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[II - 139]

January 14th, 1679. Town Credits

By our Ministers rate 100 00 00

By the Town Rate 29 12 00

February 3, 1679.

We whose names are underwritten being appointed to Examine ye last Selectmen's accounts of the Townes Debts:

And credits & we find ye Townes credit is: 01 04 02


Samuel Marshfield
Samuel Ely.

February 7th, 1679.

The Towne is debter to Major Pynchon for the freight of 3 barrells of powder from Boston to Hartford the last summer wch was not brought to account 6s: & by paymt to Thomas Miller 3s 9d for bringing those 3 barrells of powder from Hartford.

00 09 09

The 9 shillings 9 pence above specified was payed out of ye 1 04 02 above mentioned.

[II 140]

In the handwriting of Jonathan Burt.

ffebruary 9th, 1679.

At a meeting of the Selectmen whear were present:

Benjamin Cooly
Samuell Marshfield
John Hitchcock
Jonathan Burt
Japhet Chapin.

At this meeting viewers of ffence were chose.

For homelotts: David Lumbard & John Norton.

For Chicoppy: Jonathan Morgan & Samuel Bedortha.

For Long meadow: Thomas Coulton & Obadiah Cooly.

The selectmen doe order that all generall fields be inclosed & fences by the 25th of March next, unless the season be such that the ffence viewers shal give notice for sooner mending of the same fence.

It is also ordered that all swine shall be ringed & yoked that are about 3 months old from the 20th of march to the


20th of October next and in case any swine shal be found in the streets, commons or corne field, in or about the town, unringed and unyoked they shall pay six pence per hog or swine and in case such swine be found in the home lots, meadows, orchards, gardens, cornefields, unyoked and unrung the owners shal pay 8 pence for each such swine whare of half shal goe to the Informer & halfe to the Town. Benjamin Knowlton & Richard Waight to se to the per-formance of this order and the persons have power to yoke and ring such swine and for in-couragement they shall have paid them by the owners ten pence per swine.

[II - 141]

At a meeting of the Selectmen ffebruary the 9th it is ordered that all male persons that are above fourteen years of age and under seventy years of age shal and are required to attend the work of clearing the brush or what may annoy the highways and comons about this town to acomadate the keeping of sheep as the country lawe prescribes al such persons are injoyned atend this work either personaly or by a sufficient hand in ther roome (place) one day in June and another in August next when they shal be called by the Selectmen and he that shal not atend when he is warned shal pay as followeth from 16 years of age to 60 years shal pay 2 shillings and this to be improved to cleare the comon. and heare are only exempted the worshipful Major Pinchon & our Reverend Teacher, Mr. Peltyah Glover.

It is also ordered by the Selectmen that al youths or boys under the age of twelve years of age sit onthat seat under the deacons seat and also on that seat against it and on the stairs only they must not block up the stairs when Mr. Glover comes and seats thar about and all parents doe order thare boys and children to sit thare unles such as sit with thare parents under this age above mentioned, Josyas Marshfield, Henry Burt, Samuel Parsons, Samuel Chapin are ordered at the end of the Deacons seat against the stairs to sit. The Selectmen doe request our ffriends Benjamin Cooly & Deacon Parsons to have an eye to the boys.

[II - 142]

Where as there have


been for a long time great disorder in our assembly by many young persons steeling out of the meeting house before the blessing be pronounced many of them cannot be thought to have any necesyty so to doe and thare being a country law that doth commend it to the Selectmens care and it being a grief to seryous minds, we doe declare and order that no person so doe excepting thare shall be a necesary occasion: and we doe request and order Increas Sikes to keepe the east doore and Isaack Gleason and Benjamin Thomas to looke to the South doore, and we doe request Liftenant Stebbins to apoynt one of the guard to see to the youth and doe apoynt Samuell Bliss senr. to looke to the youth about the east doore which men are seryously to admonish any disorderly persons and if they will not be reformed then to make returne of the persons to the Selectmen.

