The History of Genesee County, MI
Chapter XXIX
Paving & Sidewalks

Online Edition by Holice, Deb & Clayton



There are some two hundred miles o streets in the city. Of these, thirty-three miles are paved. The paving is now going on at the rate of from eight to ten miles a year, and ten miles more are proposed for 1917, the pavement construction being planned to give am improved system of driveways to all parts of the city.

There are in Flint approximately one million square feet of cement sidewalks, averaging five feet in width. Of this total, hour hundred and fifty thousand was built prior to 1914.

In addition to doing the vast amount of work in the years of 1913 to 1916 inclusive, the city has purchased a large amount of equipment for street and sewer work, including about fifteen thousand dollars' worth of machinery for building sewers and thirty-four thousand and fifty-five dollars' worth of street equipment, including an asphalt plant inventoried at fourteen thousand six hundred and seven dollars. The city also purchased an immense gravel pit neat Otisville, reducing the cost of this material to a minimum. The cost of the gravel pit was between three thousand and four thousand dollars, and the yield during the first year, 1916, indicates a supply that will last for twenty years.


History of Genesee County, Michigan, Her People, Industries and Institutions
by Edwin O. Wood, LL.D, President Michigan Historical Commission, 1916

Transcribed by Holice B. Young

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