Berrien County Genealogy Project presents

1896 Benton Harbor, Michigan - City Directory

Kimball Publishing Company

Transcribed and donated by Mrs. Rosalie Kimmerly, Sept. 2001

Copyright 2001, Rosalie Kimmerly, St. Joseph, MI, All rights reserved, Rosalie Kimmerly

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This is Benton Harbor City:

Abernethy, Mrs. Cynthia E., widow, 269 Broadway
Acton, Orry, driver Dunbar’s market, res 284 Empire Ave, wife
Acton, William H. motorman, street railway, 288 Empire Ave, wife
Adams, Miss Ella M., 126 Brunson Ave.
Adams, Miss Mary, domestic, 197 Britain Ave.
Addeman, Thos, station eng, C Christensen, 118 Paw Paw, wife.
Addeman, Pearl, student, 227 Park, cor Paw Paw Ave.
Aiken, John, painter, bds 126 Territorial.
Aikens, Mrs. Mahalis, wid Nelson, 131 Edwards Ave
Aikens, Mrs. Widow, 156 Edwards Ave
Alcott, Everett, student, 155 Cedar
Aldrich, U. Grant, bartender, The Oak, res 130 High St.
Aldrich, Mrs. Allen, 121 Bluff
Aldrick, Allen, 121 Bluff
Alger, Mark C, (Alger & Pool), Res. Colby ave, wife .
Alger, George D, Jeweler, 118 w. Main, res 133 Colby Ave
Alger, Morey W., teacher, 133 Colby Ave.
Alldaffer, Wm., brick setter, F&Mc, 137 Madison ave, wife
Alleman, John, cooper, wks A.Perry, bds French House
Allen, Byron J, ship clk, S.B&S, res 168 High St.
Allen, Theodore, wks S, B&S, bds 177 Morton Ave.
Allen, Arthur; (col) wks Dr. G.M. Bell’s, res 118 Lake St.
Alley, Bert S, agt Grand Union Tea Co, 182 Pavone, wife
Allison, -------?, carpenter, 127 Madison ave, wife.
Allkins, Henry, painter & Paperhanger, 128 Cherry , wife
Allkins, William H, mach, 128 Cherry St., wife
Allkins, Eken, lab, 128 Cherry St.
Allmendinger, J.M., contr & ship bldr, 112 Lincoln Ave, wife
Allmendinger, Andrew, mason, 154 Pearl, wife.
Allmendinger, Miss Laura, 154 Pearl
Ament, August, propr Hotel Tremont,) corner Park & Fifth St., wife
Amundsen, Gust, prop People;s Bakery, 109 Oak, res same, wife.
Anderson, Chas H, fireman str City of Louisville, res 116 Ross, wife
Anderson, Harry, wks hotel St. Joseph, res 116 Ross
Anderson, Corneilious J, carp, 167 Superior, wife
Anderson, August, wks C-H Co., res 180 Territorial, wife
Anderson, John, wks F&Mc, res 196 Park, wife
Anderson, Olaf, baker, 185 6th, bds same
Anderson, Carl, lab, bds 183 Territorial
Andrew, Amon R, condr Big 4, res 120 Elm, wife
Andrews, William, clk, Hammond & Hammond, bds 149 Superior
Angel, Mrs. R G, wid Robert G, bds 136 Colfax Ave
Antes, Chas, groceries, 121 Territorial, res 160 Greene ave, wife
Antes, Christian, bds 160 Green Ave
Anthony, Mrs. Mariam, (col) wid Edward, 174 centre
Antisdale, E S, BS&MD, res 131 ½ Pleasant, wife
Antisdale, Silas G, real estate. res 1 Oakwood on Michigan e end Oak, wife
Antiss, Ira, wks C-H Co., res 120 9th St.
Antiss, Jane, 120 9th
Appleyard, Jno J, tailor, H A. Foeltzer, res 129 Winans, wife
Arbour, Loriston D., carp, 175 Green ave
Armstong, Jno H, repairer, 141 Niles ave, wife
Armstrong , James, wks Colby-Hinckley Co, res 120 9th St.
Arnett, Wm J, wks Haynes Planning Mill, 306 Colfax ave, wife
Arnett, Guy, lab, 306 Colfax ave.
Arnett, Willie R, lab, 306 Colfax ave
Arnett, Miss Bessie B, stud, 306 Colfax ave
Arnold, William, cooper, A Perry, 8th bds French house, 108 7th
Arnt, John, lab Butzbach & Schutz, 138 Ross, wife
Asher, Mrs. H, wid Hermon, 156 Kirby
Ashman, Loraine, ins, Conkey blk, res Nickerson ave.
Aspell, Miss Mary, clk M. E. Scheir, res Lake Shore Dr.
Atwell, George, janitor, 161 Pipestone, up stairs, res same.
Atwell, Mrs. Harriet, 161 Pipestone
Atwood, Walter H, wks Spencer, Barnes & Stuart, res 290 Highland ave, wife
Atwood, Albert E, bookkeeper, H.J. Heinz Co., bds 111 Oak
Aumock, Dr. Jos, retired, phys, 145 Territorial, wife
Aumock, Thaddeus D, basket maker, bds 145 Territorial
Austin, S. M., groceries, queensware, flour & feed, Confectionery, 118 e Main
Austin, Stephen M, (S M Austin & Co) grocer, Res same, up stairs, wife
Austin, Mrs. M S, cook Tabor’s resort, res 105 7th St.
Austin, Miss Eda, 105 7th St.
Averill, Mrs. Jennie G, wid, private board 118 Vineyard ave
Averill, Miss Fannie, teacher, 118 Vineyard ave
Averill, Miss Mollie, teacher, 118 Vineyard ave
Averill, Rex, student, 118 Vineyard ave
Avery, Frederick E, drygoods & millinery, 118 e Main
Ayers, George W, architect & builder, 182 Pavone, wife
Ayers, Claude C, turner W H Berkheiser, res 182 Pavone
Ayers, Miss Anna, 182 Pavone
Ayers, Ray E, farmer, 212 Columbus ave, wife
Babcock, Theodore A, mason, 131 Cherry, wife
Babcock, Chas H, mason, 131 Cherry
Babcock, Miss Dora, 131 Cherry
Babcock, Miss Nora, 131 Cherry
Babcock, Mrs. Lucina A, 220 Pipestone, 2d floor
Babcock, George W., butcher, res 220 Pipestone, 2d floor
Babcock, Bert H, butcher, 220 Pipestone, 2d floor
Babcock, Miss Mabel, 220 Pipestone, 2d floor
Babcock, Wm, carp, 119 Vineyard ave, wife
Babcock, Miss Myrtle, waitress Hotel Tremont
Babcock, Miss Blanche, waitress Hotel Tremont
Baert, Alvines, wks Baute Machine, wks, res 130 9th st.
Bagley, Avery E, bds 287 Britain Ave
Baird, Mrs. Fred, 125 7th, 2nd Floor
Bailey, Samual A, pres First National Bank, res 119 Morton ave, wife
Bailey, W E, sailor, 186 e Main, wife
Bailey, Mrs Anna, wid, bds 179 Greene ave
Bailey, Miss Lidia, bds 179 Greene Ave
Baker, Royal w, scientific optician, office and res 125 Britian, wife
Baker, W H, traveling salesman, Mussey Stove Co., res 391 Pipestone
Baker, J J, traveling salesman Cleveland Stove Co., res 391 Pipestone, wife
Baker William, clerk, res 164 Broadway
Baker, Ross, chief sales Morrow & Stone, 106 Water, res 300 Pipestone
Baker, Miss Ella, 300 Pipestone
Baker, Mrs. Pirsis A, Wid O H P, 155 Lake St.
Baker, Mrs. Nathan, wid, 209 Colfax Ave
Baker, Burt, stud, 209 Colfax Ave
Bakeman, E P, mason, 305 Pipestone ave
Bakeman, Roy F, stud, 305 Pipestone Ave
Bakeman, Miss Erma, Stud, 305 Pipestone Ave
Baldwin, Judson A, erecting engineer, res 128 Garfield, wife
Baldwin, Mrs. A H, wid Joel, 120 Broadway
Baldwin, Miss Tryphenia, 120 Broadway
Baldwin, Miss Malvina L, dressmaker, 120 Broadway
Baldwin, Miss Mery, 120 Broadway
Baldwin, Mrs. Mellie B, wid, 152 Belleview
Baldwin, Mrs. Julia E, wid Samuel S., bds 148 Pearl
Baldwin, Miss Fannie, student, 148 Pearl
Baley, Jas, cashier First National Bank, Res 284 Britain, wife
Baley, Miss A Belle, 284 Britain
Baley, J Stanley, stud 184 Britain
Ball, Mrs Emma C, wid Wm R, 108 Lake Ave
Ball, Miss Lida, teacher Britain ave school, 108 Lake ave
Ball, Orlo, student, 108 Lake ave
Ball, Mrs Martha, wid Isreal, 292 Broadway
Ball, Charles F., painter, 292 Broadway
Ball, Miss Alice, cook, bds 292 Broadway
Ballenger, Mrs. Kate, wid Simon, 127 Territorial
Balstad, Louis, baker People’s Bakery, 109 Oak, res same
Balstad, Mrs. Anna M. 209 Oak st.
Banard, O. T., basket Maker, 179 Superior, wife
Bangs,Joshawa, com traverler, 102 s Winans
Bangs, Miss Mabel, stud, 102 s Winans
Bankster, Miss Effa, res 113 Territorial
Banninger, Miss Maggie, works Hotel Tremont, res 5 Park st.
Banninger, Mrs. Susan, domestic, 284 Britain Ave
Banyan, John W., lab, 196 Colfax Ave, wife
Banyan, Willard, 196 Colfax ave
Banyan, Walter, 196 Colfax Ave
Banyan, Miss Henrietta, 196 Colfax Ave
Barker, J S, hardward & farm implements, res. 189 Broadway, wife
Barker, Miss Hattie, res 189 Broadway
Barkley, John, 173 Bellview
Barnard, Miss Edith, stud, 179 Barnard
Barnes, Jno E, ( Spencer, Barnes & Stewart), 150 Edwards ave cor Stevens
Barnes, Thos F, wks (S B & S), res 190 Park, wife
Barnes, Perle, wks S B & S, res 177 Morton Ave
Barnes, Lemuel M, 102 Colfax ave, wife
Barnetsen, William, candy maker, bds 122 Church
Barnett, William J, farmer, res 113 Ogden ave, wife
Barnhart, Joel, farmer, res 122 Church, wife
Barnhart, Guy E, student, 122 Church
Barnhart, Miss Olive, 122 Church
Barret, James, plumber, 242 Columbus ave, cor Clay, wife
Barry, Myron, com solicitor, res 126 Washington, wife
Barry, Edward B, operator Chicago & West Mi Railway, res 103 High
Base, Joseph H, farmer, 452 Pipestone, wife
Base, Maud, milliner, 452 Pipestone
Bashford, Miss Della, seamstress, res 187 Lake Ave
Bashford, Raymond, 187 Lake Ave
Bass, Mrs. E M, wid Sian S, 201 Colfax ave.
Bassett, Orrin, retired, 171 Brunson, ave, wife
Bassett, George S, laborer, 304 Packard, wife
Bassett, Miss Nellie M, 304 Packard
Bassett, Miss Lois A, 304 Packard
Bastar, Dr. W.C., phys and surg, Graham blk, res. 155 Broadway, wife
Bastian, Fred, shoemaker, res 7th St.
Bateman, Phillip, mason, 122 Columbus, wife
Bateman, George, mason, 345 Pipestone, wife
Bateman, Mrs Nellie, 358 Pipestone
Bahugman, Charles O, carp. 200 Brunson ave, wife
Baushke, Albert, A Baushke & Bro. Res 212 Colfax Ave, wife
Baushke, L M, A Baushke & Bro, 212 Colfax Ave
Baushke, Frank, wks A Baushke & Bro., 212 Colfax ave
Baushke, Mrss Lizzie, 212 Colfax Ave
Baushke, Miss Ella, 212 Colfax Ave
Baushke, Frank, blacksmith, Baushke Bros, 276 Pavone, Wife
Baushke, R J, horse goods emporium, res 110 Columbus ave, wife
Baute, John; (J Baute & Son), 177-179 w Main, res 128 9th St.
Baute, Henry, (J Baute & Son), 177-179 w Main, res 128 9th St.
Baute, Miss Alida, 128, 9th st.
Baute, Miss Emily, 128 9th St.
