History of Springfield, MA
Volume II
Pages 111 - 145



Also it is ordered that the little swamp conteyning about five acres lying on ye left hand of ye way down to Symon Bemons under ye hill shall lye common ppetually & shall not be dis-posed of to any p'ticular p'sons.

ffebruary 13, 1670.

Liberty is granted to John Bliss to buildon his land in the Long Meddow at the end of his lott next ye pond & the land there at the end of his lott to the pond side is now granted unto him, if it were not his by former grant.

Samuell Barber of Windsor is admitted an Inhabitant & his brother John Barber byndeth himself in the sum of twenty pounds to the Selectmen of this Town from tyme to tyme to save the Town from any charge yt may arise to the Towne by the sd Samuell Barber or any of his: Witness his Hand, January 1, 1671 - John Barber.

[III - 75.]

Att ye General Town Meeting ffebruary 6, 1671. Major Pynchon is chosen Moderator for this Town Meeting.

Deacon Chapin & Eli Holyoke, Sen'r, chosen for a Comittee to examine the accounts of the Selectmen yt are now going off.

Nathaneel Ely, Ensign Cooley, Benjamin Parsons, Anthony Dorchester & Elizur Holyoke, Sen'r. are chosen Selectmen to order ye prudentiall affaires of the Town for ye yeere ensueing who also have power to grannt lands as they see cause & to act in other things comon to ye Selectmen.

Elizur Holyoke Sen'r is chosen Towne Clerke for ye yeere ensueinge.

Samuell Marshfield is chosen Measurer of lands for this yeere ensueinge.

Charles fferry chosen Constable & sworne.

Jonathan Burt & William Warrener are chosen Surveyors for ye County highwayes for this yeere ensueing.

Hay wards for ye Comon fields for this yeere there are chosen: ffor ye ffield right over ye River agt ye Towne, John Barber. Edmund Prinridayes for ye ffield called Chickuppe whose yard shalbe accounted a pound for yt field. ffor Long Meddow, John Keepe whose yard also is allowed of for a pound.


At the General Town Meeting this following Order was made & concluded upon: Whereas it is found by experience that the Causeway over agt Thomas Days is much annoyed by waters that come from the Springs in the hills over the meddow & by land floods wch annoyance is occasioned partly by the want of a passage downward for those waters by reason of interruption from ye Proprietors of the meddows by ditches or banks or other meanes wch stop those waters: It is hereby Ordered that all such annoyances by ditches, banks or any other Stops of the water made or occasioned by the proprietors of those meddowes shall be remooved & the water allowed free passage wthout interruption upon penalty of twenty shillings to be forfeited & paid to ye Town by such proprietors as shall occasion the stopping or damming up of the water to the [III - 76.] annoyance of the said Causeway or ye neighbors meddowes, it being expected & intended that each proprietor allow a passge by a gutter made cross each mans meddow sufficient to carry all the water in soe low or soe far downward as till it may be brought conveniently into the brooke before the street.

And the Surveyors of the highwayes are from tyme to tyme to give notice to the Selectmen of any such annoyance that shalbe in their judgment continued that soe the penalty may be levyed for ye Towne upon such p'sons as are culpable by this order.

At this Genrll Town meeting also ye Town did sett, order & appoynt these prizes hereafter mentioned to be ye currant prizes for corne, viz: Wheat at 3s 6d per bushel, pease at 3s, Rye at 3s, barley 4s, Indian corne at 2s 6d per bushel.

At a Town Meeting August 16th 1672. Lieut Cooper is chosen Commissioner to joyne wth ye Selectmen for making ye Countrey Rate for this Yeere.

John Hitchcock is chosen Constable.

Anthony Dorchester & Miles Morgan are chosen a Comittee to take care & Order for fynishing Mr. Glovers house, viz: for ye doing what the Town is to doe: These two men are to reparre to ye Selectmen who are to levy a rate on ye estate of the Plantation for enabling them to ye worke.


There is grannted that John Gilbert shall have 2 bushels of Indian corne allowed him over & above what he had for ye glass for Mr. Glovers house, he complayning of ye meanness of his pay: Goodman Dorchester pd this 2 bushels Indian corne for wch he is paid in 2 barrels yt came wth lyme this Order by ye Selectmen, January 2, 1672.

[III - 77.]

Att ye General Towne Meetinge ffebruary ye 4th, 1672:

The Worppll Major Pynchon is chosen Moderator for this Town meeting:

Quartermaster Colton & Samuell Marshfield are chosen a comittee to examine ye accountes of the Selectmen who now goe off.

Quartermaster Colton, Samuell Marshfield, Lieut Cooper, John Dumbleton, & Henry Chapin are chosen Selectmen for ye yeere ensueing for the Ordering the Prudentiall affaires of the Town.

Elizur Holyoke, Sen'r. is chosen Recorder for the yeere ensueing.

William Warrener is chosen Constable for the yeere ensueing.

Samuell Marshfield & Serj. Stebbin are chosen Measurers of land for ye yeere ensueinge.

Jonathan Ashley & John Dorchester are chosen Surveyors for ye County highwayes for the yeere ensueing.

Att this Meeting there were chosen hay wards for ye Comon fields, viz:

Jonathan Taylor for ye ffields on ye West side of the river over agt ye Towne:

Rice Bedortha for ye ffields called chickuppe: and Ephraim Colton for ye Long Meddow.

Obadiah Cooley & David Lumbard upon their motion have liberty grannted for security of their own & the Comon ffieldes to make a fence cross the highway to ye lower wharfe wth a gate for passage through, who in consideraton thereof are to have ye priviledge of the herbage of ye said way to themselves, soe long as they shall maynteyne such fence & gate to secure ye ffields.


It is Ordered that John Harmon the p'sent Surveyor & all successive Surveyors of the high way up the long hill over the Mill River shall also take into his & their care & charge the [III - 78.] repayring the way up by Major Pynchons Mill & soe forward to the bridge yt is over Mill River & likewise the repayring of the said bridge.

Whereas by a late Law of the Country made: It is Ordered that such p'sons as have liberty of voting in Towne affaires must be of 80 rate rateable to a single countrey rate, yet not to cutt off the said priviledge from them that had liberty by a former law wherein is expressed that if persons have 20 estate rateable to a single countrey rate (wth other condition) they shall have ye same privelege: This Towne doth now Order yt the Recorder for ye Town shall joyn wth ye Selectmen to examine by former rates to ye Countrey what persons of this Plantation now residing amongst us have at any tyme had by law that priviledge. And that then the Recorder shall enter their names in ye Towne books: Their names see in ye next page.

Indian Wecombo, the Old Blind Indian.

Whereas ye Indian Wecombo, viz: the old blind Indian, doth challenge the tymber of ye Cedar Swamps at Manchconis, as also ye meddowes on ye Mill River together wth the upland there about as far as Chickuppe River: And Wequagan & laying claime to all the lands, uplands and meddowes (from Wecombo his clayme), downewards as far as ffresh water River. The Towne doth now Order that ye Worshippll Major Pynchon together wth Elizur Holyoke, Quartermaster Colton, Ensign Cooly, Samuell Marshfield and Anthony Dorchester shall have full power to treat wth said Indians both to examine what lands they challenge as theirs and what they own or can be prooved to be ours & to make purchase yt Mr. Pynchon made & paid some yeeres since for ye meddowes & wood lands over Agawam River shalbe repayed him by the Towne, & that such as have grants & proprieties of lands wthin these purchases shall pay by the acre for those grannts 10 tymes as much as ye other lands come to by ye acre.


And it is further ordered that the County Recorder shall record in the County Records all deeds that concerne any lands purchased of ye Indians and that he shall be paid for his labour therein.

