History of Springfield, MA
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The Towne yeilding to pay Joseph Leonard 10 shillings ffor a wolfe that he killed at Worinok, it maketh the debts of the Towne: 29 6 3

[II - 54]

The Towne Creditor in the year 1667:

By a rate of: 26 5 2

By rent of Thomas Noble 4 0 0

By severall small fynes 11 0 6

By credit that the fformer Selectmen gave the Towne     00     17       8

The whole is: 32 03 04

29 06 03

rests       2     17     01 (rents?)

32 03 04

In the handwriting of Elizur Holyoke.

May 5th, 1669.

The account abovesd, being overlooked by ye present Selectmen together wth ye account the next yeare, 3 leaves on & also in 4th leafe forward - we find yt this account above was not meddled wth nor brought to account by ye next years Selectmen, viz: in the yeare 1668: So yt the 2 17 shillings 1 pence above remaines due to ye Towne: only ye Towne at the Generall meetig abated Joseph Crowfoote what he was fyned for defective in his fence, viz: 6 shillings 6 pence, so ye due to ye Towne is 2 pounds, 10 shillings & 7 pence.

This carried to ye long book or paper of accounts where ye Towne is set - debits & credits.

[II - 55]

In the handwriting of Elizur Holyoke.

ffebruary 20th, 1667.

At a meeting of the Selectmen viz:

Lieut. Cooper
John Dumbleton
Miles Morgan
Benjamin Parsons
Elizur Holyoke.

For viewers of fences of the common fields & house lotts of this Township are chosen as followeth:


John Leonard & Edmund Pingridayes for the ffield on ye west of ye great River opposite to the town & for ye playn called Chickuppe.

And John Lumbard & Nathaneel Burt for ye house lotts from ye meeting house & downwards & for the long meddow.

And William Warriner & Timothy Cooper for ye house lotts from the meeting house & upwards & 3 corner meddow & playne above End brooke.

John Matthews for his absence at the last Generall Towne meeting is to pay 2 shillings to be added to the next Town rate.

There was granted to Abell Wright ten acrs of medow in that medow beyond Skipmuck where Rowland Thomas had 10 acres granted him by the last Selectmen - this medow is upon a brook yt runs down to ye Stony Brook on ye way to Hadley beyond haying well privided it free from former grants & yt it be free for this Town to dispose of it & yt if it be not purchased of ye Indians he cleare the purchases thereof.

Also Two acres more is granted to Rowland Thomas on ye same termes to be added to his former 10 acres.

Also grannted to Abell Wright about 2 acres at the South westerly side of Rowland Thomas his house lott [II - 56] at Skipmuck p'vided it pr'judice not former grannts on highwayes.

Granted to John Petty an addition of six acres of meddow to his former 8 acres granted by ye select of ye last yeere & on the same termes & conditions & yt it prjudice not former grannts.

Granted to William Hunter 20 acres of upland & 10 acres of meddow on or neere Stony River towards Windsor neere where John Petty hath land grannted & on the like tearmes & conditions.

Granted to Thomas Day 4 or 5 acres above his meadow at Worlds End on both sides the brooke. Also six acres for a wood lott or neere at ye reer of Capt. Pynchons wood lott lying from ye brow of the hill on the Northerly side of ye Garden brooke & from thence the bound is bye Northerly or Northwesterly.


John Lamb hath granted him the land yt is between his lotts in ye playne above End brook & the hills & ye land yt is between the hills yt ws Griffith Jones & the hills there Eastward.

It is Ordered yt every Proprietor of land in the comon ffields of this Towne shall sett up a stake at the p'tition of his fence in ye comon fence viz: between himself & his neighbor & that they mark ye stake wth the first letters of their names - this to be done before the viewers goe to view fences in ye springe under ye penalty of 12 pence fyne on each p'son yt shal bee defective herein wch fyne to goe half to the viewers & the other half to ye Town.

[II - 57]

Mr. J. Pynchon Jun'r & Joseph Hunwick killed a wolfe ffebruary 24, 1667.

June 29, 1668.

Att a meeting of ye Selectmen they being all present, for judging of diverse defects of fences in the Town fields on ye West side of ye great River prsented & complayned of to ye Selectmen:

Robert Ashley prsented for 2 pence defects in his fence at Chickuppy: for wch by ye Selectmen:

shillings pence
fyned at 6 0

Goodman Terry 1 defect fyned at 3 0

Thomas Mirack 2 defects fyned at 6 0

Richard Exell 1 defect fyned at 3 0

James Warriner 1 defect fyned at 3 0

Lawrence Bliss 1 defect fyned at 3 0

Miles Morgan 3 defects fyned at 9 0

John Bagg 2 defects fyned at 6 0

To ye viewers of the fences, viz: J. Leonard & Edmund Prin:

John Dumbleton 1 defect fyned at 3 shillings 0 pence wch he is to pay to ye Viewers who mended it.

Obadiah Miller 1 defect fyned at 4 shillings 0 pence wch he is to pay to ye viewers who mended it.


