History of Springfield, MA
Pages 388 - 410



ffrancis Pepper 1
Thomas Stebbins, Junr 1
Elizur Holyoke 4
Deacon Chapin 2
Timothy Cooper 2
John Hitchcock 2
John Stewart 1
James Warrener 2
William Warrener 2
Cornelius Williams 1
Symon Lobdell 1
Thomas Merrick 2
Lawrence Bliss 2
John Harmon 1
Benjamin Parsons 2
Anthony Dorchester 4
Jonathan Burt 2
Jonathan Ball 1
Samuell Ball 1
Samuell Harmon & Joseph Harmon 1
Samuell Bliss, Junr. 1

And the 10 is to be paid thus: s.
Capt. Pynchon 4 0
John Keepe 0 6
Samuell Ely 0 5
Ensigne Cooley 0 14
John Leonard 0 05
Edward ffoster 0 03
Quartermaster Colton 1 0
Nath Burt 0 05
John Bliss 0 05
Leiut. Cooper & Thomas Cooper, Junr 0 11
Thomas Miller 0 05
John Scott 0 03
Paid in Wheate
John Dumbleton 0 03
Obadiah Miller 0 02


Edmund Pringridayes 0 02
William Hunter 0 02
John Bagg 0 02
Richard Exell 0 02
Samuell Marshfield 0 07
John Riley 0 02
Reice Bedortha 0 05
Nathanell Ely 0 10

There is grannted Nath Pritchard 10 acr of land neere ye foote path in ye way to Watchuett not to hinder highways to those quarters in place most convenient.

[II - 82]

There is granted to John Stewart 3 acres of medow neere ye 4 mile pond by ye Bay path in yt medow where Cornelius Williams hath some granted him: if so much be there undisposed of.

There is grannted to Lieut. Cooper 16 acres of lowlad on the most southerly branch of ye 3 mile brook: below his house about half a mile up ye brook, provided it be wthin this Towne bounds when ye bounds are sett.

There is grannted to Ensigne Cooley wt vacant land lyes between the rear of his land in ye Long medow & the fence where it stands by the pond.

There is grannted to Sergeant Stebbin the dingle agt his meddow called wheele meddow for 80 rod up ye dingle & of ye high land by the upper side of ye dingle the same length & 20 rod broad.

It is ordered yt there shalbe a highway of 5 or 6 rod broad from ye way that goes to ye mill river & so from that bridge up into the pine playne: to be laid out in place most convenient by Benjamin Parsons, Jonathan Burt & Nathaneell Pritchard.

Complaynt being made of ye deficiency of the bridge called the new bridge, Jonathan Ashley is to call ye company together yt are to repaire it to chuse one to see it done wch if he have done already, the Selectmen doe appoynt Serjeant to call ye company to ye work.


[II - 83]

It is ordered that there shalbe a highway by the fence on ye back side of the long meddow, (viz: wthin ye fence) 2 rod broad from Nath Brurts upper lott to the bridge on the way to Nath Burts said upper lott, to the backer fence: this way being for passage into yre woods yt way.

There is grannted to Samuell ely 6 acres of ye high land below long meddow brook neere ye great river.

Grannted to R. Sikes 2 or 3 acr of wett meddow & low land on a little brooke yt runs into ye mill river about a mile above ye Saw mill if it be not already grannted to some other.

[II - 84]

December 19th, 1670. Att a meeting of ye Selectmen they being all p'rsent:

There is grannted to Symon Lobdell 3 acres of medow about 1/2 a mile beyond ye medow yt was granted to Cornelius Williams towards Skipmuck (northerly from Cornelius - his meddow) lying in 2 parcels: if it be undisposed of: this is yt wch is also grannted by ye next Selectmen August 28, 1671.

There is grannted to Eliakim Cooley 6 acr of wett meddow & lowlands upon fresh water brooke below Pequitt path: lying in 2 or 3 parcells provided it be not already otherwise grannted & yt it be disposable by this Towne.

December ye 3d, 1670. Att a Meeting of ye Selectmen all prsent:

Granted to Symon Lobdell 3 acrs of wet meddow neer or by Goodman Thomas his medow about 1/2 mile from ye Bay path: provided it be not disposed of already.

The Selectmen determined yt a rate of 34 shal be levyed on ye Inhabitants of this Town.

