Town of Abington
Abington is a small bedroom community of 13,000 people some 12 miles south 
of Boston.  The town was famous as part of the shoe industry and, as      
recently as 1986, had a working dairy farm.  Today, though the town's roots
in manufacturing and agriculture have given way to a primarily residential 
community character, several small and medium size businesses flourish     
within the boundaries of the quiet town.  
The town was founded in 1712 and although it has experienced substantial   
growth over the last several decades, the community retains a great deal of
open space and a rural feeling.  Residents are proud of the parks and      
recreation facilities which have produced several fine athletes.  In    
addition, the growth of the town has not diminished the local spirit.               
(Narrative supplied by community)                         
Abington Public Library  
Ames Nowell State Park
Dyer Memorial Library and The Historical Society of Old Abington