[II - 58]

Att a meeting of ye Selectmen January 11th, 1668. Who mett to consider of ye Townes debts & Creditts and to make rates viz: a rate of 80 for Mr. Glover (the minister) & a rate of 15 to pay ye Townes debts as follow:

The Towne is Dr (debitted)

s p
To Samuell & Joseph Harman for killing 6 wolves this summer past 3 00 00

To Charles fferry for killing 1 wolfe 0 10 00

To Timothy Cooper for his horse into ye Bay 20 s & his pasturing there 10s 6d this for ye debt 1 10 06

For ye Deputyes Diet at the Court May, 1668 3 10 00

To Elizur Holyoke for writings in ye Town book 1 00 00

For making Rates this yeere 1 00 00

To Cornelius for worke about ye meeting house mending ye bell and hinges for the doore 1 00 00

To Capt. Pynchon for nailes about ye Meeting house doore & windowes
02 06

To Jno Dumbleton for remaynder of pay for his work ye Pound over ye River 01 05 06

To Capt. Pynchon for hire of his bull this summer past to be raysed annually by ye neighbors on ye East side of the River except ye Long Meddow (& Captain himself because he had another bull) according to ye number of cowes yt every one had. 01 02 00

To Ensigne Cooley for maynteyning ye water fence at long meddow gate to be raysed on ye land there yt is wthin ye fence viz: 3 forth: on the as yt land is prized. He mayntayned yt fence ye yeere at 5 shillings per annum & mending ye gates 1 yeere 2 shillings in all. 01 02 00


To Thomas Miller for making & mayntening ye water fence by his house this yeere 30 raysed on ye land wthin yt field at half penny half farthing on ye as yt land is prized 01 10 00

To Benjamin Munn for ringing ye Bell etc. 02 10 00

to Mr. J. Pynchon & J. Hunwick for killing a wolfe     00     10     00

16 18 06

To John Stewart for a branding iron     00     04     00

17 02 06

[II - 59]

January 11, 1668.

Att a meeting of ye Selectmen, viz:

Eli Holyoke
T. Cooper
Miles Morgan
J. Dumbleton
Benjamin Parsons.

Granted to Samuell Ely ten acres of land below ye bridge at N. Burts land adjoyning to ye lowe end of John Harmons land there & the reere of long meddow lotts by ye brook: only there is tobe left a sufficient highway for drift of cattell to ye commons below ye meddowes.

Grannted to Lieut. Cooper yt if John Skinner doe not come to inhabitt in this township wthin two yeere from this tyme ynye said Lieut Cooper shall have yt 20 acres grannted to ye sd John Skinner.

Granted to John Dumbleton a peece of land about 6 acres more or less next to the lott yt was grannted to James Taylor above ye comon fence on ye west side of the river if soe much be there undisposed of.

Granted to Miles Morgan yt peece of land yt lyes above his land on ye North side of ye Round hill between his land & the 3 corner meddow brooke: only he is to leave 16 rod wide between this land for grannted & Goodman Branch his ditch & soe forward 16 rod wide between this land thus granted & the brow ye hill yt is on ye southeasterly side of the said brook & this grantt is to extend Northerly to the brow or


top of ye next raising of land a little from ye brooke yt runs out of the wett meddow, viz: a little over ye said brooke.

Grannted to Edmund Pringridayes & ffrancis Pepper to keepe their fence by Chickkupe playne on the place where it now stands provided they doe the former themselves except soe much as any of ye proprietors fall short of doing their share of fence there.

[II - 60]

January 11th, 1668.

The Towne Cr

s p
By a Rate of 14 raysed on ye Town 14 00 00
By Thomas Nobles rent due March next 4 00 00

Debt 17 02 06
rest     00     17     06

18 00 00

In the handwriting of Samuell Marshfield.

This account being examined by a committee chosen by the Towne namely: Nathanyell Ely & Samuell Marshfield find that thar remaineth due to the Towne: 00 17 00

In the handwriting of John Pynchon.

The 17 2s 6d of ye Townes debt on ye former leafe (page) being sattisfied & discounted: But in ye account in ye former leafe there is charged 1 5s 6d as remaining due to Jo. Dumbleton for worke about ye Pound, whereas ye whole 3 yt he was to have was allowed & accounted by ye Selectmen in the yeare 1666: so yt it is an error in charging this 25s 6d on ye Towne now & is to be allowed ye Towne. 01 05 06
In all ye due to ye Towne from the Selectmen, now goeing off is 43 shillings. 02 03 00

ffebruary 2d 1668: By us:

Nathanell Ely
Samuell Marshfield.


This caryed to ye Long Booke or Papers of Accounts to where ye Towne is Debitted & Credited.

May 5th 1669.

[II - 61]

Springfield ffebruary 8th, 1668.

At a meeting of the Selectmen for ye yeare ensueing: viz:

John Pynchon
George Colton
Nath Ely
Samuell Marshfield
Laurence Bliss.

At this meeting of ye Selectmen: they chose & appointed viewers of fences for the severall fields for ye yeare ensueing viz:

John Clarke & John Bliss ffor Long meddow & ye homelotts up to the meeting house.

Thomas Miller & Edward ffoster for ye field on the west side of ye River.

James Warriner & Thomas Day for the homelots from the meeting howse upward.

John Riley & John Bagg for Chickkuppe plaine.

The Selectmen considering the excuses of men absent from ye Generall Towne meeting last week doe allow of ye Reson for most mens absence: only 4 p'sons who were prsent most of ye day yet not attending to theire call & being also absent some tyme after, we do for theire neglect judge ym to pay 6 pence a peece to be added to theire next Towne Rate, viz:

Abell Wright 6 pence
John Bliss 6 pence 2 shillings
John Matthews 6 pence
John Harmon 6 pence

Forward three leaves are more dues to ye Towne as above & wt else is of publik concernment contained in ye 3 next leaves was all publikly made known to ye Towne on a Lecture day, all being read & declared to ye Inhabitants after lecture of ye 24th day of ffebruary, 1668: all of publik to yt date 3 leaves forward was then read to ye Inhabitants. J. P.


[II - 62]

February 8th 1668.