[II - 85]

December 1670 - The Towne Debit.

s p
To Samuell & J. Harman for killing 4 wolves. 2 00 00


To ye Recorder for writings in Town book. 1 00 00

To J. Hitchcock for his journey to ye Bay with Mr. Glover in May last. 1 00 00

To J. Clark for mending ye pound. 0 02 00

To J. Stewart for hookes & hinges for ye meeting house (blank)

To E. Holyoke for work & nayles about ye Meeting house windowes 0 06 00

Meeting house windowes 0 01 00

To John Harman & J. Osbern for killing 1 wolfe. 0 10 00

To Benjamin Munn for ringing ye bell, etc. 2 10 00

To Nath Ely from charges of ye Selectmen etc at his house. 2 03 00

To E. Holyoke for making ye rates. 1 00 00

To Richard Sikes 5 shillings for assisting J. Hitchcock 0 05 00

To Miles Morgan for ferrage of 3 men yt went upon pambulation between Springfield & Westfield 0 05 00

To Anthony Dorchester for ferrage of 2 men yt went to lay out bounds to Westfield southward of Worro River 0 02 00

To 4 for ye Deputyes diet for next yeare. 4 00 00

To Capt. Pynchon for hire of his bull this summer last past to be pd by pticular persons. 1 00 00

To ffrancis Pepper for 2 dayes digging clay for Mr. Glovers house 0 03 04

To Jno Stewart for a lock - 6 s & bolt 18 d & plate 6d for ye lock for the meeting house doore & keyes & cotters for ye bell is: 0 11 00

To Richard Sikes for mending ye bell 0 02 00

To Serj. Stebbins for (?) 0 10 00

To John Lamb: 3 s for work for J. Hitchcock 0 03 00


Memente: J. Petty about ye water work for this yeer.

Memente: ye hire Capt. Pynchons bull 20s to be raysed on all ye streete except Capt Pynchon at 3d per cow.

[II - 86]

1670: The Town Credits.

By rent of ye land at Chickkuppe viz: from William Brookes 30s, from J. Bagg 30s & from Edmund Pringridayes 30s in all 4 10 00

By 1 bushel 1/2 of Indian corne due from E. Holyoke. Paid - Indian Corne 0 03 09

By a rate of 37 7s to be raysed on ye Town to pay ye debts per contra & the remaynder to be expended on Mr. Glovers house next spring. 37 07 00

Edmund Pringridays pd 2 bushels & 1/2 wheat & 1 bushel Indian Corne these towards his rent 0 02 06

[II - 87]

In the handwriting of John Pynchon.

ffebruary 13th, 1670.

At a meeting of ye Selectmen for the yeare ensueing viz:

Capt. John Pynchon
George Colton
Samuell Marshfield
John Dumbleton
Rowland Thomas.

All being present.

At this meeting the reason mens absence from - ye last Generall Towne meeting was considered & alowed of wthout finding any of them.

Viewers of ffences for ye yeare ensuing were now chosen & appointed as followeth:

Thomas Mirick & Laurence Bliss for ye field on the west side of the greate River agt ye Towne.

Robert Ashley & Miles Morgan for ye ffield called Chikkuppy field called Chickkuppy field on ye west side of the River.

Samuell Ely & Ephraim Colton for the long meddow ffield.

Thomas Day & Samuell Terry for ye homelots from the wharfe lane downe to Obadiah Cooly taking him in. And these viewers


are also to view lots on ye north side of the wharfe lane water fence.

Jeremy Horton & Symon Beamon for Skipnuck & Chikkuppy field on this side of ye River.

The order about fencing being considered: the Selectmen doe order the same as was 2 yeare agoe on ye 12th of ffebruary, 1668. Title fences, only for ye tyme wee now appoint & set ye 15th of March next unles ye frost be in the ground and all fields whatever to be cleared of cattle by the 15th of March unless ye frost doe indeed hinder men from fencing: on Penalty as is there, title, cleare fields. ffor seating persons in ye meeting house, we had it under consideration but could effect nothing for want of a list.

[II - 88]

ffebruary 13th, 1670.

Whereas sometimes mens yards adjoyning uppon common fields are an occasion of dammage to ye ffields by reson of defective fence about such yards: it is therefore ordered that ye fence about such yards: it is there ordered that ye fence next to ye common ffield shall be lyable to the viewers care, to see yt they be sufficient to secure ye fields & to p'vent damage to ye pprietors.

There is liberty granted to John Bliss to build upon his land in ye long meddow at ye end of his lot next the Pond, & ye land there at ye end of his lot to the Pond side is now granted him to be his, if it was not his by former grant.

August 28th, 1671. All ye Selectmen present, viz:

Mr. Pynchon
George Colton
Samuell Marshfield
Jo Dumbleton
Rowland Thomas.

Symon Lobdell desyring a strap of meddow a little beyond yt granted to Cornelius Williams & eastward of it there is granted to Symon Lobdell five acres of meddow if so much be there in ye place desyred p'vided he take it from upland to upland & yt it be not already granted to any other person.

Granted to Mr. Pynchon yt if he set up a barne upon his ground at ye hither end of ye round hill that for convenience & advantage of ye wind wch ye hill deprives him of.


He shall have liberty to set it out into ye highway there, not exceeding 2 rod at ye hither corner of it & so to slope of ye fence to nothing running it from: yt corner of ye barne into ye range where he joines to Serj. Stebbings: and he hath liberty granted him to build on his land for dwelling there, when he shall see cause so to do.

[II - 89]

Aprill 5th 1671.

James Osborne brought a wolfes head & I cut his eares according to law: he says it is between him & Jo. Harmon.

