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GEORGE NILES born 6 Nov 1833 in London, Middlesex Co. Ont s/o Benjamin Niles and Laurena Perkins. Laurena died Lapeer Co. 26 July 1888 age 76, born Canada. George was married first time to Matilda Grosbeck who died Mar 1877, then George married 1879 to Phoebe Purdy Allen. Geforge had at least 8 children. Sources:Portrait & Bio of G.L. & T., Lapeer Birth Records

JAMES NILES born 26 Nov 1837 London, Middlesex Co. Ont s/o Benjamin Niles & Laurena Perkins. James married in burlington Twp 10 Sept 1865 to Elizabeth Jane Stafford born 1845 in Eng. d/o Robert Stafford and Mary Duffin. Had at least 4 children, Frank Jasper, Rosabelle,Eliza jane & Nancy. James Niles died 7 apr 1920 in Lapeer Co., his wife, Elizabeth died 12 July 1875. James married second time to Mary Scully Patterson on 19 Mar 1888. Sources: Lapeer Co. births, Deaths & Marriage Records

BARNEY OLIVER  born 1840 Norwich Twp. Oxford Co. Ont s/o Leonard Oliver & Mary Persons.  To Deerfield in 1865. Married 1870 to Elizabeth C. Vaughan. Had at least 3 children by first wife, remarried about 1883 to Urena, had son, Fred Newton born Apr 1884 in Deerfield. Barney died 1914, buried W. Deerfield. Sources: History of Lapeer; Lapeer Birth Records; Lapeer Cemetery records

ANDREW PEARSON  born Feb 20, 1818 Maitland, Grenville Co. Ont. s/o Albert Pearson & Sarah Haley. first wife was Ruth Bottom, On 4 Jan 1844 remarried to Jane Ann Bellamy 1824-1898.child of first wife, Justice B. Pearson, children of second wife; Sarah, Hiram; Herbert; Mary & Martha. Andrew died 21 Nov 1904, buried in W. Burlington Cem. Sources: Brockville Gazette (Ont) Portrait & Bio of Genesse, Lapeer & Tuscola Cos.; 1860 & 1880 Lapeer Census; Lapeer birth records

ROBERT PRATT  born 1836 s/o John Pratt & Margaret Gould. Robert married 9 June 1862 in Norfolk Co. Ont to Emma Marsland. Came to Lapeer Co. 1878. Had at least 9 children. robert died 11 Feb 1924 and Emma died 10 Dec 1921. Sources: Norfolk Co. Marriage Register; 1871 Norfolk Co. Census; Lapeer Birth Records; Stiles Cemetery

ARCHIBALD RAYMOND  born 30 mar 1844 Norwich Twp. Oxford Co. Ont s/o Cyrenus Raymond & Mary Brown. To Lapeer Co. 1855 with family, married 1864 to elizabeth Clute, had 3 sons & one daughter. 1870 Lapeer Census; Mich. IGI; Lapeer Birth records

CYRENUS RAYMOND  born 15 Oct 1814 Norfolk Co. Ont s/o Roswell Raymond & Mary Carey. Cyrenus married Mary Brown and had at least six children born in Ont. To Lapeer in 1855. Sources: 1851 Norwich Twp. Oxford Co. Census; Mich Igi; Lapeer 1860 & 1870 Census.

GEORGE W. RICHARDS  born 1818 West Williams Twp. Middlesex Co. Ont, to MI 1861. died 1891 in Clifford Sources: 1870 Lapeer Census, St. Johns Cemetery records

DANIEL ROWELL s/o Stratton & Olive Rowell, born 23 Aug 1827 Oxford Co. Ont, died 10 mar 1905, buried in W. Burlington Cemetery, Lapeer Co. Married 15 Nov 1866 in Oxford Co. Ont to Levina Schell 1835-1917. they had at least 3 children: Calvert 1867-1880;Esther D 1860-1863 and Sarah E. Sources: Oxford Co. Ont Marriage Register; West Burlington Cemetery

JAMES RYCKMAN born 3 Jan 1852 St. Thomas, Elgin Co. Ont s/o James Ryckman & Nancy Newcomb. Married Janet Cargill, had 4 children. Died North Branch 1 Sept 1931.

