History of Springfield, MA
Volume II
Pages 191 - 220



below Agawam toward Suffield be all done at the charges of this Town.

It was further voted that Samuel Marshfield, Henry Chapin, Jonathan Morgan & David Morgan should carry on the line from Hadley bounds Eastward to the end of our most outmost east bounds & to measure it, for the knowing of the number of acres as aforsd: and on the same day Rowland Thomas, John Hitchcock, Abel Wright, Sen'r., Samuell Terrey & Obadiah Cooley doe carry on the line from the Northside of Chickuppi River at our most easterly bounds, til they doe meet wth ye above mentioned men (that carry on the East line) at the North East Corner of our Towne: & further it was voted that Samuell Marshfield, Rowland Thomas, James Warriner, Benjamin Knowlton, & Samuell Jones should carry on the Line toward Enfield & to measure it from the Place where they left, viz: about three miles & an halfe below or Southward of Chickuppi River.

It was further voted that Samuell Marshfield, Samuell Ely, Sen'r. Joseph Bedortha & Henry Rogers should measure the line from Northampton bounds on the west side ye great River, Southward to the Southerly part of that land that is to be laid out in proprietyes, viz: Jno Rileys Brooke, to know the length thereof, for such laying out thereof for such laying out of in Proprietys: & further it was voted to measure from the head of the brooke beyond Thomas Coopers to Suffield bounds & thence they are to turn West to Westfield Line or bounds, and Samuell Marshfield, Samuell Ely Sen'r. Thomas Cooper & Joseph Leonard to performe this measure & all these measurings to be performed as the furthest by the beginning of April ensueing: Samuell Marshfield to appoint the tyme to attend at the afore said measurings: & the Selectmen are to determine their satisfactions respectively for all their paines & travell.

It was further voted that the Town do allow 8 shillings for killing of a wolfe & 4 shillings for a grown beare & 2 shillings for a cub, from the 10th


of May to the 10th of September, the persons killing the wolfe, beare or cub to bring to the constable or one of the Selectmen the ears of said wolfe, beare or cub.

Town Meeting: July 27: 1687.

Samuell Marshfield was chosen Comissioner to join wth the Selectmen for the makeing a list of the Townes estate & to communicate the same to the Commissioners at the shire meeting, according to ye order of Council.

Edward Stebbins was chosen Constable for the yeer ensuing.

At the Generall Town Meeting February 7th, 1687.

At this meeting were chosen the following Town officers for the yeer ensuing:

The Worshpll Colonel John Pynchon, Esq., was chosen Moderator for all the Town meetings of this yeer.

Samuel Marshfield & John Holyoke presented to the Town at this meeting. [III - 137.]

Samuel Marshfield, Japhet Chapin, John Hitchcocke, Samuel Ball & Jno Holyoke were made choice of as Selectmen to order the prudentiall affaires of the Town the following yeer: according to Instructions page 5th of this booke.

John Holyoke was chosen Clerk for the Town for ye yeer ensuing.

Eliakim Cooley was chosen Constable for ye yeer ensuing & was sworne.

Samuel Marshfield & Thomas Stebbins were chosen Measurers of Lands for the Town the yeer ensueing.

Rowland Thomas & Thomas Day Sen'r., were chosen surveiors for the Country highwayes on the East side the great River & Josiah Leonard was chosen Surveior for ye country highwayes on the West side of the great River.

The Selectmen haveing raised money to pay for diverse wolves killed by sundry persons after the Act of the Councill May 11th, 1687, as also money for the Guard, as appears by their account of charges in the Selectmen's booke; after much debate, it was voted & agreed that the money raised for sundry


persons sitting in the Guard, should not be paid to sd persons but to be kept as the Townes Stocke. And it was further voted & agreed that the money that was raised to pay Sundry persons for killing wolves after sd Act of the Council, should be paid to said Persons wch are in number five.

It was further voted & agreed that the order for allowance of 8 shillings for the killing of a wolfe should be repealed so that henceforth the Selectmen are not by that order of the Town to raise any money for to allow for any wolves that are or shal be killed.

The hay wards chosen for the generall fields, are, for the Long medow Jonathan Burt Jun'r. for the homelots; Benjamin Knowlton for the plaine, James Warriner Jun'r. for the field over the River, Jonathan Ball for the north side of Agawam, & John Barber, Jun'r. for the South side of Agawam & for Chickuppi field, James Barker.

For the encouragmt of sundry persons to destroy beares wch are so prjudicial to cattle, especially to swine, it was voted & ordered that if any person (who doth pay scot & lot to al public Town charges here) shal at any tyme this next yeere from the middle of April to the middle of August kill any beare wthin the bounds of this Town, such persons upon due proofe thereof to the satisfaction of the Selectmen shal be allowed & paid four shillings for every grown beare & for every young beare or cub halfe so much, out of the Towne rates the next winter, and the order made the last yeare about beares is hereby repealed.

It was voted & ordered that the Selectmen do yeerly agree wth some meet person to doe the Sextons worke & also that the Selectmen doe agree wth ye same person or any other meet person to ring the bell at nine of the clocke at night, that they thus agree at as good termes for the Town as they can.

It was also voted that deacons doe anything that is meet, that the ministers cushion may be made fit for the use it doth serve unto.

It was further voted that the Selectmen do receive the


remainder of the forty pound rate that was raised for the finishing of the Meeting House, & that they take care that the sd worke be done as speedily as may be, & the comittee for the meeting house upon the delivery up of their accounts are discharged of that trust. [III - 138.]

Thomas Mirricke Sen'r motioning it to the Town to settle the highway over the middle Causeway, the Town did now order that the Selectmen view the place and that they see to it that the highway there have its due breadth & that they consider who hath encroached upon the highway there, viz: whether said Thomas Mirricke or Thomas Day on the other side & that they determine & settle the whole matter about sd highwaye.

And whereas there is about seven shillings due Samuel Terrey upon ye account of his keeping Jno Matthews his child, it was voted that the Selectmen pay him seven shillings out of the Townes stocke.

At this meeting John Clemens was voted an Inhabitant in this Towne.

Voted further that henceforth the Town Rates shalbe raised according to ye publicke Act of the Governor & Council, & by the List for the countrey rate onely the Selectmen shal have liberty to abate upon that value of the poles & to consider to raise something upon the un-improved lands, as the Selectmen shal from time to time see meet to value.

It being also propounded to do somewhat to have schooling goe forward or to get a School-master, it was agreed & ordered that the Selectmen doe take care to promote that affair to the best advantage for the Town, agreeing wth a Schoolmaster at the best termes they can.