May 6, 1671.

Samuell & Jo's Harmon killed a wolfe - ye head of wch they brought to G. Thomas & he cut of ye eares.

October 16th, 1671.

John Harmon & James Osborne killed 2 wolves of which Goodman Marshfeild cut of ye eares of both.

October 20th 1671.

Samuell & Jos. Harmon killed one wolfe & G. Thomas cut off his eares.

John Harmon & James Dorchester killed one wolfe & G. Thomas cut off his eares.

Rowland Thomas killed one wolfe.

December 27th, 1671.

Samuell & Jos. Harmon brought one wolfes head of which I cut off ye eares.

[II - 90]

At a meeting of ye Selectmen January 1st, 1671. Present all. viz:

John Pynchon
George Colton
John Dumbleton
Samuell Marshfield
Rowland Thomas.

John Petty moveing that the land granted to Edward ffoster of 30 acres beyond Block Bridge wch was measured out & since excepted agt as not being laid out according to ye grant, might yet notwthstanding be allowed off as it is laid out Edward ffoster having sold it to him: & manifesting his


like desires: the Selectmen doe now confirme it to ym & allow of ye sd acres acording as it was measured out & bounded. And doe moreover at ye desire & request of John Petty grant to ye sd John Petty seven acres more, there, as an addition thereto viz: 14 rod wide on ye west side of ye former 30 acres wch is to run 80 rod long as ye former 30 acres doth & so make ye whole 37 acres: the timber & wood growing on ye whole p'sell being to be free for any of ye neighbors to make use of, till he shall improve it or ffence it in.

Granted to John Lamb 5 or 6 acres of land for a homelot wth liberty to build on it, in ye plaine beyond End Brooke from ye side of his owne & Goodman Munns land there, to ye great hill, & so lying by ye side of ye hill: liberty for wood & timber being free for all inhabitants till he shall improve it.

Granted to George Colton (for conveniency of ffencing) 10 or 12 acrs of land, adjoyning to & by his owne land wthout ye long meddow, beyond Nathanell Burts land there.

[II - 91]

Samuell Barber (of Windsor) is admitted & his brother John Barber becomes ingaged & doth hereby bind himselfe in ye sum of twenty pounds to ye Selectmen of Springfield from tyme to tyme: to save ye sd towne of Springfield from any charge that may arise to ye sd towne by ye sd Samuell Barber, or any of his: as witness his hand this 1st of January 1671.

(signed) John Barber.

January 1671.

Granted to John Barber & to Samuell Barber his brother (if he come to dewell in this towne) to each of ym 16 acres of land by Agawam River side a little below Ashkanunksit in a bottom there, a little beyond Block Bridge. If the Bottom will afford it they have liberty to have 17 or 18 acrs a peece there. John Barber to choose wch land he please to take for his part of it.

Granted to Abell Wright 2 acrs of Land by his house lot formerly granted him at Skeepnuck, wch is an addition thereto p'vided it hinder not ye highway: also he is allowed liberty to build on his lott there.


There is granted a Highway there to ye Towne of 3 or 4 rod broad from ye wt oake marked by ye comittee. To a pine tree wch is at ye west corner of Mr. Pynchons land there.

Granted to Samuell Holyoke a p'sell of land at ye further end of ye Round hill betweene Crooked Point & Serj. Morgans land there, wch was formerly left 16 rod wide for a highway there, but there being noe necessity of such a highway that piece of land from ye Round hill all along Northward to ye Brooke wch ye New Bridge goes over is now granted to Samuell Holyoke, reserving only 2 rod wide for a highway if there shall be any need or occasion thereof.

[II - 92]

Granted to Pelatiah Morgan ffive or sixe acres of land for a homelot beyond his fathers land, yt is beyond ye Round hill: on ye east side of ye Brooke & east end of his fathers land there this is to ly: & so to be laid out as not to prjudice ye clay pits not far of it, nor ye way or passage to ym: nor any highway out into the meddows there & this grant is p'vided Pelatiah doe build or impve there wthin five years: hereby having liberty granted him for building there accordingly.

Granted to William Brookes on ye other side of the highway from his howselot at Chikkuppy, a little above ye gate goeing into ye field 2 or 3 acres of land for to build a barne on, upon ye hill there p'vided he prjudice noe highway there. Needful:

At this meeting ye Selectmen considering ye dues from ye Plantation to severall p'sons ordered a Rate of 20 to be raised on all ye Inhabitants for defraying thereof:

[II - 93]

In the handwriting of Elizur Holyoke.

ffebruary 12, 1671.

At a meeting of ye Selectmen, all of ym being prsent:

Ensigne Cooly
Nath Ely
Anthony Dorchester
Benjamin Parsons
Elizur Holyoke, Senr.

Viewers of fences for ye yeere ensueing there are now chosen & apponted:

Jonathan Taylor & Richard Exell for ye field on ye West side of ye River over agt ye Town.


