History of Springfield, MA
Volume II
Pages 76 - 110



Meeting abovesd, & actual voted for & agreed on, & it is appointed that they be prsented to the next General Quarter Session of the peace for ye Confirmation. Attests John Holyoke, Clerk for sd Town.

[III - 32.]

Al the aforesd Orders were approved & allowed by the Quarter Sessions, May 20, 1707. Tests: John Pynchon, Clerk.

Transcribed from the original copy allowed of by said Sessions or Quarter Sessions. Per John Holyoke, Clerk for the Town of Springfield.

To the General Quarter Sessions of the Peace siting at Springfield May 18, 1708.

It was voted at the General Town Meeting for the Election of Town Officers March 9th, 1708 that such Persons as shal be chosen by the General Town Meeting to execute the Law respecting swine & shal be convicted of his neglect thereof shal be subject to the Penalty of five shillings upon a conviction, the one halfe to the Informer, and the other halfe to the Town school, & that this order be prsented to the Justices of the Peace at the next General Sessions of ye Peace in Hampshire for their approbation. Extracted from Springfield Record - p. 285 of the said Town booke & vara copia. Per John Holyoke, Clerk for sd Town.

The vote abovesd was approved & alowed of by the Justices of the Peace with in the Quarter Sessions at Springfield May 18, 1708. Test: Jno Pynchon, Clerke.

Transcribed from the original Copy allowed of by sd Quarter Sessions. Per Jno Holyoke, Clerk for the Town of Springfield.

[III - 33, 34, 35, 36 & 37 blank.]

[III - 38.]


ffebruary, 1664.

Names of Inhabitants of Springfield, 1664.

Here followes a Record or List of ye Names of the Townesmen, or men of this Towne of Springfield, that is to say, of the allowed & admitted Inhabitants who they are this present ffebruary, 1664:

Rowland Thomas
Henry Chapin
William Brookes
John Bagg
William Hunter
Peter Swinck
Griffith Jones
Obadiah Miller
John Henrison
Richard Excell
John Dumbleton
Jonathan Taylor
Hugh Dudley
John Baker
John Scott
John Riley
Joseph Crowfoot
Edward ffoster
Thomas Miller
John Leonard
Ensign Thomas Cooper
Rice Bedortha
Samuell Terry
John Lamb
Robert Ashley
Sergeant Miles Morgan
William Branch
Capt. John Pynchon
Lieut. Elizur Holyoke
ffrancis Pepper
Timothy Cooper
Mr. Pelatiah Glover
Deacon Samuel Chapin
Japhet Chapin
John Stewart
Thomas Noble
William Warriner
Sergeant Thomas Stebbins
Benjamin Munn
David Ashley
Abell Wright
James Warriner
Jeremy Horton
Symon Bemon
Thomas Day
Charles fferry
Thomas Mirick
Samuell Marshfield
Nathaneell Ely
John Clarke
Rowland Stebbin
Lawrence Bliss
James Osborne
John Harman
Nath Pritchard
Benjamin Parsons
Widdow M. Bliss
Samuell Bliss
John Matthewes
Richard Sikes
Jonathan Burt
John Lombard
Thomas Bancroft
Benjamin Cooley
John Bliss
John Keepe
Nathaneel Burt
Widdow Burt
George Colton
Samuell Ely
James Taylor
Jonathan Ball
John Horton.

[III - 39.]

A continuation of ye names of ye Townsmen or allowed Inhabitants wth ye date of their admittance:

July 28, 1665. Thomas Powell admitted.
John Petty admitted ye same tyme.
Aprill 1666. Edmund Prinrydys admitted.
1667. Symon Lobdell admitted.

[III - 39, 40 and 42 blank.]

[Unnumbered sheet in the hand of Peletiah Glover Jr. bound between III - 42 and 43.]

To all Christian People to whom this present writing shall concerne Know ye that I Pelatiah Glover of Springfield, the son of the Reverend Mr. Pelatiah Glover, deceased, late minister of the Gospel & teacher of the Church of Springfield, for


incorgment of the sd Mr. Glover, my Honored fathers settlement amongst them in the ministry had given a house & land as by deed or grant of Hampshire Records & Town Records appears, which upon after consideration became doubtfull whether it might be Lawfully done, because the sd land was first stated to the ministry in Springfield: whereupon a meet compensation for the same was treated concerning, that to the sd lands might return to the ministr & its primiture statement there unto, which since my father's decease, I the sd Pelatiah Glover his son & the town of Springfield by the assent have come to an agreement concerning that sd land may revert to the Town of Springfield, wherefore thereupon I the sd Pelatiah Glover doe hereby acknowledge to have rec'd the full sum of a hundred and ten pounds in graine & pork, and nine score pounds in money of the Inhabitants of the town of Springfield as a meet compensation for the same & doe exonerate the sd Town of Springfield and Inhabitants thereof forever from any further demands thereof or any part thereof from me, my heires, executors at any time hereafter for ever & having Rec'd the same upon the a compt of the a Compt of the towns reasuming of the house and land aforementioned, I the Pelatiah Glover for me, my heires, do remit, relinquish, release & quit claime all my former Interest, right or title to the sd land, otherwise then in comon wth the Inhabitants of Springfield to which use the sd land is stated for the ministry in Witness Whereof I have hereunto sett my hand & Seale this 18th day of feby Anno Domini 1698.
Pelatiah Glover


Signed Sealed in presence of us:

John Barber
Jonathan Burt Senyr
James Barkar

Pelatiah Glover above signeing & sealing before us under writ two of his Majesties Justices of Peace for Hampshire, came personally, & before us did owne & acknowledge the above instrument of discharge & release of ye land above mentioned to be his ye sd Pelatiah Glover, his free & voluntary act & deed: This done ye 18th day of February 1698-9: Before us:


John Pynchon
Jno Holyoke
    Justices of ye Peace.



That on the first day of April 1699 The within Instrument was Received Into the Registers office of the County aforesaid, and was then Registered in the 235th page of the first Book of Records.                  John Pynchon, Register.

[III - 43.]


At the Generall Towne Meeting Day on ye first Tuesday in ffebruary, being the 7th day of ye Month, 1664, the day appoynted by Order for Election of Town Officers.

Capt. John Pynchon was chosen Moderator for this & all other Towne Meetings for ye yeare ensueing.

Capt. Pynchon
Benjamin Cooley
George Colton
Samuell Marsfhield
Lawrence Bliss

are chosen Selectmen for Ordering the Prudentiall affaires of this Towne for the yeere en-suinge.

Ensign Cooper & Sam'l Marshfield are chosen a Comittee to examine the accounts of the former Selectmen whose tyme is now expired.

Nathaneell Ely & Thomas Miller are chosen Constables to this Township for the yeere ensueing: (who tooke ye Oath belonging to their Office.)

Elizur Holyoke is chosen Recorder to the Towne for ye Yeere ensuinge.

Thomas Mirick & Nathaneel Pritchard are chosen Surveyors for the high wayes wch belonge to the whole Towne for ye yeare ensuing.

Thomas Mirick & Nathaneel Pritchard are chosen Surveyors for the highwayes wch belong to the whole Towne for ye yeare ensuing:

Rowland Thomas, Nathaneell Ely & Samuell Marshfield are chosen a Comittee to consider of a proposition made by Serj. Stebbin, for change of some of his land in the wett meddow for some of the Town land in ye same wett meddow:

p.80 who are to goe to the places to veiw the same, & to make report to ye Towne what they apprhend in the case.


[III - 44.]

At the same Genrll Town meeting ffebruary 7, 1664:

Capt. Pynchon, Nathaniell Ely, George Colton, Benjamin Cooley, & Elizur Holyoke were chosen to be a standing comittee to have the sole power to Order matters concerning ye land at Worronoco, both for admittance of Inhabitants for that place and for grannting of lands there, or any other affaires that concerne that place, & yt may conduce to ye settlinge of it, a Towne of it selfe. This Comittee to hold till the Towne see cause otherwise to Order.