Baxter, Frank E, w Main
Baxter, Miss Effie E., w Main
Baxter, Miss Ana, w Main (correct spelling)
Baxter, Miss Dolla, w Main (correct spelling)
Bayliss, Mrs Belle, wid, 247 Britian ave
Bayman, Jno N, cooper Butzbach & Schultz, res 153 4th, wife
Bays, John T., wks Squire Dingee Co., res 225 n Winans, wife
Beals, Henry S, constable, 215 Park, wife
Beard, W. O., res 135 Bellview
Beard, W O, Jr. agt, Adams Express Co., res 225 Colfax Ave, wife
Beattie, Geo, ship carp, 122 e Main, 2nd floor, wife
Beattie, Lucian, hostler Giffords Livery, 117 Water
Beaudette, Albert C, Condr street railway, res 240
Beeney, Arthur, driver Morrow & Stone, res 134 Superior, wife
Beckley, Edward E, res 120 Greene, wife
Beeson, Frank, lab 224 n John
Belding, Henry E, corres and bill clk S,B&S res 169 Edwards ave, wife
Belfy, Henry E, shoemaker E E Jarvis, res 248 Buss,
Bell, Dr Geo M, (Bell & Co., druggists, 103 e Main), phy and surg, office
Bell, Mrs G M., bk kpr and cashr G M Bell & Co., res 323 Pipestone
Bell, John Jr. (G M Bell & Co) res 323 Pipestone
Bell, Dr. John (GM Bell & Co.), phy & surg, res 134 Michigan, wife
Bellville, Miss Emma, domestic, 175 Michigan
Benedict, George, 138 Greene, wife
Benedict, Mrs Adilaid, wid Henry, 138 Green ave
Benjaman, Miss Eliza, 126 Cherry
Bennett, Charles, finisher, Spencer, Barnes & Stuart, Res 113 Brunson, wife
Benson, Geo R, Printer, 116 E Main, res cor e Main & John, wife
Benton, Ralph, plumber, wk B. L Hall, res 130 Superior ,wife
Bernard, Henry J, trav salesman, res 110 Brunson ave
Bernard, Miss Lillian, 110 Brunson ave
Bernard Neil, compositor, bds 110 Brunson ave
Berkey, Ora G, finisher: Spencer, Barnes & Stuart, res 243 Territorial, wife
Berkheiser, Henry, lumber, lath, shingles, office & yard; res 150 Lake ave, wife
Berkheiser, Miss Hettie, 150 Lake ave
Berkheiser, Miss Clara, 150 Lake ave
Berkheiser, Miss Dora, 150 Lake Ave
Berkheiser, William, planning mill, res 265 Pavone, wife
Berkheiser, Chas W, engr B. M. Wks, res 111 Pavone, wife
Beshears, Mrs. Anna, wid John, 126 Britain Ave
Bessey, Charles W, cooper, 141 Territorial, res outside city
Beukem, John, cab maker Spencer, Barnes, & Stuart; res 132 Miller, wife
Beukema, Herman, 132 Miller
Bicknel, John H, elder Christian Church, res 253 Broadway, wife
Bierman, Edward, finister Spencer, Barnes & Stuart, bds 113 Brunson ave
Billinghurst, Miss Carrie, teacher, B H College, res 137 Morton ave
Bingham, Peter A, J,, harness maker, wks D D Flanigan, Bds Hotel Higbee
Bird, Harry L, drugs, medicines, cigars & tobaccos, res 120 Arch, wife
Bird, C. Eugene, finisher Spencer, Barnes & Stuart, res 103 Madison, wife
Bird, Oscar, (col) lab, bds 182 Center
Bird, William (col) dock lab, bd 110 Boughten
Birkholm, Delia, clk G M Bell & Co., res Fair Plain
Bisbee, Augustus B., fruit farmer, res 233 Empire ave, wife
Bisbee, John W, 233 Empire ave
Bisbee, Arthur J, 233 Empire ave
Bisbee, Alice C, 223 Empire ave
Bisbee, Miss May T, 233 Empire ave
Bisbee, Miss Edith, 233 Empire ave
Bishop, Wm A, wks Colby-Hinckley Co., res 128 Niles ave, wife
Bishop, Benj, lab, res 376 Pipestone, wife
Bishop, Frank, clk, res 476 Pipestone
Bishop, George, bskt makr Geo B. Thayer & Co., res 476 Pipestone
Bishop, Bennie, bskt makr, Colby-Hinckley Co., res 476 Pipestone
Bishop, Miss Maud, stud, 476 Pipestone
Bishop, Samuel G, farmer, res 331 Empire ave, wife
Bishop, Arthur, (Bishop & Brayman, carriage & sign painters, res 331 Empire Ave
Bishop, Charles, farmer, res 331 Empire Ave
Bishop, Archie, 331 Empire Ave
Bishop, Russell, 331 Empire Ave
Bishop, Stanley, 331 Empire Ave
Blacker, R R, (J B. Graves & Co.) Res Manistee, Michigan
Blue, Blanche, student, bds 201 High
Blume, Frederick, furniture 175 w Main, res same, wife
Blume, Julius C, cigar manfr, 173 w Main, res same
Boehm, H P, flour and feed, 112 w Main, res same, wife
Boits, John F, drayman, 122 e Main, 2d floor
Boits, Mrs Maggie, 122 E Main, 2d floor
Bolinger, Mrs B, boarding house, 121 Edwards ave
Bolster, Adelbert, drive wells, res 176 Pavone, wife
Bonewitz, Mrs. Millie, wid Samuel, 177 Center
Boon, Miss Cynthia (col) bds 125 Center
Bostick, Dr. John, phys; res 117 Courtland, wife
Boswell, W A, capt Str Lawrence, res 123 Bellview, wife
Boswell, Cook, lab, 192 s water
Boughter, Samuel, condr Big 4, 126 Maple, wife
Boughter, Wm E, fireman Big 4, bds 126 Maple
Boughter, Elizabeth, 126 Maple
Bovee, Edwin A, marble cutter, res 220 Bronson ave, rear, wife
Bovee, Edward W, bds 139 Cedar
Bowden, George, lab, 312 Britain
Bowden, Wm, lab 187 Vineyard
Bower, John, carp, 161 Miller
Bower, Chas, lab, 161 Miller
Bowman, Chas E., carp, 123 Britain ave, wife
Bowman, Miss Addie, 125 Britain Ave
Bowman, Mrs. Mary E, wid Dr. J D, 117 Pavone
Boylan, Jos A S, mason, 131 Cedar, wife
Boylan, John R, mason, 131 Cedar
Boylan, Joseph T, mason, 131 Cedar
Boyle, Christopher S, res 163 Territorial, wife
Boyle, Warren, 140 Broadway, wife
Braddle, John, wks Spencer, Barnes & Stuart, bds 134 Territorial
Bradford, Fennimore L, fruit farmer, res 139 Lake ave, wife
Bradford, Mrs. S F., wid, S F, 139 Lake ave
Bredinger, Nicholas, lab, 210 Park, wife
Bradley, Miss Carrie, domestic, 149 Broadway, res Territorial
Brado, Alonzo, teamster, bds 151 Riford
Brado, Mrs Eliza, starcher city steam ldry, res 151 Riford
Brado, Miss Caroline, starcher city steam ldry, res 151 Riford
Brady, Frank, barber, res 118 w Main 2d floor, wife
Bragg, Chas M, (col), pressman Palladium, res 120 Ross, wife
Bragg, Amanda, (col), wid Lorenzo D, 174 Center
Bragg, Lorenzo D, scavenger, res 133 Bond, wife
Bragg, Cassius, cook, res 125 7th St.
Bragg, Mrs Etta, 125 7th St.
Brammal, Edward; plumbing & mill supplies, res 189 Pipestone, wife
Brant, Edward, prop Hotel Benton cor Main & Water, wife
Brant, Mason W, steward Hotel Benton, res same, wife
Brant, Miss Myrtle, stud, res Hotel Benton
Brant, E L, trav com, 229 Columbus ave, wife
Brant, Oliver, well digger, 503 McAllister ave, wife
Brant, Martin, restaurant 117 Water, res same
Brant, Mrs Malissa, 117 Water
Brayman, Frank A, carriage & sign pPainter, res 254 Pipestone, wife
Brozosky, Agnes, domestic, 153 Division
Brennan, John, wks Colby-Hinckley Co., res 101 7th St.
Brennan, Miss Theressa, 101 7th St.
Brennan, Miss Maggie, domestic, 124 Pleasant
Bridges, Miss Jennie, cashr Annex Restaurant, res 134 Superior
Briggs, Ira M. wks Spencer, Barnes & Stuart; 113 Madison, wife
Bridgman, George W., atty, Bell Blk, res Bridgman, MI
Brigham, Arthur, carp, 159 Lincoln ave, wife
Brigham, William C, wks Squire Dingee Co., res 225 High
Brookings, John E, (Brookings Lumber Co.), res 386 Pipestone, wife
Brookings, W D, stud, 386 Pipestone ave.
Brookings, Georgia, 386 Pipestone
Brooks, Abner D, lab, 139 Colfax ave, wife
Brooks, Perry, res 174 Park
Brooks, Chas, res 132 Ogden ave, wife
Brooks, Birdie, stud, 132 Ogden Ave
Brooks, Ephriam, wks Graves Lumber Yd, 139 Colfax Ave
Brown, Frank A, vice pres Squire Dingee Co., office 6-8 LaSalle, Chicago
Brown, Lynsan C, engr H J Heinze & Co., res 137 4th, wife
Brown, Chas J, groceries, res 262 Pipestone, wife
Brown, Charles E, mgr Benton Harbor Hardware Co, res 131 Broadway, wife
Brown, Samuel C, barber shop Phoenix Hotel, Room 8, wife
Brown, Miles D, wks Haynes mill, res 135 Lincoln ave, wife
Brown, Edward W, Union Ice & Coal Co., (Brown Bros), 183 High, wife
Brown, Miss Mary, trimmer F G Warren, bds 121 Bluff
Brown, Julia Ann, wid Philip, 193 Riford
Brown, Clifford H, dock lab, 109 Lake ave
Brown, Samuel, barber, 110 Pipestone, alderman, res 135 Center, wife
Brown, Walter M, lab, bds 110 Colfax Ave
Brown, Ulysses, lab, 146 s Water, wife
Brown, Nathaniel, lab, 169 Union, wife
Brown, Walter W, barber Pap Scott, res 169 Union, wife
Brownell, Thos J, engr Graves 1br Mill, 153 Colfax ave, wife
Brubaker, Isaac, carp, res 198 Bronson, wife
Bruce, Geo W, painter & paper hanger, 156 Center, wife
Brundage, Orlando A, lab, 109 Lake Ave
Brunker, Richard, dock foreman Big 4; res Jefferson cor High
Brunson, Allen, (Hovey & Brunson) 155-7 Pipestone, res 160 Pipestone, wife
Brunson, Alvin H, fruit raiser, 291 Empire ave, wife
Brunson,Rufus, fruit raiser, 177 Pipestone, wife
Buchanan, Richard P, Asst Gen Frt Agt Big 4, Mich Div, res 176 Michigan, wife
Buchanan, W C, Groceries, 491 Pipestone, res same, wife
Buchanan, Miss Lottie F, res 491 Pipestone
Buchanan, Martin V, carp, 107 7th, wife
Buck, John, wks George B. Thayer & Co., 188 Pearl, wife
Buck ,David, lab, res 335 Lavette
Buck, Miss Maud, res 335 Lavette
Buck, Lawrence, lab, room 7, Robinson Blk
Buck, Mrs Alice, room 7, Robinson Blk
Buckley, Orlo, bds 118 Colfax ave, wks Palladium
Buckley, Susan B, stud, 118 Pavone, wife
Bullard, Mrs. N A, millinery, 132 Pipestone
Bumberry, Mrs. Mary, wid, 329 Pipestone
Bunker, Albert, plumber, res Colfax ave
Bullard, Smith M, farmer, 126 St. Joseph
Bunker, John H, com mer, Chicago, res 129 Michigan, wife
Burbank, W F, chief clk Traffic Dept Big 4, Mich Div, res 121 Pavonne, wife
Burnham, Sanford E, steamboat engr, 168 Columbus ave, wife
Burnham, Edna, 168 Columbus ave
Burk, Miss Carrie, 161 Pipestone
Burk, Miss Mildred, 161 Pipestone
Burkam, Scott, 406 Pipestone, wife
Burke, Mrs. Dick, boarding house, 161 Pipestone, upstairs.