Rice Bedortha & John Riley for Chickuppe ffield on ye West side of ye River.

John Clark & Samuell Bliss for ye Longe Meddow.

Serj. Stebbin & James Warrener for the house lotts from ye lower wharfe lane, & to ye lower gate yt opens to 3 corner meddow.

Granted John Holton 6 acrs of land by Pelatiah Morgans grant not to prjudice highwayes in most convenient place reserving ye wood thereon till it be fenced in.

Granted Joseph Leonard what vacant land lyes between William Warrener: meddow in Middle meddow & Benjamin Munns meddow in ye next meddow, also soe much of ye pond as lys agt William Warreners medow.

Granted Samuell Ball 6 acrs of land at or neere wr the old brick kilne was provided he come to dwell in this Town not to prjudice highways.

[II - 94]

Granted John Stewart 6 acres of land at or neere ye reere of Major Pynchons upper woodlotts over ye medow.

Granted Samuell Bliss Junr 2 or 3 acrs of meddow: in ye meddow: wr he had a former grant in March 1665-66 if there be soe much there & on like conditon: as yt also 3 acrs more of wett meddow is granted to him behind long meddow below N. Burts meddow.

And next to Samuell Bliss is granted to Obadiah Cooley & Eliakim Cooley, Isaak & Ephraim Colton, 5 acres apeece in yt wett meddow: if there is soe much undisposed of: they to agree among ymselves how to lye.

Granted to Charles Ferry 40 acres ofland neere ye Bay path about ye two gutters wch are about 6 mile off provided it be not purchased of ye Natives he cleare ye purchase yt be disposable by the Town.

Granted to Thomas Day 2 or 3 acrs of land at Ashcanunksitt joyning to his own land there at ye......

Granted James Warrener 20 acres of land beyond Block Bridge


on ye West side the great River next beyond John Pettys land there if it be not already granted.

[II - 95]

Whereas diverse p'sons yt dwell on the East side of ye great River haveing land in ye playne called Chickuppe playne on ye West side of ye great River are liable to be called to reparation of ye way from yt playne to ye lower brook they accounting themselves opprssed yt seeing they make little or noe use of yt way they should be called to repe: that way or bridges in yt way equall with those yt dwell there: the Selectmen considering the case determine & order that such of thos proprietors of land there who dwell on ye East of ye great river shal be liable to be called to ye reparing that way only one day a peece to each of theire three dayes apeece that is to say wn each of ym yt live on yt side ye river that have land there wrought 3 dayes a peece in yt way then those yt live on ye East side of ye River shal be called each of ym one day a peece to yt way & soe from tyme to tyme.

As for fences about corn fields, meddowes etc., the Selectmen order all fences to be made up by the 1st of March next & all fields to be cleared of cattle by yt tyme: & in other things concerning fences the Order made by ye Selectmen ffebruary 2, 1668 is to be attended.

[II - 96]

March 20th, 1671-2. At a meeting of ye proprietors of ye ffield on ye West side of ye great river it is voted & concluded that ye water work fence yt use to be below Thomas Millers shall be set there agayne this yeere & Jonathan Ball undertakes to make & maynteyne a fence there sufficient to secure the field he is to fence from: ye top of the bank down to & unto ye water soe far as to secure the field from damage that way this summer for wch his so doing he is to have 30 shillings raysed on the proprietors according to yr land in in the field.

And Joseph Leonard hath undertaken to make the water fence at Agawam River & to maynteyne it sufficiently to secure the field from damage that way this yeere for wch he is to have 30 shillings raysed on ye proprietors who are to pay each man


his share of it according to wt land he has in ye field: & Josephs tearmes were to have his money pd in to ye Major tho yet there was noe assent to any such tearmes.

[II - 97]

May 21, 1672. Att a meeting of ye Selectmen they being all present.

Rice Bedortha & John Riley viewers of ye fences of Chickkuppe playne field on ye west side of ye great River: John Riley being sick Rice Bedortha present Samuell Terry & Serj. Morgan for deficiency of yr fences of ye said field: Samuell Terryes fenced proved 4 rod defective 3 weekes at least & he being warned to amend it refused because he said he had more laid to him than his due to maynteyne but whether yt be soe or noe is doubtfull but it is proved yt that part wch he refused to mend is out of doubt his fence: soe the viewers were fayne to mend it for wch labor they require double recompense as ye law allowes they reckon yr labor well worth between man & man at 2 shillings. Also the viewers pleades other trouble & charges as his attendance to p'secute & witnesses etc.

vizt 0 04 00

For 2 witnesses one shilling & other trouble 18 pence 0 02 00

For 1 of ye viewers attendanse to p'secute 0 01 00

For deficiency of ye fence 3s 1/2 to ye viewers & 1/2 to ye Towne       0     01     06

0 08 06

Samuell Terry owes ye Town on ye account 0 01 06

[II - 98]

And Serj. Morgans fence proved defective in diverse places wch he has refused to mend pleading it was not his right to maynteyne it: the viewers mended it wch their labor they account well worth 4s 6d the first penny but they require double recompense as the Law in such cases allowes: & their other charges.


