The History of Genesee County, MI
Chapter XXV
Grand Army of the Republic

Online Edition by Holice, Deb & Clayton



Governor Crapo Post, Grand Army of the republic, was organized on June 5, 1883. The charter members numbered twenty-three. Its first commander was comrade Richard h. Hughes and, succeeding him, the following name members have held the office.

Frank E. Willett

Oscar F. Lockhead

Charles A. Bassett

John Algoe

Andrew J. Ward

Gorge W. Buckingham

Welcome L. Farnum

George W. Newall

Marvin C. Barney

Edward C. Marsh

Charles W. Austin

James H. Failing

Orange S. Thomas

John W. Benjamin

John W. Begg

George W. Hilton

Joseph Rush

George Raab

Charles L. Bentley

Thomas A. Willett

Jarvis E. Albro

E. A. Jennings

Wallace Caldwell

James Van Tassell

T. A. Willett

. .


The various soldiers and sailors who have at different times been members of the post number five hundred and five, and the membership of the post at its floodtide was three hundred and fifty. It now numbers seventy-eight, many of whom are feeble in health and unable to attend the meetings. 


Of its members who held rank in the army, were:

Gen. T. B. Stockton breveted brigadier-general
Col. William B., McCreery colonel of the Twenty-first Michigan Infantry
Philo D. Phillips who as major of the One Hundred twenty-sixth New York Volunteer Infantry
Rev. H. H. Northrup chaplain of the thirteenth Michigan Infantry
James C. Willson surgeon of the Eighth Michigan infantry, ranking as major
John Algoe captain
George W. Buckingham captain
Charles A. Bassett captain
M. F. Campbell captain
Ira Wilder captain
Martin I. Wiley captain
Charles S. Brown captain
Almon A. Thompson surgeon Twelfth Michigan Infantry
James H. Failing lieutenant commanding company


The members of the post are loyal to the memory of their comrades in that the duties of the officers include the decorating of the graves of the deceased. Old soldiers are laid to rest in the various cemeteries of the city and also in the Whigville cemetery, the Burton cemetery, the Grand Blanc cemetery, the five Points cemetery, the McFarland cemetery, the Bristol cemetery, the Cronk cemetery, and the Tupper cemetery, also flushing, good rich, Davison and Richfield, in each of which lies some former member of the post.


The present officers of the post are:

T. A. Willett


William A. Bloomer

Senior Vice-Commander

Rufus Ranney

Junior Vice-Commander

E. A. Jennings


James Van Tassell


A. Van Aerman


M. C. Barney


George Raab

Officer of the Day

Wray Mitchell

Officer of the Guard

E. C. Marsh

Sergeant Major

William R. Pratt

Quarter Sergeant

James H. Failing

Patriotic Instructor


The present roster of the post contains the following:

Charles Baker, Jr.

