Aurelius Centre

The first settler at this place was Enoch Howe, now of Lansing, who lived on the corners which have long bore his name. The locality of "Howe's Corners" is better known to many than "Aurelius Centre," not withstanding the same place bears both names. Mr. Howe was the first postmaster at the place, the post-office being known as Aurelius. William Abrams also held the position for some time. The present incumbent is B. W. Stark, who came to the place in 1860.

In 1856 a dwelling was built at the Center by Robert Hayward, and was afterwards converted into a store; it is now occupied by B. W. Stark. A second building was erected for the purpose of a store in 1870 by R. and F. Hayward, and is not owned by the latter. Robert Hayward erected the greater portion of the buildings at the place. In 1857-58, the large frame hotel now owned by Nelson Isham was built by William Abrams.

The Centre now contains two stores, three blacksmith-shops, a wagon-shop, a hotel, a millinery-shop, and two physicians, Drs. G. W. Swartout and Thomas W. Stitts, the latter formerly of Chicago, having come here from Detroit, in 1878.

Aurelius Lodge, No. 274, I. O. O. F., was instituted Feb. 8, 1876. Dr. G. W. Swartout was the first Noble Grand. The lodge-rooms are situated over F. Haward's store. The present membership of the lodge (September, 1880) is about forty, and the officers are: William Gilmore, Noble Grand; Z. Dolbee, Vice-Grand; Cohan King, Rec. Sec.; Henry Rahn, Per. Sec; Theodore Stratton, Treas.

Taken from:
"History of Ingham and Eaton Counties Michigan, with Illustrations and Biographical Sketches of Their Prominent Men and Pioneers", by Samuel W. Durant.
Published by D. W. Ensign & Co., 1880.
Page 221

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