John Williams of Windsor is admitted an Inhabitant for Worronoco of this Township and hath liberty to build on his land there which he bought of Joseph Parsons.

It is voted & concluded that the Selectmen chosen at this Genrll Towne Meetinge shall make Mr. Glovers rate now to be made & his rate next winter: & any other rates that may be raysed on the Inhabitants for Town charges this yeere ensueing they shall also next winter some tyme in January take a list of the estate of the Plantation, whereby Mr. Glovers rate next winter shalbe made as allso all other Towne rates for yt yeere, viz: till ye winter followinge: and soe in a constant course hereafter, all the Towne rates & the Ministers rate shalbe made sometyme in January from tyme to tyme.

It is also voted, concluded & aggreed that there shalbe alwayes two Constables in ye Towne to wch end one Constable shalbe chosen at every halfe yeeres end: that is to say one shalbe chosen on ye Generall Town meeting day in ffebruary yeerely & another in August yeerely viz: ye day when ye Comissioners is chosen for joyning wth ye Selectmen to make ye Countey rate.

[III - 45.]

At this Genrll Towne Meeting it is further voted & concluded that there shalbe a highway of eight rod broad by the North side of the comon ffence yt extends from the Great River to Agawam River:


Also at this meeting these p'sons were chosen hay wards for ye Severall ffields, viz: Jonathan Taylor for ye ffields on ye west side of ye River opposite to ye Towne:

Joseph Crowfoot for Chickuppe playne.

John Clark for the homelots & 3 Corner playne.

And Samuell Ely for ye Long Meddow.

At a Legall Town meeting April 11th, 1665 being a full Meeting.

It was voted & determined, all present consenting thereto, to give Mr. Pelatiah Glover all the land wch ye Towne bought of Mr. Moxon, our Teacher shall continue and abide in this Towne duringe his life, or that his removing from this Town be wth and by mutuall consent, or in case that after his death his wife and children shall choose to leave this town and remove to some other place, that then the Town shall have ye refusall of it: Upon these tearmes, Mr. Glover accepting thereof as a competency wth ye ffourescore pounds per annum for his mayntenance, ye town doth give and grant to said land & housing to Mr. Glover to be his own property, and doe hereby appoynt and Order Capt. John Pynchon, George Colton, Sam'l Marshfeild, Benjamin Cooley, Lawrence Bliss, Rowland Thomas & Nathaneel Ely to give him possession thereof & to make it sure to him by Record or otherwise, and to take his accepting thereof on ye Tearmes aforesaid in writing, they to act therein as they shall see best to make things sure.

At ye same meeting, it was voted to chuse a Comitee for giveing out ye land of ye plantation, wch yet lyes undisposed of and tis ordered yt Capt. Pynchon, George Colton, Benjamin Cooley, Saml Marshfield, Rowland Thomas & Lawrence Bliss & Nathaneell Ely: shalbe a Comittee for that end. Which seven men mett together or the major part of them, provided all of them had notice to meete, (though there be but foure of them yet they agreeing) shall have full power to act in granting of lands to any person: and to whomsoever they shall grant any lands, it shalbe fully ye propriety of such Persons as if the whole town had granted it unto them.

[III - 46.]


August ye 16th, 1665.

The Constable according to warrant from ye Treasurer called together the Inhabitants of this Towne, Who, being assembled made choyce of Deacon Chapin to be a Comissionr for ye Towne to joyne with ye Selectmen for making & perfecting the Countrey rate for this yeere according to Law:

At ye Same meeting according to Town Order, the Inhabitants pceeded to choyce of a Constable for this Towne: and they chose William Warrener Constable for ye yeere ensueing (who took his oath accordingly) (Nathaneely Ely being dismist of yt Office.)

At this meeting also, the persons deputed by the Towne on ye 11th of Aprill, 1665, as in the former page is mentioned, did declare, that they had been wth Mr. Glover & had acqauinted him wth the Townes gift & grannt & the tearmes thereof, and that Mr. Glover accepted thereof, and that thereupon they had given Mr. Glover possession of the house wherein he dwells & ye land thereunto belonginge upon the tearmes mentioned in ye Townes act before recited: and accordingly the said persons gave Mr. Glover a deed to secure the said house & land to him.

At the Towne meeting aforesaid, viz: on ye 11th of Aprill 1665, This was ordered, (wch should have bin then recorded viz:

Whereas severall p'sons that had lands grannted to them at fresh water brooke this winter past have neglected to get it measured by the end of March last whereby those grannts are voyd. The persons desiring longer tyme to be given them, and their grannt to stand good, the Towne doth renew & continue those grannts to them, provided they take their lands, accordinge as the last Comittee granted them, & get them measured out by ye last of May next: otherwise neglect the measuringe thereof by that tyme are to loose their said lands soe granted unto them. Others also of ye Towne that have had grannts of land elcewhere have liberty till ye last of May next for to get them measured out.

[III - 47.]


Att the Generall Towne Meeting Day, being the first Tuesday in ffebruary and the sixth day of the month: Anno Dmi: 1665.

Capt. Pynchon is chosen Moderator for this meeting & for all other Towne meetings this yeare ensueing:

Ensigne Cooper, Robert Ashley, John Dumbleton, Benjamin Parsons & Elizur Holyoke are chosen for ye yeere ensueing to Order all the Prudentiall affaires of the Towne who are impowered to act therein as Selectmen accordinge to what is expressed in page 5 of this booke.

Ensign Cooper & Elizur Holyoke are chose a Comittee to examine the accounts of the Selectmen of ye yeere from hence past: who attended this worke accordingly.

Edward ffoster is chosen Constable for this Towne for ye yeere ensuing (who tooke his Oath belonging to his Office.)

Elizur Holyoke is chosen Recorder to the Towne for ye yeere ensueinge.

The Selectmen for this yeere insueinge, viz:

Ensigne Cooper
Robert Ashley
John Dumbleton
Benjamin Parsons
Elizur Holyoke

together wth Rowland Thomas & Thomas Miller are chosen a Comittee for grannting of lands that lye in comon & undisposed of: Whose power is ye same as the Comittee of ye last yeere had, wch were chosen in Aprill the 11th.

Nathaneel Ely is chosen Measurer of lands for ye Towne for ye yeere ensueinge.

[III - 48.]

Att this Meeting there were hay wards chosen for the severall fields viz:

John Clark for ye home lotts & 3 corner meddow & ye playne above End brooke.

Obadiah Miller for the ffeild ovr ye river opposite ye Towne & ovr Agawam River.

John Riley for Chickuppe playne.

And John Keepe for ye Long Meddow.

Anthony Dorchester & Serjant Stebbins are chosen Surveyors for ye highwayes for ye ensueing, viz: for the Countrey highwayes.


At this Towne meetinge the Constable calling upon the Inhabitants for paymt of ye Countrey Rate of this yeere: the prizes of corne for paymt thereof beinge discussed, the Towne did vote & declare that they will pay the sd rate at such prizes of corne as was Ordered by the last Genrll Court for paym't of ye Countrey Rate & at noe lower price, yt they will save ye Constable harmless.

ffebruary 26, 1665.

A comittee being chosen on the Generll Town Meeting day, viz: the 6th of this Instant to consider of some thorough course for setting a corn Mill up - this Mill yt is in p'sent being or to prpe for another in some other place: and this day a Town meeting being called to heare wt the said comittee judged requisite in the case: And therefore the said Comittee doe now declare that they judge it bet for the Town yt a new mill be built on ye Old Mill streame, & not to have dependance on the Mill yt is in prsent being: whereupon ye case being long debated, & Capt. Pynchon being urged to sett up a new mill on ye Old streame, he did engage for such worke: and for his encouragemnt diverse p'sons did promise to allow Capt. Pynchon some little assistance towards the worke, viz: about 17 pounds.

At the same Town meeting it was also voted & granted yt Capt. Pynchon shall have fifty acres of upland & thirty acres of meddow where he can find it. Soe much undisposed of, provided he doe wthin three yeeres from this tyme build a Saw Mill eyther on fresh water brooke on ye Old Mill streame & yt it be ready to be sett on worke wthin that tyme: otherwise this grant is to be voyd.

