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DAVID HOLM born 25 Oct 1838 Waterloo Co. Ont.; s/o Peter Holm, born Markham Twp. York Co. Ont & Susan Gingrich born Ont. David married 2 Oct 1860 in Waterloo Co. Ont. to Anna Whitmer, d/o Abraham and Catherine. To Lapeer Co. 1867, had at least 3 children there. Sources: Port. & Bio of Genessee, Lapeer & Tuscola Cos.; Waterloo Co. Marriage Register, Lapeer Birth records.

HENRY ALBERT HORTON born 27 Jan. 1840, in Elizabethtown (now Brockville) Leeds Co., Ont.; s/o John Horton born, NYS, and Margaret, born Ont. Married 5 Oct 1862 to Ellen Chick. To lapeer 1867. At least 10 children born Lapeer Co. Sources: Port & Bio of Gen, Lapeer & Tuscola Cos; Lapeer Birth Records; Lapeer Death Records; Lapeer; 1870 census.

CLEMENT HOUSE/Hause/Houghedren/Vanhousen, born 1831, Houghton Twp. Norfolk Co. Ont.; s/o Harmon/Haramanus House who was in Clinton Twp., Lincoln Co. Ont., in 1828, and wife, Nancy Clement. Married in Elgin Co. Ont., 22 Apr 1863, to Arvilla M. Dean. Settled in Burnside Twp.. Lapeer Co. Had at least 8 children in Burnside. Sources: Petersen Family Papers; Elgin Co. Marriage Register; Lapeer Birth Records.

SAMUEL WESLEY HOWARD, born 23 May 1849, London, Middlesex Co. Ont.; s/o Rev.Thomas Samuel Howard; born London, Ont 23 Dec 1823, and Margaret E.
Fitzgerald. Samuel married Janette, had at least 3 children born in Lapeer
Co. Sources: Lapeer Birth Records; North Branch Cemetery; Lapeer 1870 Census; LDS; IGI for MI; 1861 Middlesex Co. Ont Census.

WILLIAM S. HOWEY, born 1 June1840, Townsend Twp. Norfolk Co. Ont.; s/o Rev. Ira Howey and Susan Green. William married in Norfolk Co. 6 Apr 1862, to Martha Spencer, born Norwich Twp., Oxford Co., June 1843. Were in Burlington Twp., Lapeer Co. by 1870 Census. Had 8 children born in Burlington. Sources W. Burlington Cemetery, 1870 Census; Norfolk Co. Marriage Register.

CHARLES HUGILL, born 13 Jan 1820, Bransdale, Yorkshire, Eng,; died in North
Branch, Lapeer Co., 13 Apr 1905, was married to Mary A.,1820-1871. Had 3
children born in Oxford Co. Ont. Sources: Lapeer Death Records; North Branch Cemetery Records.

JONATHON HUNT, born 1833. Came to Imlay Twp., 1856 from Oxford Co. Ont. Married 1860 to Sarah Fairweather, 1839-1919. Son, Jonathon, born Imlay Twp. 1867. Son, John, born 1876, in Goodland Twp. Jonathon, Sr. died 1918, buried in lmlay. Sources: History of Lapeer Co., Lapeer Birth Records, Imlay Twp. Cemetery.

ASA HUNTLEY, born 1802 in NYS, s/o Enoch Huntley. Married about 1827 in
Bastard Twp., Leeds Co. Ont., to Louisa Wakely. To Dryden, 1837. Had at least 4
children born Lapeer Co. Asa died 11 Mar 1846, in Dryden. His widow remarried Gilbert King. Sources: Lapeer Death Records.

GEORGE W. JONES, MD, born 11 Feb 1839, Port Perry, Durham Co., Ont.; s/o Rev. George Jones, who was the s/o Richard Jones, Loyalist. Wife of Rev. George
Jones was Laura Mallory. George, Jr. married 22 Dec 1870, to Anna Eliza Paxton
1848-1914. To Imlay Twp in 1870's. Had at least 7 children. Dr. Jones died
28 Sept 1928, in Imlay City and is buried there. Sources: Imlay Twp. Cemetery, Lapeer Birth Records

MICHAEL KELLY, born 1814, Co. Wexford/Co. Carlow border, Ireland. To Leeds Co., Ont. in 1822, with parents, Patrick Kelly & Mary Kavanaugh. Married 22 Sept
1833, in Brockville, Ont. to Mary Slack, 1819-1911. Moved to Kent Co. Ont. in
1837, and to Lapeer Co. MI in 1855. Had 8 children. Sources: Kelly Family Records, Lapeer Birth Records, Lapeer Census records.

