I - 191]

At a meeting of ye Towne August 27th 1660.

Mr. Holyoke was chosen commissioner to joine wth ye Selectmen for making ye country rates this yeare according to order.

At ye same Towne meeting Joseph Crowfoote ppounding his desires for liberty to build on his lot over ye greate river at ye Hay place, had liberty granted him for erecting a building or dwelling place there.

Also Thomas Gilbert hath liberty granted him for building a dwelling on his lad, wch he hath bought of Benjamin Cooly at the Longmeddow gate.

Mr. Glover, Minister of Springfield.

At a meeting of ye Towne December 12th, 1660: it was agreed that Mr. Glover should have ye howse (wherein he now dwells) & land belonging to it, during his convenience among us to dispense ye word of God: And that ye Towne will repaire ye fences & set all things in goodd repaire wch he is so to keepe, & to leave ym in repaire to ye Towne when


p'vidence shall order his reovall, by death or otherwise. And for his maintenance yearly: the Towne agrees to allow him 80 the yeare begins ye 29th of September 1660.

And ye Towne agrees to pay for bringing up of his goods, etc.

[I - 192]

December 31th 1660: By ye Selectmen.

John Pynchon, John Dumbleton, Miles Morgan, Thomas Gilbert & Benjamin Parsons, George Colton.

George Colton desiring liberty to build on his land at ye long meddow had liberty granted him for erecting a building or dwelling place thare.

Rowland Thomas had ye like liberty granted him for building a howse or erecting a dwelling place on his land at ye mouth of Chikkuppy River, on this side of Chikkuppy River.

James Warriner & Jeremy Horton have each of them liberty granted them, for dwelling & erecting of buildings on theire land at Skipnuck on this side of Chikkuppe River.

Whereas there was one acre of meddow on ye mill river, wch Goodman Ashly in relation to his keeping of ye Ordinary & he was to leave it into ye Townes hands when ever he should cease to keepe ye Ordinary: he having given over ye Ordinary & yt acre of meddow more or less now falling into ye Townes hands: It is ordered that Samuel Marshfield (who now keepes ye Ordinary) shall have yt acre of meddow with what overpluss belongs to it, if there be any, be it more or less: Samuel Marshfield shall have ye use of yt meddow for ye pr'sent & till ye Selectmen or Towne shall otherwise dispose of it p'vided he (ye sd Samuel) be at ye charge of measuring it & bounding it out, sufficiently & this is granted to him in re-lation to his keeping ye Ordinary & yet wth liberty to ye Towne or Selectmen disposing it as they see cause.

There is liberty granted for Quince Smith his tarrying two months in Towne from ye 18th of December 1660 if he tarry longer it must be by a new liberty from ye Selectmen.


[I - 193]

December 31 (1660) Observation being taken, of a greate neglect in many p'sons not bounding theire land by sufficient marks wch neglect may occasion much troble & disturb-ance in future tyme if not spedyly p'vented. It is therefore ordered that every pprietor of land whose land is not fenced in pticular but lys in common with others, shall take care that before ye last of Aprill next, there be set on each side of his land atleast two good stones, full an foote above ground or else in ye stead of stones a trench of three foote long & two foote wide & a foote & halfe deep, (the stones or trench to be set exactly ni ye front & reare) on penalty of paying five shillings for every distince psell of land wch shall not be bounded as aforesd by ye last of April next, ye 5 shillings to be pd by ye other pty, ye other halfe according as ye Selectmen shall judge and that none may set their bounds ymse (themselves) to ye offence of theire neighbour they are to required these yt joine upon ym to goe wth them according to Country law.

October 8th 1660. According to order by ye Selectmen, there was granted a p'sell of land at fresh water brooke, to Mr. Pynchon: George Colton & Benjamin Cooly in pportion according as they carry on theire designe of keeping swine there, at fresh water river. In all forty acres of upland there wch is to say ten acres to each quarter pt & so to be pportioned to ym to carry on ye quarter pts & this upon condition yt they doe wthin two years carry on theire designe of keeping swine there, if they faile in carrying on theire designe of keeping swine there wthin two yeares or such of ym as doe faile they forfeit ye land & it remaines to ye other of ym who doe keep swine there or else falls to ye Towne if none carry on ye designe of keeping swine there. The designe of keeping swine there was accordingly carryed on & wthin ye tyme limited, & continued till Windsor cornfields eate up ye swine.

[Note. On the margin of the preceding is this: "To George Colton belongs 10 acres & 30 acres to Mr. Pynchon who carryed on 3 quarters."


[I - 194 Blank - I - 195]

At ye Generall Towne meeting on ye first Tuesday of ffebruary (being) ffebruary 5th, 1660.

There was a choice made of five Select Townesmen for ordering all ye Prudentiall affaires of ye Towne for this yeare ensuing: (viz)

Mr. Holyoke
Deacon Chapin
Ensigne Cooper
Serfant Cooly
Robert Ashly

Who (by a full vote) have ye same power conferred upon them as ye Selectmen had last yeare.