WILLIAM SAGE born 20 May 1816 Brant Co. Ont s/o William Elisha Sage and Elizabeth Fowler. To MI 1822,died 24 Feb 1896 Lapeer Co., married Nov 1840 in Macomb Co. MI to Orinda Gillet, son, William 1841-1892. Sources: History of Lapeer Co. 1884; Lapeer Birth records and death records

SELEA SARLES born 10 Feb 1837 Whitby, Ontario Co. Ont, to MI 1862. Married 1864 Sarah Ann Smith, died 23 Oct 1909, lived Rich Twp. Had 3 daughters and 1 son. Sources: North Branch Gazette obit Oct 29, 1909

ABRAHGAM SCHELL born 12 Dec 1800 Markham Twp. York Co. Ont s/o Henry Scheell & Mary Moyer, died 18 May 1889 Rich Twp. Lapeer Co. MI, married 18 Mar 1832 Toronto, Ont to Esther E. Hugill 1813-1875. They had 8 children: Elizabeth (Galbraith);Lovina (Rowell); Solomon; Mary Ann (Overholt); Hannah (Desmond); Henry;Daniel; & Sarah Jane (Bass). Sources: Home District marriage Register, Oxford Co. Ont Marriage Register, 1870 Lapeer Census, Diana Hebner, Port Huron, MI

JOHN SCRIMGER born 21 Feb 1838 Galt (now Cambridge) Waterloo Co. Ont s/o duncan Scrimgeour & Isabel. Married in Sarnia, Lambton Co. 1871 to Mahala L. Barker 1849-1932. To Lapeer about 1874. Nine children: Carrie Edith(sinclair); Nellie May (Kirby); John Sanborn; Olive Louisa (Kennedy); Mary Blanche (Sutherland & Gundry); James Matthew; George Percival; Gladys Maude unmarried. Sources: Lapeer Birth & Death Records, North Branch & Burlington Cemetery, 1870 Lapeer Census

GEORGE A. SHARP born Oct 1836 Tilsonburg, Dereham Twp. Oxford Co. Ont. At age 16 to St. Clair Co. MI with his family. He died in Lapeer Co. 3 June 1930, married Jane Storey, they had at least 8 children. Sources: Obit of George Sharp, Lapeer birth records

SAMUEL SHOULTS born 4 Dec 1832 Darlington Twp. Durham Co. Ont s/o Henry J. shoults and Mary, died 12 May 1918, buried in Imlay Cemetery, Married 1866 in York Co. Ont to Martha Christina Petrie 1841-1915. In 1870 to St. Clair Co. MI, soon after to Lapeer. Had 9 children. Sources: York Co. Marriage Register; 1870 Lapeer Census, Imlay Twp. Cemetery

GEORGE SICKLESTEEL born 1825 Chatham Twp. Kent Co. Ont s/o David Sicklesteel 1802-1888 & Anne Turner. George died 13 May 1912 at North Branch, married 1852 in Kent Co. Ont to Frances Blackburn. They had 7 children: Mary (Downer); George M; Isaac D.; Charles S.; Esther Ann; Frank A; David Sources: Janet Wallace, Chatham Ont; 1861 Harwich Twp. Kent Co. Ont Census;1870 and 1880 Lapeer Census; Maple Grove Cemetery, North Branch.

