History of Springfield, MA
Volume II
Pages 331 - 370



enable him for further settlement, as he shall see cause: & Deacon Burt & three of the Selectmen were appointed to acquaint Mr. Daniell Brewer wth ye sd votes, & to make returne to the Towne how sd Mr. Brewer should entertaine sd votes, & the sd Deacon wth the three Selectmen did receive the following answer from Mr. Daniell Brewer, viz that provided we were unanimous he was inclinable to compliance wth the Towns proffer & that in order to continuance wth us, if he shal further find God leading him doe soe. *(see this mark in the next page.)

It was further voted that Jonathan Burt & Henry Rogers be impowered to set up an house for Peter Swinke & that what Peter Swinke is unable to satisfy them, that the same be paid them by the towne.

Whereas we are given to understand that an act was likely to pass that the several constables of ye several towns of the several unpaid Country Rates be ordered to go to ye Bay to lay before the Province Treasurer or the Committee for the Province arrearages, for his or their hearing of sd constables or their accounts, & to shew to the Treasurer or sd Committee their reasons why they have not collected or paid the several rates, or what reaons may be alledged why any Towns should be eased or abated, it was voted & agreed that the Constables David Morgan & Josias Marshfield should goe to ye Treasurer or sd Committee as for themselves soe for ye other Constables to lay before him or them what reasons may be meet to be urged why our Town should be abated in divers rates, & it was agreed that what they expend wth respect to ye great rate of 24,000 more then their own concerns & that they should be allowed for the same by the Towne.

Mr. Pel. Glover presenting added that he would have ye Selectmen signe wch deed was read, & that the Town voted it not safe for ye Selectmen to signe it, it not being according to yt agreement wth Mr. Glover. But yet unanimously voted that the Selectmen should give him a firm deed in the Towns behalf of the land at Chickuppi & the medow in the town only re-citing his surrendry & relinquishing the minsitry house &


land putting that in as the condition for the Townes giving him the sd Chickuppi land & ye said medow.

Whereas the Acts of the Province require each Town to be provided of a schoolmaster on penalty as in sd act declared, this town do now appoint & impower the Selectmen of Springfield from time to time to take care [III - 255.] of providing schoolmasters as said Act injoines, & in case the Selectmen do not take care thereabouts, and provide as said act requires, it was now voted that ye penalty in said Law for neglect, be laid upon them, & that the Town be not lyable to fine for the Selectmens neglect but that the select men defective do bear it.

And Colonel Jno Pynchon, Esq., & Deacon Jonathan Burt were appointed in the name of the town to declare to Mr. Daniel Brewer the Towns resentment his answer to the Towns invitation & to give him thanks for the same:

March 13, 1693-4.

At a Generall Town Meeting for the Election of Town Officers:

The Worshipful Colonel John Pynchon, Esq was chosen Moderator for this Meeting & all other meetings for this yeer.

Mr. Pelatiah Glover, John Dorchester, Joseph Stebbins, Nathll Blisse & David Morgan were chosen Selectmen to manage & act in all prudential affaaries of the Town.

Capt. Thomas Colton & Samuell Ely were chosen the Comittee to examine the accounts of the last Selectmen.

John Holyoke was chosen Town Clerke & sworn.

James Warriner & Henry Burt were chosen Constables & sworn.

James Dorchester, Samuell Stebbins, Edward Stebbin, Ben Leonard & Charles fferey Jun'r chosen Tithing men for their respective precincts & sworn.

Thomas Stebbin was chosen Measurer of land.

Nathanll Munn, Thomas Miricke Jun'r & Henry Rogers were chosen Surveyors for all the high wayes & sworn.

Serj't Luke Hitchcocke was chosen Sealer for leather & sworn.


Henry Chapin was chosen Comissioner for Assessments.

The following persons were chosen viewers of fences to ye divers fields, viz:

Joseph Bedortha & Nath Dumbleton for the general field over ye River on the North side of Agawam & John Barber & Joseph Leonard for ye south side of Agawam; James Barker & Samll Bedortha were chosen viewers for Chickupi field; Samll Blisse 3d & Samuell Ely were chosen viewers of the homelots & Benj Stebbins & John Hitchcock Jun'r for the plain field & Jonathan Burt Jun'r & Samuel Bliss Jun'r for the long medow & were all sworne.

Nathanll Munn was chosen Clerk of the market or sealer for weights & measurers & sworne.

Hay wards were chosen, viz: William Bliss & Jno Day for the homelots, James Tailor Jun'r for the field on the west side ye great River over agt ye Town, William Cranny for Chickupi, Thomas Lamb & Joseph Stebbin Jun'r for ye Plain, & for the long medow, Samuell Keep.

Long medow bridge being said to be very defective or to want a new one, this affaire whether to repaire the old bridge or to make a new one is left wth Nathanell Burt Sen'r together wth the abovesd surveyors of the highwayes. [III - 256.]

Ben Stebbins & Samll Ely were chosen collectors for ye 24,000 rate.

It was voted that the Selectmen should joine wth Northampton to Petition the Generall Courts indulgence of this county respecting ye Act about horses, that since the countyes Comons are large yt we may have free use of the comons for whatsoever horses wehave without any difficulty or damage respecting the fine enacted.

Mr. Glover complaining that yr are many yeeres arrears of the Reverend Mr. Glover his father that he wants to help to get ym paid, it was voted the Selectmen of the several yeeres, in wch sd arreares should have been paid, be impowered wth the several Constables of the same yeeres to collect ym of the several particular persons behind in sd rates.

The inhabitants of Long medow desiring to get a school


master to teach their children to read & write, & so to be exempted from paying to any such schoolmaster in the Town, it was voted in the affirmative wth this proviso that they pay their proportions wth ye rest of the Towne, on all occasions for a Grammar Schoole.

At a Legal Town Meeting, April 11th, 1694:

It was voted that the Selectmen send ot our Representative Capt. Benjamin Davis to lay before the Generall Court the clause in the Charter that the Representatives for ye Generall Court may be accepted when chosen in the Province, according to the Charter, it was voted that the Selectmen do take effectual course to get firearmes according to the act.

It was voted to chuse Henry Chapin, John Dumbleton & John Barber to be a committee for seating persons in the Meeting House.

It was voted that the number of assessors for the publik tar would be three.

The Worshipll Col. Jno Pynchon Esq, Capt. Thomas Colton & Lieut. Jno Hitchcocke were voted to be those three assessors.

It being reported to the Town that Benjamin Smith should express himself willing to maintain Pacatucke bridge between Springfield and Westfield if the Town would free him from rates for his lands there, it was voted to leave the matter wth the Selectmen to treate him & agree with him accordingly.

It was voted that Joseph Stebbin should officiate as Town Treasurer til the next General Meeting for Election of Town officers.

October 8, 1694; at a Town Meeting:


The County Sheriffe haveing the Province Treasurers Warrant to demand of the several Constables the several arrears of the Country rates put to into their hands to collect, & upon their non-payments to make distress upon them, & because some Constables want some papers of accounts, which are with the Treasurer, & so cant delcare to the Town [III -257.] what is payd, or to be payd, or why the Treasurer desires more, also seeing the Court have allowed an abatement of fifty pounds in ye 24,000 rate & yet no discretion is sent to the Town to shew how that abatement is to be applyed, therefore the Town do vote, that something be drawn up in writing to lay before the Treasurer or Generall Court that the respective Constables have more tyme to collect sd arreares & that the Towns Representative or some other meet person do present the same, also that he get a copy of said abatement that ye worke may be done according to the mind or intent of the court & that Deacon Burt, Thomas Stebbins & Jno Holyoke signe sd writing in the name of the Town, the Worshipll Col. Pynchon directing for the sd draught.

At a Town Meeting November 22, 1694:

It was voted to have a comittee of three men to proportion the abatement of fifty pounds that the General Court have granted to this Town out of the rate of 24,000 & that those three men be Lieut John Hitchcocke, Thomas Stebbins & John Holyoke.

Also it was voted & concluded that there be two men of this Town appointed to discourse wth the other Towns or the Selectmen of the other Towns of this County, that the whole County may unanimously address themselves to the Generall Court wth their unanimous voice that this County may be allowed to pay their Country Rates in some other Specie then money & that Henry Chapin & Lieut Abel Wright be the two men so to do & make yr returne to the Town.

Also it was voted that Col. John Pynchon, Esq & Lieut John Hitchcocke should examine the accounts of ye Constables Joseph Bedortha & Samuell Bliss 3d as to the money rates yr were to collect & to see what each mens payment that hath been


made in grain falls short ofwhat was each mans due to pay & that what they shal find to fall short in each mans sd rate that they lay the same to such persons themselves to pay to sd Constables.

It was voted that the ancient order [p.28] about seating persons in the Meeting-House be attended from time to time.

