History of Springfield, MA
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to stand in fforce in all respects as it is in this book ffor this yeare.

The Selectmen apoint John Dumbleton and Samuell Marshfield to take care that some things be done to the repairing of the pound one thewest side of the river.

Complaint being made ffor want of viewers of fences about the field at Skimuck. The Selectmen have chosen John Clark and Charles ffery to view the ffences of the ffields both at Skipmuck & Chicabe.

[II - 116]

Having consideration of the great damage which is done in the severall ffields belonging to the Towne in cattels being suffered in the ffields late in the springe which is a great wronge to winter corne, the Selectmen doe order that all cattell and swine shall be cleared out of the generall ffields by the tenth of March next: and it is expected that all ffences be made up by the 10th of March if the season of the year will permit and at ffarthest by the 25th of March.

ffinding an order in the Town book that doth require the Selectmen to consider of seating p'sons in the meeting house yearly: the Selectmen meeting this 8th of ffebruary 1674, and ffinding no room or not sufficient to seat all, we concluded to make no alteration till more room be found.

The Selectmen taking it into consideration of the causeway at Thomas Days how that often complaints have been made for want of its due breadth we have set out 2 rod ffinding that Goodman Miricks ffence is within the 2 rod at both ends and we appoint him to set his fence in to the stakes set up and so thecasey will have its due.

[II - 117]

The Towne detor January the 31, 1675.

To sweeping the meeting house and ringing the bell 2 10 00

By one wolfe to Samuell Jones & Jonathan Taylor 0 10 00

By one wolfe to Major Pynchon which William Brookes killed. 0 10 00


By one wolf to Nathaniel Bliss 0 10 00

By the Selectmens expences 0 17 00

To Samuell Marshfield 3 shillings. 0 03 00

By laying out the bounds between South ffield & Springfield 0 03 00

Roland Thomas 0 03 00

The Quartermaster 0 03 00

To Ensigne Cooy 0 03 00

To Samuell Holyoke for a wolfe 0 10 00

By making of the rates       1     00     00

The whole is 6 19 00

The Towne dettor ffebruary 5, 1676.

To ringing the bell and sweeping the meeting house 2 10 00

To making the rates 1 00 00

To entertainment of the Selectmen 5 dayes nothing alowed.       1     10     00

4 10 00

The Selectmen this yeare are:

Ensigne Cooly
Jonathan Burt
Anthony Dorchester
John Hitchcock
Samuell Marshfield.

October 6, 1675 Towne of Springfield Burned by the Indians.

[II - 118]

The Towne Credit is:

by rent of Chicabe land 05 06 00

ffebruary 5, 1676. The Selectmen grant Phillip Matone liberty to abide in the towne: also Isack Gleason and Isack Cakebread are admitted inhabitants of this Towne.

This Samuell Marshfield had:

Received of widow Pringidays one bushel of rye 00 03 00

[II - 119]

In the handwriting of Jonathan Burt.

This was concluded on by us the Selectmen:

Benjamin Cooly
John Keepe
John Hitchcock
Jonathan Burt.

In the handwriting of Jonathan Burt.

This was concluded on by us the Selectmen:

Benjamin Cooly
John Keepe
John Hitchcock
Jonathan Burt.

June 2d, 1679.

At a meeting of the Selectmen being prsent:

Deacon Benjamin Parsons
Jno Dumbleton
Henry Chapin
Jno Holyoke.


It haveing been formerly at a Towne meeting propounded to ye Towne, that they would set up a school house for the towne, they concluded that such a house should be erected, & apponted the Selectmen to bargain with any meet person to build such an house for such use: accordingly they have bargained with Thomas Stebbin, Junr. to get timber for such a building & frame it, whose length is to be 22 foot; 7 breadth 17 foot; & stud 8 foot & halfe & he the said Thomas Stebbins is to carry the frame to place & to naile the clap boards close on both sides & ends & to lath & shingle the roofe, & to make three light spaces on one side and two lights on the one end, & to set up a mantletree, & set up a rung chimney & to daub it & the said Thomas is to have for his work so done fourteen pounds paid him by the Towne & in case it so prove that the said Thomas Stebbin have an hard bargaine, it is hereby agreed that he shal have 10 shillings more of the town.