DUNCAN SILLERS born 12 Mar 1834 Cambelltown, Scotland, died 1 May 1890 North Branch, married about 1851 to Lucy 1833-1919. all 9 of their children born in Woodstock, Oxford Co. Ont. To MI 1880 Sources: Maple Grove Cemetery, North Branch; Lapeer Death Records

DAVID MARVIN SIMMONS born 1840 Hastings Co. Ont, To Lapeer Co. North Branch 1864. In 1869 married Susan Jamieson. Sources: History of Lapeer Co. 1884

JOHN W.MITH born 1838 Ont, s/o James & Sarah. Married 29 Dec 1864 in Oxford Co. Ont. to Sarah A. Malcolm 1847-1888. they had at least 4 children. Lived Rich Twp. Lapeer Co. Sources: Oxford Co. Marriage Register; Lapeer Birth Records

LUMAN SQUIER born 1800 Oxford Co. Ont s/o Nathaniel Squier & Jemina Deland, In 1817 to Macomb Co. MI, to Dryden Twp Lapeer Co. 1836. On 21 Jan 1830 married in Mcomb Co. to Rebecca Arnold 1811-1873, They had 10 children. Sources: History of Lapeer Co. Imlay Twp. Cemetery

GEORGE JAMES STEPHENSON born 7 Sept 1851 Warwick Twp. Lambton co. Ont s/o Thomas Stephenson & Elizabeth Scott, George died 17 May 1913 in Lapeer Co., married about 1879 to Nettie Lawrence. They had 6 children. Sources, Marie Stevenson, Bad Axe, MI

MARTIN STILES JR. s/o Martin Stiles & Candance Cone born 15 Apr 1795 East Gwillenbury Twp. York Co. Ont. Married in Ont. to Elizabeth L. 1799-21 mar 1861. To Lapeer Co. Feb 1835. Martin Jr died in Holly, MI and he and his wife are buried in Mayfield. They had at least 7 children; George born 1827; Lydia 1831-1896; Elizabeth 1832-1838; Harriet born 1833; Elijah born 1834; Martin 1837-1863 and Lucy 1822 - 1875. Sources, Stiles Cemetery, Mayfield and Lapeer Death Records

FRANK STROWBRIDGE born 30 Nov 1834, Brantford, Ont s/i Benjamin Strowbridge and Nancy . He married 3 July 1858 in Brant Co. Ont to Elizabeth Day 1837-1907. Elizabeth was born Onondaga, Brant Co. Frank and his wife had at least 6 children: Eda 1859-1875; Seth 1864-1931; Eunice born 1871; George 1873-1945; Clarence 1875-1922 and Frank 1878-1951. Sources: Brant Co. Marriage Register; West Deerfield Cemetery, Lapeer Co. Birth & Death Records.

BENJAMIN STUART  born Nov 1829 Oxford Co. Ont. s/o Archibald Stuart & Pricilla Green. Came to Goodland Twp. Lapeer Co in 1854. Married in 1855 to Delia B. Whittiker 1832-1907. Benjamin Stuart died 3 Dec 1896 in Goodland Twp. they had at least 3 children: Benjamin born 1871;Ebby born 1873 and Frederick born 1875. Sources: History of Lapeer Co; Lapeer Birth & Death Records.

JOHN SUTTER born 1834 Seon, Switzerland s/o John & Mary. To Canada 1853. Married in Dunnville, Haldimand Co. Ont Dec 1, 1858 to Catherine Henry 1838-1914 d/o Anton & Mary of Switzerland. John and Catherine first to Saginaw then to Deerfield Twp. They had 3 children die in Dunnville, surviving were Catherine born 1863 in Dunnville; Daniel born 1869 in Saginaw and Geoge born 1879 . Sources: Haldimand Co. Ont Marriage Register; Pioneer Families of Lapeer Co.

JACOB SWADLING born 7 Sept 1846 Gainsborough Twp. Lincoln Co. Ont s/o wm Swadling & Margaret Goodrich. Jacob married in MI to Flora Bullis 1852-1926. They had at least 6 children: Margaret 1870-1928; Elizabeth; Grace 1882-1922; Howard; Edna and John H. Sources: Lapeer Birth & Death Records

JOHN HENRY SWAILES born 27 July 1841 Oxford Co. Ont. s/o Robert Swailes & Hannah Hugill. Married 29 Jan 1863 to Alice Ann Chase 1845-1911. They had at least 4 children: William; Arthur; Charles and Elva. John Henry Swailes died 30 Oct 1917. Sources: Maple Grove Cemetery, North Branch; North Branch History Book, Lapeer Co. birth & marriage records.