Also it was voted & concluded that the Selectmen doe call upon the Constables Daniel Cooley & John Warner for the overplus money in the Country Rate more then they were to pay to the Country Treasurer wch overplus they were to gather for the use of the Towne, & that sd Selectmen receive sd overplus at their hands, as also that they search after the money was due for the Towns tar, & receive that, & that having got the money they see that John Holyoke his Country rate in sd Constables be fully paid.

At a Town Meeting: January 16, 1694:

Whereas some of the Constables & in particular Constable Joseph Bedortha & Constable Blisse 3d, have in their accounts wth the Country Treasurer give in divers things that we Judge ought to be set of in the Country Rates they were to pay the Treasurer, or for which they ought to have credite given them by the sd Treasurer, & yet those things are disallowed by the Court & the sd Constables are made debtors to the Treasurer or Country to the value of those particulars, therefore the Town do now vote that a Petition should be formed & sent to the Generall Court that they would accept what those Constables have done to the compleating of the payments of the Country rates put into their hands to collect & that those constables [III - 258.] may have credite in the value of those particulars: & that Deacon Burt, Thomas Stebbins & John Holyoke should write that Petition in the name of the Town & send it to the Generall Court.

It was also voted that the Towns mind how they would have the Generall Court addressed by the Countys Petition, that this County might not be required to pay their Country Rates in money but that they might pay their proportion in graine


to the Constables & soe be discharged, that this the Towns mind & formerly voted should be written & sent to the other Towns of this County, & that this be done by Henry Chapin & Lieut. Wright, the Town Clerke joining with them. A Coppy of the Province Treasurers re-ceite given to Constable James Warriner.

Boston January 26, 1694.

Received of Mr. James Warriner, Constable of Springfield, eighteen pounds eleven shillings & six pence being in ful of a Warrant for Twenty-four pounds nineteen shillings. I say re-ceived for Mr. James Taylor, Treasurer. Per Jer Allen. 18: 11s 6d Examined & compared with the original receite & vera copia. Attest: Jno Holyoke Town Clerk.

At a Town Meeting ffebruary 5, 1694.

It was voted that the arrears of the purchase rate for the Ministry Land be put into the Constables hand of the yeer, & that they see to it, that wthin a months time the whole be payd by the persons yt are behind, or that the Constable to whom it is committed pay the sd arreares.

It was voted that Ensign Joseph Stebin be impowered to see to it that the Selectmen & the Constables of the several yeeres, wherein there are arrears of the Rates of the Rev. Mr. Pelatiah Glover uncollected, do forthwith attend the two acts or votes of the Town re-specting said arreares in April 3, 1693 & in March 13, 1694-4 & that they finish ye coll-ections & when any persons are dead or removed, & no estate to be had, that ye respective Selectmen do give account of the rates such persons to ye Selectmen of the next choice & that they shall adde them the next Town Rate. It was also voted that what is payable to Mr. Pela Glover for the unpaid part of the purchase rate be by the present Selectmen set wth the Town Rate or added to the sums of the persons in the prsent Town Rate yt are behind hand in paying sd Purchase Rate.

It was voted that Deacon Burt, John Dorchester & David Morgan do get an account of the names of those persons


who already are seated in the Meeting house & yet have no interest in any seates, by any former payment, as also of those persons who shalbe seated, & have no interest in any seates as aforesaid & that the three [III - 259.] persons afore mentioned do proportion such seated person the respective seat money & gather the said Seat Money of them & then to pay the said money to whom it may be due.

March 12th 1694-5.

At the Generall Town Meeting for Election of Town Officers:

Henry Chapin & Joseph Ashley were chosen to examine the Selectmen accounts.

Thomas Cooper, Capt. Thomas Colton, Daniel Cooley, Charles fferrey Sen'r & John Holyoke were chosen Selectmen to act in & manage the prudential affaires of the Town.

James Barker & Isaac Colton were chosen Constables & sworne.

Ensign Joseph Stebbins was chosen Treasurer for the Towne.

Nathaneel Burt Sen'r, John Burt, James Tailor Sen'r, John fferrey & Thomas Jones were chosen Tithing men for the Respective precincts.

Thomas Lamb, Thomas Day Jun'r & Samuel Ely were chosen Surveyors of ye highwayes.

Thomas Day Jun'r was chosen Sealer for Leather.

The Town Clerke was voted toller for horses, viz: John Holyoke.

The fence viewers for the several fields were chosen as follows, viz:

for Chickupi field - Samuel Miller & John Bagg. for the field over the river on the north side of Agawam - Ebenezer Jones & Ebenezer Miller as also for Paucatucke. for the south side of Agawam, James Stevenson & Thomas Miricke Jun'r. for the plaine, Increase Sikes Sen'r & Joseph Willeston. for long meadow Joseph Cooley & Nathaniel Burt Jun'r. for the homelots, John Warner & David Lumbard.

Nathaniel Munn was chosen Clerk of the Market.

It was voted that when we have Town Meetings, that there be


general notices of the particulars to be acted on in the warrant for said meetings or at the beginning of said meetings or otherwise not to be acted on.

Whereas there is considerable worke to be done to make the Ministry House & the land ten-antable, yt is the homelot land & the medow, it was voted that the Selectmen see to it that the house be forthwith repaired & the respective fences set up & that what the last yeers rent falls short to pay for we emburse.

It was declared by vote that Capt. Germons time for improving the pine trees for rosin is expired & that neither he nor any other stranger shall make use of the pines for rosin without their application to the town & the towns consent.

It was further voted that the Selectmen shal agree among themselves wch of ym from tyme to tyme shal be moderator at our Town Meetings & ye sd Selectmen so agree one shal manage the carrying on of al matters in each Town Meeting, presiding for every mans orderly or quiet demeanor & speaking, according to liberty or leave granted for speaking one after another & not to allow more than one to speak at a tyme; or any to speak in a tumultuous manner & after a vote put by the Moderator, & the debate thereby issued, then (only the vote be doubtfull & need clearing) all to acquisse & rest therein except the Moderator upon apparent & good reason see cause again to reassume the matter & allow further debate wch is not to be wthout weighty cause, nor without the moderators plain & expresse allowance. And at the Generall Town Meeting in March for the choice of Town Officers, one of the former Selectmen to manage the affaire of the day, at least the former part of the day.

It was farther voted that the Selectmens accounts of debts and credits of the Town for the yeer past shalbe always by them made up & delivered yeerly unto the Town Treasurer five dayes before the Generall Town Meeting in March & by [III - 260.] said Treasurer be ex-amined, perfected & brought to a balance & be presented & read to the Town at the General Town meeting for their acceptance & what


money is due to the Town upon the balance of the Selectmens accounts they shal from time to time in March yeerly pay it in to the Towns Treasurer wthin six dayes after he is chosen yeerly: & for want thereof (except the Selectmen make it appeare to the Treasurer that it lyes in the Constables hands & that he in fault) the sd Town Treasurer shal & hereby is enabled to sue any Selectman neglecting to pay in the balance before any Justice of the Peace if under forty shillings, & if above forty shillings at the next Inferior Court of Pleas, so that it shalbe recoverable from the neglecting Selectman by the Town Treasurer for the Towns use from time to time. Moreover the Town Treasurer shal hae power to call in any dues to the Town or the Poor thereof from any Person whatsoever that are not accounted or allowed to the Towne, who they be due by rates, rent, contract, gift, forfeitures or any other wayes by ye Laws made payable to the Town, & the Treasurer for the Town shal have power to recover whatever of right any person or persons, officer or officers of the Town ought to have allowed or aid to ye Town all wch the Treasurer is to pay or allow to ye Selectmen or their order.

At a Town Meeting March 27, 1695.

Hay wards to the general fields were chosen, viz:

for Chickuppi field on the west side the great River, Samuell Bedortha. for the field over the River agst the Town, Henry Rogers & Nath Dumbleton. for the plain field & three corner medow, ffrancis Ball & Pelatiah Morgan. for the homelots, James Warriner Jun'r & Samuell Hitchcocke. for long medow, Samuell Keep.

At a Town Meeting July 26, 1695.

Lieut John Hitchcocke was chosen comissioner for publique Assessment.

At a Town Meeting November 4, 1695:

Whereas our neighbors on the west side of the great River have made their Petition to ye Generall Court last May that may have leave to procure them a Minister, it wasvoted that there should be something drawn up to send to ye Generall Court to answer that yr Petition & that Deacon Burt & Lieut Abel Wright should draw up the answer therunto.


At a Town Meeting January 23, 1695:

It was voted to give Mr. Pelatiah Glover a deed to secure to him the Land that the Town did give him in way of Compensation for the Ministry land that he resigned up in the Towns hands as also that he getting a deed for that and written that ye present Selectmen or the next chosen do set their hands thereto. It ws further again voted that the Town Treasurer should see to the getting the arrears of the rates payable to the Reverend Mr. Glover his father & that he so looke after the matter as that he bring all to an issue.