Mr. John Pynchon is chosen Moderator for all Towne meetings ye yeare ensueing.

The Committy chosen for examening the accounts of ye Selectmen are Mr. Holyoke & Ensigne Cooper.

Mr. Holyoke is chosen Recorder or clarke (clerk) for ye Towne ye yeare ensuing.

In the handwriting of Elizur Holyoke.

Thomas Merrick & William Warrener are chosen surveyors for the high ways (belonging to this towne) for the yeare ensueing.

Lawrence Bliss at this same meeting is chosen to ye office of a Constable for this Towne for ye yeare ensueing who accordingly took his oath for the execution of his office.

And Benjamin Parsons is chosen for the Constables deputy to supply the Constables place in the Contables absence.

[I - 196]

And at the same Towne meeting Thomas Merrick & Samuel Marshfield were chosen Measurers of land for this Town (as need shall require) for ye yeare ensueing.

Thomas Bancroft is chosen for a Searcher and Sealer of leather according to law for this town for ye yeare ensueing.

And whereas the country law enacts that noe house or cottage shall injoy ye privilegges of any commons wch shall be sett up in any township without consent of the Town: this town doth order and depute the Selectmen in the

p. 282

name & on ye behalfe of ye Town to allow or disallow any such buildings.

Samuell Terry making claim before the Town to 10 acres that appropriated land in the playne for yt there was a grant to him of soe much land there, it was left to a committee of six men to consider what they should think convenient for ye town to doe in the case: the committee chosen were:

Ensign Cooper
Nathaneel Ely
George Colton
Sergeant Stebbin
Samuell Marshfield
Elizur Holyoke

who are to make return of ye apprehension of ye towne.

Also the said six men & Mr. Pynchon joyned wth them are to consider what way they mudge most convenient for raysing town rates, for yt the Town votes to alter from the way that was observed last [I - 197] yeere: & the said seven men are to make return of their app'hensions to the town.

ffebruary 12th 1660.

A Town meetinge being called to consider of & conclude some things not fully issued at the former meeting as concerning Samuell Terry his claime & the way of rasyinge rates for ye Towne. The comittees chosen last meetinge to consider of these things, delivering yt app'hensions. The Town by vote concluded to leave ye busyness of Samuell Terry his claime to ye Selectmen to consider of, & that if they see cause to give Samuell Terry some portion of the land they shall have liberty soe to doe, the Towne concluding they condiscend to him herein more ym they need to doe.

And concerninge the way of raysinge rates for bearinge the publik charges of the Town it is voted that such rates shall be raysed on houses, land & livinge stocke accordinge to their worth: houses & lands to be prised by the Selectmen; liveing stock to be prized by men chosen by the Selectmen from yeare to yeare. And the Towne concludes that hereafter swine putt up for fatting & killing shall not be prized for raysing town rates: alsoe that mens persons shal be vallued as so much estate: viz - all men from 16 yeeres & upward


wch vallue of [I - 198] persons shal be at 12. 16. or 20 accordinge to the discretion of the Selectmen: all men to come under one of those prizes, except such persons as shal be found impotent by reason of lameness or sickness or infirmity to be judged by the Selectmen.

Alsoe the Town concludes that for raysing Town rates men shal be assessed for their merchandizing and trading suitable to wt trade they drive in the Towne, wch also is to be judged by the Selectmen.

The day abovesaid viz: ffebruary 12th 1660.

Thomas Day & Thomas Noble makinge suite for land behind Chickuppe plaine on the west side of the great river 2 or 3 miles more or less from the River, there is granted to them 20 acres, a peece halfe meddow & halfe upland ye land lyinge together in those quarters where they can find it. This granted by ye Selectmen.

The Selectmen chose for prizers of cattel for this yeere whereby to make rates these men: viz: Nathaneell Ely, Samuell Marshfield & Thomas Miller:

And for viewers of fences for this yeere they chose for the higher end of ye Towne from ye meeting house Rowland Thomas & Griffeth Jones & Thomas Gilbert & Thomas Bancroft for ye lower end of ye Town from ye meeting house.

[I - 199]

ffurthermore there is granted to ye Selectmen to Anthony Dorchester 10 acres of land on ye backside of Chickuppe playne on the west Side of ye great river wch land is to lye at or neere the backer end of certayn lotts wch were his own in yt playne: this 10 acres is said to be formrly granted to him: wch grant is now renewed.

There is also granted unto Ensigne Cooper Robert Ashley Samuell Marshfield & James Warrener all the meddow yt lyes uppon the North Branch of the next brook yt runs into the great river below Agawam River the said four persons are to share equally those meddowes amongst them: Themselves also are to aggree where each mans share shall ly.


There is also granted to Samuell Marshfield that land that lyes between Pacowsick brook & the last of those lotts granted on this side, the said land is bounded by ye great river & the top of ye hill East: provided that the highway be not p'judiced by this grant & yt any person may have liberty to fetch stones from the flatts in the great river.

