History of Springfield, MA
Volume II
Pages 146 - 161



ye other side of ye River, Joseph Stebbins & Henry Rogers for Long Meddow; Nath Burt & Joseph Derby ffor ye West Chickabee.

Voted & aggreed upon by ye Town that four men (viz) Deacon Burt, Quartermaster Coulton, Samuell Marshfield & John Dumbleton shall at ye next Court held at Northampton manage, plead & defend ye cause depending about ye County highway on ye other side of ye River.

May ye 6th, 1681.

At a legall town meeting of the inhabitants of this Towne of Springfield.

Voted and agreed upon by ye Towne that these three men (viz) Deacon Burt, Samuell Marshfield, & Cornet Parsons shall wth any three of we townsmen make inquisitions and search after ye overplus of all ye severall country rates in ye severall yeares past since ye unhappy Indian War & to endeavor ye recovery ofit out of ye hands of severall Constables or any other person or persons in whose hands they shall find ye sayd monies: and the aforesayd Selectmen together wth ye Comittee as aforesayd shall have power to take any legall course by sute of law or otherwise for ye recovery of the sayd overplus for ye use of ye Town or to compound with any such persons or Constables where ye money is found as they shall see cause.

At a meeting of ye inhabitants of ye town of Springfield legally called August ye 12th, 1681.

Samuell Marshfield chosen Comissioner to joyn wt ye Selectme ffor ye taking a list of ye Ratable estate of this town both personal & reall & to Convey ye same to ye shire meeting to comunicate therewith wt ye other Comissioners appointed ye like work.

Joseph Stebbins chosen Constable ffor ye year ensuing: & tooke ye oath belonging to ye sayd office August ye 24th, 1681. [III - 105.]

At a legall town Meeting of ye inhabitants of this town of Springfield: August ye 24th, 1681.

At ye meeting Mr. Pelatiah Glover did present to ye town in


writing his desires relating to ye house & land purchased by ye town ffor ye Ministry as followeth (viz) that ye town would conioynt wt him in an address to ye next General Court for ye ffull & ffinall determination of this point whether ye donation of ye house & land (purchased for ye Ministry) to him & his heirs ffor ever bee legal & consistant wt right.

2ly. that it may bee authoritativley setled to him & his if ffound consistant with Right.

3ly. That two meet persons may bee chosen to conioyn with him in formalizing & ordering this address.

The town seriously considering ye premises propounded by Mr. Glover did assent to ye ffirst and last particulars propounded

In the handwriting of Daniel Denton.

by Mr. Glover and made choice of three men (viz) Mr. Holyoke, Deacon Burt & Samuell Marshfield to fformalize the address to be presented to ye General Court.

Voted & ffully agreed upon by ye town that ye mouth of ye Long Meadow brooke shall bee ye bounds betwixt this town & ffresh water River the line to run frrom ye mouth of ye brooke a due east line.

It was further voted & agreed upon that when ye afforesayd 3 men (viz) Mr. Holyoke, Deacon Burt & Samuell Marshfield have drawn out & ffound their address to bee prsented to ye Generall Court relating to ye land purchased ffor ye ministry yt they shall deliver it to ye townsmen in order to their approbation before it bee sent to ye Generall Court: [III - 106.]

A legall Town Meeting called January ye 6th, 1681.

Voted by ye Town to free David ffrow from a powder Rate & all other Town rates.

The Constable propounding to ye town yt ye Treasurer requiring by his warrant money ffor a Country Rate & ye town for want of money having made an addition thereunto to make it as money & therefore desires yt ye Town would secure him from any damage might happen to him relating to ye sayd rate which ye town did engage to doe.

Voted & concluded by ye Town yt ye Selectmen shall take


care for ye setting out or providing ffor ye Maintenance of John Mathews his child according as they shall Judge most fit and ye town doe agree & conclude to defray such necessary charges & disburse so much mony as shall by ye Selectmen bee ordered or ingaged ffor ye putting out or maintaining ye said child.

ffurther it is voted & agreed upon by ye town yt ye Selectmen shall take care of John Mathews & have an inspection over him yt hee follow his employment & make improvement of his time & to setle him in a way yt hee may doe it.

