History of Springfield, MA
Pages 301-328



cleare vote declare their asent to what in this agreement concernes themselves: moreover ye towne ordered this agreement to be thus entered in ye Towne book [I - 225] And that Mr. Holyoke should set his hand to it, thereby ingageing himselfe & his heires. And ye Towne deputed Mr. John Pynchon, George Colton, Robert Ashly, Miles Morgan & Samuell Marshfield to set their hands ot it in ye behalfe of ye Towne, & their hands being to it this ingagement is firme to all intents & constructions of the Law. According hereunto ye aforementioned persons have hereunto set their hands this 4th day of June 1662.

Elizur Holyoke
John Pynchon
George Coulton
Robert Ashley, his marke
Miles Morgan, his marke
Samuell Marshfeild.
In behalf of the Towne.

The Towne ordered & appointed Benjamin Parsons, Sam Marshfield & Robert Ashly the Sealer, to make a Tole dish true & exact to ye twelfth part of ye bushell, & to Seale it wth ye Towne seale.

[I - 226]

In the handwriting of Elizur Holyoke.

June 4th, 1662.

Thomas Mascall of Windsor being by the Commissioners of this Town admitted to this Colony, is by the Selectmen admitted to be an Inhabitant of this Towne.

In the handwriting of John Holyoke.

August 14th 1662:

At a Towne meeting warned by ye Constable according to law: Deacons Samuell Chapin was chosen for ye Commissioner to Joyne wth ye Selectmen in making ye countrey rrate & to doe therein as ye Law Injoynes.

The Towne having ordered that at this meeting in August yearly they would choose a Constable for ye yeare ensueing: Did accordingly proceed to choise and choose:

Ensigne Thomas Cooper for ye yeare Coming.


In refference to ye order of ye Generall Court last May that the Inhabitants of these Townes on Quinectticot should pay their corne to ye Countrey rates not as ye court sets ye price yearely but as such price as it passes among themselves, the Towne conceiving it more hard for us than for other Townes in ye collony, & not to be according to Law, voted to send a petition to ye next General Court for easing our payment & yt it may be according to law: Mr. Holyoke is appointed to draw it up.

[I - 227]

In the handwriting of Elizur Holyoke.

At a Meeting of the Selectmen January 6th, 1662.

There was granted to Hugh Dudley a parcell of land contayning six acres lying between the generall fence yt runs from the Great River to Agawam River & ye lott of Obadiah Miller yt lyes neere the cold springe provided yr be soe much land there undiposed of.

There is grannted to Benjamin Parsons one acre more or less of wett meddow joyninge to Jonathan Burts meddow on the brook called Small brook over ye mill river: this acr lyes upward from Jonathan Burts medow the peece being granted him.

Theres granted to Benjamin Parsons 4 acres of the wett meddow on ye back side of ye long meddow joyning to Capt. Pynchons meddow wch he bought of Alexander Edwards: this 4 acres runs to the hill on ye East to ye upland on ye west & is said to be formerly grannted to the said Benjamin Parsons.

There is grannted to John Keepe ffoure acres of wett meddow on ye back side of ye long meddow if ther be soe much there undisposed of by former grannts viz: to Goodman Cooley.

There is granted to Peter Swink, Capt. Pynchons servant, yt vacant land yt lyes between the genrll fence yt runs from ye great river to Agawam river & Goodman Muns lott southward This lott is to run 80 rod westward from the high way by ye River: & is granted on condition yt he live till his tyme be expired


& that he settle his abode there viz: on ye said lott.

[I - 228]

January 6, 1662. Agreed wth Goodman Lamb to ground sill Mr. Glovers barne: at 6 pence per foote: & for studd work 2 pence per foote: the southerly great doore place is to be made up wth a wall, only a doore is to be sett wide enough for 2 oxen to goe out. Also he is to doe all the tymber work for closing ye walls & about the chamber floores till all be sett in good repaire wth ye great doores on ye east side for wch he is to be paid 2 shillings, 4 pence per day for his own work - he is also to clapboard the ground sills to keep ym from ye weather: This work is to be done by the first of Aprill next, if the frost shall not hinder.

Att a meeting of ye Selectmen January 9th, 1662. The Selectmen haveing agreed wth Goodman Buell to sett up a gallery in ye meeting house: Capt. Pynchon engageth to defray all the charge that concerns ye work: To answer wch charge the Selectmen doe order yt Captayn Pynchon shal be paid by such as shal be seated there viz: 4 shillings per p'son wch is to be paid by those wch shal be seated there wthin two yeares. Such as shall not within two years pay fo their seates together wth such as shall after two yeares be seated there, shall pay twelve pence apeece each person for ye 3d yeare & for every yeare after eight pence a yeare by each person unless they shall buy their seates of him at four shillings 6 pence per seate for ye 3d years & five shillings per seate for ye fourth yeere or any yeere after.

[I - 229]

There is granted to Goodman Colton & Goodman Cooley thirty acres of land to each person between the brooks called fresh water brooke & grape brook highways to be reserved as the Selectmen shall appoynt: this grant is on condition that they or theirs build & settle thereupon wthin five yearres.

And Capt. Pynchon hath thirty acres of land grannted him on the south side of ffresh water brook by the brook & he is to hae the priviledge of ye said brook from ye great River


to ye high way not prjudicinge the highway: this grantt is on Condition yt he build a saw mill here or wthin five yeeres from the date next before written:

There is liberty grannted to Nathaneell Burt to sett his fence on ye top of ye hill yt is on the east of his meddow wch lyes on ye back side of ye Long Meddow: & ye land yt he soe takes in wth his meddow is grannted to him for his property.

There is grannted to Charles fferry three acres more adjoyning to his six acres on ye dingle called Thomsons dingle.

There is grannted to William Warrener, Thomas Noble, Thomas Day, Samuell Terry & Abell Wright six acres a peece above ye fence that runs from the great River to Agawam River, leaving a highway of eight rod broad between ye great River & the lotts: There is also a high way to be laid out here the Selectmen think fitt to pass to ye comon on ye reere of the said lotts: their lotts also are to run 80 rod from ye highway by ye great River. William Warreners lott to lye first towards ye generall fence ye rest are to lye as themselves shall agree: this grant is on condition yt they or theirs build & settle there wthin five yeeres.