Upon the motion of our neighbors of Westfield signifying their want of such certaine knowledge of the extent of their bounds betwixt themselves & the town of Suffield, as to satisfy their Neighbors of Suffield whereby some occasion of differences hath been between those two Townes, wch they hope may be composed by some from this Town of Springfield, who first layd out & settled the bounds of Westfield and may


by help of those persons now againe agree & settle the same. Wherefore it was agreed that the said persons, to wit: Quartermaster Colton, Samuell Marshfield, Rowland Thomas or any two of them to be assisting to our neighbor towns concerning the same in what they know, for the obtaining a loving agreement & quick settling the bounds between said townes; so that Westfield Town who moved us herein doe satisfy those our neighbors for their attendance on said worke: and when they are doeing this, we also desire that soe far as it falls in their way, that the line between us & said two towns may be observed & the markes renewed.

There being some difference between Nath Pritchard & John Harmon concerning their interests in their medows upon Pacowseeke Brooke & Nath Pritchard petitioning the Town to doe something to compose their difference, it was voted that Rowland Thomas, John Bliss & Thomas Stebbins be a Committee to view the lands in controversy between them & to measure the lands & to divide them their portion, according to the intents of the Towns grants to them & that they make report of their acts herein to ye Towne.

Henry Rogers did motion to the Town to have satisfaction for the two rods of the highway that was taken out of his father Excels homelot to enlarge sd highway. Another was made by some that the Town had an highway originally laid out for the town of two rods breadth, or so much reserved for them through these lots, wch was counted sufficient for a country road, & that when this highway was laid out by the Comittee appointed by the County Court in Hampshire, the neighbors that live by said highwaye did desire the sd comittee to lay their way four rods wide for their conveniency & accordingly sd comittee did lay out four rods wide & presented yr act to the County Courte in Hampshire, who appointed them to re-ceive satisfaction for their land so laid out to the reserved highway, as they desired satisfaction for the same, in such lands as the Towne had power to dispose of.

Att this Meeting the Towne did make choice of Rowland


Thomas to see to the upper causeway & that he call the neighbors in the town that principally improved said way, & Skipmuck neighbors to the attendance of said worke. [III - 139.]

At a town meeting May 21, 1688, being the third Monday of said month according to the Act of the Governor & Council for the Regulating the choice of Selectmen, Constables & other officers in the Respective Towns wthin this dominion.

Impr: It was voted & concluded to have six Selectmen, townesmen or Overseers.

It was further voted to chuse the halfe of the aforesd number of Selectmen out of the company of the Selectmen that were chosen at the Generall Town Meeting, the February fore-going, viz: February 7th, 1687.

Japhet Chapin, John Hitchcocke, Samuell Ball & Lieut. Thomas Colton, James Warriner & Thomas Stebbins were chosen Selectmen to order & manage the prudential affaires of the Town according to the aforesd Act of the Governor & Council & according to the instructions on the 5th page of this booke: & for al other affaires of the yeer they have the care thereof left to them by the Towne & what rates they wish upon the Inhabitants for anything not mentioned in the Act, & they have it allowed by the Justices, they shal give a Just & faire account thereof yeerly at the Town meeting in May & they are in all they doe attend what is or shalbe in the publik Acts of this dominion, & it is further voted & ordered that all after Selectmen from yeer to yeer have the same charge & care attended & pformed by them.

Deacon Jonathan Burt was chosen Commissioner to joyne wth the Selectmen in taking a list of the Town estate for the making the Country rate.

Thomas Miller was chosen Constable instead of Edward Stebbins & John Burt was also chosen Constable; who are according to the Act of the Governor & Council to attend at the Sessions to take their oath for the discharge of yt office.

It was further voted that all other officers chosen by the Towne the last february, attend the dutyes & charge belonging to them til the May ensueing.


Samuel ffrost was by the vote of the Towne accepted & admitted as an Inhabitant of this Towne.

Skipmuck inhabitants being presented to the Town, as being behind hand nine days worke at the highwayes to the Country, & they alledging that they were not warned to attend that worke by the Surveiors of the highwayes & so that it wil be greatly burdonsome to ym to be now called to serve al those dayes & desiring the Town to consider them & ease them: the Town did consider them, & provided they attend duely three dayes at the highwayes belonging to the Town Platt when they shalbe called thereunto, the Town is then willing that they worke the other days at the highwayes belonging to or most made use of by the said inhabitants of Skipmuck.

Also the inhabitants of Long Medow being complained of as behind in ye amendments of high-wayes, some more dayes & some fewer dayes, & the pleading they were not warned to attend, the Town declared & voted themselves to forgive them halfe the tyme yt they should have attended at the highwayes, provided they do faithfully fulfil the other halfe when called thereto by the surveiors. [III - 140.]

At the Generall Town Meeting, May 21, 1689.

The Worshipll John Pynchon, Esq. was chosen Moderator for the meeting & all the Towne Meetings of this yeer.

John Hitchcocke & Jonathan Burt Sen'r. were chosen the Comittee to examine the accounts of the Selectmen of the last yeer.

It was voted at this meeting for the tyme to come there shalbe but five Selectmen.

It was also voted that henceforth the first Monday in May shalbe the day for the Generall Town Meeting for making of Town Officers & to be attended without any further warning.

John Dumbleton, Deacon Burt & Deacon Parsons, Henry Chapin & Abel Wright were chosen Selectmen to act in Town affaires according to Instructions in page 5th of this booke for this yeer: & as formerly they were wont to act for the Town in all Townes business.


John Holyoke is chosen Clerk for the Town for this yeer.

Rowland Thomas is chosen Sealer for weights & measurers.

Thomas Stebbins is chosen measurer for Lands.

Obadiah Cooley & Joseph Stebbins are chosen surveiors for the Country highwayes on the East side of the River & Jonathan Ball for the Country highwayes on the West side the River, who are to see to it to rectify all incroachments upon the highwayes & the Town doth comitt the rectifying of ye highwayes eaten away by the great River to the Selectmen to gather wth the surveiors.

Joseph Bedortha chosen to succeed as constable in Thomas Miller his roome (place).

Hay wards were chosen, viz: Samuell Bliss 3d, for the homelots. Richard Waite for the plaine field, Henry Rogers for the field over the River on the North side of Agawam & Symon Gowin for the South side the Agawam, & James Barker for Chickuppi field on the West side the River.

Rowland Thomas & Abel Wright were chosen to be a comittee to view & lay out the highwayes at Skipmuck so as may be most convenient for buildings there.