Ninth Michigan Cavalry

Marvin C. Barney

Tenth Michgian Infantry

William D. Bailey

Twenty-third Michigan Infantry

John Begg

First United States Engineers

Melvin C. Bowman

Eighth Michigan Cavalry

Luke Boyce

First Nebraska Cavalry

John R. Buchanan

Twenty-ninth Indiana Infantry

Frank C. Burnham

Maine Coast Guard

John H. Carey

Twenty-seventh Michigan Infantry

Mortimore Carter

Eighth Michigan Infantry

John Cleveland

Twenty-third Michigan Infantry

Silas Collins

Twenty-third Michigan Infantry

C. H. W. Conover

United States Engineers

Miles P. cook

Twentieth Ohio Battery

William H. Crawford

First Michigan Cavalry

John Donlon

United States Navy

James H. Failing

Fifteenth Michigan Infantry

Ira L. Fales

First Michigan Cavalry

J. Brush Fenton-Lieutenant

Eighth Michigan Infantry

Corydon E. Foote

Tenth Michigan infantry

Charles B. Ford

Tenth Michigan Infantry

Thomas W. Gilbey

Sixteenth Michigan Infantry

Andrew H. Gillies-Lieutenant

Eighth Michigan Infantry

Jonathan Gordon

First New York Cavalry

Henry M. Graff

Ninety-eighth New York Infantry

John Grierson

Eighth Michigan Infantry

John Hollingsworth

Twenty-fourth Michigan Infantry

J. E. Howe

Twenty-third Michigan Infantry

Oscar F. Lochhead

Second Michigan Infantry

Irving McConnell

Second New York Heavy Artillery

Edward C. Marsh

Eighth Michigan Infantry

Wray Mitchell

Twenty-seventh Michigan Infantry

Ira G. Ormsby

Sixteenth Michigan Infantry

Albert Palmer

Iowa Cavalry

Thomas Pack-Musician

Eighth Michigan Infantry

Charles R. Pomeroy

Fourteenth Vermont Infantry

William R. Pratt

Eighth Michigan Infantry

George Raab

Fourth Michigan Cavalry

Edgar Randall

First Michigan Infantry

Feeling H. Rich

Tenth Michigan Infantry

Joseph Remington

Fifteenth Michigan Infantry

Joseph Rush

One Hundred Sixtieth New York Infantry

Amader Ruby

Twenty-second Michigan Infantry

Phillip Smith

One Hundredth Ohio Infantry

Reuben C. Smith

Twenty-second Michigan Infantry

John H. Soper

Ninetieth New York Infantry

Enos Sullivan

Eighth New York Cavalry

George W. Sweet

First Michgian Engineers

John W. Taylor

Second Michigan Infantry

Jeremiah Thompson

Sixth Michigan Cavalry

George H. Turner-Lieutenant

Eighth Michigan Infantry

George A. Tyler

First Michigan Cavalry

Abram Van Aerman

One Hundred Fifty-first New York Infantry

James M. Van Tassell

Third Michigan Cavalry

Frank E. Willett

Eighth New York Cavalry

Thomas A. Willett-Gunner's Mate

United States Navy

William Angle

Eighth Michigan Infantry

Frank Butcher

Fifty-first Indiana Infantry

Charles Dye

Eighth Michigan Infantry

Charles Dunham

Seventeenth Indiana Infantry

Dolphus Davis

Eighty-third Penn. Volunteer Infantry

Leroy Ellis

Twentieth New York Cavalry

Morris Eastman

Fourth Michigan Infantry

Charles Eichof

One Hundred Fiftieth N. Y. Vol. Infantry

John Emery

Eighth Michigan Infantry

Thomas Fouch

Loudon Rangers, Virginia

R. H. Fosdick

Fourth Michigan Cavalry

John Morrish

Fourth Michigan Cavalry

Talman C. Owens

Tenth Michigan infantry

Charles H. Penoyer

Twenty-third Michigan Infantry

Rufus Rainey

Twenty-third Michigan Infantry

Milo Swears

Tenth Michigan Infantry

William Sperl

One Hundred Fifty-second N. Y. Infantry

William Vanderwood

Twenty-fourth Michigan infantry


Soon after the installation of the post in Flint, there were smaller posts started in Davison, Clio, Fenton, Swartz Creek, Mt. Morris, Linden and Flushing. From Davison and Davison township a number of men, proportionately greater to its population than almost any township in Michigan, answered the call of their country, and at the conclusion of the war one of the strongest orders in the county perpetuated the memory of their comrades. In 1884 they organized Henry W. Knapp Post No. 284, Grand Army of the Republic.


Its first commander was Lester S. McAllister and it had thirty-one charter members. The commanders since then have been,

A. A. Elmore

Alexander Campbell

William M. Knapp

Willard Clemmons

S. S. Clemmons

John Cottrell

B. F. Sanford

G. R. Van Tine

B. W. Perkins

S. A. Comstock

William A. Monroe

C. B. Smith

M. H. Hewitt

A. M. Davis

James Cooley

Milo Swears

L. G. Adams



The post increased in membership until it was represented at the national encampment at Detroit in 1891 by sixty-four members. The natural decrease among the membership from death has reduced the name to seventeen at the present date.