Lett out to John Bagg: Edm. Pringridays & W. Brooke the 35 or 40 acres of Towne land in Chickkupy plaine on ye west side of ye greate River, for the Tearme & space of seven yeares from this prsent 8th day of ffebruary 1668: upon ye tearmes hereafter mentioned, viz: John Bagg, Edmund Pringridays & William Brooke have free liberty for Improvement of ye aforesd land to theire best advantage by plowing, planting, sowing & mowing or breaking up any of ye new ground p'vided they donot break up any of ye meddow or mowing ground, wch they are noe ways to deface, but carefully to prserve all ye mowing land for hay: they are likewise to take care of ye fences belonging to this land & carefully to repaire it, all ye fence wch from or for this land aforesd belongs to ye common ffields wch they are sufficiently to repaire from tyme to tyme for ye security of ye ffield from all or any damadge; and likewise to leave the whole fence in good & sufficient repaire at ye end of theire aforesd seven yeares: and for rent the sd John Bagg, Edmund Pringridays & William Brooke all as one party are to allow or pay yearly the rent or sum of seven pounds ten shillings per annum they are yearly to pay into ye Select Townsmen from tyme to tyme: and that upon or before ye first day of January yearly, one halfe in good merchantable wheate & the other halfe in pease & Indian corne, all good & merchantable: only for this prsent yeare now coming in regard the fence is out of repaire & one acre & halfe of ye afore let land being sowne wth winter wheate wch is reserved, they are to allow but seven pounds for this yeare, and in case by the mere hand of Gods p'vidence inevitably blasting theire crop the land afore let shall yield but little wheate, in such case if they doe p'cure 2 or 3 of ye Selectmen sometime in July or ye beginning of August at furtherest to view & take notice of such blast they shal then be abated of theire rent such yeare as ye sd Selectmen shall judge meete, always p'vided they have planted or sowne a considerable pt of ye and atleast halfe wth other grain then


wheate, otherwise they shall suffer for theire owne imprudence in putting more to wheate, these uncertaine yeares, and this ingagemt & agreement the sd ptys all as one pty have hereto set their hands this prsent 8th of ffebruary 1668.


William Brookes
John Bagg
Edmund Pringridays - his marke - E P

[II - 63]

ffebruary 8, 1668.

By ye Selectmen all being prsent.

Anthony Dorchester having a p'sell of land granted him in Chikkuppy plaine on ye west side of ye great river at the back end or reere end of ye land sometime called Miles Murwins lot wch grant was many yeares since, & he hath posessed it & imprved it severall yeares since, & yet the record of it through some neglect is not to be found, the sd land is now confirmed to him viz: sixe or seven acres, Robert Ashly his land lying on ye northside of it, & Miles Morgans landon ye south.

Obadiah Miller having 20 acrs of land granted him at Ashkanuncksit in ffebruary 6, 1664, wch was never laid out, & he desiring ye place may be altered, and it may lye at block bridge brooke: his desire is granted, and ye sd twenty acrs of land he is to have it on ye west side of his other land there: & hereby yt grant at Ashkanunksit is void.

Edmund Pringridays desiring one or two acrs of meane land to be granted to him wch lyes at ye reere of his land in chikkuppy plaine & was taken in wth his land only for conveniency of fencing: the aforesd acre or 2 of landis granted to him.

Likewise there is granted to ffraunces Pepper ye land at the end of his lot there.

The proprietors of ye 3 corner meddow plaine on this side ye round hill & plaine above the 3 corner meddow, agreeing to ly togither in one field & intending to keepe it intire pro-pounding theire desires that they may have liberty as to order


theire owne pprietys according to Law, so in pticular, to choose theire owne hayward & viewers of fences & to make orders for regulating of theire owne fences & improvment of their land there from tyme to tyme, & that the Selectmen would not impose upon them, as to yt ffield, from ye upper end of Reice Bedorthas, John Lambs & that wch was Thomas Days homelots to ye head of the plaine: their desire is accordingly granted & yt they take in William Branch wth ym: provided they doe agree among themselves, yt is to say ye major part of ye pprietors according to law, & yt they doe choose theire fence viewers & from tyme to tyme or else be lyable to ye same penalty yt ye Selectmen are for neglect, and so they they have power & liberty & have hereby appointed from tyme to tyme to make orders about theire fencing & repairing thereof & may impose penaltys according to Law wch shall be to use & behoofe of theire owne company & they are to have ye whole advantage of theire field intire to ymselves only it is ordered yt in case complaint be made justly agt ye fence viewers of this field aforsd, that they allow of fences sufficient then other viewers in such ye Selectmen shal rectifie as is most just and right to ym.

[II - 64]

At a meeting of ye Selectmen ffebruary 12th, 1668.

Present, viz:

John Pynchon
Nath Ely
George Colton
Samuell Marshfield
Laurence Bliss.


A Bay stone horse of Mr. Pynchons, foure yeare old in ye spring, being viewed and measured by ye Selectmen & found according to law, is allowed to goe at liberty for a stone horse.

Also a whiteish stone horse of Laurence Bliss - 3 yeares old & full ye height reqred is allowed to goe at liberty for a Stonehorse.

Likewise Capt. Pynchons white lock horse is allowed off to goe at liberty but tis only for this yeare coming in regard of his age.