In the handwriting of Samuel Marshfield.

We ffind that The Towne debts being payed the yeare 1679 by a rate and other wayes as may apeare by the Selectmens accountand by the committee apoynted to examine their account, the Town was credit one pound four shillings 2 pence which is in the hands of Samuel Terry, Constable that yeare and received the towne rate: but the towne being indebted to Major Pynchon 9 shillings and 9 pence for freight of 3 barrels of powder from Boston to Hartford and from Hartford to Springfield, the townes due when this is payd the Major will be 14 shillings and 5 pence.

[II - 143]

In the handwriting of John Holyoke.

August 20th, 1680.

At a meeting of the Selectmen:

The Selectmen have let out the townes medow in the boggy medow on the east side of the highway to the round Hill, to Mr. Daniel Denton & his heirs for the ful terme of twenty & one yeares. The first eleven yeares the said Mr. Denton is to have full power & liberty to occupy & improve the whole said medow, provided he do bog & clean the said medow & bring it to be mowable medow; & fence it wth good


sufficiet fence front & rear & flankes and so leave it: & that after ten yeers the said Mr. Denton is to occupy & improve the said medow conditioned he pay to the town forty shillings per annum & maintain the said fence, & leave the same in good repair, yet giving leave to the said Mr. Denton that in case he judge this bargaine of allowing forty shillings per annum & fencing the said medow as abovesaid too hard for him that he shal have liberty to desert the aforesaid bargain at any time between the begining of ye twelfth yeer & the end of the one & twentieth yeer of this lease. In witness whereto the said Mr. Denton hath hereto set his name, this 20th of August, 1680.

Danll Denton.

Benjamin Cooley - B C his marke.
Jonathan Burt
Samuel Marshfield
John Hitchcock
Japhat Chapin.

[II - 144]

In the handwriting of Jonathan Burt.

September 4th, 1680.

The viewers of fenses making presentments to the Selectmen of several defects of fenses in the field on west side of the great ryver and the Selectmen have heard the cause and doe fine persons as followeth:

The worshipful Major Pynchon 0 2 0

John Dumbleton 0 2 0

Widow Miller 0 1 6

Benjamin Leanerd 0 8 0

Joseph Stebbins 0 2 0

Thomas Myrak 0 1 6

Samuell & Nathanell Bliss 0 3 0

John Warner & Nathanyel Sikes 0 3 0

Widow Bliss       0       2       0

1 5 0

Samuel Graves of Hatfield propounding to the Selectmen


that he might be admitted an inhabitant, the Selectmen do grant him his desire and Quarter- master Colton doth ingage in the sum of twenty pounds to secure the town from any charge.

In the handwriting of Henry Chapin.

Springfield - the 3 of January 1680.

Liftenant Stebbing hath payd the year 1680, January 3, ffor the old meeting house which was set off in what should have been payd him ffor his sweeping the new house.

Deadon Burt's bull is hired by the Selectmen for the use of the lower end of the towne for the yeare 1681 - he is hired till Michallmass next and he is to have one pound payd him by those neighbors of the lower end.

[II - 145}

The Towne debit December 30, 1680.

To repairing the long medow bridge 03 05 06

To the Deputy 04 00 00

To Mr. Denton 10 00 00

To Money to pay the remainder of the school house 08 00 00

To Samuell Marshfield for killing a wolf 00 10 00

Repairing the drum for the Saboths use 00 05 00

To Jonathan Taylor for killing 2 wolfes 01 00 00

To Lifftenant Stebbings for sweeping the meeting house & beating the drum he desiring part of his pay we concluded to raise only 01 10 00

To Samuell Bliss account for the Constabell what at times when he received the rates 00 01 04

To Selectmens expences 00 16 00

To housing and firewood to entertaine the Towne at the Generall meeting ffebruary 1679. 00 04 00