Thomas Stebbins.

[II - 120]

In the handwriting of Jonathan Burt.

At a meeting of the Selectmen ffebruary the 7th, 1675.

Theyr was made of viewers of ffences for the fields for the longe meadow Isaack Coulton, Samuell Bliss Junyr; For over the great river Jonathan Ball, Joseph Learnerd, for Chicopy field Reice Bothorda & John Scot.

For the home lots Thomas Day & John Hermon.

The Selectmen doe order that al those fences be made up by the tneth of March next.

[II - 121]

In the handwriting of John Pynchon.

At a Towne Meeting ffebruary 23th 1675:

This meeting being called to make supply of a Selectman & also of one to enter things: God having taken away Capt. Holyoke: Samuell Marshfield was by a cleare vote chosen a Selectman, to make up ye number for the ensueing yeare.

Jonathan Burt is chosen Towne Clarke (clerk) to enter all writings & to take care for ye Recording Town affaires & keeping ye records of ye Towne.


Samuell Holyoke is made choice of for Clarke of ye writts to be propounded to ye county court for confirmation in sd office:

In the handwriting of Jonathan Burt.

Nathanyell ffoot was voted an inhabitant of the Towne. also Mr. Denton voted an inhabitant.

Also it was voted that the Town would fortyfy and garrison the mill along with the garrison soldiers.

[II - 122]

At a town meeting June 8th, 1676, God in his Providence having taken away John Keep by death, Anthony Dorchester was chosen by a cleare vote of the Plantation a Selectman to supply that want for the yeere ensuing. (John Keep, wife & son killed March 1676 by the Indians)

At a Town meeting June 21, 1676, John Dumbleton was chosen by a vote of the Town a comissioner to joyne with the Selectmen for to make the country rates both for the present and allso for the yeare ensuing.

In the handwriting of John Holyoke.

March 1681 - 1682.

At a meeting of the Selectmen, viz:

Joseph Parsons
Jonathan Burt
Thomas Day
Jno Hitchcock
Jno Miller
Thomas Tailor.

To set up a pound on the West side of the river, & to do carpenter workes from the beginninge worke to the compleat finishing thereof, that is to say they are to set up four lengths of railes on the fours sides, six good substantial railes in a length & ten foot long between the postes, being white oke. Posts mortized & a braced gate well hung wth a cross piece on the top of the gate postes, they also to pin the upper rail of each length by the 10th of April next in such place as the said Selectmen shal appointe & the said Selectmen do covenante to give the said Miller & tailor fifty & five shillings, which is to be paid by the next Town rate.

[II - 123]

In the handwriting of Jonathan Burt.

October 2th, 1676.

The Selectmen have let out to John Petty that parsell of


land in Chicopy plaine 35 to 40 acors more or les for the terme of five years this land lyeth on the west side of the great ryver and the said John Petty doth promise and ingage to pay into the Selectmen five pounds for the first yeare and make up the fences and yearely afterwards he is to pay six pound ten shillings yearely and for the manner of payment if in case the land shall produce suitable crops of wheat then the said John Petty is to pay three pound ten shillings in wheate at a current price yearly but if God in his Providence shal blast his crop of wheat then he shal pay the full sum in Indian corne, pease, and rye at the curant price as it paseth from man to man in the Town and the said John Petty is to secure the ffense from year to yeare al the tyme of sixe years and to leave the fence in good repair at the end of his terme of sixe years.

To this agreement the said John Petty hath set to his hand.

The mark of John Pety.

In the handwriting of John Holyoke.

April 1, 1681.

Anna Petty, relict of Jno Petty abovesd deceased doth covent & pmise to & wth the prsent Selectmen that she wil fulfill the conditions above mentioned wth her husband to the end of ye abovsd terme of years & accordingly doth her set to her hand.

Anna Petty, her marke.

February 13, 1681.

Samuell Owen doth Covenant wth ye prsent Selectmen to fulfill ye conditions above mentioned about payment for the Towns land at Chickuppi & in Special that he engages the crop for security for ye ful satisfaction of ye rent, but as he shal need for ye family bread, the Selectmen to allow him what they judge meet for necessary bread.

