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Joseph Bullen

The true estimate of the worth and character of the individual is not to be reached by the length of his biography, but rather by the trend of his life. To say that the subject of this brief memoir is an honored member of the Bullen family of Aurelius township inspires confidence, and with the statement much may be read between the lines. Having had a continuous residence in the township since his birth in the 1848, Joseph Bullen's experiences have been those common to his brothers. A man of unimpeachable character, honest and upright in all his dealings, just before the law, living in peace and harmony with his neighbors, such are some of the well known characteristics of him of whom we write.

Mr. Bullen is the happy possessor of a good farm home in Aurelius township, well stocked and equipped with successful farming apparatus, and better than this he is happy in his family and domestic relations.

His wife, Adeline, was the daughter of John S. Holcomb, a volunteer soldier, who gave his life for his country in the great Civil War. He enlisted in July, '61, as a private in the 1st Michigan Artillery, was mortally wounded at the battle of Shiloh, April 7, '62. He was taken to a hosptial at St. Louis, MO., where he died. His friends were never able to learn the nature of his wounds. A nurse writing from the hospital to the family, after relating some incidents with reference to his wounds and condition, added, " I have not told you all, he does not wish me to." Brave hero, that he was woulnded to the death, but in his latest moments thoughtful to spare those he loved the pain that the full knowledge of his wounds would give. His name will be remembered by his decendants as one who cheerfully yielded up his life in defense of civil liberty and the overthrow of human slavery, in the "land of the free."

Mrs. Bullen was of a family of five children. Mrs. Charles S. Wilson of Aurelius, and Mrs. Alex McManamon of Lansing are her sisters. Her brothers, Wiliam E., and Edward S., are residents of the township of Aurelius. Four children have born to Joseph and Mrs. Bullen. The following data has been furnished respecting them: Eunice, born 1872, married Arthur Clark, June 14, 1894, they had three children. Mrs. Clark died Christmas, 1901; Charles R., born February 25, 1876. He had to his credit 13 months service in the Spanish-American War, three of which was spent in Cuba. Sergeant Bullen was a member of Co. F, 31st Michigan Volunteers. He was for several years a mamber of the Mason company of the Michigan National Guards. A comrade of his command said of him, "He was a good soldier, and exceptionally popular with the 'boys'." He married Mary Bell Dillingham; they had one child, Vance. Floyd S., born August 16, 1884. He married Nettie Purdy, born August 4, 1883; the date of their wedding was December 7, 1904. George W., born October 16, 1886. He is still under the paternal roof and assists his father in the management of their 120 acre farm. Any community would welcome failies of the character of Joseph Bullen's.

Mr. and Mrs. Bullen have been for many years in full sympathy with the cause of religion and give cheerful support to the maintenance of the M. E. church of which they are members. Mr. Bullen is nearly always officially connected therewith.

Taken from:
"Past and Present of the City of Lansing and Ingham County, Michigan", by Albert E. Cowles.
Published by The Michigan Historical Publishing Association Lansing, MICH., 1905.
Pages 558-559


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