And further the Town did vote, conclude & agree (nemine contradiccente) yt the said Capt. Pynchon shall have the twelvth part of the bushell of all such corne or graine as shall be ground at his corn mill above mentioned to be built.

[III - 49.]

Att the Genrll Towne meeting on the first Tuesday in ffebruary and the fifth day of the month: Anno Dmi: 1666:

Capt. Pynchon is chosen Moderator for this Town Meeting


meeting & for all other Town Meetings in this Town in this yeare ensueinge.

George Colton, Nathaneell Ely, Benjamin Cooley, Rowland Thomas & Samuell Marshfield are by the Towne Ordered to ye place of Selectmen for the yeere ensueing, to Order all the Prendentiall affaires of the Towne, who are impowered to act therein as Selectmen according to what the Law directs as the works of their place.

Nathaneell Ely & George Colton are chosen a Comittee to examine the accounts of ye last Selectmen: who attended the worke accordingly.

Rice Bedortha is chosen Constable for this Towne for ye yeere hence ensueing: Who took his oath belonging to his Office.

Elizur Holyoke is chosen Recorder to ye Towne for ye yeere ensueinge.

The Selectmen for ye yeere ensueinge together wth Serj. Stebbin & Thomas Miller are chosen a Comittee for granting of lands yt lye in comon or undisposed of in ye Plantation, for ye yeere ensueing.

Nathaneell Ely is chosen Measurer of lands for ye Towne for ye yeere ensueing.

Miles Morgan & Thomas Miller are chosen to be Surveyors of ye high wayes for ye yeere en-sueinge.

At this Meeting there were hay wards chosen for the severall ffields of the Plantation for ye yeere ensueinge. Viz: John Clarke for ye house lotts & 3 corner meddow & the playne above End Brooke.

[III - 50.]

And Lawrence Bliss for the ffeilds on ye West side of the Great River opposite to ye Towne & over Agawam River.

John Bagg for ye ffeild called Chickuppe.

And Samuell Ely for ye Long Meddow.

Consideration being had at this Meeting of the poore estate of some in the Plantation, who it is thought by some, need reliefe, certyne persons were appointed to consider of


their condition & to make report to ye Towne what they judge convenient to be done in the case: The persons chosen were:

Capt. Pynchon
George Colton
Benjamin Cooley
Ensign Cooper
Deacon Chapin
Nathaneell Ely
Robert Ashley
Elizur Holyoke.

It is voted & concluded yt Long Meddow bridge shal be made wth stone work on each side of the Brooke for ye tymber work to lye upon: and ye Selectmen are to sett forward the work & to take care & order for the doing thereof.

ffebruary 11th, 1666.

At a meeting of ye Selectmen: Among other things, there was granted to Serj. Stebbins upon his desire, liberty to build on his lott neere Robert Ashley's house.

ffebruary 3d, 1667.

Att a meeting of ye Selectmen amongst other things acted by them, they testify their approvall of Samuell Marshfields building on yt land he purchased of Peter Swink on ye west side of the great river by the comon fence.

May ye 2d, 1667.

Samuell Marshfield & Miles Morgan being appoynted by the Selectmen to lay out highwayes between the two brookes below Chickuppe playne both for going into ye playne & for the house lotts there: the said two persons have thus determined tht there shalbe a highway between Rice Bedortha's lott & Edm. Prinridayes five rod wide & at the reere of their lotts it turnes a little to ye hill & soe runneth six rod & half wide to the gate: and for a way to Richard Sikes, his lott by the lower brook, it is to be two rod wide & at the reere of their lotts it turnes a little to ye hill & where ye brooke bends neerest those lotts & at the reere of Edmunds lott & ffrancis Peppers, Joseph Crowfoote is to have one rod wide for passage to the highway in liew of wch each of them are to have halfe a rod wide in the flankes of their lotts out of that 6 rod wch was formerly left for the highway.

[III - 51.]

Att the Generll Towne Meeting on ye first Tuesday in ffebruary, and the ffourth day of ye Month: 1667.


Capt. Pynchon is chosen Moderator for this Town meeting, & for all other Town Meetings in this Town this yeere ensueing.

And Lieut. Cooper, Miles Morgan, John Dumbleton, Benjamin Parsons & Elizur Holyoke are by the Towne chosen & Ordered to ye place of Selectmen for ye yeere ensueing who are to Order the Prudentiall affaires of ye Towne, who are in their places as the Law directs & according to what is specifyed in page 5th of this booke.

Lieut. Cowper & Elizur Holyoke are chosen a Comittee to examine the accounts of the Select men of the yeere last past who attended the work accordingly.

John Lamb is chosen & ordered to ye place & Office of a Constable for ye yeere ensueing: who tooke ye Oath belonging to his place.

The Selectmen above chosen for this yeere are also ordered & appoynted a Comittee for grannt of lands yt lye in comon & undisposed of according as they see reason & necessity. This their power to continue for the yeere ensueing.

Nathaneell Ely & Samuell Marshfield are chosen for Measurers of lands for ye yeere ensueing eyther of ym to doe ye worke as they are there unto called.

Robert Ashley & Samuell Bliss Senr are chosen for Measurers of lands for ye yeere ensueing: eyther of ym to doe ye worke as they are there unto called.

Robert Ashley & Samuell Bliss Sen'r. are chosen surveyors for ye highwayes for ye yeere ensueing. [III - 52.]

At this Genrll Towne meetinge there were also chosen hay wards for the severall comon ffields of the Plantation for ye yeare ensueinge, viz: John Clarke for ye home lotts & 3 corner meddow and playne above end brooke.

Joseph Crowfoot for ye ffeild over ye great River and over Agawam River.

John Riley for ye playne called Chickuppe.

And John Keepe for ye Long Meddow.

Mr. Glover by Deacon Chapin propoundinge to ye Plantation yt some p'ticular p'sons may be ingaged to see his rate yeerely paid.


The Plantation voted & Ordered yt a day being appoynted by the Deacon for paying of Mr. Glovers rate, one of the Selectmen at least shall attend & assist the Deacon to receive what is brought in, & if what is due be not then paid another day shalbe appoynted for bringing it in, at wch tyme one or more of ye Selectmen shall then also attend with the Deacon to receive wt shall then be due. And for what remaynes yet unpaid after two dayes waiting as abovesaid the Selectmen shall from yeere to yeere deliver ye Rate to Constable under their hands yt he may gather in the remaynder of the rate by distress.

There being found inconvenience in putting off the day soe long as formrly for paymt of Mr. Glovers rate, the Towne voted and Ordered yt when the Rates belonging to ye Town yearely are made & publisht, the Deacon shall then appoynt a day wch shall succeed quickly after for bringing in the rate for Mr. Glovers mayntenance: that soe yt rate (if it have not the prcendency yet) may be as soone paid as any other rate belonging to the Towne.

Benjamin Parsons propounding his desire to ye Towne for liberty to sett his fence in ye Street agt his barne about a foot & halfe or two foote.

[III - 53.]

The former Selectmen, viz: Those yt were chosen on ye 5th day of ffebruary 1666, for the yeere from thence ensueing appoynting a Comittee by Order made under their hands for laying out a highway from ye South side of Agawam Rive into ye Comon etc, a coppy of their Order & of ye returne of the Comittee hereafter followeth:

The Selectmen consideringe ye great need that the Proprietors on ye West side of ye great river stand in, ffor want of a highway from ye South side of Agawam River into ye Comon for their passage to Windsor & to their meddow lands & severall other grannts, they doe therefore appoynt Thomas Stebbings, John Dumbleton, Lawrence Bliss & Rowland Thomas to lay out a highway from ye South Side of Agawam River & soe up the hill till they come to the Comon,


and they are to lay out the way in ye most convenient place: And they are to bound the highway & to consider all things about ye sd way what of any mans Land it passeth through & what work is done to ye sd way already, & they are to give their apprehensions about ye land that the way taketh up & soe to lay out the way & make their returne to ye Town Record yt it may be entered in the Towne booke ye Selectmen appoynt to be attended out of hand.