There being prsent at this Meeting a List of the Names of the proprietors & other inhabitants of this town, bearing date March 1685, to have the comon lands of this town disposed or divided to them; these Lists being read it is voted that the right of the comon lands be saved to the persons contained in said List. [III - 261.]

At the General Town Meeting March 10, 1695-6.

Mr. Pelatiah Glover & Henry Chapin were chosen to examine the Selectmens records. It was voted to add a 3d man to the comittee for examining said accounts & John Barber was there upon added to sd comittee.

Mr. John Pynchon, Jun'r, James Warriner, Luke Hitchcocke, Edward Stebbin & Benjamin Leonard were chosen Selectmen to manage ye prudential affaires of the Town for a yeer en-sueing.

Mr. Pynchon Jun'r was chosen Town Clerke for the yeer ensuing.

Henry Chapin was chosen Comissioner for the publik assessment.

Ensign Joseph Stebbins was chosen Treasurer for the Towne.

Joseph Leonard & Samuell Stebbin were chosen Constables & sd Stebbin was sworn.

And votes for Country Treasurer were given in at this meeting & sd Constable, Samuel Stebbin received ym to transmit ym to the next Generall Quarter Sessions.

John Burt was chosen Measurer for the Town Lands.


Ebenezer Parsons was chosen Sealer for Leather.

Nathaneel Munn was chosen Clerk of the Market.

Samuel Lamb was chosen Packer, Gager & Culler.

Samuell Bliss 3d, James Warriner Jun'r & Nathanel Dumbleton were chosen Surveyors of the highwayes.

Eliakim Cooley, Charles fferrey Sen'r, Benjamin Stebbin Sen'r, John Sekert & Ebenezer Jones were chosen Tithing men.

Fence viewers were chosen, viz:

for the homelots Thomas Mirick Jun'r & Henry Burt.
for the plain field Jno Hitchcocke Jun'r & Thomas Lamb.
for Chickupi Ensign Stebbin & David Morgan.
for ye north of Agawam Henry Rogers & Jno Mirick.
for south Agawam James Sikes & James Munn.
for the Long medow Nathaneel Bliss & Samuel Keep.

Hay wards were chosen, viz:

for the homelots Philip Smith.
for the Plain Nath Morgan.
for Chickupi William Craney.
for the field over the River agt the Town Samuel Hitchcocke & William Warriner.
for the long medow Jonathan Burt, Jun'r.

It was voted to abate the fines payable from Japhet Chapin & Lieut Jno Hitchcocke, Jun'r for yr refusing to serve as Selectmen when they were chosen thereto at the foregoing Town Meeting for choice of such officers.

It was voted to allow David Morgan the sum of Thomas Tailor deceased his rate & ye sum of Mr. Humbers rate in the twenty rates for the country anno 1691: wch he was to gather.

It was voted that the former Selectmen should forthwth make a rate to payment Pelatiah Glover the arreares of Sundry persons who were rated to the Reverend his father deceased. Said persons being dead or removed & having left no estate to become at, & sd Selectmen are to proportion it on the prsent inhabitants & put the same into the hands of the Constable or Town Treasurer.

Mr. Pelatiah Glover prsenting a deed wch he had got drawn for the securing of the towns land at Chickupi unto him & desiring that the said deed might be signed by the Town or the Selectmen, it being objected by some that the land


could not be disposed away from the Towns propriety. The town did appoint a committee to treat sd Mr. Glover what he would accept as the recompence in lein of the land & to en-deavor an issue of the whole affair between the town & Mr. Glover & to make return of what they do to the Towne. The Comittee appointed were:

Col. John Pynchon Deacon Jona Burt Ensign Joseph Stebbin

with the present Selectmen. [III - 262.]

At a Town Meeting March 19th, 1695-6.

Joseph Bedortha, Henry Rogers, Thomas Day, Jun'r, Samuell Miller & Josiah Marshfield have their desire granted them according to their motion made january 23d 1695.

Joseph Leonard hath his desire granted him according to his motion made March 10th, 1695-6 provided hee dos not obstruct the Towns liberty & freedom for fishing & that noe former grant hath been made.

Grants are removed from the Town Record Book back to page 209.

It being contrary to the method of this book to enter grants in this place, and that the same order that hath been formerly, might yet be continued, the abovesaid grants are removed back to page 209.

And the following are the Acts and orders of the Town:

And the end of this meeting viz: on March 19th, 1695-6:

Is to declare unto the Towne that Col. John Pynchon, Deacon Jonathan Burt, Ensigne Joseph Stebbins & the present Selectmen being a comittee appointed by the town for that end did on the 16th of this Instant meet with & signify unto Mr. Pelatiah Glover that since hee had in the last generall Towne meeting freely offered to take eight score pounds in money in lieu of the land at Chickuppi that the towne would comply with his motion, & speedy care should also bee taken for payment of said money, butt Mr. Glover's answer was that the money was not being then paid downe, it would bee to his dammage to accept it now, whereupon the committee replied that they could not see how the want of such a sum of money for soe short a time could bee soe much to his dammage, however being unwilling that hee should in the least bee a sufferer they tendered him besides the eight score pound in money,


the use of Chickuppy land & the town meadow for a yeer. But Mr. Glover not choosing there with the Selectmen appointed this day that the towne might consider what measures to take for the issueing of this affair, and in order thereunto the Towne made severall propositions which proving ineffectual they desired Mr. Glover to make his own proposals telling him that they were very desirous that there might be a friendly issue, whereupon Mr. Glover declared that if the towne would allow him nine score pound in money, two thirds to be paid in June next & the other third to be about September or October & also let [III - 263.] him have the use of Chickuppy land for the yeer ensuing that it should be in full satisfaction for that land in Chickuppy which the towne voted & Mr. Glover also accepted, should be in full satisfaction of the award determining what we should allow him in lieu of the ministry land which he resigned up into the Towns hands, unto which motion the town readily yielded and forthwith voted & ordered that the present Selectmen should give bill for payment of said sum of money according to the time prefixt and also that a rate should bee made according to the last winters list for the raising of said sum of money.

Voted that the ancient appropriation of Chickuppy land on the west side of the River bee to the maintenance of a school for the Towne of Springfield. Also voted that the six acres of meadow bee itt more orless on the east side of the river lying between the meadow of Colonel John Pynchon on the southeast & the meadow of Edward Stebbins on the northwest side be appropriated to the same use, and is now granted unto that use, viz: towards the maintenance of a school in the Town of Springfield forever.

Att a Towne Meeting May 15th, 1696.

Serjant Luke Hitchcocke was chosen representative for the next Great and Generall Assembly on the 27th of May 1696.

Att a Towne Meeting May 26th, 1696.

Voted that Serjant Hitchcocke who was chosen Representative


for the Towne of Springfield is now chosen Agent to give in those reasons & objections which the inhabitants of Springfield on the east side of the great River have drawn up to present unto the next great & generall Assembly or Court beginning May 27th, 1696: showing why the inhabitants on the west side of the River may not have their petition granted them. [III - 264.]

Mr. John Holyoke, Capt. Thomas Colton, Daniel Cooley, Charles Ferry, Deacon Jonathan Burt and Lieut. Abel Wright were chosen a committee to draw up the towns objections & reasons why the inhabitants on the west side of the River should not have their petition granted them for the settling of a Minister on that side, which said reasons are to be sent to Boston to be laid before the Generall Assembly or Court beginning the 27th Instant. And that the inhabitants on the east side of the River may be acquainted wth sd objections or reasons the abovesaid Committee have appointed the school house to bee the place for their meeting & that any of the forementioned inhabitants have liberty att five of the clock in the afternoon to repair thither & wth freedom be informed of sd reasons or objections that they shall judge meet to send Serj. Luke Hitchcocke who is made choice of to act in that affair.

Att a Towne Meeting July 21st 1696:

Voted that Colonel Jno Pynchon, Jno Barber & Nathaneel Bliss bee the Assessors for this prsent Country Tax of 80 according to an act of the General Assembly begun & held May 27th, 1696.

Deacon Jonathan Burt, James Warriner, Capt. Thomas Colton & Lieut Abel Wright are chosen by the inhabitants of the east side of the River to give in their reasons why the petition of the inhabitants of thw west side of the River should not bee granted, unto the Committee appointed by the Generall Assembly to hear the same and make a report thereof at the next sitting of the Generall Assembly or Court.

Att a Towne Meeting December 5th, 1696:


(Remainder of page blank)
[III - 265.]

