The History of Genesee County, MI
Chapter XIII
Early Years of Flint City

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Early Years of Flint City.

Flint City was incorporated in 1855. Until then, though streets were regularly laid out and build upon, no municipal organization existed and the settlement was under the jurisdiction of Flint Township. In the early part of January, 1855, the subject of a separate organization was agitated. All agreed to its feasibility, but there was much difference of opinion as to the advantage of a city over a village charter. An article from a leading local paper embodies the sentiments of those who favored a city charter.

A word now upon the propriety of having our incorporation a city. It is conceded on al hands that we should be incorporated. It is also true that a village charter might meet out present requirements, but within the limits of the proposed corporation we have already as many inhabitants a the city of Grand Rapids had when incorporated, and considerably more than the city of Adrian, when she got her charter. And as the rate at which we have been growing for two or three years past, if we should now be incorporated as a village, it is almost a matter of course that we should find necessary to have our village charter changed for a city one by the time the Legislature meets, two years hence. By obtaining a city charter now we obviate the necessity of appearing again before the Legislature within a short interval.

In January, 1855, a citizens' meeting was held in the court house to consider the subject of a city charter and, after several hours of spirited debate, Gen. C. C. Hascall, Levi Walker, Charles N. Beecher, F. H. Rankin, James Birdsall, George M. Dewey and C. S. Payne were chosen a committee to drat the provisions of the proposed charter. The draft was presented to an adjourned citizens' meeting, and , after further discussion, adopted. The business of working over a settlement into a city was gone through with by the Legislature with its customary dispatch and the act of incorporation became a law by the approval of Governor Bingham, February 13, 1855.


At the time of its incorporation, Flint has about two thousand inhabitants. The principal residents probably appear in the tax-roll for that year, which included the following names:

Allen, John C.

Aylward, William

Andrews, George

Aplin, Samuel

Alport, Samuel

Alexander, B. F.

Andrews, Asa

Anderson, Reuben

Ackerman, William

Adams, Eber.

Atchinson, Abbey

Atherton, Ama.

Atherton, Mrs. A.

Carney, James

Fenton, William M.

Arnold, Lewis

Charles, William

Fleming, Mrs.

April, Thomas

Conkling, & Kellogg

Fish, Mrs. Octavia

Allen, Sarah

Carman & Lovejoy

Frary, Frank E.

Armstrong & Co.

Carman, Joseph

Foot, David

Armstrong, J. W.

Collins, William

Firman, Joseph

Allen & Randall

Cooper, Hiram

French, Susan

Barney, W. M.

Cornell, D. B.

Frizell, Samuel

Baker, William

Curtis, Samuel

Freeman, Daniel S.

Bussel, John

Culver, George

Fuller, Charles L.

Booth, Joel A.

Clark, Daniel

Fuller, Asahel

Baltay, William

Clark, Widow

Farrell, Richard

Bickford, Lewis G.

Carrier, Erastus K.

Forsyth, O. F.

Blades. J. H. G .

Craft, Josiah

Freeland, Cornelius

Behee, George

Case, Mrs.

Ferguson, James

Bearsley, Stephen

Cadwell, Edward

Forrest, William

Barrows, J. C.

Clark, H. O.

Farley, Josiah

Bump, David

Culver, Edward

Frary, D. S.

Beardslee, A.

Cumings, Elizabeth

Fenton & Bishop

Behan, John

Culver, Alfred

Foss, John

Bishop, Giles


Griffith, Orrin

Bishop, Russell

Clark, --------

Garland, John

Bishop, R. & I.

Deceuninck, Charles L.

Goff, Cyrus H.

Blades, Williams

Dodge, Nathaniel

Gillett, Amos

Beecher, Charles N.

Danes, Frederick B.

Goslin, James H.

Beecher & Higgins

Dewey, George M.

Griswold, Martha

Bailey, Jarvis

Dewey, D. D.

Golden, Robert

Birdsall, James

Dewey & Crosman

Gaslay, William

Birdsall, Jesse

Dewey & Pearson

Goodrich, O. C.

Barker & Patterson

Darling, Asa

Green, S. M.

Baker, Mrs.

Decker, James C.

Guild, Mrs.

Branch, Thomas

Davis, A. P.

Gazlay, Miles

Belcher & French

Delbridge, John

Gazlay, Ward

Bevins, Nancy

Dawson, Richard

Gahan, William

Bump, Anderson

Drake, Elijah

Gillman, D.

Cumings & Carron

Decker, Grant

Gahan & Decker

Campbell, Ten Eyck

Darling, James

Golden, William

Collins, Orson

Doran, John

Hamilton, John B.

Chambers, William D.

Dana, Chauncey

Hughes, Michael

Curtis, Daniel

De Graff, Peter

Holbrook, James

Clark, William

Eldridge, I. N.

Hogan, Thomas

Clark, W. & J. B.

Eddy, Jerome

Hubbard, Malinda

Curtis & Son

Eddy, Willard

Hubbard, William R.

Cumings, Thomas R.

Eddy, William

Heale, Charles

Crandall, William P.

Egle, George

Henderson, James

Crosman, A. T.

Elmore, M. S.