At a Court of General Sessions of the Peace holden at Northampton wthin & for the County of Hampshire on the first Tuesday of December being the 2nd day 1701. Ordered that for the future, Joseph Warrener of Springfield, his pole be freed from al rates.

Copy as appeares of Record examined per John Pynchon Clerk transcribed here from said Copy & is a true copy Compared yr wth attest John Holyoke, Clerke for sd Town of Springfield. [III - 79.]

In the handwriting of John Holyoke.

List of the Inhabitants of Springfield Having the Priviledge to Vote.

Here followeth a List of ye Names of the present Inhabitants of this Town of Springfield who according to ye provisions & tearmes of a late law of the Countrey made have ye priviledge of Voting in Town affaires, etc, Whose Names by ye Towne Order in ye former page were to be entered in this booke:

The Worshipful Major John Pynchon
Mr. Pelatiah Glover
Rowland Thomas
Jeremy Horton
Abell Wright
Japhet Chapin
Henry Chapin
Joseph Crowfoote
William Brookes
John Bagg
Rice Bedortha
John Riley
Smuell Marshfield
Griffith Jones
Obadiah Miller
John Barber, Sen'r.
Nathaneell Ely
Lawrence Bliss
John Matthews
James Osborne
John Harman
Nathaneell Pritchard
Benjamin Parsons
Samuell Bliss, Sen'r.
Anthony Dorchester
John Dorchester
Richard Sikes
Increase Sikes
Serjant Jonthan Burt
David Lumbard
Ensigne Cooley
Obadiah Cooley


John Dumbleton
Jonathan Taylor
Edward ffoster
Thomas Miller
John Leonard
Leiut. Cooper
Joseph Leonard
Thomas Cooper, Jun.
Samuell Terry
John Lamb
Robert Ashley
Serjant Morgan
William Branch
Elizur Holyoke
Timothy Cooper
Deacon Chapin
John Hitchcock
William Warrener
James Warrener
Serjant Stebbin
Benjamin Munn
Thomas Day
Charles fferry
Thomas Mirick
Thomas Stebbins
Samuell Ball
John Bliss
Quartermaster Colton
Isaak Colton
Ephraim Colton
Thomas Colton
John Keepe
Samuel Ely
Nathaneell Burt
Samuell Bliss, Jun.
Samuell Stebbin
Luke Hitchcock
Victory Sikes
Isaac Cakebread
John Warner
David Morgan
Joseph Stebbins.

Note by the Transcriber of this copy: A second List of the Inhabitants of Springfield who "have the priviledge of voting in Towne affaires," was entered on page 79 of the original records, the date of entry of which is not given on that page. The first list is in the hand of Elizur Holyoke and the second in the hand of his eldest son, John Holyoke and was made some time after the death of his father in 1676, and is as follows:

The Worppll Major Jno Pynchon
The Revd Mr. Pelatiah Glover
Rowland Thomas
Abel Wright
Henry Chapin
Joseph Bedortha
Japhet Chapin
Samuell Marshfield
Jno Dumbleton
Edward Foster
Joseph Leonard
Samuell Terry
John Lamb
Miles Morgan
John Holyoke
John Hitchcock
James Warrener
Joseph Stebbin
Samuel Ball
Thomas Day
Thomas Mirick
Samuel Ely
Jno Clarke
Jno Matthew
Jno Warner
Charles Ferry
Jno Harmon
Nathaneell Pritchard
Deacon Parsons
Samuell Bliss, Sen'r.
Jno Dorchester
James Sikes
Increase Sikes
Deacon Burt
Luke Hitchcock
David Lumbard
Ensign Cooley
Obadiah Cooley
Jno. Bliss
Quartermaster Coulton
Isacc Coulton
Ephraim Coulton
Thomas Coulton
Nathaneell Burt
Samuell Bliss, Jun.
Samuell Stebbin
Joseph Ashley
Daniel Cooley
Thomas Cooper
Eliakim Cooley
Nathaneell Bliss
Jno Barber.
[III - 80.]

In the handwriting of Elizur Holyoke.


Att a meeting of the ffreemen of this Towne of Springfield Aprill 16th, 1673 (for giveinge in their votes to be sent to Boston to ye Court of Elections this spring for the choyce of the Governor, Deputy Governor & Generall Officers of the Colony of Massachusetts) it being a full meeting, there being a scruple raysed concerning the validity of many if not all the grannts


of land that have been made wthin this Towneship by reason that many grannts have been made by the Town in generall & many by comittees deputed by the Towne, whereas it is accounted by some that ye ffreemen are to make grannts of lands, therefore considering ye prmise & what distraction & confusion it would make if mens grannts of land should be made invalid upon the considerations above expressed, the ffreemen have determined & now doe determine & hereby declare that all grannts of land that have been made by this Towne or by such as have been deputed by the Towne at any tyme heretofore, are & shalbe accounted valid & of full force to secure mens proprietyes & possessions. And therefore the ffreemen of this Towne doe now further declare that they doe fully confirme & ratify all such grants of land wch have beene made as aforesaid: Provided & it is the intent of the ffreemen that this declaration & concession is not to confirme any grannt that may be found to interfere wth a former grannt, nor such grants as (by reason of remoteness & the bounds of this Towne not being settled) may be taken away by the General Court.

This act & deed of ye ffreemen in their confirmation of grannts of land as abovesaid is here entered by their order & appoyntment.

Aprill 24th 1673.

Rowland Thomas, Rice Bedortha & Thomas Miller beinge appoynted for pambulation of the bounds between Springfield & Westfield did wth diverse of Westfield men perform ye worke. [III - 81.]

January 31, 1672.

Att a meeting of the Selectmen they being all present:

There is grannted to the Neighbors on the West side of the great River about ffifty acres of land upon the most Southerly branch of the three mile brooke below Lieut. Coopers, they desiring to set up a saw mill there: This grant is on condition that they give up their interest in the former grannt of land at block bridge (wch was for the like designe) wch they acknowledged to doe upon this grant. And provided it be


not pr'judiciall to the highway nor to any mans ppriety by ponding up of water wthout reasonable satisfaction and provided it fall wthin the bounds of this Township when our bounds are stated & settled, & that they pay their reasonable share of the purchase of landsin those quarters: and it is to be understood that this grannt is only to such as shall carry on the work to effect that a saw mill there be built & sett on work wthin two yeere from the date above mentioned.

Att ye Generall Towne Meeting ffebruary 3d, 1673. Elizur Holyoke was chosen Moderator for this Town Meetinge.

Deacon Chapin & Nathaneell Ely were chosen a Comittee to examine the accounts of the Selectmen of the yeere now past.

Nathaneel Ely, Ensign Cooley, Benjamin Parsons, John Keepe & Elizur Holyoke are chosen for Selectmen for the yeere ensueing to Order the Prudentiall affaires of the Towne.

Elizur Holyoke is chosen Recorder for the yeere ensueinge.

Samuell Ely was chosen Constable for ye yeere ensueinge but he pleaded hard for freedom from the Office, William Warrener the form Constable upon Samuell Elyes promise to pay him 20 shillings was persuaded to serve in his roome (place) wch the Towne assented to: & the Oath was administered to him by ye Worpll Major Pynchon.

Samuell Marshfield & Serj. Stebbin are chosen Measurers of land for the yeere ensueing.

Nathaneel Ely is chosen Sealer for weights & measures of land for the yeere ensueing.

Nathaniel Pritchard, Thomas Day & John Barber, Sen'r. are chosen Surveyors of ye highwayes for the yeere ensueinge.

Att this meeting there were chosen hay wards for the comon fields, viz: Jonathan Taylor for ye field on the West side of the River.

Samuell Bliss Jun'r. for the Long Meddow.

John Clarke for the house lotts.