[I - 230]

At a Meeting of ye Selectmen, January 30, 1662.

There is grannted to James Taylor an allotmt of six acres next adjoyning to ye northerly side of those lotts before mentioned abutting on ye highway by the great River & run back westward 80 rods provided he built & settle thereupon wthin five yeeres from this tyme.

There is also grannted to John Lamb an allotmt of six acres on ye South side of the great hill byond the lotts formerly granted: wch lott is to be 12 rod broad & to ly a little way upon ye side of ye hill: This grannt is on condition yt he build & settle there upon wthin five yeares from this tyme according ye grannts above mentioned: This lott of John Lambs was allowed to William Hunter (as aforesd) to settle & build on, who accordingly built & settled there wthin ye tyme afore mentioned, & so ye grant stands good & firme to ye sd William Hunter & his forever.


[I - 231]

At the Generall Towne Meeting ffebruary 3d 1662 being the first Tuesday in yt month ye day appoynted & Ordered for ye Generall Meetinge of the Inhabitants for choyce of Selectmen & other officers.

Capt. Pynchon was chosen Moderator for this meetinge & for all Towne meetings this yeere ensueing if he be prsent there at.

And the said Capt. Pynchon, together wth:

Benjamin Cooley
Robert Ashley
Ensigne Cooper
Samuell Marshfield

were chosen for ye Selectmen for ye yeere ensueinge who have power to order the Prudentiall affaires of ye Town.

And Miles Morgan is chosen Constable to ye Towne for ye yeere ensueing & took his oath accordingly.

And Elizur Holyoke is chosen Town Clarke (clerk) or Recorder for ye yeere ensueinge.

Also Ensigne Cooper is chosen to be Clark (clerk) of ye Writts who is to be prsented to ye next County Court for yr approbation.

And Lawrence Bliss & John Lamb were chosen Surveyors for ye highways for ye yeere ensueinge.

And Samuell Marshfield & Jonathan Burt are chosen & ordered to continue in yr office of Measurers of land for ye Town this yeere ensueing.

[I - 232]

At the Same Generall Town meeting ffebruary 3, 1662, it is ordered & voted in reference to Ordinary Town Meetings there shal be three days warninge thereof give to all the Inhabitants or proprietors of land in the Town that is to say the day of warning to be accounted for one & the day of appearance for another. And that men may not faile of havinge warning of Towne meetings, Hugh Dudley being willinge is appoynted to give men warning thereof, by leaving word at mens houses or places of usual abode & if they are not at home he is to leave word for ym at the next neighbors and for his paynes he is to have 3 shillings a tyme for every meeting soe warned. And that Town meeting warned by ye Constable


in August yeerely shal be accounted a Legall Town Meeting for any Town affaires provided there are one & twenty of ye Inhabitants present: and for ye Generall Town Meeting in ffebruary yeerely men are not to expect any warninge.

There is by ye plantation grannted to John Riley a house lott adjoyning to ye South side of John Lambs house lott lying on ye west of ye great river by the great hill yt is by the way to the playn called Chickuppe playne: this lott thus grannted on Condition yt he build & settle upon wthin five yeeres from this tyme.

[I - 233]

In the handwriting of John Pynchon.

At a meeting of ye Selectmen:

J. Pynchon
Thomas Cooper
Robert Ashley
Benjamin Cooly
Samuel Marshfield

ffebruary 23d 1662.

The Constable being prsent, Samuell Marshfield was chosen sealer for weights & measures for this Towne for ye prsent & till another shall be chosen & sworne: & Ensigne Cooper is appointed to prsent him to next County Court that he may be sworne according to law.

In the handwriting of Elizur Holyoke.

At ye same meeting of the Selectmen:

William Hunter was admitted an inhabitant of this Town and John Riley & John Henrison doe bynd themselve their executors & administrators to ye Town Treasurer & Selectmen or eyther of them, in a bond of thirty pounds, to secure the Town from the said William Hunter or any of his family. Witness their Hands this 23d of ffebruary 1662-1663.

The mark of John Henrison
The mark of John Riley.

Witness to this engagemt from John Riley & John Henrison are:

Elizur Holyoke, Recorder
Joseph Pynchon.


In the handwriting of John Pynchon.

By ye Selectmen: ffebruary 1662. prsent:

J Pynchon
Thomas Cooper
Benjamin Cooly
Robert Ashly
Samuel Marshfield.

Anthony Dorchester, Jonathan Burt & John Clark are chosen prizers to prize ye living stock of ye Plantation for making ye Rates of the Towne, the yeere ensueing, ye estimates whereof they are speedyly to bring into ye Selectmen.

Nath Pritchard & Anthony Dorchester are chosen viewers for all ye fences from ye meeting howse downe to ye lower end of the Long meddow. And WilliamWarrinar & John Riley are chosen viewers from ye meeting howse upward & over ye River.

[I - 234]

Power to grant Land taken from Selectmen.

May 11th 1663. At a Town meeting it was by the Inhabitants voted & concluded that whereas the Selectmen have formerly had power to make grannts of lands in the Plantation, hence forward & till the Town shall otherwise Order it, the lands of the Plantation shal be dis-posed of by these seven men hereafter mentioned viz:

Capt. Pynchon
Ensigne Cooper
Benjamin Cooley
George Colton
Rowland Thomas
Miles Morgan
Elizur Holyoke

and for ye present.

In reference to a former order concerning Inmates it was now further ordered that if any person shall entertayn any Inmate or Inmates after they have been in the Towne one month withouth consent of ye Selectmen they that soe entertayne them shall be liable to forfeit to ye Town 20 shillings for ye first default & 20 shillings per month for soe longe as they shall entertayne them: And besides if they shal neede releefe in the tyme of their abode in the Plantation then he or they that entertayne them shall be liable to be rated by the Selectmen for the releefe & mayntenance of such persons accordinge to ye judgmt & discretion of ye Selectmen.