Burke, Mrs. Johanna, wid James, 121 Maple
Burkhart, Mrs. M D, wid M.D., 300 Pipestone
Burnett, Frank, wks 135 w Main, res 130 Green ave
Burr, Frank A, clk D A Wentworth, res 31 Bellview, wife
Burr, Cushan, res 131 Bellview, wife
Burrell, Jasper, carp, 102 Ross, wife
Burrell, Herbert O, stud, 102 Ross
Burrell, Henry J, teacher, 102 Ross
Burrell, Miss Sarah J, stud, 102 Ross
Burridge, Lewis T, boots & shoes, 109 w Main, res 124 Pleasant, wife
Burridge, Lewis A, bskt mkr Colby-Hinckley Co., res 113 Michigan, wife
Burridge, Judson G, trav salesman, res 168 Pipestone
Burridge, Mrs M E, wid Alden, res 268 Pipestone
Burridge, Alvin, wks Colby & Hinckley Co., 114 Niles ave, wife
Burridge, J N, real estate, 253 Pipestone, wife
Burritt, Langdon G, electrician, bds 201 Colfax ave
Burton, Henry, farmer, res 477 Pipestone, wife
Burwell, George H, farmer, res 126 Pipestone, wife
Bury, Mrs, wid, 147 Washington
Bury, Miss Elsie, 147 Washington
Busbee, Robert R, lab, under viaduct, Britain ave, wife
Busbee, Frank, lab, under viaduct, Britain ave, wife
Busbee, Mrs. Nancy, wid Stephen, 160 Center
Busbee, Miss Minnie, 160 Center
Bush, Francis L, carp, 150 Lincoln, upstairs, wife
Bush, Miss Lottie, wid George, 114 Ogden ave
Bush, William F, foreman Alden Canning Co., res 185 Colfax, wife
Bush, Newton, teamster, 205 Center, wife
Buss, Henry C, mach, 214 Buss ave, wife
Buss, George, 189 Riford, wife
Butler, Mrs. Emma, wid Thomas, 254 Colfax Ave
Butrick, James, wks Selter & Suver, 139 w Main, res 106 Elm
Buttrick, Mrs Hattie, waitress Columbian Restaurant, res. 106 Elm
Butzbach, George, (Butzbach & Schutz) fruit dealers, res 140 e Main, wife
Butzbach, John P, wks Butzbach & Schutz, res Maiden Lane, wife
Butzbach, Benj, pharmacist G M Bell & Co., res 350 Pipestone
Byers, Fremont, contr, 138 Pearl, wife
Byers, Miss Pearl, dressmaker, 208 High
Byork, Charles, painter, 116 Second, wife
Byork, Oscar, stud, 116 Second
Byrd, J. Robert, dock lab, 122 7th, 2d floor, wife
Cady, Alvah P, lawyer, res 243 Britain Ave, wife
Calderwood, Andrew P, lab, 120 Monroe, wife
Calderwood, Mrs. K A, wid Enos, 118 Britain Ave
Calderwood, J P, artist, 118 Britain Ave
Calderwood, Samuel E, patrolman, 118 Britain ave
Calip, John Wks S, B & S, bds 134 Territorial
Calkins, John C, (Calkins Mercantile Co), res 189 Broadway, wife
Calkins, L J, Calkins Mercantile Co., res 189 Broadway, wife
Calpatcher, John, lab, 160 McGuigan, wife
Calpatcher, Miss Emma, 160 McGuigan
Calpatcher, Miss Anna, 160 McGuigan
Cammack, Lewis W, bill clk Big 4, bds 123 Brunson ave
Campbell, Mrs Emma, 160 Miller
Cantrell, W C, v p Fontaine Milling Co., res Niles, Michigan
Caplin, Solomon, teamster, 163 Colfax ave
Captan, Henry, rugs, curtains, etc, 163 Colfax ave
Carley, Aaron I, carp, 257 Broadway, wife
Carley, E W, carp, 265 Broadway, wife
Carlisle, Frank, clk Morrow & Stone, 106 Water
Carlson, Chas A, florist, Edwards ave, wife
Carmichael, Lowell P, finisher S, B & S, 460 Pipestone, wife
Carmichael, Miss Bernice, bds 160 Lincoln
Carmichael, Miss Anna B, wid, 123 Bluff
Carpenter, Miss Bernice, bds 160 Lincoln
Carroll, J Henry, lab, 296 Packard, wife
Carrow, George, engr Big 4, big 4, bds 129 Territorial, wife
Carter, Joseph F, com trav, 101 Madison ave, wife
Cartright, Oscar C, night tel oper Big 4
Cary, William, harbor master, res 116 High, wife
Caryl, Edward, finisher S B & S. 153 Riford, wife
Case, Byron, carp, 119 Bellview, wife
Case, Wm F, wks Benton Harbor Lbr Co., 304 Britain Ave
Castle, Mrs Emily J, wid Norman, 135 Washington
Catell, Willard E, teacher, 206 Ogden ave, wife
Cebolt, Otto R, lab, 113 Lake ave, wife
Cebolt, William, lab, 130 Eagle, Wife
Chaddock,Richard P, asst editor Palladium, 118 Columbus, wife
Chaddock, Mrs Ethel, 118 Columbus ave
Chaddock, John N, carp, 124 Gardield ave, wife
Chadsey, Wm N, (Pictorial Pub co), 113 Bluff, wife
Chadwick, Miss Rhobie, millinery, 4 Graham blk, res same
Chaffin, Geo, teamster Stevens & Morton Co., res 118 John, wife
Chambers, W E, engr, 135 Pavone, wife
Chapman, Will, jeweler & watchmaker, res 110 Vineyard ave
Chapman, Saml R, painter, 140 Vineyard ave, wife
Chapman, O S, (Antisdale & Chapman) real estate, Res 172 Pipestone, wife
Chappell, William, forman mchry room S,B&S, res 118 Second, wife
Charles, A G, (Wagner & Charles), real estate & loans, Res 255 Pipestone, wife
Charles, Henry, stud, 255 Pipestone, wife
Charles, Miss Brownie, stud, 255 Pipestone
Charlot, George C, trav salesman; res 176 Pipestone
Charlot, Mrs G. C, res 176 Pipestone
Chase, John E, clk Graham & Morton Co., 123 Vineyard ave
Chase, Chas, wks S,B,&S, 155 Riford
Chase, Mrs. J B, wid, res 159 Lake ave
Chatfield, Miss Dollie, 330 Pipestone, second floor
Cheney, Willard, trav salesman, rms 130 Greene ave, wife
Childs, Miss Ruth, 184 Brunson ave
Chisholm, Wm A, mach B M Wks, 148 Vineyard ave, wife
Christiansen, Ben, ironer City Laundry, bds Phoenix Hotel
Christiansen, Chas, manfr brick & tile, res 151 Morton ave, wife
Christopher, Frank B, lumber dealer, 285 Columbus ave, wife
Christopher, Mrs. Fannie H, wid John S, 285 Columbus ave
Church, Col Marcus Lafayette; gun and general repairing, W Main
Clark, Gilbert H, fruit raiser, 126 Cherry
Clark, Mrs Margaret, wid Hiram, 126 Cherry
Clark, Lewis L, contr & bldr, 129 Maple, wife
Clark, Mrs. Maggie, res 1 Oakwood, e end Oak on Michigan
Clark, Mrs Nettie, artist, bds 278 Broadway
Clark ,Miss Maggie, wks Phoenix Hotel, res same
Clauser, Wm A, wks Colby & Hinckley Co., res 198 Pearl, wife
Clauser, William J, nightwatch Geo B. Thayer & Co., res 173 Pearl, wife
Clauser, Irving A, wks Colby & Hinckley Co., res 173 Pearl
Clauser, Chas O, wks Graves planing mill, res 173 Pearl
Causer, Miss Clara E, wks Alden Canning Co., 173 Pearl
Clay, Oscar, carp, 145 Niles ave, wife
Clodfelter, Samuel A, carp, 124 Elm, Wife
Closson, Chas D, fireman Big 4, res 133 Territorial, Wife
Clybourn, E E, wks R J Laas, 105-1-7 Michigan, res Fair Plain
Coats, Jack, lab Union Ice & Coal Co., 286 McAllister ave, wife
Cochran, Jas H, commissioner, Chicago, res 129 Michigan, wife
Cohn, L, brush maker, 156 Colfax, wife
Colburn, Merritt L, propr New Process Steam Laundry, res McAllister ave, wife
Colby, Mrs Emily J, (Colby-Hinckley Co.( wid Charles), res 291 Pipestone
Cole, Dr. J C, vet surgion, office and res 115 Michigan, wife
Cole, Edward, carp, wks Geo B. Thayer Co., res 162 Pearl St., wife
Cole, Aaron, lab, wks J Allmendinger, res 140 Clay, wife
Colegrove, Wm, tinner D A Wentworth, res 275 Pavonne
Colegrove, Fred, wks W H Kennicott, livery, 127-129 7th St., Rooms same.
Colegrove, Mrs Nancy, wid Calvin, 170 Vineyard
Collier, Chas R, barber Pap Scott’s, 101 E Main, res 153 Michigan, wife
Collier, Mrs Rose, wid Richard, 153 Michigan
Collins, Frederick B, clk Hotel Benton, res Hotel Benton, wife
Collins, Frank C, trav salesman, res rear 149 Second, wife
Collins, Chas W, plumber, bds Mrs. Averill, 118 Vineyard ave
Collins, Miss Estelle, teacher, bds Mrs Averill, 118 Vineyard ave
Collins, Mrs Dorothy, milliner, bds 131 Pavonne
Collins, Miss Mary, laundress Hotel Higbee
Cone, Chester, cooper at Dalrymple’s, res 232 Territorial, wife
Cone, Frank, 183 Michigan
Cone, Mrs. Mary, 183 Michigan
Congdon, Gardner, lab, 108 Cherry, wife
Congdon, George, lab, 108 Cherry
Conger, Frand D, propr Elmwood Dairy, res 226 Pipestone
Conger, F D, secy & treas Fontaine Milling Co., cor Pipestone And Washington
Conkey, Albert H , (A H Conkey & C A), groceries, 122 Pipestone, Conkey blk
Conkey, Chas A, Conkey & Son, 122 Pipestone, res 177 Brunson ave
Conkey, Albert H, livery & feed barn, res 165 Brunson ave, wife
Conkey, Lyman P, roofing, 155 Cedar, wife
Conkey, I W, retired, 269 Pipestone, wife
Conrad, Charles, designer Spencer, Barnes & Stuart, 167 Green ave, wife
Cook, John A, broom factory, 169 Pearl, res 160 Pearl, wife
Cook, George B, shoemaker St. Joe, res 207 Territorial, wife
Cook, George H, lab, 207 Territorial
Cook, Miss Lillian M, 207 Territorial
Coon, Fred, lbr inspector Brookings Lbr Co., 159 Vineyard ave
Coon, Mrs. Rosa, wid Allen, 159 Vineyard ave
Copeland, N M & daughter, groceries, 187 Michigan, cor Colfax ave
Copeland, Mrs. Nancy M, wid, groceries, etc; 187 Michigan, res same
Cornell, Miss L C, room 16 Conkey blk
Cotton, Andrew, lab, 146 s Water, wife
Courtright, Lendormie, carp, 189 Pavonne st.
Courtwright, Miss Elma, 189 Pavonne st.
Courtwright, Frank, mchc Spencer, Barnes & Stuart, 131 Edwards ave, wife
Courtwright, Bert, wks Spencer, Barnes & Stuart, 156 Edwards ave, wife
Courtwright, Edger, lab, 115 Ogden ave, wife
Courtwright, Miss Mattie L, stud, 115 Ogden ave
Courtwright, Elmer, Stud, 115 Ogden
Courtway, Chas, wks J Allmendinger, res 132 Pavonne st
Courtway, Miss May, wks Alden can co., res 132 Pavonne st.
Covell, Alansing A, contr & bldr, res 170 Brunson ave, wife
Covell, Miss Myrtle, 170 Brunson
Covell, Miss Cecil, 170 Brunson
Covell, Mrs Ella, wid Del, 129 Brunson
Crain, Stephen, carp, 175 Edwards ave, wife
Crall, Wm B, sailor, 108 Niles, wife
Crall, Mrs Mary, 108 Niles ave
Crandall, Thos J, wks Alden Canning Co., 126 5th, wife
Crandall, Miss Nora, wks Colby-Hinckley Co., 126 5th st.
Crandall, Carl E, stud, 126 5th St.