At the Generall Town meeting February 7th, 1681:

Whereas there is due to the Country Treasurer Three pounds for transporting the Country corne from Hartford to Boston & at a meeting of the Comittee for Examining the Constables (August 29, 1681) concerning Troopers money in the extraordinary Country rates, David Morgan did engage to pay to the Town 40s & to be free of being further called to account for that overplus money paid in the Country rates: at this meeting February 7, 1681: The Town do forgive David Morgan this 40s he engaged to the Town to enable him to defray that three pounds.

[III - 107.]

In the handwriting of John Holyoke.

At a Generall Town Meeting: February 7, 1681.

The Worshipful Major Jno Pynchon, Esq., was chosen Moderator for this meeting & all other Town meetings this following yeer.

Cornet Joseph Parsons & Deacon Jontha Burt were chosen a Comittee to examine the accounts of the Selectmen of all the yeers past, & to bring to balance al yr accounts.

Cornet Parsons, Deacon Jonathan Burt, Thomas Day, Jno. Hitchcock & Jno Holyoke were chosen Selectmen to order the prudentiall affaires of the Town the yeard ensuing, & to act in what ever they Judge convenient or conducing to the welfare of the Towne according to their in-structions & power in the 5th page of this book.

Samuel Marshfield chosen Measurer for the Town lands.


Jno Holyoke was chosen Clerk or Recorder for the Town for this yeer.

Charles Ferry was chosen Constable for the yeer ensuing & sworne.

Surveiors for highwayes were chosen: Jno Lamb, James Dorchester, for the Towns side.

Hay wards for generall fields were chosen, viz: for Long Medow, Samuell Stebbin; for the homelots Thomas Mirricke; for the West side the River, Jonathan Ball & James Warrener; & for Chickuppi field, Thomas Taylor & Thomas Mirricke is granted to have or Improve his yard as a pound.

Deacon Jonath Burt, Cornet Parsons & Jno Holyoke were chosen to joyne wth the Comittee for Mr. Glover his house to examine & balance the Townes debts & credits.

The Worshipful Major Pynchon, Deacon Burt & Jno Holyoke and Jno Dumbleton & Cornet Parsons were chosen a comittee to treat with Mr. Glover how to suite & accomodate him respecting the Generall Courts answer to Mr. Glover our Reverend Teacher and the Towns petition con-cerning Mr. Glover, our Reverend Teacher his land viz: how Mr. Glover might have that wch may be just & satisfactory to him by other land instead of that land the town did formerly give him, & ye sd Court did determine not givable: & so to make report thereof to the Town.

It was voted & concluded that Lieut. Stebbin should take care to get in the Towns powder that is yet in several mens hands, or else have liberty to take a bushel of Indian corne for each pound of powder, that is not yet returned.

Also it was voted & concluded that there should be a Comittee of five men chosen to make a just, equal, impartial valuation of the Townes lands & this to last for seven yeers. Also that Benjamin Parsons, Sen'r, Jno Dumbleton, Rowland Thomas, Nathaneel Burt & Samuel Ball be this comittee.

It was voted to give Samuel Ely one pound seventeene shillings or the overplus of seven pounds in his hands of the Towns money, upon the account of ye Troopers pay in ye Country rates Ano. 80: he paying the seven pounds to the


Towne, the Townesmen, or Selectmen have agreed wth Samuel Ely: February 13, 1681: that he should be accountable to ye Country Treasurer - 5 pounds 11 shillings 9 pence & so to remit him or discount wth him the abovesaid seven pounds & to pay him ten shillings in corne. The abovesaid 5 11s 9d was a quarter rate that was to be paid in money to ye Country Treasurer. See on the left hand. [III - 108.]