[I - 235]

In the handwriting of Elizur Holyoke.

May ye 11th 1663. At a meetinge of the Committee chosen by the Town for the distibution of the lands of the Plantation viz:


both the lands at Worronoco & other lands belonging to ye Plantation: They were granted as followeth:

Imprimis Thomas Miller desireinge that he may have in full possion that wett meddow over the great River at the backward end of the 2d devision wch meddow he hath the propriety only of mowinge & feeding but not to fence it from his neighbors use: there is now grannted to him that soe much of the meddow as is on the Southward Side of the comon fence wch runs from ye great River shal be his absolutely provided he relinquish his right in the rest of ye meddow yt is wthout that fence by virtue of his former grannt.

There is grannted to Thomas Noble & Abell Wright five acres apeece of meddow lying in a wett meddow beyond ye Mill River about 3 qrters of a mile Southward of Thomas Bandrofts.

[I - 236]

May 11th 1663. Also there is granted to Lawrence Bliss six acrs of meddow wch was formrly grannted to Deacon Wright: this meddow is in yt meddow comonly called Watchuett.

Likewise to Richard Sikes, Samuell Bliss & Edward ffoster, there is grannted to each of them ffoure acres in ye Same wett meddow.

Also there is granted to Samuell Bewell of Windsor thirty acres of land at Worronoco wch land is to ly next beyond Ensigne Coopers land there & is to extend from ye River southward to ye brooke Northward: alsno there is grannted him ffoure or five acres of the wett meddow ove that brook if it be there to be had.

The restof the land yt lyes between Samuell Bewells 30 acres & the hill westerly is grannted to Thomas Day: this peece of land also is to extend from: ye River Southerly to ye Hill Northerly.

These grants of land at Worronoco are uppon Condition that the Granntees doe build & settle themselves & their famlyes there wthin three yeere & continue uppon it foure yeere longer.


And whereas it is said Mr. Whittinge layes claime to some lands at Worronoco, there is granted to ye said Mr. Whittinge ffty acres of land there on the South side of the River. This grannt is on Condition [I -237] the Mr. Whittinge doe quitt any further claime in any lands there about: alsoe yt he cleare ye land by purchase of the Indians of the Indian right, & that he or his doe settle there in five yeere from this tyme.

Also there is grannted of the lands at Woronoco on ye South side of the River:

To John Holyoke 50 acres. To Deacon Chapin 30 acres.

To Thomas Stebbins 30 acres. To John Horton 30 acres.

To John Bliss 30 acres. To Samuell Terry 30 acres.

And to Mr. Daniell Clarke of Windsor 40 acrs. This grant to Mr. Clarke is on condition that he come & settle there in his own p'son wthin 3 yeare from this tyme: & that he pur-chase his said portion of land of the Indians.

The rest of the grannts viz: to John Holyoke, Deacon Chapin, Thomas Stebbin, John Horton, Samuell Terry & John Bliss are upon condition that they purchase ye land of the Indians within 3 yeare & that it be not intanglegmts to Mr. Whitting or any others & that they goe thither to Inhabit & dwell on ye land for ye space of ffoure yeeres & if they or any of them shall dispose of their said parcell of land wthin the yeeres premised it shalbe to such as the Selectmen of Springfield shall approve of.

[I - 238]

At a Town Meeting July 23, 1663. The Constable having received a warrant from ye Treasurer to assemble ye Inhabitants in the next month to choose a Commission to joyn wth ye Selectmen for making ye Countrey Rate, he propounded it, to choose ye sd Commissionr at this meeting wch was agreed to: And ye Towne choose Mr. Elizur Holyoke for Commissionr to join wth ye Selectmen for assessing ye Inhabitants according to Law: this prsent yeere.

August 1st 1663. Josias Chapin is by Selectmen admitted to be an inhabitant of this Towne. And his father, Samuell Chapin


acknowledgeth himselfe bound in a bond of twenty pounds to save the Towne harmless in re-spect of any charge yt may accrue to this Towne by reason of his said son Josias.

August 3, 1663. At a meeting of ye Comittee chosen by the Town for the giving out of lands belonging to ye Plantation:

There is grannted to Josias Chapin above mentioned twenty acres of land: wch land is to lye on the South side of Rowland Thomas his land, viz: in that little playne that is Southward from the said Rowlands land & house neere Chickuppe River: & it is to be bounded by the highway Easterly & the great River westerly & the Comons Southerly: & joyning to Rowland Thomas, his land Northerly.

[Mistake in paging in the original book. - I - 241].

ffebruary 8th, 1663. At a meeting of ye Comittee chosen for ye grannting or destributing of lands viz: Deacon Chapin, Nathaneell Ely, George Colton, Benjamin Cooley, Rowland Thomas Thomas Miller & Elizur Holyoke:

Richard Sikes desiring land on Pacowseek brook there is grannted him 30 acres lying downward from Benjamin Cooley: & ye Measurer viz: Nath Ely & Benjamin Cooley are appoynted to bound ye land.

Also severall of the Inhabitants appearing & desiring some land in a certayne neck of land called by the Indians, Ashkanunsuck by the north side of Agawam River neere halfe ye way to Worronoco there was grannted unto these as hereafter followeth:

To Thomas Day the number of 20 acres.

To Abell Wright 40 acres.

To John Bagg 30 acres.

To John Lamb 20 acres.

To Samuell Bliss 40 acres.

To Charles fferry 20 acres.

To Samuell Terry 20 acres. [S. T. Surrendered ffebruary 1, 1664.]

To John Harman 40 acres.

To Samuell Harmon 40 acres.

To Jonathan Taylor 20 acres.

All wch said grants of Land in ye said neck are on condition that within three


yeeres from ye end of May next they fence ye land & improve one acre for each ten acres soe granted. These grannts of land are to altogether in one intire yeere soe as not to hinder from coming to ye comons about them: and the grantees have liberty to fence yr land soe as be for their best advantage though the fence take in more yn their grannts.

[I - 242]

And if the Proprietors of that land cannot agree for the Order of the lying of yr proportions they are to be determined by those who shall have the power of distribution of lands in ye Towne at the tyme when the grantees shall goe to have their proportions laid out.