Springfield the 3 of ffebruary, 1667:

By ye Selectmen George Colton, Benjamin Cooley, Rowland Thomas, Nathaneell Ely and Samuell Marshfield.

The Comittees Returne.

Wee, Thomas Stebbins, John Dumbleton, Rowland Thomas & Lawrence Bliss being appoynted by the Selectmen to lay out a way over Agawam River into ye Comon, thinking this way to be the best, doe appoynt & lay out it to goe along the way as it is already, that is to Say, up the hill to Goodman Coopers & soe along by the North Side of his barne & soe strait through his yard about a rod wide through his yard & soe straight along between his ditch & the brow of ye hill next to the meddow & soe through Samuell Marshfields land according as the road does lye till you come into ye Comon and up the hill on ye right hand of ye way till you come into ye comon - we lay it to be two rod wide.

John Dumbleton
Lawrence Bliss
Thomas Stebbin
Rowland Thomas.

Recorded ffebruary 7, 1667.

[III - 54.]

ffebruary 12th, 1667.

Att a Meeting of ye Proprietors of the ffeilds on the West side of ye Great River: It is voted & concluded yt the gate belonging to ye ffeild through wch stood above by Peter Swinks, shall for ye conveniency of the neighbors there, stand & be sett a little below Thomas Millers for ye present. And this being granted & concluded, for ye Conveniency of ye neighbors there, it occasioneth another gate to be made & sett between Lawrence Bliss & Joseph Crowfootes: for ye maynteyning whereof, the


p'sons yt live over ye River, haveing land in the field stand chargeable, they declaring their consent thereunto, till ye gate below Thomas Millers shall be ordered to be removed above yt highway where the new gate is sett.

And further it is agreed by & between Thomas Miller & the Proprietors of ye ffield there yt he the sd Thomas Miller shall & will make & mayteyne the water worke fence & all the fence from thence corss the street to his owne fence & all the fence fromthence cross the street to his owne fence by the street (excpeting ye gate way) wch fence he is to make soe far into ye river as to secure the ffield & both yt & the land fence to make & meynteyne sufficiently from the tyme yt the ffield is to be closed soe this next Spring till the ffield be ordered to be layed open towards the end of the summer & he is to prevent all damage to the ffield yt might come this way except such damage as shall come by ye gate being left open: he also is to take care of ye gate during that tyme to prvent what damage he may: for wch paynes cost & care of his, he is to be paid the summe of ffive & thirty shillings, every proprietor there being to pay his proportion according to his quantity of land in ye field and Capt. Pynchon & Elizur Holyoke are to pportion every mans share accordingly: & delivering the account to Thomas Miller & a day being sett for each man to carry in his pay who ever is behind at ye day appoynted shall pay the charges of fetching it in wch some of the pprietors shall see done: only those proprietors on this side yt River shall not be ingaged to carry ye pay over ye River to him but only to Capt. Pynchons or Mr. Holyokes for him.

And it is further Ordered & agreed yt whosoever shall leave open & not shut yt gate by Thomas Miller when the ffield is closed he shall pay [III - 55.] to the use & behoofe of the proprietor of land in yt ffield, the sum of two shillings & six pence wch Thomas Miller is to take notice of as well as he can & give account of: Only what the Indians are culpable yt way they are to pay six pence a tyme to ye use of Thomas Miller wch he is to gett of them yet soe as yt he make noe trouble or disturbance in gayning it.

Here followeth a Copy of an Order & an agreement of


the Proprietors of the ffield in the playne comonly called Chicuppe on ye West side of ye Great River.

Aprill ye 20th, 1667.

Att a meeting of the Proprietors of ye ffield over the great River in Chickuppe playne for settling what some belongs to every man for his land there: It is Ordered & agreed yt all the Proprietors there shall & will doe their portion of fence according to ye Number of acres of land wch they have in that ffield.

Only william Brookes his pportion of fence for his land there is determined and agreed to be Thirty rod agt the front of his land & one rod in the flank & no more, excepting for the water work to wch he is to doe only that pportion of water fence wch belongs to his land: And it is further Ordered & aggreed yt every mans fence shalbe at the reere of his own land (according as the first agreement was) viz: such whose land, goes back to the fence in the reere they shall have fence wch is sett agt their own land, their pportion of fence there to range exactly wth the range of every mans lott wch they shall take care of henceforth to repaire and maynteyne the same sufficiently from yeare to yeare & if any more fence belong to their share then is at ye breadth or end of their lotts in the reere they shall doe it in the flanks; & their pportion there being once sett out, each pprietor is to take care of the same, to repaire it sufficiently from tyme to tyme.

And it is pvided that if any mans land lyeth broader in the reere then his whole pportion of fence shall be done by some other whose land doth not come up to the fence there in the reare. And further such persons whose lands doth not come to the fence in ye reere their pportio of fence shall as neere as may be, be laid right agt their own land or elce in the flanks: and it is agreed yt every mans fence in ye flak shall lye in ye same order as every mans land doth lye: and it is agreed & concluded by all, that whosoever by this agreement shall come to have a worse fence from another man, that man who hath the better fence shall make the worse fence as good to him who now comes to take it as his better fence was to him before.


And it is agreed for the water work or fence into the River, yt every man shall have an interest there & each pprietor is to take care of his pportion of the water fence wch shal be done after this manner. The one half of the Proprietors shall see to take care of doe up & repaire the water fence one yeere, & the next yeere ye other halfe of ye Proprietors shall see to, do up, & repaire ye water fence, & soe from yeere in a constant curse: And there being a present sixteene proprietors, tis aggreed that for this yeare:

John Bagg
William Brookes
Jonathan Taylor
Thomas Noble
Samuell Terry
John Lamb
Rice Bedortha
Miles Morgan

shall take care of the water fence to see it a sufficient fence, well done at both ends to secure the ffield. And for ye next yeere:

Robert Ashley
John Scott
Richard Sikes
John Riley
ffrancis Pepper
Edmund Pringidayes
William Hunter
Joseph Crowfoote.

shall take care of it, to doe all ye water fence sufficiently & well for ye ffield from cattell of all sorts. And soe in a constant course from yeere to yeere for continuance, the one half of those Propiretors or their successors each other yeare to take the whole charge of all the water fence. And it is further aggreed that Samuell Marshfield & Serjant Stebbins who are to be paid by Serj. Morgan shalbe procured to lay out each Proprietors proportion of the fence, wth what speed may bee, who are likewise (in case of need) to judge & determine what shalbe allowed by any p'son to him yt hath the worse fence.

[III - 57.]

Also Serj. Morgan is ordered & desired to take care of the speedy setling this work, and to gett Samuell Marshfield & Serj. Stebbings about it: and the tyme being sett for it he is to give notice to all ye proprietors to attend to see where their fence shall lye & to stake it out & take charge thereof for further. All these things being fully agreed yt this agreement shall by Serj. Miles Morgan be forthwith caryed to ye Recorder of the Town, & by him it is to be entered into ye Town Booke, there to stand upon Record & remayne as a full settlement of & for the securing of the field aforesaid not only for the present but for the future.


The names of the Proprietors yt were prsent at this agreement are as follows, viz:

Miles Morgan
John Bagg
William Brookes
Jonathan Taylor
Thomas Noble
John Lamb
Capt. Pynchon
Samuell Terry
Rice Bedortha
Robert Ashley
Richard Sikes
ffrancis Pepper
Edmund Pringridayes
William Hunter
Joseph Crowfoote
John Riley by his deputy

Absent only John Scott.

This agreement was made on ye day above said in ye presence of & before mee, John Pynchon, Assist:

Recorded ffebruary ye 20th 1667. By me, E. Holyoke, Recorder.

     Att a Towne Meeting ffebruary 26, 1667. ffor the yeere insueing, viz: 1668.