Crawford, John A, city clerk, res 229 Broadway, wife
Crawford, William A., bds 229 Broadway, Wife
Crawford, Chas A, clk Morrow & Stone, 106 Water, res 220 Broadway
Crawford, Harry, grocery clk, res 220 Broadway
Crawford, Miss Isabella Ann, stud, 220 Broadway
Cribbs, Miss Grace, trimmer Mrs Ida Parks, 108 Pipestone
Crittenden, Leverett C, 129 Britain ave
Crocker, Webster, carp, res 195 Pearl, wife
Crooks, Geo G, fruit Farmer, res 175 Britain ave, wife
Crooks, Misses, (S A Eva T, & Mary Crooks), fancy goods & material, 120 Pipestone
Crooks, Miss Sarah A, res 175 Britain ave
Crooks, Miss Eva T, res 175 Britain Ave
Crooks, Miss Mary, res 175 Britain ave
Crooks, Miss Angie, 175 Britain Ave
Crooks, Alfred E, florist, res 175 Britain
Cross, Mary, domestic, 152 Paw Paw ave
Crowhurst, Stephen, mason, res 147 Garfield ave, wife
Crowley, Daniel, engr Big 4, res, 134 Brunson ave, wife
Cuffal, Samuel, motorman st ry, res 150 Lincoln ave, wife
Culby, John H, stone & brick mason, 136 Pipestone, upstairs
Cullinine, Dennis, wks Coloma, res 116 Pleasant
Culver, Samuel, 112 Division, wife
Culver, Miss Grace P, 112 Division
Culver, Fred, mason & brick layer, 317 Pipestone, wife
Culver, Chas F, farmer, res 35 Territorial
Cumley, Mrs, aludnress Hotel Tremont, cor 5th & Park
Cummings, Miss Alice J, clk J Pound, res Hulburd blk, 3d floor
Currier, Barton W, (Barton Williams) actor, 238 Columbus ave
Currier Mrs B W, Miss Radcliffe) actress, 238 Columbus
Curry, Mrs Catherine E, wid W A, res 141 Superior
Curry, Miss DeEtta, teacher, res 141 Superior
Curry, Miss Nettie, bk kpr C J Peck & Co., res 141 Superior
Curtis, Samuel F, (Curtis & Jennings Real Estate) res 132 Belleview, wife
Curtis, Samuel C, res 132 Belleview
Curtis, Ed, bds 150 Lincoln ave, wife
Curtis, Cyrus, eng Spencer, Barnes & Stuart, 200 Ogden ave
Curtis, Orrin, bartender Hotel Benton, bds Hotel Benton, wife
Curtiss, Sherman, lab, 200 Colfax ave, wife
Curtiss, Clodius, lab 200 Colfax ave
Cutler, Miram, carp, 175 Superior, wife
Cutler,John T, lab, 175 Superior
Cutler, Mrs Zilpha A, 136 Bluff
Cutler, Edwin, lab, 136 Bluff
Cutler, Louis, lab, 230 McCord, wife
Daigneau, Samuel E, prop City Steam Laundry, res 127 Washington, wife
Daigneau, Floyd E, clk Laundry, 159 Water, res 127 Washington
Daily, Mrs Sabina, wid Nathanial, 156 Center
Dakin, Steven, bartender M D Osgood, Water
Daisy, James, lab, bds 177 Center
Dalrymple, Jefferson, cooper & com Merchant, res 157 Brunson ave, wife
Dalrymple, Roscoe, cooper 137 Territorial, bds 157 Brunson ave
Dalrymple, Miss, (Hettie & Lillie), millinery, 120 Pipestone
Dalrymple, Miss, Lizzie, res Bowman blk
Dalrymple, Miss Hettie, res Bowman blk
Danforth, Erskine, 109 Morton ave, wife
Daniels, George, bds 150 Pipestone
Daniels, Chas, cooper Dalrymple, res 234 Columbus Ave, wife
Daniels, Miss Jessie, 234 Columbus ave
Daniels, William, wks Spencer, Barnes & Stuart, res 234 Columbus Ave
Darling, Amos, farmer, 118 Pavone, wife
Darling, Clare, 118 Pavone
Darrow, Nicholas H, 131 Summit, wife
Darrow, Chas W, plumber B L Hall, 168 Pipestone, res 131 Summit, wife
Dater, Geo R, Kidd, Dater & Co., res 145 Morton ave, wife
Davis, James E, eng Ferguson & McCord, res 178 Miller, wife
Davis, Fred W, electrcian & eng Hotel St. Joseph, res 193 Lake ave, wife
Davis, William J, lab, 193 Lake Ave, wife
Davis, William C, wks F W Davis, res 193 Lake ave, wife
Davis, Miss Jennie, 193 Lake Ave
Davis, Mrs Eva, wid Jesse, 129 Centre
Davis, Chas G, 149 Britain ave, wife
Davis, Miss Edith, 149 Britain ave
Day, Chas, carp, 203 Riford, wife
Day, Harry, lab, bds 203 Riford
Day, Emerson, stud, 203 Riford
Day, Miss Emma, stud, 203 Riford
Dean, Wm W, farmer, 138 Lincoln ave, wife
Dean, Birtha, stud, 138 Lincoln ave
Dean, James P, retired farmer, 161 Centre, wife
Dean, Miss Effa, teacher, bds 139 Washington
Decker, Chas N. clk C J Peck & Co., 107 e Main, res 133 Division, wife
Decker, Miss Bessie, res 133 Division
Delisle, F R, novelty store, 123 w Main, res same
Dempster, John B, com trav, res 291 Britain ave
Denhoff, John, lab, 176 Park
Denhoff, Mrs. Amelia, carpet weaver, 176 Park
Denner, John, lab, 131 Territorial
Denner, Frank, lab, bds 131 Territorial
Denner, Michael, lab, bds 131 Territorial
Denner, Miss Francis, stud, 131 Territorial
Denner, Miss Sophia, res 119 Maple
Denslow, Eugene F, miller, bds 294 Pipestone
Derby, Gustav, clk Morrow & Stone, res 175 Broadway
Derby, Mrs Ella, photographer, 175 Broadway
Derby, August, night cook, Annex Restaurant, res 175 Broadway
DeWitt, Edwin A, meat Market, 126 Monroe, res 158 Clay, wife
DeWitt, Miss Minnie, 158 Clay
DeWitt, Wellington H, gen solicitor, 144 Pavone, wife
Diamond, Henry W., clk S M Austin & Co., grocery, res 144 Maple, wife
Diamond, Mrs Laura, wid Robert, 144 Maple
Dickerman, Miss Jessie, stenog, Excelsior Gas Co., 107 e Main
Dickerman, Bertha, waitress, Hotel Benton
Dickerson, Geo C, bkpr Colby-Hinckley Co., 245 Colfax ave, wife
Dickinson, Mrs Hannah, wid Joseph, 125 Greene ave
Dickinson, Florence M. music teacher, bds 125 Green ave
Dickinson, Stanley B., med stud Dr. Bell, res 125 Green ave
Dicklen, Miss Bertha, clk M E Schier, res St. Joseph
Dilly, Harry, carp. Bds 202 Columbus ave
Dindorff, Charles, head cook Hotel Benton
Disbrow, Russell, wks Spencer, Barnes & Stuart, 131 n Winan, wife
Dobberthien, Miss Emma, clk Moore & Co., 117 Pipestone, res St. Joseph
Donahue, John, saloon 129 w Main cor 7th, res 115 w Main
Dorr, Albert, lab, 143 Center, wife
Dort, W T, mach, B M Wks
Doubleday, Wm C, cabinet maker, Spencer, Barnes & Stuart, bds 157 Lincoln ave
Downey, Wm d, trav salesman, res 272 Britain ave, wife
Drach, Anthony, carp, 131 Colfax ave, wife
Drach, Helen, 131 Colfax
Drach,Wm, wks Spencer, Barnes & Stuart, 131 Colfax ave
Drach, Farrell, carp, res 131 Pavone, wife
Drach, Clifford, fireman, Big 4, res 131 Pavone
Drake, Fred W, pressman Pictorial Pub Co., bds 155 Lincoln ave
Draper, Harvey L, (H L Draper & Co), res 198 Colfax ave, wife
Draper, Marvin K, trav salesman H L Draper & Co., res 111 Oak, wife
Draper, Marvin C., plumber H L Draper & Co., 111 Oak
Drehr, Mell H, lab, 229 n Winans, wife
Drupsteen, Christian, fish dealer, 268 Pavone, wife
Drupsteen, Henry, broom mkr, res 268 Pavone
Drupsteen, Edward, wks Colby-Hinckley Co., 268 Pavone
Drupsteen, Frank, res 258 Pavone
Dudwick, Mrs Ada, 161 Pipestone, upstairs.
Duerr, Otto L, bartender Kneibes & Fonger, res 246 Pipestone, wife
Duerr ,Joseph H, 200 Broadway, wife
Duer, Chas, clk G M Bell & Co., res 200 Broadway
Duerr,Peter, bske mkr Colby-Hinckley Co., bds 200 Broadway
Duerr, Frank, bske mkr, bds 200 Broadway
Dukesherer, John, lab, 235 Territorial, wife
Dukesherer, Peter, clk Enders & Young, Bds 235 Territorial
Dukesherer, David, plumber, 235 Territorial
Dukesherer, Jacob, wks Ferguson & McCord, res 235 Territorial
Dukesherer, Miss Louisa, res 235 Territorial
Dunbar, Julius E, propr Dunbar’s Market, res 143 Garfield ave, wife
Dunbar, Jonathon A, res 116 Bond
Dungey, George, cook, bds 127 Centre
Dunning, Dr. Isaac R, phys, res 163 Morton ave, wife
Dunning, Ira, bds 163 Morton ave
Duranet, B Newell, wks Phoenix Hotel
Durkee, Ebert, propr Home Bakery, 124 Territorial, res same, wife
Durkee, Miss Laura, 124 Territorial
Durkee, Miss Maude, 124 Territorial
Durkee, Ernest E, 124 Territorial
Dwan, James, Night clerk, Hotel Benton
Dwan, John, com solicitor, res 343 Broadway
Dwan, John, Jr, farmer, bds 343 Broadway
Dwan, Miss Sarah, 343 Broadway
Dwan, Martin, stud, 343 Broadway
Earl, Rev. Lewis W, superanuated, 320 Territorial
Earl, Miss Millie L, 320 Territorial
Eastman, Geo C S, D D, retired, 221 Pipestone
Eastman, Mrs. Margaret C, 221 Pipestone
Eaton, Miss Bertha, cashr C C Sweet, Res 287 Britain
Eber, Miss Maggie, domestic, 158 Lake ave
Echoff, John, wks St. Joe Iron Works, bd 136 e Main
Eckler, George, mason, 151 Territorial, wife
Eckler, Pearly, mason, bds 151 Territorial
Edgcumbe, Geo J, prin Benton Harbor College, res 137 Morton ave, wife
Edgecumbe, Joseph, mason, 122 Edwards ave, wife
Edgecumbe, Ida, 122 Edwards ave
Edgcumbe, S H, (Porter & Edgcumbe) groceries, Res 228 Britain
Edick, Calvin M, (Peck & Co), pres Alden Canning Co., res 117 Cherry, wife
Edison, Miss Ida, teacher Benton Harbor College;Bds 121 Edwards ave
Edmonds, E Burton, lab, 237 Britain ave, wife
Edwards, Mrs John T, wid, 138 Bellview
Edwards, Miss Sadie, 138 Bellview
Edwards, Miss Etta, 138 Bellview
Ehrle, William, cigar manfr, res 165 Lincoln ave, wife
Eickler, Mrs Sarah, boarding house, 127 Territorial, res same
Eickler, William, lab, 127 Territorial
Eckler, Mabel, stud, 127 Territorial
Eldred, Mrs Laura, wid J P., 324 Territorial
Eldred, Norman J, wks C M Edick, res 150 Broad, wife
Eldred, Miss Netta A, 150 Broad
Eldridge, Mrs. B B, wid Brazil, bds 143 Brunson ave
Ellenquise, F O., lab, 157 Vineyard ave,wife
Elliott, H R, bazaar, 115 w Main, res 134 Pearl
Elliott, Mrs. H R, wks H R Elliott’s bazaar, res 134 Pearl
Elliott, Mrs F C, wid CA, 139 Summit
Elliott, Harry M, cabin boy str City Chicago, res 139 Summit
Elliott, Verne, 139 summitt
Elliott, Miss Myrtle, 139 Summitt
Ellis, John B, lab, 108 Bond, wife
Ellison, Miss Martha, wks People’s Bakery, 109 Oak, res same
Ells, Joshua, fruit farmer, 227 Colfax ave, wife
Ells, Howard R, 227 Colfax ave
Ellsworth, Dr. S B, dentist, 130 Pipestone, upstairs, res same
Ellsworth, Mrs E S, 130 Pipestone
Ellsworth, F H, atty at law, 2 Bowman blk, bds Hotel Benton
Ely, Geo H, lab, 162 Washington, wife
Emerson, Mrs H M, wid E T, 112 Division
Emerson, Almon B, lab, 411 Pipestone ave, wife
Emerson, Moses, fruit grower, 496 Pipestone, wife
Emerson, Joseph, wks Moses Emerson, 496 Pipestone, wife
Emerson, Alfred B, (Emerson & Muehling), res 269 Pavone, wife
Enders, Jacob E, (Enders & Young) res 147 Maple, wife
Enders, Joseph I, clk Enders & Young, 102 e Main, 160 Stevens ave, wife
Enders, Samuel, clker, 297 McAllister ave, wife
Enders, Sheldon, carp, 165 Britain ave
Engelman, Louis, moulder St Joe Works, res 266 Highland ave, wife
English, Peter, construction engr, manfr Egyptian cement, res 157 Morton ave, wife
English, Miss Priscilla, 157 Morton Ave
English, Mrs. Anne, wid James, 150 Washington
English, Miss Lettie, teacher central school, 150 Washington
English, Miss Ruth, 150 Washington
English, Israel, plumber & steam fitter, res 273 Highland ave
Enright, Mrs Lillian, 114 Lake ave
Erickson, Antohn, tailor, H A Foeltzer, 111 e Main