Thomas Mirack & David Ashley, also Ensign Cooper in the behalf & at the request of Mr. Timothy Mather of Dorchester desiring some lands at Worronoco, there is grannted to Thomas Mirack 30 acres: To David Ashley 30 acres & to Mr. Mather 40 acres there.

Those grannts are on the same tearmes & conditions as former grannts there yt is to say that they purchase (or pay for the purchase of their proportions of) the land of the Indians within three yeeres tyme & that it be not duner intanglements to Mr. Whiting or to any other & that the said grantees go thither & Inhabitt & dwell ffor ye space of ffoure yeeres: and if they or any of them dispose of any of yr pportions wth in ye yeeres prmised it shallbe to such as ye Selectmen of Springfield shall approve of. Also former grannts there are first to take place before these now grannted.

There is granted to Thomas Miller 10 acres of land at Paucautuck towards Worronoco to joyne to that wch was Jno Dumbletons, soe to be made up 10 acres on ye Easterly Side of that brooke: not to hinder highways. Also there is grannted the said Thomas Miller [I - 243] ffoure acres of land joyning to his former grants of thirty acres over Agawam. This 4 acres is to lye by ye River above ye former grannts.

There is grannted to Jeremy Horton and James Warener upon yr desires liberty to sett their fence where they may for yr best advantae on the other side of Skipmuck when they


fence their land there: And that they shall have the land that shall lye betwen ye said fence & yr land in ye meddow.

There is grannted to Samuell Ely 3 or 4 acres of Meddow upon ye Long meddow brooke Easterly of the cartway: lying in severall peeces: if it be there undisposed of.

There is grannted to Rowland Thomas 14 acres of land between his lott at Skipmuch & the hill on ye South end & the Swamp Easterly.

There is grannted to John Matthews 20 acres of land somewhere on ye plane neere Nath Pritchards meddow on Pacowseek brooke.

There is granted to George Colton & Benjamin Cooley 10 acres apeece of Meddow in ye woods beyond fresh water brooke East of Pequitt Path: provided if it prove to be on fresh water brook or brookes or gutters yt run int yt brook: then former grannts on yt brook shall first take place.

There is granted to Rowland Thomas 6 acres of the low land on hog pen dingle below ye place where the hog pen was.

[I - 244]

There is grannted to Goodman Colton 10 acres of land adjoyning to ye Northwesterly side of his land between fresh water brook & grape brook & after that lyes Benjamin Cooleyes 30 & then if there be soe much land between those brookes not prjudicinge highways there is granted to Benjamin Cooley & Nathaneell Ely 30 acres apeece: if otherwise yt soe farr as it will reach though less than 30 acres apeece: (On the margin is this: "These 3 parcells of land, viz: 30 & 30 & 30 acres are Ensigne Cooleyes."

There is grannted to John Horton 10 acres of land at Woronoco on the same termes as the grannts on ye former leafe. And former grants there are first to take place.

There is grannted to William Branch yt land yt lyes between ye side fence of ye playne above end brooke & ye hill by the cartway yt leades from the Round hill to ye New bridge: the Northerly bounds to be from the higher side of Deacon Chapins


lott in ye playne & soe wth a straight course to End brooke 10 rod below ye place of ye Old bridge.

Benjamin Parsons desires a little peece of meddow a little above the bridge yt is in ye way to ye Swamp called John Matthewes his Swampe - two acres is grannted him if there be soe much there undisposed of.

There is granted to Abell Wright 4 acres of meddow at thos meddowes on ye Mill River called the Worlds End in liew of yt grant of meddow last yeere wch he surrendered to ye Town.

[I - 245]

There is granted to Deacon Chapin the land between his low land at Worronoco & the top of the hill around the North & Easterly Sides thereof provided it be noe prjudice to any wayes yt may be laid out there.

There is grannted to Nathaneell Ely a peece of upland lying by Chickuppe River Side a little above Rowland Thomas his land & it is to be bounded Northerly by the River from the first brook above the said Rowland Thomas his land & soe downward the River to about ye head of little Iland by ye River Side: the South Easterly bound is ye South Easterly side of ye little swampe: the East bound is ye Side little brook: twenty acres is here granted ye Said Nath Ely if it be there to be had leaving a highway of 8 rod broad between Rowland Thomas his land & this grannt.

There is grannted to Richard Exell about an acr of meddow about a quarter of a mile above the block bridge in ye way to Worronoco.

There is granted to William Hunter yt land yt is betweene his home lott & the top of ye hill Northerly to ye first dingle westward.

There is grannted to Henry Chapin an Addition (to his home lott at Chickuppe) of 7 or 8 acres between the hill South Easterly & his lott if it be there to be had: & the high way between Henry Chapin & Josias Chapins land from Rowland Thomas his house to ye townward is to be ten rod broad.

[I - 246]


At a meeting of the Selectmen ffebruary 22th, 1663, viz:

Deacon Chapin
Nathaneell Ely
George Colton
Rowland Thomas
Elizur Holyoke.

The Selectmen considering the great damage done to ye glass windowes of ye meeting house by childrenes playing about ye meeting house. They doe order yt if any persons children or others shal be found playing at any sports about ye meeting house whereby ye glass windows yr of may be endamaged such persons shal be liable to a fine of 12 pence a peece for each tyme they shal be found soe paying, wch fine it to be paid wthin 3 days after such default: & if the Governor of any youth yt soe offend shall refuse to pay the said fyne such youths shal be laible to be whipt by the Constable before 3 or more of ye Selectmen who shall detrmine ye number of stripes to be inflicted & if any person soe offending shall refuse to pay ye sayd fyne as aforesaid they shal be liable to ye like punishment as afore said & all such fynes shall goe one halfe to ye Informers & the other halfe to ye Selectmen for the use of ye Town in bearing publik charges.