At a Town Meeting called by the Selectmen March 13, 1681-82.

At this Meeting it was voted & unanimously consented that the worshipful Major Pynchon, Esq., & Deacon Burt should have full power to purchase Mr. Dentons house & houselot & Isaac Glesons Lot for our Reverend Teacher Mr. Pelatiah Glover in case of Reverend Teacher will accept thereof in leiu of the former lot, or part thereof that this town hath already grannted to him for his settling wth us in the worke of the ministry amongst us, as also to bargain wth Jonathan Ashley by way of exchange of the Townes Muxy medow for Jonathan Ashley medow in the same medow, for our Reverend Teacher as also to see further what lands may be equivalent, or may be purchased to make an alotment or alotments equivalent to the former lot or lots this town have given to our Reverend Teacher, Mr. Glover.

It was further voted & concluded that Lieut Stebbin should be Measurer to measure Towne Lands as wel as Samuell Marshfield for such as would improve him so to measure.

It was voted & granted to Increase Sikes to sell his boate out of the Towne, onely the Inhabitants of this Towne to have first the refusal.

It was further voted & concluded that the Selectmen in being should have power to get in of ye several inhabitants their arrears of their Rates to Mr. Glover, for sundry yeeres past not repealing a former vote of the Towne that the Selectmen of every yeer get in the rates of the inhabitants or else yt they the said Selectmen make good such rates or arreares of such rates to Mr. Glover our Reverend Teacher, as


also that they have the same power to gather in al other arrears of al other rates of the Towne.

And whereas sundry persons after written were absent from this meeting, & there is a Town order that all inhabitants (that may vote in Town meetings) as shal be absent from such Meetings or depart there from wth out leave, or wthout good ground of such absence allowed of by the Selectmen wthin one weeke, shal be fined six pence per piece. It was voted & concluded that the six pence fine from those persons underwrit should be gathered by the Selectmen & improved to pay Widow Beamons rates that are unpaid so far as those fines wil reach. The persons so absenting were as follows:

Abel Wright
Henry Chapin
Jno Bagg
Jno Riley
Samuell Marshfield
Joseph Leonard
Samuell Terry
Serjt Morgan
Lieut Stebbin
Thomas Stebbin
Jno Clarke
Deacon Parsons
John Harmon
Anthony Dorchester
Ensign Cooley
Quartermaster Colton
Thomas Colton
Samuell Ely
Luke Hitchcocke
Jno Warner
David Morgan
Joseph Stebbin.

March, 1682

Rowland Thomas & Thomas Miller were appointed perambulation work between Springfield, West-field & Suffield & did wth their men attend this worke.

At a Town meeting August 16, 1682:

Samuel Marshfield was chosen Comissioner to joine wth these Selectmen to take a list of the estate of this Towne that is ratable whether personal or real & to convey ye same to the shire meeting to communicate ye same wth the other Comissioners for ye like worke.

Samuel Ball was chosen Constable for ye yeer ensuing & sworne.

At a Town meeting January 5th, 1682:

At this meeting it was voted, concluded that the Towne would allow & confirme the Selectmen their apprizements of the Towns lands for the makeing the Towns rate, tho'o the town did at the preceding Generall meeting [III - 109.] chuse a comittee for such apprizements of their lands.

Further it was voted & concluded that the order made: February 3d, 1679 that those householders who have no sheep,


should pay the sheepherd as for the keeping of three sheep, should be repealed.

At this meeting the grant of land that the Town granted to Mr. Daniell Denton February 4, 1678 (see p. 186) was declared to be forfeited, he not fulfilling the termes.

Also the grannts to Quartermaster Coulton & Ensign Cooley in the first book of the Plantations or Town Records: January 9, 1662: were declared to be forfeited. [III - 110.]

A copy of an Indenture between Selectmen of Springfield - Ano 1681 & 1682 & Samuel Terry Sen'r., respecting Jno Matthews, his child.

