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I wish to thank all who have made this site a success. My name is Lesley Moss and I am the county coordinator for Gladwin county for MIGenWeb and the Michigan   American Local History Network (ALHN).   Any comments or suggestions can be sent to my e-mail address: Please put Gladwin County in the subject line, because I have a very full mailbox and I want to answer your email promptly. Thank you! I don't live in Gladwin County and I am learning about the county right along with all of you. So, PLEASE contact me if you would like to contribute in any way to this project. Any help will be appreciated. We need you! Please get involved!


If you would be interested in hosting a county for the Michigan American Local History Network (ALHN), please contact Vicki Wilson, Michigan State Coordinator.

Gladwin County covers about 550 square miles of prime farm, hunting and fishing land. It is known for it's beautiful rivers, lakes and woods. A number of Amish families call the county home. The county population reported in 1994 was about 23,000.

The county was formed on the 2nd of March, 1831 from the parent counties of Saginaw and Midland and was named for the British Commander of Detroit, Henry Gladwin. The county seat is in the town of Gladwin.

Some of the townships and villages that make up Gladwin County are:

Beaverton Twp., Bentley Twp., Billings Twp., Bourret Twp., Buckeye Twp., Butman Twp., Clement Twp., Dale, Estey, Gladwin Twp., Grim Twp., Grout Twp., Hay Twp.,Hockaday, Marine City, Meredith,Oberlin, Rhodes, Sage Twp., Secord Twp.,Sherman Twp., Tobacco Twp., Wagarville, White Star, and Winegars


Index to Gladwin County Queries, Obituaries, Biographies, Researchers and Surnames

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The Gladwin County Migration Project,  part of Patrick Hays' Michigan Migration Project is now online!  Please visit this site and submit the names of your Gladwin relatives who migrated to and from Gladwin County, MI. 

Vital Records
See what records are available in Gladwin County and in the State of Michigan and where to write for them

Historical Societies and Historians
names and addresses of the local societies with links to and of those "on the web"

Census Records
Where to find copies of the Gladwin County Census

Early churches of Gladwin County

Gladwin County Archives
This page will hold a listing of the records that have been placed in the archives. Cemetery transcriptions, indexes, family diaries and bibles, military records, newspaper articles, etc. can all be placed in the archives. If you have any Gladwin County records or If you would like to help with the transcription of records to be placed in the archives, please let me know.

Index to Gladwin County Queries, Obituaries, Biographies, Researchers and Surnames


Gladwin Area Obituaries
A wealth of genealogical information can be found in an obituary - - if you have an obituary for an Gladwin County resident, I would be happy to post it here. Just send it to me attached to, or part of an e-mail message.

"Index to the Gladwin County Record - Obituaries and Death Notices 1878 - 1990"

Tom Winarski - the newest member of the Gladwin County MIGenWeb Project team has sent me a copy of this book. I would be more than happy to look up someone for you! The book contains the names and the issue of the Gladwin County Record that has the person's obituary and/or death notice.

A really neat project called The Obituary Daily Times is in the process of indexing obits from all over the world. You can be a part of this project.



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The Michigan Cemetery Atlas lists 17 cemeteries in Gladwin County. This link will take you to a listing of those cemeteries

Gladwin County Lookups
Find out about the available county resources and those people willing to do look-ups in that resource.
I could really use some help here - if you own a county resource and would be willing to look-up facts for researchers, please let me know.



Surrounding Counties And Their Hosts
links to each of the counties that border Gladwin


Map of Gladwin County and Surrounding Areas


A 1909 Journal
   A 1910 Journal -
written by Norman Bergey of Gladwin County. Read about his life, who he did business with and socialized with.




"Snippets" from the Gladwin County Record













More to come!  






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  Success Stories and "Warm Fusses" - Please let me know if your search for Gladwin County ancestors was successful with the help of this page. I will post those "success stories" here. We all need an occasional incentive to "keep on looking".

Gladwin County Families and Communities "On the Web" - do you have a web page with links to Gladwin County? I would love to link to it here. Please let me know.


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HELP!! We need volunteers to do transcriptions of biographies and histories. If you have Gladwin County Resources and are interested in volunteering  or contributing information (it can be a page, a resource not mentioned, or a new link) please contact me, Lesley Moss, and put Gladwin County as the subject.

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