The order about swine in page 15 (of ye Towne book) that all swine running at liberty & keeping ordinarly wthin 2


mile of ye Towne shal be rung & if found on medow pastures or gardens unrung to pay 2 shillings 6 pence. This penalty being thought a little too high & yt ye neglect if psecuting ye sd order is occasioned by ye greatness of ye penalty: it is therefore ordered yt the pnealty for swine above 3 mos old in meddows, pastures, orchards & gardens or inclosed ffields shall henceforth be but 8 pence a peece for being unrung one halfe to ye Informer & ye other halfe to the Towne & in case swine yt doe ordinarily keepe in ye woods shall by accident get into inclosed ffields in such cases to pay but 3 pence a pce as those are to doe yt goe on ye comons, unless it be knowne yt they have got a haunt of lying about ye towne or about inclosed fields: and in all other respects the former order about swine to stand good, only whereas by sd order swine may goe at liberty till ye 25th of March: it is now ordered that it shall be left to ye Selectmen from yeare to yeare to shorten the tyme if ye earlyness of ye spring require it.

The order about ffences as in the 4th leafe in the beginning of this booke made ye 20th March 1664-65 being considered, wee judge it meete to continue it wth a little alteration namely where ye title in the margin is (ffences up for ye last of March) we put in 10th of March unless the frost be in ye ground to hinder doeing up ye fence (it is to be) to the further end of John Lambs, Reice Bedorthas lots & Mr. Holyokes land & for last of March, there to put in ye 10th of March (in directions for viewers, instead of Aprill 1st, to be, ye 15th of March (and adde) that ye increasing 12 pence per day shall extend but to 3 days the viewers being to see yt defect run noe longer: however 3 days shall [II - 65] terminate ye increase of ye 12 pence per day unless upon the viewers reviewing yt fence & givinge new notice to ye pprietor he shall continue to neglect ye amending it after yt notice, and in all cases about fines for defective ffences it is left to ye Selectmen to mittigate ym, both ye viewers pt & ye Townes pt, where they judge it apparent equity or other considerations doe require it.


There being complaints of great damadge like to ensue to many p'sons by swine & cattle goeing at liberty this forward spring, especially where there is winter wheate, it is there fore ordered that all fields that are fenced shall be cleared of swine & cattle to prvent damage what may be by ye 10th of March next upon penalty of paying 5 shillings for every head turned or left in, either of swine or other cattle, and for all cattle found in ye owners to pay 6 pence a head for all cattle & 8 pence per head for swine unrung according to orders.

The want of a bull for ye use of ye Towne being considered - it is left to Nathanell Ely and Laurence Bliss to take care for to provide one.

Also ye care of mending ye pound is ledt to ym to agree wth the pound keeper about it, who shal be paid for his paines out of ye Townes esate, and they are to p'cure locks for each pound.

The seating of p'sons in ye meeting howse was not considered but obstructed by want of ye list thereof from ye former Selectmen wch at prsent cannot be found.

Whereas there was a highway over ye great river wthout ye comon fence, laid out 20 rod wide by ye common fence towards Agawam river & ordered to be continued till it came over ye Muxy medow or further: it is now ordered yt ye sd highway shall be continued beyond ye Musy meddow twenty rod wide all along by ye comon fence as far as to Agawam River: ptly for highways sake & ptly for comonage for cattle 20 rod wide is to be always continued common, from ye great river to Agawam.

There is granted to Jo Dumbleton, Samuell Marshfield, Griffith Jones & Thomas Copley that for conviency of fencing theire lands under ye hills at ye reare of the hoselots wthout the comon fence they shal have liberty to set theire fence toward the brow of the great hill.

[II - 66]

Peter Swink desiring someland to make meddow off lying over ye brooke on ye Northerly side of his land at Block Brooke there is sixe or seven acres of low meddowish land


granted to him wch is to be laid out to him on ye northerly side of Block brook agt his former grant of thirty acres of land there & inhabitants to make use of Timber trees, that grow in his 30 acrs formerly granted him, whileit lys comon, or till it shall be improved or fenced in, in pt, some acres, at least two, till then ye timber to be common for ye neighbors there & upon this condition yt he allow of the taking of timber out of his former 30 acrs till impvmt as afored: he hath the grant of ye 6 or 7 acrs of meddowish land as abovesd and he is spedyly to declare whether he acept this grant on the conditions specified, that ye liberty for ye inhabitants tomake use of the timber trees yt are growing there may be known.

He accepted of this grant on ye tearmes mentioned for ye inhabitants to make use of timber till he fence in part.

There is granted to Symon Beamon, an acre & halfe or two acres of medow upon a small brooke northward, a little beyond Skeepmuch wch runs down toward Stony River: this meddow being a little off of Rowland Thomas his meddow there.

Granted to John Riley an addition of two acrs of land to his former ten acres by ye great river above chickkuppy plaine.

There is granted to Thomas Day, John Clarke, Nath Ely & Charles fferry ye land at ye end of theire lots over the meddow (where Thomas Day dwell by the prison house) for 20 rod log from ye reare of theire lots wch were 80 rod long & now this addition of 20 rod long added all theire breadths besides theire first grant being made good 80 rod long & then this 20 rod taking place at ye end, is in lew of land wch is taken from: theselots for ye highway in ye front, is in full sattisfaction for ye land taken for sd highway.

There is likewise granted to Laurence Bliss ye land agt his lot there for 20 rod long from reare upon ye like condition as ye former yt is to say in sattisfaction for land taken for ye highway: the like grant is made to the lot belonging to the


howse of Correction & to ye lot yt belongs to ye howse & land wch John Mathews is now in.

[II - 67]

Thomas Stebbing Junr last wednesday in ye forenoon fiercely galloping & running his horse in ye streete from Goodman Miricks upward & wch was seen by many p'sons & he acknowleged it before ye Selectmen, it being expressly against ye Towne order, he was accordingly sentenced to pay 3 shillings 4 pence (the Informer taking 12 pence according to Towne order) The 2 shillings 4 pence is payable to ye Towne.