This Indenture made February the Seventeenth day, Ano Dom: 1681. Witnesseth that the Selectmen of the Town of Springfield, whose names are her subscribed (according to the Law of this Colony, that the Selectmen shal take care for & maintenance & dispose of such poor children whose parents are either dead or so poor that they cant nuse or provide for & maintaine such yr children) do by these presents set forth & put to & agree wth Samuell Terry Sen'r, his wife, his heires & assignes, to take into the family under his care, tuition & education, & for his servant Jno Matthews his son named Jno Matthews (of about ten months old) until the said child shal attaine the age of one & twenty yeeres wch sd Servant or apprentice is wth the sd Samuell Terry Sen'r, his wife & his heires & assignes faithfully to serve from the day of the date of these presents until the said apprentice shall attain the age of one & twenty yeeres, accounting his birth to have been upon the 18th Day in April, Anno Dom. 1680. By all wch time that is to say, until the said apprentice shall attaine the age abovesd, his said Master dame, heires or assignes he shal faithfully serve not absenting from his or their service day nor night the secrets of the family he shal keep close. matrimony he shall not contract, he shal not play at cards or dice or any other unlawful games, the goods of his master he shall not embezel or to any body lend, wth his own proper goods or any other, wthout license he shal not trade, but in


all things as a good & faithful servant he shal behave himselfe towards his sd Master or Dame or heires or assignes, until he shal attaine such age of One & Twenty yeeres & the sd Samuell Terry Sen'r., that his sd apprentice shal be taught well to read the English tongue he doth by these presents covenent & promise for himself, his heirs & assignes, & that during his apprenticeship he shal be found wth meat, drinke & apparel & lodging suitable for an apprentice or servant & at the end of his time he shal be sent away wth two good suites of apparel, one for working days & the other for holy dayes in witness the said Parties to these presents have hereunto set their hands & seales This Eighteenth day of ffebruary, One thousand six hundred & eight one.

John Holyoke
Joseph Parsons
Jonath Burt
jno Hitchcocke
Thomas Day
Selectmen wth their seale affixt.
Signed Sealed & Delivered In the presence of:
Samuel Glover
John Crowfoot
     Samuel Terry set his hand & seale January 13, 1662. Samuel Terry wth his seal affixt. Witnesses were John Norton & Nicholaus Rust.

The wthin mentioned Selectmen & Samuell Terry acknowledged this Instrument to wch their hands are subscribed: February 6th, 1682 Before John Pynchon Assist: That this is a true coppy of the Indenture between ye sd Selectmen & the Said Samuell Terry, Senior respecting the child Jno Matthews. February 6, 1682. Attest: John Holyoke, Recorder.

[III - 111.]


Att a Generall Town Meeting February 6th, 1682 the Worshipful Major Jno Pynchon Esq., was chosen Moderator for this meeting & al other town meetings this yeer ensuing.

Samuel Marshfield & Henry Chapin were chosen a Comittee to examine the accounts of the Selectmen of the yeer foregoing.

Samuel Marshfield, Deacon Parsons, Jno Dumbleton, Japhet Chapin, James Warriner were made choice of to be the Selectmen to order the Prudential affaires of the Town for the yeer ensuing.

Joseph Ashley was chosen Constble for this yeer & sworne. Jno Holyoke was chosen Clerke or Recorder for the yeer.

Samuel Marshfield & Lieut Stebbin were chosen Measurers for the towns land this yeer.

Joseph Parsons, Jno Holyoke were appointed to examine the returne of ye accounts of the Comittee for the meeting house wherein they find eleven shillings due to the Comittee to balance all accounts: a coppy of wch returne see page 113 & 114 & 115 of this booke.

Obadiah Cooley & Jonathan Morgan were chosen Surveiors for to see to the repairing of the highwayes for the Towns side.

Hay wards for the Generall fields were chosen, for the homelots, Benjamin Knowlton, for the West side of the river, Henry Rogers, for Chickuppi, Joseph Bedortha & for Long medow, Jonathan Burt.