Erckenbeck, Augustus, teamster, 159 Centre
Ernest, Fred, bartender P Scherer, 107 Territorial, bds 158 Lake ave
Evick, Dwight H, mach, B M Wks, 137 Edwards ave, wife
Ewing, Harry, mach, B M Wks, bds 212 Park
Fabry, John J, drugs medicines, Res 153 Edwards ave, wife
Fales, Geo W, mgr Keeley Institute, 214 Pipestone, res same
Farmer, Chas K, supt Seymour Line, res 252 Highland ave. wife
Farmer, Mrs. H D, wid W S, 143 Britain
Farmer, Roscoe D, wks Seymour line office, res 143 Britain ave
Farmer, Miss Sarah L, res 143 Britain ave
Farquhar, Jos, painter, 220 Park, wife
Farrer, Chas E, wks Ferguson & McCord, res 140 Miller
Felgner, Ferdinand, farmer, 169 Baird, wife
Felgner, Albert, lab, 169 Baird
Felgner, Paul, 169 Baird
Felgner, August, wks Chicago & West Michigan Ry, St. Joe, 160 Baird
Felstrom, Ebert, stud, 122 Ogden ave
Felts, John E, com mer, res 136 Washington, wife
Felts, Miss Minnie, 136 Washington
Ferry, Berney E, E W Moore & Co., 117 Pipestone, res 125 Church
Ferry, Henry J, wks Spencer, Barnes & Stuart, bds 230 Territorial
Ferry, Thomas, farmer, 163 Gates ave, wife
Ferry, Miss Maggie, student, 163 Gates cor Columbus
Ferguson, E H, (Ferguson & McCord) alderman, res 295 Territorial, wife
Ferguson, Lynn A, wks Ferguson & McCord, 295 Territorial
Ferguson, Mrs Lydia, wid, 210 Britain ave
Ferguson, Geo L, engr Big 4, 126 Colby ave, wife
Ferguson, Fred N. lab, 200 McGuigan
Ferguson, Ernest A, wks Spencer, Barnes & Stuart, 200 McGuigan
Fettirs, Miss Ella, tailoress, H A Foelzer, 111 e Main, bds 116 Cherry
Fetzer, Herman, 143 Lake ave
Fields, Thomas, teamster for Green, 135 Vineyard, wife
Fifield, O E, mayor, secy West Michigan Nurseries, res 155 Stevens
Fifield, Mrs. Margaret A, wid Osgood H, 155 Stevens
Fikes, Jacob, 112 Niles ave, wife
Finch, Alexis D, 118 Lake ave, wife
Finch, Miss Pearle, comp Palladium, res 118 Lake ave
Fisher, Joseph, bartender Phoenix Hotel, 122 Water, bds Phoenix Hotel
Fitch, Fred A, barber, G H Thomas, res 170 Territorial, wife
Fitzgerald, Jack, porter Hotel Higbee
Fitzsimons, Mrs, wid, 151 Broadway
Flannigan, Dan’l D, h arrness & horse goods, 119 e Main, Res same
Flemming, Miss Jane, 192 s Water
Foeltzer, Helmuth A, merchant tailor & Gents furnishings, res 118 Church, wife
Foeltzer ,Louis H, clk H A Foeltzer, 111 e Main. Bds same
Fonger, John W, (Kneibes & Fonger) saloon, Res 106 7th st, wife
Fonger, F, boarding house, 143 w Main, wife
Fonger, C A, lab, bds French House, 108 7th St.
Forbes, Miss Madge B, crayon artist, res 143 Garfield ave
Fordham, Mrs Lydia A, wid John, 107 Monroe
Forhan, Mrs Lizzie, wid Jeremiah, seamstress Miss Jackson, res 121 Maple
Forster, Charles E, clk James Pound, res 139 High, wife
Foster, Chas, cashier F & M Bank, res 106 Lincoln ave
Foster, Fred, sawyer, Allmendingers Mill, res 462 Pipestone
Foster, Edward D, mach, St Joe, res 138 Heck Court, wife
Foster, O N, fruit farmer, res 375 Pipestone, wife
Foster, Homer R, school teacher, 375 Pipestone
Foster, Mrs W H, wid, cor Empire & Superior
Foster, Miss Margaret, cor Empire & Superior
Fox, Elvin A, wd carver Spencer, Barnes & Stuart, res rm 14 Conkey blk, wife
Fox, Miss Edith, room 14 Conkey blk
Fox, Henry, mason res 164 Bellview, wife
Fox, Chas, wks Haynes Mill, res 164 Bellview
Francis, John N, sec & treas Squire Dingee Co., office 6&8 LaSalle, Chicago
Frank, Daniel W, carp, 143 Lake ave, wife
Frank, Miss Effa E, 143 Lake ave
Fraser, Miss Nellie, photographer, St Joe, bds 200 Brunson ave
Frazee, Arthur, barber, S C Brown, Phoenix Hotel, res St. Joseph
Frazell, Frank H, (Frazell & Thomas), musical instruments, 11 Pipestone, res same
Frazell, Mrs Bertha, fancy goods, 141 Pipestone, res same
Freeman, Geo A, day opr Big 4, bds 121 Edwards ave
Freemyer, Dr Geo L, Physician, orificial surgeon, res 167 Washington, wife
Freemyer, Geo H, bkpr, 167 Washington
Freestone, Wm, pres Squire Dingee Co., res 125 Cedar, wife
Freestone, W D, supt Squire Dingee Co., res 141 Edwards, wife
Freestone, Miss Grace, 141 Edwards ave
French, W P, pastor, First M E Church, res 116 Jefferson, wife
Frick, Jos, boots & shoes, 113 Territorial, res same 2nd floor, wife
Frick, Miss Julia, 113 Territorial
Frick, Jos J, shoemkr Jos Frick, 113 Territorial, res same
Frisbee, Gaylord E, lab, 159 Summit, wife
Fritz Toney, lab, bds 127 Territorial
Frost, Mrs Nettie, cook Chicago Restaurant, 119 w Main, res same, upstairs
Frost, Mrs Celia, wid Timothy, res rear of 187 Vineyard ave
Fye, Jasper, painter, 113 Eagle, wife
Gage, Miss Winnie, 197 Lake View ave
Gage, Mrs Melina, wid Melancton 339 Lavette
Gage, Arthur W, lab, 339 Lavetta
Galeener, David N, wks Spencer, Barnes & Stuart, 152 Edwards Ave, wife
Galeener, Clarence E, wks Spencer, Barnes & Stuart, 152 Edwards
Gallagher, Mike, Am Ex Msgr Big 4, res 163 Bellview, wife
Galligan, Michael J, propr Benton Harbor boiler works, res cor Colfax & Empire
Gannen, Annie, waitress Hotel Benton
Gano, Herbert L, teamster, res 215 Britain ave, wife
Gano, Miss Ethel, dress maker, res 151 Baird
Gano, Miss Edith, dress maker, res 151 Baird
Garrett, Henry W, foreman Ferguson & McCord, res 136 Edwards ave, wife
Gaskin, Elzie, barber, Hart & Bradley, St Joe, res 110 Lake ave, wife
Gatchell, Fred, porter Hotel Benton
Gates, Wm, 168 Washington, wife
Gates, Miss Grace, 168 Washington
Gates, Miss Lizzie, 168 Washington
Gaylord, Thos, lab, 130 Elm
Gayton, Thomas, lab, bds 160 Paw Paw ave, wife
Gebhart, Aaron V, cab mkr Spencer, Barnes, & Stuart, 230 n John, wife
Gebhart, John B, 230 n John
Geer, Miss Mabel, stngr & typtr, Jones & Sonner blk, res w Broadway & 1 s Empire
Genthner, Mrs Lila, wid Albert, boarding, 230 Territorial
Gentle, Samuel, vice pres Colby-Hinckley Co., res 108 Arch, wife
Gentle, Harry L, wks Colby-Hinckley Co., res 120 Arch, wife
George, Woodbridge L, depty oil inspr, res 131 Pleasant
George, Miss Florence, 131 Pleasant
George, Miss Lina, 131 Pleasant
George, Frank, carp, 110 Ogden ave, wife
Gephart, Geo, painter & paperhanger, 213 Columbus ave, wife
Germain, Mrs. Lydia, 153 Centre
Gettig, Chas, wks Green’s tranfr Line, res 128 Colby ave, wife
Gifford, Nathan, propr Giffords livery, res St Joe, wife
Gilbert, Wm, lab, H J Heinz Co., bds Country
Gilbert, Chas, wks H J Heinz Co., res 2 miles e on Territorial
Gill, Robert, 178 Miller, wife
Gill, Joe, porter Morrow & Stone, 106 Water, res 178 Miller
Gill, Miss Mary, 178 Miller
Gillam, Eugene, bds 177 Morton ave
Gillette, Henry E, agt Ewald Bros of Chicago, res 165 Ohio, wife
Gillette, Arley J, 165 Ohio
Gillette, Miss Lena, 165 Ohio
Gilson, Frank R, editor & propr Palladium, res 113 Morton, wife
Gilson, Roy R, res 113 Morton
Gilson, Miss Alice E, stud, 113 Morton
Gilson, Ed, bskt mkr, Colby-Hinckley, bds 127 Territorial
Gilson, John, wks Colby-Hinckley, bds 129 5th St.
Gilson, Mrs S J, wid Alonzo D, 174 Columbus ave
Gilson, James, teamster, 195 Center, wife
Glade, Augustus, wks Colby-Hinckley Co., res 129 5th wife
Glavin Thomas, condr Big 4, bds 155 Riford
Gleason, Robert M, supt B M Wks, res Grand Rapids, bds Hotel Tremont
Gleffi, Fred, lab, 154 s Water, wife
Godfrey, Chas H, (C Godfrey & Co), canners, etc, res 149 Brunson, wife
Godfrey, Miss May, teacher, bds 149 Brunson
Godfrey, Corwin D, (C Godfrey & Co), res Vineyard ave, wife
Goins, Andrew, teamster, 127 Center, wife
ith, R F, saleman Squire Dingee Co., office 6&8 LaSalle, Chicago
Goldstein, Simon, peddler, 149 Center, wife
Goodrich, Ralph R, clk Benton Harbor Hardware Co., 112 Pipestone, res 134 Colby, wife
Goodrich, Mrs Mary E, 149 Summit
Goodrich, Miss Haxel D, stud, 149 Summit
Goodrich, Orlando H, mach, 304 Lavette, wife
Goodrich, Leon, stud, 304 Lavette
Goodsell, G R, (Parshall & Goodsell) 101 E Main, res 199 Ogden, wife
Goodsell, Frederick, wks Goodsell’s dyeing works, res 199 Ogden
Goodsell, Miss Stella, 199 Ogden
Gore, Victor M, lawyer, city atty, 115 Pipestone, res 115 Green ave
Gotschalk, Miss Minnie, domestic, 116 Jefferson
Gowens, Benj, lab, 307 Colfax, wife
Gowens, James, lab, 307 Colfax
Graff, Daniel, carp, 157 4th, wife
Graff, Harry, carp, 157, 4th st, wife
Graff, Daniel C, 129 5th
Graham, Fred H, wks Colby-Hinckley, res 147 Garfield ave
Graham, Miss Cora B, 147 Garfield
Graham, Mrs J A, 101 Michigan
Graham, Mrs Esther A, wid Jas A, 147 Garfield
Grams, Miss Gusta, domestic, 150 Green ave
Granahan, Thomas, lab, bds 281 Britain Ave
Granger, Miss Eva, dress mkr, 256 Pipestone
Grant, Byron F, wks Big 4, res 112 6th
Graves, John B, pres Fontaine Milling Co.,res 200 Empire ave
Graves, Miss Margaret, 200 Empire
Graves, Miss Edna, 200 Empire
Graves, Herbert G, Benton Harbor Hardware Co., res outside city
Graves, Henry, Benton Harbor Hardware Co., res outside city
Gray, Ellsworth, painter, 206 McGuigan, wife
Gray, Peter, painter, 206 McGuigan
Gray, Thomas, lab, 308 Packard, wife
Gray, Miss Rosa, day opr Cen Tel office, bds 113 Garfield Ave
Gray, Wm L, asst cook Eureka Restaurant, 110 Water
Greble, Wm, wks Spencer, Barnes, & Stuart, rms 160 Territorial, wife
Gregory, Mrs. Anna, wid George, 108 Arch
Green, Daniel, (Green & Son), res 134 Broadway
Green, Hart, ( Green & Son), bds 134 Broadway
Green, Dan’l Jr., wks Green & Sons, bds 134 Broadway
Green, Thos, 134 Broadway
Green, Jorome B, Home Laundry, 129 Elm, res same
Grenell, Myrtello J, carp, 192 Maiden Lane, wife
Grenell, Miss Myrtle, stud, 192 Maiden Lane
Grenell, Eva, stud, 192 Maiden Lane
Grey, Calvin S, music dealer, 150 Pipestone
Gridley, James H, mchc, 130 Heck Court, wife
Gridley, Louis, bskt mkr, bds 130 Heck Court
Gridley, Annie, 130 Heck Court
Gridley, Judson, motorman st ry. Bds 303 Empire ave
Griffin, Abner, blacksmith W E Teetzel, 120 7th, res 2d
Griffin, Simon, milk dealer, bds 124 Clay
Griffin, Mrs Carrie, wid Arthur, 156 Bellview
Griffith, A J, Blacksmith, 128 2d, wife
Griffith, Mrs Hattie, cook, res Kinney blk, 107 w Main
Gross, August, law stud & stenog, G M Valentine, res St. Joseph
Gross, Miss Mary, comp, Palladium, res 119 Colfax ave
Gross, Miss Kittie, 119 Colfax
Gross, Miss Nellie, 119 Colfax
Grow, Mrs Myra, wid Frank, 264 Broadway
Guertin, Edwin H, trav sales man, 168 Broadway, wife
Guilliam, Edward, farmer, 159 Cedar, wife
Guilliam, Wm A, lab, 159 Cedar
Guilliam, Belle, stud, 159 Cedar
Gurling, Fred, wks Spencer, Barnes & Stuart Co., res 235 Waukonda Ave
Guy, Juan M, farmer, 357 e Main, wife
Guy, Chas, barber shop, Conkey Blk, Pipestone, res Colfax ave, outside city.
