Iosco County Townships/Towns

Alabaster Township -- formed on 31 March 1866 
Alabaster-first settler 1863

Alabaster Junction

Anderson Bayview

Benson Park

Cedar Haven

Huron Oaks

Hyde Park

Lake Beach

Oak Wood Shores

Tawas City

Au Sable Township-- formed on 16 February 1857 
Au Sable

Baldwin Township -- formed on 06 March 1869
East Tawas-village 1887/city 1895

Tawas City-founded 1884/platted 1855/recorded 1866

Burleigh Township -- formed on 01 May 1877
Whittemore-founded 1879

Grant Township -- formed on 21 January 1867


National City-originally named Emery Junction/name changed 1926

Sand Lake

White Rock

Oscoda Township -- formed on 17 March 1869
Au Sable-first platted village 1849

Foote Site Village

Lincoln Junction

Oscoda-village platted 1867

Sid Town

Plainfield Township -- formed on 15 October 1867

Long Lake-named 1894

The Jackpines

Reno Township -- formed on 15 January 1885

Sherman Township -- formed on 15 October 1877
McIvor-originally named Arn

Tawas City


White Rock

Tawas Township -- formed on 16 February 1857
Anderson Bayview

Clark Bayshore


Tawas City

Wilber Township -- formed on 20 February 1878
East Tawas


Iosco County Ghost Towns
Ausable, MI - first settled by fisherman at the mouth of the AuSable River in 1849, considered the first settlement by white men in
                    the county. The population was stated to be 1500 in 1872. A financial disaster and the 1911 fire destroyed the town and it became part

                    of Oscoda. 

Edson, MI - located in Grant Twp., it once had a sawmill to support it. One source says the p.o. closed in 1905 and another in 1918. 

Ogemaw, MI - located in Grant Twp. in 1877. The post office was open from 1868 to 1875. 

Siloam, MI - located in Reno Twp. The first post office opened in 1889. Called Cooper's Crossing by the railroad. 

Wilber, MI - listed as having a population of 200 in 1890, only 20 remained by 1918. 

Doan, MI - settlement's mail came to AuSable. 

Five Channels - Located on the AuSable River - post office was 1912-1913 

Turtle - was a flag station for the D & M Railroad - post office from 1901 to 1908 

Vaughn - was also a flag station for D & M Railroad - no dates found 

Robinson - mail was through Alabaster about 1910 

Slingerland - mail also came through Alabaster 

Serradella - N.E. of Tawas on the D & M Railroad line - had a post office in 1918 

Spenser's Mill - Plainfield Twp. - had a sawmill in 1876 

Taft - was a flag station for the Detroit & Mackinaw Railroad in 1894 

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