Ingham County Biographical Sketches

George B. Webb

The family of Mr. Webb is of British extraction, his parents having been William and Mary Butler Webb, who followed farming pursuits, and numbered in the family circle of eight children, -- five sons and three daughters. Their son, George B., was born in Somersetshire, England, ten miles from the city of Bristol, in April, 1803, and remained under the parental roof until his eighteenth year, when, the life of a sailor presenting superior attractions, he abandoned the farm and made several voyages. In 1830 his wanderings brought him to the shores of America, when, after a brief rest in New York City, he departed for Syracuse and entered the services of a Mr. Brockway as a butcher. In 1834 he was united in marriage with Miss Maria Cately, of Syracuse, and, in the following December, came to Mason, and was employed to assist in the construction of the first saw-mill in that place. He then proceeded tothe labor of chopping, and felled many of the monarchs of the forest which stood where is now the business centre of the township. In 1837 he purchased of government eighty acres where he now resided, and erected a shanty of bark, three of the posts having been maple-trees. Okemos, cheif of the wandering tribe of Indians which inhabited the country, had pitched his camp directly opposite. The family were kindly received by the Indians and found them useful in many ways. Mr. Webb was afflicted in June, 1848, by the loss of his wife, and in the same year married Miss Lucy Harty. By the first marriage Mr. Webb had four children, -- John H., William M., Lucy, and Martha, while one son, Lewis, a child of the present wife, is engaged in mercantile pursuits in Mason. All the remaining children, with the exception of Martha, now Mrs. Jacob Nichols, reside in Aurelius.

Mr. Webb has by industry and good judgment acquired a competence since first he began life as a pioneer, and he is regarded by all who know him as a man of commanding influence in the township, while his genial character and his many virtues have surrounded him with a circle of sincere friends.

Taken from:
"History of Ingham and Eaton Counties Michigan, with Illustrations and Biographical Sketches of Their Prominent Men and Pioneers", by Samuel W. Durant.
Published by D. W. Ensign & Co., 1880.
Page 225 - 226


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