WILLIAM J. TAYLOR born 1 Dec 1838 Strathroy, Middlesex Co., married 15 Oct 1869 in Malahide Twp. Elgin Co. Ont to Delphina Thompson d/o Jonathon Thompson.They had son, rolland born 13 Mar 1874 in Burnside Twp. lapeer Co. soon after, Delphina died. William J. remarried in Burnside 6 apr 1878 to Elizabeth Hollenbeck. They had at least 3 children: Velina 1879-1945, Dilon 1886-1930 and Melvin. William J. died 30 Mar 1912 in Burnside Twp. Sources: London (Ont) Advertiser newspaper Nov 10, 1869; Gloria Jackson's family history papers.

GEORGE W. TEEPLE born 1831 Elgin Co. Ont, died 25 Feb 1886, buried in North Branch. Married Margaret Appleman 1835-1921. They had 9 children: Mary Jane; George 1870-1927; Fred N.; William ; John; Lydia A., 1856-1898, who married Thomas Bass; Susan 1861-1875; James 1858-1881 and Thomas. Sources: 1880 Lapeer Co. Census; Lapeer Co. birth & death records.

CYRUS THAYER born 1838 Yarmouth Twp. Elgin Co. Ont, s/o Cyrus and Ester Thayer. Married in Elgin Co. 21 Aug. 1861 to L. McConnell d/o Thomas and Anna McConnell. They had at least two children: Esther A. and Margaret W. Sources: Elgin Co. Marriage Register; Lapeer birth records

ROBERT THOMPSON born 13 Aug 1848 Perth Co. Ont, at age 17 to North Branch Twp. Married Asubeth McArthur. they had at least two daughters and a son. Lapeer Co. Birth records

CHAUNCEY TIBBETTS born 29 Dec 1851 Westminister Twp. Middlesex Co. Ont s/o Leonard Tibbitts a blacksmith born Que. To Lapeer Co. about 1862. Married 15 Dec 1871 Permina Lewis. Chauncey died 26 Jan 1921 and is buried in Lum Cemetery. Sources: 1861 Middlesex Co. Ont Census; 1870 Lapeer Census; Chauncey's obit.

EDMUND TITUS born 7 May 1815 Canada s/o Isaac Titus and Frances McDonnan. Edmund died 19 Dec 1889 in Imlay, Lapeer Co. buried in Imlay Cemetery. He had daughter, Frances born 2 Jan 1849 Vienna, Elgin Co. Ont who married in Elgin Co.  21 Aug 1870 to Dr. Jacob Minnard. She died 17 Oct 1874 in Imlay. Sources: Elgin Co.Marriage Records, Lapeer Death Records

GEORGE HATFIELD TRENAMAN born Aug 1854 Blenheim Twp. Oxford Co. Ont, died 7 Feb 1922 Delburne, Alberta. He was s/o Robert Trenaman & Elizabeth Dykeman. George married 25 Dec 1876 in Lapeer to Miss Darling who died 26 Jan 1906 in North Branch, Lapeer Co.. They had at least 4 children, George 1879-1962; Jay Cleland born 1877; Edith Maud 1883-1972 and Raymond 1896-1950 Sources: Carol Lyness, Lapeer Birth records

ROBERT TURNBULL born 21 Apr 1839 in Galt, now Cambridge, Ont s/o George Turnbull & Isabel Dalgliesh. Robert married 21 Apr 1869 in Almer, Elgin co. Ont to Permilla Simmons 1841-1924 d/o Solomon. They had at least 5 children: Ida Belle 1871-1940; Elgin R., 1873-1962; Fred George 1875-1883; Lillian May 1877-1945 & Grace Permilia 1880-1961. Sources: Elgin Co. records, 1860 Lapeer Census, Mt. Hope Cemetery records, Lapeer

WILLIAM NELSON VARNUM born 1826 Kitchener, then New Berlin, Waterloo Co. Ont.Came with parents to Lapeer Co. in 1842, married 16 Nov 1895 in Vassar, MI to Julia H. Russell, Had 8 children. Sources: History of Lapeer Co.; Port. & Bio of Genesse , Lapeer & Tuscola Cos.