To making the rates 01 00 00

To Luke Hitchcock ffor ffetching Mr. Younglove in 1676 00 05 00

To Jonathan Taylor Junr for killing a wolfe 00 10 00


To Mr. Holyoke for wrighting 00 04 00

To Jamor Pynchon ffor nails for the school house     00     11     06

32 13 06

Also having not wheat to pay the deputy but taking Indian Corne at 2 shillings per bushell it addeth 15 shillings to the towne debt. 00 15 00

Also Benajamin Knowlton for [ ] to scoole in     00     05     00

33 18 06

Samuel Bliss Junr for killing a wolfe     00     10     00

34 33 06

[II - 146]

The Towne Credit January the 20th, 1680.

by a rate of 3 35 00 00

by ffines ffor deffects of some men that ware presented by the viewers 00 12 06

ffebruary ye 1st 1680.
Received of ye Selectmen in ye year 1680 ten pounds for schooling Daniell Denton.

We whose names are underwritten being appointed to examine ye Selectmens accounts of ye Townes Debts & Credits wee find ye Townes Credit to bee 01 09 00

more not allowed by ye Towne to Goodman Terry 00 02 06

Daniell Denton
Samuell Ely.

Men not answering to their names at ye Town meeting ffebruary 1st, 1680:

Henry Chapin
John Bagg
Rice Bedortha
Obadiah Miller
Edward ffoster
Samuell Terry
Ensign Cooly
Quartermaster Coulten
Eph Coulten
Isaack Coulten

Memoranim: due to ye town, in Goodman Terrys hand upon ye Country rate in David Morgans hadn. In Samuel Elys hand 8 14 6 of ye Towne Rate.

[II - 147]


ffebruary ye 7th, 1680. At a meeting of the Selectmen present:

Quartermaster Coulton
Mr. Holyoke
Deacon Parsons
John Dumbleton
Daniell Denton.

ffence viewers made choice of:

ffor ye home lotts, Charles fferry & Thomas Merrick.

ffor ye field over ye River, Thomas Miller & Nathaniel Sykes.

ffor Skidmuck, Jeremiah Horton & Joseph Thomas.

For ye Long meddow, Eliakim Cooley & Nathaniell Bliss.

ffor Chickapee, Rice Bedortha & John Bagg.

The first day of ffebruary a wolfe killed by Isaak Coulten ye head brought in according to Law.

The Selectmen doe ratifie the order made by the townsmen in ye year 1679: about ye yoking & ringing of swine & doe appoint John Clark senr: & Benjamin Knowlton to see after ye performance of yt order.

It is ordered by ye Selectmen that all ffences about ye corn fields shall be set up & re-payred by ye 7th of March next & the fence viewers shall have liberty & are impowered to view ye ffences & to proceed against all defective fence according to law & ye orders of ye Towne.

[II - 148]

It is further ordered ye Towns men that the proprietors of ye ffield on ye other side of the River shall provide either a pound or a strong substantiall yard ffor ye securing of such cattell or swine as shall be ffound in ye ffield Contrary to order: likewise yt ye proprietors in ye ffield at Long medow shall doe ye like. And it is ffurther ordered yt John Dumbleton shall take care yt ye abovesayd order bee performed on ye other side of ye river: & Quartermaster Coulton at ye long medow.

At a meeting of ye Selectmen March ye 2d 1680 present Mr. Holyoke, Deacon Parsons, John Dumbleton, Daniell Denton.

Agreed upon yt James Brown shal have notice given him yt hee is not admitted as an inhabitant in ye Town. And that hee is to leave ye Town unless he produce some approved person that wil enter into a bond of Twenty Pounds


to ffree ye Town ffrom any charge yt shall by him or his happen to ye Town. John Dumbleton is desired and ordered to give James Brown notice of ye order.

