Mayflower Passengers, Their Ages and Occupations


Replica of the Mayflower, 1620 - LOC Collection, Detroit Publishing Co., 1900-1920

Alden, John, 21, cooper (married Priscilla Mullins) Fletcher, Moses, 55, blacksmith Rigsdale, John
Rigsdale, Alice, wife
Allerton, Isaac, 34, tailor & merchant
Allerton, Mary (Norris), wife
Allerton, Bartholomew, 7, son
Allerton, Remember, 6, daughter
Allerton, Mary, 3, daughter
Fuller, Edward, 45
Fuller, Bridget (Lee), wife
Fuller, Samuel, 12, son
Rogers, Thomas
Rogers, Joseph, 17, son
Allerton, John, 29, seaman  Fuller, Samuel, 40, brother of Edward Fuller, say weaver, surgeon Samson, Henry, cousin of Edward  Tilley and Humility Cooper, Henlow, Bedfordshire
Billington, John, 38
Billington, Elinor, wife
Billington, John, 16, son
Billington, Francis, 13, son
Gardiner, Richard, 38, seaman Soule, George, servant to Edward Winslow
Bradford, William, 30, fustian maker
Bradford, Dorothy (May) wife
Goodman, John Standish, Myles, military captain, Lancashire
Standish, Rose, wife
Brewster, William, 54, printer
Brewster, Mary, wife
Brewster, Love, son
Brewster, Wrestling, son
Holbeck, William, servant to Wm. White Story, Elias, servant to Edward Winslow
Britterage, Richard, 39 Hooke, John Thompson, Edward, servant to Wm. White
Browne, Peter Hopkins, Stephen of London
Hopkins, Elizabeth (Fisher), wife
Hopkins, Giles, son (first marriage)
Hopkins, Constance, daughter (first marriage)
Hopkins, Damaris, daughter
Hopkins, Oceanus, born en route
Tilley, Edward, 32, Henlow, Bedfordshire
Tilley, Ann (Cooper), wife
Button, William, servant to Samuel Fuller Howland, John, 21, servant to John Carver, Fenstanton, Huntingdonshire Tilley, John, 49, brother of Edward Tilley
Tilley, Joan (Hurst) (Rogers), wife
Tilley, Elizabeth, 15, daughter, married John Howland
Carter, Robert, servant to Wm. Mullins Langmore, John, servant to Christopher Martin Tinker, Thomas
Tinker, Jane, wife
Tinker, boy, son
Carver, John, 35
Carver, Katherine (Leggett) (White), wife

Dorothy, maidservant

Latham, William, servant to John Carver Trevore, William, seaman
Chilton, James, 64 tailor
Chilton, Susanna, wife
Chilton, Mary, 13, daughter
Leister, Edward, servant to Stephen Hopkins Turner, John, wood sawyer
Turner, boy, 5, son
Turner, boy, 3, son
Clarke, Richard Margesson, Edmund, 34 Warren, Richard, 42, merchant of London
Cooke, Francis, 37, wool comber
Cooke, John, 15, son
Martin, Christopher, 38, merchant, Billerica, Essex
Martin, Marie (Prower), wife
White, William, 30
White, Susanna, wife, later married Edward Winslow

White, Peregrine, son, born at Cape Cod Harbor
White, Resolved, 5, son

Cooper, Humility, Henlow, Bedfordshire Minter, Desire, 15 Wilder, Roger, servant to John Carver
Crackstone, John, 45
Crackstone, John, 18, son
More, Ellen, "put to" Edward Winslow, Shipton, Shropshire
More, Jasper, brother, "put to" John Carver
More, Richard, brother, "put to" William Brewster
More, Mary, sister
Williams, Thomas, 25, servant to John Carver
Doty, Edward, servant to Stephen Hopkins Mullins, William, boot and shoe maker, dealer
Mullins, Alice, wife
Mullins, Priscilla, daughter, married John Alden
Mullins, Joseph, son
Winslow, Edward, 25, printer
Winslow, Elizabeth (Barker), wife
Eaton, Francis, 25,  house carpenter, Bristol, Gloucestershire
Eaton, Sarah, wife
Eaton, Samuel, son
Priest, Degory, hatter Winslow, Gilbert, 20, brother of Edward Winslow, Droitwich, Worcestershire
English, Thomas, master of the Speedwell Prower, Solomon, son of Marie Martin