1919 Farm Journal Illustrated Rural Directory Of
Genesee County, Michigan
Key to 1919 Farm Journal


By Holice, Clayton, and Debbi



Abbreviations:  a, means, acres; bds, boards; b tel, Bell telephone; w, wife; ch, children; H&L, house and lot; Mont 4, Montrose Township road No 4; 0, owns; R1, Rural Route No. 1; ret, retired; T, tenant; 4h, 4 horses; 2c, 2 cattle.

The abbreviations used for the Townships of Genesee County are as follows:

Argentine, Arg.

Flint, Flint

Montrose, Mont.

Atlas, Atl.

Forest, For.

Mount Morris, Mt. Mor.

Burton, Bur.

Flushing, Flus.

Mundy, Mun.

Clayton, Clay.

Gaines, Gain.

Richfield, Rich.

Davison, Dav.

Genesee, Gen.

Thetford, Thet.

Fenton, Fen.

Grand Blanc, Grd. Blc.

Vienna, Vien.


Names in CAPITALS ARE THOSE OF Farm Journal subscribers--always the most intelligent and progressive people in any county. No Tumbledowns, for no farmer can keep on reading the F. J. and be a Timbledown, too. Many have tried, but all have to quit one or the other.



Published By Wilmer Atkinson Company, Philadelphia, 1919

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