Colonel Jno Pynchon & Mr. Joseph Parsons having at this meeting made some proposals in order to the setting up & carrying on a Iron Mill for the producing of Iron and the Towne considering the great benefit it will be to this place have granted them free liberty for the taking & improving all & whatever iron ore may bee found anywhere wthin our Township (Propriety only excepted) also the free use of wood for coal anywhere inour common provided it bee not wthin three mile & halfe of the towne and wthin that compass also if the Selectmen (who now have power given them from time to time so to do) give liberty soe to doe.

Att the Generall Town Meeting March 9th 1696-7.

Deacon Jonathan Burt was chosen Towne Clerke for the year ensueing.

Ensign Joseph Stebbin was chosen Town Treasurer.

John Miller & John Ferry were chosen Constables.

The votes for County Treasurer were brought in & committed to Constable Jon Ferry to transmitt to the next quarter Sessions as the law directs.

David Morgan, John Mirick, John Petty, Henry Burt & Samuell Bliss 2nd were chosen Tithing men for the year ensueing.

Nathaniel Munn was chosen Clerk of the Market & Sealer of weights & measures for the year following.

Benjamin Stebbin & Thomas Bliss 1st Surveyor for the east side and James Taylor Sen'r Surveyor for the west side of the great River.

Samuell Lamb was chosen packer, gager & culler.

John Harmon & James Dorchester chosen fence viewers for the homelotts.

Samuell Lamb & Jehoiadah Bartlett fence viewers for the plain.

Nathaneel Morgan & James Gerald fence viewers for Chickuppy.


Henry Roger & Samuell Miller for the north of Agawam are chosen fence viewers.

Isaac Frost & Samuell Cooper fence viewers for the south of Agawam.

Eliakim Cooley & John Colton fence viewers for the Long Meadow.

Luke Hitchcocke was chosen Sealer of leather.

Hay wards chosen are Thomas Lamb for the plain; Benjamin Dorchester & John Harmon for the homelotts, William Mackcranny for Chickuppy, James Taylor Jun'r & John Day for over the River, John Burt 2nd for Long Meadow.

John Petty & John Burt were chosen Town Measurers for land.

Colonel John Pynchon, Capt. Thomas Colton & Japhat Chapin were chosen assessors. [III - 266.]

At the Same Meeting, viz: March 9th, 1696-7.

Voted that upon condition Colonel John Pynchon & Joseph Parsons of Northampton will not damnify the way for passing over Mill River by their setting up an Iron Worke upon the stream below the Mill now standing upon the place commonly called the Mill River, also that Colonel Pynchon will allow the taking of tole for grinding to be the fourteenth of rye, the sixteenth of wheat, the twentieth of malt. Also the fourteenth part of Indian corne soe long as it holds to bee two shillings six pence a bushel in money, and when or soe soon as that grain viz Indian Corne lowers of the abovesaid price of 2s 6d a bushell in money then the tole for that grain to be the twelfth part, that then the abovenamed Colonel John Pynchon & Joseph Parsons have free liberty granted them to set up an Iron Worke or Mill upon the Mill River below the place where the Corne Mill is now standing and when the design of the Iron Worke is wholly laid aside & ceaseth then the stream to bee under the same circumstance it was before this grant. Further the said Colonel Pynchon and his heirs are to keep & maintain a Corne Mill for a sufficient supply of the Towne so long as


the Iron worke continue unless some overruling extraordinary providence dos prevent.

At a Town meeting May 4th, 1698 Jonathan Burt, Town Clerk, voted May 10th, 1698 that the owners of the Iron Mill should mend and repare the highway that is damnified by their setting up an Iron Mill.

Voted to allow William Mackcranny twenty shillings out of the Rates for his killing four Cattamounts, it was also further voted that if any of the inhabitants of this town shall hereafter kill or destroy any of the forementioned wild creatures wthin the bounds of this Towne & bring the heads & taile of every one so killed unto the Selectmen or Towne Treasurer they shall bee allowed for soe doing five shillings for every such creature soe destroyed.

In the handwriting of Jonathan Burt.

At a Town meeting May 4th, 1697.

Serjant Luke Hitchcocke was Chosen Representative for the next great General Assembly or Court to be held in Boston beginning on the 26th of May 1697.

Also it was voted that the Generall Court may be desired by our representative that there may be but only two Courts holden in one yeare in this Countie.

It was also voted to allow Mr. John Holyoke twentie shillings in money and twenty shillings out of the Towne rate mae in 1695 which is to satisfie himfor his being a Deputy in 1692.

Also at this Towne meeting Nathaniell Bliss and Benjamin Stebbins were chosen Jurymen for the Court of Pleas to be holden at Northampton the first Tuesday in June 1697. Jonathan Burt, Clerk.

[III - 267.]

At a Town meeting December the 3d 1697.

Voted and Concluded that all such as the Towne shal be indebted unto on any true account such persons shal give in their account to some of the Selectmen at or before the month of November yearly or stay for their pay till another rate be made.


Voted that the Selectmen have liberty to make a rate of ten pound to defray Towne Charges this yeare, but no Towne rate was then made.

Voted that James Garrell be exempted from Towne rates this yeare by reason of God's afflicting hand upon his family.

At a Town Meeting ffebruary the 7th, 1697, voted that what sum of money or pay committed to Samuell Stebbins to be gotten in due from the Town rate made in 1697 he shall be abated on third part if he pay it in money.

At the Generall Towne meeting the 8th of March 1697-8.

Lieutenant John Hitchcocke, Benjamin Stebbins, Mr. Pelitiah Glover, Lieut Abel Wright, John Warner: were chosen Selectmen for the yeare.

Jonathan Burt Sen'r was chosen Towne Clerke for the yeare ensuing.

Samuell Ely & Henry Rogers were chosen Constables.

Mr John Holyoke chosen Commitiner to joyne with the Selectmen in making the Country rates.

Daniel Bemon, Ebenezer Graves chosen Surveyors of the highwayes on the east side of the River; Nathanyell Dumbleton Surveyor on the west side of it.

John Burt Sen'r, Phylyp Smith, Obadiah Miller Jun'r, Edward ffoster & Elyakim Cooley were chosen Tithing men.

Thomas Merrick Jun'r, James Warryner, Henry ffery Viewers of the whome lots Nathanall Sikes, Robbert Ould Sen'r viewers for the plain; Joseph Ashley, John Day fence viewers of the field for the north side of Agawam; James Merick and Samuell Bliss Sen'r viewers on the south side Agawam; Daniel Cooly, John Burt Jun'r fence viewers for Long Meadow; Willyam MackCranny & Joseph Ely fence viewers for Chicoppi field; Ebenezer Day and Samuell Warriner hay wards for the home lots; Isaac ffrost hay ward over Agawam River; James Taylor Sen'r hay ward on the north side of Agawam River; Samuell Hitchcock and Willyam Warriner also for the sd field; Joseph Williston and Nath Munn hay wards for the plain east side of the River; David Burt, Thomas Bliss Jun'r hay wards for Long Meadow; James Barker and Nath Morgan hay wards for Chickoppi field.


James Barker and Nathanll Morgan chosen Clerke of the Market.

Sergantt Luke Hitchcocke Towne Treasurer.

At a Town meeting May the 10th, 1698.

Sargant Luke Hitchcock and Ensign Joseph Stebbins were chosen Representatives for this yeare viz: successively on at a tyme to goe to the Court. Sargant Luke Hitchcocke was chosen for the first session and Ensigne Joseph Stebbins for the next.

Also voted that the highway over our streete in the upper end of the towne from the lower side of the Widdow Parson's meddow against Mr. Glovers and up to the upper causeway shall be in breadth from the fence now at the front of those lots on the west side to the ditch already or formerly made on the east side of said street. [III - 268.]

At a Towne meeting November 24th 1698 it was voted that the General Court be petitioned unto that this Towne may be freed from keeping a grammer school and that they keepe three or foure schoole masters or schoole dames to teach to read English and the Worshipful Colonel Pinchon and Jonathan Burt Senyr are desired to lay the circumstances before the honored court of this towne.

Voted that James Warrinner Sen'r hath liberty granted him for pastering in the burning place at the reer of that homelot that was his fathers, he fencing and clearing it and set up a convenient pair of bars or gate so as none be hindered from buryinge their ffriends in it.

Voted that the Towne will do on halfe to the reparing of highway at the Iron Mill for this prsent term and to maintaine it if the owners of the mill will do the other halfe and this halfe to be done by way of rate.

Voted that Mr. Joseph Smith keep school till the 14th of January next ensuing and those scholars as have gone to him to school pay toward it and the rest the Towne pay.


At a Towne meeting ffebruary 3d, 1698 it being spoken by some that they suppose there may be money due to the Town by the remainder of some rates undisposed of the Towne make choice of Henry Chapin, Lieut John Hitchcocke, James Warriner Sen'r and Jonathan Burt Sen'r who are desired and impowered to make inquiry about it or any three of them may act in it and make report of it to the Towne; also voted to give Ensign Joseph Stebbins one shilling on the pound for collecting the arrears of the remainder of such rates committed to him to gather in, he making up his account before next Towne Meeting to such as commited them to him.