It was voted to allow of all officers chosen by the last Selectmen for the present yeer & what further was acted by ym for the Towne. Also it was voted & agreed to establish all former orders passed & entered in the booke, altering nothing unles what is done at this meeting, respecting the day of the General Town Meeting as above mentioned.

August 21, 1689.

Thomas Stebbins was chosen Comissioner to joine wth the Selectmen in taking the List of the rates & estates of the Town for the Country Rate & to comunicate the same wth the rest of ye Comissioners of Hampshire.

Samuell Blisse the 3d was chosen Constable for the yeer ensuing. [III - 141.]

At a town meeting January 12, 1689:

At this Meeting the Towne did vote & conclude that the


Towne rates should not be raised by the Towns List for the Country Rate, but that we apply ourselves to the first custome of the Town for the making the said Towns rates.

Whereas the Town borrowed eighteen shillings in cash of divers persons in the Town to enable Henry Chapin their Deputy at the publick assembly at Boston to beare his charges there & ye said Deputy desiring that the said Eighteen shillings should be accounted to him no more than eighteen shillings of the four pounds the Town have always allowed their Deputies or Representatives at said Publick assemblys, the Town did now vote to grant their said deputy or Representative his desire.

At a Generall Town Meeting May 5th, 1690.

The Worshipll John Pynchon, Esq. was chosen Moderator for this meeting & all the Town Meetings of this yeer.

It was voted & concluded that the second Monday in May be the day for the Generall Town Meeting, for the choice of Town Officers & that it be attended wthout any further warning.

Pelatiah Glover Jun'r. & Samuell Marshfield were chosen a comittee for examination of the accounts of the Selectmen of the last yeer.

John Holyoke is Chosen Clerke for the Town for the yeer.

Thomas Stebbins is chosen Measurer for Lands.

Edward Foster, Samuel Parsons & Thomas Lamb are chosen surveiors for the Country highwayes & to see that they rectify all the encroachments upon the highwayes.

Hay wards were chosen also for the several fields, viz: for the homelots Thomas Blisse; for the plaine field Thomas Day Jun'r.; for the General field over the River Nathaniel Dumbleton & James Stevenson; for Chickuppi field Samuel Bedortha; for the Long Medow Samuel Bliss, Jun'r.


Further, it was voted & agreed that the Selectmen doe use their diligent care to provide a Schoolmaster to teach the youth & children to read & write & that they shall have ful power to agree wth any meet person for that worke, & to indent wth him though they give or engage more then twenty poundes or the sum wherewth the Town hath sometimes stinted the Selectmen for their making of any bargaines without consulting the Towne.

At a Town meeting, May 26, 1690.

Whereas this Town have paid to the Constables their money rate in corne at the Country's money price & have also made an addition to enable the Constables to pay the freight of the corne from this Town to Boston, at this meeting it was voted [III - 142.] & concluded that the sd Constables should reserve in their hands the said addition for freight wch they have received, the Town now engaging to save them harmless from any Warrant from the Country Treasurer respecting the said rate & their not paying for the transportation therof to Boston; & further that Samuell Marshfield with the Selectmen lay our case wth due & meet arguments before the Court at Boston by impowering some meet person for that end; and further that our inability for payment of ye ten rates be respresented to the Court & that our want of corn to live on be urged for some abatement and that what we must pay may be accepted in cattle, or may be forborne til we are able.

Jonathan Ball did desire that the Town would discharge him of his office of Constable. This was not accepted herein; but said Jonathan Ball bringing in Josias Marshfield as willing to take that Trust in his stead, he haveing agreed wth sd Jo. Marshfield to doe soe, the Town did yield to him therein.

Thomas Dyet was voted an Inhabitant of this Towne.

August 20, 1690. At a Town Meeting:

Capt. Thomas Colton was chosen Comissioner to join wth the Selectmen to take the list of the ratable estate of the Town for the Country rates & to comunicate the same wth the rest of Hampshire Comissioners as the law directs.

David Morgan was chosen Constable for the yeer ensuing.

September 12, 1690. At a Town Meeting:


Capt. Colton being visited by the hand of God in the death of his wife, the Town thought meet to dismiss him of his serving as a Comissioner, in joing wth the Selectmen in taking the list for the Country rate & chose Samuell Marshfield to the service.

Also it was voted & agreed that Samuell Marshfield do join wth ye rest of the Comissioners of the County on the 17th day of this Instant at N. Hampton, to choose from among ym at least two of them to go to the Bay to lay before the Court or Council our inability to pay any more rates & to obtain for this County to pay our money rates in some other specie, also that the Town wil wth other Towns of this County bear yr their part of the charges to satisfy such comissioners as shal go to the Bay to manage this affair aforesd.

It was also voted & agreed to save the Constable harmless, from the Treasurer for their delaying to collect the rates yet unpaid til the Comisioners return from the Court, or Council in the Bay.

At a Town meeting ffebruary 23, 1690.

At this Meeting the Town did vote they would pay their money rate in adding a third more than the Country price is, viz: for 2s paying 3s & they do engage to save the Constables Samuel Blisse one third harmles from any warrant from the Treasurer for his thus taking corne instead of money that is those persons that dont pay money thus engage. Such as pay money being cleare from this engagement.

Also it was voted & agreed that the order to allow for the killing of beares be repealed, vide Meeting February 1, 1686. [III - 143.]

At a General Town meeting May 11, 1691 for the election of Town officers for the yeer en-sueing.

The Worshipful Major John Pynchon was chosen Moderator for this Meeting & for all Meetings of the ensuing yeer.

Mr. Pelatiah Glover Jun'r. & Samuell Marshfield were chosen the Comittee to examine the accounts of the Selectmen that go out at this meeting.


Deacon Jonathan Burt, Henry Chapin, John Dumbleton, Isaac Colton & John Holyoke were chosen Selectmen for the yeer ensuing who are to act according to Instructions in the 5th page of this booke.

John Holyoke was chosen Clerke for the Town for the yeer ensuing.

Samuel Marshfield & Thomas Stebbins were chosen Measurers for the lands for the yeer en-suing.

Benjamin Stebbins was chosen constable for the Town for this year.

Samuell Blisse, Sen'r., Edward Stebbins & James Barker were chosen surveyors for the country highwayes, who are also to see that they rectify all encroachments upon the sd wayes.

Hay wards to the generall fields were chosen, viz: Thomas Mirricke for the homelots, Joseph Stebbins Sen'r for the plain, & Henry Roberts for ye part of the field on the west side of Agawam & Samuell Cooper for ye part of the field on the South side of Agawam & Samuell Miller for Chickuppi field, & Joseph Cooley & the yards of said hay wards are allowed of to be pounds in their prcincts excepting, that of Henry Rogers, who hath a Town pound convenient for his impounding, & the sd hay wards especially are to give speedie notice to the owners of the cattle they shall impound in yr yards.