"We believe as a post we have been an educator in patriotism and good citizenship," says A. A. Elmore, to whom this book is indebted for this account of the post.

At Clio, James Bradley Post, Grand Army of the Republic, was organized in 1883. The membership, diminished by the inevitable death of the old soldiers, has left but a remnant of its one-time roster.


It numbers at present:

C. H. Woolson

William Wood

Joseph Buffum

A. S. Shelley

Silvester Leach

George Vanst

Porter Greenfield

Jerome Courier

Edward Ormsby

J. J. Powell

Cyrus Perrigo

Henry Richardson

John Sloan

P. H. Loomis

Evard Leach

W. C. Lewis

Louis Speckler

Charles Barker

Hiram Chase

William Bone

Ira Phillips


Ransom post No. 89, Grand Army of the Republic, was organized in Flushing in October, 1882. It had forty-two charter members, and at one time had as many as sixty members. It had for its first commander Stewart Curle, and since that time the following have served as commanders:

James M. Greenfield

W. H. J. Martin

Cornelius E. Rulison

William Davie

S. H. Thomas

John W. Caldwell

Cyrus Phelps

W. J. Ottaway

Chester Felton

Walter V. Banning

Albert Crosby

A. D. Olmstead

O. H. Perry

Isaac Wheeler

John Wheeler

William Stone

. .


The post was named for Capt. Randolph Ransom, an uncle of A. E. Ransom, editor of the Flushing Observer. The present officers of the post are:
Commander  James M. Greenfield
Senior Vice-Commander  Spellman Loop
Junior Vice-Commander  S. H. Thomas
Officer of the Day  John W. Caldwell
Quartermaster  Cyrus G. Phelps
Chaplain  W. J. Ottaway


The roster of its present membership includes the following eleven members, the few survivors of the many who have been members of Ransom Post;

A. E. Bennett

Seventeenth Connecticut Infantry

John W. Caldwell

Sixteenth Michigan Infantry

Enos Delong

Tenth Michigan Infantry

G. W. Darling

Third Ohio Infantry

C. S. Freeman

Twenty-third Michigan Infantry

James M. Greenfield

Seventh Michigan Infantry

H. H. Kahl

One Hundred Twenty-first Ohio Vol. Inf.

Spellman Loop

One Hundred Sixth New York Infantry

W. J. Ottaway

Thirteenth Michigan Battery

Cyrus Phelps

Tenth Missouri Infantry

S. H. Thomas

First Michigan Infantry


Colonel Fenton Post No. 24, Grand Army of the Republic, was organized august 29, 1881, at Fenton, and is thus the oldest in the county. Its first commander was Dexter Horton, and since that time the following named comrades have served in that capacity:

Charles F. Barber

James Robertson

Ernest T. Winters

Thomas G. Skelton

Louis V. Curry

C. F. Wertman

Alva H. Marsh

William Butcher

James N. Ripley

Silas K. Freeman

Vernon C. Smith

Charles A. Sadden, Current Commander


Of the present membership of twenty-six, we are able to give the following partial roster:

Charles A. Sadden

William Butcher

Ernest T. Winters

Vernon C. Smith

Perry Birdsall

Henry Munson

M. D. Herington

Daniel Harrington

Hiram Hodges

Edgar Durphy

George Wass

Frank Potter

Mumford Billings

Emory Denton

George W. Barber

Frank Fessenden

Adam Andrews

Charles Bentley

Gilbert Angus

Francis Cleveland

J. J. Carmer

George Gates

Edward Bennett

Mr. Ferchencer


Each year sees the sad diminishing of the post. Each year a few more brave men to claim the great reward; each year those who are left, possibly, are too feeble to take an active part in the gatherings of their comrades. There are, however, some who are still hale and hearty. May they round out many years of usefulness in giving visible evidence of the spirit of '61, and in furnishing an inspiration for the oncoming generation. We salute them!


History of Genesee County, Michigan, Her People, Industries and Institutions
by Edwin O. Wood, LL.D, President Michigan Historical Commission, 1916

Transcribed by Holice B. Young

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