Also voted that whereas some have desired to have some lands given to them at great Watchuet it was voted that no grants of land should be made to any person in that place until the line be run that it may be knowne whether it may be given or not.

At a Generall Towne Meeting March 14th 1698-9 voted that the deed signed and acknowledged by Mr. Pelatiah Glover about the ministry land be taken it may be recorded in the County records.

Voted also when any person shall have his desire for land read in Town Meeting and the Clerke putting his attest to it, the party desiring it shal take it with him againe and keepe it till it be granted.

At the same Towne Meeting March 14, 1698-9 Mr. Woodbridge having had his desire read at a former Towne meeting that the Towne would give him a parcel of land on the west side of the river it was thought good or best by some that on halfe of it should see settled on the Ministry and so it was put to vote to see if the Towne would give one halfe to Mr. Woodbridge and the other halfe to the ministry and some said it was voted in the affirmative, but a great many persons said it was not voted but in the negative. The moderator did once try it by parting the inhabitants and it was votedin the negative. The Clerke of the Towne desired the Moderator to make trial againe by sending the Inhabitants those as was for it to go one way and those against it another way that he


might make a record of the vote of the Towne but could not attaine it and the day far spent the Towne voted to suspend for the present until another Towne meeting. [III - 269.]

At a General Towne Meeting March 14th 1698-9.

Isaac Colton, Lieut John Hitchcocke, Samuell Bliss Sen'r, Ensign Joseph Stebbins, John Miricke Chosen Selectmen.

Jonathan Burt, Town Clerke.

Thomas Day Jun'r, Tilly Myrick Constables.

Mr. John Holyoke, Leiut John Hitchcocke, Isaac Coulton, sesers for making the Country Rates.

Sergant Luke Hitchcocke, Sealer of Leather.

John Dorchester, Obadyah Miller, Surveyors of the highways on the east side of the River. John Miller surveyor on the west side of it.

Joseph Parsons, Thomas Bliss Viewers of ffences for the homelots; Edward ffoster, Samuell Bedortha viewers of fences on the north side of Agawam; James Dorchester, Henry Burt Viewers of fences on the south side Agawam; Willyam Scot, John Bagg Viewers of fences for Chickuppi field; Benjamin Cooly, John Colton viewers of fences for Long meadow; Joseph Williston, Edward Stebbins viewers of fences for 3 corner meadow and the plaine, and those as were chosen viewers of fences were also chosen haywards.

John Burt Sen'r and John Petty chosen measurers of land.

At a meeting of the ffreeholders of this Towne May 9th 1699, Lieut John Hitchcocke was made choice of for Representative for the Generall Court holden at Boston the 31st of this Instant May and also for the sessions of this yeare.

It was also voted that Lieut John Hitchcocke and Lieut Abel Wright was appointed to lay out the highways at Skipnup.


At a Town Meeting November 27th, 1699, voted that the Selectmen have liberty to make a rate of ten or twelve pounds if need be to defray necessary Town Charges this yeare.

At a Town meeting January 29, 1699, voted that a Committee be chosen to looke after all old areas that may be due to the Towne and see and make up all accounts with Ensign Joseph Stebbins former Towne Treasurer with full power to take a thorough a way as they can to effect the getting in of any money due to the Towne: the persons made choice of were: Mr. John Holyoke, Ensign Joseph Stebbins, James Warriner Sen'r, Jonathan Burt Sen'r and Lieut John Hitchcocke if he be at home.

Voted also that the Selectmen have liberty granted to raise 16 pound 12 shillings to defray Towne charges whereas formerly at a meeting of the Towne it was but ten or twelve pounds: but with this proviso that if the committee find any money due to the Towne and help the Selectmen to it in a months tyme it shall be abated out of the sum granted, also that Constable Samuell Stebbins shal have Timothy Moses purchase rate made in 1696 given him. [III - 270.]

At a General Towne Meeting March 12th 1699-1700.

These persons made choice of to there several offices: The Worshipful Colonel Pynchon chosen Moderator for that day. Ensign Joseph Stebbins, Edward Stebbins, Japhet Chapin, James Warriner Sen'r, Capt. Thomas Colton - Selectmen.

Hezekiah Diggeson, Benjamin Leonard and Daniell Cooly - Constables.

Sergant Luke Hitchcocke Town Treasurer.

Jonathan Burt Town Clerke.

John Harmon Sen'r, Jonathan Morgan, John Dorchester, Charles fferry, Nathanyll Burt Jun'r tithing men.

Thomas Lamb, Thomas Mirick Jun'r, Thomas Bliss, Surveyors of highways. James Barber, Surveyor of the highways over the great River.

Henry Rogers, Nathanyell Dumbleton, Nathanyel Morgan, Samuell Keepe, Ephraim Colton, John Burt Sen'r, Willyam Bliss Viewers of ffences - the same persons chosen hay wards also,


Willyam Cranny, John Hitchcocke Jun'r and Samuel Hitchcocke Sen'r ffence viewers.

Ebenezer Parsons Sealer of Leather.

Nathanaell Munn Cler of the Market.

John Burt Sen'r and John Pettie Measurers of land.

At the same Town Meeting March 12th voted that the Surveyors of the highwayes gave in their accounts yearly at the General Towne meeting or otherwise that weeke or to the Selectmen the next second day after the Towne Meeting on penalty of forfitting of twenty shillings to the Towne.

There being many pine trees in the Town Commons the improvement wherof for turpentine may yeald and be an estate more or less to the Towne for the regulating the improvement of the same it is declared that henceforward it shal not be lawfull for any stranger to improve the same nor without allowance from the Selectmen shal the inhabitants proceed further therein and the Selectmen hereby allowed to grant liberty to such persons as they think fit upon such considerations they think fit not hindering any inhabitant of the timber for their use. This is suspended for the present but ordered that no strangers or men of other townes shal by any inhabitant be entertained to box trees for turpentine upon penalty of twelve pence per tree.

March 12, 1699.

John Dorchester and some that join with him have liberty granted for this yeare of Chicuppi River as far up as Scununkanuck for fishing without hindering others.

Also voted that Abell Wright Sen'r hath liberty to improve those trees he hath already boxed about 700 or 800.

Voted that notwithstanding what grants of land there hath beene or shal be that all highwayes that are or were there shall be need hereafter to be or shall be laid out through it may goe through any man or mens grants that the Towne shal not be charged for such way or ways provided the sd land is not fenced at the tyme of this vote. [III - 271.]


At a Towne Meeting Aprill 29th, 1700, Mr. John Pynchon 3d, Capt. Thomas Colton and James Warriner chosen Assessors for making Country rates this yeare.

At a Towne meeting May 10, 1700 voted that whereas it is found by experience that in this Towne the highwayes are incroached upon by some persons this Towne may have made choice of Lieut John Hitchcocke, James Warriner Sen'r and Jonathan Burt Sen'r, for to have an in-spection unto all highways about this towne that the sd ways be not intrenched upon and to prosecute such persons as have or shall so doe, namely incroach upon the towne highwayes to the Justices in Quarter Sessions, this vote above was propounded by the moderator at the beginning of the Meeting.

Mr. John Pynchon 3rd, Chosen Representative.

Whereas it was intimated by Joseph Stebbins, Town Treasurer, as supposing the purchase rate for Mr. Glover's land to be too little and thereby occasin it coming short of paying the Town's debt to Mr. Glover, the Town at this meeting May 10th, made choice of Mr. Holy-oke, Mr. Pynchon 3rd cast up the original rate so much of it as wasin being part being lost and gone and that as was found to be in the original rate amounted to the sum of 145 18s 07d, then they cast up that copy of the rate delivered to Joseph Leonard to gather in which had most of the men's names in it that was lost in the original copy that amounts to 30 12s 6d but Japhet Chapin's rate, James Stephenson's rate and James Taylor Jun'r's rate could not be found upon the original copy northat of Joseph Leonard had which Mr. Holyoke saith by comparing those mens estates with other mens estates it amounts to 4 16s 0d so that the best care that could be taken the whole rate was 181 07s 1d taken out of the copy Mr. Holyoke gave me Jonathan Burt, Clerk.

At a Towne meeting December 10th 1700.

Voted that Samuel Ely be allowed 5s 4d as money his rate committed to him to gather in falling short by reason of some


persons living out of the Towne whose rates he cannot come at.

It was also voted that the Selectmen may have liberty granted to raise a rate of sixteen pounds to defray Towne Charges this present yeare if there be need of so much they giving an account to the Townes satisfaction of their disbursements.