It was voted & agreed that the Selectmen be fully impowered to indent with any meet person to keep the dry & young cattle out the walke of the cowes towards or beyond Machonis Mountains, to wit, to agree any such person what each owner of such cattle shal pay per head of sd cattle.

It was further voted & concluded that the Town Measurer do joyne wth Lieut Wright to lay out Skipmuck highwayes.

At a town meeting August 12, 1691.

The Worshipll Colonel Jno Pynchon Esq was chosen Comisioner to join wth the Selectmen to make the List of the Ratable Estate of ye Town for ye Country rate; & to communicate the same to the rest of Hampshire Commissioners as ye law directs.

John Dorchester was chosen for ye yeer & sworne.


The Court order & ye Treasurer warrant being publikely read at the Meeting & discoursed upon, viz: the warrant for the raising the Townes proportion to the money rate: the Town did declare it, yt they did understand that the Selectmen shouldassese the rateable Inhabitants their proportiohs to the 24,000 upon the estates & persons by the valuation taken the last yeer & they concluded the Selectmen should so assesse their inhabitants.

It was granted to Samuell Bliss Sen'r to have liberty to set up a mault house upon or joining to the brooke by ye street, provided it be the towns to give, & infring not the highway & this to be as any three of ye Selectmen determine.

It was further voted to leave it wth the Selectmen to take any good opportunity to procure a good Smith for the Towne. [III - 144.]

At a Town Meeting Sept 21, 1691.

Whereas the Indian corne doth not ripen this yeer as formerly, it was therefore voted that for the prsent yeer the general fields fences of the Town should be kept up intire for the keeping of the said fields til the tenth day of October next & that no person have any liberty to put in any cattle but according to former town orders.

Ebenezer Nutting is admitted to be an inhabitant in the Town: And whereas he desires the town would accomodate him with some land to build on & for a small pasture, & what land that Nathanll Sikes once bargained for wth Col. Pynchon being mentioned by some as that might be had for his purpose, if it could be purchased & the Col. Pynchon himself saying that he abate 20s of the price to sd Nath Sikes, & diverse p'sons expressing ymselves to allow something to yt purchasing some land; the whole matter was by the Town left wth John Dorchester to effect the procuring of that land or any other land for sd Ebenezer Nutting's settlement yet so as that sd Ebenezer Nutting continue five yeers in the Town before he have legal power & right to sell sd land.


May 3, 1692: At a Town Meeting.

Whereas there was a vote that the Selectmen should make the Rate containing the Townes proportion of the twenty four thousand pounds in money pay, according to the List taken in August 1690: the town do now vote that they shal goe according to the directions & order of the County Court: March, 1691.

May 9th, 1692. At a General Town Meeting.

The Worshipful Major John Pynchon, Esq. was chosen Moderator for this meeting & all other meetings of this yeer.

Voted: That the former Selectmen finish the List as was concluded the Last Town Meeting, & deliver it to the Constable to gather according to the assessments thereby set & this to be in leiu of that formerly delivered to the Constable.

Luke Hitchcocke & Thomas Stebbins were chosen the comittee to examine the prsent Selectmens accounts.

Japhet Chapin, Capt. Thomas Colton, Samuell Bliss sen'r. Thomas Stebbins & John Barber were chosen Selectmen for the yeer ensuing.

John Holyoke was chosen Town Clerke for this yeer.

Daniell Cooley was chosen Constable & sworn.

Thomas Stebbins was chosen Measurer for the Town lands.

James Warriner sen'r & John Burt & Joseph Leonard were chosen surveyors for the country highwayes.

It was voted that the Selectmen now chosen wth the Deacon speedily take care for seating of persons in the meeting house & for the prsent at their desire Major Pynchon & Quarter-master Colton are to advise ym & assist ym therein. [III - 145.]

It was further voted that Major John Pynchon, Esq & Deacon Burt with those two Selectmen now chosen wch live in the town plat & any other of the Selectmen that can be had doe, as occasion may be, agree wth Mr. Haines, or any other minister, for a supply for carrying on the sabbath awhile, halfe a yeer, or a quarter of a yeer, or til we can have advice from the Elders in the Bay & to follow or attend such advice according as they judge best for the town, or acquaint the selectmen to cal a town meeting as they see cause.


It was further voted & agreed that all children from five yeers old to ten yeeres old complete shal be by their parents sent to schoole & if not their parents shal pay or be rated for all such children to the schoolmaster, as if such children were sent by yr parents or masters. This to be understood of such as live in the Town plat from the mill on the south, up to Nathaneel Munns house or thereabouts.

At a Towne Meeting July 18, 1692:

The Towne or ffreeholders made choice of the Worshipful John Pynchon Esq to be commissioner to joine wth ye Selectmen in makeing a List for the Province rate, & to communicate the same according to act etc.

Mr. Pelatiah Glover was chosen Constable for this yeer.

At a Town Meeting August 11, 1692.

Jno Warner was chosen Constable for the yeer ensuing. Instead of Mr. Pel. Glover.

At this meeting the Towne being assembled by warning of the Selectmen in order to the discoursing & agreeing wth Mr. Glover about that house & land wch ye Town granted his father, wch belongs to the ministry, that Mr. Glover might have satisfaction for the same, & the sd housing & land return to the towne for the ministry, wch meeting was generally attended by the Inhabitants; where the Selectmen gave account that Mr. Glovers answer to them (upon yr treating wth him) was, that he expected the ful value of all in money, if the town would have the houseing & land againe; upon which Mr. Glover being called, & told that he mentioned no sum, we desired therefore, that he would propose a sum, & make his demands how much would satisfy him in pay as the town raised, & could make, he wthdrawing after some time came againe, & mentioned seven hundred & forty pounds in pay, wch being far beyond what we thought he intended: it was judged meet that two or three men should be appointed to discourse wth him wch he also desired that he might rather discourse wth three men then wth the whole assembly together, accordingly Deacon Burt, Charles Ferry


Senr & Thomas Stebbins were named and appointed, who withdrawing wth Mr. Glover came to a more moderate sum & proposals. In the tyme of whose absence from the Meeting, the town among ymselves considered what to doe in order to a fair issue & agreement & first agreed & determined that if Mr. Glover insist upon land that they would part wth Chickuppi land to him for the end aforesd & past a vote accordingly, then Mr Glover wth the three mentioned men as aforesd returned to the meeting wth this account that he expected land, wrupon the Town past an unanimous vote in the words following:

The Towne being really desirous of a loving issue of all matters about the house & land wch belongs to the ministry wch was given the Rev. Mr. Glover, deceased, considering the intangle mts on both partys thereaboutes [III - 146.] We doe agree & propose to Mr. Glover that (upon his free surrender & yeilding up the same to the Town, according to the original statement to & for the ministry) we will give him the sd Mr. Glover an hundred pounds to be paid him in Corn & Porke sometime this winter & the next spring come twelve months, & will also give him such land as hereafter mentioned, viz: the seven acres more or lesse of the Town medow agt the street, & also the forty acres of town land in Chickuppi field. Con-cerning wch land in Chickuppi field some question being stated whether ye town can give it wch most apprhend a needless question, yet however in case it prove doubtful to him or any hazzard be of his good title to it, we wil make it good to the sum of an hundred & fifty pounds in pay wch we wil pay him in leiu of it in case the Town do not assure it to him, & when he shal be disturbed in the enjoyment of sd land: all wch was past by such an unanimous vote, as that no man disented it being tryed by desiring any that dissented to speake or to hold up their hands, & none appeared; upon wch Mr. Pelatiah Glover who was called, & to whom the vote (wch was writt) was distinctly read & he delivered his acceptance of it, only he thought, that the clause if he was disturbed in enjoyment of sd land, the Town would pay him one hundred & fifty pounds for it, was needless yet the vote was as aforesd;


after wch Mr. Glover declared again himself fully satisfyed & said since the Town had offered as they did, he did accept it in leiu of that given to his father, & would have writings drawn to issue the business without delay, on the morrow & should stay at home to attend it, to give the Town possession of that for the ministry, upon yr giving him possession of Chickuppi land & medow; whereupon the Town appointed Major Jno Pynchon, Deacon Burt & Lieut. Hitchcocke in their behalfe & in yr names to attend sd worke & to give him possession accordingly & sign firme writings for Chickuppi land & ye medow, & take like from him for securing the land to the ministry, & the Towne promise him liberty to live in the house this winter if he please; & they did give account thereof at the following meeting.

Note on margin: Att a following meeting the Selectmen were substituted in ye stead of the sd three men.

September 12, 1692. At a town meeting.

It was voted that Major John Pynchon, Quartermaster George Colton & Deacon Burt should in behalfe of the town renew our Invitation to Mr. John Haynes for his continuance & settlement with us, or that any two of them do it; & they do treat him further from tyme to tyme til the affaire be brought to a conclusion.

At this Meeting the Town did again discourse Mr. Peletiah Glover on ye same account as they did discourse him at the former meeting & did desire him to give his serious answer that we may make an issue of ye matter between us & come to enjoy the ministry land according to ye first stating of it, & that the Town may know what to give him by way of compensation, & his answer was that he was not willing to say further without further hearing from his overseers, & added that he would give an answer wthin fourteen dayes.

It was further voted since the proposals were not accepted wch the town made to Mr. Glover to bring the business to an issue, that the ministry land might returne to its proper use & that Mr. Glover might have meet recompense) that the Selectmen prosecute the affiare of settling the [III - 147.]


land that the Town or church hath so unavoidably devoted for the service of the church or its ministry and this at the next Court come fortnight & so from Court til the cause is ended.

Information being given to the Town concerning the suffering condition of Peter Swinke, it was commended to the discretion & charity of the Selectmen to doe for him as becomes the Town to do for their own proper poor.

At a town meeting September 6, 1692, called by the Selectmen to consider what to do to satisfy Mr. Glover for the house & land wch the town first sequestered for ye ministry & to prvent going to the County Court: It was voted & concluded that Mr. Glover & the Town shal put the whole matter to Arbitration to be determined by three men on both sides chosen by both partyes for yr own sides, what the town shal allow Mr. Glover as a meet recompence for the ministry land wch the town do require to be set accordingly to the first appropriation & use: & sd Mr. Glover & the selectmen in the behalfe of the town did severally bind themselves in the bond of 500 pounds to stand by the determination of those six men: & John Pynchon Esq, Deacon Burt & Lieut Wright are made choice of, to declare in the behalfe of the Town before the arbitrators what may be convenient & necessary for their information.

November 10th, 1692 at a Legal Town Meeting.

At this meeting the town did by vote declare that they accept & close wth Honoured arbitrators determination of the case between the Town of Springfield & Mr. Glover about the houseing & land for the ministry & that they wil addresse themselves to pay according to the sd determination viz: three hundred and fifty pounds.

Further they did vote that the Worshipful Col. Jno Pynchon, Jonathan Burt Sen'r & John Holyoke should exress to sd arbitrators thankes for & in behalfe of the Towne for their love and pains in giving us their sense & determination & they also should in behalfe of the Town desire ye sd arbitrators to give their explanation wth reference to that terme


houseing or house yt is whether or noe all the houseing is not intended, or whether any houseing is excepted.

It was further voted that the Selectmen should make a rate at once for ye payment of the sc three hundred & fifty pounds.

There having been difficulty for the Constable Benjamin Stebbins to have gathered the Towns proportion of the rate of 24,000 money, his tyme being expired, as he says, before the sd proportion was delivered to him: Therefore that ye same may be gathered as soone as may be & paid to the Treasurer for the Province, the Town have made choice of the said Benjamin Stebbins, & Nathanll Blisse to be Collectors to gather in & pay to the Treasurer the Towns proportion as aforesd.

January 13, 1692.

At a legal Town Meeting called by the Selectmen to consider & conclude how to attend & practically to answer the determination of the honoured arbitrators respecting or giving Mr. Pel. Glover a meet recompense for the ministry land wch was sequestred for the ministry in this town forever (though after that unwarily given his Reverend father) that so we might quietly enjoy the sd ministry land again, wch compensation or recompence the said [III - 148.] arbitrators did determine to be three hundred & fifty pounds & whereas sd] arbitrators did advise to make a recompence by lands againe as much as we might & if we could & Mr. Glover likeing also to take land in way of recompence, therefore at this meeting it was first voted that the Town would let sd Mr. Glover have the Town land at Chickuppi & the medow on the northeast side of the street, at the price of two hundred & fifty pounds but because Mr. Glover gainsayed that & offered two hundred & forty pounds the town yeilded to him therein. This was done wth Generall consent save three that dissented viz: Joseph Stebbins & Jno Miller & Joseph Bedortha who required their disent to be entered.

And it was further voted & agreed that an equal assessment should be made upon the inhabitants of the town forthwth for the gathering the remaining part viz: for one hundred & ten pounds wch assessment being brought to Mr. Glovers


house by th several inhabitants Mr Glover being prsent, consented that the Selectmen should measure the same out to him: the said sentence being first written & read to him:

It was further concluded that the Selectmen should deliver the foresaid town lands to Mr. Glover, he delivering or surrendering up the ministry lands to the primitive state & use.