[II - 149]

This writing witness an agreement betwene the Selectmen of Springfield for the year 1673 being Leiftenant Cooper, Quartermaster Colton, John Dumbleton, Henry Chapin, Samuell Marshfield and Joseph Crowfoote the said Crowfoote doth covinant and promise to and with the said Selectmen to get stuff as good substantiall whit oke post and good railes and the pound is to be of the same bigness as the former and to be six rails in height. The said Crowfoote is to get the stuf, draw it in place, frame it and set it up every way well finished by the 25th of March next, insuing and so to take of the holl care and charge of the said work and whatevar damage may acrue to the said Selectmen for the not doing it; and the Selectmen doth promise to the said Crowfoote payd: 3 pound for the said work so finished, this pound is to be set up by the meeting house whare the ould pound standeth and to the true performance the said Crowfoote hath set to his hand this 3d of ffebruary 1673.

The mark of Joseph Crofoot.
Witnesses are:
Benjamin Parsons
John Barber.

In the handwriting of John Holyoke.

March 16. 1881-1882.

The prsent Selectmen have agreed wth Jno Miller & Thomas Tailor to make or set up a pound on the west of the River do al that shal belong to the compleat finishing of it (unless Iron Worke) which pound is to be made of four Lengths of rails on each side or the 4 sides; & 10 foot length between. See backward at page at a meeting June 21, 1676.

[II - 150]

In the handwriting of Daniel Denton.

March ye 4th, 1680.

James Brown making application to ye Townsmen & desiring liberty to stay in ye Town ye


summer, the Townsmen did give him leave to continue in ye Town till Michalmas next ensueing.

At a meeting of ye Selectmen ffebruary ye 7th, 1680, Tithing men made choice of, viz:

Serjiant Morgan
Thomas Day
John Warner

ffor this side & Jonathan Ball ffor ye other side of the River.

March ye 8th 1680, David Morgan & Samuell Lamb brought a wolfes head into ye Constable wch ye Constable attested under his hand.

Samuell Marshfield - 2 wolfes Anno 1680.

[II - 151]

At a Town Meeting of ye Selectmen being present Mr. Holyoke, Quartermaster Colton, Deacon Parsons & Daniell Denton: July ye 25th 1681, agreed upon yt a stranger yt for some tyme hath had his Residence at ye Widdow Pettys & also Mr. Brice have both of them notice given them to depart ye Town.

July ye 29th, 1681.

At a meeting of ye Selectmen present, Mr. Holyoke, Quartermaster Coulton, Deacon Parsons & Daniell Denton.

Whereas ye Townsmen at ye fformer meeting, Arthur Dudley was according to order warned out of ye Town & now making his application to ye Townsmen they give him a months liberty to answer his ingagement to ye Widdow Petty.

Goodman Merick & Charles fferry, ffence viewers for ye home lots bring in deffects as followeth: James Warriner 2 deffects ffor 3 dayes six shillings. Goodman Clark 2 deffects 6 shillings. John Hitchcock one deffect 3 shillings, Samuell Bliss one, 3 shillings, Increase Sykes one - one shilling. Which ye Townsmen per order to be payd according to law & Samuell Jones ffind 12 shillings damage to John Dorchester by his defective fence.

[II - 152]

August ye 29th, 1681

David Morgan appearing beffore ye Selectmen & Committee appointed ffor calling former Constables to an account


ffor overpluss money did compound & agree to pay ye Town fforty shillings as overplus money in his country rates when he was Constable.

February 7, 1681.

Whereas there is due to Country Treasurer 3 for transporting country corne from Hartford to Boston this year the Town give David Morgan to pay 3.

Samuell Terry Senr. also appearing on ye same account did agree to pay six bushells of Indian corn (being overplus money in his Country Rates when hee was Constable) to ye Town.

At a meeting of ye Selectmen December ye 7th, 1681, present:

Mr. Holyoke
Deacon Parsons
Daniell Denton.

Prizers made choyce of this present year (viz) Samuell Ball, Obadiah Cooly & Nath Bliss.

January, 1681.

The Townes charges appearing to be 32 or upward the rate was made to the said sum:

[II - 153]

In the handwriting of John Holyoke.