THOMAS KELLY, born 1816, Co. Wexford/Co Carlow, border Ireland. To Brockville area with parents, Patrick Kelly & Mary Kavanaugh, in 1822. To Kent Co. Ont., 1837. Married there 28 Apr 1840, to Elizabeth Slack. Moved to North Branch, Lapeer Co., 1855. Had 9 children. Thomas died 23 Apr 1895, in Burlington Twp. Buried in Clifford. Sources: Kelly Family Records, Lapeer Cemetery Records, Thomas's Obit.; Lapeer Census records.

JONATHON DENNIS KENNEDY, born 31 Aug 1827 in Oxford Co. Ont s/o John Kennedy & Anne, married 1848, to Hannah Case, 1827-1894. They had several children born in Oxford Co. Ont., before coming to North Branch in 1854. Jonathon died 31 Oct 1863. Sources: North Branch History Book, 1860 Burlington Twp Vensus, North Branch Cemetery.

ANDREW KASTOR/CASTOR, born 1848, Markham Twp. York Co., Ont.; married 1868 to Mary E. Cliff, born Pickering, Ont. To Deerfield Twp., Lapeer Co., 1880. Had daughter, Clara, born there Aug 1881. Sources: History of Lapeer Co.; Lapeer Birth Records.

DARWIN KIPP. born 1837. Ont., s/o Jessie Kipp & Eliza Morgan, married 1 Jan. 1860, in Elgin Co., Ont., to Anna Pace, d/o David Pace & Catherine Everitt. To Lapeer Co. by 1864. In 1861 Yarmouth Twp. Elgin Co. Census. In 1870 census in
Imlay, Lapeer Co. Chidren: Francis, Nora, Minnie and Eva. Sources: Elgin Co. Ont Marr. Register, 1861 Elgin Census, 1870 Lapeer Census.

HARRISON KIPP, born 1841, Yarmouth Twp., Elgin Co. Ont.; s/o Hiram Kipp & Sarah Harvey, married 12 Oct 1864, in Elgin Co. Ont., to Helen Louise Doan, d/o Benj. Doan & Susan Mills. They were in Lapeer Co. by 1867, when son, John H. was
born. Sources: Elgin Co. Marriage Register, Lapeer Birth Records.

HARVEY KIPP, born 1802 PA, married 21 Dec 1825, in Elgin Co. Ont., to Sarah
Harvey, at least 8 children. To Lapeer Co., 1865. Hiram died 20 Apr 1885,
buried in Goodland Twp. Lapeer Co.; wife, Sarah died 27 Oct 1895, buried
Goodland. Sources: 1842 Elgin Census, 1861 Yarmouth Twp. Elgin Census, family records.

DAVID LEACH, born 1794, in NJ; married to Mary Daniels, lived Ancaster Twp.
Wentworth Co. Ont., 1818-1836, then Townsend Twp., Norfolk Co. Ont., 1851 to
1862. To Mich. 1863. Married 2nd wife, Matilda Christler, 1840. Sources: Terry Stevens.

SELAH LEACH, born 1818, Barton Twp, Wentworth Co. Ont., s/o David. Married 1843, Mary Vermilya who was born in Brant Co. Ont. At least 4 children.
Sources: History of Lapeer Co.

HORACE D. LYMAN, born ca 1804, Kitley Twp., Leeds Co. Ont; s/o Benjamin Lyman, 1761-1846; married in Ont. to Almira Wood. 1809-1886. To Lapeer Co., 1856. Sources: Lapeer Birth Records, Lapeer Death Records, 1870 Lapeer Census.

JEREMIAH LYNCH, born 7 Oct. 1855, Burford Twp., Brant Co. Ont.; s/o John Lynch, 1826-1894, & Catherine Fahey. To Lapeer Co., 1859. Married 24 Nov 1886, to Julia E. Wood. Had at least 3 children. Sources: Portrait & Bio of Gen, Lapeer & Tuscola Cos.; Lapeer Birth Records.

THEODORE W. LYON, born 25 Jan 1849, Norwich Twp, Oxford Co. Ont.; s/o Robert Lyon, 1820-1865, & Mary Ann Darling, 1826-1905. Married 1878, in MI to Emeretta VanMere. Theodore died 1926, and wife in 1942. Had 9 children. Sources: Lapeer Birth Records, 1851 Norwich Twp Oxford Co. Census.


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