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Webster  Daundra J. Baker Daundra Baker

Claypool, George Henry & Fanny (Johnson):

This bible contains very unusual extra notations. It was done in three different old script with a lovey flow, a shaky hand, and a lovely newer handwriting in pencil. I assume the authors are 1)Fanny 2)George 3) Emilia. It is odd that the notes are so vivid and some of the full dates were omited. Daundra

NOTICE: Punctuation added, no change to spelling or phrasing, comments by Daundra in parentheses.


George (Henry) Claypool, was born in the old dominion (VA) September 3, 1804 and lived in home of Lybrook

Fanny Johnson, was born in old dominion (VA.) October 6, 1804

John and Armie (Armilia) Johnson, was born both in old dominion (VA.)

First Baby Claypool, born and died, to small, on home place of parents in 1831. No given name or baptized.

Daniel Ja___ Claypool, born on home place in cold 1832. Came out feet first then he had a hand come before his head, cried right as ma spanked him.

Emilia Claypool (Millie), born on home place in hot August 22, 1834. Chicken house burned two.

John Claypool (John Johnson Claypool), born on home place in cold wet March 6, 1835. Big baby with lots of hair all over.

Little Samuel Claypool (Samuel M. Claypool), born on home place, sickly baby, 1837. To much blood, in bed many days.

Noah Claypool (Noah M. Claypool), born on home place, harvest time September 27, 1840. Alone.

Margaret, little Maggie, Claypool, born on home place of grandmother, small and sicky 1842. Light butter milk hair.

Little Morris Claypool, born on home place in hot storm August 17, 1843. Cold water to make him cry and then rubed him hard, blue and back crucked (crooked) and legs tiny, little feet pointed in.

Small note on paper with pressed flower, reads: George in fields with Henry (Henry Johnson, nephew) brought back wild flours for baby Morris.


Little Morris died yesterday at home, Father and Mother near him, only sick for a few days this time. No more pain and tears. We must let our precious little boy go to the boosem of Jesus, he will await our home coming. We put him to rest in Riverbluff. How very sad. I miss him to day. September 12, 1853.
(Note: I get the feeling that Morris was a very sickly child. Jesse Webster said that he couldn't be left alone because of breathing problems and he didn't walk very much. From what I have been told I wonder if he had what we now call Cerebral Palsy).

Fanny dear died at home on November 19, 1864, buried next to little Morris (son) and beloved Henry (nephew, killed in Civil War, son of John(2) and Anna Lybrook Johnson).

Millie (Emilia) died today, her heart gave out, Sept 17, 1876, buried by Fanny and Morris and Henry (Johnson Cemetery) Waiting for me. (This has to have been noted by George Henry Claypool.)

A loose note found in the bible reads: (Note with pressed flower, maybe white lilac, & blue ribbon.) Henry was killed or missing in Tennesee, by way of Mr. Davis. Got word that dear brave Henry was killed, they think the date was April 6, 1862. He was missing a couple days. Young Will Davis was at his side. Will is safe, by way of Mr. Davis. John got notice also (John Johnson, brother to Fanny and father of Henry), so it must be true.


George Henry Claypool and Fanny Johnson were married at home in Berrien on May 2, 1831. (Recorded in Cass County)

John (John Johnson Claypool, son) married Mary E. Frank at her fathers (Peter Frank) home in Berrien, June 30, 1859. Big feast, strawberries and cream, cake and cool punch, many lovley gifts and making merry.

Noah (Claypool) married Lucy Booth on April 16, 1866. She wore a white crepe and lace dress of her mothers, and was so sweet. (Surely noted by Emilia; in pencil.)

Daniel married Eliza McGines in 1869. cant tell where, dont know. (Looks like same hand as note of Noah's marriage.)

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DENNIS, Nehemiah S.

Nehemiah Dennis...born December 21, 1808, in Milford, Delaware
Sophia T. Collins...born September 5, 1812, in Milford, Delaware


Alla H. Dennis...born October 10, 1833, in Milford, Delaware
William T. Dennis...born October 27, 1835, in Niles, Michigan
James Madison Dennis...born June 26, 1837, in Niles, Michigan
Ava G. Dennis...born August 8, 1839, in Niles, Michigan
Mirriam B. Dennis...born August 4, 1841, in Niles, Michigan
Helen A. Dennis...born May 1, 1848, in Niles, Michigan


Nehemiah Dennis -m- Sophia T. Collins on August 28, 1832
Mirriam B. Dennis -m- Samuel R. Cushman on January 1, 1862 (-m- DeKalb Co, IL)
Ava G. Dennis -m- George F. Gage on June 18, 1862
Alla H. Dennis -m- George Anderson Neafus on February 11, 1864
Helen A. Dennis -m- John N. Gault on December 4, 1866 (-m- in DeKalb, Co, IL)

"Grandchildren of N. & S. Dennis"