At a meeting of ye Selectmen viz:

Deacon Chapin
Nath Ely
George Colton
Rowland Thomas
Elizur Holyoke

on ye 2dn of March being lecture day, they chose viewers of ye fences of ye Plantation: viz: Robert Ashley & Jonathan Burt for the home lotts & meddowes before ye Town & the 3 corner & the playne above 3 Corner Meddow: & for the fields over the River, viz: right over & the playne called Chickuppe: John Dumbleton & Thomas Miller & for the long meddow John Keepe & Nath Burt. All whom are to attend the order [I - 247] of the Towne that concerns such officers as it is extant in ye Booke:

Aprill ye 6th, 1664.

s d
Received of Thomas Noble by J. Henrison for rent of ye land at Chickuppe playne 6 bushels of wheat laid in Mr. Glovers chamber. 01 01 00

Rec'd of Thomas Noble by J. Riley on ye sme account 1 bushel wheat layd also 00 03 06


Rec'd of him by his paying M. Morgans that was due from ye Town, 1664. 00 14 00

& what was due Timothy Cooper 00 07 00

& what was due from ye Town from W. Warrener 00 04 00

Elizur Holyoke carted fencing stuffe 1 day for Mr. Glover. 00 06 00

ffor wch he accounts himself paid in stopping 5 shillings 6 pence wch he owed Jno. Henryson who was to pay soe much for Thomas Noble for rent of the land at Chickuppe yet it is accounted as received of Thomas Noble.

Rec'd of Thomas Noble 6 shillings yt he paid Lawrence Bliss soe much for carting stone for Mr. Glovers barne. 00 06 00

Rec'd by one fox killed by Thomas Miller & one by Joseph Warrener turned over to Thomas Noble for ye Towne. 00 02 00

Rec'd by his paying Rowland Thomas for ye Towne 9 shillings, 2 pence wch was due to said Rowland. 00 09 02

Rec'd by his paying arest of Anthony Dorchester Town rate. 00 05 05

Rec'd by his paying Decon Chapin wch ye Town owed him. 02 00 00

Rec'd by his paying E. Holyoke wch ye town owed him for writtinge 00 16 00

Rec'd by his paying James Chapin wch ye Towne owed him for two foxes. 00 02 00

Rec'd by his paying Samuell Bliss for wt the Town owed him for 2 voyages wth his horse. 02 02 00

Rec'd by his paying Ensigne Cooper for the town 00 01 08

[I - 248]

May ye 5th, 1664. At a meeting of ye Comittee chosen for ye granting out of lands, viz:

Deacon Chapin
Nathaneell Ely
George Coulton
Benjamin Cooley
Rowland Thomas
Thomas Miller
Elizur Holyoke.

There was granted to Richard Sikes, Richard Exell, John Scott & John Riley, ffoure acres of meddow to each of them lying neere the great pond on ye back side Chickuppe playne


on ye West side of ye Great River. This grant is on condition that they cleare ye purchase suitable to such proportion of land: the measurer is to begin at the head of ye meddow by the Pond & soe to take it as it comes.

There is granted to Samuell Marshfield twenty acres of land on ye South side of Agawam River joyning to southside of Ensigne Coopers land on the hill by ye meddow & to run equall in length Eastward & Westward wth Ensign Coopers land provided it doe not hinder Ensign Cooper of a convenient way to his meddow that lyes Windsor ward.

There is granted to Griffith Jones ffoure acres of meddow about halfe a mile neerer Agawam River then the grannts above sd to Richard Sikes & Richard Exell & ye west & on like condition he is to choose wch end of ye parcell to begin at.

[I - 249]

Also there is grannted to Obadiah Miller ffoure acres of low lands northwestrly from the logg bridge as it is called in ye way to Worronoco about halfe a mile above ye bridge: where he shall chuse it being to be in one peece.

Whereas Abell Wright had a grant of 17 acres of land at Chickuppe playne: wch was measured & recorded to him yet upon 2d measuring he was cutt off from: having any there. Therefore there is granted to him ye like quantity in any place where he can fynd it within ye bounds of the Town provided it be not in a place yet may much hinder ye pasturing of ye Townes cattell.

There was granted to Joseph Crowfoote foure acres of meddow neere ye great pond on ye back side of Chickuppe playn on the West side of the great River if there be so much to be found after former grants.

June 1664. At a meeting of ye Committee chosen by the Towne for distribution of lands, viz:

George Colton
Benjamin Cooley
Nathaneel Ely
Rowland Thomas
Thomas Miller
Eliz Holyoke.

There is granted to Abell Wright & Thomas Noble a certayne peece of low land on the North side of Chickuppe River about 1-2 mile or 3 qrs of a mile below Schonungarnuck,


[reminder: [I - 250] is the page number of the actual Town Record Book.]

also a little strappett of land neere it up the River: to each of them [I -250] a like quantity: Provided their highway to it be where the Selectmen shal appoynt. This grant to Abell Wright he requested & accepts in lieu of a former grant of 17 acres of land at Chickuppe playne on ye West side of ye great River, mentioned in ye former page. And it is wth his cosent yt Thomas Noble is sharer wth him in this peece of land.

There is granted to Charles fferry 3 acres of land joyning to his six acres in the swampe called Thomsons dingle. Also there is granted to Charles fferry six acres of meddow if he can fynd soe much undisposed of on ye Easterly branch of ye Mill River above ye sixteene acres.

Also there is grannted to Nathaneell Ely five acre of upland at Skipmuch wch is to lye next to Jeremy Hortons house lott not prjudicing highways to be ladi out by ye Selectmen. This lott thus granted is to be twelve rodd in breadth from Easterly to Westerly.

There is also granted to Thomas Miller five acres of upland at the meddows called Non Such on ye West side of ye great River.

Also there is granted to Ensigne Cooper, eight or ten acres ofland upon ye hill Norwestrly from his cellar over Agawam River not prjdicing any highway that the Selectmen at any tyme shal see cause to lay out through ye said land.

[I - 251]

June, 1664. Att a meeting of ye Selectmen: viz:

Nathaneell Ely
Benjamin Cooley
George Colton
Rowland Thomas
Elizur Holyoke.