It was voted & concluded that the Surveiors for the highwayes hence forwards should make a returne of their worke to the Selectmen at least a weeke before the General Town Meetings.

It was voted & concluded that the fence viewers of each Generall field do take effectual care to give notice to all the Proprietors of said fields concerning the time or times for the burning about the fences of the said fields and that the Proprietors come together by the beate of the drum, or other sufficient notice & that they unanimously joine together to save one anothers fences belonging to the severall fields & yt no


person, proprietor or any other do offer to set fire about the sd fences but at the time or times agreed on by the Viewers on the penalty of paying double damages, or forthwith making the said fences up again good & substantial fence or fences & the Selectmen to give it in charge yearly to ye said Viewers at their choice of them to attend accordingly.

It was further voted & concluded to allow Ensigne Cooley, Quartermaster Colton & Henry Chapin out of the Town rate made this yeer what doth appeare to be remaining as due to them, for what they divers yeers since have disbursed for, or laboured for Mr. Glover our Reverend Teacher, his house, viz: To Ensigne Cooley, fourteen shillings & nine pence. To Henry Chapin four shillings & six pence. To Quartermaster Colton 2 shillings.

It was further agreed & concluded to give the comittee for Mr. Glover our Reverend Teacher's hosue, fifty shillings to be equally divided between them & to be paid them out of the Town rate the next yeer, & so the sd Comittee to be forever silent to the Town re-specting any promise or engagemt of theirs to Victory Sikes to se him paid any pay that was ever due to him for his frameing & building our Reverend Teacher's house.

[III - 112.]

It was voted & concluded to give the Worppl Major Pynchon, Esq., twenty shillings he promising to surrender up his interest in the lease of the Town medow in the boggy medow that the Townsmen did lease out to Mr. Daniell Denton.

Whereas Thomas Day hath made Ten rod of fence between his homelot & the Towns land in ye old Training field or the Burying place, & demand pay of the Town for that worke (viz: 25 shillings) it was denyed that the Town should satisfy the same, it belonging to the proprietors of the homelots as they lye in a generall field.

There haveing passed some undue & contradicting votes referring to the Land of Reverend Teacher Mr. Pelatiah Glover now possesses, for wch we have cause to be humble before the Lord, we haveing first stated it to the ministry & afterward given it to our Reverend Teacher as his own property, &


yet afterward again assumed it to the ministry thinking it our duty so to doe, eyeing our first Sequestration thereof: upon which our General Court hath declared it our Duty to give our Reverend Teacher a due compensation to the full value thereof. Considering the promises & our entanglement thereby, & seeing our Reverend Teacher is desirous to enjoy this Gift to him, we doe therefore judge it meet & cheerfully conclude that the forty acres more or lesse of Town Land at Chickuppi, together wth the 6 acres & 1/2 of Town Medow, as alsoe about two acres & halfe by Mr. Denton's (wch we will - God willing - purchase) be all set apart & appropriated for the ministry, if we may do so & not sin against God & that the Honored Generall Court be petitioned to allow of this exchange, stating this for the ministry in lieu of the former, whereby our Reverend Teacher may enjoy that land given him, the ratification & confirmation whereof, being allowed by & obtained from the General Court we hope may satisfy, & compose all difficulties about it, it being understood only of one to be stated for ye ministry, the Later takeing place, the other to be void & for the effecting, & obtaining the honored General Court ratification hereof it was concluded Jno Holyoke should draw up a petition to the next Generall Court accordingly.

It was also further concluded that the Worshipful Major Pynchon, Esq., should give the Selectmen in behalfe of the Town a Deed of Sale of that Two acres & halfe by Mr. Dentons house, & that also the Selectmen should give the Worshipful a bill of sixty five pounds to be paid him by the Towne.

The votes for this Exchange was 27 & the dissenters were 23: who though they dissented from confirming the Townes gift to our Reverend Teacher, yet they consented to give him a full compensation for the land first set apart for the ministry.