There were persons chosen & appoynted for Overseers of the severall companyes of Workes at the highwayes yt belong to ye said p'ticular companyes mentioned in page 24, 25, 26, viz:

John Harmon for ye way up the hill over ye Mill River.

George Colton for ye way to ffresh water River.

Thomas Day for ye way to 16 acres.

William Branch for the upper wharfe & ye way vr ye New bridge.

Richard Sikes for ye Lower wharfe.

Serj. Stebbins for ye playne above End brooke.

Samuell Marshfield for ye way from ye great river to Agawam falls and yt down by ye black pond.

[III - 58.]

Thomas Miller for ye way into the woods by William Hunters & for ye way over ye Muxy meddow & to see it finished, for wch end, the Inhabitants on yt side of ye River are this yeere to be free from ye Countrey highway, wch tyme they are to spend in making a Causeway over ye wett meddow. John Bagg for ye way by Rice Bedortha & to Chickuppe playne.

And the sd persons are to call their severall companyes together when theire yeere is expired to choose other overseeres in their roomes, or elce in defect or neglect thereof they are to stand another yeere, and till they doe appoynt a Meeting of their sd Companyes to settle others: and if they be defective not attending their work, they are to pay for their neglect as ye Town Order directs: and that noe p'son called by the Overseers to highway may neglect their duty, it is Ordered yt in case of defect they shalbe to all penaltyes as for Countrey highwayes. And the Selectmen are to be acquainted therewith & to deal therein accordingly.


Joseph Crowfoote upon his Petition to ye Towne was released of payment of 6s 6d being the Townes share of a fyne for defective fences wch he was judged to pay by the last Selectmen.

It is voted & Ordered yt there shalbe a way for ye Towne to ye Saw Mill: And Anthony Dorchester & Rowland Thomas are appoynted to view & consider how the said way may be over ye Mill River at ye Old Mill Dam & soe to ye Sawmill to fetch boards or otherwise, & they are to make report to ye Selectmen how they judge it may be easyest effected: And the Selectmen are to Order ye making ye same as they shall judge most meet.

The inhabitants at Skeepmuck by reason of the charge they have been at about their highways are released from from being required or caled to ye Countrey highwayes for this yeere that is now coming on.

Charles Ferry his engagement or condition on his Grant of land at Skeepmuck wch he desired may be taken off, is left to the discretion of ye Selectmen to act therein as they shall see reason for.

[III - 59.]

March ye 4th, 1667-8

Att a Meeting of ye Selectmen they being all prsent, viz:

Elizur Holyoke
Lieut. Cooper
John Dumbleton
Miles Morgan
Benjamin Parsons.

The said Selectmen apprehending yt there is a necessity of a highway for the Neighbors on ye West side of the great river into ye comons over Agawam River, and considering likewise wt was acted by ye Selectmen of ye yeere 1665, concerning a highway into those comons laid out by them, but neglected to be entered or recorded in the town booke:

The prsent Selectmen doe therefore now order a highway from the flatts or sholes or wading place in Agawam River to neere the lowest end of Goodman Leonards little pasture yt is fenced in, at the head of ye meddow, & there it is to cross ye little Swampe in ye said pasture, to ye poynt of Lieut. Coopers hill & soe to run under the northerly side of ye said hill


Sloping up the hill, till it come to ye top of yr hill, & from thence it is to run along by the brow of ye hill to ye hollow at ye westerly end of his land & soe into ye comons: All wch way is to be two rod broad; and considering yt a highway thus to lye will occasion a necessity of a common gate to be sett up at ye bottome of ye hill where ye way enters the hill, & another at the Westerly end of Lieut. Coopers land where he fenceth it in: The Selectmen doe Order yt such gates shalbe made by the Town or Proprietor's on the West side of ye great River for whose sake the way is laid out: The charges of wch way & gates is to be determined by the Towne.

And whereas this way will take up about an acre & half of Lieut. Coopers land, & be incumbrance thereunto, & about three quarters of an acre of Goodman Leonards land & be incumbrance thereunto, and the law requiring in such case that owners of lands shall have satisfaction (for such lands as are soe taken & improved for ye publike) to be judged by persons on both sides, viz: such owners part & on ye Selectmens part: therefore the said Owners of land, viz: Leiut. Cooper & Goodman Leonard did each of them chuse Anthony Dorchester & Jonathan Burt, and ye Selectmen chose Serg. Stebbins & Thomas Bancroft wch said four p'sons did determine & aggree yt Lieut Cooper shalbe allowed 30 shillings for the land of his soe taken up & incumbrance thereby: The said summes of money to be paid wthin 12 months from this tyme, by them whom the Town shall determine. And to this agreemt the Selectmen & the said 4 p'sons called to judg in this case did sett their hands.

[III - 60.]

Att a Town meeting, March 1667-8.

It being declared that there is not a sufficient pportion of gun powder in ye Towne stock to satisfy the Law, and Capt. Pynchon haveing a barrell of powder by him wch was bought for the Towne, when it was at a dear rate, he propounded to ye Town, that if the Towne would grant him that house lott of ye Townes,


wch is above Robert Asheleyes neere the round hill he would lett them have One halfe of ye said barrell of powder wch the Towne did yeeld unto, and thereuppon granted him the said lott conteyning ffoure acres; wth this provision that if the Town did pay into him the summe of seaven pounds in wheat wthin one yeere for ye said powder then the said lott is to returne into ye Townes hands.

Likewise it is by vote declared that ye highway laid out by the prsent Selectmen on the back side of Lieut. Coopers hill over Agawam River shalbe the way for passing into ye Comon that way, wch the Inhabitants on ye West Side of ye great River are to make according to ye Ordr of ye Selectmen, when ye said Inhabitants shall fynd necessity thereof:

November 26th, 1668.

At a Towne meeting in reference chiefly to satisfying Mr. Glover pleadying the inconveniency of his house, and telling us, that his Stipend will not enable him to build for his conveniency: It was voted & concluded yt ye Town will make an addition to his house, much waht answerable to the new addition yt Nathaneel Ely, hath made to his house: and for carrying on the work Capt. Pynchon, George Colton, Nathaneel Ely & Lieut. Cooper are chosen & Ordered to aggree wth a workman to doe ye said work: and ye said 3 p'sons or any three of them are Ordered to see yt ye work be carryed on to effect: and what aggreement shal be made by them about the work shalbe pformed by the Towne: and the Selectmen are to make a rate for payment for ye work.

Att ye said Town meeting Serjeant Stebbin requesting of the Towne, that he may exchange his foure acres of meddow that lye a little below Robert Ashleyes house, for soe much of the Towns meddow lott wch adjoynes to the Norterly Side of the said ffoure acres out of the Townes meddow for his sd ffoure acres: The Town did vote leave it to ye Selectmen to take a view of the said lands and to make a conclusion of or on wth Sergent Stebbin as they should see cause: The Selectmen viewed those lands the same day, & doe conceive


that the Town will be noe looser by such exchange of lands wth Serjeant Stebbin: and therefore doe determine that his desires therein shalbe grannted. And where as the sd Sergeants meddow is ditched at both ends, he casts that into the bargayne. [III - 61.]

At ye Generll Town Meeting on ye first Tuesday in ffebruary being ye 2nd day of the Month Anno DM 1688.

Capt. Pynchon is chosen Moderator for ye Town Meeting this day.

Nathaneel Ely & Samuell Marshfield are chosen a comittee to examine the account of the Selectmen ye yeere now last past.

Capt. Pynchon, Quartermaster Colton, Nathaneell Ely, Samuell Marshfield, & Lawrence Bliss are chosen for Selectmen for ye yeere ensuing: Who are impowered to act as in page 5th of this Book.

Joseph Taylor is chosen Constable for ye yeere ensueing who had his oath administered to him respecting that Office by ye Worpll Capt. Pynchon.

Elizur Holyoke is chosen to be Clerke or Recorder to the Towne for ye yeere ensuing.