Tim Cooper & Jonathan Ashly: likewise Jo Hitchcock & Samuell Bliss Junr being complained of for running theire horses in ye streete on ye same day (but being absent) it is ordered that they be required to appeare before ye Selectmen next Lecture day imediately after Lecture, to give an account of theire so doing.

ffebruary 24th, 1668.

The Selectmen met & ye psons afore mentioned appearing & desiring they might not be condemned wthout excuse. Thereupon Serg. Thomas Stebbings & Laurence Bliss testyfied that they saw John Hitchcock & Samuell Bliss Jur'r running theire horses this day fort-night as fast as well they could run & that in ye streete: likewise Nath Ely & Laurence Bliss testyfied that they saw Timothy Cooper & Jonath Ashly gallop & run their horses in ye streete last Lecture day in ye forenoon & yt as fast as they could run. Whereupon Timothy Cooper & Jonathan Ashly, also John Hitchcock & Samuell Bliss Jun for running theire horses as aforesd, it being expressly agt ye Towne order: are adjudged each of ym to pay ye order injoynes viz: 2 shillings 4 pence a piece to the Towne.

At this meeting: a black stonehorse of Thomas Coltons 4 yeare old in ye spring being measured & found the height the law requires wthin a very small trifle & being a handsom comly horse well limmed, is alowed to goe at liberty for a stone horse.

Also a brown bay stonehorse of Robert Ashlys 4 yeare old in ye spring being viewed & found according to law, is allowed


off for a stone horse: likewise a bay horse of Timothy Coopers 5 yeare old & full ye height required is alowed for a stone horse to goe at liberty.

Aprill 21th, 1667.

A roane horse of Symon Beamons of 10 yeare old is allowed to goe at liberty for a stone horse for this yeare now coming.

[II - 68]

At a meeting of ye Selectmen Aprill 7th, 1669. Present:

J. Pynchon
G. Colton
N. Ely
S. Marshfield
L. Bliss.

Miles Morgan & Jonathan Burt are ordered to sit up in ye gallery to give a check to disorders in youth & young men in tymes of Gods worship: Anthony Dorchester to sit on ye guard seate for ye like end.

The viewers of fence over ye river prsent John Baker for 4 rod of fence defective 3 dayes for wch sd Baker is lyable to 4 shillings per day fine but John Baker pleading noe damadge hath come to ye field, & it being at ye first closing of the field, we abate the fine to sixe shillings, to be to each viewer 2 shillings viz: Edward ffoster & Thomas Miller, & 2 shillings to ye Towne.

Complaints about the Indian Cattonis.

They also complaine of ye Indian Cattonis & his company for not doeing up ye water fence belonging to theire land in ye field they having had warning & neglecting it: about 4 or 5 rod being defective upon ye land next ye river, besides the securing of ye river, for wch neglect they are fyned to pay 2 bushels & 1/2 of Indian corne or other pay so much vallue, halfe to belong to ye viewers & halfe to ye Towne.

There is granted to Benjamin Parsons about an acre of meddow three miles of ye towne, on ye right hand of the way to watchuit on a gutter running downe to John Harmons Pacowsick meddow.

Joseph Crowfootes request for halfe an acre of land at Chickkuppy lying cornerwise next ye highway at ye southerly corner & so will bring his lot square at the front, as also about 4 acres more at ye flank of his lot toward ye easterly end: is granted to him accordingly.

p. 377

Jeremy Horton hath about halfe an acre of land granted to him at ye west end of his howse lott (next to Symon Bemons) to lay his lot square as also a triangle piece of about halfe an acre at ye southeast corner to bring his lot up to ye highway there.

There is granted to Capt. Pynchon about a quarter of an acre of land in ye further side of ye 3 corner medow brooke above ye plaine bridge, to cary ye brooke straite next to the plaine land under ye hill there, thereby taking 2 or 3 small spangs of land, wch are not lying on ye north side of yt brooke, all being about a quarter of an acre or but little more & is adjoyning to Capt. Pynchons other land wch he hath lying at ye northwest end of ye round hill.

Eliakim Hitchcock of New Haven, desiring to be admitted into this township to dwell hath liberty, p'vided he bring certificates from New Haven yt he is an orderly liver there & yt his father there desires it, & assist him on his remove, & p'vided also that he pcure 2 sufficient men of this towne to enter into 30 bond to secure ye towne from any charge yt may anyway arise to this towneship by sd Hitchcock or any of his family.

[II - 69]

At a meeting of the Selectmen:


April 21, 1669.

John Baker being prsented for defect in his ffence that wch he was fyned for last meeting ye whole 4 rod was not mended & he owning it yt it was neglected a day after he ingaged it should be done, though the viewer Thomas Miller says it was above a day undone after he had viewed. But we take notice of only ye days neglect: for wch he is fyned 4 shillings according to order: halfe to ye towne.

Edward ffoster for one defect is ordered to pay 12 shillings.

Lieut. Coopers prsentmt is taken off, the water being up yt he could not doe his fence he is freed from: first taking care of it.

Richard Exell (he not being p'sent) is left friday one of


ye clock. He not appearing on friday & not knowing whether he had notice, it is referred to next Lecture, viz: ye 5th of May. He then appeared & was quitted.

The Indian ffence into Agawam River being still defective to ye great damadge of ye field: it is therefore ordered that the viewers shall amend it, at least yt into ye water, & make it sufficient agt cattle to secure ye field, for wch they shal have double recompence according to law & have warrant from ye Selectmen to ye constable to levy it & also to levy the 2 bush: & 1/2 Indian corne wch they were fyned last meeting of ye Selectmen for ye defect.