[III - 113.]


The account about the New Meeting house by the Town of Springfield is Debter.

s d
Imprms: To John Allys for the frame. 140 00 00
To raising it as by the paper of particulars. 39 02 04
To carting ye slitworke logs & all the Timber ovr ye River. 06 00 00
To carting the tymber, as by Goodman Ely's account, etc. 18 16 07
To nailes one C G: Sikes had for a square & one C, 1/2 Jno Allys had at raising. 00 02 06
To nailes which G. Marshfield had from Hadley 01 01 09

To nailes 20 M of 6d at 8s 9d 8 15 00

4 M of 4d at 5s 6d 1 02 00

4 M 1/2 larg 4d at 6s 0d 1 07 00

1 M 1 C of 8d at 12s 6d 0 14 00
1678. 4 M of 10d at 15s 0d       3     00     00

14 18 00

To 1 M of 6d nailes wch Goodman Dorchester procured 00 09 00
To 5 M of 4d nailes at lathing; 5s 6d per M 01 07 06
To Glass: 323 ft at 6d per ft 8 6s to draw

     lead 4 10s 12 11 06
To Jno Gilbert for workg up glasse at 3d per foot:

4 14s 6d 5 02 06
Pining the casements 0 6 0 & for 2 quarts of oil:
1s 6d
Pewter for sodder came to       0     07     06

18 01 08

To one dozen of iron casements 05 10 00
To one jar of oile - Linseed oil 01 05 00
To 19 M of shingles at 20s & 12s over for long ends. 19 12 00


To clapboards, jointing & shaveing of ym. 10 19 08
To G. Norton, G. Marshfield & G. Pope for clapboarding the sides of Territt & shingling the whole roof 10 & for laying the boardes 30s on the roofe & territt. 02 00 00
To baordes & as per Increase & Victory Sikes their account this 6th of January, 1678.

1015 f. of inch 1/4 pine plank at 5s 6d per C is: 2 16 08
360 f. of boards at 4s 6d 0 16 04
530 f. inch 1/4 planke. 1 09 00
260 f. inch 1/2 oake planke 1 04 09
420 f. inch & 1/4 oake planke 1 14 03
3728 f. boards last yeer, 1677. 8 09 00

16 10 00

To Increase & Victory Sikes for boards for the doors 0 09 08
To boards for the saw mill over the River 3 C. 1/2 0 15 09
To G. Jefferys for 5 C of boards 1 02 06
To stone account as by the paper of particulars 26 01 02
To several p'sons carting sml timber sleepers etc., as per account 11 19 10
Paid G. Morgan for hedge on the back side the Meeting House to secure the field as G. Ely agreed. 00 06 00
To Samuell Stebbin for 5 rod of 5 rail fence to fencing in ye Meeting house yard

Pd Jno Allis for laying the foundation of the stone work. 00 01 00
To Goodman Steward for work about tooles. 00 05 06
To Goodman Dorchester for fetching up Jno Gilbert & son - expenses & horses & for ferriage of horses. 00 02 06


Pd Goodman Ely for carrying down Jno Gilbert & two horses 00 08 06
Pd for carrying down to Hartford 16 bushels & 1/2 of wheat wch the town is to allow because it was to procure a barell of porke for George Norton. 00 06 10
To carrying 29 bushel of Indian corne to Jno Gilbert & carting it, etc., we reckon nothing for wth carriage. 00 12 00
For cleansing & loss & 1/2 bushel wht at Hartford. 00 02 00
To carriage of Indian corne & porke to Hartford for Jno Allys. 00 10 00
To Benjamin Knowlton for 2 M of lath 00 19 00
To Ens. Cooley for 1 barell of tar for the territ 00 13 00
To Jonathan Burt 4 days laying the floor 9s: to G. Lamb 4d.