It beinge observed & complayned of that persons doe frequently take liberty to ride very swiftly wth ye horses in ye streetes to ye endangering of children & others: It is therefore ordered that if any person be observed to run his horse or to ride faster than an ordinary galloping in ye streetes of this Towne except upon such urgent occasions as shall by ye Selectmen be judged warrantable soe to doe he shall be liable to a fyne of 3 shillings 4 pence to be paid on shilling to the Informer & the rest to ye Town: This orde not to extend to Troopers in ye tymes of their excercise.


December ye 8th, 1664.

At a meeting of the Committee for grannting of lands wthin this township, viz:

George Colton
Benjamin Cooley
Nathaneell Ely
Rowland Thomas
Thomas Miller
elizur Holyoke.

The said committee considering that there are diverse persons in this Town who have but little land for their improvment who desire some land below the brook called ffresh water brooke, & that there are diverse young persons in the town for whom their parents doe desire some land there also, and weighing this that the Generall Court hath appoynted & ordered yt the bounds of this Towne on the East side of ye great River towards Windsor shall extend as farr as the place where Mr. Pynchon had a warehouse and twenty poles lower: the said committee also considering that from the said brook to ye foot of ye falls in ye Great River doth conteyne such a portion of land as may be by good improvement suffice for a small village. The said comittee thought to meet to declare and there doe now declare that the said lands viz: the said brook to ye foote of ye falls & 20 poles lower (according to ye Generall Courts grannt) sall be & is by them now grannted partly for lotts & partly for commonage for ye use & behoofe of such as shal transplant themselves thither & there dwell.

Also the said comittee doe further declare & order that the said lands shall be accounted as a part of the Towne of Springfield & that such as shal remove thither & there inhabit shal be ordered by the Towne of Springfield except the Generall Court shal otherwise dispose or till this Town shal see cause to set them at liberty to order theire own affaires, it being the desire of this Towne & of this committee to further plantation work wt may be.

And in reference to what is above specified the said committee have proceeded to ye granting of sundry parcells of land for allotments to sundry p'sons that desire land there for


their use: which grannts of land there are on condition & on ye tearmes hereafter mentioned, that is to say, that noe proprietor of land there shall sell or pass away such land or any part thereof to any stranger that shall appeare to purchase such portion of land: nor shal any proprietor of land there sell his land there or any part thereof to any person that hath land now granted there, that soe noe person may ingross more then one share of land there: also all those persons to whom lands are now grannted as are hereafter mentioned shall gett their lotts measured by the last of March next.

Their lotts areto run two hundred rod eastward from the highway & soe to lye side by side downward towards ye next brooke: the grantees being to cast lotts for the order how their lotts shall lye:

The Grannts follow:

[I - 254]

December 1664.

Upon the request of Anthony Dorchester there is granted to his own & to his wives sons:

To John Dorchester thirty acres.

To James Dorchester thirty acres.

To John Harman thirty acres.

To Samuell Harman thirty acres.

To Joseph Harman thirty acres.

[Note. On the margin against the above is]:

"These five psons doe relinquish their right in this land resigning it up again into ye hands of ye Towne January 1665."

To Charles fferry five & twenty acres.

To Jonathan Burt five & twenty acres.

To John Lombard five & twenty acres.

[Note. On the margin against Burt and Lombard is]:

"These 2 psons resigne up their grants January 1665."

To Thomas Bancroft thirty acres.

To Benjamin Parsons, fforty acres. - resigned for land at Skeepmuch.


To Richard Sikes twenty acres - This he hath resigned up again January 1665.

To John Stewart ffive & twenty acres.

To Reice Bedortha thirty acres. - Resigned into ye Townes hand May, 1672.

To Samuell Bliss Junor twenty acres on condition that his mother or some other satisfy all manner of charges yt may come on the land before he or any other improve it.

To Obadiah Cooley ffive & thirty acres his ffather engaging to satisfy charges yt shall come on ye land til it be improoved.

To Samuell Stebbins thirty acres his father engageing to satisfy such charges as shall come on the land till it be improoved.

To Joseph Warrener thirty acres his father engaged to satisfy such charges as shall come on the land til it be improoved.

To Samuell Terry twenty five acres on condition he resign into ye Townes hand his grant at Worronoco.

To Nathaneell Ely thirty acres. Resigned into ye Townes hand January 1667.

All these are grants of land at ffresh water brooke.

There is granted to Miles Morgan five or six acres upon hog pen dingle of ye low lands there if he like to take it: being to lye above Rowland Thomas his land there.

Also there is grannted unto him ffour acres of land at the head of ye playn above End brook if there be soe much there undisposed of.

There is grannted unto Ensign Cooper the Northerly & Westerly sides of the hill at his farme over Agawam River viz: what land is between his land & John Leonards.

[I - 256]

There is also grannted to Richard Exell twelve acres of


land on the brook called block brook on ye way to Worronoco to lye above the bridge on both sides the brook or how & he & the Measurer shall determine.

Also there is grannted to Abell Wright nine acres of land at Chickuppe Rive on ye South side thereof in the lower part of the neck of land below Schenunganuck.

There is also grannted unto Symon Bemon ffourteene acres of land joyning to his 6 acr lott at Skipmuck: provided this 6 acr lott be ordered to lye as the Measurer & Thomas Miller (Appoynted by the Comittee) shall determine who are to lay it soe as yt other lotts that may be given them be not hindered of conveniences of water: and the said two men are also to determine how & where his 14 acrs shall lye.

Also there is grannted to John Horton 8 acres of land at Skipmuck, on the back side of Southrly side of Jeremy Hortons & James Warreners land there & to exend from Nath Eleyes land on ye West to ye brooke on ye East. Also 12 acres of land by Cickuppe River at Skipmuck on the South side of the River above the Upper Wading place: beginning at ye lower end of that little playne there.

Rowland Thomas haveing had sundry grants of lan wch are not measured & recorded according [I - 257] the Order of ye Towne whereby he is lyable to a fyne of the forfeiture of his land whether he shall chuse, he chusing rather the latter desires that the said lands viz: 14 acre at Skipmuck, 6 acre at hog pen dingle & 24 acre at ye higher falls in the great River may be confirmed to him: it is grannted to him yt he shall have full & cleare right to all ye sd lands.