The Selectmen upon hearing ye case judged Serj. Morgan culpable & accordingly called him to pay ye viewers their cost & charges, viz:

s p

Double recompense for mending ye fense 0 9 0

One of ye viewers attendance to p'secute 0 3 0

Four witnesses attendance 0 1 0

Deficiency of ye fence 3 dayes at 12 pence per day one half whereof is ye Viewers part.       0       1       6

0 15 6

And ye other 1/2 is due to ye Town 0 01 06

At this meeting there was granted to Richard Exell 8 acres of land to joyn all along his land at Block Bridge on ye east side of yt brooke.

Grannted to Thomas Miller Jnr 20 acres of land by or neere his fathers land, west side: not to hinder highwayes to be laid in most convenient places.

Grannted to William Warrener wt vacant land lyes between his land in ye middle meddow & Joseph Leonrds late grant if there be any such vacancy & yt it was not his by former grants.

[II - 99]

Grannted to Rice Bedortha 30 acres of land on ye West side ye great river betwen ye great pond & Samuell Terryes land above Chickuppe and hereuppon he resignes into ye townes hand his grannt of ye like quantity of land at ffresh-water brooke.

Grannted to Joseph Bedortha twenty acres of land about 3/4 of a mile beyond his fathers house westward or a little to ye northward of ye west.

Grannted to Joseph Leonard the swampe between Agawam River & his fathers land over that river if it were not his fathers by former grants: or by purchase from Goodman Mirack. Highwayes not to be prjudiced.

John Lamb hath granted unto him a highway of 3 or 4 rod from his land towards the Towne, viz: his land by the great hill towards Chickuppye River beyond End Brooke.


August 20th 1672.

At a meeting of ye Selectmen, being all present:

Granted to Obediah Miller 7 acrs of upland on the west side of his lott at Achcanunksitt to lye all along the side of his land thee viz: the land he had of R. Bedortha & 8 acrs at ye ffront of his land there not to prjudice laying out highwayes in most convenient place.

Granted Nath Pritchard 8 acres of upland at Cowseek.

Granted Anthony Dorchester 20 acres of land of & about ye dingle agt his land at Cowseek Brook.

[II - 100]

Granted to Nathaneell & Victory Sikes 30 acrs of land by the northerly side of their fathers land at Cowseek brook yet not prjudice passage that way over yt brook in tymes of floods in ye great river: for yt the floods in ye great River setts up soe as to hinder passage in ye River way over ye bridge.

Grannted to Obediah Cooley for conveniency of cellar roome liberty of settig his fence 5 or 6 foot into ye way agt his house viz: soe far along ye way (as the cellar may extend) if he shall see cause to make a cellar there by his house. Also liberty to run his fence from ye westrly corner of such cellar 2 rod askew to meet wth his other fence by ye way to ye wharfe.

John Stewart haveing formerly a grannt of 3 acres of wett meddow in yt meddow where Cornelius Williams had a granntt it being not there to be had there is grannted him his 3 acres in a little stripe or stripes between ye medow granted to Cornelius & Skeepmuck, viz: westerly from yt meddow grannted to Cornelius: on a gutter yt runs into Chickuppe River above Skeepmuck.

Granted to John Dorchester the rest of meddow where Cornelius Williams had some granted him.

Granted Thomas Day 4 acr of ye garden brook valley agt his wood lott yt is over ye brooke.

Granted to Anthony Dorchester what land is yet undisposed of in ye further meddow over Agawam to ye quantity of 2 or


3 acres lying at ye south end of his own land & betwen the land John Leonard bought of Samuell Marshfield & the upland.

Granted Peter Swink 6 acres of land adjoyning to his other land at Block Bridge.

[II - 101]

There is granted to Benjamin Munn Junior 6 acars of land by his brother Ball's at the old brick kiln to ly all along his brothers land there not prjudicing highwayes in most convenient places.

Grannted Samuell Holyoke that peece of land wch lyes between his former grannt by the round hill & the fence or new ditch End Brook to be ye bounds from ye ditch to the brook yt runs out of ye meddows.

December ye 30th, 1672. Town is Debit.

To Serj. Stebbin for help & tymber about ye meeting house staires & pound 0 4 0

January 3, 1672. At a meeting of ye Selectmen all prsent except Ensigne Cooley:

Grannted to Nathaneell Burt ten acres of upland to lye joyning to ye east end of his other 10 acres on ye hill (where he lives) formerly granted unto him to run from brooke to brooke p'vided it prjudice noe highway yet may be had there.

Uppon this grannt he allowes of a highway of one rod & 1/2 wide from ye river to ye pond through his upper lott in the long meddow viz: on ye side of ye lott.