John Ladd, a tanner desiring to come to dwell in this


plantation & to sett up his trade is admitted an inhabitant if he see cause to come hither: And there was grannted him tenne acres of land on ye Garden brooke provided he come & settle & sett up his trade here: This grannt of land is to lye on Garden brook at the mouth of Squaw tree dingle. Also there is grannted him the liberty of the comons for getting bark for his trade excepting wthin two miles from ye Meeting house, the trees when barked to be free for any other, but for other tymber of fire wood he is to have the same priviledges as others.

At this Towne Meeting consideration was had concerning the Meeting house, specially concerning want of roome in the house for convenient seating of people (there beinge through the favor of God, soe great an increase in inhabitants in this Plantation) where upon the Town chose diverse persons to consider of the case what they should judge convenient to be done to help ye busyness & to make report to the Town what they should reckon expedient to be done: The persons chosen were:

Worpll Major Pynchon and the five Selectmen.


Lieut Cooper
Samuell Marshfield
Jno Dumbleton
Thomas Miller
Rowland Thomas
Henry Chapin
Quartermaster Coulton.

Many persons desiring further accommodations of land, a Town meeting is agreed on to ye 16th instant to consider thereof: for wch see p. 180. [III - 83.]

Aprill the 15th, 1674.

A New Meeting House.

There having been long dissatisfaction for want of roome in the Meeting house for our peoples convenience attending on the publike worship of God, there was a Town Meeting called in ye end of ffebruary last to consider of the matter, the Meeting ws to be on the lecture day after Lecture, and so when that Lecture was finished, the People were warned to attend the Town Meeting wthin one quarter of an hour, & soe almost all the people left ye house a little while then some comeing in agayne inconsiderable to the whole Plantation the matter was discussed, whether to sett upon ye worke to build a Meeting house wholly


new or only to make some addition to this old house, & some votes carryed agt building a house wholly new, but to make addition to this house & soe left it with the Selectmen upon this day being a Town Meetig Aprill 15th, 1674, did make report to the Town what addition they thought convenient & necessary to be made whose judgmt being rejected, & the case being discussed & the apprehension of workmen alleged that we shall worst ourselves in adding to this house: It came into question agayne whether it were not best for us all things considered, pleaded pro & con it was voted generally that wee should & would endeavor to sett up a new Meeting house: And this Meeting being warned a fortnight before and being very full, there were very few but who went wth the affirmative, viz: that there shalbe sett up wth ye helpe of God a new Meeting house at the charge of ye whole Plantation for the end aforesaid.

Nextly it came into question about ye place where the house shalbe sett: and it was voted that Serjant Stebbing should be treated wth that it might be sett up in his home lott on the hill by his pasture: 3ly it was voted & concluded that the house shalbe sett: and it was voted that the house shalbe fifty foot long & fourty foote & halfe above ground: 4ly it was voted & concluded that the house shalbe built soe high as that it may be accomodated for galleryes when the Towne shall see need: 5ly, it was further voted & concluded that this work shalbe left to a comittee of five p'sons who were nominated, chosen & voted for pticularly, viz:

Major Pynchon
Elizur Holyoke
Nathaneel Ely
Anthony Dorchest
Jonathan Burt

wch five p'sons by the generall vote of the Plantation are to have full power to aggree wth a workman or workmen for the building of such a new house and to act in all things necessary for the work according to their best understanding, till the house be completed & perfected for the peoples convenient attending on the worship of God: And lastly, it was voted & concluded that the Selectmen from tyme to tyme shall have full power to make & collect & accordingly shall


make & collect upon the Inhabitants of this Plantation such rates or assessments as the said Comittee shall judge necessary for the Work aforesaid till the whole worke be finished, & that such summes as are to be soe collected shalbe made distinct from other publike rates & delivered to the said Comittee for the end aforesaid: and these things were voted & concluded wth much alacrity wthout contention or opposition. [III - 84.]

May 13th, 1674.

This day being Lecture day, a Towne Meeting being the last Lecture day warned by the Selectmen to be held this afternoon to consider something further about the new Meeting House that is to be built, accordingly the Towne Meeting was now attended and the votes & conclusions tht were made at he Town Meetinge the 15th of Aprill (concerning a new meeting house to be built in this Towne) being reade over, it was now propounded by the Comittee chosen to carry on that work that there might be liberty allowed by the Towne that the work might lye till October next in respect of felling tymber for the work: liberty for that was voted and grannted. And at this meeting Samuell Marshfield ppounded to ye Town on behalfe of the Inhabitants of the West side of the River by reason of their great trouble in getting over the river to come to the Publique worship of God & for other publique meetings, that a boat might be made at the charge of ye whole town for their accommodation in such respects. And after some arguing about the matter it was voted that the question shalbe comitted to be decided & determined by three Indifferent men that are not of this Town, viz: whether there is or is not good reason that the whole Town should be charged wth making a boate for ye end & use aforesaid, whose determination is to stand for for the Towne to be guided by: And it is further voted that Lieut Cowper shalbe added to the Comittee chosen the 15th day of Aprill last, who are to order matters for building a new Meeting House in this Town. And that any foure of them shalbe accounted the Comittee for ordering any matter concerning the Said building. And it was further voted


upon the desire of the Inhabitants on the West Side of the River that what they shall pay towards a new meeting house that is to be built shalbe entered in some Publike record of this Towne.

At this Towne Meeting these following orders framed by the Selectmen and read to the Towne were by the Town concluded to stand as Towne Orders:

Whereas it is found by experience that the viewers of the fences of the comon fields were often at a loss & goe at great uncertayntyes in their work by the want of some rule to guide them that they may know who are owners of the several p'cells of fences in such general fences.

It is Ordered that every Proprietor of land in any of the comon fields of this Towne shall before the 10th day of June next sett up a stake at the partition of each p'cell of his fence or fences that belong to any such fields, viz: between himselfe & his neighbor & that each proprietor mark such stake or stakes wth the first letters of their names: and such Proprietor of any such fences as shall faile of performance of this Order shall pay as a penalty twelve pence per defect for each defect half thereof to the Towne & the other halfe to the viewer of the fences of such fields. [III - 85.] And for the future it is further ordered that every proprietor of land in any of our common fields shall take care & see that such stakes soe marked as above said be made or renewed & kept up yearely in the Spring before the first of Aprill: and if any such proprietor shall faile of pformance hereof he shall incurr the like penalty as abovesaid wch is also to be paid as abovesaid: and the Townes half of such penaltyes shalbe added to such persons names on some towne rate to be paid wth the rate.

Whereas there are many grannts of land made in this Towne wch are not measured & recorded notwthstandinge former orders wch have been made to compell persons thereunto whereby the Selectmen are at some uncertaynty what lands are taken up & soe know not well how to lay assessment upon such lands & whereby also occasions of contention be-


tweene Grantees are apt to arise - it is ordered, voted & concluded yt whosoever shal not wthin six months from this tyme gett such his grant or grannts of lands measured & recorded he shall pay as a penalty foure pence per acre to the Town to be added to the next Towne rate for soe many acres as are not found to be recorded wthin the tyme above limitted in this Order; except the Measurer who is requested to measure any such grannt shall not wthin one month after such request is made, attend his worke & performe it wch monthis to expire before the end of the said six months fromthe tyme of ye grannt upon ye like penalty except the defect lye in the Measurer. [III - 86.]

Att the Generall Town Meeting ffebruary ye 2nd 1674. The Worppll Major Pynchon is chosen Moderator for this Meeting & all other Town Meetings this yeere.

Lieut. Cooper & Samuell Marshfield are chosen a Comittee to examine the last yeeres Selectmens accounts as are also the accounts of the Selectmen in the yeeres 1672 and 1673 & to balance all accounts to this time.