George Colton haveing had sundry grannts of land wch are not yett measured whereby he is lyable to a fyne or the forfeiture of his land he chusing ye latter & desiring that the right & title to ye said lands may be continued to him: it is granted to him yt he shall have ye full & cleare interest of ye said lands.

Benjamin Cooley having had sundry grannts of land in the Town wch are not measured whereby he is lyable to a fyne or fynes for the forfeiture of his lands as he shall choose,


he chusing the latter desires that the right in ye lands may be continued to him: this Committee doth grannt him the full right & title to all such lands yt were his by grant.

Thomas Miller had sundry grannts of land wch are not yet measured where by he is lyable to a fyne or fynes of the forfeiture of such lands whether he shall chuse, & he chusing the latter desires the said lands may be confirmed to him: this comittee doth grannt him the full right & title to all such lands yt were his.

[I - 258]

Saw Mill.

There is grannted unto Samuell Marshfield, Thomas Noble, Thomas Miller, Elizur Holyoke upon their desires libert for ye setting up of a Saw Mill on a brook below Ensigne Coopers farme over Agawam River: also there is grannted them about fforty acrs of land where they shal chuse it neere the place where the Mill shall stand not prjudicing any of ye inhabitants propriety or the highway: also there is grannted them thirty acres of meddow wthin 2 or 3 miles of ye place where they shall find it most convenient for their use, beginning at one end of the meddow and soe proceeding till 30 acres be made up: these grannts are on condition that they cause a saw mill to be sett up in the place above mentioned & sett to work in sawing by the first day of Aprill wch shalbe in ye yeere 1666.

And in case the said undertakers when they have sett up such work shall see cause to desert the work wthin three yeeres from the said tyme, they shal yeeld up the place & lands hereby grannted into the hands of ye Towne or such in the Town as shall carry on ye work, provided these undertakers be paid wt charge they shal be at about the work: also they are not to be restrayned of the liberty of the comons for all sorts of tymber for their use for sawing or otherwise.

[I - 259]


At a Towne Meeting warned by the Selectmen: December 30, 1664.

Capt. Pynchon Gives Springfield its 2nd Book for Town Records.
The Original Record Book contained pages I-1 to I-259.

It was voted, concludeed & Ordered that seeing this book wch from the foundation of this Plantation hath been the Towne booke is filled wth writing, and there beinge necessity of another booke for the Entering of Orders & grannts of land & other things of Publik concern ment to this Towne & Township: That therefore a certayne Booke wch Capt. Pynchon exhibited & prsented to the Towne for that use (& freely gave) should hereafter be the Towne Booke for ye ends aforesaid.

Elizur Holyoke is chosen & appoynted to trancribe all the Orders yt shalbe accounted of force into ye New Booke: for wch his paynes he is to be allowed 6 pence per order for every Order that he shall therein transcribe.

[I - 260]

ffebruary 1st, 1664.

At a Meeting of ye Comitte chosen for the disposing of or grannting out of lands wthin this Township viz:

Deacon Chapin
Benjamin Cooley
Nathaneell Ely
Rowland Thomas
Thomas Miller
Elizur Holyoke.

There is grannted to Jeremy Horton a pcell of meddow on ye head of a small brooke that is beyond ye head of Skipmuck brook: eight acres is grannted him if it be there.

There is grannted to William Warrener yt pcell of meddow wch is agst his own wet meddow at ye Worlds End provided he come not wthin Ten rod of ye turn of the River. Also he is to allow a high way thorough it as need shal require: This meddow thus granted lyes by ye River.

There is grannted to Benjamin Cooley soe much of the Pond as lyeth agst his own land at the higher end of the long meddow: wch grannt is to be bounded by ye brow of the hill over the pond.

There is grannted to Elizur Holyoke that pt of the pond yt lyes agt his own meddow in the middle meddow over Agawam River viz: the whole breadth of the pond.

There is granted to Thomas Miller six acres of land on ye South Easterly side of that little brooke yt is on this side plantation brooke


in ye way to Worronoco: this grannt of land is to lye by ye brook & the River: the Measurer is to lay it out soe as not to hinder convenient passage to other land thereabout.

[I - 261]

There is grannted further to Thomas Miller 40 acres of land at Ashkanunksuck in ye upper part of ye neck of land: this on condition that he surrender his former grannts of 30 acr & 10 in ye neck into ye Townes hands: wch he doth now acknowledge a surrender to ye Towne.

There is granted to Samuel Terry ffoure acres of woodland next to ye upper wood lotts over ye wett meddow.

There is also granted to Samuell Terry ffoure acres at ye Worlds End by Abell Wrights meddow but opposite thereto viz: on ye South Easterly side of the Northerly branch of ye Mill river: this being grannted him he was willing to surrender his grannt at Ashcanunksuck: and he did surrender it wch was accepted.

There is granted to William Brookes 3 or 4 acres of meddow at ye Northrly end of ye great pond on ye backside of Chickuppe playne: if so much be there after former grannts there about are laid out.

[I - 262]

ffebruary 6th, 1664.

At another meeting of ye comittee chosen by ye Towne for disposing & grannting of lands viz:

George Colton
Deacon Chapin
Benjamin Cooley
Nathaneell Ely
Rowland Thomas
Thomas Miller
Elizur Holyoke

Whereas diverse of ye Inhabitants had grannts of land in ye neck of land called Achkanunksuck towards Worronoco, the Grantees concerninge the conditions to those grannts to be something hard: this comittee doe now determine yt those conditions shal be voyd: and yt Thomas Noble, Thomas Day, John Lamb, Abell Wright, & John Bagg who first prsented their desires for land there shal be first served who for ye order of the lying of their lotts are to agree amongst themselves who also are to take their lotts together: & the rest are to fall in after ym, in case there be soe much


land there for them who are to cast lotts for Order how their lands shall lye: after them Obadiah Miller is to have 20 acres & Japhett Chapin 40 acres if there be sufficient for them: & James Taylor 40 acres by Thomas Millers land there.