Samuel Owne, his mark.

[II - 125]

In the handwriting of Henry Chapin.

ffebruary 12th, 1676.

Att a meeting of the Selectmen,

George Colton
John Dumbleton


Benjamin Parsons
John Dorchester
Henry Chapin.

Surveighors of fences for the Long meddow, Nathaniel Burt and Samuel Stebbin. For the homelots Samuel Bliss Senior, Thomas Stebbins, Juner. For the fields over the great river and Agawam James Taylor and Thomas Miller. For Chikkuppy field on the west side of the great River, Sarj. Morgan and John Bagg. Where of wee find that fences are much demolished and cannot be so speedily setup therefor it is ordered that Swine shall be run by the 10th of March and to be kept run until the 10th of November. For this present yeare [II - 125]

and there is chosen Samuel Ball to ring the swine on this side of the river and Samuel Taylor on the west side of the river, and to have 8 pens per swine for ringing of them in case the owners ring them not themselves.

It is ordered that all common fences be made up by the 10th of March next in case the frost hinders not and that every man set up stakes with his name upon it and in case any man neglect setting up his stake wth his name apon it he shall pay 6 pence for his defect.

At a meeting of the Selectmen April the 23d, 1677 they being all present, there was an account taken of defects of several mens fences:

At a meeting of the Selectmen the December 21st, 1677, there were chosen for prizers Jafet Cahpin, James Warener, Samuel Ely.

[II - 126]

The Town Detor June the 7th 1677.

By one wolfe to Samuel Harman 00 10 00

To John Dorchester for caring down the meeting house bell 00 02 00

By the Town deter in January the 31, 1675 06 19 00

And more for one wolfe ye Majors Black man killed 00 10 00

By the Town debtor in ffebuary the 5th, 1676 04 10 00

By ringing the bell and sweeping the meeting house 1677. 02 10 00

To Quartermaster Coulton being debitee 04 00 00


To one bushel Indian Corn to George Colton 00 02 06

to Increase Sikes for building the town house 70 00 00

for building the chimneys 10 00 00

By glass to the town house     06     00     00

115 02 03

[II - 127]

To Ensigne Cooly for 1/2 bushel of wheat meal 00 02 00

To 3 days work to Ensigne Colly about the Town house 00 06 00

To Joseph Crowfoote for mending the pound. 00 01 03

To Samuel Ely intertaining the Townsmen in 1675. 00 10 00

More to intertaining in 1676. 00 04 00

More to the charge of taking down the bell 00 02 06

By charg is about Mr. Younglif 00 04 00

By Entertainment of Townsmen December the 24th. 00 04 06

To making a drum cord and mending the drum. 00 01 06

To intertainment of Selectmen January 7th, 1677. 00 04 00

To making the rates 01 00 00

To the Major ffor nailes and other things for Mr. Glovers house 01 01 02

To Mr. Glovers rate 80 00 00

To Thomas Day for carting the clay 01 02 00

To John Lamb one day raising at the town house 00 02 00

To John Dorchester to two days raising 00 04 00

To nailes by Quartermaster Coulton and Engsigen Cooly: 5 thousand of 8 02 02 03

More to 5 thousand and of 6is and 5 hunder more to 8 thousand of 4 01 16 06

To George Coulton and Benjamin Cooly for bringing up the nails 00 08 00

ffor the Selectmens and commissioners diner in August 27th, 1677. 00 03 04


4 5 3

  115       2       3

119 7 3

[II - 128]

In the handwriting of John Holyoke.

February 5th, 1677:

The town is Creditor by a rate of 122 10s as also something for ye rent of ye towns land at Chickuppi:

The account of ye Townes debts 119 7 3
& the account of ye townes credits 122 10 0

s d

Examined by us, Samuel Marshfield & John Holyoke and we find ye town creditor by
3 2s 9d 03 02 09

Ffebruary 11th, 1677:

At a meeting of the Selectmen: viz:

Samuel Marshfield
Japhet Chapin
John Hitchcock
Nathaneel Burt
Jno Holyoke:

At this meeting of ye Selectmen viewers of fences for Generall fields were chosen Charles Ferry. for ye long medow Charles Ferry, Nathaniel Bliss for Chickuppi field Joseph Bodurtha, Jonathan Ashley for the ffields on west side ye river Samuell Taylor, Abel Leonard for ye house lotts Samuell Ely & James Dorchester.