WALTER WALDIE born 1839 in Ontario, s/o William Waldie & Isabella Crozier. Walter married 19 Jan 1860 in Oxford Co. Ont to Elizabeth Smith d/o William & Mary. Had 2 sons in Lapeer in 1871 and 1873. Sources: Oxford Co. Ont Marriage Register; Lapeer Co. Birth Records

JOSEPH WEED s/o John & Abigail born 19 Oct 1836 Yarmouth Twp. Elgin Co. Ont, married 13 June 1855 in St. thomas, Elgin Co. Ont to Jane Gilbert 1836-1908. Joseph died 31 mar 1917 and is buried in North Branch Cemetery. They had at least 4 children: Dr. Albert E. 1855-1944; John C born ca 1859, Emma Edith & Lewis Milton 1877-1880 Sources: St Thomas Anglican Church, St. thomas, Ont,  History of Lapeer; North Branch History Book

JAMES THOMAS WEIR born 1842 Isle of Wight, England, s/o Thomas & Ann. James married 20 Dec 1862 in Madoc Twp. Hastings Co. Ont to Martha Ann Fox d/o William & Ellen. To Lapeer Co. 1865. They had 10 children: James 1869-1932; John, a daughter who married James Brown; Nancy; Wallace 1865-1945; Thomas 1863-1945; George 1880-1880; Martha 1880-1882; Josephine & another George. Sources: Hastings Co. Marriage Register, Lapeer Census records 

HENRY B. WILSON  born 1833 Ancaster Twp. Wentworth Co. Ont. married Hannah Grandine in 1856, they had daughter, Martha E. born in Ont. 1861. Family to Deerfield Twp. Lapeer Co. 1872. Daughter, Martha died in Deerfield 9 Oct 1877. Sources: History of Lapeer; Lapeer Death Records

PETER WESLEY WOOLEY born Malahide, Elgin Co. Ont. s/o Isaac Wooley & Elizabeth Dyer. Married ca 1876 to Amalinda Nelson 1856-1901.They had at least 4 children: Floyd; Harvey Nelson 1879-1884; Elizabeth; Pearl Ann. Peter died 1944, buried in Lapeer. Sources: Lapeer 1860 Census; Lapeer birth & death records, Mt. Hope Cemetery, Lapeer.

ISAAC VAIL WOOLEY born 30 May 1825 Malahide Twp. Elgin Co. Ont. s/o Peter Wooley & Hannah Mary Vail. Issac married 23 Nov 1847 to Elizabeth Ann Dyer 1828-1906. They had at least 7 children born in Malahide Twp. Elgin Co. Ont; Peter Wesley; Hannah; Gordon; James Edw.; Irena; John & Amber. Isaac died 23 Feb 1899 Lapeer, MI; Sources: London district marriages; Malahide 1871 Census; Isaac Wooley obit, Mt. Morris Cemetery, Lapeer

DAVID YEREX MD born 21 April 1846 Hallowell Twp. Prince Edward Co. Ont s/o William and Phebe Yerex.1864 to Medical School in Toronto, Came to Imlay City 1869, married 25 Feb 1885 to Minnie Burghart 1858-1907. They had son, Hugh born 15 Nov 1891 in Imlay. David died 27 Aug 1906 in Detroit during an operation.
Sources: Hallowell Twp. 1861 Census; History of Lapeer; 1870 Lapeer Census, Lapeer birth records; Dr David Yerex obit.


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