[I - 263]

There is also grannted to Robert Ashley ffoure acres for a wood lot next beyond Samuell Terreyes wood lott mentioned on ye former leafe (page, Town Record Booke)

There is grannted to Jonathan Burt & to John Keepe ffoure acres a peece at ye grape swamp by the Long meddow, only the small lotts agt that swamp are to run through the swampe then the remaynder to ffoure acres a ppece is granted to them, if soe much be there:

There is grannted to Nathaneell Burt ten acr of woodland at the east end of his meddow yt is on back side ye Long meddow provided this woodland be soe laid out as not to p'judice any highway yt may be laid out there: & George Colton & Benjamin Cooley are to goe wth ye Measurer to order in generall where this woodland shal lye. Also there is grannted to Nathaneel Burt a long narrow strapett of wett meddow yt lyes along the West side of yt swamp wch is by the side or end of his meddow, viz: soe much of that strappett as lyes over agst his own meddow behind it, & between ye Swamp & ye highway: also there is grannted to him soe much of that swampe as lyes between this strappett of meddow & his other meddow.

[I - 264]

February 6, 1664. There is grannted to John Keep what land lyes at the east end of his own land below George Coltons house p'vided he leave a highway by ye pond of 4 rod on firme land at the reere of all his land there.

There is grannted to Elizur Holyoke Sen'r thirty acres of upland agt the house meddow to joyne to ye south eastly side of his form'r grannt of twenty acres of upland there. See Meeting March 13th, 1660/61.

There is grannted to James Warrener the island in Chickuppe


River at Skipmuch agt ye neck of land yt is his & Jeremy Hortons.

There is granted to ye Towne lott at Chickuppe playne on ye West side of the great river what land is agt ye said Town lott for sixty rod to ye woodsward from ye said lott. As also what land is between those two brookes there or the same length of Sixty: Provided this grant is not to be to ye p'judice of fromer grannts there.

There is granted to Samuell Ely a little nooke of land about half an acre lying agt his own land at long meddow bridge: this nook lyeth ov'r ye brook a little above the bridge. Pro-vided it prjudice not ye highway.

[I - 265]

There is grannted to Rice Bedortha ten acres of land joyning to his ten acres bought of Anthony Dorchester lying at Chick uppe playne on ye West side of ye great River: And it is to be bounded by the little brook that is a little Northward from his former ten acres, & wt falls short there of ten acres it is to be made up on ye Westrly side of the 10 acres yt he bought as above sd & to run equall in length wth the said ten acres.

Whereas George Colton hath paid many yeeres rates as is paid for meddow between ye hill & the pond at ye Long meddow to about eleven acres: & noe grannt can be found, the said meddow is now confirmed to him.

There is grannted to Rowland Thomas twenty acres more of land joyning to the upper side of his ffoure & twenty acres at the foot of the fals in ye great River on the West side of ye River.

[I - 266]

Here follows an account of Diverse charges made by the Comittee for Mr. Glovers house.

February: 1681.

s d
To Thomas Miricke for carting clay. 00 4 6
To Jonathan Ball for raising 00 6 0
To Henry Rogers & Joseph Bodurtha raising 00 4 0


To Jno Dorchester 2 dayes & Obadiah Cooley 1 day raising 00 6 0
To Henry Chapin & Eliakim Cooley at raising 00 4 0
To Henry Chapin for mending ye cellar 00 2 6
To Jno Dorchester for worke about the cellar & laths 00 11 0
To James Stevenson for work about the cellar 00 6 0
To David Morgan 00 8 0
To Victory Sikes 71 00 0
To Samuell Ball for building the chimneys 10 10 0
To Thomas Day for carting clay 01 02 0
To Jno Lamb fo raising 00 02 0
To 5000 of 8d nails 02 10 0
To 5000 of 6d nails 02 2 3
To 8000 of 4d nails 01 16 6
To bringing up the nails & glass 0 12 0
To one bushel of Indian Corne 00 02 0
To glass for the house from Ensigne Cooley 02 15 0
To Ensigne Coole for 1-2 bushel wh. meale 00 02 0
To 3 days worke of Ensigne Cooley 00 06 0
To Francis Pepper for cleansing ye cellar 00 05 0
To Benjamin Knowlton & Edward ffoster for raising 00 04 0
To Thomas Miller, Joseph Leonard & George Norton for raising 00 06 0
To Increase Sike for boards 00 14 7
To Joseph Leonard for a cellar window 00 01 0
To Haw hes for raising 00 02 0
To boards about the cellar 00 01 6
To serving two attachments 00 06 0
To John Holyoke for hinges & one days work 00 03 06
To Deacon Burt fetching corne from David Morgan 00 03 0
To glass & lead & nailes 04 06 8


To Victory Sikes for fetching corne from the Major 00 04 0
To Samuell Ball for brickes 5 16 s. To Jno Lamb for carting & lime 5 s mantletree 6 s and to       1 s, and to Dan Beamon is 6 pence     06     09       6
Total is 108 15 0

[I - 267]

Here followes an account of divers comon charges for the Towne & paid by ye Comittee

s d
To the Major for payment to Lieut Smith as messenger to Boston 00 10 0
To the Major for purchase of Coes Medow 02 00 0
To Samuell Hrman for killing a wolfe 00 10 0
To Jno Dorchester for carrying down ye bell 00 02 0
To former debts of the Town 06 19 0
To the Major for killing a wolfe 00 10 0
To the Town Debt February 1676 01 10 0
To the Sexton 1677 02 10 0
To Quartermaster Colton as Deputy 04 00 0
To Joseph Crowfoot for the mending the pound 00 01 3
To Samuell Ely entertaining ye Selectmen 1675 00 10 0
To Samuell Ely entertaining 1676 00 04 0
To charges in taking down ye bell 00 02 6
To charges about Mr. Younglove 00 04 0
To entertainment of the Selectmen December 24th 00 04 6
To making a drum cord & mending the drum 00 02 6
To entertainment of Selectmen January 1677 00 04 0
To making the Rates 01 00 0
To Selectmen & Comissionrs dinner August 1677     00     03       0

24 07 01

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