Also voted that Luke Hitchcocke, Town Treasurer give an account of what he hath done for the Towne byway of his office to the present Selectmen who are to agree with him what he is to have for his pains and the Selectmen are to make the Towne acquianted of what they do as to that matter.

December 24th voted that the Worshipfull Col. Pynchon and Sargant Luke Hitchcocke do make enquiry what payments were mae to the Constables of that rate in Sir Edmund Andros time and how it was disposed of and make return of it to the General Court. [III - 272.]

At a Generall Towne Meeting March 11th, 1700.

Those persons chosen to several offices in this Towne:

Henry Chapin, Mr. Pelatiah Glover, John Barber, David Morgan, Ebenezer Parsons: Selectmen.

Mr. John Pynchon 2nd Towne Clerke.

Joseph Cooly, Thomas Bliss, John Day, Constables.

Mr. Pelatiah Glover Towne Treasurer.

Nathanyell Sikes, John Merick, Joseph Stebbins Jun'r Surveyors of the highways.

Ebenezer Jones Surveyor of the highways west side of the River.

Nathanyel Burt Sen'r, Increase Sykes Sen'r, Nathanyel Munn, James Warriner Jun'r, Samuell Bedortha Sen'r: tithing men.

Joseph Bedortha, John Miller fence viewers; Pelatiah Morgan Robert Olde viewers of fence for Chiccuppi plain; Sarg Luke Hitchcocke, Thomas Day Jun'r fence viewers for the plain; Isaac ffrost, James Stevenson Viewers of fence on the south side of Agawam. Voted also that the fence viewers be hay wards or field drivers. Jonathan Burt Jun'r and John Burt Sen'r Viewers of fence for the Long Meddow also to be hay wards for the same.


Pelatiah Bliss Sealer of Leather.

Nathanyell Munn Clerk of the Market.

Samuell Lamb, Packer.

John Burt Sen'r, John Petty Sen'r, Measurers of land.

Mr. Pelatiah Glover, John Barber, David Morgan Assessors for making Country Rates.

At this Towne Meeting it was voted that no stranger or any that are not proper inhabitants of the Towne shal box any trees or improve the same for turpentine nor draw any candlewood for tar from tyme to tyme if they do they shal forfit the same.

Voted further no inhabitant shal make or draw any turpentine without the consent and approbation of the Selectmen from tyme to tyme.

David Lumbard, John Ferry enter their dissent against this vote.

Whereas there was a writing presented to the Towne that the grammar school might be kept seven months in the yeare on the west side of the River and at the Long Meddow; and the Towne plot to have it five months, the town voted they would condesend so far as that those on the west side of the river and long meddow should have him six months and the Towne plot five months for this yeare only. [III - 273.]

In the handwriting of John Pynchon Jr.

Att a meeting of the freeholders of this Towne May 12th, 1701, Lieut John Hitchcocke is chosen Representative for this Towne.

Voted that the Selectmen issue that affaire with Benjamin Smith about his rates relating to a contract made with him for his making & maintaining a bridge at Paucatuck.

Voted that Serjant Luke Hitchcocke & Deacon John Barber doe look into & examine those Rates made in Sir Edmond Andros his government & see who have paid & who have not & also what is become of the money, & make returne of their doings unto the Towne.

Att a Meeting of the Inhabitants of this Towne Sept 16th


1701 voted that the plainfield as also the common field on the west side of the river be not opened till the 4th of October.

Att a meeting of the Inhabitants of this Towne 21 Nov. 1701: Voted that the Selectmen make a rate for raising 35 to defray Towne charges for the year past, according to the parti-culars mentioned in the Selectmen's book.

Voted that Jon Pynchon Esq., Deacon Jonathan Burt, Lieut. John Hitchcocke, Deacon Jno Barber, Deacon Eben Parsons & Jon Pynchon 2nd, doe treat wth the Reverend Mr. Daniel Brewer & Mr. Jon Woodbridge in order to a comfortable settlement of the ministry land, the inhabitants on the west side having moved at this Meeting for the same. Jo'n Pynchon 2nd manifested his declining the same thing.

In the handwriting of John Holyoke.

March 10, 1701-2

At the General Town meeting for Election of Town officers for Springfield:

At this meeting Selectmen were chosen for the managing of the prudentiall affaires of the Town, viz: Mr.John Pynchon, 2nd, Mr. Pelatiah Glover, John Barber, John Warner & Samuel Ely.

Mr. Pelatiah Glover, John Warner & Samuel Ely were chosen Assessors & tooke the oath appointed.

Mr. Pelatiah Glover was chosen Treasurer for this towne & sworne.

John Holyoke was chosen clerke for the town & tooke ye oath appointed. [III - 274.]

Nathaneel Bliss Sen'r, Samuel Day & Joseph Willeston were chosen Constables for the yeer ensuing & being called to take the Constables oath ye sd Nathaneel Bliss refused to serve in the office, whereupon the Towne proceeded to the choice of another man for a Contstable who is Nathaneel Burt Jun'r & then they all, except the said Nathaneel Bliss, tooke the Constables oath. But said Nathanll Bliss who was legally chosen, refused to take the said oath or to pay down the fine.


John Burt Sen'r, Joseph Stebbin Jun'r, & James Warriner Jun'r, Ebenezer Miller were chosen surveyors for the highwayes of the towne.

Samuel Bliss 3rd, John Hitchcocke Jun'r & Nathaneel Dumbleton were chosen tithing men.

Nathaneel Munn was chosen Clerk of the Market.

James Tailor Jun'r, Josias Leonard, John Bagg & Samuel Barker, Benjamin Wright, Ephraim Colton & George Colton, Thomas Barber & Samuel Leonard, Edward Stebbin & Thomas Lamb were all chosen fence viewers for their respective precincts. James Tailor Jun'r, Josi Leonard Samuell Leonard & Samuell Barker tooke the oath of fence viewers the same day. Also the above said fence viewers were chosen field drivers.

John Burt Sen'r & John Petty were chosen Measurers for land.

It was voted that a good, sufficient bridge be made over the Mill River, the surveyors are appointed & impowered to see the worke done.

At a Town Meeting May 8th, 1702:

Whereas Judah Wright of Northampton sues Mr. Pelatiah Glover, Treasurer for the Towne of Springfield, for detaining four barrels of turpentine, wch the sd Judah Wright claims as his, the Town did at this meeting vote that sd Mr. Glover should go on defending his case & that they will stand by him in the whole cause or case from Court to Court.

It was further voted that the Selectmen have full power at any time now or hereafter, to prosecute any person that hath or that shal cutt any pine trees, or any other trees or gather turpentine of any of the towns pine trees contrary to law; also that the Selectmen do take effectual care to get evidences to enable them to prosecute all such persons that shall trespasse in medling wth the Townes Pine Trees, or any other trees contrary to law, alsoe the sd Selectmen shall be


satisfied by the town all charges that they may be at in their prosecuting any person that shal so trespass.

January 5th, 1702-3 At a Town Meeting:

At this meeting the Selectmen gave an account of Town charges to the sum of Thirteen pounds & sixteen shillings in grain & also of other charges ye sum of eleven pounds & two pence in money, & the Inhabitants to satisfy yese charges. [III - 275.]

January 29, 1702-3. At a Town Meeting.

At this meeting Joseph Stebbins Sen'r did move to the Town that they would take some effectual course that he might be paid the four pounds & 2 shillings or therabouts that he payed to Mr. Pelatiah Glover when sd Stebbins was Town Treasurer, but wth his own money, that so he might hasten the taking up of the bond, the Town gave to sd Mr. Glover to pay him nine score pound or 180. It was thereunto replyed that Sarg. Luke Hitchcocke had received as by his own account appeared sixty & one pounds & five pence of the rate that was made to pay Mr. Glover according to said bond, but paid to said Mr. Glover only fifty five pounds & five shillings & no more. It was thereupon voted that the present Town Treasurer do use his power to get in the remainder of sd 6 0s 5d, wch is 5 15s 5d. Deacon Burt did desire to have his dissent to said vote entered.

Here followes a coppy of ye address of the Inhabitants of Longmeadow in Springfield to the Towne (see page 218):

January ye 29th, 1702-3.

We the Inhabitants of Longmeadow in Springfield to the Towne: (see page 218)

1. Our living in a general field, we are thereby forced to be at great charge to make lanes or outlets for our creatures.

2. By reason of floods our lives been in great danger, our housing much damnifyed, & many of our cattle have been lost.

3. A third difficulty wch we shal mention in the last place, not that we count it a matter of leas concernment, but because in reason


it will be helpt in the last place & that is our living remote from the publik Worship of God, as to hearing the word preached etc., & also our children are thereby deprived of the benefits of instruction by ye schoolmaster in the town.

