Town of Rochester


The Town of Rochester was founded in 1679 and incorporated in 1686. At that time the area now known as Marion, Mattapoisett and West Wareham were all part of Rochester. These towns were subsequently separated from Rochester and by 1857 Rochester stood alone, having had the foresight to reserve rights on the seashores of the other towns. That is why residents of Rochester enjoy rights for shellfish licenses and beach use in communities not their own.

Zoning in Rochester includes industrial, general commercial and residential/agricultural uses. The town's center includes the town hall, library, First Congregational Church and vestry. Across from these buildings is the Plumb Corner Mall, a source of pride to town residents because it was designed to harmonize architecturally with the town green. There are several riding stables in town as well as the Rochester Golf Club, which recently expanded its 9-hole course to an 18-hole course, and a park in the town center which serves as the location for several teams from the active Little League.

Residents describe their community as rural and residential and point out 
that it still retains many of the farms which were originally the         
foundation of the town 300 years ago.  A quiet, beautiful place within    
which to live and grow, is their final word on their home town.       
(Seal and narrative supplied by community)

Joseph H. Plumb Memorial Library William Pierce Family