Guy, Eugene L, clk S B VanHorn, res Colfax, outside city
Hackstadt, George, lab, 178 Baird, wife
Hadden, Philo P, lab, 162 Washington
Hagerman, Mrs. Jane, wid Alonzo, 154 Summit
Hale, Mrs. Caroline, wid Wm, 340 Colfax ave
Hall, Mrs. Margaret A, wid Edmond, domestic, 120 Green ave
Hall, Geo E, wks Colby- Hinckley Co., res 190 Lake ave, wife
Hall, Perley W, ( Hall & Nichols, 121 Pipestone), bds Hotel Benton, wife
Hall, Mrs. Philinda, 113 Bellview
Hall, Miss Bertha, stud, 157 Center
Hall, Byron L, plumbing & furnice, res 143 Cedar.
Hall, Mrs B L, seamstress, Misses Smote & Koebe, res 143 Cedar
Hall, Maurice J, wks B L Hall, 126 Pipestone, res 143 Cedar
Hall, Jesse S, stud, 143 Cedar
Hall, Lena E, stud, 143 Cedar
Hamilton, Mrs. Mary I, wid Wright, 143 Miller
Hamilton, Curtiss R, wks Spencer, Barnes & Stuart Co., 143 Miller, wife
Hamilton, Wm, farmer, 283 Empire ave, cor Monroe, wife
Hamilton, Angelina, 283 Empire ave
Hamlin, Fred A, wks Evening News, res 141 Baird
Hammer, Geo, lab, 112 Sixth, wife
Hammond, Frank, res 140 Superior, wife
Hammond, Sam’l, 191 Lake ave, wife
Hammond, Albert L, (Hammond & Hammond), atty; res 116 e Main
Haney Albert, 116 Courtland, wife
Hansen, Peter, (Hansen & Son), tailors, res 557 Pipestone, wife
Hansen, Joseph B, (Hansen & Son), tailors, res 557 Pipestone
Hansen, Frank P, farmer, 557 Pipestone
Hansen, John A, farmer 557 Pipestone
Hansen, Miss Josie E, seamstreass Miss Jackson, Conkey Blk, res 557 Pipestone
Hansen, Elizabeth A, 557 Pipestone
Hansen, Miss Rose, 557 Pipestone
Hansen, Miss Mary E, 557 Pipestone
Hansen, Miss Kate, 557 Pipestone
Hanhour, Edward, wks Spencer, Barnes & Stuart Co., bds 145 2nd St., wife
Harding, Miss Lee, waitress Hotel Benton
Hardir,, Chas A, harness mkr R J Baushke, 110 w Main, res 214 Britain, wife
Hardy, John, carp & Painter, 153 paw Paw ave, wife
Harkema, John, cab mkr, Spencer, Barnes & Stuart Co., bds 129 Miller
Hasper, Chas, lab, 182 Center, wife
Harper, Wm J, propr LaCreole Cigar Co., 119 W Main, res 189 Lake ave, wife
Harper, Jno F, stenog, Graham & Morton Co., res 190 Ogden ave, wife
Harper,Elza, lab, 126 s John, wife
Harper, Miss Mary, bdg house, 129 Park
Harper, Fred D, lab, 117 Eagle, wife
Harpin, Miss Mattie, cashr C J Brown, 114 e Main, bds 156 Summit
Harris H J, starcher City Steam Ldry, res s Broadway
Harris, Henry L, 123 Niles Ave
Harris, Miss Jennie, 123 Niles Ave
Harrison Thomas, mach, res 334 e Main, wife
Hart, Nelson G, carp, res 165 Lincoln ave, wife
Harter, A L, wks Allmendinger’s Mill, res 358 Pipestone, wife
Hartlerode, Chas, lab, res 545 Pipestone ave
Hartman, Chas, 330 Lavette
Hartman, Chas Jr, concrete walk builder, 330 Lavette
Hartman, August, lab 290 McAllister ave
Hartman, Allen L, dock foreman Seymour line, 126 w Main
Harvey, W P, lawyer, 115 Pipestone, res 362 Pipestone
Haskins, Chas, moulder, res 165 Broadway
Hatch, Mrs, wid, surse, 171 Cedar
Hatch, Roy, 171 Cedar
Hathworthy, John, warehouseman Kidd, Dater & Co.
Hawes, Miss Ida, res 127 Broadway
Hawkins, John E, barber shop, 132 6th, res same
Haydon, Gidion W, engr Big 4, res 174 Colvax ave, wife
Hayden, G Wm Jr, watchmaker, res 174 Colfax ave, wife
Hayes, Thomas C, carp, 197 Riford, wife
Hayes, George, fancy groceries, 222 Pipestone, res same, wife
Hayes, Miss Cora, clk Geo Hayes, 222 Pipestone
Hayley, Miss Mary, res 135 Pipestone
Haynes, N D, planing mill, n side canal, res 164 Broadway, wife
Haynes, Ray, res 164 Broadway
Haythorn, Howard, wks Brooking Lbr Co., bds 212 Broadway
Hazwinkel, Albert, millwright, 222 Columbus ave, wife
Headley, Frank, (Headley & Moodie), 134 6th, res 39 Ship, St Joseph
Heath, S Foster, 104 Garfield ave, wife
Heath, Clarence W, First Nat Bank, res 104 Garfield ave
Heath, Miss Florence, 104 Garfield ave
Heath, E W, ship & boat bldr, res 129 Garfield ave, wife
Hedrick, William B, clk Worden’s market, rooms 114 e Main
Heffner, Wm, foreman Anderson-Tully Co, warehouse, res 231 Territorial, wife
Heffner, Mrs Caroline, wid John, 231 Territorial
Hemingway, Luther, civil engr & surveyor, res 200 Michigan
Hemingway, Mrs. E B, 200 Michigan
Hemingway, Earl, teacher, 200 Michigan
Hemingway, Ira, L, foreman Robbins Lumber Yard, res 223 Columbus ave, wife
Henderson, Martin J, wks R J Laas, res 108 Ross, wife
Henderson, Thomas, lab, 155 Riford
Hendricks, Hubert E, home bakery, 113 Bellview, res same
Hendricks, Mrs Emma, 113 Bellview
Hendrix, Charles K, condr Big 4, 185 Brunson ave, wife
Henica, Miss Emma C, 228 Britain ave
Henica, Miss Libbie A, 228 Britain Ave
Henning, John, cook Hotel Tremont, res same
Henning Mrs. Barbara, cook Hotel Tremont, res same
Hepler, Frank E, contr & bldr, 230 Columbus ave, wife
Hepler, Lela, student, 230 Columbus
Hepler, Lola, stud, 230 Columbus
Herman, Bruno A, clk Hall & Nichols, res St. Joseph
Herr, David C, (Herr Bros), res Valpraiso, Indiana
Herr, John H, ( Herr Bros), res 144 Lincoln, wife
Herr, Miss Jessie A, cashr Herr Bros, 122 e Main, res 175 Division
Herr, Raymond, stud, 144 Lincoln ave
Herr, Frank A, engr Big 4, res 117 Garfield, ave, wife
Hess, Chas, lab, 129 Bond, wife
Hess, John, carp, 303 Britain ave, cor Heck Court, wife
Hess, Hattie, domestic, 125 Cedar
Hess, Amelia, domestic, 104 Maple
Hess, John, wks Spencer, Barnes & Stuart Co., res 210 Park, wife
Hess, August, lab, 137 Waukonda ave, wife
Hewitt, George, teamster, 158 Paw Paw ave, wife
Hewson, Rowley R, mgr P D Sampson, res 146 Summit, wife
Hewson, Miss Lizzie E, 146 Summit
Hewson, Miss Florence L, 146 Summit
Hick, Hilton, clk Chicago & West Michigan Ry, 105 High
Hicks, Elston E, bill Clk Chicago & West Michigan Ry, 201 High
Hicks, Wm C, atty & solr in chancery, Bds Hotel Benton
Hicks, Mrs W., res 117 7th st.
Higbee, J R, res 297 Britain ave
Hilborn, James W, piano mkr, 198 Lake ave, cor Colfax ave
Hilborn, Allen, com trav, 198-200 Lake ave cor Colfax ave
Hilborn, Miss Maud, res 198 Lake ave, cor Colfax ave
Hilborn, Miss Mary J, res 198 Lake ave, cor Colfax ave
Hill, Chas A, Proprs The Oak Saloon, 111 Pipestone; res 112 Maple, wife
Hill, Miss Nettie, stud, 112 Maple
Hill, Richard, plumber, E Brammall, 134 Water
Hill, John, apple packer, bds 281 Britain ave
Hill, Mrs. J H, wid, seamstress, Miss Jennie McCartney, Conkey Bld, res same
Hinkle, Ashley R, flour & feed store, 145 Pipestone, res 135 Cedar, wife
Hinkle, Archie, painter, Baushke, bds 135 Cedar
Hinkle, Harry, clk, feed store, 145 Pipestone, bds 135 Cedar
Hinkle, Alice, 135 Cedar
Hinkley, Myron, Colby-Hinckley Co., mnfrs boxes & fruit pkgs, res 289 Pipestone
Hinkley, Milton, sec & treas Colby-Hinckley Co., res 289 Pipestone, wife
Hinkley, Harry, stud, 289 Pipestone
Hinkley, Fred, stud, 289 Pipestone
Hipp, Orrin B, 205 Colfax ave
Hirsch, Chas D, meat dealer, 220 Pipestone, rms 292 Pipestone
Hitchcock, Samuel A, com trav, 133 Superior
Hitchcock, Frank E, painter, 133 Superior
Hitchcock, Florence May, stud, 133 Superior
Hoadley, Austin A, barber shop, 104 w Main, wife
Hobbs, Fred A, pres Benton Co; res 148 Brunson ave, wife
Hobbs, Thos T, v p Benton Fuel Co., res 125 Garfield ave, wife
Hocker Joan F, farmer, res 210 Columbus ave
Hocker, Miss Bertha, 210 Columbus
Hocker Miss Kate, 210 Columbus
Hoffman, Herman, butcher, res 163 Lake Ave, wife
Hoffman, Chas Anton, cigar mkr, res 163 Lake wife
Hoffman, Ernest, wks Geo B. Thayer Co., res 163 Lake ave
Hoffman, Miss Clara, res 163 Lake ave
Hoffman, Chas L, wks Colby Hinckley Co., res 118 Division, wife
Hoffman, John M, wks Spencer, Barnes & Stuart, res 118 Madison ave, wife
Hoffman, Miss Flora, res 221 Pipestone
Hogue, Warren L, boots & shoes, res 46 Brunson ave, cor Church, wife
Holland, Mrs. Tammar, wid Elijah, 150 s Water
Holland, John, dock lab, 150 s Water
Holliday, Elwood, wks Big 4, bds 177 Morton ave
Hollis, C R & Son, watches & jewelery, 105 e main
Hollis, Chas R, (C R Hollis & Son) jeweler, 105 e Main, res 158 Pipestone, wife
Hollis, Guy E, (C R Hollis & Son), jeweler, 105 e Main, res 158 Pipestone, wife
Hollis, James, wks Hotel St. Joseph, res 158 Pipestone
Hollis, Miss Nettie, dressmaker, 9 Bowman blk, res same
Hollister, Geo S, MD, office with Dr. H V Tutton, Bell blk, res 117 Pavonne, wife
Hollister, Jno F, carp, 194 Brunson ave, wife
Hollister, Lyman H, condr st ry, 102 Columbus ave, wife
Hollister, Willie E, stud, 102 Columbus ave
Holmes, Chas H, wks canning factory, bds 129 Park, wife
Holmes, Oliver E, shoemaker, basement Sweet Blk, res 140 Garfield ave, wife
Holmes, Miss Alice, 140 Garfield ave
Holmes, Jno L, (Holmes & Brady), barber, Res 102, 7th st, wife
Holmes, Bert, wks Geo B. Thayer Co., res 102 7th St.