The homelot field not being in a secure pasture by reson of alteration of fencing (& some having fenced ym se in pticlar) and thereby ye viewersbeing at a loss what to doe about defects, as also sho should secure ye upper wharfe gate or whether it should be laid downe: It is therefore ordered that ye pprietors of land of all the homelots, shall be warned to meet togither next friday being ye 23th of this Aprill: at three of ye clock, that so there may be a meete settlement of ye fencing to prsent dammage as to ye whole so also to pticular p'sons.

[II - 70]

April 23th 1669. The proprietors of ye land in the homelots met according to appointmt also the Selectmen met togither ye same tyme.

At this meeting it appearing that ye homelots from James Warriners upwards were in pticular inclosures it was therefore considered concerning ym yt ly in comon from: James Warinars downwards to John Harmons: and ye sd proprietors lying togither in Common they have now agreed & determined to fence at ye reare of their lots next to ye river for securing of ymse.(themselves) & theire fields.

And for securing ye gateway or bars by ye meeting howse, Benjamin Munn, Serj. Stebbing, William Warinar & James Warinar are to take care & charge thereof & doe the same.

The gate at ye higher wharfe being judged needfull to be kept well hung & shut, for a generall good to ye whole


to prevent cattles prsing upon ye field at ye reare of mens lots, or going over the river, theefore that cattle may be kept from goeing to the river & also from damadge to corne or hay brought thither in ye season of it: it is ordered by the Selectmen that for ye prsent (til other order be taken) all the neighbors from Deacon Chapins, taking in Decon Chapin & from him all upward, shall take careof ye sd gate that it be well hung & also that ye fence adjoyning ye highway be done up close to the sd gate: and whosoever shall leave open the sd gate such p'son shal pay as a fine 2 shillings 6 pence for neglect, one halfe to go to ye Informer & yeother halfeto go to the p'sons yet keepe ye gate up for securing ye fields. The p'sons aforsd are to meete to agreefor carying on this worke: all whom Deacon Chapin in some convenient tyme, is to call ym togither for yt end.

And that something may be done at or toward ye lower wharfe, for a generall good & securing, as to prventing cattle from prseing ye fields either by making up a gateway if a lane can be contrived, or otherwise to run a fence into ye river & put a stop to cattles goeing on ye backside or reare of ye lots. Anthony Dorcheste is appointed & ordered to call ye neighbors at ye lower end of the Towne togither from Cornelius Williams, taking him in, to consider & take order there about to doe what may be advantageous & good for ye whole therein.

[II - 71]

In answer to the viewers for their direction: ffor setling where the viewers shal have charge, it is declared (ye range now apearing to be at James Wariners & not at ye meeting house) that John Clarke & John Bliss theire view of fences shall reach thither & Thomas Day & James Warinair, there view of fences shall be from thence upward.

Severall p'sons complaining that they cant get theire neighbours, where theire fences is in pticular to make up theire fence sufficient & all because ye viewers are not requirable to view pticular & ptitionall fences: and whereas the towne order says that ptitionall ffences between lot & lot


in case of disagreemt betwixt ye pprietors shal be ordered by ye Selectmen.

The Selectmen doe now (therefore) order that where there are complaints agt neighbours that any one of ym doth not make good fence in such case, where either neighbour desires it, the viewers yearely appointed shal view such ptitionall ffences from tyme to tyme & shall have power to allow or disallow of ym, according as they do or may, ye generall & comon ffences or cornefields wch ffences disallowed, or declared defective by any viewers shall forth wth by ye pprietor or owner of it be amended & made sufficient to ye judgmt of ye viewers.

At this meeting consideration being had about prventing ye wetness & flowing of ye medows before the Towne on the east side of ye street & by ye orders on the Towne booke for ditching & clearing the brooke being read & judged sufficient for yt end, if attended: the exsecution of them is therfore desyred & ordered, only yt order being a little to short in seeming to leave ye clearing ye brooke at the medow wch was Henry Burts, it is therefore declared & ordered that each pprietor of meddow as far as Benjamin Parsons shall make a sufficient ditch before his meddow and cleare it yearly as far as the lower side of Benjamin Parsons lower meddow, and the Recorder [II - 72] ordered in page 17 of the great Towne Booke, line 14, (instead of) (that was Henry Burts deceased) to put in to ye lower side of Benjamin Parsons lower meddow.

At this meeting there was granted to Jonathan Burt a small p'sell of meddow about an acre or two uppon a branch that comes out of ye hither Wachusit & runs into Pacowsick brooke, p'vided it be not already granted to any other.

There is foure acrs of medow granted to Deacon Chapin on ye hither branch of fresh water p'vided it be not already granted to any other.

May 5th 1669. At a meeting of ye Selectmen, JP, GD, NE, SM, & Laurence Bliss,


William Brookes complaining of John Bagg for letting 3 of his cattle last friday ye 30thof Aprill to be in Chickuppy field wthout a keeper, also on Edmund Pringridays for 3 there wch were in or under his improvement & of Joseph Bedortha for 2 of his fathers cattle there at ye same tyme all wch cattle were turned in over night & left in ye field: William Brookes affirming that they were there wth out a keep: & yt as conceive all night & that he was bringing ym to a pound but that they were taken from him: Bagg & Pringridays also owning yt they left ym there overnight, & though they say theythen left a keep: wth ym yet William Brookes affirms there was noe wth them in ye morning & they not pveing or saying yt a keep: was then wth ym otherwise the calling on Brookes to prove that he found ym wthout a keep: wch were vaine, for their great neglect & breach of Towne order: the sd Bagg, Pringrydays & Bedortha are ordered & cast to pay 5 shillings a head for each beast to ye use of ye towne wch for the 6 beasts comes to 30 shillings.

