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Ives Cemetery / Morris Farm Cemetery / Harrah Rd Cemetery

Transcribed 1968, Mapped 1970 by Daundra J. Baker

Photos and Transcriptions © 1970-2001, Daundra J. Baker - All rights reserved.

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Located in Sec 29 of Niles Township. Due to the age of the burials in this cemetery and ever increasing vandalism to headstones in these lovely old burial sites, directions are not given. I have called this Cemetery it "IVES" because of the many burials with that name. It was well maintained, now the cemetery is literally under brush and impossible to view from any vantage point. I have been unable to locate any records to date. Some foot stones I noted at the first visit (1968) were moved and some were missing in 1970. This cemetery is No. 67 in Michigan Cemetery Atlas of 1991. Locate the burial site of your ancestor by locating the Map No. here on the Map of Burial Sites below

Note: Census records of Berrien Co, Niles Township show:
1840...Timothy H. Ives
1850...Timothy H. Ives and William Ives
1860... William Ives and Sophia Ives
[I did not research the residence to see where they all were in respect to each other. The Berrien & Van Buren County History of 1880, page 265 reads; Timothy H. Ives emigrated to Niles Township in August of 1835 from Tioga Co., PA with his wife and eight children. They settled on the bank of the Saint Joseph River in Sec. 29. He lived there until 1878. A son, Francis, living in the city of Niles... (1880)."] [One...Timothy H. Ives is also shown a having pension paid to his widow, Elizabeth A. Ives who lived in Michigan. He served in the Civil War from PA - this information (Timothy) from Internet..]


Birth Date

Death Date

Comments & Inscriptions

Map No.
C. L.        17
Chummeny, Horrace     [See notes below] 13
Ives, Almira    Nov. 29, 1848 30y, 9m 13
Ives, Francis M.   Sept. 9, 1842  6m, 9d, Son of BM & AE, Franklie Sleeps 22
Ives, Infant   Sept. 9, 1842 Daughter of B.M. and A. E. 24
Ives, J.      [Infant of Jerusha and William] 10
Ives, J. A.       [Infant of Jerusha and William] 09
Ives, Jerusha   Oct. 27, 1852 Wife of William, 30y, 9m, 19d 08
Ives, Otis Aug. 7, 1837 ('32?) Oct. 8, 1861 Tipton, MO, A soldier in the US ARMY # 27
Ives, R.      [Infant of Jerusha and William] 11
Ives, Sophia Mar. 26, 1798 Jan. 13, 1877 Wife of Timothy H. # 15
Ives, Timothy H.    Jan. __, 18__ Son of BM & AE, A light from our small son's grave. 23
L., A.        18
L., ?         
L., J.        
L., S.       20
Merrifield, Infant    June 17, 1858 Son of R. & E. 03
Ostrander, Infant   Aug. 24, 1881 Dau. of __ Ostrander, Anna Sleeps, 2m, 9d 25 
Reum, Wilhelmina   Oct. 10, 1862 30y, 25d [On same grave w. foot stone WR] 14
R., W.      [Foot stone] 14
Seeley, James B.   June 11, 1862 Son of VR & A Seeley 02
S., D. M.        06
S., J. B.       06 
S., J. E.      [This marker is under a bush.] 08
Unknown   Aug. 16, ____ [Part of broken marker.] 16
Unknown      [Foundation with part of broken marker.] 05
Unknown     [A field stone, not inscribed, next to tree.] 12
Wade, Edith A. June 29, 1821 Apr. 18, 1861 Wife of MR Wade 26
Wade, James    Nov. 8, 1854 Son of MR & E, [Near Ives Infant burials, missing in 1970.] by 8-11
White, Sophia    June__, 1839 Wife of James White, 26y 01
Wynn, Morgan    Nov. 10, 1848 37y, 8m, 9d 21
Scattered footstones: O.A., S.W., S.I., A.I ., A.I. [2 stones are inscribed A.I.], R.I., N.R., I.V.R., L.J.W., J.I., H.I. or I.I.

NOTE: Cummeny, Capt. Horrace was originally buried in Ives Cemetery, he was later moved to Silverbrook as I found a note in the sexton book at Silverbrook Cemetery which reads:

Capt. Horrace Cummeny, Age at death 45 years." moved from Ives Cemetery."


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