There is granted to Thomas Gilbert 10 acres of meddow on fresh water brook if there be soe much there above former grants.

[I - 200]

There is also granted to Thomas Miller, Rice Bedortha & Edward ffoster 6 acres of meddow to such of them lyinge on the same meddow or over the same brook where Thomas Noble & Thomas Day have meddows granted to them: the first grants to be first laid out:

At a Town meetinge ffebruary 15, 1660.
The Bounds of Springfield Plantation

It being propounded this day as a matter of importance & very convenent for the Towne that bounds were sett to this Plantation & confirmed by the Generall Court. It was by vote de-clared to be the desire of the Inhabitants that the next Generall Court be in humble wise petitioned to settle bounds for this Plantation: the Town desiringe that our Northerly bounds may meet wth the bounds of Northampton on the West side of ye great River & wth ye New Town on the East side of the great River according as the bounds of ye said New Town were laid out by the Committee appoynted thereunto & the Southerly bounds to extend 20 poles below the place where Mr. Pynchon had a warehouse according to an Ancient Conditionall grant of ye General Court: dated..... & soe to run the bounds East from the Great River ffive mile: & from ye Said warehouse place to [I - 201] runn cross the great River & to runne West as far as Woronoco is from Springfield, takeing in also the Lands at Woronoco (according the General Courts conditionall grannt concerning those lands) except yt a plantation be sett up at or neere Woronoco & then Worronoco to be dismissed from Springfield: or if


Worronoco be absolutely taken away from us then to request the Court to have ffoure miles in breadth granted westward from ye great River: and in case ye Court shall not grannt five miles Eastward from the great River for ye Townes bounds then to gett ffoure miles Eastward: or if the North bounds wil not be granted as is above defined then to gett the bounds to be granted wthin two miles thereof: but the deputy is gott as much in all these respects as Court may be inclined unto: And Mr. John Pynchon, Ensigne Cooper, Elizur Holy-oke & Rowland Thomas are appointed to make a draught of ye lands to be presented to ye Court.

Whereas by an Order of the 12th of this Instant ffebruary, it was concluded yt for raysinge of rates for comon charges of ye Town, mens persons should come under valluation wch valluations are to be reconded wth mens estates and yr being Three prizes pitcht on to Sett mens persons at viz: 12. 16. or 20. it is now concluded to add a fourth prize viz: 18, leaving it for to ye judgmt of ye Selectmen to sett mens persons at wch of those said prizes they judge most fitt.

[I - 202]

ffebruary 18th 1660.

A Warning Out

Whereas Quince Smith had liberty of abode in this Town for 2 months his tyme being now expired he was by the Selectmen this day warned to depart the Town.

John Keepe desiringe entertaynmint in this Towne as an Inhabitant, his desires were granted by the Selectmen ye day abovesaid.

March 13th 1660.

There is by ye Selectmen granted to John Lambe ffoure acres of land lyinge by & adjoyninge to the west end of his lott in chikkuppe playne on the West side of ye great river the breadth thereof to be according to the breadth of his lott there & soe to runn west till his ffoure acres are made up:

Also yrs grannted to John Lambe a certayne parcell of meddow lying on the brook where Thomas Day & Thomas Noble have some grannted them: wch grannt is to be to the number of ffoure acres if it be there & to lye Southward of


the meddow grnnted to Thomas Day. There were 2 acres more granted Jno Lamb in ye same place.

There is granted to Benjamin Cooley & Thomas Gilbert 6 acres a peece of the wett meddow & low land on the back side & towards the lower end of ye Long meddow if soe much be there undisposed of.

[I - 203]

There is granted to Nathaneell Ely a peece of meddow on a gutter or little brook to 3 or 4 acres lying about a mile from the long medow: provided this peece of meddow be not form'ly granted to any other: this meddow lyes by the path to Moheage.

There is granted alsoe to Nathaneell Ely 10 acr of meddow lyinge on fresh water brook if soe much be there still undisposed of.

There is granted to John Keep ffive acres of meddow on fresh water brook provided all former grants of meddow there be first made good.

There is granted to Thomas Bancroft, Abell Wright, John Lumbard & Richard Sikes a parcel of land lying on ye West side of ye great river over agnst ye long medow something below George Coltons: wch land hereby grannted lyeth between two brooks & is to runn westward from: ye River to a hill about 40 rodd westward: Thomas Bancroft to lye next to the southermost brook, Abel Wright next towards the North, John Lumbard next him & Richard Sikes next him: they ffoure sharring there equally in threescore acres of land if there be soe much there or if there be not soe much they are to divide the peece equally amongst them lyinge as is above exp'ssed.

[1 - 204]

There is granted to Nathaneel Pritchard certayne parsells of meddow lying by his meddow on Cow Seek brook being in all the parcells about an acre: this upon measure proves two acres wch are granted him.