Holyoke, Miss Daisy, 314 Pipestone
Hong, Sing, Chinese Laundry, 116 w Main, res same
Hong, Jung, Chinese Laundry, 116 W Main, res same
Hoodless Wm, second hand store, 143 e Main, res same
Hoover, Sherman B, wks Farmer’s Sheds and feed barn, bds Fonger’s 106 7th St.
Hopkins, Fred S, prop Hopkins drug store, 104 w Main, res 130 Washington, wife
Hopkins, Wm T, drayman, 118 Washington
Hopkins, Mrs. Sarah, 118 Washington
Hopkins, Arthur G, clk F S Hopkins, res 118 Washington
Hopkins, Miss Lutie M. 118 Washington
Hopkins, Chas S, res 151 Maple St.
Hopkins, Miss Fannie, res 151 Maple St.
Hopkins, Miss Florence, 151 Maple St.
Horner, Ezra, wks Squire Dingee Co., res 225 n John, wife
Hoskins, Alonzo, contr, 154 Vineyard ave, wife
Hoskins, Miss Bertha, 154 Vineyard ave
Hotchkin, Jas E, clk D Hunt, grocer, res 294 Pipestone, wife
Hotchkin, Mrs. E A, wid N F, res 294 Pipestone
Hotchkin, Miss Manie R, 294 Pipestone
Houghton, Chas L, carp, 338 Lavette, wife
Houghton, Chauncey N, 338 Lavette
Houghton, Miss Stella, 338 Lavette
Houghton, Mrs Ella, wid A N, 136 Vineyard ave
Houghton, Clarence, wks Spencer, Barnes & Stuart Co., 136 Vineyard ave
Housam, Edgar J, carp, Robinson Vinegar Co., res Robinson Blk, 112 Pipestone, wife
Housam, Bert, mach, res Robinson Blk, 112 Pipestone
Housam, Miss Kittie, Robinson Blk, 112 Pipestone
Housam, Miss Myrtle, Robinson blk, 112 Pipestone
Hovey, W C, alderman, (Hovey & Brunson), 155-157 Pipestone, res 118 Pleasant, wife
Howard, Rinaldo S, constable, 179 High, wife
Howes, Miss Rosetta, dressmaker, Conkey blk, res Miss McCartney
Hoyt, Harry F, motorman st ry, res 303 Empire ave, wife
Hoyt, Edwin B, 140 Oak St, wife
Hubler, Albert J, foreman Spencer, Barnes & Stuart Co., 167 Vineyard ave, wife
Hudson, Elmer A, trav salesman, (fruit), res 261 Pavonne, wife
Hudson, Miss Elma, 261 Pavonne
Hudson, Miss Ethel, 261 Pavonne
Hudson, Thos W, clk Herr Bros, 122 e Main, res 106 Ross, wife
Hudson, Miss Nina, 106 Ross
Hudson, J Merrian, farmer, 170 Vineyard ave, wife
Hudleston, Maggie, Phoenix Hotel
Hudleston, Birdie, wks Phoenix Hotel, res 112 6th
Huffsteter, Christopher, (Huffsteter & Son), res Empire ave
Huggins, Russell, wks Spencer, Barnes & Stuart Co., res 201 N Winans, wife
Huggins, Mrs Mary, wid Alexander, 201 N Winans
Hughes, Mrs. H. chambermaid, Hotel Benton
Hughes, Harry, wks H J Heinze Co., res country
Hughes, Ulysses S, 114 Lake Ave, wife
Hulburd, Mrs O, wid, res 112 e Main
Hulme, Levi, foreman Excelsior Gas Co., res Jefferson, wife
Hull, Saml, fruit dealer, res 131 Park, wife
Hull, Will, 131 Park
Hull, Miss Francis, 131 Park
Hull Miss Jennie, 131 Park
Hull, Miss Cora, 131 Park
Hull, Mrs. Emeline, wid Chas, res 154 High
Hull, Samuel M, farmer, res 154 High
Hull, Mrs. Adeline, wid Belden, 148 Territorial
Humphrey, Andrew J, lab, 134 Park, wife
Humphrey, Philip, bartender, H Scharnhorst, 131 Water
Hunt, Daniel, groceries, flour, lamps, etc, 120 e Main, res same upstairs, wife
Hunt, Chas D, clk, Dan’l Hunt, 120 e Main, res same
Hunter, Miss Florence, stenog, Big 4, local freight office, res 202 Michigan
Hunter, John, wks Hotel St. Joseph, res 118 Boughton, wife
Huntington, Harry R, furniture & agt Am Ex Co., Res 116 Greren ave, wife
Huntsinger, John, 327 e High
Huntsinger, Mrs. J, wid Jacob, 327 e High
Hurd, Elbert C, civil engr, 297 e Main, wife
Hurd, Miss Alma, 269 Pipestone
Hurd, Miss Ella, 176 Broadway
Hurd, Mrs Mary, wid D T, 176 Broadway
Hurlburt, Mrs. J B, wid, 362 Pipestone
Hurlburt, Howard C, clk E Brammall, res Bellview, wife
Hurlburt, Miss Frankie, kindergarten teacher, 362 Pipestone
Hutchins, Calvin, condr Big 4, res 228 Territorial, wife
Hutchinson, Chas R, (Pictorial Pub Co), 2 Oakwood
Hutchinson, Helen L, (wife C R, Pictorial Pub Co), 2 Oakwood
Hutchinson, Miss Emma, clk F G Warren, bds 111 Michigan
Hutt, Miss Melinda, wid Matthias, 150 Vineyard ave
Hutt, Nathan F, wks Ben Har Hdw Co., res 150 Vineyard ave
Hyde, J N, 128 Niles ave, wife
Hyler, Jacob, horse dealer, res 116 Elm, wife
Hyler, Miss Bessie, 116 Elm
Inman, Andrew W, motorman, st ry, 163 Washington, wife
Inman, Mrs. Betsie, wid Jonas, 135 Vineyard ave
Ireland, Chas A, wks planing mill, 8th, n w cor Elm, res 101 Superior, wife
Jackson, Miss L, dress mkr, 8 & 9 Conkey Blk, res same
Jackson, Chas A, dlr in almost everything, 108 Water, res same
Jackson, John H, wks Baushke & Bros, res 194 Lake ave, wife
Jackson, Jno A, lab, w Main, wife
Jacobs, Mrs. Mary, wid, 42 Paw Paw ave
Jakeway, Jas H, 139 Lake ave, wife
Jakway, Mrs. Rhoda, wid Elma, 165 Ohio
Janes, Richard M, nurseyman, 153 Vineyard ave, wife
Janes, Lionel, painter, bds 153 Vineyard
Janes, Winfield, Painter, bds 153 Vineyard
Janes, Lyle, stud, 153 Vineyard
Janeson, Ira J, brick mason, 268 Pipestone, wife
Jaquay, Irving, dealer in nursey stock, res cor Buss & McCord
Jarvis, Roman I, postmaster, res 154 Summit, wife
Jarvis, Frank C, deputy postmaster, rms 149 Summit
Jarvis, Miss Nellis, clk Post Office, res 154 Summit
Jarvis, Edward E, mfr & dealer books & shoes, Res 112 Lake ave, wife
Jarvis, Dr. J A, dentist, Conkey Blk., 122 Pipestone, res 149 Summit, wife
Jeffers, Oliver A, carp, 312 Main, wife
Jeffrey, Wm Z, wks Benton Fuel Co., res 128 Elm
Jeffrey, Wm S, res 128 Elm St.
Jeffrey, Thos, wks on docks, res 118 Territorial
Jenkins, John M. lab, 221 Superior, Wife
Jennings, Merriam M, (Curtis & Jennings), real estate, insurance, res 128 Bellview
Jennings, Miss Anna, 128 Bellview
Jennings, Orlo E, clk, C C Sweet, 131-137 Pipestone, res 143 Pleasant, wife
Jennings, Chas D, teacher, res 111 Broadway, wife
Jennings, Darius E, barber shop, basement 106 Pipestone, res 219 Territorial, wife
Jerue, Edward D, prop French House, 108 7th, res same wife
Jerue, Louis A, stud 108 7th St.
Jewell, Mathew A, plumber E Brammall, res 211 Ogden ave, wife
Jewett, Edson B, 126 Brunson ave, wife
Johnson, B O, vet surgion, 126 7th st; res 189 Green
Johnson, Mrs. Rachel, wid Ben, 158 Washington
Johnson, Jether L, 230 Britain ave, wife
Johnson, Leonard K, 160 Michigan, wife
Johnson, Jesse, wks Geo B, Thayer Co., res 106 6th St.
Johnson, Guy, 106, 6th St.
Johnson, Miss Ellen, 106 6th St.