Whereas not withstanding all laws or orders to p'vent damages by swine, much damage & trouble is doen, it is now ordered [II - 129] that al swine above 3 months old shal be both ringed & yoked from ye 20th of March & so continued to ye 20th of October and in case that any mans swine from ye 1st of April shal be found in ye streets or commons in or about the towne unringed or unyoked for all such defects ye owners of such swine shall pay 6 pence per swine, & in case that such swine shal be found in ye home lots, meddows, orchards, gardens common fields, unringed or unyoked ye owners shal pay 8 pence per swine whereof halfe shal go to ye informer & the other halfe to ye town & shal be added by


ye Selectmen to such persons next rate....and Luke Hitchcocke & Henry Gilbert are appointed to see to ye performance of this order.

And it is further ordered that these persons so appointed shal have power both to yoke & ring such swine, & for ye encouragemt they shal have paid ym 10 pence per swine by ye owners of the swine.

And for the west side of ye river Jonathan Tailor Junr. & Ebenezer Jones are appointed for to see to ye performance of this order and seing this order watches not for swiner under 3 months old, it is now ordered yt for al swine above one month & under three months of age that shal be found trespassing as aforementioned ye owners of those swine shal be to ye same penalty above mentioned. It is also further ordered that ye fences of common fields be set up by ye 10th of March ensuing, & that every person set up a stake wth ye first letters of his name thereon, at one end of his portion of fence, those letters facing to ye other end of his proportion of fence.

The names of such persons were absent at ye General Town meeting February 5th, 1677, & prsent noe reson for ye absence, viz:

Robert Ashley Jonathan Ashley.

Whose penalty is two shillings apiece according to town order.

[II - 130]

The names of such persons as did afterwards absent ym selves in ye town meeting wthout leave from ye Moderator or ye major part of ye Inhabitants, & present no reason for yt absenting themselves, viz:

Henry Chapin
John Riley
Obadiah Miller
Edward Foster
Joseph Leonard
Jno Clarke
Jno Bliss
Jno Matthews
Quartermaster Colton
Ephraim Colton
Samuell Bliss, Junr.
Samuell Stebbins

whose penalty is two shillings according to towne order. The Towne abated one shilling p virtu of these fines: the next general meeting - ffebruary 4, 1678.

April 26, 1678.

At a meeting of ye proprietors of ye Generall field on the west side of ye River, at this meeting for the doing of the water fence at Widow Millers, Jonathan Ball engaging to make


and maintaine the same a sufficient fence, it was voted & concluded by ye proprietors to whom that water fence belongs to give the same Jonathan Ball twenty five shillings for this yeer wch 25s the Worshipful Major Pynchon promises to see him paid, the Selectmen taking care that a Rate be made for the collecting of the said sum: now ye proprietors yt are to pay this 25s are those on ye east side of the river, the proprietors on ye west side being to make & maintain ye water fence on ye Agawam River.

It was further voted & concluded yt the generall fence of ye said field shal be kept up in sufficient repair throughout the yeer, as also that all cattle that shal be found in the field from the beginning of february (next ensuing) shal be accounted as trespassing & be empounded.

At the same time, it was by the Selectmen agreed that Goodman Dumbletons yard be accounted & made us of as a pound for the loest side of the great river til such time as a new pound be made.

May 3, 1678:

It is agreed that Samuell Ely's yard shal be esteemed & made use of as a pound until such as ye Towne's Pound be repayred.

[II - 131]

May 8th, 1678:

At a meeting of ye proprietors of ye general field on the west side of ye great river, the proprietors being warned to appeare by the viewers of ye same field to answer their complaints wth reference to defects in ye fences, & of stakes: ye underwritten proprietors did meet according to warning after Lecture, viz:

Samuell Marshfield
Thomas Mirricke
Jno Barber, senr.
John Holyoke
James Sikes
Jonathan Burt
Widow Blisse.