The Selectmen above chosen are likewise for the yeere ensueing Ordered & appoynted a Comittee for granting of lands yt lye in Comon & undisposed of accordinge as they see reason and necessity.

Nathaneel Ely & Samuell Marshfield are chosen for Measurers of lands in this towne for the yeere ensueing: eyther of ym to doe the work as they are thereunto called.

William Warrener & John Keepe are chosen Surveyors for the Country Highwayes of this Towne for the yeere ensueing.

Likewise for hay wards for ye severall comon ffields of this Town there were chosen:

John Clarke for ye house lotts. John Hitchcock for ye playne & 3 corner meddow. Obadiah Miller for ye playne & 3 corner meddow.

River over against ye Towne.


Edmund Prinridayes for ye playne called Chickuppe.

And Samuell Ely for ye Long Meddow.

[III - 62.]

At this Genrll Towne Meeting, the Town granted unto Abell Wright upon his request certayn lands at Worronoco, that is to say ten acres on ye South side of Worronoco River & on ye westerly side of ye little River by the fort, wch ten acres is to lye up ye River above ye fence: Also ten acres on ye North side of ye River beyond ye cellars: and ffourteen acres of Meddowish land up the little river, former grannts being first laid out. Also a house lott of six acres.

And whereas Serj. Stebbin hath had a grannt of lands at Worronoco, on condition yt he goe thither & yet haveing been at much paynes & charge to pmote the good of ye place, he now requests of ye Town yt his said grannt of land there may devolve upon one of his sons: Whereupon ye Town did vote & determine yt one of his sons shall have the said lands (on ye same conditions yt his father had ye grannt) if the people there shall approve of him; and if they shall not approve of him then Serjantt Stebbin shall have liberty to make sale of ye said lands soe grannted pvided it be to one yt the people there shall approve of to come & dwell there.

Also there is grannted unto John Munn ten acres of lande at Worronoco where Abell Wright hath his ten acres on ye North side of ye River & ten acres wth Abell Wrights 14 acres up ye little River & a home lott. This grannt & ye grannt to Abell Wright are on Condition that they goe thither to dwell before the next winter & yt they continue thee five yeeres from yt tyme.

Also there is grannted to Thomas Noble a little peece of land at Worronoco about an acr on ye side of ye hill above the Indian fort there, pvided it be noe hindrance to any highway already laid out or to be laid out & yt it be not intangled by any other grant.

The inhabitants at Worronoco by Mr. James Cornish,


Thomas Dewey & Thomas Noble Propose a Township Six Miles Square.

Thomas Dewey & Thomas Noble makeing severall ppositions to this Plantation at this Towne Meetinge, namely, that we would determine the bounds betwixt us & them, & settle where the line shall run betwixt us, as also that wee would appoint the Comittee or some other to Order their prudentill affaires or allow them to be a Township, that they might order their owne matters. And further yt wee would depty some [III - 63.] persons to lay out ye six miles square grannted them by the Generall Court & by the said Court appoynted to be laid out by this Towne or some p'sons deputed by us.

This Towne did take into consideration ye said p'ticulars, and being willing to p'mote & further them being a Township, did in ye first place vote & determine to allow them most of the land on the other side of Paucatuck brook by Woronoco River on ye Northerly side of ye sd River: and for setling that line betwixt us & them, George Colton, Nathaneell Ely & Rowland Thomas are chosen, appoynted & impowered to view & take notice of the lands there-about & to consider where about on ye Westerly side of Paucatuck brooke they shall conceive it is most meete the lyne betwixt us & them should run, that is to say from Agawam or Worronoco River: & soe Northerly or Norwesterly towards Northampton: And accordingly ye afore said persons have power to determine & to fix the bounds betwixt us & them in that quarter: And at that place where the dividing line comes to ye River it is to cross the River to the South side of the River, and from thence towards Windsor a direct south lyne is to be the bounds between us & them, except it will not take in the ledge of mountaynes for Worronoco, wch if it doe not, then it is hereby Ordered & grannted that this lyne on the South side of Agawam river shall run soe much Easterly from ye South side of Agawam river shall run soe much Easterly from ye South as to give them the Mountaynes & then the ledte of Mountaynes is to be the bounds betwixt us & them: and ye said p'sons thus chosen to run the lyne betweene us & Them are to make returne of their worke to this Towne yt it may be entered in ye Publike Record of ye Towne.


In ye next place as to allowing them to be a Township & releasing them from us, this Towne doth determine, order & appoynt that ye Comittee now in being, formerly chosen for granting lands & ordering matters at Worronoco, Soe as might best conduce to make them a Town of themselves, viz: Capt. John Pynchon, Elizur Holyoke, George Colton, Benjamin Cooley & Nathaneel Ely shall at some convenient tyme after this Town Meeting repaire to Woronoco & settle all matters touching that place referring to grants & orders made by the said Comittee wth ye Inhabitants thee are to make choyce of a meet number of ye fittest persons [III - 64.] there for ordering their Prudentiall affaires, and to choose them a Clerk or Recorder, Surveyors of highwayes, a Constable & other needfull Officers: And the Comittee haveing thus managed matters & furthered their work for a Township, the Comittee are to be discharged of their trust, and ye inhabitants there are to be left to themselves to order theire owne matters, or as the Honored General Court shall further order: and wee hope the Court will see cause to Order them to be a Township & that they through the favor of God may grow up into a comforable Society, & be a happy Neighborhood to us & our ffriends & theirs.

And whereas the Honored General Court in October last uppon a petition presented to ym from ye people dwelling at Woronoco for inlargmt of their accomodations of land, etc., did make an addition of land to them to ye content of Six mile square & left it to this Town of Springfield or whom we should appoynt for ye management of ye matter: This Towne doth now therefore Order & appoynt Mr. James Cornish, John Roote, Thomas Dewey & John Sackett or any three of them to lay out the aforesaid grannt of land adjoyning to what is already allowed them from this towne, or as shalbe most to ye advantage of ye Inhabitants of Worronoco: only they are not to intrench upon ye bounds fixt & sett, or to be sett as aforesaid between them & us.


The brand mark for this Towne appoynted by the Generall Court being after the form sett in ye margent being an S & P conjoyned.

The Towne did at this General meeting appoynt Samuell Marshfield to keep ye said brandmark & to brand therewth ye horses belonging to this Plantaton: for his labor wherein because there are many horses to be branded, he is to have for ye prsent but two pence per horse for those yt he shall brand, but hereafter he is to have three pence per horse for all that he shall brand. [III - 65.]

June 18th, 1669.

Reverend Glover Proposes Leaving Springfield.

A Towne Meeting being called in respect to our Reverend Mr. Glover, lately declaring himself as purposed to leave his work & station as to this place, chiefly for that he apprhends that we are not able comfortably to maynteyne him: The Towne haveing discussed the thing, & examined their owne abilities, did by vote conclude to stand their apprehensions to Our Rev. Teacher Mr. Glover in writing wch was prsently done accordingly: A coppy whereof here follows:

Letter to Rev. Glover from Elizur Holyoke.

"Sir, wee are very much affected wth tis sad providence by this motion of yours for leaving us, & the rather beinge soe sensible of Our generall inability to increase your stipend at prsent, by reason of Gods hand upon us by the flood & blast, & that at such a tyme as we have taken in hand the building of a house for you wch through the help of God, we shall goe on wth, the cost whereof wilbe neere one hundre pounds to us, besides the 80 pounds of your stipend wch by the Lords assistance we shall endeavor punctually to pforme, & make good in ye best manner we can, notwthstanding all the difficulties of the yeere wch doe retard our doing further according as your needs call for it enlarge, & doe to our utmost ability & that according as God shall bless us; that soe you may live honorably & wthout distraction in yur employment. And we intreat your acceptance of these, our sincere intentions, & the manifestations of your love & affections to us, by yor cheerfull going


on in yor Ministeriall work (in this place) wch wee take soe much contention & cannot neyther dare quitt our interest in, but must according to God hold it fast to our utmost all words of parting being like darts forbid the thoughts of change. Elizur Holyoke" Recorded in the Name & by ye appoyntmt of the Towne. Springfield - 4: 18th 1669.