Also yrs grannted to him a little strappet of land viz: lowland being between a quarter of an acre & half an acre lying on ye west side of his wett meddow wch is on ye west side of his swampe land behind ye long meddow on condition yt there be roome for a highway sixe rod where ye small lotts in ye long meddow have their full pportion.

[II - 102]

January 1, 1672. At a Meeting of ye Selectmen - all present.

There is grannted to ye neighbors on ye west side of the great river yt ingage to set up a saw millneere Block Bridge 10 acres of landon that brook in ye most convenient place for yt work: provided it prjudice noe mans ppriety of land thereabout


& that they doe wthin two yeere from this tyme carry on such a work there to effect.

Granted to Thomas Miller about half an acr of land neere his cellar at Ashcanunksett to make his range for fencing a little straiter provided it be no hindrance for laying out a highway in most convenient place.

Grannted to Charles fferry for conveniency of fencing 4 acres of land by his meddow on ye Mill river bought of Nath Ely.

Grannted to John Keep 4 acr of wet meddow at ffresh water brook by his own meddow there.

Grannted to Samuell Holyoke 10 acres of land between Robert Ashleyes wood lott & the wood lot of Thomas Stebbin Junr wch is by ye old brick kiln.

At a meeting of ye Selectmen, all present, January 31, 1672.

There is grannted to Nath Burt that his first grannt of land viz: of 10 acr not yet measured where he dwells shall run from brook to brook.

There is grannted to Richard Exell 4 acres of land lying all along the south end of his lott at Block Bridge.

[II - 103]

January 31, 1672.

There is grannted to John Bagg 10 acr of land by his own land above Chickuppe playn not to prjudice laying out highwayes in most convenient place.

Nathaneell Burt hath grannted unto him six acres of wett meddow in the great meddow above Pequitt path provided it belong to this Township & that it be free for this Town to dispose of & that he pay ye Indian purchase if not already paid & that yr be soe much undisposed already.

Serjant Stebbin hath grannted unto him six acres of land lying between Malor Pynchons longer wood lotts & John Stewarts wood lott & at ye reere of ye Majors shorter wood lotts.

Major Pynchon hath grannted unto him ffoure acres at Paucatuck towards Westfield to lye by Thomas Millers land


there, not prjudicing the laying out highwayes in most convenient place.

Also there is grannted to Major Pynchon yt little peece of land at the southeast end of the round hill of far as ye northrly side of ye causeway viz: John Stewart rail fence on his ditch; provided a highway be left of a rod & half wide soe through toward Goodman Branch his land & ye like for passage to ye playne gate & that the way be not encumbered wth gates or bars.

[II - 104]

Jonath Burt hath six acres of land grannted him viz: wett meddow: in ye great meddow above Pequitt path: on like conditions as his Brother Nathaneell grant of meddow there.

There is grannted to John Keepe 4 acres of wett meddow on ffresh water brooke below Pequitt path to joyne to his owne meddow on the hither branch.

In the handwriting of Samuel Marshfield.

January 9th, 1673. Att a meeting of the Selectmen, viz:

George Coulton
John Dumbleton
Henry Chapin
Samuell Marshfield
Thomas Cooper.

The ffarmers of the Townsland att Cheeckapee making complaint of the meaness of their crop the Selectmen abated them of this yeares rentt of 3.

[II - 105]

In the handwriting of Elizur Holyoke.

At a meeting of ye Selectmen - all present - January 31, 1672.

There is grannted to ye neighbors on the west side of ye great river about fifty acres of land upon ye most southerly branch of ye 3 mile brook below Lieut. Coopers, they desiring to set up a saw mill there: this grannt is on condition yt they give up their interest in yr former grannt of landat Block Bridge brook wch was for ye like designe: and p'vided it be not prjudiciall to ye high way, nor to any mans ppriety by ponding up of water wthout reasonable satisfaction & pvided it all wthin the bounds of this town wn our bounds are straightened & settled: & that they pay their reasonable share for ye purchase of lands in these quarters: and it is to be undrstood


yt this grannt is only to such as shall cary on yr work to effect that a saw mill there be sett on work wthin 2 yeeres from this tyme.

The Viewers of ye fences of Chick uppe ffield complayning of the deficiency of the fences of Robert Ashley & Jno Scott 9 or 10 rod a peece & Jonathan Ashleyes - about 16 rod: all defective 4 dayes & they warned to appeare before ye Selectmen - Robert Ashley & Jonathan Ashley appeared: the case being heard they were all found culpable & were fynded 6 shillings a peece viz: 3 shillings a peece to ye viewers & 3 shillings a peece to ye Towne.

[II - 106]

february 9th 1673.

At a meeting of ye Selectmen there being four prsent, viz:

E. Holyoke
N. Ely
Ensigne Cooley
John Keepe.

The Selectmen according to Town order considering how to seate such persons in ye Meeting House yt have not been seated there doe reckon that thee being not neere enough to seate all yt want seates, they judge it not convenient to doe anything in it till more roome be made there.