Holmes, Frederick

Cary, Alonzo

Elstow, Samuel

Henderson, Henry M.

Costillo, Andrew

Fogarty, John

Higgins, Henry I.

Croff, Abner

Fairchild, Philo

Higgins, C. R.

Cudney, Charles H.

Failing, Levi

Hopkins, G. S.

Hood, George F.

Ladd, Nathaniel

Patterson, William

Hawkins, William

Lowe, A. V.

Pratt, Mrs. Roxana

Hill, George J. W.

Lacy, Albert D.

Parker, Rev. Orson

Higgins & Brothers

Leister, Thomas

Pratt, H. R.

Hazelton, George H.

Lanckton, Caleb

Pettee, H. R.

Hagerty, Mrs.

McAlester, James

Page, Robert J. S.

Hascall, Charges C.

Morrison & Eddy

Palmer, J. W.

Hamilton, Wm. & O.

Moore, James

Quick, David

Hamilton, William

Miles, Manley

Quigley & Holgate

Hamilton, O.

Mowry, Henry

Quigley, John

Harrison, Andrew

Moore, Stephen

Randall, Abner

Howell, Isaac

Moon, William

Rankin, Francis H.

Hamilton, John

Mason, Jared

Ryan, Daniel

Hill, Cary

Marshall, William

Richards, Richard

Howard, Mrs.

Merch, Silas P.

Runyon, Content

Higgins. M. E.

McFarlan, Alexander

Reynolds, Almon

Harper, Lemuel L.

Morse, Lorenzo D.

Roosevelt, Cornelius

Haver, William

Merriman, Isaiah

Rodgers, T. V.

Hawley, John

McMinaman, Pat

Robinson, Isaac N.

Henry, Eunice

McCollum, James

Rice, Charles

Howe, Mrs. Wm.

Mothersill, William

Rising, H. C.

Hunt, Perry

Miles, Mrs. E.

Ripley & Armstrong

Iron, W. W.

McNamee,. B.

Russell, N.

Jones, Ransom

Miles, Mrs. Isaac

Rice, William

Johnson, Edwin

Miller, William

Stevenson, William

Jenny, Royal W.

Mather, David

Smith, A. G.

Jackson, R. H.

McCall, Philip

Stillson, Harris

Joy, John

Mattison, Seth A.

Seymour, Charles

Johnson & Blanchard

Morse, David

Sutton, John

Judd, Richard

Newcomb, Henry

Scoville, William R.

Kirby, George, & Co.

Nash, Daniel L.

Stewart, E. M.

Keyes, Douglass

Newcomb, Thomas

Seaton, William

Kline, Joseph

Newell, Thomas

Stevens, A. C. (estate of)


O'Sullivan, Daniel

Saunders, Mrs.

Kline, Mrs. James

O'Donoughue, Washington

Stage, Mrs.

Kellogg, Marion

Olmsted, Gosen

Smith, Rev. George

Kline, John A.

Ottoway, Stephen H.

Skinner & Martin

Knickerbocker, Benner

Pettee & Brother

Sliter, H. M.

Link, John

Parrish, Jasper

Stow, Mrs.

Leach, Dewitt C.

Patrick, William

Swan, Rev. John

Leiberman, E.

Pearsons, William

Safford, Orrin

Lewis, E. J.

People's Bank

Simmons, T.

Lyon, William H. C.

Payne, Chauncey S.

Sperry, George

Lake, Warner

Pearsoll, Harry

Seeley, Mark D.

Lake, Nicholas

Phelps, H. C.

Stafford, Edmond

Lake, John

Patrick, Charles

Summers, Charles H.

Lee, Edward

Pearson, Benjamin

Surryhne, William

Lee, Thomas

Parks, Thomas

Stewart, P. H.

Lamond, Robert D.

Pettee, W. N.

Skidmore, John

Lewis, Royal D.

Perry H. W.

Stewart, Mrs.

Stow, George

Van Tifflin, Reuben

Wicks, Samuel B.

Thomson, E. H.

Van Vechten, M. B.

Willett, John

Trainer, Patrick

Wheeler, Shepard

Witherbee, Mrs.

Trickey, Luther

Wood, H. W.

Ward, Alexander

Thurber, William M.

Warren, Thomas

Wood, T. F.

Thayer, William

Wolverton, Stephen

Watkins, Nathan`

Tolles, Henry

Whiting, John W.


Thayer, Artemus

Wiseman, Lyman

Webber, John

Tollaver, William

Watson, David

Walker, James B.

Todd, John

Walt, George

Walker, J. B. & Co.

True, William W.

Walker, Levi

Walker, H. C.

Terrill, David

Walkley & Pifford

Witherbee, Austin B.

Utley, Elisha

Warren, Samuel N.

Wood, Smith & Wicks

Van Ness, Peter

Williams, Ephraim S.

Yawkey, J. H.

Van Suckle, G. A.

Wesson, Leonard

Yawkey, J. H. & Son

Van Tifflin, Schuyler

Wing, Mrs.

Yorks, James


History of Genesee County, Michigan, Her People, Industries and Institutions
by Edwin O. Wood, LL.D, President Michigan Historical Commission, 1916

Transcribed by Holice B. Young

HTML by Deb

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