It was voted & concluded at this meeting that the second Tuesday in March should be the day for attending our Generall Town Meetings annually for ye elections of Towns officers according to the Act of ye Governor & Council etc.

Symon Smith was chosen gager & packer for the year ensueing.

January 24, 1692.

Here follow the returne the Selectmen made concerning their delivery of the Towns Lands to mr. Glover:

Whereas a Town meeting January 13, 1692, wth reference to ye Towns concluding how to satisfy Mr. Pelatiah Glover the three hundred & fifty pounds the town were awarded by the honoured arbitrators to pay to sd Mr. Glover upon their assuming the ministry lands & housing to their primitive state & use, at wch meeting Mr. Glover came to this conclusion wth the Towne that Mr. Glover should have the delivery of the medow in the town plat & the lands at Chickupi made to him by the Selectmen and that those lands should be considered or accounted as two hundred & forty pounds & that the Selectmen should make a rate of one hundred & ten pounds for the complement of the sd awarded sum.

In pursuance of sd vote & conclusion. Three of the Selectmen viz: Samuell Bliss sen'r, Capt. Thomas Colton & Thomas Stebbins did go upon sd lands, first they went upon Chickuppi lands & then in presence of Samuell Befortha & Nathanll Dumbleton & did at once give Mr. Glover possession by twig of said lands at Chickuppi & of sd medow at the price of two hundred & forty pounds delivering to mr. Glover, it was upon condition of his relinquishing & surrender of the Ministry land to the town for the ministry & then the Selectmen did


desire Mr. Glover to make resignment of the ministry land to the Town & Mr. Glover made this reply, That they must resume the sd lands.

And further ye Selectmen have made a rate of one hundred & ten pounds to satisfy the re-mainder of the awarded sum. [III - 149.]

Sir William Phips, Knight - New Governor 1692-3.

At a General Town Meeting, March 17, 1692-3 for the Election of Town Officers, being the first meeting for such Elections under the Governor, his Excellency Sir William Phips,

The Worshipful John Pynchon, Esq. is chosen Moderator for all the meetings this yeer.

They did give in their votes for a County Treasurer wch were sealed up in ye presence of the voters to be sent to ye next Quarter Sessions.

Luke Hitchcocke, Eliakim Cooley, Joseph Stebbins, Jonathan Ball & John Holyoke were chosen Selectmen to act according to instructions p. 5th of ye booke.

John Holyoke is chosen Town Clerke.

Henry Chapin is chosen Comissioner for Assessments.

Thomas Cooper & Samuell Terrey are chosen Constables.

Thomas Stebbins is chosen Measurer for lands.

Benjamin Stebbins, Henry Rogers & Henry Burt are chosen Surveyors for ye highwayes respectively.

Miles Morgan, James Warriner Sen'r., John Dorchester, Nathaniel Burt Sen'r & Edward Foster are chosen tithing men.

The fence viewers are as follows: Benjamin Leonard & Thomas Day, Jun'r for the part of the generall field North of Agawam. Charles Ferrey Sen'r & Thomas Mirricke Jun'r for South side of Agawam. Joseph Ashley & Nathanll Morgan for Chickuppi field. Nathanll Munn & Thomas Lamb for the plaine. John Harmon & Increase Sikes Sen'r for the homelots - & Nath Burt, Jun'r & Samuell Keep for Long Medow.

Luke Hitchcocke is chosen Sealer for Leather.


It is voted & concluded that the Selectmen do agree wth Samuell Miller respecting the Town Lands in his hands, that the same may be free for Mr. Pel. Glover, that Mr. Glover may come to possession & occupy the sd lands wthout any Let or disturbance.

New Minister for Springfield - Mr. John Haines.

It was further voted & agreed to renew our Invitation of Mr. John Haines that he continue wth us in the worke of the ministry wth respect to his Administring of all the ordinances of the Gospel to us & it was agreed that the Worshipful Major Jno. Pynchon, Esq., Quarter-master Colton & Deacon Burt should manage the whole treatment, as they were appointed Sept. 1, 1692: page 146 (of this Town booke).

At a Town Meeting: April 3, 1693.

It was voted to give Mr. John Haines seventy pounds for the second yeer & the produce of the house and land for the ministry, & hereafter to adde to his stipend according as God shal blesse us, & that the three men formerly appointed to treate him, or any two of them do signify this vote of the Town to Mr. Jno Haines.

Voted to give Mr. Pel. Glover a Deed of Assurance of ye Towns lands set to him by way of Compensation for the Townes lands reassurance, & ye Selectmen to do it. Further, it being declared to the Town by sd Mr. Glover, that our several rates of the Reverand, his father's stipend not fully paid: It was now voted that the Selectmen for the making of sd rates should see to finish the collections of the arreares of sd several rates, & that they be now impowered to make out warrants for the collecting of the unpaid part of sd several rates.

There being much difficulty to gain the Constable Benjamin Stebbins to collect the Towns proportion of the 24,000 Country rate & it being laid before [III - 150.] the Sessions March 14, 1692-3, the Justices then considered & weighed the matter, & determined that ye sd Constable Benjamin Stebbins do collect the sd proportion & that the Town should chuse a Collector to joyn with him & assist him in sd collection, accordingly the Town made choice of Nathaneel Blisse to be said Collector.


It was further voted that John Dorchester & Luke Hitchcocke should lay out the tract of two miles square to the makers of rosin according to the grant thereof.

It was further voted that the Selectmen do what is needful & requisite for the effectual management of the affaire of keeping out the dry hurd towards Manchonis mountaines.

April 28th: At a Town Meeting.

The Worshipful Major Pynchon Esq being chosen the Towns Representative for the General Court for this yeer, it was voted to leave it with the Selectmen to see he have a man to accompany him to Boston according as there shall be necessity.

It was voted that Major Pynchon, Esq, Henry Chapin, Samuell Terrey & Jonathan Ball be a Comittee for our Town to treat with Northampton to settle the bounds between Springfield & Northampton according to the first stateing thereof & our agreement wth them & that Rowland Thomas be added wth them if the meeting be at Apringfield; this worke being not to be prolonged much beyond michaelmas terme.

It was voted that the Selectmen do send to the man that we hear would set up Iron workes in our town & that they inform him that ye Town is willing to encourage him all that they can in that affaire & to give him any Liberty as to improvement of iron oare in their comons as shalbe rational & that the town should be glad if he would come & give us a visite.