Marguerite C. Gage...born June 15, 1863 in Quincy, Illinois
George A. Neafus...born January 24, 1866 in Clinton, Louisiana
Jeannie Clifford Neafus...born February 1, 1868 in Clinton, Louisiana (-m- Warren L. Aborn in Clinton, LA.)
Carlton Dennis Gault...born February 18, 1871 in Sycamore, Illinois
______Mirriam Gault...born August 8, 1871 in sycamore, Illinois
Helen Lucy Cushman...born July 22, 1871 in ________, Illinois


William T. Dennis..died September 26, 1836
James Madison Dennis...died August 17, 1843
Carlton Dennis Gault...died May 31, 1869 in Sycamore, Illinois
George Anderson Neafus, Sen. (? Senior)...died October 11, 1874 in New Orleans, Louisiana (see note below)

My Notes:
Nehemiah Dennis, died December 4, 1889. Sophia (Collins) Dennis, his wife, died March 21, 1902. Both are buried in Silverbrook Cemetery, Niles. (I am in process of confirming the death and burial data). Nehemiah bought 80 acres in Berrien Co. May 5, 1836.
1840, 1850 and 1854 census of Berrien County.
1850 census, 10th Division in Niles Tow. Berrien County MI shows the family as:
Nehemiah Dennis... age 41yr, male, Merchant, property value of $4000.00, born in Delaware
Sophia J. Dennis...age 36yr, female, housewife, born in Delaware
Alvia (must be Alla br.. 1833) ...age 16yr, female, at school, born in Michigan
Aniezena (must be Ava, br. 1839, name hard to read)...age 11yr, female, at school, born in Michigan
Mirrium...age 2yr, female, born in Michigan

1860 finds them in DeKalb County, IL. information 1st and 2nd Wards, Sycamore, DeKalb Co, IL. Nehemiah Dennis was 71 yrs. old, married, a
"Boot Maker", born in Delaware ( didn't look up census record)

Another interesting note... Alla's husband, George Anderson Neafus served in the Confederate Army.
He enlisted May 25, 1861, Camp Moore, LA, Co. A, 4th LA. Infantry. Elected 1st Lt., May 25,1861. Shown on roster dated March 5, 1864.

I wish to thank Mr. John Whalen for permission to post the Bible Listings here. He actively buys and collects family Bibles in an attempt to return them to the descendants. A sad cometary commentary on selling those cherished items after the death of Grampa or Grandma. Woe to the heirs that do this. If you are interested in his work, write me and I will send him your e-mail address. As always keep our family history free to all!!!


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WEBSTER, Harvey Asher:

This bible is in the possession of J. Cauffman. It is written in a lovley, flowing script.


Harvey Asher Webster was born July 20th, 1828

Susan Mary Webster was born July 26th, 1832

William Henry Webster was born September 28th, 1852

Emma Jane Webster was born February 26th, 1859

Anna Maria Webster was born October 26th, 1859

Laurel Arista Webster was born June 30th, 1871


Harvey Asher Webster and Susan Mary Denn were married in Berrien County, Michigan, November 20th, AD 1851


Anna Maria Webster died August 22nd, 1865, age 5years, 9 months and 26 days

William H. Webster died July 1st, 1879, age 26 years

Harvey Asher Webster died at Berrien Center, December 14, 1887, age 59 years 4 months and 24 days

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WEBSTER: Pallis Hillary and Eliza Jane (Marrs):

Ms. Helene Jenkins of Dowagiac, MI, had the bible, inherited from her mother Annie Laura (Webster) Jenkins. Helene passed away on Aug. 13, 1994, I am unable to locate it now...2002. Daundra J. Baker

Pallis Hilery Webster was born in Virginia on April 9, 1826 (Son of David and Lucinda Hawkins Webster.)

Eliza Jane Marrs was born in Michigan on June 5, 1835 (Daughter of Hugh and Ellen Riggin Marrs.)


Mary Ellen was born in Berrien Centre (Berrien Co, MI) on Apr 16, 1857.

Martha Alice was born in Berrien Centre (Berrien Co, MI.) on Sept. 30, 1859.

Rose Helen was born in Berrien Centre (Berrien Co, MI.) on March 31, 1864.

Annie Laura was born in Berrien Center (Berrien Co, MI.) on Feb. 20, 1870.


Pallis H. Webster and Eliza Jane Marrs were married in Berrien (Berrien Center, Berrien Co, MI.) on March 19, 1854.

Mary Ellen married John B. Lybrook in ______ 5, 1880 (unable to read month or where married).

Annie Laura married O. C.- Ora Clarence Jenkins in Berrien Centre on Feb. 20, 1898.

(Martha and Rose never married.)

Mary Ellen Lybrook died on Dec. 4, 1893, buried in South Union Cemetery.

Pallis Hillary Webster died at home November 4, 1897, buried in South Berrien Cemetery.

Eliza Jane Webster died October 21, 1899, buried in South Union Cemetery.

Martha Alice Webster died on December 22, 1910, buried in South Union Cemetery.

Mary Ellen Jenkins died Aug. 30, 1912, buried in South Union Cemetery.

Lula Ray Lybrook died May 26, 1916, buried in South Union Cemetery.

John B. Lybrook died April 1, 1917, buried in South Union Cemetery.

Verge Lybrook died Nov. 19, 1951.


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