Quartermaster Coulton, Samuell Marshfield, John Dumbleton, Henry Chapin & Jeremy Horton are chosen Selectmen for ye yeere ensueing to order the Prudentiall affaires of the Town.

Elizur Holyoke is chosen Clarke or Recorder for the yeere ensueing.

Thomas Miller is chose Constable for ye yeere ensueing, & sworne.

Samuel Marshfield & Serj. Stebbin are chosen Measurers of land for ye yeare ensueing.

James Warrener & Rice Bedortha & Obadiah Cooley are chosen surveyors of the highwayes for the yeere ensueinge.

At this Meeting there were hay wards chosen for the comon fields, viz: John Barber, Sen'r., for the fields on ye West side ye River opposite to ye Towne: and John Dorchester specially for that pt of ye field over Agawam River.

Edmund Prinridas for West Chickuppe field. Thomas


Mirick for ye house lotts on this east side of ye river who is also to drive to ye pound any cattell yt he shall fynd in ye meddowes by the street where he has notice thereof: and Isaak Coulton is chosen hay ward for Long Meddow.

Whereas the County Court hat altered the County road, viz: to relinquish the road as it lay by Sconunganuck & now to lye through ye Towne by the upper causeway & soe up by Henry Chapins & over the Island in Chickuppe River & through the great playn wch is by Connecticut River: This Town by reason of such alteration of the roade for the conveniency of the Townes above, specially of Hadley considering that their gret use of that Roade (coming down often wth many carts & frequently in wet weather) doth greatly damnify the wayes especially the said causeway (as we find by experience) wch causeway hat been very chargeable being made & maynteyned by a few persons of Springfield & for yt the roade if soe determined will pass through some mens proprietyes etc., have chosen & ordered Quartermaster Coulton & Samuell Marshfield to make knowne to the Court at Northampton in March next the Townes complaynt that the Court may oder us relief in the case. [III - 87.]

The Towne ordereth that the tongue of land wch lyes between Long meddow brook & the wett meddow behind the long meddow by & below Nath Burts meddow, viz: all that is now free there & undisposed of shall ly comon & free for passage into the woods & for feed forever.

It is Ordered & voted by the Towne by reason that the highway wch hitherto hath lyen by the great riverside on the west side of the River is by floods in the river & by land floods much damnnified & spoyled & made unpassable & likely to be worse yeerely, that therefore consideratiojn thereof shalbe had by a speciall comittee of seaven men what they shall judge covenient & necessary to be done in the case: The Comittee chosen by the Town are:

Lieut. Cooper
Quartermaster Coulton
Ensign Cooley
Rowland Thomas
Nathaneell Ely
Thomas Miller
Sergant Stebbin.

who have full power to determine the case & to order where they way shall lye.


In reference to the new meeting house that is to be built in this Town, it is thought more accomodable that the said house should be sett on the hill in Serjant Stebbins lott: and he showing his willingness thereto provided he may have that ffoure acres of land of the Townes, meddow & upland wch lyes on the North side of ye round hill, the Town hath grantted him that foure acres of land on such tearmes as he & the Comittee yt are chosen to order the affaires of the said house shall agree for the end of aforesaid.

Att this Generall Meeting of the Town severall persons had grants of land made unto them, for wch see page 184. [III - 88.]

At ye Generall Town Meeting ffebruary 1st 1675: the Worppl Major Pynchon is chosen Moderator for this Meeting & for all other Towne Meetings in this Towne this yeere:

Jonathan Burt & Serg. Bancroft are chosen a comittee to examine the accounts of the Selectmen of the yeere now past.

Ensigne Cooley, Jonthatn Burt, John Keepe, John Hitchcock & Capt. Elizur Holyoke (The Town Recorder, Elizur Holyoke died February 6th, before completing the Record, his work ending with the name of Jonathan Burt. The remainder of the Record of the meeting is in the hand of John Pynchon.) are chosen Selectmen for ordering all Prudentiall affaires of ye Towne for ye yeare ensueing to act according to instructions & directions for ye Selectmen as in page 5th of this Booke.

In the handwriting of John Pynchon.

Samuell Marshfield & Serj. Stebbings are chosen Measurers for Land: yt is to be laid out or Measured.

Japhet Chapin is chosen Constable of Springfield for the yeare ensueing.

At a legall Towne Meeting August 24th, 1676:

It is ordered & agreed by a cleare vote that a House be built either for Mr. Glover or ye ministry, the house to be 44 foote long, 20 ft wide, 14 ft stud, girth, wch a porch before it convenient for a study. The house in all respects to be caryed on,


The house in all respects to be caryed on, by a comittee as speedyly as may: At ye Towne charge: The Comittee to be George Colton, Rowland Thomas, Henry Chapin, & Jo Dorchester.

Ordered that Ensigne Cooly & Samuell Marhsfield be added to ye Comittee for ye meeting house affaires some of ym being dead: These are a supply & wth ye rest remaining, to trat wth John Allys, and (in regard of ye Townes poverty by reason of ye warr) if he will stay for his pay then to get him to raise ye Meeting house as soone as my be. [III - 89.]

January 3d, 1676. At a Towne Meeting called by ye Selectmen, among other things to consider further about building ye house for ye minister etc: It being a Legall & full meeting.

Whereas at ye Towne Meeting August 24th, 1676, the Towne then passed a vote, for building a house for Mr. Glover, or for ye Ministry, wch having bin neglected hitherto, the Towne now taking ye same into further consideraton, doe by a unanimous vote declare their minds to be, that ye howse to be built, it shall be for ye ministry, & shall from time to time, be continued for ye use of ye ministry, & not stated upon any p'ticular p'son, otherwise then as He shall continue Minister & Preacher of ye word of God & dispencer of ye holy things thereof, to ye People of this church & Towne of Springfield.

It is further unanimously agreed & voted that ye Howse aforementioned to be built for ye Ministry shall be forth wth gon in hand wth & built & fynished as soone as may be, according to ye dimensions concluded on, at ye last Towne Meeting in August, and by that committee then appointed: (except yt Rowland Thomas upon his earnest desire is hereby dis-charged & Ensigne Benjamin Cooly is chosen in his roome (place) & ye Towne does now add one more to be of ye sd comittee, viz: Joseph Leonard to make them five in all, any three of ye sd comittee having power hereby granted ym to act in all respects for completing of ye aforesd howse & ye Selectmen are to take care from time to time for ye making & collecting of such rates on ye inhabitants as ye above mentioned


comittee shall need for ye carying on of the worke & building aforesd to effect.

At ye same Meeting: It is declared by vote that ye Comittee for ye Meeting Howse are to take care of & carry on ye whole worke, even ye inside worke, & making of ye seates, untill all be fynished, ye sd comittee now in being or any three of ym being to order & manage ye whole compleating of the Meeting Howse, wthin as well as wthout: according to their best discretion, for ye advantage & good of ye Towne.

Mr. John Holyoke is nominated for Clerke of ye Writts To be ppounded to ye County Court for allowance to yt office.

Voted that ye comittee of Militia of this Towne, doe joine wth ye Selectmen in pfecting & setling ye accounts about disbursmts for ye Garrison soldiers diet etc and regulating those paymts & all matters in disposing of ye Country Rates allowed to paymts of or charge & they are also wth ye Selectmen to rgulate ye charge about garrisoning of ye Mill last summer, the best they can according as it was then voted.

Granted to James Steevenson thirty acres of upland & swamp over ye great river about ye reere of Eliakim Coolys land southwest from it, provided he settle & continue in this towne at least full five yeares & make impvement of ye land. [III - 90.]

In the handwriting of John Holyoke.

At the Genll Town Meeting ffebruary 6th, 1676. The Worshipful Major Pynchon is chosen Moderator for this meeting & all other Town meetings the yeer ensueing.