Now for our relief we do suppose our best way is to move out of the general field & build on the hill against Longmeadow & we have been at the paines to measure what lands we thought might be convenient to build on & we do find land indifferently convenient to build on for threescore or fourscore lots & to be twenty rod in breadth & about eighty rod in length. We therefore do desire the town to grant us said lands, as homelots to build on, also that the town would order those lands to be layed out & modeled in such way & manner as may be most comfortable for settling thereon. We desire not this, that ye Town by granting this, our desire, should be brought into any snare or inconvenience here-after, but for our benefit & comfort & our posteritys after us. We subscribe (see p. 277)

Nathaneel Burt, Sen'r
Thomas Colton
Eilakim Cooley
Samuel Stebbins
Samuel Bliss 2nd
Nathaneel Bliss
John Colton
Nathanll Burt Jun'r
George Colton
Samuel Keep
Daniel Cooley
Benjamin Cooley
Joseph Cooley

Thereupon the Town did vote Major John Pynchon, Japhet Chapin & Lieut John Hitchcocke to be a committee to go upon the place & view the lands, who are to make return of what they find to the Town. [III - 276.]


Also at this meeting was read the Secretary of the Province, his notification that ye In-habitants on the west the great River did present to the Generall Court last past that the said Court would determine for them a proportionable priviledge of ye personage or ministry land in the Town of Springfield, & that the said Court had appointed Samuell Partridge Esq & the Representatives of Hampshire yt were members of sd Court to hear the matter, or what the Inhabitants on each side the great River had to say, & to make return thereof to next Generall Court in May next.

Also the Inhabitants on the wet side great River desired their neighbors on ye east side of ye great River to consider their petition, & allow or grant them a proportionable priviledge of said land as neer as they could come at, that it might bee presented to said Court to confirme the same, if a proportionable priviledge thereof could be gained & the fourth day of ffebruary next was appointed by the East Inhabitants to meet to consider & conclude something about ye premises.

February 4th 1702-3.

At a Meeting of the Inhabitants of Springfield on the East side of the great River:

At this Meeting the sd Inhabitants made choice of Deacon Jonathan Burt, Henry Chapin Sen'r Lieut John Hitchcocke & Lieut Abel Wright to be a comittee in behalfe of the inhabitants on the East of the great River to lay before the Committee the Honoured Generall Court's in ye last session appointed to hear what the Inhabitants of Springfield on both sides of the great River had to say wth reference to the late petition the sd honoured Generall Court received from the Inhabitants of the West side of the great River wth reference to the Parsonage lands & to act in said affaire as God shall guide them the said Committee for Inhabitants of the east side of ye great River of the Town of Springfield.

At a Meeting March 26, 1703.

Upon complaint of the defectiveness of ye meeting house on the east side of ye great River, ye proprietors of said meeting-house did chuse a Comittee to inspect sd Meeting-house &


to take effectual course to have the house repaired & to bargain wth any man or men to provide all materials for any worke about the turret, for gutters, for penthouses or porches to the doores & boards or clap boards for one side & one end of the house & the men chosen were David Morgan, Nathanll Burt Jun'r, & John Holyoke & they to keep for it accounts of all expences or disbursments & it was further voted to make a rate of twelve pounds for the present to encourage workmen, & where any pay money they to have one third of their rates abated.

February 22, 1702.

At a third meeting the freeholders of the Town made choice of Lieut. John Hitchcocke to be Representative at the next Generall Court for the province, the March ensuing.

The same day the freeholders on the East side of the great River did meet & made choice of Serj't Luke Hitchcocke to be added to the committee mentioned in the third paragraph of this page, for the procuring instructions to give said Representative, for the manage-ing of the affaire respecting the Ministry land in this Town, to be considered at the said General Courte. [III - 277.]

March 9th, 1702-3.

At a General Town Meeting for Election of Town Officers for Springfield.

At this meeting were chosen Selectmen for the managing the prudential affaires of the Town, viz:

Eliakim Cooley
Ensign Joseph Stebbins
Edward Stebbins
John Warner
Nathaneel Munn.

Assessors for the making the Rates of the Town were chosen, viz:

Eliakim Cooley
Ensigne Jos Stebbins
John Barber.

Mr. Pelatiah Glover chosen Treasurer for the town.

John Holyoke was chosen Clerke for the town.

John Miricke, Thomas Horton & Charles ffere were chosen Constables & sworn.

John Burt Sen'r, Nathanll Burt Jun'r & John Petty were chosen Measurers for land.

Edwin Stebbins & Ebenezer Miller were chosen Packers.


Pelatiah Bliss was chosen Sealer for Leather.

Samuell Warner was chosen Clerke of the Market & sworn.

Nathaneel Burt Sen'r, Jonathan Morgan, David Lumbard & Ebenezer Jones were chosen tithing men for the yeer ensuing.

Samuel Keep, Benjamin Stebbins, Tilly Miricke, James Miricke & Obadiah Cooley were chosen Surveyors for the highwayes.

Fence Viewers were chosen, viz:

Tho Miricke Jun'r & William Blisse for the general field above Agawam.

John ffere & James Sikes for sd ffield below Agawam.

Jonthatan Bagg & James Barker for Chickuppi field on the west side the River.

Obadiah Miller & Thomas Jones for the plain & Three Corner medow.

Samuell Chapin & Tho Terrey for East Chickuppi.

David Burt & Thomas Hale for Long Meadow.

And the same persons were chosen field drivers for their respective precincts.

Benjamin Brookes & Thomas Lamb, Nathanll Sikes & Obadiah Cooley, John Atchinson & Samuel Colton were chosen to attend the law about swine, to see to the ringing & yoking of them.

At this meeting the Petition of the Inhabitants of Londmeadow presented at the Town meeting January 29, 1702-3, was considered and it was voted to give them liberty to build upon the hill eastward of sd Longmeadow.

It was further voted to give the land from Pacowsecke to Enfield's bounds & from the hill eastward of the Long medow halfe a mile further eastward into the woods unto the sd Long medow Inhabitants, & unto such others as a committee appointed by the town shal allow, in all which they shalbe ordered & modelled in such way & manner as may be most comfortable to settle on, reserving liberty for convenient highwayes, and Major John Pynchon, Japhet Chapin & Lieut. John Hitchcocke were appointed to be the committee to see to the modelling & ordering of those said lands & the charge of this worke to be born by the Longmeadow Inhabitants & such others as shalbe added to the Long Medow Inhabitants.

Luke Hitchcocke Sen'r desired his dissent hereto to be entered.


April 28, 1703. At a Meeting of the freeholders May the 3d Anno Dom 1703.

At a Town Meeting: or a meeting of the freeholders etc:

Lieut John Hitchcocke was chosen Representative for the Town to attend the General Court of the Province of the Massachusetts Bay.

It was voted & concluded that whatever cartwayes the Towne now uses shalbe stoped & Incumbered by reason of persons boxing the Pine trees, the Improvers of said trees shal remove such nuisance wthin a weekes warning or else forfeit five shillings to the Towne.

April 23, 1703.

At a meeting of the freeholders of the Town of Springfield, Henry Chapin was chosen Commissioner for this Town to join wth assessors for the last tax for their making a new list of all estate of the town, both [III - 278.] real & personal, in order to another tax & to communicate the same wth the rest of the commissioners for Hampshire, as the late act respecting this affaire directs.

December 10th 1703.

At a Meeting of the ffreeholders of the Town of Springfield:

It was voted that the selectmen do make a rate according the particulars of charges read in said meeting amounting to about 24 or 25.

At this meeting Lieut John Hitchcocke or representative did show an order of the house of Representatives at ye General Courte June 2nd 1703 upon a Petition of the inhabitants of the East side of the town of Springfield wch was read in said house, which order was that the said Petitioners, viz: the Inhabitants on the West side of ye great River of sd Towne pay to the Inhabitants on the West side of ye great River fifty pounds towards the building of ye Meeting-house & that the said fifty pounds be in provision pay, hereupon the said East side Inhabitants did vote to raise fifty pounds for them in provision pay if they would accept thereof.

January 7, 1703-4.

At a Town Meeting

At this meeting it was voted & concluded to raise ten pounds for the relief of the poore, besides what was allowed


for ye poor in the particulars at a former meeting Dec 10, 1703.

At the General Town Meeting March 14, 1703-4 of the voters of Springfield.

At this Meeting were chosen Selectmen for the managing the prudential affaires of the Town for one yeer: viz, Luke Hitchcocke Sen'r, James Warriner Sen'r, Edward Stebbins, Benjamin Leonard & Joseph Wolaston.

And three of the Selectmen, viz: James Warriner, Luke Hitchcocke & Benjamin Leonard were chosen Assessors for the making the Rates of the Town.

Jonathan Burt Jun'r, Tilly Miricke & Josias Leonard were chosen Constables & sworn the same day.