9s to Samuel Marshfield four dayes 9s. 01 07 00
To Samuell Marshfield 2 days making ladder & altering the floore. 00 05 00
Two dayes putting up glass 4s, 1 day lathing besides with others 2s. 00 06 00
For piling clapboards & 1 day fetching boards. 00 03 06
For dieting Jno Gilbert & his son 3 weekes, horse, pasture, etc.     01     10     00

356 15 01

[III - 114.]

The Meeting house is further debited.

Jonathan Burt, helping make the ladder. 00 01 08
To G. Pope for nailing downe the floor. 00 05 00
For the pulpit, deacons seate & staires. 05 10 00
Raising the pulpit floor frame etc. 00 15 00
For the upper worke & makeing it tight. 01 10 00
To two quarts of drinke for Jno Gilbert when he made ye glass. 00 04 00


To the workmen that were employed in taking down ye gallery timber. 00 06 06
To brass for ye vane. 00 04 00
To hands to raise the ladder: one quart of rum. 00 02 00
To Goodman Steward for spikes, hinges, staples etc. as by his account, February 7, 1679. 02 08 06
To Victory Sikes for worke, etc. 00 13 00
To Goodman Mirricke for ladder poles. 00 02 00
Three C of 4d nailes - G. Pope had more; 7 C Goodman Marshfield had. 00 04 06
1 M 1/2 for the windows 6s 9d more; 1 M 4s 6d. 00 11 03
From Mr. Way we had 3 M of nailes cost 32s out of wch we had 7s so it is. 01 05 09
Three yards of broad sacking for the tar-polling. 00 06 00
To Goodman Cooley for 4 C. of nailes. 00 04 00
To Goodman Steward for rods etc for the canope. 01 04 06
Nailes from Goodman Day. 00 06 00

April 16, 1679:

3 C of nailes at 20d to G. Pope. More 1 C about floor & seates. 00 06 08
To Goodman Pritchard for showing Jno Allys the timber, 2s
To slit worke used about the pulpit 5 3.
To great nailes from Increase Sikes, 3 6.
00 10 09
Dec. 1680. Pd to Thomas Gilbert for 1 pane of glasse wch ye dogs brake downe. 00 03 00
To payment to G. Pope for benches in the alleyes 13s. Timber 12d
April 17, 1680: To 1/2 C of nailes to G. Pope 6d more nailes 18d
00 16 00


To James Munn more then the 20s allowed him as in raising account for his land to frame on more. 00 08 00
To Goodman Steward due on the vane, besides the 2 6s pd him by the young men, more I pd him 28s 01 08 00
To gallery timber & joyce as per account of ye p'tariculars. 03 15 08
To Samuell Allys for turning 6 diz of bannisters at 4s. 01 04 00
Turning 2 of the great pillars at 3s 6d 00 07 00 01 18 00
To Jno Allys his diet wth 2 da of Samuell Allys make it 5 weeks. 01 00 00
To Jno Lamb 4 da. worke 8s. Jonathan Bush 7 dayes 14s. 01 02 00
To Isaac Gleason for 17 dayes at 3s per day. 02 11 00
To Nathaneell Munn 14 days at 2s 9d. 01 18 06
To Danll Beamon for 6 da: about the pillars at 2s 3d. 00 13 06
To two plankes etc., 3s 6d. 00 03 06
Boards, nails etc., from Philip Mattoon 2 C 1/2 of boards 10s 2 C 1/2 slit worke 16s 6d. 01 06 06
To 1 C of nailes 1s 6d 1da: carting from Shomungonuck 6s 00 07 06
To boards from G. Thomas all is 11s. Carting the boards 1s 6d 00 12 06
To Cornet Parsons for 3 C 1/2 nailes 5s 6d. 25 foot 4 inch planke 3s 00 08 06
Paid Goodman Horton for 1 M boards & carting ym to ye Meeting house. 02 07 06
To allowance to G. Pope about the ministers seate & Mrs. Glover's seate as the Comittee agreed wth him, when he was at Springfield in 1682 - all is 30s. 01 10 00

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