There is granted to John Bagg a parcell of land conteyning six acres lying at the reare of ye 2nd divission lotts neere


the cold Spring: a lott late of Symon Sackett lyinge on the south of it: & a lott of Obadiah Miller on ye west & ye commons on the North: also yrs granted him a little narrow valley at ye north end of h is lott for his more convenent passage from his lott.

There is granted to Obadiah Miller six acres of land lying west on ye west side of the lott above said John Bagg.

There is granted to John Lumbard a parcell of meddow conteyning about an acre lyinge on Cow Seek above John Harmans meddow if it be there to be had.

There is granted to Henry Burt a parcell of swamp land lying between the brook & his wett meddow lot on ye back side of ye long medddow.

There is grannted to William Morgan a parcell of land lyinge at ye higher end of ye playne over End brook between Miles Morgans lott & ye great river: his is to have three acres of it bee there. William Morgan this land he surrendered to ye Town upon an after grant.

There is granted to Robert Ashley six acres of meddow on the back side of Chickuppe playne wthin 2 or 3 miles of ye great river where he can find so much undisposed of.

[I - 205]

Also thereabout in the woods is grannted to Griffith Jones ffoure accres of meddow if he can find soe much undisposed of.

Also ther is granted to Richard Exell 3 or 4 acres in those quarters if he can find soe much undisposed of.

There is granted to Richard Exell 3 or 4 acres in those quartrs if he can find soe much undisposed of.

There is granted to Thomas Merick ten acres of upland on Agawam River joyninge to his three corne meddow: wch land is to lye 30 rod in breadth by his medow & soe to runn into ye woods to make up his ten acres.

There is also granted to Thomas Merick a little parcell of meddow above the falls in ye East branch of ye mill river beinge about an acr.

Also yrs grannted to him that peece of ye swamp yt lyes between Agawam River & his own land & the brook yt comes out ye middle meddow.


Also yrs grannted to Benjamin Cooley thirty acres on ye East side of ye Swamp over agt his house at ye long meddow wch land lyes betweene two dingles & to runn from ye brow of ye hill backward into ye woods Eastward till 30 acres be made up.

Also yrs granted to Thomas Gilbert tweelve acres on the North side of Benjamin Cooley's grannt above said extending to another dingle Northward.

Theres liberty grannted to Charles fferry to build on Widow Harmans wood lott wch he sayth he hath bought.

[I - 206]

There is granted to Robert Ashley liberty to build on his land towards ye round hill.

There is grannted to Thomas Day & Thomas Noble those little spangs or peeces of meddow yt lye adjoyning to ye meddows lately grannted them behind Chickkuppe playne.

There is granted to Elizur Holyoke twenty acres of upland adjoyning to his house meddow.

There is granted to Thomas Bancroft about an acre ofland more or less at the end of his wood lott to the top of ye hill by the pine playne.

There is granted to Samuell Chapin a parcell of land at Woronoco beinge between twenty & thirty acres lying on the East side of ye Second brook yt is on this side of Thomas Coopers farme there: & is to be bounded by the hills on the North & ye River on the South: provided those lands shall be confirmed by ye Court to belong to this Town & yt he purchase the said peece of land of ye Indians: & he is not to hinder passage through it to those other lands beyond it.

There is granted to Thomas Cooper twenty acres of upland & swamp over Agawam river viz: from the West side of Thomas Stebbins his meddow: beginning at ye foot path yt goes from John Leonards towards Windsor on the South part of the great hill & soe to runn in length foure score rod Westward. Also there is granted to him a little peece of meddow land on the west side of the Swamp wch bounds Jno Leonards land bought [I - 207] of Thomas Merick:


Also yrs grannted to him a parcell of land for a way up the great hill from the outside of his owne little meddow aforesaid.

Also there is granted to Rowland Thomas 24 acres of land lying on the west side of ye great river about halfe a mile below the highest falls in ye great river yr wch land lyes by ye great river. Provided he pay for ye purchase thereof as ye Selectmen shall lott ye price & provided that the Court confirme it to be wthin the bounds of this Towne: and he is to pay ye measurer for measuring it.

There is also granted to Samuell Terry two little peeces of land above the brook at the head of Chickuppe plaine on the West side of the great River wch parcells of land conteyne seven acres more or less: (see below) - Memorandum that the above mentioned grant of land to Samuell Terry is upon condition that he do quitt & release all or any right wch he prtends to have in any land which lyes toweard the lower end of the said Chickuppe playne wch land he pleaded to have been granted to him by the Plantation:

There is granted to William Brooks a parcell of upland at the higher end of Chickuppe playne on ye West side of ye great river: on ye back side of the playne being the low land under ye hills & is to run from the brook on ye North to ye lotts on the south: about ffourteen or fifteen acres.

[I - 208]

There is granted to Jonathan Burt a parcell of wett meddow lying on Cow Seek brook between Nath Pritchards meddow and ye meddow of Lawrence Bliss wch parcell of meddow contayne two acres more or less.