June 3d, 1678.

At a meeting of the Selectmen at wch meeting Samuell Marshfield, Japhet Chapin, Jno Holyoke were present upon the desire of ye Worshipful Major Pynchon, to have the liberty


to set up a flanker into the street at the east end of his new house yt is now building on the North side of his own homelot the which flanker he desires he may have liberty to set into ye street five foot broad & ten foot in length: the wch his desire they do hereby grannt unto him soe long as yt may be need of a flanker: as also they do admitt his building there to the priviledges of the comonage of this Town.

September 2nd, 1678.

At a meeting of the Selectmen being present:

Samuell Marshfield
Japhet Chapin
Jno Hitchcocke
Jno Holyoke.

The fence viewers complaining agt severall persons for ye defectiveness of their fences belonging to ye generall field on ye west side of ye great river, viz:

Jno Scott & Ebenezer Jones 4 rod.

Joseph Stebbin & Edward Stebbin 8 rod.

The case being heard Joseph Stebbin alleged he had not particular notice & was accepted promising forthwith to make his fence good.

Edward Stebbin was found culpable & having agreed wth fence viewers for yr parts was fined 5 shillings to ye town, so was Ebenezer Jones, who agreed wth ye fence viewers for yr parts and was fined [II - 132] 2s 6d to ye towne: & Jno Scott for defaults was fined 10 shillings to ye viewers & 5 shillings to ye town.

December 26th, 1678.

At a meeting of the Selectmen, yr were all present. At this meeting Samuel Ely, Samuel Terry, Luke Hitchcocke were chosen apprizers of town stocke.

Luke Hitchcocke desiring liberty ot entertain Thomas Brissenton untill the next May, it is accepted herein.

Rolland Thomas, Japhet Chapin, Abel Wright, Charles Ferry, Thomas Cooper, Jonathan Bush have ye buildings allowed of, as also al those persons who have builded up ye ruines, have yr buildings allowed of.

January, 1678.

The Towne is debtor.

To the ministry or minister 80 00 00

To the Comittee for ye new meeting house. 50 00 00

To the Comittee for Mr. Glovers house. 06 00 00


To the schoolmaster 6 10s from Chickuppi 12 10 00

To ye sweeping the meeting house 02 10 00

To Samuel Ely for expences at his house & one qu Rum for Perambulators 01 13 06

To G. Parsons for his team one day for ye flanker. 00 05 00

To make a pound & .....must be money 02 00 00

To make ye rates 20s to Increase Sikes for a plank 01 01 06

To Samuel Marshfield for making ye stockes.       0     05     00

156 04 00

The Town is creditor by a rate made for Mr. Glover 80 00 00

By a rate made for ye new Meeting House. 50 00 00

By a Town rate 20 00 00

It by a sale of the old meeting house 05 00 00

It by boards of ye same house 01 00 00

It by ye Town land at Chickuppi 6 10s.     06     10     00

162 10 00

[II - 133]

The account of the Townes Credits on ye other page

s d

162 10 00

And the accounts of the Townes debts in ye same page   156     05     00

006 05 00

being examined by us Quartermaster Colton & Henry Chapin we find that there remaines to ye town 6 pounds 5 shillings 0 pence giving yet liberto to such persons as have ought due to ym from ye Town, to bring in an account of what is yet remaining due to ym.

Six pound above mentioned was set off with Leifftenant Stibings for sweeping the meeting house the years 1679 and 1680.

February 10th, 1678.

At a meeting of the Selectmen when were present:

Jno Dumbleton
Benjamin Parsons
Henry Chapin
Jno Holyoke


At this meeting viewers of fences to ye generall fields were choses:

For the homelots, Thomas Mirick & Increase Sikes.

For Chickuppi, Jno Bagg & Joseph Ashley.

For ye west side of the river, James Warrener & Jno Dorchester.

For Longmeadow, Obadiah Cooley & Samuel Bliss Junr.