Quartermaster Colton, Jno Dumbleton, Benjamin Parsons, Henry Chapin, Jno Dorchester are chosen Selectmen for ordering all ye prudential affaires of the Town for ye yeer ensuing, to act according to Instructions & directions for ye Selectmen as in page 5th of this Booke.

John Holyoke is chosen Clerke or Recorder for ye Towne for ye yeer ensueing.

Samuel Marshfield is Chosen Measurer for land yt is to be laid out or measured.


Reice Bedortha is chosen Constable for ye yeer ensuing & sworn.

Nathaneel Pritchard & Joseph Ashley are chosen Surveighors of ye high wayes, for ye yeere Ensueing & Jno Petty for ye highwayes on ye West side of ye River.

At this meeting yr were hay wards chosen for ye comon fields, viz: Goodman Clark for ye homelots on ye east side ye River and for ye long meddow Ephraim Colton & for ye West side of ye River, Henry Rogers, & James Stevenson especially for Agawam & for Chickuppe plaine Samuel Bedortha.

It is ordered that Ephraim Coltons yard or any other sufficient yard be pound for long meddowe & over ye River in defects of a pount, anny sufficient yard is to serve for a pound.

It is ordered yt ye Selectmen shal rectify ye street fence by taking care for ye preventing of encroachments & for ye making it straight as yt it may be most accomodable for ye defence of the Towne.

Upon serious considerations for ye Inhabitants living more compact, Major Pynchon and Quartermaster Colton, Sergt Morgan & Jno Hitchcock are appointed a comittee to treast about, contrive and order ye laying out an highway through ye homelots for ye more convenient building & safe dwellings, provided they gain ye consent of ye proprietors of ye same lots.

Whereas ye comittee of ye new meeting house impowered by ye Town for ye disposing four acres of land on ye North side of ye round hill, to Thomas Stebbin, Senior & to Thomas Stebbin Junior for land to set ye New meeting house on, they do now report to ye town that the said Stebbin Senior & Stebbin Junior having clearly and absolutely granted five rods square to set ye New meeting house on, & having added a rod more in breadth to the way that leads up to ye new house now ye sd comittee do report that they have granted ye sd four acres to ye sd Stebbin Senior & Stebbin Junior, & by the town to them, and it is provided that in fencing this ground that Thomas Stebbin is to fence no more fence then


he fenced formerly, the town being to do ye rest of ye fence about ye New Meeting House. And it being further considered about ye townes land where ye old meeting house yet stands, how easily by exchange with Thomas Stebbin, it may ly altogether up to ye New meeting house land aforesaid, to ye accomodating & conveniency of ye Town & Thomas Stebbin also: which being propounded to ye said Stebbin he ye said Stebbin agreed to grant & give up his land between ye old meeting house & ye New meeting house unto ye town. The town also agreed to give up to Thomas Stebbin ye land, which lies next him, two rod in bredth where it fronts on ye street easterly. The Town reserving to themselves four [III - 91.] rod broad at ye front or highway or street, eastward & from thence to run back westward through ye said Stebbin his land up to ye new Meeting house land aforesaid a little aslant northward into the sd Stebbin his land, so as to range strait with ye outside or north side of ye second stud beyond or to ye northward of ye east door of ye new meeting house, where by this four rod broad of ye townes land, where it fronts on ye street eastward will & is to gain a little more in breadth by its running up to ye New meeting house a little aslant into Thomas Stebbins his land as aforesaid, so yt the breadth of it toward ye westward end next ye new meeting house wil be full four rod & an half there & something better.

This aforesdthat is to say, that part of the land afore mentioned and which was Thomas Stebbin his land he doth now give up & grant & confirm it to ye town; and yt part of it ye land aforesaid, viz: two rods broad at ye easterly end onely as aforesaid, which was the Townes land they doe grant & confirme to ye said Thomas Stebbin, & moreover in full satisfaction to ye sd Stebbin they do give & grant to him out of ye Town land in ye training field one rod & half of ground next to ye said Stebbin his lot in ye reere of it all yet breadth of his lot, at ye westerly end, which wth allowance aforesaid next ye street is accepted by ye said Stebbin as satisfaction for ye said land which he hath hereby given up to ye Town.


At this general meeting of ye Town several persons had grants of land made to them, for which see page 185.

May ye 2d: 1677.

Town's Expenses at Ye Falls Fight.

At a Town Meeting - it was as this meeting determined by a clear & full vote, to send a man from among ourselves to Boston to ye General Court to move in to get a settlement of our accounts. It was likewise voted that ye man should be our Deputy for the General Court, as also that the account with reference to our expences at ye falls fight be brought into & taken care of by Japhet Chapin and John Hitchcock who are to take care so to get it in, soe as that the Deputy may carry it with him to ye General Court.

Further ye admittance & entertainment of William Maddison as a Schoolmaster was voted, he being to take three pence for those he teaches only to read English & four pence per week for those he teaches both to read & write as also four pence per week for those teaches only to write & the parents or persons are to allow [III - 92.] noe more; but the Towne for this yeere as an encouragement to him in this worke do agree & promise to allow him ye rent of the Towne land in Chickuppi.

It is also granted to Mr. Daniel Denton to have 40 acres of land over Agawam River, below Lieut Cooper, his meddow neer Southfield bounds, provided he continue five yeers in the Town.

Salmon & shad fishing from the falls in Chickuppi River.

Further also Goodman Lamb, Serjeant Morgan, Joseph Crowfoot, John Clarke, Sen'r., Charles Ferry, with such others as they shal take in with them have ye liberty of fishing for this yeere from ye falls in Chickuppi River where the wadeing place is, down to ye mouth of that river, provided they enter not upon any mans lands or proprietys there, provided also they supply such neighbors as shal desire to have fish of them: & their salmon they may not sell for more then sixpence apeice there or at ye town more then eight pence and shad fish they may not sel for more then halfe pence apeice there or more then a penny at the Town, & in case they barrel up for market, they are to allow to the Town twelve pence per barrel for all that shal be transported.


At a legal Town meeting: June 18, 1677.

Whereas there hath been serious considerations & essays of accomodating our Reverend teacher, Mr. Glover, in reference to his contentful abiding & ministry amongst us, & accordingly there hath been care taken to build an house for ye ministry, but in as much as there hat been some dissatisfactions with respect to ye place where ye house should be set, the Town, desiring ye worke may be speedily carryed on to effect, do therfore now con-clude & vote that ye Selectmen & ye Committee for ye House shal have ful power to order ye whole affaire of setting up ye House & shal rest satisfyed wth their conclusion of ye premises, provided they doe not set up ye house any where but on land or homelot that Mr. Glover possesses, wthout their new application to ye Towne.

July 13th, 1677: At a Legal Town meeting:

For as much as our Reverend Teacher, Mr. Glover, hath manifested himself dissatisfied wth ye former vote of ye Town setling yr house they are about, for ye ministry, & not providing an house & for himself; we therefore out of our special respect to ye ordinances of our Lord Jesus, greatly desiring that the same may be carried on amongst us according to Gospel order, haveing also a special care for ye accomodating of Mr. Glover, for his contentful continueing wth us in this great worke (we aiming at a final contentment) we do therefore vote & conclude to give our Reverend Teacher Mr. Glover this house, that ye whole carpenters worke, according as it is indented with them to finish it, we say for our parts we give this house upon the like termes as ye former house & lands were given. (see p. 45) This thus concluded & voted, onely such & such dissenting do declare for ye former vote, that ye house be for ye ministry, disallowing of any alteration of ye former vote. These names are [III - 93.] as followes:

George Colton
Benjamin Cooley
Samuell Marshfield
Thomas Stebbin, Sen'r.
Henry Chapin
Rowland Thomas
Nathaneel Pritchard
John Clarke
Samuel Terry
Victory Sikes
John Dorchester
James Dorchester
Isaac Colton
Ephraim Colton
Obadiah Cooley
Samuel Blisse, Sen'r.
Joseph Stebbin
Luke Hitchcock
John Bagg
Samuel Ball
Samuel Blisse, Jun.
Nathaneel Blisse.