Tithing men were chosen viz: Henry Burt, William Warriner, Pelatiah Blisse, Samuel Ely & Joseph Cooley.

Pelatiah Bliss was chosen Sealer for Leather.

Samuel Warner was chosen Clerke of the Market.

Nathanll Burt Jun'r & John Petty were chosen measurers for lands.

Thomas Bliss Sen'r, Jonathan Day, Thomas Lamb, Danll Cooley & James Miricke were chosen Surveyors of the highwayes. [III - 279.]

Thomas Bliss Jun'r & George Colton, Ebenezer Graves & Joseph Stebbin Jun'r, Thomas Barber & Samll Leonard, Samuell Day & John Day, John Chapin & Henry Chapin Jun'r & Samuel Hitchcocke & Thomas Lamb were chosen fence viewers for their Respective precincts.

Obadiah Cooley & Nath Sikes were chosen ringers for swine.

Nathanll Burt, Joseph Wolaston & Thomas Horton were chosen & appointed to meet the present Selectmen viz: those of the last choice some time when Benjamin Leonard comes home to treat wth the Selectmen anno Dom: 1696, that were to pay the purchase rate to Mr. Glover for ye Ministry land to see what may be done to get Lieut Stebbins his money he sent said Selectmen to pay Mr. Glover sd Rate that so ye sd Selectmen might take up the Selectmen bond etc.


At this meeting the Inhabitants of Longmeadow did prsent their Petition wherein they did move that the Town would grant them liberty to invite, procure and settle an orthodox Minister at the sd Longmeadow wch petition was read at sd meeting & is on file.

April 21, 1704.

At a meeting of the ffreeholders etc. of Springfield:

At this meeting it was declared that Judah Wright of Northampton sends to this town to know whether the Town would allow or pay him the such grant hath been granted him in the matter of the turpentine, to prevent his going to the Superior Court of pleas for an order for execution & it was agreed & voted at this meeting to pay him the Judgement of Court granted to him September Anno Dom: 1702 & the additional charges by reason of Springfield Towne Treasurers of sd September Courte.

May 22, 1704:

At a meeting of the ffreeholders & of the Town of Springfield:

At this meeting the voters of the town made choice of Deacon John Hitchcocke to be their Representative at the General Courtes of ye Province of the Massachusetts Bay for the present year.

November 1704.

At a Town Meeting or meeting of the Inhabitants of the Town of Springfield.

It was voted that the Selectmen or assessors for sd Town have power to assesse the In-habitants for the defraying of necessary Town Charges.

March 13th, 1704-5.

At the Town meeting for the Election of the towns Officers:

Mr. John Pynchon, Jun'r, Lieut Joseph Stebbin, Luke Hitchcocke, Joseph Cooley Sen'r, & John Miricke were chosen Selectmen for ye managing the prudential affaires of ye towne.

Lieut Joseph Stebbin, Joseph Cooley Sen'r, & Benjamin Leonard were chosen Assessors for making the Rates of the Town.


John Holyoke was chosen Clerke for the town.

Samuel Chapin, Nathaniel Sikes & Ebenezer Miller were chosen Constables & sworne.

Thomas Bliss Sen'r, Samuel Hitchcocke & Joseph Stebbin Jun'r, John Petty & Ephraim Colton were chosen Tithing men, & the first three tooke ye oath of office.

Eliakim Cooley, Sen'r, James Dorchester Sen'r & Jno Hitchcocke Jun'r & Samuell Ely were chosen Surveyors of the highwayes. etc. [III-280.]

Luke Hitchcocke Sen'r was chosen Sealer of Leather.

Nathaneel Munn was chosen Clerke of the Market.

John Burt, Nathan'll Burt Jun'r & John Petty were chosen Measurers for Land & sd John Burt was sworn.

Danll Cooley & Sam Keep, Charles ffere & Nathll Dumbleton, Thomas Jones & Obadiah Miller, John Harmon Sen'r & Tho Miricke, Isaac Frost & John Hale, John Bagg & Jonathan Bagg were chosen fence viewers & were also appointed the hay wards for the fields in their respective precincts.

The Committee for the precinct on the west side of the great River in behalfe of yr sd Precinct did Petition that the Town would either erect & establish a school on yr side of ye great River or else acquit them of paying any Rate for the Towns school on the East side of ye great River.

March 26, 1705.

At a Town Meeting:

It was ordered to pay out of the Town Treasury an addition of sixteen pounds to encourage the Inhabitants on the West side of the great River, & of the Longmedow to promote the Learning of their children for the present yeer: & the Selectmen are to see to the dis-posing of said sum according to their best discretion.

May 7, 1705.

At a meeting of the freeholders etc. of the Town of Springfield to depute ye Representative for the General Courts of the prsent yeer.

At this Meeting Deacon John Hitchcocke was made choice of to represent the said Town at the General Courts of the province of the Massachusetts Bay for the prsent yeer by the major part of the Electors prsent.


At this meting the Inhabitants of Long medow renewed yr request for Liberty to call & settle a Minister at Long medow & yn to free ym from paying to their prsent minister & they were referred for an answer to the next Town Meeting: ye Paper is on file.

Samuell Wright of Northampton by his father Sikes desired admittance as an Inhabitant in this Town.

At a Town Meeting December 25, 1705.

It was agreed & voted that the Selectmen or the Assessors should see to it that an equal proportion of the necessary charges of the Town of Springfield be apportioned on & collected of the Inhabitants of said Town to satisfy those charges.

March 12th Anno Dom: 1705-6.

At a Generall Town Meeting for Elections of Officers for the Town of Springfield:

Mr. John Pynchon Jun'r, Eliakim Cooley, Ebenezer Parsons, John Miller & Nathaneel Burt Jun'r were chosen Selectmen for managing ye prudential affaires of this Town.

Ebenezer Parsons, Nathaneel Burt Jun'r & Pelatiah Bliss were chosen Assessors for making the Rates of the Town & sworne.

Mr.Joseph Parsons was chosen Commissioner for the publique Assessment.

John Holyoke was chosen Clerke for the Town and sworne.

James Warriner Jun'r, Nathaneel Sikes & Nathaneel Dumbleton were made choice of for Constables, & sd Wariner & sd Sikes were sworn.

Thomas Mirick, Charles ffere, Thomas Lamb & Samuell Warner & Benjamin Cooley Jun'r were chosen Surveyors of the highwayes.

Daniel Cooley Sen'r, Edward Stebbins, Samuell Bliss 3rd, Increase Sikes Sen'r, & Samuell Ely were chosen Tithing men.

John Hitchcocke Sen'r was chosen Clerke of the Market.

Luke Hitchcocke Jun'r was chosen Leather Sealer.

John Day & James Miricke, Samuell Cooper & Joseph Leonard Jun'r, John Miricke & Joseph Williston, Thomas Terry & Thomas Chapin, Thomas Hale & Thomas Collins Jun'r, Ebenezer Graves & David Morgan Jun'r were chosen fence viewers. [III - 281.]


Henry Rogers & Josiah Leonard & James Tailor Jun'r, Jonathan Day & William Wariner, Samuel Cooley & Danll Cooley Jun'r, Nathaneel Bancroft, Nathanll Morgan & Joseph Barker, Thomas Jones & Danll Graves were chosen hay wards.

Samuell Wariner & Matthew Crowfoot, Barret Steele & Jno Atchinson & Jno Colton, Francis Ball & John Rogers were chosen to attend the law about swine.

John Burt, John Petty & nathanll Burt Jun'r were chosen Measurers for Lands.

It was voted at this meeting to allow Widow Sarah Atchison what the Judge of Probate grant to this Town for the Towns paying Doctor Aurault for his medicines he gave her husband Benoni Atchison in his sickness whereof he died.

John Hitchcocke Sen'r, Luke Hitchcocke Sen'r & John Miricke were appointed to lay out the highway through Mr. John Pynchon Jun'r his Mill lot (see page 73.)

The Inhabitants of the west side the River prsented a Petition to the Town that they would allow them support for encouragement of their schools: And it was voted that if they keep a schoole to continue the vote of the Town March 26, 1705 on backward page. Nathanll Sikes & Ebenezer Wariner dissent from this vote.

It was voted to free the Inhabitants of Skipmuck & of Chickuppi on the East side ye great River from ye sd vote March 26, 1705.

It was also voted that the Selectmen have power to let out the Burying Place to any man, or to dispose it according to their best discretion, so as that it might be secured from all unmeete usages.

The Town did grant to Mr. Joseph Parsons the pine ledge of Chickuppi River for making wares (weers) fishing, he not damnifying highwayes, or any of the passages over the sd River & the priviledge is to cease when he ceases fishing.

The desire of the Inhabitants of Long medow that the Town would allow them liberty to call a minister to preach the word of God to them, was read in their meeting, & was disaccepted for the present.

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