June 3d 1669. By the Selectmen present:

John Pynchon
George Colton
Nath Ely
Samuell Marshfield
Laurence Bliss.

This day according to Towne order wee considered about making rates & taking a list of ye estate of ye plantation & for prizing the living stock of the Plantation we chose & appointed Samuel Ely, Edward ffoster & Jonathan Ashly who are to goe about ye worke spedyly & bring in ye estate of the Towne to us for ye spedy making ye rates.

At this meeting we judged it needful to make a towne rate of 60 neere about 10 of it, in reference to severalls due from the Towne to discharge & ye 50 toward ye carying on of the new building for Mr. Glovers house, although we find all this will be too little to defray ye townes this yeare by reason of ye hand of God on our crops, we know not well how to doe yt wch we are necessaryly inforced to & there


fore shall determine upon only ye 60 to be raised on ye inhabitants for the whole of all Towne charges: ye ministers rate being besides, this wth country & county rates.

At this meeting a motion being made in writing by Joseph Parsons of Northampton for liberty to pruchase a p'sell of land belonging to this township of Thomas Coply wch land lyes at ye foote of the higher falls, his desire is granted & also liberty to build, etc., according to his desire.

[II - 74]

At a meeting of ye Selectmen: January 14th 1669. Present:

J. Pynchon
G. Colton
Nath Ely
Samuell Marshfield
Laurence Bliss.

At this meeting we considered ye complt of ym yt took ye towne land at chickkuppy: what to abate ym according to agreemt ye hand of God havig bin very heavy blasting their wheate as also by ye floods but most exceedingly by ye wormes eating up their Indian Corne, so that their loss & damadge thee by is exceeding much since Capt. Pynchon & Samuell Marshfield viewedit, who thenjudged an abatemt of halfe to be made but upon certaine understanding of what further damadge ye wormes did ym afterward whereby theyhave not as they say to pay for their labor wee doe judge meete to make ym a further abatement & so order theire payment of rent to be as followeth of Indian Corne apiece wch is in all 9 bushells of wheate is:

s d

1 ll 6

& three bushels of Indian Corne is       0     07       6

1 19 0

And this to goe for theire whole rent this yeare past: p'vided they pay in their fines for cattle in ye field viz: 10 shillings apeece - Jo Bagg & Edmund Pringridays.

There being as is sd by severall p'sons, need of a highway


over ye wetmeddow so into ye woods toward the lower end of the towne about Benjamin Parsons: the Selectmen doe therefore appoint: Serjant Stebbings, Rowland Thomas & Jeremy Horton to view & consider & where ye sd way may be most conveniently laid out & to make report thereof to ye Selectmen what they judge thereabouts & how far they judge such a way necessary for ye use of the Inhabitants thereabouts: & theire returne to be made to some of ye Selectmen some time next week.

[I - 75]

January 14th 1669. At this meeting:

Granted to Anthony Dorchester about ten acres of swamp & low land lying beyond Agawam River where ye sd way maybe most conveniently laid out & to make report thereof to ye selectmen what they judge thereabouts & how far they judge such a way necessary for ye use of the Inhabitants thereabouts & theire returne to be made tosome of ye Selectmen some time next weeke.

[II - 75]

January 14th 1669. At this meeting:

Granted to John Clarke ten acres of land by his medow on ye Mill River in severall spangs to lay his meddow & that togither.

Granted to John Bagg twenty acres of land on ye west side ye great River beyond Chickkuppy plaine next above John Rileys land, convenient highways being reserved or else to be laid out afterward. Also granted him five acres of swampy meddowish land hemmed in wth hills, wch is lying about 60 rod above chikkuppy plaine fence.

Granted to Capt. Holyoke over ye great river on this side of ye higher falls a little below Thomas coplys land wch he hath sold to Joseph Parsons: eighty acres ofland to ly from thence downeward by ye great riverside to ye land abovesd granted to John Bagg: reserving liberty for highways through it as there shall be occasion if they cannot conveniently be laid by ye side of it.

Also there is an addition granted to Mr. Holyokes wet meddow by ye 3 corner meddow wch formerly was not to come quite to ye foote of the hill, it is now granted that his land there shal come not only to ye foote of ye hill but also that he shal have the land all along on the side of the hill up to ye edge of ye brow so as to set his fence there if he so cause, p'vided he doe not intrench upon the ends of any of


the homelots that were granted there, all wch are to goe to yt brow of y hill wch runs all along by the Three Corner medow side.

[II - 76]

Severall psons desiring grants of land at toward or about Stony River on ye west side of ye great river toward Windsor: having taken the same into consideration togither wth waht is sd by many psons that if it were well ordered & managed aright, it might make a fine village or small plantation, wee therefore commend it ot ye towne to consider how far they may see cause to order or settle ye same: and in the meane tyme in refference to those that desire grants there: we judge meete that Samuell & Joseph Harmon have 30 acresof land a piece there & 6 acres apiece of wet meddow.

Also that John Lamb have 30 acres there & 6 acres of meddow.

Benjamin Parsons 30 acrs & 6 acrs of medow.

Samuel Bliss Senr 30 acrs & 6 acrs of medow.

Griffith Jones for his 2 sons 20 acrs apece & 4 acrs of medow apeice.

All on condition they attend such termes as shal be concluded on by any comittee appointed ye ordering the same.

Granted to William Brookes 40 acrs ofland on ye west side & north end of land which Thomas Coply hath sold to Joseph Parsons at ye foote higher falls, convenient highways being reserved. Also by way of exchange granted to Samuell Marshfield sixty acrs of land there by William Brookes they agreeing in laying of it out, this of Samuel Marshfields is in lew of sixty acres wch he had over Agawam River & upon condition he resigne up hereby declaring it & accepting this he to alow - highways allowed to be laid as ......