August 12, 1661.

At a Town meeting Mr. John Pynchon was chose for ye Commissioner to joyn with ye Selectmen in making the Country rate & to doe therein as the Law enjoynes.

January 3d, 1661.

At a meeting of the Proprietors of the land on ye West Side of the great River:


It was agreed by the Proprietors of the land from the upper side of Abell Wrights lott to the lower end of ye neck to runn a fence from Agawam River to the great river for the securing of that field: the fence to be a good sufficient fence of posts & rails, & this fence to be up & finisht by the middle of April next: heeto agreed the major part of the proprietors of those lotts: viz:

Samuell Marshfield
Nath. Ely
Richard Sikes
Jonathan Burt
Lawrence Bliss
Abell Wright
Charles ffery
Nath Pritchard
Anthony Dorchester
John Lumbard
Widdow Bliss
John Matthews

And on the same day it was by vote concluded & agreed by the Proprietors of the land from that field to the higher end of ye 2d divission & between [I - 209] the said two rivers to sett up a sufficient fence according to Order, from ye great river to Agawam River: the fence to be sett up by the last of May next: and who soe shall be wanting in setting up his proportion of fence by yt tyme he is to make at the flatts over Agawam River soe many rods of sufficient fence as he is defective in: this as a penalty for his neglect: & yet also if he shal not sett up his proportion of fences as above said wthin a week after the last of May next he is to double that proportion of fence on ye flatts: that is he is to doe twice soe much fencing on ye flatts as is wanting in his proportion of fencing between ye said two rivers in way of penalty for his neglect.

And John Dumbleton & Thomas Miller were appoynted to measure the length of ye ground between ye two rivers where the fence must run: & to cast up & tell every man what their proportion of fence is: as also to appoynt where such as are defective shall doe their fences on the flatts: as also to see yt all the fence be sufficiently done: and every man is to sett up his fence, according as he dwells: they yt live lowest in ye Town, to begin first next the great River & soe all yt live on this side are to take yr proportions successively: & then John Scott & soe all upward to fall in according to yr Order of dwellinge.

[I - 210]


It is by them ordered that the highway by Goodman Cooleys lott at the higher end of the Long Meddow shal be ffoure rodd broad from the top of the banke by the great River.

Also it is ordered that the highway to the Round hill shal be six rod broad at the South end of yt hill: that is to say six rod broad from the top of ye bank or upland by the Hassoky meddow to ye end of the Upland lotts: and the Westerly range of ye said highway is to runn uppon a straight course from ye Round hill to ye North end of the ditch fence of those lotts wch were Thomas Dayes.

Samuell Marshfield propounding to & desiringe of the Selectmen for a confirmation of his deed of Mortgage from the Indians of their lands wch deed ye Indians granted him for his security of certayn debts yt the Indians owe him: the Selectmen doe approve of Samuell Marshfields deed to all intents & purposes in ye law in such case.

Theere is granted to Mr. Hollyoke thatt small parsell of vacant land which lyeth betwixt the small parsell of meddow which he bought off Thomas Day lyinge att the South end of 3 corner meddow what vacantt land lyeth betweene thatt & the river off the upland lotts against the same is granted to Mr. Holyoke.

[I - 211 - Blank]

[I - 212]

At a General Town meeting ffebruary 4th, 1661, being the first Tuesday in ffebruary: the day Ordered for ye Generall Towne meeting every yeere.

Mr. John Pynchon was chose Moderator for yt meetinge & for all Town meetings if he be pr'sent for ye yeare ensuing:

Capt. Pynchon & Nathaneel Ely are chosen a Committee to examine the account of ye Selectmen yt were chosen for the yeere ensueing were:

Capt. John Pynchon
Nathaneell Ely
Elizur Holyoke


George Colton
Miles Morgan

who ware to order the prudentiall affaires of ye Town.

Elizur Holyoke is chosen Town Clarke (clerk) or Recorder for the yeere ensuinge.

Capt. Pynchon is chosen Treasurer for ye Town for ye yeere ensuinge.

Lawrence Bliss Constable being desired to stand in his office till next August consented thereunto at wt tyme he is to be dismissed of his office: and then another Constable is to be chosen for ye yeare ffollowing from that tyme: and so yearly at ye tyme of choosing ye Comiss for Court. And Benjamin Parsons is chosen Constable for this yeere from this 4th of ffebruary, 1661. And it is voted and concluded yt theire shall always be two Constables un ye town. One chosen every halfe yeere at the tymes above mentioned. And Benjamin Parsons too ye Constables oath at this generall meetinge.

[I - 123]

Samuell Marshfield & Jonathan Burt are also chosen Measurers of land for the yeer ensueinge.

John Dumbleton is chosen for a Surveyor of the high wayes to joyn wth ye two former.

