The History of Genesee County, MI
Chapter I

Online Edition by Holice, Deb & Clayton


Index of Chapter I

History Missionaries
Jacques Marquette LaSalle
Rival Centers of Interest Michigan Under British Rule
Pontiac's Conspiracy The Fur Trade
The Northwest Territory Michigan Territory
The War of 1812 Lewis Cass
Steam Transportation Rapid Growth
The Toledo War Detroit in 1837
Internal Improvements A New Regime
The Civil War Zachariah Chandler
Governor Henry H. Crapo Governor Henry P. Baldwin
Governor John J. Bagley Greenback Movement
A Change of Regime Governor Hazen S. Pingree
Spanish-American War Natural Resources
Transportation Educational Advancement


History of Genesee County, Michigan, Her People, Industries and Institutions
by Edwin O. Wood, LL.D, President Michigan Historical Commission, 1916

Transcribed by Holice B. Young

HTML by Deb

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