The History of Genesee County, MI
Chapter XXIX

Online Edition by Holice, Deb & Clayton



Gone is the Flint of yesterday. No longer have we the agreeable land spaces surrounding white houses, with green blinds, set in the midst of gardens blooming with hollyhocks, and marigolds and sweet williams, and all the old-fashioned flowers so dear to our grandmothers.

No more the picket fences, with their swinging gates, and the hedges of osage orange, the gravel walks, and the corner land posts.

The pairs of shining black horses hitched to low surries, whose occupants decorously drove to church on Sunday mornings are no longer to be seen. Gone the quaintness, the charm the leisure, and the peace of the village, of the small town, for in its place there stands a hustling, bustling manufacturing city.


The county of Genesee, made up, as it is, of fertile farms, thrifty, industrious people and a citizenship second to none on the American continent, presents exceptional advantages to those seeking a permanent home in an ideal environment. The villages and townships are noted for the high character of the people. Cherishes, schools, libraries, good roads, everything that made for contentment and happiness, abound.

In the midst of such a happy and cultured people there has come within the last fifteen years the change from a city of less than fifteen thousand population, similar to hundreds throughout the country, to what has become one of the leading manufacturing centers in the Untied States. The progress has been so rapid that any account or description portraying condition would become obsolete within a few months. the story of the re-birth of Flint reads like a romance or Arabian Nights tale. If this book shall in after years become of value as a record showing Genesee County and the City of Flint as it was in 1916, the aims of its publishers will have been attained. It marks the sixty-first milestone in the life of the municipality.

Greater Flint is a monument to the loyalty and public spirit of its citizens. There is a unity of purpose and a co-operation existing which has given Flint an almost nation-wide reputation for "team-work." The motto, "Each for all and all for each." Is typified in the city and county in everything pertaining to the advancement of the best interests of the individual and the public.

A more generous, public-spirited and loyal citizenship does not obtain in any community anywhere.

Here is a hint:
We stand for Flint,
From discord ever free.
Its people are loyal, good and true,
It's the land for me, the home for you.
Old Genesee! Old Genesee!


History of Genesee County, Michigan, Her People, Industries and Institutions
by Edwin O. Wood, LL.D, President Michigan Historical Commission, 1916

Transcribed by Holice B. Young

HTML by Deb

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