September 4th, 1693. At a Town Meeting.

At this meeting there was a vote that the Town should have a meeting on the next Monday at Two of the clocke in the afternoone to Consider & conclude what to doe for our prsent Minister's maintenance & to encourage him to settlement in the work of the ministry wth us.

September 11th, 1693.

At a legal Town Meeting appointed to consider what to do for the settling of mr. John Haines in this Town according to the vote at the preceding town meeting. It was first voted that his salary (after the expiration of his 2d yeer) should be fourscore pounds per annum. Nextly it


was voted to give Mr. John Haines after the terme of seven yeeres, one hundred pounds besides his yeerly salary of eighty pounds in case he settle among us & doe desire it. Wch vote of the Town, ye Selectmen were ordered to acquaint Mr. John Haines with. See p. 253. [III - 151.]

In the handwriting of Elizur Holyoke.

Land Grants beginning 1665.

Here followeth several grants of land, made by this Towne beginning wth ye yeare 1665.

There is granted to John Baker eight acres of medow over Agawam River 3 or 4 miles beyond Ensigne Coopers upon about the North branch of Stonny River in yt p'cell of medow wch Rowland Thomas guesses to be neere 30 acres, at the South end of it. John Bakers eight acres is to lye, wch 8 acres is granted him on consideration he doe settle in this Town & here continue five yeeres.

There is likewise grannted to Japhet Chapin, Timothy Cooper, David Ashley & James Taylor the rest of that p'cell of meddow there to be equally divided among them foure. And there is further grannted unto them foure, twenty acres apeece of upland neere that meddow lying on this side of it, neere about a mile to ye Northward of their meddow wch is to be pro-portioned amongst them equally alike for the goodness of the land.

Also James Taylor (in lieu of former grants made to him & the land not found for him) hath granted unto thirty acres in a low peece of ground or bottom having a brooke running through it about halfe a mile on this side Paucatuck towards Worrinoco and in case ye land will hold out he is to have it made up fforty acres: provided it be noe way prjudiciall to highwayes.

There is grannted to Lawrence Bliss some small nookes & strappets of meddow & swamp lying in the corners of his meddow laid out at Watchuett in case all beside his former grannt there exeed not three acres.

There is grannted to Thomas Copley on the West side of


the great River house lott on this side of William Hunters. And ten acres under the hill at ye reere of his home lott and some distance from the fence: Also thirty acres at Ashkanunksuck. These grannts are on condition he settle in ye Town five yeeres. [III - 152.]

There is grannted to Samuell Marshfield tenne acres of land under the hill at the lotts above ye comon fence wch extends from ye great River to Agawam River: This land to lye by Thomas Copleys ten acres before mentioned.

Symon Bemon moving that his six acre lot formerly grannted him at Skipmuck & his former grannt of ffourteene acres there may be laid together: his desire is grannted, & the measurer is to lay it out for his best conveniency & uppon his desire, there is further grannted him eight acres of land there adjoyning to ye former p'cells & all to be laid together by ye Measurer, provided it hinder not Rowland Thomas from coming to his land there.

Also there is grannted Symon Bemon five or six acres of meddow over Chickuppy River beyond Jeremy Hortons meddow of the best meddow he can fynd neere it on this side of Stony Brooke.

John Bliss hath liberty grannted him for mowing 8 or 10 acres on fresh water River where he mowed last yeere. And this till yt land be further considered of for disposing of it.

Nathaneell Burt hath grannted unto him the pond agst his two lotts in ye long meddow & soe up to ye brow of the hill, if it be not already granted him, provided it be noe wrong to ye Indians in gathering or comeing to their pease.

John Keepe also hath soe much of the pond as is agaynst his land grannted him & soe up the ye brow of the hill upon like conditions.

George Colton hath likewise ye pond agt his land grannted him upon like condition.

John Scott hath granted unto him the land at the West end of his Twenty acre lott (in Chicuppe playne) the land between his lott & ye former, viz: from ye end of his lott to ye fence.


Abell Wright hath grannted unto him a house lott at Skipmuck of 8 or 10 acres provided it be in ye playne by James Warriners land.

Thomas Noble hath grannted unto him a lott there of 8 or 10 acres on ye top of ye hill agt Abell Wright. [III - 153.]

Granted unto Charles Ferry in ye playne at Skeepmuck 30 acres of land where he desires it if soe much be there in that playne. Provided he doe build & settle upon it within three yeeres from this day of January ye 5th 1665 or elce the land to returne to the Towne againe. See page 153 of this booke.

There is grannted to the Inhabitants of Skeepmuck a highway from ye Slow beyond the Swan Pond to ye higher Wading place in Chickuppe River.

There is granted to Capt. John Pynchon that those wood lotts wch he bought of Miles Morgan & Griffith Jones shall runne in length eastward all the breadth of them soe far further as to be equall in length wth the River of his former wood lotts wch lye on ye South of this grant.

George Colton hath grannted unto him that his wett medow below the Long Meddow shall run to the foote of the hill square wth that wch was Goodman Harmans meddow there.

Richard Excell hath granted unto him yt what land he hath already at Block Brooke shalbe made up thirty acres there, part of this land is in satisfaction for land he hath laid comon for the fence to run to Agawam River.

Obadiah Miller hath grannted unto him twenty acres of land at Block Bridge next to Richard Excell. These grants not to pr'judice any highwayes.

Japhet Chapin hath grannted unto him a strappet of meddow on ye Mill River about one acre upon a little brook yt runs into Goodman Warreners meddow.

Frances Pepper hath grannted unto him eight or tenne acres of land in ye playne about End Brooke at the eastward end of Mr. Holyokes land & the land yt was Mr. Smiths there, & thence to run eastward towards the hill but not quite to ye hill that there may be sufficient walk & passage for cattle wth some scope for them under the hill.


Samuell Marshfield desiring ye West side of the great River & on the North side of the comon fence (yt runs from ye great River to Agawam river - may be carryed a little higher [III - 154.] that soe his lott wch he bought of Goodman Warrener may lye next to the fence, his desire is grannted, provided Charles Ferry whose lott is next be content to lye next the highway & p'vided also it may be noe detriment to ye highway to be carryed thus higher.

Robert Ashley hath grannted unto him as an addition to his ffoure acres more, soe that he is to have there in all eight acres for woodland, to run in length 80 rod as other wood lotts doe, only there is to be reserved there three rod broad the whole length of these lotts wch is to be left comon for a highway for passage into the woods eyther there or lower as shalbe most convenient.

Benjamin Parsons hath ye pond agt his land in the Long meddow grannted him, pvided it wrong not the Indians nor hinder their taking of their pease.