These for the Reverend Mr. Pelatiah Glover, Minister of the Word in Springfield:

The Original hereof was sent to Mr. Glover (by Capt. Pynchon & others) from the Town Meeting who perused it, but then hee much insisted on his desire for a release from us; for he said he knew we were not able to abide to what we doe, wch he said would not mainteyne him but urging for his liberty he said his mind was gone (fixed). Which returne of his was presented to the Towne at ye same Meeting. [III - 66.]

ffebruary 12th, 1669.

Att a meeting of ye Selectmen:

Whereas there is a highway above ye Comon fence on ye West Side of ye great river laid Twenty rod wide by ye comon fence towards Agawam River & ordered it to be continued Soe wide till it came over the wett meddow or further, it was Ordered yt the sd highway shall be continued twenty rod wide all along by ye Said fence to Agawam River. This ptly for highway sake & ptly for comonage for cattle: 20 rod wide is to be alwayes continued comon from ye great River to Agawam River.

April 7th, 1669.

At a meeting of ye Selectmen, Eliakim Hitchcock of New Haven desiring to be admitted into this Township to dwell, hath liberty soe to doe provided he bring certificate from New Haven yt he is an Orderly liver: & that his father there desire it & assist him in his remove & yt he procure 2 sufficient men of this Town to enter into the 30 Bond to secure the Township by yt said Hitchcock or any of his family.


Aprill 23, 1669. Att a Meeting of ye Selectmen:

Among other things they made this Order followinge:

Whereas severall p'sons complayning yt they cannot gett their neighbors where their fences is in p'ticular to make up their fence sufficient, & all because the viewers are not requireable to view p'ticular & partionall fences: And whereas the Town Order sayeth yt p'ticular fence betwixt lott & lott shalbe ordered by ye Selectmen: The Selectmen doe now therefore Order yt where there are complaynts agt neighbors in yt kind in such case when eyther neighbors desire it; the viewers yeerely appoynted shall view such ptitional fences from tyme to tyme and shall have power to allow or disallow of them according as they doe or may the genrll & comon fences of corn ffields: wch fence disallowed or declared defective by any viewers shall forthwith by the Proprietor or owner of it amended & made sufficient to the secure his neighbor from damage according to the judgmt of ye viewers. [III - 67.]

October ye 5th, 1699.

This Town at ye Genrll Town Meeting on ye 2nd day of ffebraury last, upon ye desire of ye Inhabitants of Westfield propounded to this Plantation at ye said meeting, viz: yt this Town would Order & settle the bounds in the lands betwixt this Town and them, did appoynt a Comittee, viz: Quartermaster Colton, Nathaneel Ely & Rowland Thomas for yt work as in ye Order of ffebruary 2nd, 1668, more at large appeareth: And the said Comittee did on this 5th day of October 1669, repaire to ye lands about Paucatuck, & haveing taken good survey of thelands thereabout, did come to a resolution what shalbe accounted the bounds betwixt this Town of Springfield & ye Town of Westfield in respect of ye lands, on ye North side of Woronok River: And therefore in Order to fixing the bounds betwixt us & them in that quarter, the said Comittee concluded & determined yt a due north lyne from a white Oak tree neere the said River wch ye said Comittee marked, shall be & be accounted the bounds betweene our Town of Springfield & the Towne of Westfield: The said white Oak soe marked is between ye two first dingles be-


yond ye low lands at Paucatuck & neere the furthest of ye two dingles: and because from ye said marked tree right cross the River & thence Southerly a direct South lyne will not take in ye Mountayne for ye Town of Westfield therefore the Mountayne is to be the bounds betwixt our Town and Westfield according as our Townes said act of ffebruary last doth determine: And herein the Said Comittee fully aggreeing have hereunto sett their hands.

January 3, 1669.

At a meeting of ye Selectmen: amongst other their acts. A motion being made in writing by Joseph Parsons of Northampton for liberty to purchase a p'cell of land (belonging to this Township) of Thomas Copley, wch land lyes at ye foot of ye higher falls in ye great River his desire therein is granted as also liberty for him to build on ye said land is granted him according to his desire. [III - 68.]

Att ye Generall Towne Meetinge on the 1st Tuesday in ffebruary: being ye 1st day of ye Month Anno Dm 1669.

Capt. Pynchon is chosen Moderator for this Towne Meetinge.

Lieut. Cooper & Deacon Chapin are chosen a Comittee to examine the accounts given in by the Selectmen now going off. And ye sd Committee attended ye worke.

Capt. Holyoke, Lieut. Cooper, Ensign Cooley, Benjamin Parsons, & Henry Chapin are chosen Selectmen for the yeere ensueing who are to order the Prudentiall affaires of the Town as ye Law directs & as is declared in page 5th of this Booke.

Also Capt. Holyoke is chosen Recorder to this Town for ye yeere ensueinge.

Samuell Terry is chosen Constable for ye yeere ensueing who had ye Oath respecting yt Office administered to him by ye Worppll Capt. Pynchon.

Nathaneell Ely & Samuell Marshfield are chosen Land Measurers for ye yeere ensueing.

John Clark & John Bliss are chosen Surveyors for ye Country highwayes for ye yeere ensueinge.

The Selectmen above mentioned as chosen, are for ye


yeere ensueing impowered to grannt lands yt lye in comon according as they shall apprhend reasonable & necessary.

The hay wards for ye severall comon fields chosen for ye yeere ensuing are Thomas Miller for ye ffield over ye River: opposite ye Town. Rice Bedortha for Chickupe ffield. John Clarke for ye home lotts: John Keepe for ye Long Meddow.

It is agreed & determined yt for want of a pound at Chickuppe a good yard shall be allowed & accounted to pass for a pound.

It is ordered that the Selectmen hencefoward from tyme to tyme, when they shall have occasion to meete a day to order ye Town affaires, their necessary expences for ye dinners shalbe allowed & paid by the Towne. [III - 69.]

ffurthermore the Town calling over former accounts & fynding due to ye Towne:

By ye Selectmens accounts in Anno 1667 2 10s 7p
And by ye Selectmens accounts Anno 1668       2     03       0

4 13s 7p

The town voted that the p'sons wch were Selectmen in those yeeres cleare the accounts & pay in those summes making 4 13s 7d to the Committee for Mr. Glovers house & doe hereby impower the sd comittee, viz: Capt. Pynchon, George Colton, Lieut. Cooper & Nathaneell Ely or any 3 of them to recover the same.

The Inhabitants over the River are freed from ye Countrey highwayes this next yeere upon condition they finish the highway begun over the West meddow neere Samuell Marshfields and in case they neglect to make yt way a sufficient highway this next summer, for yt neglect they shall next yeere allow to the Country highway over & above their then proportion so much more as they are this yeere freed from it.


The Towne taking notice of much charge about highwayes: & p'ticularly about the Long Meddow bridge wch is observed to be more used by Hadly then by this Towne: And remembring yt in ye settlemt of ye charge about bridges in the County roadewayes it was agreed yt Hadley should allow towards ye charge of that bridge in case it appered their use would be considerable: It is therefore ordered that ye Selectmen take care thereof & write to Hadley that their joyning & carrying on what is needfull & reasonable therein be by them attended: that this Towne haveing done much to yt bridge they may doe what is remayning to be done about it.

fforasmuch as there hath been hitherto some neglect in p'viding for ye Deputy wch this Towne sends yeerly to ye Generall Court, pay not [III - 70.] being seasonably had in for him by meanes whereof many tymes his diet at Boston is too long unsatisfyed for, besides other discouragmts for want of wherewth to defray his necessary expences, all wch to p'vent for future: It is Ordered yt henceforth there shalbe a sett allowance to ye Deputy wch this Towne shall send to ye Gen'll Court, Viz: ffoure pounds for his tyme, horse & all his expenses at One Session of the Court or by reason of his attendance thereatt wch ffoure shall always be paid to ye Deputy before hand & that in good pay at least three pounds of it in wheat: but in case ye yeeres proove anything tollerable for wheat the whole pay to be in yt grayn besides wheate unless he desie it. And for ye yeere now next coming by reason of the Townes want of pay in hand: Capt Pynchon pffers to give 20 shillings towards it, & the Town orders yt ye other three pounds shalbe raysed on the Inhabitants forthwth & all to be speedily gathered in & delivered to him that shalbe chosen Deputy for the first Session of the next General Court that soe he may have it to turne into money for his best advantage: and for future ye Selectmen from tyme to tyme are yearly before thier going out of their places to adde into other Towne


charges this foure pounds every yeare to be raysed on the Inhabitants of this Towne for their Deputy. And out of what the Selectmen have & are hereby inabled to have in hand of the Townes, they are hereby injoyned always in ye first place to pvide & take care that the Deputy to serve may have the summe aforesaid delivered unto him at least three pounds of it in wheate as aforesaid or in pay equivalent to wheat or money that soe all just discouragemts on our Deputyes may henceforth be avoyded by such seasonable allowance to him for his tyme & expenses.

