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Many thanks to Joan Griffin who has provided these wonderful biographies to help researchers.

WILLIAM ALLEN, born 19 Jan 1835, Beverly Township, Wentworth Co. Ont. Died 4 Feb 1904, buried in W. Burlington twp. To MI 1866, wife was Isabella, children: Nancy 1867; Ellen Sophia, 1869; and Edith, 1879; sources, Wm. Allen obit in North Branch Gazette, Lapeer Birth Records.

JACOB ALMAS, born 1843, Ancaster Twp. Wentworth Co. Ont. s/o Henry & Eliza. (Froman), married 28 Dec 1864, in S.Dumfries Twp. Brant Co.; son, George Herman born 1869 Bay Co. MI. In Lapeer by 1870 census; Sources, Brant Co. Ont Marriage Register, 1870 Lapeer Co. Burlington Twp census; Bay Co. Birth Records.

JAMES H. BALDWIN, born 3 Apr 1850, St. George, Dumfries Twp. Brant Co. Ont. To North Branch 1873; s/o Robert Baldwin & Eliza. Goodman,married to Elizabeth Smith 29 Oct 1876. James H. died 2 Feb 1924, Klamath Falls, Oregon, Sources Ellis"History of Lapeer Co", Lapeer Marriage Register.

ASHEL/AMOS BARNES, born 26 Oct 1800, Litchfield, Conn.,son of John & Abigail, lived in St. Thomas, Elgin Co. Ont. for 40 years.Ashel died 24 Nov 1889 North Branch, Lapeer Co. Wife was Emeline Westover, had at least 5 children. Sources: 1842 Yarmouth Twp. Elgin Co. census, 1880 Lapeer Co. census, History of North Branch, North Branch Cemetery, Lapeer Co death records.

CHARLES EDWARD BARNES, son of Ashel & Elizabeth born 15 Oct 1849, St. Thomas, Elgin Co. Ont, died 11 Sept 1931 Lapeer Co. Married 16 March 1873 Lapeer Co. to Esther Ann Kennedy. 6 children; sources, North Branch History Book, Lapeer Birth Records.

HORACE BARTLETT, born 25 June 1795, Genesse Co. NY, married to Sally Woodruff 1801-1873. Horace & Sally had at least 9 children born in Ontario, son, Horace Jr born 1827, in Whitby, Durham Co. Ont. The family to Dryden, Lapeer Co. 1840. Sources, 1837, Whitby Twp. Directory, Oakland Co. MI Marriage Records; 1860 Lapeer census.

WILLIAM H. BEARINGER, born 22 Mar 1823 Ont. died 16 Apr 1908, Imlay Twp. Lapeer Co. married to Margaret Ellenbaum 1823-1906. Had at least 12 children, son Isaac, the 4th child born town of Hamilton, Wentworth Co. Ont, 4 Jan 1847; Sarah, the 6th child born 3 May 1853, in Attica Twp. Lapeer Co. Sources: Jack Soper, S. Lyon, MI.

WILLIAM E. BEST, MD., born 20 Jan 1840 Dereham Twp. Oxford Co. Ont. s/o Conrad Best & Catherine Louks. To North Branch 1865, married 22 Feb 1868, to Elizabeth Durham, Wm. remarried 25 Dec 1871 to Rachel Lammerman . Wm. to Oregon ca 1902, where he died at Cottage Grove 1908, buried in North Branch, Lapeer Co. 30 July 1908. Sources: Por. & Bio Record of Genesse & Lapeer Co.

ISAAC ABRAHAM BLACKBURN, born 24 Mar 1853, Chatham, Kent Co. Ont s/o Leonard & Margaret, Leonard s/o of Isaac.wife was Ellen, had 7 children. Started furniture business in Lapeer Co. in 1880, and became undertaker.Isaac died 11 Aug 1921; buried in North Branch. Sources: Blackburn History in Kent Co.; Maple Grove Cemetery, North Branch, Westlawn Cemetery, North Branch, Lapeer Birth Records, Chatham Daily Planet Newspaper.

AMOS BRADSHAW, born 1843 Hastings Co. Ont, came to North Branch, Lapeer Co. in 1853, with parents, Sheldon H. Bradshaw 1808-1859 & Amelia Thresher 1817-1896. Married 1872, in Lapeer Co. to Sarah Middaugh born 1855, Elgin Co. Ont. Sources: History of Lapeer; Lapeer Birth Records, 1870 Lapeer census.

WILLIAM MAXIILLIAN BURLEY, born 16 Oct 1822, in Ontario, s/o William Burley & Abigail Ribble, died 5 Mar 1900 in Deerfield Twp. Lapeer Co., married 15 Nov 1845 to Elizabeth Jane Murdauch 1828-1899, in Elgin Co. Ont., 9 children Sources: V. Evans, Helena, MT, Lapeer Birth Records.

JOHN BYER born 1806, married 16 Aug 1830, in Norfolk Co. Ont to Pluma Ward 1813-1875, they had 7 children, son, John born Norfolk Co. 1833. To Attica Twp. Lapeer Co. 1863. Sources History of Lapeer 1884, St. John's Records, Norfolk Co. Ont.

CALEB GEORGE CASE, born 1 Apr 1839, in E. Oxford Twp. Oxford Co. Ont. s/o Jonathan Case & Esther David both whom are buried in Oriel Cemetery, E. Oxford Twp. Oxford Co. Ont. Caleb G. married in Oxford Co. Ont 10 June 1860, to Emily Spencer 1843-1902, Caleb G. died 19 Feb 1910, buried in W. Burlington Twp.At least 4 children. Sources: W. Burlington Cemetery, Oxford Co. Ont Mariage Register, Oriel Cemetery, Oxford Co. Ont. "Decs. of Josiah Buell" by M. Young; Lapeer Birth Records.