It is further voted that ye formentioned house be set on Mr. Glovers lot. It is further voted that the Selectmen for ye last yeer shal take care for getting in what is yet behind of Mr. Glovers rates.

August 21th: 1677.

At a Town meeting warned by ye Constable: Goodman Marshfield is chosen Comissioner to joyn wth ye Selectmen in making ye Country Rate.

John Harmon is Chosen Constable: and tooke his oath accordingly.

At a Town meeting, August 27, 1677, called to consider & conclude something about ye House for ye ministry, & concerning Mr. Glover our Reverend Teacher his accomodation: warning for this Town meeting, haveing been given at former Town meeting last week; & this being a General & full Town meeting, it was concluded & fully agreed as followeth:

Whereas this Town had bought land & a house of Mr. George Moxon for ye ministry, & so stated & settled it the; which yet out of ye good affection to Mr. Glover our present Teacher, & for his contentful abode with us in dispensing ye word of God to us, they have since given to him ye said Mr. Glover, he continuing in this Town preaching the word of God to us as long as he lives:

Now forasmuch as it appeares, that ye Town could not give away that said houseing & land fro ye ministry, all of it being stated & settled to yt use & appropriated to ye Church for ever, that is to say to ye maintainance of such as should preach & teach ye word of God to this Town & Church of Springfield from tyme to tyme for ever, & so not capable of being any particular persons propriety, longer then he should be a preacher of the word of God here.

Housing for Rev. Glover burnt down & wholy consumed.

This Town now taking notice thereof, & being desirous yet not wthstanding that our Reverend Teacher Mr. Glover be not provided for, doe for his better accomodation & Encouragment (although the houseing be all burnt down & wholy consumed) vote & conclude (as ye building on the [III - 94.]


land, soe that Mr. Glover shal have & enjoy ye said house now built & building wth all the land belonging to it, as long as he shal continue in Springfield preaching ye word of God to us: It being after his decease or discontinuance to Preach the word of God to us in this place then to go to or to be improved for such as shal succeed in the ministry: and moreover (the land being now reassumed to its first & primitive use & not accounted or reckoned Mr. Glover's propriety otherwise then for use while he Continues our Minister) in way of satisfaction & full compensation to Mr. Glover our Teacher was agreed & concluded to give Mr. Glover our Teacher one hundred pounds. In case he do spend his dayes in the ministry of ye word of God to us in Springfield, and not remove away from this place; this one hundred pounds being over & above his yeerly stipend, which stipend as it was at first stated 80 pounds per annum, so we shal allow it him still, notwithstanding our great Ruines & low estate, & charges in buildings, and hereafter, as God shal blesse us, we shal endeavor to increase it to Mr. Glover our Teacher. The one hundred pounds which we have now voted to give Mr. Glover seeing ye land goes from him, we are ready to give security to him for ye paying it to his posterity, in case he shal fulfil his ministry in this place.

It is voted & agreed upon by ye Inhabitants of this Town, for ye prevention of all trouble to ye Minister of the Town & all complaints from him in getting in his Rates, that the Deacon or Deacons shall call for & requisite ye paying of ye Ministers rates & in case of mens neglect, & his or their complaintes to ye Selectmen, it is ordered that the Selectmen themselves shal take care that ye Ministers whole stipend be brought in unto him, according to each mans proportions, & in case of ye neglects to require & recover it of ye particular delinquents herein, that they shal pay it to the Minister themselves.

Also it is voted & agreed that the present Selectmen shal see to ye paying in of this last yeeres rates & so that the Selectmen of ye next yeere shal see to ye paying in of ye next


rates which will be made by ye present Selectmen & so in a constant course from yeer to yeer.

It is further voted yt ye present Selectmen do take care to get in all the arreares of all Mr. Glovers rates.

Jonathan Ashley haveing moved to ye Town to change his part of boggy meddow for ye boggy meddow of ye Towns (wch is six acres) ye Inhabitants commit this affair to ye discretion of ye Selectmen.

April, 1678.

Rowland Thomas, Joseph Bedurtha & Jno Dorchester being appointed for perambulation of the bounds between Springfield & Southfield & between Springfield & Westfield did wth divers men of both Townes go out for the attendance of that worke. [III - 95.]

At the General Town Meeting, ffebruary 5th, 1677. The Worshipful Major Pynchon was chosen moderator for this meeting & for all other the town meetings of this yeer in this Town.

Samuel Marshfield & Jno Holyoke are chosen comittee to examine the accounts of the precedent Selectmen & to blance all accounts.

Samuel Marshfield & Japhet Chapin, John Hitchcocke, Nathaneel Burt, & John Holyoke are chosen Selectmen in ye 5th page of this booke.

John Holyoke is chosen Recorder for the Town for the yeere ensuing.

Joseph Leonard is chosen Constable for the yeer ensuing & Sworn.

Samuel Marshfield is chosen Measurer for ye Town for ye following yeer.

James Warrener & Luke Hitchcocke are chosen surveyors of the highwayes for the East side of the River for this yeer.

Hay wards for the comon fields at this meeting chosen were, viz: Jno Barber, Jun., for the fields on the West side of the River opposite to the Town, as also for Agawam & Samuell Ball & Jno Clarke, Sen'r., for the homelots on the Townside,


& Ephraim Colton is chosen by the Selectmen hay ward for Long Meddow.

Voted & concluded at this meeting that something should be done for the fortification of the new Meeting House: voted also concluded that there should be a Comittee chosen to pro-portion out mens parts.

Stuff = logs.

Here followes the Names of such as do promise worke or pay for ye fortifying the new Meeting House. The Wppful Major Pynchon 5 rod of stuff to place Japhet Chapin one rod of stuffe to place, Jno Hitchcock one rod of stuffe to place: Jno Holyoke 1 rod.

Jno Dorchester 1 rod of stuff.
James Dorchester 1 rod of stuff.
James Warrener & David Lumbard 1 rod compleat.
Jonathan Burt 1 rod of stuff.
Benjamin Parsons 1 rod of stuffe.
Thomas Mirick 1 rod of stuffe.
Increase Sikes & Victory Sikes 1 rod of stuffe to place.
Nath Pritchard & Jno Harmon 1 rod stuffe to place.
Thomas Day & Thomas Cooper 1 rod of stuffe
Jno Lamb & David Morgan 1 rod of stuffe.

[III - 96.]

Joseph Stebbin & Samuell Ball 1 rod of stuffe to place. All wch stuffe is to be logs: ten foot & 1/2 in length: & between 10 & 12 inches in breadth

Shillings pence
Quartermaster Colton 10 00
Jno Dumbleton 04 00
Reice Bedortha 04 00
Jno Barber, Sen'r. 02 06
Jno Petty 04s in Indian Corn.

Joseph Leonard 02s 6d.

Jno Riley 1/2 bushel of Indian corn.

Henry Chapin: 1 day carting.

Luke Hitchcocke: 1 day carting

Samuel Marshfield: 4 dayes workes

Philip Mattoon: 1 day worke.


Serj. Morgan: 2 dayes workes.
Benjamin Knowlton: 1 day worke
Richard Waite: 1 day worke.

April 10th 1678.

At a meeting of the Inhabitants where in they were desired to stay after Lecture.