Certayn proprietors of lotts in ye wett meddow on this side ye Round hill desiring that the town lotts wth theire lotts may be soe altered or removed for ye townes & yr own convenience, that their lands may lye together: & that the town lotts there in ye meddow may also lye together: Ensigne Cooper, Deacon Chapin & Miles Morgan were chosen a committee to view those lands & make report to ye town what they judge convenient to be done therein for ye Towne.

The Selectmen chosen for this yeere have the same power conferred upon them as the Selectmen of the last yeere had wch was the same as was granted in ffebruary 1659.

The Town by vote concluded that the Selectmen yt went out of their places this ffebruary 1661 shal notwith standinge ye expiration


ye expiration of yt Office, make a rate for defraying such charges or debts, as are due from ye Town to this tyme: & yt they shall gather it in & deliver their account to ye Selectmen chosen this day for ye yeere ensueing: and it was further voted that the said rate now to be made by the former Selectmen for charges already due shal be made according to the account of the last yeere prizing stock & state for ye Ministers rate. See ye next leafe for more Town Acts of this day viz: ffebruary 4, 1661. (see [I - 215] below.

[I - 214]

At a meetinge of ye Selectmen ffebruary 7th, 1661.

Consideration beinge had in ye first place about the rate for Mr. Glover. In order thereunto there were chosen for the prizing of the liveing stock of the Plantation:

Ensign Cooper
John Dumbleton
Thomas Gilbert.

William Brookes having felld a parcel of trees for fencinge stuffe (last winter) between the two brookes on this side Chicuppe playne by reason of his weakness at the begininge of winter, he could not work them out, whereby the tymber is forfeited: it is ordered that such of ye trees as noe other man hath bestowed work on shall remayne firm to ye said William Brookes for two months from this tyme after wch space of tyme it shal be lawfull for any man to take them in case he cleare them not away.

There is granted to Rice Bedortha, Miles Morgan & Francis Pepper to each of them six acres of land in yt playne on this side Chickuppe playne: these lands are granted for house lotts: also they are grannted upon condition yt the said p'sons build & dwell there or if they or eyther of them shall sell or any ways dispose of their lotts they shall not soe dispose of them but to such as will dwell there.

[I - 215]

ffebruary 4th, 1661.

And it is also ordered & concluded that hereafter from yeare to yeare, the Selectmen shall cleare their accounts to ye Town uppon the Generall Town meetinge in ffebruary: and


And before they shall be accounted discharged of their trust, they shall soe performed such workes as for the Towne they have taken in hand though their yeere be expired: & yt they shall take care to satisfy & pay such debts as are due from ye Town to particular persons wch debts they are to discharge by making a Town rate for yt purpose if theyhave not other-wise of ye Townes estate in yr hands to doe it: and therefore they are also to gather in such debts as are due to ye town & to be paid wthin ye yeare.

And it was further voted & concluded that their shall be but one prizing yeerely of stock & estate for making of all Town rates: that prising in ffebruary or March yeerly for makinge ye Ministers rate by, shall stand for those Selectmen to make the Towne rate by, shall stand for those Selectmen to make the town rate by wch is to be made wth their yeere: and it was further agreed yt the way wch the Town the last yeere concluded of for making of rates, the same shal be attended by the Selectmen this yeere & for future till ye Towne doe alter it.

[I - 216]

At a Meetinge of the Selectmen ffebruary 19th, 1661.

Viz: Capt. Pynchon, Nathaneel Ely, George Colton, Miles Morgan & Elizur Holyoke.

Liberty is granted to Abell Wright to build on his land bought of William Branch on ye West side of ye great river.

Likewise to Henry Chapin liberty is granted to build on his land on ye South side of Chickuppe River.

There is liberty likewise granted to Miles Morgan to build on his lott between ye two brookes below Chickuppe playne on ye west side of ye great river.

There is granted to Sergeant Stebbin a parcell of land of six acres over the pond on the back side of the long meddow wch land is to joyne to ye Southward of the meddow yt was Samuell Wrights, between the hills & the pond: if ther be soe much there undisposed of.

There is grannted to Robert Ashley a house lott of ffive acres between ye two brookes below Chickippe playne on ye West side of the great River provided that he build & dwell


there, or that he dispose not of the lott but to such as shall build & dwell there:

There is granted to Thomas Miller two & twenty acres of land over Agawam River above the 2nd brook that is above Goodman Leonards: also eight acres more in the same place: this 8 acres is granted on condition that he resigne into the Towns hand his lott in ye playne that is above 2d brooke.

[I - 217]

ffebruary 19, 1661.

There is granted to Griffith Jones twenty acres of land it he like to take soe much over Agawam River neere the land of Thomas Miller last mentioned, this land lyes up the river from Thomas Millers land.