The Inhabitants are desired to take notice that the former order for making or repayring of all the fences to all the general fields remaine still valid, viz: all be substantially done by ye 10th of March next & that each person set up a stake wth the first letters of their names to their portion of fence.

For the preventing of damages & troubles to & between neighbors that is wont to be by reason of swine, it is ordered that al swine above 3 months old be ringed by the first week in March & so to continue til the latter end of October & in case that any such swine shal be found from ye first weeke in March in the streets or commons in or about the Towne unringed for al such defects the owners of such swine shal pay 3 pence per swine & in case such swine shal be found in comon fields on lands, medows, gardens, homelots unringed the owner shal pay 8 pence per swine & in case any persons swine shal be found in homelots on lads, gardens medows or comon fields unyoked after due notice is given to ye owners of such swine so breking into inclosures, the owners to pay 6 pence per swine for such defects; wch money shal be granted to ye Informers. And Joseph Stebbin & Benjamin Knoolton are ordered to se to the performance of this order, & they shal from ye 10th of march have power to ring such swine as they shal find unringed in ye comons or streets as also to yoke such swine as shal be found breaking into inclosures after notice given to ye owners & these persons so appointed shal for satisfaction for yr paines have 3 pence per ring & 3 pence per yoke paid him by ye owners of such swine.

Rolland Thomas is by the Constable & ye forenamed Selectmen chosen Sealer for the weights & measures of this Towne.


It is further ordered that no persons henceforth wthout liberty from ye Towne doe clog up, cumber ye highway or street from ye upper wharfe to ye bridge by Obadiah Cooleys wth fire wood, clay, timber, unles it be for building of fencing & that such as have filled the streets or lanes wth clay, timber & remove not the same by the middle of June next shal be lyable to forfeit the same, as also that no persons dig holes or pits in the streets wthout leave, upon the pnealty of 5 shillings, & that such as have already digged pits in the streets & do not fill ym up by ye 10th of April shal be lyable to ye penalty of five shillings: & the surveighors of the highways to see to the performance thereof.

February 16, 1678.

At a meeting of ye proprietors of ye Generall field on the west side of ye river it was voted & agreed by ye proprietors of ye said field for good agreement sake & ye security of ye said field, that each proprietor thereof shall (according to his number of acres) fence the west side of the new highway, provided, that the proprietors make no alteration in their portion of ye common fence of the field, yet understanding or it is to be observed that we are not so wel satisfyed that ye proprietors of ye East the river should [II - 135] be brought to ye fencing of this highway or that we do not hereby engage to maintain the fence or any part of it alwayes [ ] to come but doe refer ourselves to ye judgment of ye County Court next a Springfield or else of Indifferent men.

It was further voted that Samuell Marshfield & Jno Barber Senr., & Edward Foster should attend to the laying out or measuring of this new highway.

May 28th, 1679:

Att a meeting of the proprietors of the long medow, together wth the Selectmen Present:

Benjamin Parsons
Jno Dumbleton
Henry Chapin
Jno Holyoke.

1. At this meeting it was voted & concluded that each particular mans fence, or portion of fence on the brooke below the sd medow should ly al at one playne.

2. That if so be in this ordering of the brooke fence, any


of the pprieters portions of brook fence there which formrly was in two places, being now laid together, should happen to be where there is not fence, yt then such persons as happen to have such fence on the brook, shal make an equal proportion of new fence for them.

3. It was voted & agreed that Ensigne Cooley, Jno Bliss & Ephraim Colton be the persons to lay out this fence on the brooke.

4. It was voted & agreed that in this new model of fence yr that they should lay out or begin to lay out mens particular portion at & from the lower end of the brooke, onely wth respect to Ephraim Colton & Daniell Cooley, because they have engaged to do the water fence at the lower end of the medow, from the top of the bank into the River for [II - 136] the security of the field forever, the proprietors did re-engage to them that this fence, this water fence, should be accounted to ym as thirty rod of fence on the brooke yt is fifteen rod apiece, as also that if they prove to have any more portion of fence on the brooke, the Proprietors promise that it shal lye next to the water fence there.