December 31, 1681.        The Town is Debit

s p
by 100 for our Reverend teacher 100 00 00

by what is due to the worshipful Major 01 05 02

by what is due to the schoolmaster 10 00 00

by what is due to Deacon Parsons 01 02 03

by Jno Holyoke for making rates & for hook & for one dayes worke of Jno Crowfoot 01 08 06

by Thomas Day for bolts 00 01 06

by David Morgan his making a door for ye school 00 01 06

to G. Lamb one dayes work 2s 6d & Richard Waite 2 days 4s 00 06 06

to Roland Thomas for boards 00 01 06

to Samuell ely for entertaining about making rates & the committee when they called the Constables to the examining country rates 01 10 09


Item: To Jno Pope for what ye comitte in part promised him & for what loss he sustained in making ye pulpit Mr Glovers pew & ye Deacons seat 04 04 06

to Obadiah Cooley for one day at raising, Mr. Glovers 00 02 00

to fr. Pepper for 3 dayes worke 5s. To Ja. Stevenson 3 days 6s. 00 11 00

to Ben Knowlton 1 day. to Edwd Foster & Ja. Darby 1 day p mem. 00 06 00

to Thomas Miller & George Norton, Jos Leonard day ap. 00 06 00

to Increase for boards 14s. To Harry Rogors 1 day 2s 00 16 00

to Jno Dorchester for 4 dayes & lathes 11s. 00 11 00

to Henry Chapin for 2 dayes 4s 6d. 00 04 06

to Jose Leonard for a cellar window 00 01 00

to Goodman Marshfield for killing 2 wolves 01 00 00

to Joseph Bedortha for a journey Ano 1676 to N.H. Northampton wth ye commissioner. 00 06 00

to David Morgan, Samuel Lamb: for killing 1 wolfe. 00 10 00

to Lieut. Stebbin for sweeping ye meeting house etc 03 00 00

to the Deputy 04 00 00

to the comittee for Mr. Glovers house. 07 00 00

to Samuel Ball for worke abut Mr. Glovers house 00 16 06

[II - 155]

In the handwriting of Daniel Denton.

Due to our landlord Ely 1 10s 9d of which 9 shillings ffor a school in his house anno 1680.

a bottle of rum for perambulators, 6 shillings ffor ye comittee in 1678 for ye Constables in 1681, the rest ffor ye Selectmen in 1681.


In the handwriting of John Holyoke.

January, 1681.

to Samuell Ely - this to S.Ely pd Indian Corn by Selectmen 01 10 09

to the worshipful Major 01 05 02

to what is due to the schoolmaster 10 00 00

to Deacon Parsons wt worke about the school 01 02 03

to Jno Holyoke for making rates & for hinges & for a dayes work of Jno Crowfoot 01 08 06

to Thomas Day for bolts 1s 6d. to Richard Waite for two dayes work 4s. to G. Lamb 2s 6d 00 08 00

to Rowland Thomas for boards for ye school house 00 01 06

to David Morgan making a door to schoolhouse 00 01 06

to Deputy 04 00 00

to the Sexton 03 00 00

to Goodman Marshfield for killing 2 wolves 01 00 00

to Dav Morgan & Samuell Lamb, killing one woolfe 00 10 00

to Isaac Colton for killing one woolfe 00 10 00

to the Comittee for Mr. Glovers house 07 00 00

to Samuell Ball for worke about Mr. Glovers house 00 16 00

to Jose Bedortha Anno 1676 for a journey to N. H. wth commission     00     06     00

33 00 02

March 17, 1687.

More to David Morgan for laying ye school

Chamber to be paid by ye next town rates 00 10 00

[I - 155]

February 3, 1681.

The Constable Joseph Stebbin informes of a wolfe killed by Mr. Samuell Glover & Samuell Bliss the third.

as also of two wolves killed by Benjamin Stebbin & Jno Mirrick.


february 7th, 1681:

Also one wolfe more was killed by Ben Stebbin & Jno Mirrick: also one wolfe by Edward Stebbin.