Viewers of ye fences of ye generall fields these new chosen for Long Meddow: Ephraim Colton & Samuell Stebbins.

ffor ye field on ye west side of the River: John Leonard & Thomas Miller.

fforChickuppe ffield Sergant Morgan & John Bagg.

ffor house lotts from ye upper wharf to ye gate yt goes to the lowest wharfe Serjant Stebbins & John Matthews.

At a meeting of ye Selectmen March 9th, 1674. Present:

N. Ely
Ensigne Cooley
Ben Parsons
Eli Holyoke.

It is Ordered yt the generall termes of the generll field above Samuell Terryes pasture shal be closed by ye 12th day of this month & yet the fences of all other ye genrll feilds of this town shal be closed by the 20th of this month and in reference to ye fences of the comon or generall fields it is ordered that the fences therof shal be sufficiently made up & repayred by ye tymes above limited & that the viewers of ye fences shall wthin a day or two after view the fences of ye Generall fields. And where they


fynd defects therein they are to give ye owners of such fences pticular notice to amend them wthin 2 or 3 dayes: and such fences as are not amended according to such warning given the [II - 107] owners thereof shal pay as a fyne 12 pence apeece for each defect under a rod & 12 pence per rod for every rod defective wch fynes shal encrese 12 pence per day for every day they shall lye wthout being sufficiently made or repayred viz: for 3 or 4 dayes after the tyme they are soe warned to repayer them: the viewers being to see that the defects run noe longer: however 5 dayes is to terminate the increase of 12 pence per day unless upon the viewers reviewing such fences & giving new notice to ye pprietor he shall continue to neglect to amend such defects after yt notice: and all fynes incurred by this order shal be one half to ye townes use & the other halfe to ye viwers of the fences and in all cases about such fynes it is left to the Selectmen to mitigate them: both ye viewers part & ye townes part where they shall judge they may rationally soe doe.

Whereas there is noe record extant of the grant of any highway to Mr. Holyokes 3 corner meddow only the Selectmen fynd yt in ye record of the lott wch was ffrancis Peppers it is said ye sd lott is bounded by the highway to Mr. Holyokes 3 corner meddow north by Symon Bemons lott bought of Mr. Pynchon & Serjant Stebbin affirming that he many yeeres since laid out the highway there & ffancis Pepper affirming that he was with Serj. Stebbin when he both layd out that highway 2 rod wide & Mr. Pynchon 15 acr grannted for a sheep pasture at ye Round Hill upon those considerations the Selectmen doe order that Mr. Holyoke shall have his way 2 rod wide in ye said place & doe order him at least give him liberty to enter ye same accordingly.

The Selectmen doe also order that a former order concerning swine made by ye Selectmen ffebruary 12th, 1668 written before in this book shall stand good & be ye Towne Order for ye yeere ensueing concerning swine only ye tyme for restraynt of swine is not to take place till March 25th now at hand.


[II - 108]

Att a meeting of the Selectmen: yr were present:

E. Holyoke
Ensigne Cooley
N. Ely
John Keepe.

Complaint being made formrly viz: of ye 8th Instant by Thomas Miller & Thomas Cooper Junr. viewers of ye fences of ye [      ] and field on ye west side of the river opposite the town, agt diverse psons for deficiences in theire fences of ye field, the Selectmen issuing out warrants the persons prsented should appear this day at 7 o'clock in ye morning, the Selectmen wayted at least till 10 o'clock & neyther ye viewers appeared to prsent their complaint nor any supposed delingquent to answer any complaint: only Jno Matthews who was to mend some of ye Majors fences appeared who sayth he had no warning to amend the fence & the Major also saith yt he had noe warning of any place of his fences yt needed repaire till the said 8th day of this Instant whereas by order ye owner of any deficient fences ought to have 3 or 4 dayes warning to amend them before they are prsentable for such deficiencyes: & soe they were dismist. Yet also it is now said that the fences were repaired 4 or 5 dayes agoe: others also were prsented by ye viewers for defiencyes of fences, viZ:

John Scott
Edward ffoster
Jno Petty
Eli Holyoke
Thomas Merick.

who could have nothing said to ym for ye reasons above expressed.

[II - 109]

Aprill 29th 1674: Att a meetingof ye Selectmen of whom wre prsent:

E. Holyoke
N. Ely
B. Parsons
John Keep.

There being complaint made by Miles Morgan & John Bagg, viewers of ye fences of ye ffield called Chickuppe on the West side of ye River agt Jonathan Ashley for deficiency of his fence belonging to that field: the said viewers testifying that he hath 30 rod of vending there. It is bad & sufficient to this day: but 3 places in ye said fence they especially complyane of concerning wch they testify they have given him warning severall tymes to amend them wayting severall dayes between each warning yt soe they might if possible avoid prsenting him but they testify those extreme bad places are yt not sufficiently repayred. The Selectmen upon


hearing the case on both sides judged yt the said Jonathan Ashley shall pay as a fyne 18 shillings viz: 9 shillings to ye viewers & 9 shillings to ye Towne.