SOLOMON CASLER, born 30 Jan 1832, married 2 Sept 1854, in E.William Twp. Middlesex Co. Ont to Mary Scafe 1834-1910, Had 5 children, Daughers, Mary & Susanna born in Middlesex Co. Ont. Family to Lexington, MI 1866 and to Burlington Twp. Lapeer Co. 1868. Solomon died 25 Apr 1910, buried in North Branch. Sources: 1861 E. William Twp, Middlesex Co. Ont. census, North Branch newspaper on 50th Ann., Maple Grove Cemetery, North Branch, Lapeer Co.

STEPHEN CHAMBERS, born 1839, in Burford Twp. Brant Co. Ont. s/o Edward and Mary. Married 9 Dec 1863 in Oxford Co. to Mary H. Garbutt. To North Branch 1863, 4 children; Francis, Fannie, Otis, Orpha. Sources: History of Lapeer 1884; Oxford Marriage Register; Lapeer Birth Records.

GEORGE PARK CHAPMAN, born 13 June 1834, Pelham Twp. Welland Co. Ont. s/o Simcoe Chapman & Phoebe Park, To Lapeer Sept 1861. Married 4 July 1865, to Julie E. Higley, at least 9 children

ALFRED CHASE, born 29 Jan 1824, in Elgin Co. To St. Clair Co. MI 1843, to
North Branch, MI 1854. Sources: History of Lapeer Co.; 1860, Lapeer census;
Lapeer Death Records, North Branch Gazette obit of Alfred Chase.

JOHN CHASE, born about 1819 Elgin Co., married 1843, to Amanda Deo. To North Branch 1856. Drowned 1862, in Ohio River while in Civil War. First 4 children born in Elgin Co. Sources: History of Lapeer ; 1860 North Branch census; Maple Grove Cemetery, North Branch; Lapeer Co. Marriage Records.

REV, CYRUS CHURCHILL, born 6 July 1805, VT. s.o David & Zereviah (Leach), Was married to Mary Phelps, lived in Woodstock, Oxford Co. Ont.Several children born Woodstock, Ont, to Lapeer by 1838. Sources: Pioneer Families of Lapeer; Lapeer Death Records.

JOHN CLENANSMITH, born about 1813 in Raleigh Twp. Kent Co. Ont. s/o Jacob, married 1st to Mary shay 12 Oct 1837, 2nd to Lucenta Philips 4 Mar 1862, and 3rd to Lovina Dowler. Sources: 1860 Lapeer census; Lapeer Birth Records; 1870 census of Lapeer.

GILBERT CONGDON, born 15 Oct 1835, Dereham Twp. Oxford Co. Ont, married June 1856 to Phebe Mitchell 1838-1909. Gilbert died 22 Apr 1904. Sources: Gilbert's obit.

JOHN WESLEY COPEMAN, born 28 July 1842, Galt (now Cambridge) Waterloo co. Ont s/o Baldwin and Elizabeth. Married 3 times, 1st Matilda; 2nd Carrie Groff after 1874 and 3rd Mrs. Ada Hughes. To Lapeer Co. 1880's; died 22 Nov 1928. Sources: Brant Co. Marriage Register;

OMAR CULVER, born about 1849 Simcoe, Norfolk Co. Ont. Married Harriet Eliza Griffin probably in Ont. To Mich. 1876. died 1941, buried Mt. Hope Cemetery, Lapeer.

SAMUEL JAMES DANFORTH, born 8 May 1859, in Peterborough Co. Ont s/o John who was s/o Thomas Danforth and Nancy Gutherie. To Mayfield Twp. Lapeer Co. 1876. Married 1887, Augusta Mary Beauregard 1862-1929. Samuel died Lapeer 11 May 1941. Sources: Pioneer Families of Lapeer; Lapeer Birth Records.

CHANCY T. DEAN, born 1849, Hamilton Twp. Northumberland Co. Ont. To Port Huron 1861, to Lapeer Co. May 1862. Married Feb 1875 Delia Owen, at least 4
children. Sources: History of Lapeer; Lapeer Birth Records.

HENRY CLINTON DeGROAT, born 26 Feb 1845. in Dereham Twp. Oxford Co. Ont. s/o Henry DeGroat and Margaret Barker. Henry Jr married to Libby VanDyke, Henry Jr died 31 Jan 1903.To Lapeer 1860 with parents. Sources: Henry DeGroat obit.

ISAAC DENNIS, born 17 Oct 1826, Ont. s/o Joseph and Martha, married 5 Mar 1853, in Norwich, Oxford Co. Ont to Lucy Avery Flewelling, died 24 Jan 1910, Lapeer Twp. Sources: Brock district Marriages; Grace Noad.

JOHN W. DENNIS, born about 1848 in Malahide Twp. Elgin Co. Ont s/o Joseph & Martha. married 2 Oct 1862 Louisa Michael 1844-1916. To Lapeer 1865, 4
children. Died 13 May 1930, Lapeer Twp. sources: History of Lapeer; Lapeer Birth Records; Grace Noad of Ingersoll, Ont, Mt. Hope Cemetery, Lapeer.

JOHN DEO, born 6 June 1830, Ont. Family came from Portland Twp. Frontenac Co. Ont to Elgin Co. Ont about 1831. John married 10 Dec 1855, in Elgin Co. to Nancy Jane Michael 1838-1906. To Mich about 1856. Lived North Branch. John died 12 Aug 1902, Sources: 1860 Lapeer census; North Branch Cemetery; "More Methodist Marriages". Lapeer Birth Records.

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