There is granted to John Dumbleton, Richard Exell, John Scott & Jno Henryson wt land is between Agawam River & the 3d division & their lotts by ye Cold Springe & the fence yt is to be sett up from ye great River to Agawam River. Jno Dumbleton & Richard Exell are to have three acres a peece to the others two acres a peece: Obadiah Millers lott neere ye Cold Spring being the uttermost bounds Eastward of these grannts. John Dumbleton is towards ye great River. John Scot next him, John Henryson next him, Richard Exell next by Agawam River only highways are to be allowed through these lands as need shall herein require in the judgmt of ye Selectmen.

There is granted to Charles Ferry six acres of land in ye dingle called Thomas Thomsons dingle at the reere of Benjamin Parsons & Widdy (widow) Bliss their wood lotts.

There is granted to Goodman Colton along the strappet of upland between the two ponds on ye backside of the long meddow, lying on the West side of his own wett meddow there. Also there is granted him a acre & halfe or two acres of wett meddow lying over the pond at the Long Meddow, over the knap of the hill, that is by his own wett meddow, & it is to lye by Long meddow brook side.

There is grannted to William Morgan a house lott of ffoure acres, between ye two brookes below Chickuppe playn


on ye west side of ye great Rive: provided he build & dwell on the lott, or that he dispose not of it but to such as shall build & dwell upon it. Also theres grannted to him 20 acres of land from ye River to the Hill. Uppon this grant Mr. Morgan surrendered his land in the playn above end brooke.

[I - 218]

ffebruary 19th 1661. Rice Bedortha & Thomas Miller are appoynted to be viewers of the fences for the higher end of ye Towne from the meting house & over ye River: and Jno Clark & Samuell Ely for ye lower end of the Town & down to ye long meddow.

Ensigne Cooper & John Dumbelton are appoynted to lay out the highways from ye 2d division lotts to Chickuppe playne according to their discretion. They are to doe it for place where & for the breadth thereof: also a highway through ye playne for convenency of ye Propiretors of the lotts in yt playne: also they are to examine whether any highways on that side ye River are prjudiced by fencing or plowing or otherwise: and they are to make return of their work to the Selectmen viz: of the wayes they lay out & how much they apprhend any way is prejudiced as afore said.

It is Ordered that the highway from ye Town bridge by Thomas Bancrafts to Goodman Cooleys lott at the higher end of the Long meddow shall be ffoure rod in breadth: and the way is to lye where carts doe usually go: only it is to turne to ye right hand on this side the first bridge & soe yr is to be made a bridge over that gutter to make ye way more straight & to save charge of reparing those bad places where ye way has usually been.

Also the highway from ye long meddow gate to ye lower end of ye Long Meddow shall lye where carts doe usually goe & is to be 4 rod in breadth from ye gate till it turne from ye River into ye lotts & thence to the bridge running the way mens lotts. It is to be two rodd in breadth: this way is apoynted to be there on condition that any supposed grannt of a way all along by the River side shall by voyd: And every man


is to have the priviledge of the herbage of the highway agaynst his lotts.

[I - 219]

ffebruary 19th 1661. Benjamin Cooley & Benjamin Parsons are chosen to view & lay out high way where they judge most convenient for a passage from ye Mucksy meddow bridge at ye long meddow to ye woods on the backside of the said Long meddow: and they are to lay out ye way a sufficient breadth & to stake it out on both sides. Also they are to consider where George Colton may have convenient passage to his lott on ye back side of the pond & to Stake it out for him.

There is granted to Capt. Pynchon, Robert Ashley & George Colton that share of upland & meddow at Worronoco that was formrly grannted to Jonathan & John Gilbert who forfeited their grannt of the Island: these lands thus grannted are all the low lands between ye River & the hills on ye Northeasterly side of Woronock River. And this grannt is upon condition that those lands be confirmed to ye Town by the Generall Corte: & that the Grantees doe buy out the Indians right in the said lands here granted.

There is granted to Rice Bedortha a wood lott of ffoure acres adjoyninge to ye west side of his house lott grannted him between ye two brooks below Chickuppe playne: this being in liew of a wood lott wch he challenges on this East side of ye great River.

It being necessary that tymber for Coopery ware be secured till it be seasoned & dry: it is therefore Ordered that what tymber John Matthews shall provide for drying such tymber as aforesaid shal be allowed to lye in ye woods halfe a yeere longer before it is forfeited than other tymber may.

[I - 220]

At a Town Meeting ffebruary 26, 1661.

Settling Towns in the Western Part of the Colony into a County.

Upon conference & serious consultation, the Town by vote concluded it convenient & necessary that there whould be all due consideration concerning settling the Townes in


this Western part of the Collony into the forme of a County. In order whereunto Capt. Pynchon, Lieut. Holyoke & Ensigne Cooper...........

[I - 221]

Seating in Meeting House to be made for women.

ffebruary 26, 1661. At the same Towne meetign consideration being had of making more roome in the meeting house for better conveniency of peoples sittinge: It was voted & concluded yt a gallery should be made in ye chamber & that therefore the middle row of boards & justs are to be taken up & seates made on both sides wth as much conveniency as may be wch is left to ye Selectmen & for an increase of seates on the south side of ye house. The South doores are to be stopt up & two seates made there for ye women.