June 30th, 1674.

Att a meeting of ye Selectmen being all present. Samuell Ely complaynes agt ye viewers of ye fences of ye long meddow field for that they have eeyther neglected the work of yr place or at least they have not taken an effectuall course for the amending of the fence, viz; the lower water fence wch being as he reckons insufficient was the occasion of cattell cominginto a ffield last Sabbath: & doing him much damage in his corn & grass, wch he have gott judged by N. Burt & Nath Harman the judge it as 10 shilligs wch G. Ely demands satisfaction for: the Selectmen upon hearing ye case doe not fynd a way how to pcure him satisfaction for ye damage done him: partly because it is not prsented to us whos cattle did ye damage: & partly because one of ye viewers: viz: Ephraim Colton very lately wth divers others of Long Meddow did make up ye said water fence & did then reckon it sufficient for the end wch twas made & partly also for yt it is in some measure uncertayne way whereby yrs grounds to suspect is is not [II - 110] very well done, the Selectmen have aggreed wth Ephraim Colton & Sammuell Ely to make up the said fence well & sufficient if it be not soe alredy & well to maynteyne it this summer till ye ffield open & that then they give an account of wt labor they have bestowed about it & they shalbe paid next winter by ye pprietors of land in ye field:

[II - 111]

In the handwriting of John Holyoke.

December 29th, 1674: The Town is Debit.

s d
To Rowland Thomas for killing one wolfe 0 10 00

To Samuell Holyoke & Charles ffery for 1 wolfe 0 10 00

To Anthony Dorchester for 4 wolves 2 00 00

To Ensign Cooley for 1 wolfe 0 10 00

To Jno Stewart for irony for ye pound 0 05 03


To David Morgan for ye pound gate 0 05 00

To Benjamin Munn for ringing ye bell, etc. 3 00 00

To Nath Ely for use of his house at ye Generall Town meeting in ffebruary the 3d, 1673. 3s 6d & for another Town meeting at his house ffebruary 16th last the like summe of 3s 6d & ye Townesmen dinner August 18th 1674 5s. 0 12 00

To Capt. Holyoke for his 2d & 3d journey to the General Court as Deputy, 1673. 5 00 00

And for making ye rates this December 1674. 1 00 00

And for writing in the Town book this yeere past. 0 05 00

To Jonathan Ashleyes pambulation between us & Westfield 3 yeares agoe. 0 03 00

To Robert Ashley scouring ye trench of ye Town meddow in 1673. 0 03 00

It 4 for ye Deputy for ye Generall Court next Spring. 4 00 00

To Goodman Ely for 2 dsyes roome & dynners for ye Selectmen meeting to prize ye lands of ye Town wrby to make rates in January 1674. 0 10 00

Eo Eliz Holyoke for writing a deed for ye land bought of Wequagam & Wecombo. 0 10 00

For entering a list of the Voters & ye ffreemens confirmation of grannts in ye Town booke. 0 03 00

[II - 112]

December 1674. The Towne is Credits.

By rent of ye land at Chickuppy: summer 1674, their crops being viewed by ye Selectmen all the Selectmen judge yt they shal be abated one halfe of ye rent soe yt now they are to pay 3 15 00

By Jonathan Ashley for deficient fence at Chickuppe this last summer 0 09 00


By a rate on the Town, January 1674. 10 00 00

May ye 1st, 1675.

Received of Goodman Bagg 15 bushels of Indian corne & 3 bushels of wheat wch is in part of payment for his 2 last yeeres rent: the whole was to be 55 shillings. 2 08 00

[II - 113]

January 1674.

Att a meeting of ye Selectmen they being all prsent.

The committee yt are chosen for ordering matters concerning building a new meeting house declaring to ye Selectmen that there is need of raysing 150 on ye inhabitants of this Town for that work, the Selectmen have ordered that such a rate be made towards ye carrying on of ye work.

[II - 114 Blank - II - 115]

In the handwriting of Samuel Marshfield.

At a meeting of the Selectmen ffebruary the 8th, 1674, namely:

Quarter Colton
John Dumbleton
Henry Chapin
Jeremy Horten
Samuell Marshfield.

Choise was made of viewers of fences ffor the severall ffields also the Constabell being present choise was made of a Sealer for weights and measures and John Lamb was chosen and the Constable apointed to present him to the Court to be present.

ffor Long Meddow field Nathaniell Burt & Samuell Ely.

ffor the house lotts in the Towne Nathaniell Prichard and ffor the ffields over the River over Miles Morgan, John Dorchister & Richard Exell.

ffor Chicabe ffield one the west side the river, John Bagg & Joseph Bedortha.

Agreed with Samuell Marshfield to make a good paire of stockes of eight ffot in length with ffive holes in them ffor which worke he is to have ten shillings payd by the Towne.

The Selectmen having consideration about swine & order in the towne book page 15 and with the abatement of the penalty in this book made ffebruary 12, 1668, do order the sd order

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