John Bliss hath grannted unto him ye pond agt his land in ye Long meaddow; p'vided it wrong not the Indians nor hinder them taking their pease.

Benjamin Parsons hath ye pond agt his land in the Long meddow grannted him, pvided it wrong not the Indians nor hinder their takeing of their pease.

John Bliss hath grannted unto him ye pond agt his land in ye Long meaddow; pvidedit wrong not the Indians nor hinder them taking their pease.

Benjamin Parsons & Thomas Powell have grannted betwixt them forty acres of Upland at Chickuppe River side below Sconunganuck.

John Horton hath 8 acres of land grannted unto him on ye back side his house lott at Skeepmuck. Resigned to ye Towne before R. Thomas & Jer. Horton.

John Dumbleton hath grannted to him thirty acres of upland & swamp at Paucatuck towards Worronoco joyning to the north side of Thomas Millers land & the land yt Capt. Pynchon bought of the said John Dumbleton.

Also there is grannted him tenne acres of land on the West side of ye great River under the hills without the comon fence by Samuell Marshfields & Thomas Copleyes land there.

Samuel Marshfield hath grannted unto him an addition of six acres of land to the ten acres granted him at ye last meeting wch is to lye under the hills at reer of ye house lotts


without ye comon fence which [III - 155.] runs from ye great River to Agawam River, in all he is to have sixteen acres there together (by Thomas Copley) this grant is on condition yt he resigne up his six acre lott wch he bought of William Warrener without the said comon fence into the Town. And he upon this grant did resigne up the said six acres to the Town to lye comon. And it is ordered yt the said six acres in breadth 12 rod shall lye comon, together wth the eight rod in breadth along by the said fence formerly appoynted for a highway there, wth twenty rod together in breadth without the fence is to lye comon for a highway & for food of cattle, & is soe to run to through along by the fence side to cover the Muxy meddow or further to be continued all ye way twenty rod broad.

And it is ordered & grannted that there shalbe twenty rod broad lye comon at ye reere of those house lotts yt are above the said fence, viz: agt the said lotts. Twenty rod wide is to be left for a highway & for feed of cattle.

There being certayne small p'cells of meddow, lying upon a dingle on ye south side of the Bay path agt the ffour mile pond in all about 3 or 4 acres, they are granted to & are to be to the use & behoof of him yt doth or shall keepe the Ordinary in this Town from tyme to tyme, that is to say while he doth keepe the Ordinary in this Towne. The said meddow being appropriated to yt use for encouragement of such as shall be legally chosen to that work from tyme to tyme.

There is granted to the house of correction of this County in Springfield a certyne p'cell of meddow by or upon ye little gutter beyond the Swan Pond about two miles from this Town by the Bay path wch meddow running in compass may be about an acre and a half or two acres, wch is to belong to the house of correction, to be improved by the Master of ye said house from tyme to tyme.

Also there is granted to belong to the sd house of correction ten acres ofland upon a gutter or swamp wch runs into ye Mill river about seven miles from the Town a little [III - 156.] beyond where the Tar kilne by the Bay path to the eastward of that Tar kilne


place. This ten acres is to lye at the lower end of that swamp or lowland & is to be im-proved by him yt shalbe ye Master of the said house of correction for which in after tyme, there shalbe allowed by the County to ye Towne as the Selectmen shall condition for.

There is grannted to Thomas Noble foure or ffive acres of meddow a little beyond Skeepmuck where Symon Bemon hath meddow if soe much be there to be had.

There is granted to Joseph Crowfoote below Agawam River foure acres of meddow in lieu of a former grant (wch he hath not) where Joseph Leonard shall have some.

Joseph Leonard hath eight acres granted him (if it be there to be had beside Joseph Crowfootes aforesaid) Also fforty acres of upland is granted him to joyne to his meddow.

Joseph Crowfoote hath also granted him two acres of low ground or meddow upon the brook yt runs by Rice Bedorthas cellar about the head of yt brooke.

Samuell Terry hath grannted unto him thirty acres of upland all along by his meddow beyond Chickuppe playne on ye west side of the great River, only a highway is reserved all along through this peece of land, wch this grannt is noe wayes to prjudice.

Rice Bedortha & Edward ffoster have granted unto each of them thirty acres of land in the next hollow beyond Block bridge to lye a little on this side of the tymber swamp below the swamp viz: to ye southward of it, provided noe highway be prejudiced by this grant.

Timothy Cooper & Japhet Chapin have granted unto them six acres of meddow to each of them last meeting, they are to take it together at the lower end of ye meddow. [III - 157.]

Serjant Stebbins hath ye swamp granted him yt is betwixt his meddow over Agawam river & ye hills.

Nathaneell Pritchard hath granted unto him the spangs or strappetts of upland betwixt & about his meddow at Pacowsick to ye quantity of ten or twelve acres.


Rowland Thomas hath grannted unto him by his house at Chickuppe adjoyning to his land there about three acres of land more to ye northwest of his house & joyning to his brother Henry Chapins land.

There is granted to John Bliss & Samuell Bliss Sen'r to each of them six acres of meddow lying on a brook yt runs into fresh water brooke about a mile & halfe beyond Nathaneell Elyes meddow, if so much be there. Samuell Bliss his share is to begin at the higher end of the meddow next the swamp wch ye brook runs out of.

Also Samuel Bliss Jun'r hath granted unto him three acres of meddow there wth his uncles if soe much be there besides his former grants.

Those grants are on condition yt ye land be undisposed of: & yt it be in ye liberty of the Towne to grant them.

Thomas Cooper Jun'r hath granted unto him twenty acres of land southward of the meddowes over Agawam river between Samuell Marshfields land there & Thomas Mirick. Itis to lye in a square peece & not to prjudice any highway yt may be laid out there about.

Griffith Jones hath granted unto him ten acres of land Northwesterly from ye comon fence yt runs from the great River to Agawam River, wch is to lye between John Dumbletons land and the highway & the hill, if soe much be there besides former grants.

Thomas Cooper Jun'r hath also grannted him five or six acres of meddow on ye most easterly branch of Stony River where he can fynd it most convenient being 3 or 4 miles from his fathers house over Agawam River. [III - 158.]

Joseph Leonard hath granted unto him twenty acres of land above the Second brook yt is above his fathers house over Agawam river & below Thomas Millers lad there provided he leave 20 rod in breadth between this grant & the bank of the Agawam River.

Rowland Thomas hath granted unto him six or seven acres of land at ye easterly end of Henry Chapins land on this

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History of Springfield, Vol. II
Hampden County
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