[III - 71.]

Att a Town Meeting March 23d, 1669-70.


This Towne haveing formerly appoynted Mr. James Cornish, John Roote, John Sackett & Thomas Dewey or any three of them to lay out the quantity of six mile square grannted to Westfield by the Honored General Court, and finding that ye aformentioned p'sons have hitherto soe neglected the said work that unless some speedy course be taken or others appoynted there unto that shall more readily attend it, wee shalbe altogether unable to render an account to ye next General Court. Therefore considering the act of the General Court leaving yt worke to our Town, & that there may be noe further needless neglect on our part: this Town doth now order & appoynt Capt. Holoke, Quartermaster Colton, Rowland Thomas & Samuell Marshfield to ye said work hereby calling in & making voyd the power we conferred upon Mr. Cornish & the rest above said, forasmuch as they have not done their work in their yeere.

And the said Capt. Holyoke, Quartermaster Colton, Samuell Marshfield & Rowland Thomas or any three of them are hereby appoynted a Comittee whom this Towne doth now order & impower to lay out the content of Six Mile Square grannted to Westfield & Ordered by the General Court to be laid out by some that Springfield should appoynt thereunto: All wch worke is to be done by the said Capt. Holyoke, Quartermaster Colton, Samuell Marshfield & Rowland Thomas or any three of them are hereby appoynted a Comittee whom this Towne doth now order & impower tyo lay out the content


of Six Mile Square grannted to Westfield & Ordered by the General Court to be laid out by some that Springfield should apoynt thereunto: All wch work is to be done by the said Capt. Holyoke, Quartermaster Colton, Samuell Marshfield & Rowland Thomas or any three of them before the 15th day of Aprill next: wherefore they are forthwth to acquaint the Inhabitants of Westfield herewth & inform them of & appoynt the tyme when they shall attend ye work,' that soe Westfield may have opportunity to depute & send some p'sons to goe along wth them to consider & advise about the convenient laying out of the aforesaid tract of land & to observe & take notice where their bounds shalbe laid: And all being done & effected by our now impowered Comittee they are to give an account thereof to this Towne that returne thereof may be made to the Honored General Court.

[III - 72.]

Here followeth ye Returne of the Comittee (mentioned in ye foregoing page) appoynted by this Towne to lay out the Six mile Square grannted to Westfield (for their Township) by ye General Court which returne was prsented to this Towne and a coppy thereof to the General Court:

Springfield, Aprill ye 14th, 1670.

"We whose Names are here subscribed being a Comittee appoynted by the Town of Springfield for ye laying out the quantity of Six mile Square granted to Westfield by the Honorred Generall Court, have attended the said Work; and therefore doe hereby declare how their said quantity of land shall lye, that is to say, the said quantity of land is laid out to them five Mile broad at ye Northerly end thereof, extending from a Pine tree marked at the East mountayne to a White oak marked at the West mountayne andit runneth Southerly nine mile, that is to saye from the Said Pine tree, holding the course of the South South West poynt upon the Meridian compass. And at the Southerly end of their Nine Mile their limits are ffoure mile broad westward: and the ledge of Mountaynes is to be the bounds between Springfield & Westfield: Within this tract of land there is conteyned the

p. 109

quantity of about three Square miles grannted before by Springfield to Westfield and about the quantity of two square miles in reference to the farmes of the Worthy Major Atherton & Capt. Clapp.

At a Town Meeting Aprill ye 17th, 1670. The Inhabitants of Westfield intreating for some more accommodations of land towards Springfield then was formerly grannted to them by Springfield, that is to say some inlargement on this Side of the Mountayne wch is on ye South Side of their River: This Town doth grannt unto them all the land between yt bridge called Logg Bridge & the Mountayne that is to Say, all ye land that lyeth between the Mountayne & a direct lyne drawn from the said bridge to a white oak marked about 30 rod from ye Northerly end of the pond that lyes by ye East Side of ye Mountayne & wch is about a mile from ye Said bridge: And from the Said marked tree the dividing lyne is drawn to ye Mountayne: and then they are to keepe to ye Mountayne as the bounds between them & us, and from the said bridge down to Woronoke River that little brook or gutter is to be the bounds between us & them.

[III - 73.]

October ye 12th, 1670.

Att a meeting of the Selectmen they being all present.

It is Ordered that there shalbe a highway of 5 or 6 rod broad from ye way that leades to ye Mill up to ye cart bridge that is over the Mill River & soe from that bridge up into the Pyne playne on ye South side of ye Mill River, to be laid in place most convenient by Benjamin Parsons, Jonathan Burt & Nathaneel Pritchard.

It is Ordered that there shallbe a highway by the fence on the back side of the Long Meddow (viz: within the fence) two rod broad from Nathaneel Bruts upper lott down to ye bridge (over Long Meddow brook) in ye way by the River along through Nathaneel Burts upper lott, to the backer fence by the pond: This being for passage into ye Woods yt way: This highway Capt. Pynchon protesteth against: viz: that by his mill mentioned above: Ffebruary 7, 1670.

p. 110

Att ye General Town Meeting ffebruary 7, 1670.

The Worppll Capt. Pynchon is chosen Moderator for this Town Meeting.

Samuell Marshfield & George Colton are chosen a Comittee to examine ye accounts of ye Selectmen yt are now going off.

Capt. Pynchon, George Colton, Samuell Marshfield, Rowland Thomas & John Dumbleton are chosen for Selectmen for ye yeere ensueing, to order ye Prudentiall affaires of this Towne: Who also have power to grannt lands yt lye in comon & undiposed of in this Township as they see necessary & convenient.

Capt. Holyoke chosen Recorder to ye Town for ye yeere who is to have 20 shillings allowed him for his work this yeere in keeping ye Town Records & entering such things as concerned the Town in general.

[III - 74.]

Jonathan Ashley constable for ye yeere ensueing had his Oath administered by ye Worthy Capt. Pynchon.

Samuell Marshfield & Nathaneel Ely chosen Measurers of lands for ye yeere ensueing.

Anthony Dorchester & Timothy Cooper are chosen Surveyors of ye County wayes for ye yeere ensueing.

Nathaneel Burt is freed of work to ye County highwayes this yeere in regard of charges of wayes for his own use wch others also have benefit.

Capt. Pynchon, Elizur Holyoke, George Colton, Samuell Marshfield, Nathaneell Ely & Serj. Stebbins are chosen a Comittee to consider of highwayes and to determine both where they shall lye & who shalbe called to make & maynteyne ye same.

Hay wards chosen for ye generall or comon fields are John Clarke for ye home lotts. Edward ffoster for ye ffields on ye West side of ye great river opposite to ye Towne: John Bagg for ye ffield called Chickuppe, Isaack Colton for ye Long Meddow.

ffurthermore at this Towne Meeting it is ordered that if any lands be grannted hereafter to any person, the wood & tymber upon such lands shall be free for any p'sons to take as they shall need til such lands shall be fenced.

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