Johnson, Alfred A, (Miller & Johnson), real estate, Res 117 Cedar, wife
Johnson, James W, carpet layer, 170 Colfax, wife
Johnson, Jesse R, saw filer, 170 Colfax
Johnson, Mrs. Laura, wid Guy, 225 Colfax
Johnson, Frank E, wks J W Vernon, livery, 117 Elm, rooms same
Johnson, Chas, night police, 115 Michigan, wife
Johnson, Miss Agnes, music Teacher, 131 Elm
Johnson, Fred A, lab, 187 Pearl
Johnson, Miss Bertha, domestic, 2 Oakwood, between Michigan & Pleasant
Johnson, Miss Blanch, 135 Water
Johnston, Mrs. Elizabeth, dressmaker, 207 Pipestone
Johnston, Miss Lizzie, 207 Pipestone
Johnston, Miss Emma, 207 Pipestone
Johnston, Andrew P, frt handler C&WM railway, res 146 Edwards ave, wife
Johnston, Robert, wks Vernon’s livery, 117 Elm
Jones, Frank W, blacksmith, 146 e Main, res 319 Colfax ave, wife
Jones, Russell M, vp Farmers & Merchants Bank, real estate, Res 121 Washington, wife
Jones, Morris L, mining eng, bds 121 Washington
Jones James, wks, Graves Mill, res 129 Lincoln ave, wife
Jones, Mrs Sarah A, wid W T, 184 High
Jones, Miss Emma V, 184 High
Jones, John Robert, (Bert) clk Big 4, asst gen frt office, bds 150 Pipestone
Jones, Mrs Julia, washing, 125 Cedar
Jordan, Frank, finisher Spencer, Barnes & Stuart Co., res 291 Colfax ave, wife
Kaiser, Vincent, lab 212 Park
Kaiser, Frank, lab, 212 Park
Kaiser, Mrs Emma, boarding house, 212 Park
Kamm, Fred, wood worker Spencer, Barnes & Stuart, 129 Miller
Kane, Aloysins F, mach, Buss Machine Works, bds 129 Miller
Kane, John M, mach Buss Machine Works, bds 129 Miller
Kaple, Miss Mary, domestic, 1 Oakwood, e end Oak
Keller, William, engine wiper, Big 4, 199 Superior, wife
Kelley, Sam H, law & real estate, 3d floor Graham blk, res 202 Michigan, wife
Kelley, Mrs. Elizabeth, wid H, res 197 Broadway
Kelley, Ezra, 197 Broadway
Kelley, Jno E, wks Bog 4 Office, rooms 124 Elm
Kellogg, Fred A, bartender, D D Scherer, 115 Water, res same
Kennedy, N G & Son, (N G & L N), loans & real estate, Jones & Sonner blk
Kennedy, N G, res 142 Lake ave, wife
Kennedy, Miss J Maud, 142 Lake
Kennedy, Lowell N, (Kennedy & Son), notary, Res 210 Britain Ave, wife
Kennedy, Wm R,
constable, Jones & Sonner Blk, res 305 Empire, wife
Kennedy, Mrs. Ann, wid John, 199 High
Kennedy, Wm D G, clk, Morrow & Stone, res 199 High
Kennedy, Miss Agnes L, 199 High
Kennedy, Miss Rose, teacher high school, 199 High
Kennedy, J W, (H L Draper & Co), 111 Oak, res 128 2d, upstairs, wife
Kennedy, Hugh S, carp, 209 High, wife
Kennedy, Wissis E, watches & jewelry, 108 Pipestone, res 109 Broadway, wife
Kennedy, Miss Mate, dressmaker, 109 Broadway
Kennicott, Wm H, livery & feed barn, res 122 Elm St, wife
Kent, Henry W, marble & granite works, 117 Pleasant, res 139 Cedar, wife
Kent, Addalade, bds 139 Cedar
Kephart, Philip, stud, 150 Pipestone
Kerry, Dr. F M, physician & surgion, 128 Pipestone, res same
Ketchum, Miss Lida, 372 Pipestone
Ketchum, Mrs. Chauncey, wid, 158 Washington
Ketchum, Orval, lab, 372 Pipestone, wife
Kidd, Andrew J, res 176 Pipestone, wife
Kidd, Harry B, stud, res 176 Pipestone
Kidd, Miss Mabel, res 176 Pipestone
Kiefth, Fred, barber, 112 Water 2d floor, res 122 Columbus ave
Kimball, Sylvester B, notary Public & justice of the peach, Res 189 Territorial, wife
Kimball, George E, transfer & draying, general teaming, res 226 Colfax, wife
Kime, George, carp, 140 Park, wife
Kime, Clarence, stud, 140 Park
Kimmel, Chas, lab, 134 Eagle, wife
Kimmel, Mrs. Frances, 245 Pipestone
King, DeGolier, loans, 156 Kirby
King, Moses D, tinner, res 140 Summit, wife
King, W H, cab Mkr, Spencer, Barnes & Stuart Co., res 174 Miller, wife
King, Joseph, house mover, 178 Pearl
King, Mrs. M, wid Moses, 178 Pearl
King, Nelson, 178 Pearl
King, Hiram, 158 Baird, wife
King, Alex, lab, 157 Cedar, wife
King, Mrs. Rosina, wid Vernon, 177 Lake ave
Kingsley, Mrs. Marion, 124 Pleasant
Kinney, John W, clk A H Rowe, bds M K Draper, 111 Oak
Kinney, Mrs. P M, wid, 245 Pipestone
Kinney, Miss C C, 245 Pipestone
Kinney, Miss Mamie, 245 Pipestone
Kitron, Mrs. Eliza, wid Samuel, 225 Waukonda ave
Kitron, Sammie, finisher, Spencer, Barnes, & Stuart Co., 225 Waukonda Ave
Kitron, William, 225 Waukonda Ave
Kitron, Miss Lillian, 225 Waukonda Ave
Kitron, Mrs Lydia, wid George, 129 Territorial
Kleaver, Anton L, mach, Buss Machine Works, 160 High, wife
Kleaver, Frank, mach Buss Maching Works, 160 High
Kleaver, Miss Lena, 160 High
Kleaver, Miss Fronie, 160 High
Kline, Chas H, cooper, 214 Territorial, upstairs, wife
Kline, Louis, car repairer, big 4, bds 129 Park
Klock J N, editor Evening News, 117 Territorial, res 414 Pipestone, wife
Klum, Philip, carp, 318 Lavette, wife
Klum, Jacob, 318 Lavette
Klum, Miss Minnie, stud, 318 Lavette
Klum, Miss Lillie, stud, 318 Lavette
Knapp, Brace, 171 Vineyard Ave, wife
Knearl, John F, 149 Vineyard ave, wife
Knee, Sam’l, engr Spencer, Barnes & Stuart Co., 140 1st St., wife
Knee, Cora, 140 1st
Knee, Chas W, wks Spencer, Barnes & Stuart Co., 210 Park, wife
Knee, Fred, Hostler Big 4, 120 Paw Paw ave, wife
Kneeland, Dr. Romas E, 239 Broadway, wife
Kneeland, Miss Anna, stud, 129 Broadway, wife
Kneeland, R A, 225 Pipestone, wife
Kneibes, William, (Kneibes & Fonger), res 122 Territorial, wife
Kneibes, Louis, painter bds 134 Maple
Kneibus, Wm, (Stone & Kneibus) bds 134 Maple
Knight, Chas A, lawn Mower, 108 Washington, wife
Knight, Clarence A, wks C A Knight, res 108 Washington
Knight, Mrs. Flora, wid W S, 246 Pipestone
Knimts, Aug, wks Baushke Bros, bds 106 Britain ave
Knowles, Ancil, carp, 129 Washington, wife
Knowles, Miss Allie P, mgr W U Tel Co, Graham & Morton Bld; res same
Koebel, Miss Katie, (Smoke & Koeble) res Hulburd blk, 114 e Main
Kolhoff, Jos, tailor, H A foeltzer, 111 e Main bds Higbee
Konarske, Paul, ship carp, E Heath, rooms 115 Michigan
Koob, Geo J, proprs Chicago Restaurant, Res 292 Pipestone, wife
Koob, Louis (Koob & Krieger, Benton Harbor Bottling Works), Bds 147 Pleasant
Kramer, David B, fruit dealer, res 121 Brunson ave
Kramer, Mrs. D B, private boarding, 121 Brunson ave
Kreis, Newton, wks F & McC, bds 212 Park
Krieger, Fred, (Koob & Krieger) Benton Harbor Bottling Works, Res 147 Pleasant, wife
Krieger, Frederick, lab, bds 183 Park, wife
Krieger, Eugene, clks Chas Antes, rms 116 E Main
Kropp, Geo, harness shop, St Joseph, res 328 Pipestone, wife
Kropp, Miss Nellie, 328 Pipestone
Kropp, Miss Maud, 328 Pipestone
Kropp, Miss Edna, 328 Pipestone
Kuhn, Andrew, lab, bds 172 Miller, wife
Kuhnell, Augustus H, wks R L Polk & Co., res 107 7th St. Wife
Kyes, Edward, clk C J Brown, 114 E Main
Kyes, Chas D, agt Wheeler & Wilson Machine Co., res 122 Jefferson, wife
Kyes, Charles E, stud, 122 Jefferson
Kyes, Rose E, 122 Jefferson
Laas R J, bicycle manfr & repair shop, res McAllister ave, outside city.
Laas, W E, wks R J Laas, 105-107 Michigan
Lacey, A D, photographer, 121 e Main, res Empire ave, wife
Lacey, Mrs. R L, wid R D, res Empire ave
LaComb, Thos Martin, wks Godfrey’s res 134 Bond, wife
La France, John, carp, bds French House, 108 7th St.
Lake, Geo E, veneerer, 140 Vineyard ave, wife
Lamb, Geo M, Carp, 209 Columbus ave, wife
Lamb Miss Una, 209 Columbus ave
Lamond, Owen, plasterer, res 116 Clay, wife
Lamphear, Joseph W, drayman, 214 Territorial, wife
Lamphear, Frank, drayman, 214 Territorial
Lamphear, Walter, wks Godfrey can facy, res 214 Territorial
Lamphear, Edward, Stud, 214 Territorial
Lamport, Allen B, 139 Garfield Ave, wife
Lamport, Mrs Mary, wid M G, 150 Pipestone
Lamport, Allen, clk Enders & Young, res 150 Pipestone
Lamport, Althea F, stud, 150 Pipestone
Landeck, Mrs. Carrie, wid Jacob, 131 Edwards ave, upstairs
Landen, Mrs. Charlotte, 2d cook Hotel Higbee
Landers, Martin V, com merch & fruit buyer, 253 Empire
Landes, Miss Anna, retoucher, wks Poundstone, res 208 High
Lampher, E, 190 Brunson ave, wife
Lampher, Miss Nora, 190 Brunson
Lampher, Frank J, wks Colby-Hinckley Co., res 190 Brunson ave
Lapoint, John S, meat dealer, 332 Pipestone, res 287 Britain ave, wife
Larkworthy, Geo W, bill clk Chicago & W. Michigan railway, 103 High, wife
Larsen, Lewis H, lab, 164 Cedar
Larson, Albert, wks Colby-Hinckley Co., res 171 Superior, wife
Lash, John J., bank-sawyer, Spencer, Barnes & Stuart Co., room 18, Conkey blk
Lash, Mrs. Emma, room 18 Conkey Blk
Lason, Oscar D, fruit Farmer, res 155 Britain ave, wife
Lason, Oscar S, carp, 179 Pearl, wife
Lason, Jas W, wks Rowe Bros, res 170 High, wife
Lason, Miss Cora, 170 High
Lason, Miss Margaret, 170 High
Lawlor, P J, furniture store, 160 Territorial, res same
Lawrence, Henry, oil & gas wagon, bds 102 Colfax ave
Lawrence, G D, barber G H Thompson, res 234 Territorial
Leach, Mary, 155 Riford
Lee, Mrs. Ann, wid Martin, 217 Pipestone
Leftwich, Miss Mattie, domestic, 176 Michigan
Leighton, Miles E, engr St ry, 295 High, wife
Leonard, Thos, butcher, Rowe Bros, bds P Conley’s, Main
Lester, Asa, artistic Sign & fresco Painter, 122 e Main, wife
Lester, Frank, railroad car inspector, res 171 Territorial, wife
Lester, Saml A, motorman st ry, res 108 Superior, wife
Lester, Miss Francis, 108 Superior
Lewis, Fletcher, 261 Broadway, wife
Lewis, Miss Nina, 261 Broadway
Lewis, Geo F, fireman Big 4 railway, res 261 Broadway
Lewis, Miss Hettie, 157 Morton ave
Lilly, Delilah, dishwasher, Hotel Benton
Lineaweaver, Mrs. Mary, wid Cyrus, 218 Britain ave
Little Miss Irene, school teacher, bds 208 Territorial
Livingston, Samuel, lab, bds 195 Brunson ave
Luftus, William, moulder, 170 Riford, wife,
Long, Miss Belle, seamstress, Miss L Jackson, res Pipestone
Loomis, Alonzo L, painter & paper hanger, 129 Pipestone, res cor Pavone & Britain
Loomis, Mrs. Matie, 123 Bluff
Loomis, Mrs. B F, wid res 175 Baird
Lorbezke, Miss Anna, domestic, 217 Pipestone
Lourie, Alfred W, cooper, 166 Riford, wife
Loveless, Miss Alice I, 101 Michigan
Lowe, Vincent A, (Lowe & Rouse), res 166 Britain ave, wife
Lucas, Isaac W, bkkpr, res 248 Columbus ave, cor Clay, wife
Lucas, Ray F, wks Haynes Mill, bds 248 Columbus ave
Lucas, James, lbr inspector, bds 108 Colfax ave, wife
Ludlow, Linens R, fruit buyer, 224 Britain Ave, wife
Ludlow, Ernest, res 224 Britain ave
Ludlow, Talma S, fruit dealer, 173 Columbus ave, wife
Ludlow, Miss May, 173 Columbus ave
Ludlow, Miss Nellie, 173 Columbus ave
Ludlow, Mrs Clara, 135 Garfield ave
Ludlow, Mrs. Wid, 139 Vineyard
Ludwick, Capt Danl, res 161 Pipestone
Ludwig, Lancaster, sailor, res 120 Vineyard ave, wife
Ludwig, Frank, blksmith F W Jones, 133 6th, res St Joseph
Luton, Roswell, lab, 193 Riford, wife
Lynch, Jas C, barber S Brown, res 165 Elm, wife
Lynch, Orva, wks Colby-Hinckley Co., res 165 Elm
Lynch, George, wks Colby-Hinckley Co., 165 Elm
Lynch, Miss May, 165 Elm
Lynch, Miss Sadie, 165 Elm
Lyon, Hobart G, horse Trainer, res 122 Elm St.
Lyons, Geo E, brakeman Big 4, res 138 Colby ave, wife
Lyons, Mrs. Mary A, wid John, rear of 187 Vineyard
Lytle, T J, 124 Vineyard ave, wife
Lytle, Geo, painter 274 Broadway, wife
Lytle, Roy, stud, 274 Broadway

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