At a meeting of ye Selectmen ffebruary 26, 1661, in ye afternoone viz: Capt. Pynchon, George Colton, Nath Ely, Miles Morgan & Elizur Holyoke.

There is granted to Richard Sikes a house lott of 6 acres between ye two brookes below Chickuppe playne, to lye next upper brooke together with a wood lott of 6 acres more. These grannts being on condition yt Richard Sikes doe build & dwell there or yt he dispose not of ye land but to such as shall build & dwell upon it.

Also there is grannted to him 60 acres of land in Chickuppe playne next above William Morgan & ye brooke.

Next above Richard Sikes there is granted to Joseph Crowfoote 30 acres from ye River to ye Hill if it be there to be had viz: between Richard Sikes & ye brooke.

There is granted to Edward ffoster a house lott of 4 acres between ye two brookes below Chickuppe playne on condition yt he build & dwell there or yt he dispose not ye lott but to such as shall build and dwell there.

[I - 222]

At a meeting of the Selectmen March 12th, 1661-1662 viz: of Capt. John Pynchon. Nathaneell Ely, George Colton, Miles Morgan and Elizur Holyoke.

Whereas William Morgan had a lott of 4 acres grannted to him between ye two brookes below Chickupe playne on


the West side of ye great River. This lott being laid out both inconvieniently & contrary to ye intent of ye Selectmen in ye said grannt, they do further order that William Morgans lott of 4 acres shall ly in length from the Northward to ye Southward as the other lotts there laid out doe lye wch ffoure acres is to ly next to ffrancis Peppers lott & to range at the Northerly end of ye lott wth ye other lotts in yt little plaine: & is to be 16 rod broad at that end next the brooke & soe broad at ye River as to make up the 4 acres: & the Southerly end of this lott is to ly off from ye brook as ye other lotts doe yt yr may be a way to ye next lott.

Also is granted to Richard Sikes about an acre & 1/2 more or less being a little peece of lowland on the South side of ye first brook between the hill & ye brook provided ye high way be not prjudicied by it: Also there is grannted to Richard Sikes five acres of land by the brook at the South end of Chickuppe playn the end of this 5 acres is to butt on the way by Edward ffosters land in the bottom & is to be about 10 rod broad: These grants are on condition that he build & dwell on one of ye lotts or yt he dispose not the land but to such as shall dwell on ye lott.

Theres grannted of the swamp land over Agawam River over agt the Indian ffort to Lawrence Bliss 7 acres to Elizur Holyoke, 3 acre [I - 223] to Richard Sikes, ffour acres, and to Miles Morgan 3 acres: provided there be soe much undisposed of otherwise they are to abate according to each mans proportion: Lawrence Bliss his share to lye first next to Thomas Bancrofts land: Elizur Holyoke in ye 2d place. Richard Sikes 3d, Miles Morgan 4th: this grannt Lawrence Bliss is partly inference to a grant to him December 1659.

What land remaynes in ye higher end of Chickuppe playn on ye west of ye great River above former grants is granted to Abell Wright & James Taylor provided it exceeds not 50 acres. This grant to Abell Wright is on condition he


sign up his lot over the great River agt the long meddow, viz: his 15 acres there: wch if he doe that, 15 acres is granted to John Clarke.

In these lotts at the higher end of Chickuppe playn, highways are reserved wch are to be laid out for tyme & place as need shall require in the judgmt of ye Selectmen.

A House of Correcton to be Built.

It is ordered that there shall be a highway laid out to ye house of Correction yt is to be built ovr ye Meddow: & from thence to ye lott that is next to Thomas Thomsons dingle: and Capt. Pynchon & Nathaneell Ely are appointed to lay out the said way, for place & breadth as they shall see cause.

There is granted to Symon Beamon 6 acres of land at Skipmuck for house lott neere his own land in ye neck provided it be soe laid out as in the judgmt of the Selectmen it doe not prejudice the laying out of other lotts in those lands thereabouts.

[I - 224]

In the handwriting of John Pynchon.

June 4th, 1662.

About Ye Mill & Formal Agreement.

At a Towne Meeting purposely to settle some things about ye Mill.

It is agreed that Mr. Holyoke or his assignes shall well grind wheat, corne of this Towne of Springfield (and) shall be be brought to his mill & thereby furnish ye Towne with good meale for ten yeares: except something extraordinary doe intervene to hinder, as fire or floods or extreme drought that makes water to faile thereby when as ye defect is not by reason of this Mill being defective, he ye sd Mr. Holyoke to allow for it: in consideration whereoff ye towne doth ingage to allow ye sd Mr. Holyoke ye twelveth part of whatever corne shall be ground at ye sd mill for ye terme of ten yeares as aforesd.

And hereto Mr. Holyoke did ingage himself in ye Towne meeting viz: to performe what in this agreement concernes himselfe, his heires or assignes: and ye Towne did also by a full &

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