In the handwriting of Elizur Holyoke.

[II - 77]

Springfield - ffebruary ye 7th, 1669. At a meeting of the Selectmen, viz:

Elizur Holyoke
Leiut. Cooper
Ensigne Cooley
Benjamin Parsons
Henry Chapin.

The Selectmen chose John Matthews & Nathaniel Pritchard


for viewers of ye fences viz: for ye long medow & the home lotts to the upper wharfe lane.

William Brookes & William Hunter for ye field called chickuppy playne.

John Dumbleton & Obadiah Miller for ffences on the west side of ye river oposite to ye Towne.

Granted to Lawrence Bliss 2 or 3 acres of medow land on ye north granch of ye Mill River above his medow bought of Rowland Stebbin: p'vided it be not granted to any other person.

Granted to Symon Bemon & Jeremy Horton 3 acres a peece of land agt the great bar of ye higher falls in ye great river on ye east side of the river to be laid together in one peese provided the Indians are wiling to sell & that he cleare the purchase thereoff.

Granted to John Matthews 30 acres of land, the swamp called J Matthews his swamp.

Granted to Thomas Miller 3 acres of land at Askanunsick by his other land there provided it prjudice not the layingof ye highway to Westffield wthin conveniency in ye judgmt of the Selectmen or others appointed by them.

Granted to Thomas Mirick 2 or 3 acresof medow land & swampe by hisland at 16 acres p'vided it be not granted to any pson already.

Samuell Marshfield hath granted unto him 40 acres of land above or by his & William Brookes land grannted at ye higher falls in ye great river to be ladi out soe as not to hinder highways.

[II - 78]

ffebruary 7, 1669. Jonathan Burt, Jonathan Ball, Charles fferry, for himselfe & Nath Harmon, also Lawrence Bliss - all these desire accommodations of land at Stony River: consideration whereof is referred to another meeting of ye Selectmen:

May the 14th, 1670.

At a meeting of ye Selectmen - Present:

Ensigne Cooley
Benjamin Parsons
Henry Chapin
Elizur Holyoke.

It is ordered yt ye viewers of ye fences (appoynted by the Selectmen) for the severall generall corne fields shall about ye beginning of July


& about ye end of August next ensueing view the severall fences under their charge & in case of defects in ye fence they shall give notice thereof to the owners of such deficient fences & warne ym immediately to repaire them & if they be found unrepayred one day after such notice given them of their defects such p'son shal pay (besides all damage that shall accrue to any pson by such deficient fences) 12 pence per defect for ye least defects & 12 pence per rod for all the rods defective & the fynes to encrease 12 both per day & per rod for 6 days after such notice given to amend them: and if any pson shall neglect to amend his fence for ye 6 days the viewers of such fences shall amend ym & have double re-compense: the like Order shal be observed for ye such fences as now deficient or shal be till they be viewed in July as aforesd: and the fynes incurred upon this Order shal be gathered by ye constable by warrant from the Selectmen upon coplaynt of the viewers.

Cornelius Williams desiring a small pcell of meddow between the 4 mile pond & Chickuppe [I -79] river there is grannted unto him 2 acre or 2 acres & 1/2 if there be soe there undisposed of:

John Lamb hath liberty granted him (uppon his desire) to build on his land in ye playne above end brooke.

August 19th, 1670.

Att a meeting of ye Selectmen viz:

Lieut. Cooper
Ensigne Cooly
Benjamin Parsons
H. Chapin
E. Holyoke.

Thomas Miller, haywrd of ye field on the west side of the great river, prsenting John Petty, John Scott, Edward ffoster, James Taylor, Thomas Mirick, Jo Clark, Lawrence Bliss, Anthony Dorchester, Jon. Burt & J. Lumbard, for turning or keeping their cattell wthin ye said field contrary to order. Upon hearing ye case the six last their offence being for yt ye 18th of May their teemes weere found in ye neck wthout a keep but it being declared yt yr cattell were impounded & the poundage paid by ye owners of ye cattell they were dismist & soe were the rest on other considerations.

[II - 80]

There is granted unto Rice Bedortha that 5 or 6 acr of


wett land wch was firmly grantted to Joseph Crowfoote & resigned into ye Townes hand lying about 1/2 mile from his ouse upon yt brooke yt comes out of ye woods & runs by Edmund Pringridays cellar.

October 12, 1670. At a meeting of ye Selectmen they being all present:

Whereas in Aprill last there was grannted to Mr. Glover an additon of 20 per annum to his 80 per anum: his first beginning at Michtide last the 20 for htis yeere should be raysed thus, viz: yt mr. Glovers fire wood for this yeere shold be gotten for him as part of ye pay & 10 to be another pay & it was left to ye Selectmen to pportion each man his share: that is to say who should gett fire wood & how much and who should pay ye 10 & how much: now the Selectmen doe judge yt he will need for ye yeere 70 loads of fire wood wch they order, this to be gotten for him: the persons undernamed to get it & cart it:

Rowland Thomas 2
Jeremy Horton 2
Henry Chapin 2
Joseph Crowfoote 1
Robert Ashley 3
Jonathan Ashley 2
Samuell Terry 2
John Lamb 2
Miles Morgan 3
[II - 81]
Serjent Stebbins 2
Thomas Day 2
Charles fferry 1
John Clark 2
John Matthews 1
Nath Pritchard 2
Samuell Bliss, Sen'r 2
Richard Sikes 3
John Lumbard 1

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