It was voted & concluded to give Mr. Daniel Denton twenty pounds salary for his encouragement in the worke of a Schoolmaster for the present yeere or in case it should so fall out yt Mr. Denton attend not tht worke the winter season, then the vote of the inhabitants ws to give him twelve poundes, & to allow him time to plant & dress two acres of Indian Corn, in case he cannot provide it to be done for him for his money. In this worke ye parents & masters of such as send ye children or servants, being to allow to ye towne according to ye manner of their allowance to the Schoolmaster the yeer past.

July 17, 1678.

At a Town meeting it being a ful meeting. It was propounded yr being some scruple made concerning the Selectmens Acts, because the major part of them are not freemen according to order, whether the Town would not rectify ye same. And while it was under consideration Nathaneel Burt did desire a discharge or releasment from being accounted as a Selectman. It being then also declared that his brother, Jonathan Burt (a freeman) in the first voting when the votes were told had the same number of votes that Nathaneel Burt had, though after at a 2d vote Nath Burt had a casting vote, yet now considering he is willing & desirous to be released the town do grant it him & by a clear & ful vote do make choice of & appoint Jonathan Burt to be the Selectman in his roome (place) who was formerly voted for as is afore expressed, that so the acts of the Selectmen, the major part of them being freemen according to our law, may wthout any scruple be accounted valid: Hereby also the Town doth allow of & confirme the past acts of those Selectmen which they acted for the town. [III - 97.]


August 14th, 1678.

At a town meeting, wherein the Inhabitants were desired to stay after lecture.

At this meeting, Benjamin Parsons was chosen a Comissioner to joyne wth ye Selectmen in taking a List of all male persons ratable wth ye estimation of all Estates, & to make a returne hereof to other commissioners of other Towns chosen for ye like worke.

October 9th 1678.

At a Town meeting being warned by the Selectmen.

At this Meeting it was voted & agreed that the watch house to ye New meeting house should be or serve instead of a schoole house, until such time as the Town shal see cause to order otherwise.

It was further voted & concluded that Japhet Chapin, Jno. Hitchcocke & Nathll Foot wth other of ye inhabitants of this Town, as they shal see cause to asociate wth ym shal have liberty granted them to make use of ye Towns timber for ye building of a saw mill at Schonungonuck Falls, as also to improve ye saw mill when builded, provided, they come not on ye Town side of a straight line drawn from the head of Hog pen dingle to Dirty Gutter & that they transport not yt worke wthout the Towns license, & yt they sell not their boards above 4 shillings per Cewt & yt slit worke not above a price answerable to boards 4s p Cwt.

January 6, 1678.

At a Town meeting being a legal Town meeting:

It was voted & concluded, at this meeting, that the former ordr (in page 78) for the raysing of a Leavie or rate for the collecting of the purchase moneys expended for the purchased lands of this Town shal be truly & fully attended.

It was further voted & agreed that all proprietyes that have not payed purchase moneyes shall now in their respective Tracts, or for the respective grants be accounted as ratable proprietys or Proprietors for the payments of these purchase moneys, as also that Quartermaster Colton & Rowland shal be added as a comittee to join wth the Selectmen to act according to the precedent order, viz: to determine & make a rate for the sd purchase moneys.


It was further voted & concluded that all grants or proprietys, that shal hereafter be granted to any persons wth in any of these tracts shalbe lyable to pay moneys as purchase moneys for their grants, according as the prsent proprietors pay for their proprietys, which moneys shalbe for the Townes use in defraying Towne charges.

It was again voted & concluded that al such persons as have any proprietys wth in and of these Tracts purchased, shal bring in an account thereof to such persons as the Town have deputed to determine & make a rate on these purchased lands to get in the purchase moneys by the 15th of this instant, or shal pay 4d per acre for such next neglects or loose these lands. [III - 98.]

It was further voted & consented to that ye Lands on the East side of the great River upon which part of these purchase money is to be raised, shal run from the reer of the wood lots six miles square. As also that ye Lands on the west side of ye great River, below Agawam on wch other part of the purchase moneys is to be raised, shal run westward or into ye woods four miles, & southward or downward two miles.

At the General Town Meeting: February 4th, 1678:

The Worshipful Major John Pynchon is chosen Moderator for this Meeting & for all other the Town meetings following.

Quartermaster Colton & Henry Chapin are Chosen a Comittee to examine the Accounts of ye Selectmen of the yeer past & to bring to balance all accounts.

John Holyoke, Quartermaster Colton, Benjamin Parson, Jno Dumbleton, Henry Chapin are chosen Selectmen for the yeer ensuing to order the Prudentiall affaires of this Town and to act according to Instructions given page 5th of this booke.

John Holyoke is Chosen Recorder for the Town for ye following yeer.

Samuell Marshfield is chosen measurer for Lands that are to be measured.

Joseph Bedortha is chosen Constable for the Town for this yeer, & took the oath for the faithful performance of his office.


Samuel Terry, Edward Foster & James Dorchester are chosen surveighors of the highways of this Town on their respective sides for this yeer.

Also hay wards for the comon fields were chosen, viz: John Clark for the Town plat: for all the fields over the River, James Taylor & Samuell Jones, & for Long Meddow, Samuell Stebbin.

At this meeting it was voted to make some addition to our Reverend Teacher, Mr. Glover, his stipend of eighty pounds for the yeere following, unles some extraordinary providence do make us uncapable or unable so to doe. And it was voted and agreed that this addition should be twenty pounds. It was also voted & agreed that Mr. Glover's house or the house that Mr. Glover or Reverend teacher is in should be fortifyed as the [III - 99.] new meeting house is fortifyd & that the worke should be paid for by a rate, & that Jonathan Burt, Sen'r., Miles Morgan & Thomas Stebbin, Jun., should be overseers for this worke.

It was also voted & agreed to allow Lieut. Stebbin 20 shillings for his giveing entertain-ment to Mr. Glover for that tyme wherein he so entertained him.

It was further voted & concluded that Mr. Daniel Denton shal have the profits of the Towns Land at Chickuppi & ten pounds per annum, besides the allowance that the Schoolmaster according to Town order or agreement is to have of all such as send their children or servants. It was further voted & concluded that there should be two meet persons appointed to oversee that such persons as burn for tar, or buy any tar, transport no tar that is not merchantable & if they shall at any tyme find that any tar that is for transportation to be not merchantable by reason of filth, durt, water or any otherwayes, the owners of all such tar shal forfeit five shillings per barrel, whereof halfe shalbe to ye Informer & halfe to ye Town: and Henry Chapin & Luke Hitchcocke are appointed to see to the performance of this order.

It is henceforth ordered that no persons shal have any grants of Lands given to them on the Same day they first move for the same; but that as they would have their grants


valid, they shal at one Town meeting propound their desires for such lands as the Town hath to give, that the Town may consider thereof & at any after town meeting such grants as they shal have made ym shalbe accounted regular & valid:

At this Town meeting several persons had grants of lands given to them for wch see p. 186.

At a Town meeting, being a legal meeting: May 7th, 1679: It was voted & concluded:

1st. That there should be an house erected for that noble designe & use of Learning the youth in those so necessary for that noble designe & use of Learning the youth in those so necessary peices or parts of Learning videl: reading & writing.

2ly. That this house should be twenty & two foot in length & eighteen foot in breadth.

3ly. That the Selectmen should be appointed or be trusted to agree wth any meet person or persons to frame this said building, & when ye Town shal have deliberated & determined where to sit it, viz: ye schoolhouse ye same appointed persons are likewise to finish it or fit it for school use.

It was further voted, that an old question, viz: whether or no the making of a boat for the convenience of the inhabitants on the West side of the River over to the publike worship of God & to other publike meetings is not rationally chargable to the whole town, should be referred to Lieut. William Clarke of Northampton & Mr. Peter Tilton & Philip Smith of Hadley to be decided by them & that Quartermaster George Colton & Samuell Marshfield should propound this question to them. [III - 100.]