5. It was further agreed to Lay out or order each particular mans portion of fence upon this brooke by the way of casting of lotts: The lot being cast the disposition thereof fell to:
1. To Jno Clarke.
2. To Samuell Bliss Junr.
3. To Ensigne Cooley.
4. To Samuell Bliss Senr.
5. To Samuel Stebbin.
6. To Quartermaster Mr. Colton.
7. To Benjamin Parsons.
8. To Jonathan Burt Senr.
9. To Thomas Merrick.
10. To Harmon.
11. To Obadiah Cooley.
12. To Jno Bliss.
13. To Nathanll Burt.
14. To Nathanll Pritchard.
15. To Jno Keeps Land.
16. To Isaac Colton.
17. To James Osborne.
18. To Charles Ferry.

6. It was also voted & agreed & consented to on both parts yt Ensigne Cooley would & should doe, make, maintaine the gate & the water fence at the upper end of the Long medow forever, & that this worke should be accounted to him as the doing of twenty rod of the upland fence belonging to the long medow field, as also that he shal have liberty, if


he sees meet to translate that gate & ye water fence & whole cross fence to the lower side of his son Eliakim Cooley's lot there p'vided it be no prjudice to the field.

7. It was further voted & concluded that ye upland fence belonging to the sd long medow should be a new measured & laid out to each proprietor as neer as may be, in the particular places, where they have al along made & maintained ye portions of fence there, and that Isaac Colton, Samuell Bliss Junr., & Samuell Stebbin shal be to measure this upland fence.

August 4th, 1679:

At a meeting of the proprietors of ye field on the west side of the river.

It was voted & agreed by ye proprietors of that field wch sit down on the east of the River to allow fifteen shillings for satisfaction for the damage the fields portion of ye water fenc below Thomas Millers pasture.

It was further voted & agreed that Samuell Marshfield, Miles Morgan, & James Taylor, should do their proportion of theire fence that they used to doe out between the field & Thomas Millers pasture.

November 3, 1679.

At a meeting of the Selectmen this 3d of November, Roland Thomas his bull was hired for the use of the upper end of that part of the town, for which they engage him by the Inhabitants of the sd upper part of the Towne & that they wil see him paid, his cowes being exempted from: the rate that shal be made to levy this 20 shillings hire.

December 18th, 1679.

At a meeting of the Selectmen, Thomas Stebbin Junr, Charles Ferry & Jno Harmon were chosen to be apprizers of the Towns stock.

[II - 138]

December 29, 1679:        The Town is Debits:

s d
To Goodman Mirrick for his house for ye schooling. 00 10 00


To Goodman Parsons for setting nailes for ye school house 29s 6d & 1s 8d for ferriage of his horse, & his own time & horse 2 dayes 2s per day 4s. 01 15 02

Item. To Goodman Parsons for worke about the pound 9s 6d & for worke about the school house, viz: carting stone 7s 00 16 06

Item. To Benjamin Knowlton for helping about the pound & a gate. 00 06 00

To Jno Steward for making an eye for the gate. 00 01 00

To David Lumbard for killing 1 wolfe 00 10 00

To Samuel Ely for Selectmen Feb. 1, 1678, August, 1679, December 1679 & for entertaining the school house raisers 01 05 00

To Mr. Denton for his labors in school work 10 00 00

To Thomas Stebbins Junr, for his worke about ye school house. 10 00 00

To Mr. Glovers stipend 100 00 00

To Samuell Ely paying to Goodman: messenger 1s & entertaining Quartermaster Colton one night: 14d & by eighteen pence forgot: anno 1678. 0 03 08

To Goodman Marshfield by mending the stockes & staple. 0 01 00

To Major Pynchon for flints 10s 0 10 00

To making rates. 1 00 00

To Recorder for recording 4 Deeds from the Indians. 0 10 00

To the Worshipful Major Pynchon for 4 lbs of powder for the use of the Guard. 0 14 00

By 2s 6d allowed to Jno Holyoke for his making of severall rates Ano 1678 wch should have been made divers yeers before. 0 02 00

To Goodman Lamb, carting one day Clay for ye school house 0 05 00

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History of Springfield
Hampden County
Created August 14, 2004
Copyright 2004