February 10 & March 28, 1682.

One wolfe more killed by Benjain Stebbins & Jno Mirricke: 1681.

February 7th, 1681.

The comittee chosen to examine the Selectmens accounts for the prsent yeer doe find the Townes Debt: 32 15s 2d & the Towne Credit by:

s d
by J. Holyoke 00 05 00

& by Troopers money which is Rate 32 10 09
to be paid in Country pay. 06 18 00

So yt the Townes debt is but 00 04 03
& the Towne Credit is in Country pay 06 18 00

Joseph Parsons
Jonathan Burt, Sen'r.

March 10, 1681-1682.

The Selectmen chosen. Then subscribed persons to run the bounds between us & Westfield, viz:

Thomas Miller
Abel Leonard
John Dorchester

wch is to be done the first Monday in March next, & in case of foul weather the next fair day & Westfield men to meet at the bounds & line defining the N. H. path.

[II - 156]

February 13th, 1681:

At a meeting of the Selectmen being present:

Cornet Parsons
Deacon Burt
Thomas Day
Jno Hitchcock
Jno Holyoke.

At this meeting fence viewers were chosen for the comon fields.

for home lotts, Samuell Bliss Sen'r & Thomas Stebbins Jun'r for Long Medow.

Nathaniell Burt, Ephraim Colton for the field over the River.

Edward Foster & Samuel Miller for Chickuppi.

Joseph Bedurtha & Nicholas Rust.

tithing men Rolland Thomas, James Warrener & James Dorchester


for this side: Samuell Marshfield for the other side ye River & Nath Burt for Long Medow.

It was ordered that no swine, from the first...........be permitted to go up & down the streets between............& that Isaac Morgan & Daniell Beamon do see to................ of this order, & that they do ring such swine as..........find not ringed & that they shal have 4d per swine for their paines paid ym by ye owners of such swine.

It was further ordered that a pound be made on ye........side the River & that Thomas Day & Jno Hitchcocke, do consult the neighbors yr where to set this pound & that the said Selectmen doe bargaine wth any met persons in their discretion that what the town shal allow ym for this worke.

It is ordered that the order for setting up or repairing of fences be as was ordered ye yeer 1679.

It was agreed wth Deacon Burt to give him 15s for his bull & yet the neighbors from: Jno Harmons Downward do pay this 15 shillings by a rate made according the number of cowes.

Deacon Burts cowes being not taken into the number:

Received on his rate 4 9 2

.......his son Isacks 1 2 6 - all is 5 11 8

due to Samuell Marshfield rest due to him 4 8 7

S. Ely old account for entertaining the Selectmen in 1675, 17 shillings.

the going the bounds between the town & Suffield by making the rates 76 1 pound.

.... ..... one pound 14 shillings and 8 pence 4 14 2

........agreed wth Samuel Ely that he should..........

Quarter Master Coultens due to the Towne as Deputy 4

ffor [ ] 5 1 7

one bushell of Indian corne 2s 6p.

to setting nails 4 shillings

to going the bounds between Suffield and this town 3 0

payd Victory Sikes 9 0

all is 10 00 3

acquite the Towne of ye money quarter rate. The Town


quitting or discharging him of ye seven pounds ......the Towne upon the account of Troopers money......him 10s in Corne at Town prices & this paid viz: 4 bushells Indian 10s March 2, 1682.

Oct 13th 1681.

One wolfe killed by Joseph Ashley.

February 27, 1681.

One wolfe killed by L. Hitchcock & obadiah Miller Jun'r.

February 28, 1681.

One wolfe - Mr. Glove & his partners.

These four wolves informed by Constable Joseph Stebbins.

April 1682.

One wolfe killed by Benjamin Stebbin & Jno Hitchcocke.

Transcribed by Janice Farnsworth

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