At a Town meeting August 4th, 1679.

At this meeting it was voted & concluded that the school house shal be set somewhere in the lane going to the upper wharfe, the Selectmen to agree about & determine the particular place.

Samuel Marshfield is chosen a Comissioner to joyne wth the Selectmen for the taking a list of all male persons ratable, wth an estimation of all Estates & to convey the same to the shire meeting, to communicate therewth wth the other comissioners of other Townes appointed to the like worke.

Samuel Terry is chosen Constable for the yeer ensuing & jurat:


Wheras the Towne did formerly in their troublesoe times breake their Towne stock of powder & part therewith to various persons, as by account from the Selectmen & officers appointed for that worke appeares it is therefore now voted & concluded that Lieut. Stebbin shal have full power to call for this powder of the several particular persons, who had of the Townes stock, who according to this vote are to pay either the same quantities back againe to the Towne or else half a crowne for each pound of powder. And it is likewise voted that they shal pay this money or pay in either wheat, or else in Indian corne at two shillings per bushel. And in case any person refuse or neglect to pay their dues as to the promises to the Towne, then the said Lieut. Stebbins shal have full power to distreine for ye same.

Whereas there are divers persons of the Township, that have already land granted them at or about Freshwater Brooke, who hold their grants, & have payed rates for the same, tho some have deserted & relinquished their grants, yet for as much as many others have not given up, but hold their Rights there in continuing to defray all Charges, to this Town, that hath a right to that land: And many others also are desious of & moving for grants of land there; this Towne being willing to accomodate them in such a way as that the place may become a Township of itself in time, do in order thereunto order & appoint the Worshipful Major Pynchon, Samuel Marshfield, Lieut. Stebbin, Benjamin Parsons, Jonathan Burt or any three of them a Comittee wth full power to admit inhabitants, to grant free & undisposed lands there, to such as are capacitated to go thither & dwell & improve the same, & this said Comittee wth ful power to admit inhabitants, to grant free & undisposed lands there, to such as are capacitated to go thither & dwell & improve the same, & this said Comittee are fully impowered to order and act all matters to all intents & purposes for the settling it a Towne of itselfe, wch this Town doth hereby intend, come sixteen families there settled in an orderly way, & taking care for the getting & maintaining of an able & orthodox minister among them, & until they are to pay rates for the Land onely as it is now wthout consideration of improvement of it &


all along in this whole tract it is intended that this [III - 101.] Comittee doe chiefely, principally, firstly suite or accomodate the Inhabitants of this Town, before any such as shal come from any other Townes.

At a General Town Meeting: February 3d 1679:

The Worshipful Major Pynchon is chosen Moderator for this meeting & all the meetings of the present yeer.

Samuel Marshfield & Samuel Ely are chosen Comittee to examine the debts & credites of the Town prsented by the Selectmen for the yeer past.

Ensigne Benjamin Cooley, Samuel Marshfield, Deacon Jonathan Burt, Japhet Chapin & Jno Hitchcocke are chosen Selectmen for the following yeer, to order the prudentiall affaires of this Towne, etc.

Samuell Marshfield is chosen Measurer for the lands that are to be measured.

Isaac Coulton is chosen Constable for the ensuing year & sworne.

Obadiah Cooley, & Joseph Stebbin are chosen surveighors for the Country highway of this Towne for the year ensuing.

Hay wards also were chosen: for the homelots, Thomas Mirricke & his yard is allowed to be a pound for the Lower end of the Towne; for the field over the River, James Warrener & Samuel Taylor: & for the Long medow, Eliakim Cooley.

Further it was voted & concluded that the company that is set out, for the ordering of the highwayes up the great Hill over the mill River, to wit, those from Jno Nortons downward shal have liberty to meet together to chuse a Surveior for the ordering of the highwayes toward the New bridge over the Mill River, & about the saw mill.

Thomas Mirricke, Samuel Ball, Thomas Stebbin, Jun., Victory Sikes, Joseph Stebbin have made a motion at this meeting, that the Town would give ym liberty to set up a saw mill, (see forward page 187.)

At this meeting It was earnestly comended & given in careful charge to the Selectmen that they take an effectual


course that the highwayes, comons (& other places as may be judged meet) be cleared of all manner of rubbish, brush, underwoods, according as the Law directs to fit for & encourage in that good designe of keeping of sheep.

Further for the advancing of the comon good of the Town it is ordered that each householder shal himselfe keep three sheep or else [III - 102.] procure ym to the Towne, by ye end of the next May & in case of neglect herein, that each such householder shalbe liable to pay towards ye maintainance of a sheepherd as if he had three sheep.

Whereas the New highway on the west side of the great River is laid out two rods broader then the highway the Town have by an ancient order reserved for themselves there: And our neighbors there desire satisfaction for the said two rods thus improved into an highway there: it was voted and agreed to give them satisfaction for two Rods thus by order of Court laid out to the first highway; if so be that the next County Court will not yeild that they fling up that two rods added to their own reserved highway. And that Deacon Jonathan Burt represent this case or their desires herein to the said Court: (see page 193.)

May 21, 1680.

At a town meeting called to order or conclude somethng wth reference to making a bridge over Long meddow Brooke:

At this meeting it was voted & concluded that whereas the bridge over Long medow Brooke was carried away or spoiled by the late flood, that a new bridge should be built in the old place.

August 11th, 1680.

At a meeting of the Inhabitants of the Town of Springfield:

John Holyoke was chosen Comissioner to joine wth the Selectmen for the taking a List of the Ratable estate of this Towne both personal & real, & to convey the same to the shire meeting, to communicate therewith, wth other Comisioners appointed to the like worke.

Samuel Ely was chosen Constable for the yeer ensuing.

[III - 103.]
[III - 46.]


At a General Towne meeting February 1st, 1680.

Major Pynchon is chosen Moderator.

Mr. Daniel Denton & Samuell Ely are chosen ye Committee to examine ye Selectmens accounts of the year past.

Mr. Dan Denton, Mr. John Holyoke, George Colton, Deacon Benjamin Parsons & John Dumbleton are chosen Selectmen for ye yeare ensueing to order ye Prudentiall affaires of ye Towne, & act in whatever they judge conduceing to ye welfare of ye Towne, according to their instructions & Power as in page 5th of this Booke.

Mr. Daniel Denton is chosen Clerke or Recorder for ye yeare ensueing.

Luke Hitchcock is chosen Constable ffor ye year ensuing & sworne.

Rowland Thomas & Samuell Bliss, Sen'r. are chosen Surveiors for the Country highway ffor the ensueing year. Also Edward ffoster is chosen surbeior ffor the Country highway ffor ye other side the River ffor this ensuing year.

Samuel Marshfield is chosen Measurer for the lands that are to bee measured.

It is ordered ffor ye prevention of damage yt may come by cattles going into ye field & poaching ye corn that no cattle or swine shall be allowed in any corn fields after ye 10th of March next ensuing under ye penalty of such owners of cattle or swine paying 12d per head for every time any cattle shall recover ye sayd penalty of such fences as shall appear defective & ye Selectmen are to hear & determine all cases of this nature.

It is further ordered yt if any persons appear yt will remove ye Schoole house without any charge to ye Town & bring it into ye middle of ye town & set it in such place as ye Selectmen appoint without damnifying ye house by ye 1st of March next ensueing they shall have liberty to doe it. But if no such persons appear the house shall be finished & continue where it is now by ye Selectmen.

Hay wards chosen: for ye homelots - John Clark for [III - 104.]

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History of Springfield, Vol. II
Hampden County
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